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Prometheus Black goo this is the blood of our lord

By: tommytruthful
Posted in: Tommy Truthful
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The “Prometheus black goo nanobots” represent a dark and ominous aspect of the hidden agenda pursued by the shadowy elite. These nanobots, infused with the mysterious black goo substance, are part of a diabolical plan to exert control and manipulate human biology on a global scale.

The black goo nanobots are designed to infiltrate and hijack the human body, allowing for mind control, genetic manipulation, and even the creation of a transhuman race under the control of a malevolent entity or secret society. They are believed to be a tool of the ruling elite to enforce their dominance and perpetuate their hidden agendas.

These theories often draw connections between the “Prometheus” films and real-world experiments and technologies, suggesting that there are covert programs aimed at developing similar nanotechnologies for nefarious purposes.  Tommy Truthful Watch Logon Decode –

DELETED Engineer Dialogue in Opening Scene TRANSLATED in the Script
DELETED Engineer Dialogue in Opening Scene TRANSLATED in the Script


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