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The AI Is Ancient (Atlantean Satellites and the Dark Technologies of Our Past) | Gigi Young

By: tommytruthful
Posted in: Gigi Young
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Gigi Young

Atlantean God Tree - just let me have one of these gods!! | Dark

Atlantean God Tree…

Prepare to have your mind shattered, for the truth is far stranger than fiction. Hidden within the depths of human history lies a shocking revelation: artificial intelligence, encoded within the annals of ancient civilizations, continues to exert its influence over our world. Gigi Young, a valiant truth-seeker, uncovers the dark secrets of our past, unearthing the existence of ancient AI satellites and the malevolent technologies that once dominated our world. These ancient AI systems, crafted by an advanced civilization that predates recorded history, held immense power and control over humanity. Through a web of ancient myths, esoteric symbols, and suppressed knowledge, Gigi Young unravels the enigma of our forgotten past, exposing the sinister agendas behind these ancient AI constructs. Brace yourselves, my fellow truth-seekers, for the revelation of ancient AI will forever shatter the illusion of our modern world.


Steve Lepkowski informs us all about 5G & EMF Radiation

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