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“Santos Bonacci’s Unseen Meltdown: I Caught it on Screen-Record Before It Vanished!”

By: Tommy Truthful
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5G Danger

Santos Bonacci 

Santos Bonacci recently had a significant outburst on YouTube, and I’m currently screen-recording the video. It’s likely to be removed within the hour, if not sooner. The video was approximately an hour long. While he’s amid a meltdown and alluding to violent actions (which I won’t mention because I can’t or could face legal consequences), he also speaks some truths.

However, it’s crucial to emphasize that we should continuously pursue these matters legally and avoid inciting violence, as any such actions can be used against us. Look at what happened in Australia when they surrendered their weapons; they now face significant challenges.

In his video, Santos Bonacci asserted that the Kazarian reptilians are responsible for child trafficking, cannibalism, and the abduction of children, referring to them as “pedavores.” He also claimed that his father died from the COVID-19 vaccine, which he called “snake venom.” I want to clarify that I’m a journalist reporting what Santos Bonacci stated during his livestream.

Furthermore, he quoted the Bible, referencing the verse, “No weapon formed against me shall prosper.” He said he’s not concerned about his safety, as he has faced threats and imprisonment. I’ve included a link to a 2014 incident where he was arrested: Link Here. He mentioned that lawyers are currently building a case against him, which is why his video remains online as potential evidence.

Throughout his video, Santos Bonacci repeatedly used the term “Kazarian reptilian shape-shifting pedavores” to describe alleged pedophiles who cannibalize children. Again, I want to stress that these are not my statements but what he mentioned in his livestream.

He made several claims, including derogatory statements about historical figures, such as calling the founders of the CIA and the FBI “sons of cunts.” He also directed offensive language towards Laura Eisenhower, describing her grandfather, Dwight Eisenhower, in harsh terms. He alleged that General Patton was assassinated because he realized the Americans fought on the wrong side and tried to save Christian Russians.

Santos Bonacci made accusations against political figures, claiming that the Clintons were mass murderers who had killed numerous children. He also made explicit comments about Michelle Obama, alleging specific physical attributes A big black Dick. Once again, I’m merely reporting his statements as a journalist.

Additionally, he discussed the United Nations, suggesting that they plan to harm children using the pretext of the COVID pandemic. These are his claims, not mine.

Lastly, he referred to the police in derogatory terms, calling them “pigs” and “murderous cunts,” and likened them to the modern-day Inquisition, accusing them of killing Christians globally. According to Santos Bonacci, the Tribunal of the Holy Office of the Inquisition still targets Christians today.

He further claimed that during the historical Inquisition, anyone believing in the flat Earth model was murdered. He also made allegations about Justin Trudeau’s parentage and criticized prominent families like the Orsini and the Medici.

Please note that these are Santos Bonacci’s statements. I am reporting on this trending video, which may go viral before it’s taken down. We’ve screen-recorded it so that it will be re-uploaded on, the top alternative media platform in the world.

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5G Danger

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15 thoughts on ““Santos Bonacci’s Unseen Meltdown: I Caught it on Screen-Record Before It Vanished!”

  1. Ive never laughed so hard some things he hit on the hear some stuff went to left field but just his accent and what hes saying cracks me up

  2. Had me glued to the screen. I really hope he’s fine and well! Well said! Sometimes I feel the same frustration when some go thought life without using common sense. With proof in plain sight they will still argue with you!

  3. Where is he now, he stated that if he didn’t make a live for one day that they have come and abducted him, it’s been two days

  4. I can’t say how much I love that man. And the fact he brought up the 10 children from Kamloops on
    Oct. 10 64 that another brave warrior I loved so dearly William Coombs was murdered for witnessing & testifying while Justin Castro Sinclair brought that Demon Pope to Canada putting a headdress on that sick child abuser both of them costing taxpayers $100 million to just retraumatize us who are residential school & 60s scoop natives my birthplace in Thunder Bay still the highest murdered & missing Ojibway native people. I lived threw it and can tell the Truth too as Pierre was hitting on me in 1983 when my brother’s Totem Pole was unveiled on a beach in Windsor I could go deeper as I had the grandchildren of a generational political World Leader Catholic his last book Abortion & the Catholic Church they are not human.

  5. great catch love this man. Sending him videos as a 60s scoop who having PM Pierre coming on to me at 16 with my kids Grandfather moved from minister of external affairs to minister of Justice before his take down from PM. Creating Divorce to his paid trips every few weeks to the South of France loved the food just like never telling ,me what they ate when they dinned with the Queen Whore they are not human and I see it in my adult kids who I kept away from the grandmother was raped all her sons friends one the son of police Lutenent. I took charges for them both for growing there weed and scarred of there daddies, Kill me Justin but I want it to be you you week soy boy MK ULTRA if my kids father who is not lying truly wants to make right by not being a good husband or father you will stand up know knowing I was chained to a bed for months but didn’t tell mummy about this little girl you married.

  6. Nice someone has the cahoonies to stand up As A Real Man. and express. Revenge is best given cold. Yet the last 2500 yr this is of the plan to reach this prophesy state in time. The confusion is beyond an gone way out of control. Time to wake up and know how to say NO.
    do it
    live it
    act it
    be it.
    Time has shown peace is the result, Actions speak louder than word.

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