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Cern Triggered Global Chaos 22 Tornadoes Japans Earthquake Indonesias Volcano Dubais Flood -
April 18, 2024

CERN Triggered Global Chaos 22 Tornadoes Japans Earthquake Indonesias Volcano Dubais Flood!

“Explore the intriguing world of CERN & HAARP with our podcast. We discuss global weather events, the role of CERN, and even the idea of life as a simulation. We also delve into the potential shift to digital currency and the impact of THE AI Beast system. Join us as we question the world around us and encourage you to discover your own truth.” …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Nanobots That Release Toxins And Harvest Energy From The Body -

Nanobots That Release Toxins And Harvest Energy From the Body

The Moderna COVID vaccine uses tiny things called nanoparticles. They’re like tiny delivery trucks that carry deadly stuff to our body’s cells. Some scientists think we can control these particles, almost like playing a video game. This evil technology was made to control our bodies.  It’s not just about health. There are claims that these nanoparticles have unique IP addresses, making it possible to track individuals or even worse—activate substances within them remotely. This technology turns humans into nodes on a network, accessible and controllable at the push of a button. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Code 41 And The Connection Between Cern O J Simpsons Death And Todays Meteor Strikes -
April 13, 2024

Code 41 and The Connection Between CERN O.J. Simpsons Death and Todays Meteor Strikes

OG Simpson’s death is not just a tragedy but a murder by numbers energy harvest ritual to open the inner dimensional gateway at CERN. Tommy Truthful exposes the ritualistic fashion behind his death, linking it to the Chicago kid shot 96 times in 41 seconds, connecting it to the god particle, the eye of CERN, and Masonic rituals. This blog unveils the secret language of the elites, a crucial knowledge they don’t want you to share. Help break the spell; share this blog widely.

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Tommy Truthful
September 27, 2023

“Tommy Truthful Social Media Universe: Connect Across All Platforms!”

“Stay connected with the authentic Tommy Truthful through his official social media platforms. Beware of imitators! Find the genuine accounts here. Tommy manages multiple Facebook pages, two YouTube channels, his Rumble – ‘Truth Mafia TV’, and a Telegram group. Each platform offers unique insights and updates, ensuring you receive only the real deal. If it’s not listed here, it’s not Tommy’s. Check out his blog for all verified links and stay “…

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Truthmafia-They Released The Kraken - The Beast From The Sea Exposed!
May 31, 2023


“They released the Kraken, the beast from the sea, linked to the COVID virus. The first US state hit was Seattle, home to the Krakens. Carmine Truthful, son of Tommy Truthful, reveals the agenda behind COVID in a video decode, uncovering symbolism in movies. This video, banned over 10 times, faces continuous efforts to break its sharing link.”

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Warning Terrifying Implementation Of Ai Goes Too Far Pre Crime Useless Humans Robot Overlords -
April 19, 2024

WARNING: Terrifying Implementation of Ai Goes Too Far?! Pre-Crime? Useless Humans? Robot Overlords?

Explore how artificial intelligence (AI) is shaping our world, from Wi-Fi toasters at home to military drones. Understand the potential risks of AI, like in self-driving cars. Learn about a recent test where AI outsmarted a human pilot. Discover how AI is replacing jobs and how Intel’s new AI computer works. Lastly, let’s discuss the fears around AI and …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Boston Dynamics New Atlas Ai Robot W 44 50 Dof Does This Google Aloha 2 General Robots -

Boston Dynamics New Atlas AI Robot w/ 44 – 50 DoF Does This (GOOGLE ALOHA 2 GENERAL ROBOTS)

Boston Dynamics and Hyundai have made a new electric robot. It’s stronger, smarter, and can do surprising tasks. It learns from different situations and can do jobs that are hard or unsafe for people. This could change how we work in many fields. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Demon Sightings Are Increasing And Most People Cant See It -

DEMON Sightings are INCREASING and Most People Cant See it

Explore the mystery of three spiritual realms: our world, an unseen world, and heaven or hell. Learn about the battle between good and evil that can cause miracles or scary events. Understand why it’s important, especially for Christians, to be ready for these battles. Discover how evil forces might have influenced a recent attack on a bishop in Sydney. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Erics Near Death Experience In Detail -

Erics Near-Death Experience in Detail

Eric Wold told me about a scary time when he almost died. He woke up one night, fell down, and saw a bright, comforting light. He felt happy and pain-free there, and met strange beings who showed him the universe. He had to come back, though, and felt really sad because he missed the peaceful place. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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No Excuse Apocalyptic Flooding Aside Something Is Strange About This Trump Trial -
April 18, 2024

NO EXCUSE! Apocalyptic Flooding Aside SOMETHING is STRANGE about this TRUMP TRIAL

Vlad discusses Donald Trump’s legal issues, surprising support from William Barr, and a potentially biased judge. He also questions Joe Biden’s academic honesty. In a different topic, he talks about a futuristic city, Neom, an escaped elephant, and humorously suggests garlic powder for vampire protection. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Errie Events Happening Worldwide Cern Portals Activated -


“Explore the intriguing world of global events and their possible links to CERN, a major physics lab. Discover how strange happenings, like Dubai’s green sky, could be connected. Unravel the mystery of symbols and their hidden meanings. Dive into the music industry’s patterns and symbols. Stay curious, question everything, and join this exciting journey of discovery.” …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Using Ai For Tarot Reading W Slick Dissident -

Using AI for Tarot Reading? w/ Slick Dissident

Explore the fascinating world of AI with us! We’re diving into discussions about its potential, its critics, and how it’s like a complex mirror. We’ll also touch on art, mythology, and the cultural significance of Sicily. Join us as we navigate through the digital world, experimenting with AI tools and creating unique images. Let’s learn, create, and understand together …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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