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Tommy Truthful

Tommy truthful

“In a world where what’s real can be harder to believe than make-believe, I’m Tommy Truthful, the Capo dei capi of the Truth Mafia, the largest media conglomerate of content creators talking about what the mainstream won’t touch. We’re living in a simulation, a dream stacked in another dream. Let me hand you the cheat codes to figure out what’s really going on. The secret language of this game is called gematria. It’s not the rules and regulations we live by that call the shots—it’s the hidden messages and symbols around us that run the show. So, here’s to cracking those codes and making sense of the mysteries that most people just walk past every day.

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_Assassination Attempt On Donald Trump! (1)

🚨 Donald Trump Assassination Attempt: Major King Kill 33 Ritual? 🚨

Is Donald Trump’s character on the world stage about to be killed off to incite chaos among Patriots and conservatives? Tommy Truthful, leader of the Truth Mafia, decodes this chilling scenario using gematria, connecting it to John F. Kennedy’s assassination. This event could lead to riots, martial law, and the rounding up of citizens into FEMA camps, linked back to the 2015 Jade Helm military operation. Discover the elite’s secret language of symbols and numbers. Click the link to read the article that’s banned on all social media.

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Supacell: The Last Trumpet

Join Tommy Truthful, Bedell 1014, Ani Osaru, and Doenut Factory as they dive into the new series Supa Cell. Are we facing a King Kill 33 ritual with Trump or Biden? This nearly two-hour podcast, featuring a complete decode by Tommy Truthful, leader of the Truth Mafia. Click below to uncover the truth the deep state cabal doesn’t want you to see!
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&Quot;Episode 7: True Or False – Are Geo-Engineered Storms Eliminating The Homeless?&Quot;

🌪️ Government Killing Homeless? Using Natural Disasters as Cover? 🌪️

Is the government using geoengineering to create “unnatural disasters” and eliminate homeless people? Hurricane Beryl might have been a tool to round up and exterminate them. This isn’t new—it’s been happening since 2017. Have you noticed homeless people disappearing in your area? If we stay silent, we’re complicit. These people do not deserve to die. Speak up and expose the truth!…

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The Mystery Of Teslas Red Mercury Free Energy Grid True Or False -

Long ago, aliens used big crystals and buildings to control human minds. These buildings were on energy lines, like our body’s energy centers, to use free energy. This technology was hidden and replaced with wired systems. But, we can still see signs of it in old buildings. This technology used antennas and mercury-filled balls to capture and create free energy. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Fluoride The Secret Weapon Against Your Third Eye Awakening -

In this episode of Truth Mafia News, we explore the pineal gland, often called the ‘third eye’. We discuss how fluoride might harden it, affecting our spiritual connection. We also talk about ways to reverse this, like prayer and meditation. We even touch on the idea that our soul might live in this gland. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Evil S4

In Season 4 of the series “Evil,” witness the chilling depiction of a particle accelerator opening the gates of Hell at turn 33. Tommy Truthful exposes the eerie connection to Mount Hermon on the 33rd parallel, where fallen angels brought forbidden technology. With 33 representing a third of the angels who followed Lucifer, this episode dives deep into CERN’s dark secrets. Join Tommy as he breaks down Episode 1 and reveals the predictive programming of CERN opening the gates of Hell….

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New Mexico Wildfires Rage On Evacuations Lead To Roswell -

Join Tommy Truthful and his father, Papa Truthful, as they dive deep into the wildfires in Mexico, exploring theories of intentional arson to force rural residents into smart cities. They discuss the controversial idea of lasers starting these fires and the impact on our food supply due to farm blazes. Plus, they warn about the looming financial instability of the country.

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ARCHONS (Material World) DECODED

Published on: June 20, 2024 by Tommy Truthful
Archons Material World Decoded -

Logan shares his views on ‘Archons’ from Gnostic tradition, believed to be rulers of our world. He thinks these Archons use human energy to shape reality and create chaos, keeping us reincarnating. He also connects Archons to the seven planets and zodiac, hinting at a link between Gnosticism and Judaism. Logan suggests life is a scripted …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Donald Trump Birthday Decode

Published on: June 14, 2024 by Tommy Truthful
Donald Trump Birthday Decode

Today is Donald Trump’s birthday. He was born during a blood moon over Jerusalem on June 14th. The number 614 appears in the string of pi starting at the 97th decimal. What hidden code is within Trump’s birthday? What if I told you there’s a hidden message to kill Trump’s character on the world stage, already shown through predictive programming in The Simpsons? Tommy Truthful, a top decoder from Truth Mafia, breaks down the “King Kill 33” ritual to symbolically kill off Trump’s character on the world stage….

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