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Alien Cartel

Alien cartel
Welcome to Alien Cartel, your ultimate source for exploring the world of extraterrestrials, uncovering the mysteries of the Anunnaki, and investigating UFO cover-ups. Our dedicated team of researchers and enthusiasts dive deep into the realms of cryptids, paranormal phenomena, and the intriguing workings of CERN. Join us as we navigate the unknown, seeking answers to age-old questions and shedding light on the unexplained.
Tennessee Is Attempting To Prohibit 'Chemtrails'

Tennessee’s proposed bill to ban chemtrails has drawn ridicule from the mainstream media, labeling it a move fueled by conspiracy theorists. However, chemtrails are indeed a reality, not a conspiracy. Tommy, a dedicated writer and owner of, dives deep into the evidence, offering articles and extensive information to prove the health risks posed by these chemicals sprayed overhead. Contrary to condensation trails that vanish quickly, chemtrails linger and expand across the sky. This critical article, underplayed by the media, demands your attention and sharing to unveil the truth.

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Mysterious And Creepy Videos Youve Never Seen Before -

Explore the unknown with us as we delve into mysterious events from strange TikTok videos to UFO sightings. We’ll also touch on the history of alien encounters and how the internet has fueled their popularity. Join us as we discuss eerie incidents from around the world, including a mythical city in the Philippines and a haunted house story. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Aliens In Miami Evil Phenomenons Rising 2024 Truthmafiapodcast Tyronemagnus -

“Online speculation about tall, alien-like figures causing disturbances in Miami has sparked widespread reactions. This trend reflects a shift towards mainstream acceptance and humor in dealing with typically feared phenomena like occultism and supernatural entities, linking such attitudes to Hollywood’s portrayal of aliens and the reality of shadowy presences in our lives.” …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Published on: January 5, 2024 by Doenut Factory
Miami Alien Ritual Deception -

DOENUT’s latest video and Tommy Truthful’s blog unveil startling insights into the Miami Mall Alien incident. This enigmatic event, occurring at an address linked to the number 41 – known as the ‘alien number’ – suggests more than mere coincidence. Tommy, a prominent figure in the Truth Mafia, decodes it as a significant energy harvest, a ritual foretold. With precise prediction, Tommy forewarned of major rituals within January’s first 11 days, and this incident aligns eerily with his foresight. The incident bears potential connections to CERN’s Stargate technology and the enigmatic fallen reptilian Eloheim, marking a pivotal moment in our understanding of otherworldly interactions….

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&Quot;Unmasked: The Demonic Nature Of Alien Encounters&Quot;

Tommy Truthful, the renowned leader of the Truth Mafia, delves into the demonic dimensions of alien abductions in his latest video. He compellingly links demons to aliens, illustrating how the Grays revere Reptilians, entities entwined with Lucifer himself. Coming from a non-religious perspective, Tommy’s insights into the demonic essence of these interdimensional beings are striking. His work exposes a global deception, one that’s ensnaring many in its intricate web of mystery and illusion. This eye-opening content is essential for understanding the deeper, darker layers of what’s often dismissed as mere extraterrestrial encounters….

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Black Goo

Tommy Truthful, spearhead of the Truth Mafia, delves into ‘Black GOO’ – the enigmatic Fallen Angel technology. Often termed ‘programmable matter’, it holds the potential to weave a 3rd strand DNA, enabling consciousness transfer between hosts. This tech, alarmingly, offers inter-dimensional fallen angels a gateway to commandeer human bodies as avatars, becoming vessels for demonic entities….

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Ufo Alien Body Parts In Warehouse Listen To This -

In this intriguing blog post, the speaker shares an alleged encounter with a UFO, as recounted by his elderly neighbor, Virgil. Virgil claims to have seen the unidentified flying object in a warehouse near Nellis Air Force Base, after a conversation with a military General friend from the Korean War. The speaker speculates that the Remote Sensing Lab, a radiation control facility …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Fallen Angels Disguised as Aliens Hey there, folks! First off, let’s dive into the intriguing world of decoding. We’ve got this Photoshopped…

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Mexican Congress Shown Supposed Bodies, X-Rays, Of 'Non-Human Alien Corpses' At Ufo Hearing

Alien Invasion 2024  Mexican congress shown supposed bodies, X-rays, of ‘non-human alien corpses’ at UFO hearing…

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