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➡ A storm in Willis, Texas caused significant damage, with pine trees falling and damaging property, including an RV where a man named Danny was almost hit by a falling tree branch. The area is currently calm, being in the eye of the storm, but more wind is expected. Power lines are down and there’s no electricity in the area. Despite the chaos, the community is helping each other, with the narrator assisting stranded drivers and planning to check on a neighbor whose fence was destroyed by a fallen oak tree.


Well, it’s very calm right now because I’m in the eye of the storm. Property. Man, these pine trees, these pine trees have devastated. Devastated stuff. I actually caught on film while it was happening that tree fracture. It splintered in a huge piece. Hell yeah. Pieces. I’ve already been cleaning up tree limbs. Broke all kinds of stuff. Right there. I went right through and into the RV. Straight into the closet. Seven feet from where Danny was laying. Yeah, there he is right there. The greenhouse hadn’t even been touched with that tree right there. But we still have another windy part coming.

Across the street you can see more trees in the distance. A lot of trees. A lot of power lines down. This is Willis, Texas. I’m going to take you in the RV and show you. Yeah, it’s crazy. It’s crazy. This is my second generator. This is my backup generator. You can hear the other one in the background. This is just here. This is just in case. I got my real heavy gauge cable wire right there. It’s all just in case. But yeah, you can tell. You can see guys. You can see what all this did. Man, that thing wrecked the shop.

Just go into the RV real quick and I’ll show you what a tree can do real fast. Let’s go in here. Alright, it’s dark. I really don’t think I’m going to have light in here. I got a backup generator. I forgot I got a generator in here too. Alright, so here’s the back bedroom to the RV. Real TV. You know, RV’s got small showers, small seats. Look at that monster. I already put the sealant all in there. You know, it blows up. But look at that behemoth came through and went all the way into the floor.

Now, this is an easy fix. I got buckets catching water off of this. That branch could have killed somebody. Danny was right here on the bed. 7 feet away. Less than 7 feet away when that came right through the roof. That would have impaled him. Could have impaled him. There it is. At the very end of the RV. It’s crazy. Absolutely crazy. So let me show you the video footage. I was actually filming when this happened. Yeah, the wind’s kicking up again so we may have a problem here. It’s real quiet here. The dogs are all hiding.

This is Willis, Texas and it’s really calm right now. But it’s about to get crunk up again. When we hit the south end of it, once the south part of the eye of the storm passes over us, it’s going to get tumultuous again. I’ll probably film some more. I’m going to show you the piece of film. I just happened to be filming with this tree right here splintered. So that big flak you guys heard was that tree splintering. It caught my attention. Then I looked over there just in time to see that. Like a spear. It just fell from the sky like a spear.

It went right through the roof. It penetrated the ceiling. It penetrated the floor. You never have to cut it out. My jeep’s a 4×4 and I got a 9,000 pound winch on it. I can actually pull the jeep by using the winch. I helped two people today in a small sedan. Ditch drivers. Happens every year. I normally help people in the van. We got a truck stop at the end. People try to get to it for emergency supplies. I don’t know why they always their last minute. This is what’s going on in my life right now.

Neighbors are helping each other out. Dawn’s about 47-48 minutes to the south of me. She told me a large oak tree took out a whole section of her backyard fence. They’re having some issues up there. I’m going to go check on her. There’s no power anywhere in her area. There’s no power in my area. Virginia Beach is going to probably have to get close to home. Now I already have the archaic steam in Mississippi. The archaic fan, the archaic steam, they’re always there. They’re on their way to Virginia Beach. I don’t have to tell them to come around.

No one’s going to leave their property. Big John, he’s going to have to come back to Tim’s property as well. Anyway, what’s going on, guys? I wasn’t expecting this far north. It’s not expecting these gushing winds. I was out here for a while. My jeep is small. It’s not like the van. The van catches the wind on the side and I can feel it. It happened to the jeep, but I almost got blew off the road multiple times this morning. It’s no big deal. We’ll still have the meetup, but there’s just no way we’re going to make it.

I don’t even know if the airports will be open. [tr:trw].


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