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5G Danger


➡ Kanye West is facing a lawsuit for alleged forced labor and inappropriate behavior towards his employees. The controversy is linked to the creation of an app, which was rushed to be completed by May 1st, a significant date in Illuminati history. There are also claims of West’s involvement in secret societies and cults, and his connections to various influential figures and brands. This story suggests a deeper, hidden narrative involving power structures, symbolism, and mind control.


Kanye West sued for forced labor, calling his employees new slaves. This story goes deep into Illuminati in ancient orders. Kanye West sued employees allegedly calling them new slaves and allegedly sending naughty videos accessible to m- that were working for him under harsh conditions. They were creating an app that must be finished on the Illuminati founding day, May 1st. After an intense rush period to produce the app, the team allegedly presented Yay with one of the Finnish apps. The exact same day, Milo Yiannopoulos on the Illuminati founding day, May 1st, 5-1 said he cannot be complicit in these naughty films and lectures.

A lot of strange stuff is going down and it’s all connected to mind control. Kanye West planning to launch his Yeezy naughty website as he’s been into the naughty websites for a long time. I had a personal friend who went to his house in 2012 and she told me he was playing naughty films in all the rooms 24-7. I didn’t believe her. Then, recently, De Antwoord came out and said the exact same thing. His wife, Bianca Sensori, who delivers lectures at the University of Malta, which is run by the Templars in the order of St. John and the Knights Hospitallars, which you’ll see is very connected to Kanye.

Here’s Kim Kardashian and Kanye together during the Donda performance that Elon Musk and Marilyn Manson, another Knight Templar, were at, stepping on the Knights Templar Iron Crosses. Bianca Sensori and Kanye were doing naughty things for a publicity stunt to launch off their new career. The real reason Kanye West pulled an X-rated scandal on a boat with his new wife in Italy. Kanye goes to Venice a lot and that’s where a lot of these power structures come from. Even Elon, capitalizing on Dogecoin, is symbolic of the Doge of Venice. There’s a lot more going on in this story for the esoteric that we’re not meant to know about.

The Vultures album with the Masonic double-headed eagle, or the 33rd degree, is why they were rushing to get this app out. Now Kanye is going to Russia today. We’ll see what happens as Jordan Peterson went to Russia seeking emergency detox treatment. Then he left and all he does is cry now and became Russian Orthodox. Is there something up with these stories that we’re not privy to know about? The Kanye West Knights Templar connection runs deep with Jamie Foxx, his name with the two X’s and the two X’s is the double cross or the cross of Lorraine.

Even in, they clone Tyrone, the main characters named Fontaine, named after the Templar Fontaine. Kanye’s affiliations with Balenciaga, with Adidas, which was created for the National Socialists by Adolf Dassler, and also his brother created Puma for the National Socialists. Kanye worked for, which has a ton of symbolism there. Is it a coincidence that Kanye was on a Knights Templar crusade with the Bible, Netanyahu, right here, and going DEFCON 3. DEFCON 3 on a entire population of people. He sent this tweet out on October 8th. Exactly one year later, October 7th, the Middle East conflict kicked off.

Now I’ve been looking into the 128 code and October 7th and leap years is connected to the 128 code. And October 8th, when he sent out that text, is on the 281 day, the 128 code. You must watch my previous videos to understand that elite communication signal. Even the flag in the Middle East was created on the 128 code, October 28th. When Kanye got removed for doing Raelian Illian Cult, Naughty Time Cult, he was removed with exactly 3-2-2 million followers. Just like his friend Candace Owens was removed from the Daily Wire on 3-2-2. There’s a lot more going on with secret societies and cults that we are not privy to know, but these ancient cults run politics.

USA Today, 4th of July promo, has a swastika tilted sideways. This is all symbolism. Kanye West going on drink champs. This was really the kick off to the brainwashing for the new holy wars. You see the double x behind him. This is the Knights Templars running the music industry. Kanye West was screaming about Pete Davidson’s privates and Pete Davidson is also a Knights Templar. They are all here working together in secret Illuminati cults for nothing but brainwashing as they promote Jay-Z, huge Clinton supporter alcohol bottle with the Knights Templar double cross.

There’s a lot more going on than what we’re told of the story. What are your thoughts? Put your comments down below. It’s Donut. Hit that like and subscribe button for all your Illuminati news. Much love and God bless you. [tr:trw].

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5G Danger

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  1. We live in a fabricated reality under control of fabricated characters. It’s a spiritual war between us (Source) & them (Lucifer). We are a foreign corporation under control of foreign agents under pseudonyms:) European royals run the shitshow. They’re the Arcchons (shapeshifters) Kayne West aka John David Washington, Denzel Washington, JayZ, Frankie Lymon, Freeway Rick Ross, Jean Micheal Basquiat-former nfl/ufl athlete & eldest son of one of hollywoods most renowned movie stars-a fordham educated Jesuit trained actor & music recording sta. Controlled opposition & patio intelligence asset. Created as an mam driven Hollywood image & socio political influence agent / cia intelligence controlled opposition asset 🙂

  2. Elon musk is Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands. Lord Frederick Windsor is Hunter Biden, Adam kipzinger, Milo Yiannopoulos. Everything is a psyop! We are labrats. Debt slaves to the system etc.

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