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➡ Jacob Israel, in his live show, discusses the significance of the number 711 in various contexts, including its biblical reference to the flood in Genesis. He also talks about its connection to Elon Musk’s tweet and the sentencing date of a case involving Trump. He further explores the number’s link to the SpaceX launch and the current pandemic situation. Jacob encourages his viewers to stay tuned for more intriguing connections and theories.
➡ The text discusses various coincidences and speculations related to SpaceX, its launches, and its connection to the number 711. The author also mentions a potential link between space travel and the current global health crisis, and speculates about political figures like Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The text is filled with personal observations, theories, and interpretations of various events and symbols.
➡ The speaker discusses the connection between current events and ancient mythology, particularly the dual nature of the god Apollo as both a bringer and healer of plagues. They also reflect on their past predictions about these events, emphasizing the power of faith and words. Despite the challenges and fears, they remain hopeful for the future and encourage others to do the same.
➡ The speaker discusses their faith and how they see signs and patterns in everyday life, such as the number 711 appearing frequently. They encourage others to seek truth and improve their lives, mentioning a product they endorse. They also discuss various events and their possible connections, like Elon Musk buying Twitter and launching Starship, and relate them to biblical stories like Noah’s Ark. They urge viewers to share the video and not to fear, but to have faith.
➡ The speaker discusses the concept of a coming ‘flood’, drawing parallels to biblical stories and suggesting it could be a positive event. He mentions the ‘Nemesis system’ and ‘Nibiru system’, hinting at a possible cosmic event. He also emphasizes the importance of prayer and personal connection with God. Lastly, he points out a recurring pattern of the numbers ‘711’ in various contexts, suggesting it might be a significant sign.
➡ The speaker discusses various coincidences and patterns involving the number 711, relating it to various events and dates. They also mention a figure named Roaring Kitty and his return to YouTube. The speaker also discusses the biblical story of Noah’s Ark, interpreting it both literally and symbolically. They end by expressing hope that the listeners are doing their best to do good.
➡ The speaker encourages closeness within families, referencing Noah’s Ark as an example. They express anticipation for future events, hinting at a possible significant occurrence. They also mention Elon Musk’s plan to bring people to Mars and the potential use of AI. The speaker ends by promoting their merchandise, asking for support on Patreon, and sharing their plans for the evening.


Well, good afternoon, everyone, and welcome to another live episode of Jacob’s Ladder. It is 04:07 p.m. according to my calculations on the clock, that’d be eleven. That’s going to be an interesting number that we are going to dive into today, 711. In fact, we got a lot of people here already. Make sure that you hit the like. I’m Jacob Israel. Welcome. We’re going to talk about some interesting things, some things that have just got my mind boggled. I’ve been. I’ve been, like, bouncing around in the back of my head all morning because of this. 711, if you know anything about Genesis, what happens on, uh, in Genesis? 711? It is when the, uh, the floodgates open.

It’s when, uh, the, the flood happens, the big flood. It’s interesting. I’ve talked about, uh, the, uh, the flood of Noah for a long time, for many years now. Why am I talking about 711? Well, we just did a show a little while ago when the trumpster, he was, you know, he was, he got, he got, he got arrested, and then he’s got his sentencing. The verdict is. Is, came in. He’s guilty, 34 counts. And on 711, he’s going to, he’s going to, you know, he’s going to face the music. 711. What’s weird about that was I did a show just a little while ago, and on that show, I pointed all of this out, the fact that Elon actually did something here.

Let’s just pull this up and let’s take a look. Here’s the show right there. 711. So you’ll see 711 days. 711 days. 40 weeks after his mug shot, his famous blue steel mug shot, 40 weeks after. That’s when it comes down. Now, the sentencing is going to be on July 11. This was a big deal. This was my show that aired just a little while ago called Gaslit. There’s more to Trump’s guilty verdict than you know. And it’s biblical and, oh, my goodness, it is. You’ll see that 711 gaslight that Elon put out a while ago, back in 2022.

I think it was June 21 or 22nd or something. And that gaslight was pretty. It was like predictive programming. Isn’t that right, ally in Wonderland with the huge super chat? Welcome, everybody. By the way, ally, thank you very much. That’s very cool. It says, this is, this is one of those shows where it’s just, it really encourages my faith, and it really also shows that if this is planned by these people, mathematically, I would say that they’re all geniuses, because 711 is connected to so many different things. And guess who’s in the center of it all? Elon Musk.

Go figure. Elon puts out that 711 tweet that day. 4 hours after that tweet, stock market closes. And Tesla stock 711. Eleven. That’s how it closes. But that’s not that interesting. We’ve talked about what gaslighting is, and the fact that I tell you, you gotta, you gotta, you gotta, you know, take your thoughts captive. And you can’t just listen to what everybody says and just believe what they say. That a lot of people are gaslighting you. And that perhaps the fact that he put out a picture of a gaslight 711 days before the Trump thing went down, and we find out that his sentencing is going to be on 711.

I say, that’s weird, but that’s, like, nothing in the grand scheme of things. That’s nothing compared to all of the other 711 connections. Now, why does this get me a little, uh, goosed up? Because, uh, 711 is connected to the flood in Noah’s day. Something that I, a while ago, said happened with the virus of the crown. That that was the flood did videos about Noah’s flood. Did videos where I told people to enter the ark. And then we entered into, you know, the. The lockdowns and into our house. It was very strange, all of this stuff.

Well, it seems like we get. We’re gonna be, like, up for round two with the whole thing with the birds. The birds, right. The. The bird cough. That’s, like, all the rage. You’re gonna find out seven eleven’s attached to that, too. It’s so. I don’t know what I’m doing. I wake up in the morning, I get what I get very early. I have my little breakfast hangout with Ethan and the Dan Dan. I get them off and I start going, and I start going. I’m like, lord, show me things. And then I get one thing after another thing, and they pop off.

So do me a favor, will you? Will you, uh, you know, make sure that you are subscribed to the channel, because there are a lot of these shows that happen, but you don’t want to miss them. You don’t want to miss them. So I’m going to take this step by step, okay? I’m going to. I’m going to give you a little. We’re going to go back to the last show that I did, and I’m just going to play something for you just to let you know what we came off of, because we just came off of a day known as 666.

All right, so we’re going to. We’re just going to. I’m just going to bring you up to speed and start sharing things, I’m sure. But this is just kind of a, just kind of a catch up with. This is like a little tease of the show that I just did. If you haven’t seen it, you can go check it out. It’s the one right before this. But just take a list. On d day, 80th anniversary is the SpaceX launch. SpaceX is launching as well. So you got all this stuff. You got Ryan Garcia talking about this.

Oh, Jesus. Told them. So there’s gonna be an earthquake, right? Why does this get my attention? Because, of course, there’s a lot of other things happening on the six. There’s a new moon. New moon, which is happening on a major hindu holiday which honors the God saturn. There’s so much. It’s very strange, but a tree is known by its fruit. So I do these little teases that just kind of gives you an idea what we came off of. We just came off. We just came off. 666 starships, epic launch. It was incredible watching that, I felt like I was watching a movie.

I felt like I was watching something out of Armageddon, which is weird, because a little bit later, Elon actually tweeted something out. He goes, oh, look, starships re entering like a meteor. And I was like, well, why would you say that? Why wouldn’t you just say. Say he’s re entering like a awesome rocket, stainless steel rocket, which is why it’s reusable. Had a little bit of an issue. Had an issue. Had this little flap thing. And when it was coming back in, I know a lot of people, some. Some that are listening right now, don’t even believe that there is such a thing as space.

And they don’t. Who cares? I’m not really into that. I don’t even care whether it’s real or not. I’m just saying this is what I’m. This is what supposedly is going on. And it’s suspect. That starship, which, by the way, Elon kind of calls the Ark of humanity, Noah’s Ark, all it is, is connected to 711. This is. You’re going to share this. This is going to be one of those videos that’s going to go around. It’s going to go around. Let me take this step by step. Okay. I want you to stick with me. 711, he puts out a little tweet on June 21, 2022.

And then, of course, 711, you find out that the Trump hush money case, it’s 34 counts. And we know that that is connected to a number in strongs, which is connected to casting out a bunch of demons. Go back, watch the other show. But you have that. So you have that connection, the 711 connection from the 711 tweet on the day that Tesla got the 711 Eleven. And then we had yesterday. I’m working out, doing my. You know, I’m doing my cardio. I’m praying. I close my eyes, and then I’m thinking, I wonder if that tweet that he put out is like a 711 to yesterday.

And it was. I mean, come on, what are the odds? So his tweet 711 connects 711 to Trump’s gaslighting trial, and his tweet from June 21, 2022, to June 6, 2024, is one year, eleven months, 17 days. That’s the backwards number. 711. Eleven. 711, 1111. What are the odds? And that’s not even the beginning. Who’s feeling this? Is it just me? I’m a little excited because it’s just. It just gets so weird, this whole thing. It’s just so weird. Did he know this? Was this so planned? How is it planned? Could it be that starship launched 711 eleven at the exact same time? I don’t know.

You’re gonna have to find out. But this is quite a coincidence. So here we have Genesis 711 being a big deal. Strange. Get stranger. Get stranger. So I followed St. Yes, it’s very weird. Audrey’s like, weird, weird Audrey. You think that’s weird? You haven’t even. Weird hasn’t even started. And that’s saying a lot for this channel, because we’ve had a lot of thing. Quinky ninky do’s that just. This is just weird. There’s a lot going on. There’s a lot going on this month. This is very exciting because I don’t think it has to be necessarily a bad thing.

I hope it’s not a bad thing. That’s the truth. 711. So I watched this launch, which is 711, right. Eleven. From when he puts that. That post out. So I think to myself, I wonder if there’s a 711 attached to star star us, not Starlink to SpaceX. So I go over and I look at SpaceX’s X, which, by the way, if you’re on X, you should follow me. It’s Jacob Israel, 71. Follow me because I share a lot of stuff there. So I go to. I go to their page. Take a wild guess. How many subscribers.

Everybody, do me a favor. Smash the, like, leave me a comment right now in the live chat. How many subscribers do you think SpaceX has, considering this show is all about 711? They got 117. They’re following 117. Following. That’s a choice. SpaceX chooses to follow 711 backwards. Are you all going to share this show? Is it just me? This is a weird thing, but it gets weirder. I was watching this specifically because I was hoping. I even put, like, a couple of posts out. I’m like, it’ll be weird if it starts at, like, 911. And I was looking for all of these weird, you know, just coincidences or things that would connect with the launch.

When does the launch start? When does it touch down? I asked rock this right after. Right after, um, right after it happened. And Grock first came back with 1 hour and 17 minutes, and I was like, but I did a little bit of digging. It’s not the case. It’s not the case. It was actually an hour and seven minutes. Starship lifted off at 08:50 a.m. eastern standard time, and it touched down at 957. So 1 hour, seven minutes. It’s pretty, pretty cool. Even cooler. The super heavy splash down into the Gulf of Mexico at. Well, you look at the clip that they shared, their 37 2nd clip, and you add it up, and it’s the one, one, one.

Just very strange. Starship launch 711. 107. Okay. All right. That’s. That’s a lot of interesting coincidence. This is where it gets even stranger on the show. If you’re new, I’m what they call a speculator. I’m not anything special. Okay, I want to point this out. People that take themselves seriously don’t do this. People that think that there’s something special, they come on and they don’t goof around, they don’t jibber jabber. They get right to it. It sounds very serious. And then they tell you, nigga, oh, I know, I know. And I know, I know what’s gonna happen.

Oh. But on this channel, if you’ve been watching for a long time, you know that we’re a little bit different than everybody else in the ecosphere of YouTube, a lot of things turn out to happen, and a lot of things happen to turn out to be connected in, like, a very interesting timeframe, like, a 711 time frame. So a little while ago, I do a video. I do a video. If you look to the left of the screen, you’ll see. I put a post out on 314 24. This was the last starship launch. And I wrote starship test a success.

Congrats to Elon and SpaceX team Starship was lost on reentry. And I gave a little scaredy face. That’s. That’s. I like that emoji. I like that emoji. It’s like the scared face emoji. But I think it’s like. I think it’s just interesting. So this is attached to the Artemis 111 mission to get people to the moon. I said, pray God it’s not attached to a video I did about. About starship and a crash one year, eleven months ago. One, one, 1700 days ago. Very interesting. Now, I’d forgotten about this post, except for the fact that I brought up that very same video about three days ago.

Where I wrote Thursday, starship launch 6620 24. I said, last year on six. Six. Smoke in New York this year. I hope and pray a crash isn’t on the way. A video I did two years, one month, 22 days, or one one, one weeks. There’s that one one one again. Now, what’s weird about that? What’s weird about that? The fact that both of them have that one one one and that one one one. Is that in between those two days, what are the odds it’s two months and 23 days? Noah’s flood. And then I wrote, can it be taken spiritually? And.

Oh, yes, it can. This thing that’s going on in the world right now with the bird cough that you’re starting to hear about, it’s given me that. That, like, viruses crown part two vibes. Ironically, I kind of saw that coming. And I talked about this a while ago. But before we get into all that, I want to point out that if you look at that thumbnail, you’ll see that there’s some bird poop on Biden’s shoulder. That happened on April 13, 2018. 22. He was talking and. And I don’t know if you saw the video. Just from.

Just from the other day. I think it was yesterday, the 80th anniversary. It looked like Biden, he was having some problems. He. People were saying he was looking for a seat. Some people were saying that he pooped his pants and then he had to leave. One point, he turned around, it was, you know. And there’s a lot of videos going around. I wasn’t there. I didn’t see all of it. I didn’t see all of it in order. So I don’t exactly know what really went down. But he is. He’s not looking too good, right? He hasn’t been looking too good in a while.

It’s. It’s a thing. But I shared that video. Something weird is happening. The crash is on its way. And there you have. You got some bird poop coming on. But you know what’s interesting was that that’s connected. The bird poops, connected to the bird cough. It’s one of the ways that it spreads if it becomes weird, how it’s all kind of connected. But who would have thought that, like, space travel or star faring, space travel or just launches would be connected somehow to the bird cough? But it is very weird. I actually, I put these things out.

I call them little tests. You know, if you’re not following me on x, and you start to. You’ll start to see that I’ll do this now, and then I’ll write test and I’ll put something out, because I’m kind of, like, thinking, oh, this would kind of make sense, and this would be cool if it was playing out in the world. And what I said was, my video from 2017 warning us can now import the bird cough to Donald Trump’s birthday, which is coming up on June 14, is seven years, one month, one day, 711. So I did this video.

Some people said, oh, that video predicted the virus of the crown because it added up to whatever. I didn’t say that. I did think it was strange, but that video wasn’t about the virus at the crown. It was about the bird cough. You could take a look at the thumbnail right there, and you can see that the title us can now import. Scientists call it the greatest threat to humanity. It’s weird, right? So I think, right? That’s weird. So then I think to myself, let me see how many days in between. Cause of course I’m going, wouldn’t it be weird if it was 711? And I do it, but it’s not.

But it was close. But then it hits me. Who was around for the first flood? Who was around for the first one? The guy that I had the dream about, remember, where everybody thought he was gonna win with a landslide? And I had this weird dream, and I’m like, I don’t think he’s gonna win a. But I think he’s going to come back stronger than ever before. And this is what’s happening. He was around the Trumpster. He’s a big fan of Apollo. Some people actually call him Apollo, believe it or not, if you look at the background of the image, you’ll see Apollo led in his chariot by Aurora.

That’s in Trump Tower on. I think that was the address. Or the floor is like the 66th floor or something. Some kind of sixties sick. You know, that the devil’s advocate was filmed there, too. These are just weird. Probably remember the video I did a little while ago? Right, sorry about that. I heard that the, uh, I heard we had a little bit of an issue. Sometimes we have an issue. I’m glad you’re sticking around, but the video I did a while ago with Elon Musk and, uh, and Donald Trump, and I, and I, you know, I put the two of their faces together because we had, there were two statues of Apollo and Artemis that were discovered.

It was years ago. So I put the two of them together and I said, oh, they’re going to come together. Remember, I did a whole video about it and I said, oh, it’s. They’re going to. I call them, like, the wonder twins that, like, they’re going to be the heroes of the future. And now it’s happening. Like, literally, they’re doing, you know, Trump’s doing a space, which, if you saw my last show, you know, I talked about the Apollo and Artemis connection and the space where the two of them come together, talked about all this, and guess what? Connected to a certain amount of time as well, which is weird.

Very weird. So I’m thinking of myself. I’m thinking to myself, Apollo is known as the bringer of the plague and the person who cures the plague. If you read that healing is associated with Apollo directly through his son, the demigod of medicine, Asclepius. But true to his dual nature, the God that protected from disease, protect the God that came up with the thing that supposedly protected against the disease. You see how it’s sort of connected and people connected to, even though it didn’t work, he also brought the disease. That’s the idea. Apollo’s many epithets included, they were always associated with, like, mice or rats, both as an exterminator, but also as the bringer of the plague.

The most famous mythical incident of Apollo sending pestilence to those who invoked his wrath was in the Agamemnon story told in the Iliad. So here you have a picture of the guy who comes in. He is the hero that brings an end to it, but he’s also the man who brings it. The last time that the trumpster came in, I don’t know if you remember correctly. But something came in with him and supposedly he did something to warp speed it out. We saw where that ended up. So great. That is, I’m gonna play you something, by the way, a video that I did a long time ago.

Around this time, when all this stuff was going on and everybody was so scared of, I kind of prayed out into the future and I told everybody, this is what’s going to happen. I told everybody, this is what’s going to happen. You don’t got to worry about this. I said, these people are going to be brought to justice. You know what? Let me just show it to you. Let me pull it up. Give me 1 second to. Wasn’t planning on doing this, but, you know, I mean, it was a tough time. You know, I mean, it was, it was very, very terrible time.

And, but we’re coming out of it. We’re coming out of it now. And I think that we may find that the future for some people isn’t going to be so hot, but for people that are going to do the right thing, perhaps, perhaps it will be a good thing. This is a, this is an interesting time to be alive. It’s, it’s probably the most exciting time to be alive. And if you’ve been following the channel for a long time, you know that a lot of stuff happens where, you know, here it is. Let me pull this up.

Me, um. Give me 1 second. A lot of stuff happens. That just doesn’t, well, I mean, it does. It does. You can’t really explain it. You can only explain it away by saying it has something to do with faith. But if you look at this, this is, this was July 20, 2021, and I posted it on the fourth where I said Fauci faces judgment exactly two years, ten months, two weeks, one day, that’s 21, 21 or 1212. I spoke against the sorcerers of the, and I told them back then that God is going to answer the gideons of the world.

And this is basically the idea that faith of a few can affect the many. All right, so just take a listen to this because this is going to tie into the end, even though I wasn’t. We’re going to talk about the power of words today. We’re going to talk about the power of God today. We’re going to talk about how God is going to deliver us today with all we’re facing, how spooky it all seems, the madness that has happened, it also happened back in the day. Happened back in the day. There’s nothing new under the sun.

I’ve been trying to share this video a couple of times. Everything seems to be getting in the way. Audio issues with this, issues with that. And the reason is obviously I wasn’t fully emotionally prepared to handle it because I can be a scaredy cat like a little baby. I get a vibe that I need to talk about something. I see something on the tv, I see something being shouted from the rooftops. And I say, that’s not right. That’s horrible. People are being so irresponsible. So irresponsible. But I wonder if it’s being done on purpose. And once again, before I get into this show, I gotta tell you something.

I’m not an expert on anything. I’m just a normal guy with a normal job. I just have great, great faith. But I can. I can see things happening and I can understand that the system is desperately, desperately, desperately. And by the system I mean the beast system will say the. The system that is run by carnal egoism, right? Egotistical people. People that are in charge. Oligarchs, billionaires. Another country represented by the dragon. Perhaps this happens. Wash, rinse, repeat. And at some point it’s gonna come to an end. The church says, teach me the truth, no matter what the cost.

But here I was all worried. Should I talk about this? Should I mention the pandemic of the unvaccinated? And should I relate it to a story and a biblical discovery, a 3000 year old discovery of an inscription, a biblical judge who we know as Gideon. Hmm. This is all too coincidental, people. You see, words have power. Power of your words. The power of life and death is in your tongue. Things that were spoken over you as a child, if you believed them, if you were told, you’re no good, you’re going nowhere. This is what we wrestle against.

Principalities and powers and rulers of darkness. And that’s the. Alright, so you basically, you get the idea. You know, I don’t want to play the whole clip because I mean it goes on for a little while. But here you have something that was from a while ago when we were in, we were knee deep in it. It was when all that nonsense, it’s science, it’s psyops, you know, it’s the mind virus. They were, they were really trying to infect you. They were trying to teach you that it was the people that didn’t get the wackadoo’s fault.

That’s, that’s what started it. They were really messing with everybody. And I remember being very stressed out at the time because at the time, I was still working at this company. This is right before they came up with the whole, oh, you got to get this or else thank God I left, you know, because, you know, sometimes God nudges us to bring us out of the, you know, the. Into greener pastures, and in here, we are. So it’s interesting because I said, they’re gonna pray. I talked about Gideon. I talked about the army of Gideon and how it only takes the voice of a few who have faith.

Gideon was scared. I was scared. I was. I remember being stressed about it, but I was like, oh, I still sell mattresses. It’s not like I’m making that much money back then, you know, it was like, oh, I’ll be okay, but I’m willing to throw it all down. That’s. That’s what, uh, that’s what you had to do. That’s what Moses did. Moses. Like, what do I have? I don’t got a lot. I got a little. So you throw it out. I put stuff out there. It sounds nuts, you know? And then when it happens to come to pass, people are like, oh, yeah, I get it.

I get it. I get what you’re saying. You know, you’re trying to put yourself over. It’s. It’s. We. It’s an uncomfortable place to be, to speak out in faith, to speak. Like, I have a vibe. I have an idea, and I think maybe this would be cool. I have a feeling, like I was saying that we may. We may hear of some big thing, like, when they actually declared it the last time. When they declared it the last time, maybe they’re going to declare it again. And I thought, wouldn’t that be interesting? If there’s a 711 tie there, and there is from my video, we’re like, oh, this is what’s going to happen.

So weird. Seven years, one month, one day ago, you know? But I do what I do because this is, you know, this is the whole point. We want to. We want to affect change in a good way. And I don’t know if, you know, I don’t know what these. I honestly, my goal here with all of you is to, like, I hope to amaze you. I hope to, like, wow you. I hope you just say that. That doesn’t make a lot of sense because I know there aren’t other channels doing it, but why do I want to do that? Because the only reason why I can do that is because I’m kind of.

I have this, like, abandon when it comes to my faith. I’m just like, I just want to do the right thing. Teach me the truth. I want to know. I want to know. So I look at things, and then I go, well, what does it mean, lord? And then I get like, why do I see 711 everywhere, lord? And I get the. Wouldn’t it be weird if the launch was, like, 711 eleven backwards? And in what, you know, these things, they must be happening for a reason. So then I’m like, oh, good grief. Does this mean that there’s a flood coming? Now, what I do here is that I don’t try to scare you, because, you know, just like I showed you with the.

The Ryan Garcia guy who says, oh, it’s gonna be a big earthquake. It was like, nothing, you know? And I wrote Psyop. It’s like there was a time when I was scared so that I projected that. But I’m not scared anymore, because I have faith. Why do I have faith? Because look at these videos from how long ago? And look at how it always matches up again and again and again and again. I just want you all to do one thing. Ask God for the truth. Just take it. Say a little prayer. Just say, teach me.

Be better in your home. Be better in your life. Be awesome. If you got yourself some truly free home product, if you want to support Jacob and you want to have, you know, awesome product that no toxins, get these little cool things. You put them in, you make things smell nice. This is the space freshener. Smells delicious. All this truly you use code, Jacob. You get 30% off these things you could do to help if you want. The main thing I want you to do, though, ultimately, I want you to go to God. I want you to go to me.

I want you to pray, because as I show you the next couple of slides, you’re gonna. You’re gonna probably need to pray, right? So the bird cough, is this the thing? So I go, oh, I gotta go back. I bet you I did a couple of other shows about the bird cough. I bet you I probably did one in that timeframe. And I look at it, and I’m going, oh, well, that’s interesting. Has 17,000 views from one year ago as 711. I go, that’s interesting. I said, well, let me look this up. Let me use Donald Trump’s birthday again from when the video came out.

So I’m like, February 9, 2023 to June 14, 2024. Wow. 70 weeks in one day, 1771 is 17 reversed. Doctor J Man’s place just said that in the chat. I was saying it at the same time. Apollo had 17 missions. Thank you very much, doctor J. Mann, for adding to the conversation like that. J. Mann. Cause I’m like a J man, right, Jacob? 17. This is big number. He says 17, like, all the time. 17 1717. You know what letter that is? Uh oh. We don’t want to talk about the letters. We don’t want to talk about the 17th letter.

Gets weird. It gets weird, but it’s about to get weirder. Are you ready? Guess when Elon bought Twitter. All right, I gotta come back to you if you’re not gonna share this video around, because this video is freaking weird. If you’re not gonna share this around, I’m gonna be very sad and disappointed in you. I’m asking you to share this video around because it has to do with, you know, coming up. Do you know what else is coming up on June 11? This guy’s birthday. Why do I keep pointing on my birthday? My wife’s like, why you keep bringing up your birthday? Why are you excited? And I said, because I’m gonna get a fudgy to whale cake.

Why am I getting a fudgy to whale cake, you ask? Because three years ago on June 11, Michael Packard got swallowed by, like, a whale. And it was the Jonah story. It’s three years, three days, three nights. I feel like something big’s happening. June 11. Turns out it’s, uh. It’s a huge holiday connected to when the holy spirit was poured out into the upper room. How about them apples? That’s my birthday. It’s my b day. But Donald Trump’s birthday is June 14, right? After one year, seven months, eleven days. Elon bought Twitter on October 27, 2022.

Starship launched on June 6, 2024. One year, seven months, eleven days. I mean, you got. I mean, that’s weird, right? I’m not the only one that thinks this is strange. We got a lot of people watching. We barely got likes. Will you do me a favor? Will you x out of chat right now? I know this is exciting. Will you hit the like? It helps me. It helps me. But here’s another 711. So, Elon, his starship launch, which was epic. Let me show you some of it. Let me show you, like, the. Let me show you some of the takeoff, just so you get a little.

Get a little taste. Get a little taste of the old starship. All right, here we go. I mean, this was epic. You know, you’re watching this and you’re thinking to yourself, and you hear that, but that was like, almost nothing compared to when it was coming back on in. I know a lot of people are gonna be like, oh, this isn’t real. This isn’t real. You know, in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter to me because it’s like we live in our perception and this is what we’re being told. I’m gonna assume that it’s real.

Yeah, but that starship taking off right there, that’s impressive. That thing. What is it? Like, the size of the great pyramid or something? It’s huge. I was very stressed out about this happening because, you know, I thought, oh, what if it had something in it, you know, or what? Like, what if something went wrong and you have all, it’s so heavy, it’s so big, it’s so dense, and something goes wrong, you know, what do you do then? What do you do then? That’s. That couldn’t be a good thing. Couldn’t be a good thing at all. 711.

Biden’s bird poop. 711. 711 to the launch. One year, eleven months, 17 days. His tweet. 711 tweet. It goes up to 711. Eleven. It’s just all weird. Seven years, one month, one day. And it is kind of connected. All it is stuff because these are things that, if you remember correctly, if you remember correctly, at the same time, all of this was happening with the bird poop and all that stuff. Guess who was buying Twitter? Elon. Right? And from buying Twitter to yesterday, another 711. It’s connected. It’s connected. Apollo and Artemis. Apollo brings the plague, heals the plague.

Artemis is all about the moon. It’s the goddess of the moon. And the hunt. The hunt. Artemis. I don’t know if you know anything about Artemis. Very interesting. Very interesting. 711. All of this stuff, to me, I find to be more than just coincidence. I find it to be more than coincidence. There’s no way it can just be coincidence. But you say, okay, well, why? Why? 711? And I go, well, I think it has something to do with the flood. I think it has to do something with the flood because I’ve done a lot of videos on the flood here.

Noah’s ark. Done these videos again and again and again. And what did Elon call starship? He called it Ark. The Ark. Ark of space. On December 5, 2022. Now, you know what’s weird? First time we heard about the bird cough really was 700 vultures died. Guess where I covered it back in the day? Noah’s ark. Noah’s Ark. So from Noah’s Ark and them dying of the bird cough to 6620. 24. That would be six, right? 24 is six. Two plus four is six. Four years, four months, 17 days starship. It’s the ark of space. Please tell me I’m not losing my mind here.

Right. That’s a lot of coincidence, the majesty of this plan. It’s either that or they’re just being prompted subconsciously to do things at certain times or have launches and everything just works together because God’s in charge of it all. And then I pray, what am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to look at? And then I’m like, oh, thank you. Because I get this little thought, wouldn’t it be cool if he bought Twitter? And that’s a 711, too. And it is. This is how it comes. How does it come? Because I ask, how does it then produce fruit? Because God obviously answers.

And we’re in a time where I’m getting a fudgy to whale cake for a reason. Because the story of Nineveh is not a bad story when it comes to Jonah. And when Christ returns, it’ll be like the days of Jonah. And in the days of Jonah. I want to set your heart at peace right now. This just hit me. In the story of Jonah, people repent. Who’s to say that the heavens can’t open and flood the earth with the love of God, the light of God? Who’s to say that that can’t be the flood that’s coming? I have that knee jerk reaction where I want to say, well, we were just talking about the nemesis system and how he.

He compared his rocket. He said, a monument to hubris. And how I explained on the last show that hubris comes right before Nemesis. Nemesis is the greek goddess of retribution. You could see, like, if some kind of meteor or something else comes in, you could see how there could be a flood. That’s the Nibiru cataclysm, right? And if you remember correctly, if you saw the last show, if you haven’t, you should go back and watch. It was weird how I prayed because I do a lot of praying, and I suggest you do the same just in your head, you know, just ask God the questions.

You don’t gotta email me. Jacob, what do you think of this video? Just ask God to guide you and lead you. You don’t need to be told, because then you start to. You start to rely on the person telling you. But I’m thinking the nemesis system. I’m thinking the Nibiru system and the fact that the channel took off. How long ago? It was like, right. We talked about this eight years ago. 111811. We’ve been at this a long time. How I was praying, is nemesis coming back? And Michelle Alexander shared this AI trailer with me yesterday or day before yesterday, where he put me in as the good Samaritan, which was funny.

And in the first frame, it says, is nemesis coming back? Which is like. Like, this doesn’t make a lot of sense to people. Unless you’re me or unless you’re one of the Israelites out there, you know, because we’re all the same. That’s why I chose. Well, I was inspired to take the last name Israel, because Jacob Israel is a symbol of all of God’s children. I call my son Israel out of Egypt. Israel is God’s child. It’s a picture. Just as Christ is God’s child. It’s a picture. Jacob Israel is a changed life. You know, we’re trying to manipulate and do everything our own way.

And at one point in time, when Jacob’s trouble starts, you know, which I said would start probably around, you know, 1214, right, when the. The old whackadoo came out, and then all that weird stuff started happening. Well, we’re coming out on the back end. So this flood, this 711 flood, you know, there’s that part that wants me to say, oh, maybe there’s going to be something big. But I’m like, nah, nah. I think this flood. Let me show this for you. I think this flood is going to be coming from heaven above. That’s what I want.

And you know what? Listen, if. If by any chance there is some terrible calamity that takes place, and by golly, for years, I thought there could be. I did a video a while ago, and it’s gonna sound strange about Noah’s ark and. And the flood. And I had a picture of the scapegoat, and it was kind of a picture of, like. Like Jesus laid down his life for the world to save the world, right? And that’s what a scapegoat is. A scapegoat is the world is so corrupt, we’re gonna. We’re gonna put all the sins on one person, and one person is gonna willingly lay down his life to help those in the world to avoid a coming calamity.

That’s basically what the story is about, being saved. So I did this video about, you know, like, who’s willing to do that today with the forethought that maybe something terrible was gonna come would you offer yourself. Would you say, lord, let me be a living epistle, I give you my life, Lord. Would you be like an Abraham and pray? It’s not looking good. Lord, I’m a little worried about sodom. I’m a little worried about Gomorrah. If there’s a couple of righteous people, would you spare them? Are you going to be like that? Would you be like that? This guy is like that.

That’s all I got to say. So I have kind of good vibes about what’s going to come. I do. I feel like this flood could be something wonderful. But I’ve been talking about this a long time, so let me go back and let me show you how long ago I’ve been talking about this. This is from June 1, 2020. And this is just a little bit about the flood. And this has to do with. On September 23, 2017, a prophetic sign appeared above Jerusalem. The revelation twelve sign. Now, this was the starting point of something much bigger that a lot of people didn’t quite understand.

It was the beginning of something new. A birth was taking place in the hearts of everyone. And when that sign appeared in the heavens, we knew that another would soon appear after it. The dragon. The dragon would come after this child that was being birthed in the hearts of everyone. He would cause a flood to come out of its mouth so that this promise would be swept away. And today, there is literally another dragon. And we are dealing with the effects of a flood that has perhaps come from this literal dragon, as if these things were working together to tell us that as it’s happening in the natural, so it is happening in the spiritual.

So we see a flood that has come from a dragon. Indeed. But there’s another flood that needs to be discussed. Said to his disciples, the time is coming when you will long to see one of the days of the son of man. But you’ll not see it. People will say that it’s over there or it’s over there, but don’t you go running after it. Because just as it was in the days of Noah, so also will it be in the day of the son of Mandev. Just like it was for us. We were eating and drinking and marrying, and everything was fine until the flood came and has turned our world upside down.

And it is no wonder that we see evidence of Noah’s ark in the news here. We see the arctic seed vault. You see, God just doesn’t do something without telling you first. It’s been in front of our face for a long period of time, as in the days of Noah, so it will be. This is the day that we’re in. That’s why we see the world in the state that it’s in, as in the days of Noah, so it will be in the days of the coming of the son of man, people. This is the day that we’ve been waiting for.

And while the dragon is working overtime to divide us, to tear us apartheid, see God telling us all that it’s going to be all right. As Noah and his family sheltered in place during the flood of their time, so too are we sheltering in place during the flood of ours. But God is in control. That’s why on the channel, for years now, I’ve been telling people to get ready. Get ready for the flood. That was. I want to stop there for just 1 second. If you just take a look at that, that was the. The thumbnail that I was talking about.

Enter the ark and then you’ll see time to atone for our sins. And you see the scapegoat. It’s interesting. I didn’t notice before that it’s 11,000 views. What? And one year ago, well, it was one year ago from 2020 when I did that video. But this is a, this is an interesting thing. Keep listening. Was to come enter the ark. Even the storms held a message that everything was going to be okay. It was time for us to go to God. It’s time for us, because the flood was coming. I didn’t know what it was. I didn’t know when it was, but I knew it was coming because the signs were everywhere, as in the days of Noah.

Indeed. This is the day that we’re in people. And that’s why it’s more important than ever before for us to find out what God is now telling us about this flood. Those were the days. So, I mean, that was, that was, you know, 2020 some four years ago. Very interesting. Very interesting, the flood. So do I think that perhaps, maybe this flood could be a good thing, that maybe this 711 that we see everywhere, just to. Just to give you a little clippable. Just to give you a little clippable from his gaslight 711 sign. It was 711 days to where Trump was told he would be sentenced in 711.

On 711. Very strange. That same day, his stock went up to 711 eleven. Very strange. Very strange. 711. 711. His tweet with that sign, 711 was one year, eleven months and 17 days, which is 711 eleven in reverse. This is very interesting. Again and again, SpaceX has exactly 117 711. It’s following choice. And the starship launch from start to splash down was 1 hour, seven minutes. 711, 711, 711, 711. Everywhere you go. So you wonder why I start thinking, oh, let’s take a look at this. If the bird cough’s out, and Apollo and Artemis, they come at the same time.

The Apollo and Artemis, and we got it happening at the same time. Got the bringer of the plague, we got the. The healer of the plague, we got the moon, we got the hunt, we got Pam in the super chat, being super generous. Thank you very much. Will everybody do me a favor and hit the like? That’s something that is incredibly important. Pams. You know, you all are so generous. I appreciate it. I really do. 711 days, seven years, one month, one day from when I did a video called you can import the bird cough, and now it’s being imported.

This very strange. But not just that, you got the one, one, one from the last time on a video that I did that had 17,000 from one year ago. 711 which was 70 weeks in one day from Donald Trump’s birthday. 711, 711, 711. Come on. Elon takes over Twitter to the launch. One year, seven months, eleven days. Is this done on purpose or is this just. Are we part of a program? Because everything’s very mathematical. It’s genius. Whatever it is, it’s genius. Now, I did this video, 711 and you’ll see the seven is scratched off, and then nines put there, and then there’s a totem.

I told you what a totem pole is. Totem is a monument from that video that I did on July 2, 2022 to my birthday. 711 from heaven. You hear this? Now, this is weird. It’s 711 days. 711 from heaven. 711 from heaven. He opens the floodgates of heaven and 711 and pours out the water. My birthday. 711 from heaven. 711 days. What? So that makes me think, you know what? Maybe I can be excited. Maybe I don’t have to worry about anything weird like roaring kitty. Do you know who roaring Kitty is? Who knows who roaring Kitty is? I saw.

I saw a great Netflix movie with this guy. It was really good. He’s the. The old gamestop Amazon. Whatever. I amc this morning, I find out he’s doing his return on June 7 at eleven Central time. 711 he returns to YouTube from his last video, which you see above right there. It is 40 months and 17 days. So I make a little prediction. I go into his chat, because I don’t know, what do I know about stocks? You know, I only know Doge is going to be something because it’s e God backwards. Like serious the dog star.

Get it? So I put this little post out and I said over a half million people tuned in to roaring Kitty, who is now live. I predicted he would start his show at 711 and his time. 711 is when it began in reverse, because it began at 1125. 711. Now, that’s probably a little bit of a stretch, but that’s, you know, that’s the stretchiest of it all. Felicia, thank you for the super chat. That’s the most stretchy. That’s the most stretchy. Everything else is pretty much just lined up in such a way. How about my birthday? 711 from heaven.

It’s my birthday, 711 days. So let’s read Genesis 711 now with new eyes. Let’s, uh, you know, let’s take a look at this and not think that there’s going to be some terrible cataclysm like Elon said. Elon said. He put out this post. I don’t even know if I have it. Let me see. He put out this post where he said that the. He says starship was coming in. Starship was coming in like a meteorite. Freaked me out, you know? Freaked me out. Do you know what freaked me out was back then I just played you something from that video from 2020.

Back then, that video was about Noah’s ark. Now, here’s what’s weird. If you look at that thumbnail, let me see if I can blow this up for you. Very interesting. You’re going to see that I did a video earlier, and I said a revelation of Noah in 2020. And in that video, I said the rainbow was gonna come. I said the rainbow was gonna come. This was at the height of it all, the flood. And now we hear news of another flood, the bird cough. But I saw, I did this whole video, and the video is about the fact that, you know, the rainbows come in Noah’s ark, which was kind of a covenant that God had, that he’s not going to destroy the.

The earth the way he used to. Three days later, there was a literal. There was a literal rainbow at Noah’s Ark. So three days after I say the rainbow is coming, there was a literal rainbow at the Ipswich Noah’s ark. So I’ve always had this feeling, this vibe that maybe it doesn’t have to be such a bad thing. Maybe it doesn’t have to be such a bad thing, you know? But what do I know? Don’t hold it against me if something terrible happens, I want to believe and I want to speak life. You know, what the scriptures say that we should do.

It clearly tells us, think on these things. Whatever is holy, whatever is pure, whatever is, like, joyous, whatever is, you know, fun, whatever is, you know, like, think on good things, whatever’s pure, whatever’s charitable, whatever is, you know, fearless. I don’t remember it offhand. I’m not like rain man. I’m a little bit like rain man when it comes to scriptures, but I’m not like. I’m not full on, you know, I might be if I had to have the whole wackadoo schedule that the kids have today. I’m, you know, 71, baby. Right. Weird. Alright, so let me just pull this up.

I had this weird vibe, too. I just want to see something. I want to see something. I had this weird vibe as I was talking. I want to see how many days from my birthday when I was born. Sorry to put you all through this. Probably gonna amount to nothing. But I had like a. This is what I do. I get, like, weird ideas and then I’m like, let’s look into it and let’s see how many days in between. Sometimes I include the end date, too, and that doesn’t. Oh, duh, it’s 53 years. All right, let’s take a look.

Yeah. Nothing great. Nothing great. That was a complete waste of time. Utter waste of time. I’m going to be 53, though. I’m going to be 53, if that makes you feel any better. All right, so listen. This is Genesis, chapter seven is the King James version. You can listen or read any version you like. And the Lord said to Noah, Noah, by the way, means rest. It’s like the giver of rest is shiloh. Noah is rest. Because those are my two children’s names. Why four? But that’s two of them. Come thou and all your house into the ark, for you have I seen righteous before me in this generation of every clean beast you’ll so take of the by sevens, the male and the female, and of the beasts that are not clean, too.

Everybody thinks they. They bring the animals in two by two. Well, yes, but they also bring in by sevens. Has to do with whether they’re clean or not clean. The beasts that are not clean by two. Duality is not a great thing of fowls. Also, the air by sevens, male and female, keep the seed alight upon the earth for yet seven days and I’ll cause it to rain upon the earth. 40 days, 40 nights. Now let me just show you something. Something. Okay. Seven days. Seven. Okay. And then there’s the 40 weeks. You see that? The 711 and the 40 weeks.

All right, let me go back to this because I see a parallel to what’s happening here. 40 days, 40 nights, and every living substance that I’ve made I will destroy from the face of the earth. And Noah did a course accordingly, as the Lord commanded. Noah was 600 years old when the flood of waters was upon the earth. And Noah went in and his sons and his wife and his sons wives with him into the ark because of the waters of the flood. Now, water in scripture, just so you know, let me just point this out.

Let me come on over here so you can see me. Water in scripture. Jesus walked on top of water. He walked above the water. Water in scripture is the. The ways of the world, the way people think. It’s the. The waters of the world. Okay? So you have to understand that there is a literal and then there’s a spiritual. The literal happened, we’ll say, right, so that we can understand the spiritual today. Let’s hope that the spiritual is what’s happening. You know, let’s hope, because the people that were called to come into the ark were those that God saw as doing righteous in the land, you know, and that, that just means people that are just doing their best to do good.

You know, that’s. That’s a lot of you. That’s a lot of you. And if you’ve been following the channel long enough, you know, I told you to get in the ark a long time ago, and that just meant, you know, bring your family together, get closer together. That’s what Noah does. He brings in his wife, he brings in his children. During this time, get close together with your family, you know, make amends, make peace. You got to do the right thing. You got to do the right thing. All right, let me. Let me get to the end of this.

So they went in two by two into Noah’s Ark, male and female. God commanded Noah. And it came to pass after seven days that the waters of the flood were upon the earth. Here’s 711 in the 600th year of Noah’s life. In the second month, the 17th day of the month, the same were all the fountains of the great deep broken up. And what happened? The windows of heaven were open and rain was upon the earth. 40 days and 40 nights. Now, 711, 7711 from heaven. 711 from heaven. The flood all of these seven elevens that I just pointed out.

What the enemy wants for, for evil, God uses for good. That is fact, people. So I think that, um, as Gene spliced is saying, 110 starship. That’s interesting. Doctor J. Mann. God may be trying to get my attention about something. Yeah, I think so. I think so. I have a feeling something’s gonna happen. That’s why I got the fudgy to whale cake, because I’m like, you know, I might as well hedge my bets and get a, you know, even though it was a great fish. Let me get a whale. Let me get a whale for my birthday this time, because I’m hoping and praying that eclipse hit Nineveh in every place, you know, I know I’m talking like I’m worried something bad’s gonna happen.

I’m really not, though. I’m really not, though. I fully expect things to get very interesting. Maybe something will surprise us, you know? But I don’t think it’s like, I don’t know. I don’t think we’re done. I don’t think we’re done. You know, space starship can’t get us out of here. Not yet. Even though Elon said something like, he’s going to bring a million people to Mars in like, a year or two. I don’t know how he’s going to do that. Unless, of course, it’s going to be all data collection, right? They’re going to have, like, virtual, they’re going to have, like, AI based on all the data that they’ve collected from us being on X.

That’s why he bought it to begin with. Wouldn’t be weird. That’ll be like we’re living in a matrix, which, you know, explains the mandolphic, which, by the way, if you follow me on X, Jacobisrael 71 I posted the second trailer for. I’m like, getting excited about this now. I’m starting to think that this Mandela effect movie may, you know, because the Mandela effect was like very, very, it’s always been very close to me. Just something I can’t explain just. But it increases my faith, so, and then when I see all these 711s everywhere, I’m, it’s, that’s like, it’s all connected.

All of this stuff. There’s more to it. Makes life interesting. All right, look, go to the description of this video. Go to truly home enter code Jacob, get 30% off. If you want to get some of the merch, you can get the merch. We’re supposed to be witnesses. Jesus says, you will be my witnesses. That’s why I have this teacher. I am a witness. And that’s my favorite verse, 1111, which is when God breathed life into witnesses. And then they rose again. That’s what it means if anybody asks you. Also, because my birthday is on June 11, and I like the numbers.

I like the numbers, so. Oh, and it’s also 22, which is the last letter. It’s like the tav. It’s the one that musk wears around a lot, too. Here’s the thing, people. This is a very important spiritual time, and it’s exciting, and I think that these shows are more exciting than anything I watch anywhere else. So will you do me a favor? Will you. Will you make sure that you’re subscribed? Will you check the bell for notification? Will you get involved with me on Patreon? If you want to support the channel and more than just hit and like, and everything else links in the description, I welcome you there.

I always check there. You can email me there. All that stuff. I love you. And I’m gonna get out of here because I know the. Dan. Dan’s probably waiting. I think. I think we’re getting chinese tonight. I think we’re getting chinese tonight. I got a hookup I got a hookup at May Garden, which is awesome. In Port Jeff. They’re, like, the best, and they know me from when I was selling the old mattresses. I probably shouldn’t have just told you that because I wanted to keep all that food to myself, but they’re just wonderful people. They always give us a big discount.

So I’m hoping. I’m hoping they come through. All right, listen, I love each and everybody. I’ll talk to you soon. Don’t forget to hit, like, share, subscribe, leave me a comment, and have the.

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