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Fluoride: The Secret Weapon Against Your Third Eye

By: Tommy Truthful
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Fluoride: The Secret Weapon Against Your Third Eye Tommy Truthful – Doenut Factory – Papa Truthful

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Frequencies and the Pineal Gland

The pineal gland, often referred to as the “third eye,” is a small endocrine gland located in the brain. It’s believed to play a crucial role in spiritual awakening and consciousness. However, modern life exposes us to fluoride, which is said to calcify the pineal gland, dumbing us down and keeping us on a lower vibrational frequency.

Gematria Connections

Pineal Gland Decode

It’s no coincidence that the awakened pineal gland is tied to “first player character” = 64 in Chaldean Gematria, while the sleeping pineal gland is connected to non player character” = 63 in Chaldean Gematria. This suggests a metaphysical link between our spiritual state and our role in the world. “The Sleeping Human,” also known as the “sheep” non-player characters, are completely under the control of the system. They believe everything reported on mainstream media like CNN and social media. The sleeping human is represented by the closed pine cone. On the other hand, the awakened avatar or awakened human is represented by the open pine cone, symbolizing the opening of consciousness and the activation of our third eye, which serves as our spiritual connection to the source – the creator of all things. The system aims to disconnect us from the source, control us, and use us as a battery. The movie “The Matrix” was a documentary, as was “They Live.”

Loosh Energy Harvest

Loosh Energy Harvest

Loosh Energy Harvest

Decalcifying the Pineal Gland

Certain frequencies, such as 528 Hertz, have a positive effect in decalcifying the pineal gland. Here’s a deeper look:

  1. 528 Hertz:
    • Known as the “Miracle Tone,” it’s believed to promote DNA repair and balance.
    • Helps in the decalcification of the pineal gland, thus aiding in spiritual awakening.
  2. 432 Hertz:
    • Often called the “Universal Frequency,” it’s said to be in harmony with the universe.
    • Encourages relaxation and can help stimulate the pineal gland.
  3. 741 Hertz:
    • Known for its ability to detoxify cells and organs.
    • Can aid in removing calcification from the pineal gland.

Negative Frequencies in Music

Certain frequencies embedded in music are believed to close and put our pineal gland to sleep, making us non-player characters, controlled by artificial intelligence:

  • Frequencies below 400 Hertz are often cited as detrimental, potentially keeping the pineal gland in a dormant state.
  • Modern music, particularly in mainstream media, often uses these lower frequencies to maintain control over the masses.

Positive Frequencies for Awakening

On the flip side, there are frequencies that can awaken the pineal gland and make you a first player character:

  1. 639 Hertz:
    • Enhances communication and understanding.
    • Opens the pineal gland to higher levels of consciousness.
  2. 852 Hertz:
    • Awakens intuition and aids in spiritual experience.
    • Directly stimulates the pineal gland, promoting an awakened state.
  1.    The pine cone emblem, a symbol shrouded in occult mystery, is prevalent in both ancient and contemporary art and architecture. It’s even represented in the Buddha’s head, which takes the form of a pine cone and symbolizes spiritual enlightenment, insight, and transformation. 1 Large Stone Gold Painted Buddha Head 1 C -
  2. The pineal gland, symbolizing our “Third Eye,” is a common motif across various ancient civilizations, including those of Babylonia, Egypt, Asia, and Greece.
  3. The pineal gland is a shared feature among all species, reinforcing our shared spiritual nature.
  4. The pineal gland, named for its pine cone-like shape, is responsible for the production of melatonin, a hormone derived from serotonin that regulates sleep. It’s situated in the epithalamus, close to the brain’s center.
  5. The grand temple ruins of Angkor Wat in Vietnam are adorned with towering structures that resemble pine cones, standing tall against the sky, emerging from the verdant jungle.
  6. The Buddha features the symbol of the Third Eye Pineal Gland. This gland, believed by some to be the biological Third Eye, is thought to be located at the geometric center of the brain.
  7. Renowned French philosopher Descartes famously dubbed the pineal gland as the Soul’s Seat.
  8. The Third Eye, associated with the Pineal Gland, has a rich history in India, China, and Southeast Asia, where Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism are prevalent. It’s typically represented by a dot positioned between the two eyes on the forehead.
  9. The Pigna sculpture, the world’s largest pine cone statue, is situated in a Vatican courtyard known as the Court of the Pine Cone. Even the pope’s staff is adorned with a pine cone.


The Egyptian Staff of Osiris and the Third Eye

The Egyptian Staff Of Osiris And The Third Eye

  1. The Egyptian staff of Osiris (circa 1224 BC) features opposing cobras rising to meet at a pine cone. This symbol has profound significance.
  2. In Hindu tradition, followers are taught to awaken their Third Eye by activating their “7 chakras,” signifying spiritual enlightenment and higher consciousness.
  3. In nature, as a pine cone ripens, it slowly opens to release its mature seeds, symbolizing how spiritual beings begin to bear fruit as they learn and grow.
  4. The third eye is a recurring symbol in myths, sculptures, engravings, and paintings across ancient cultures worldwide. In ancient Egypt, it was often depicted as a single disembodied Eye, known as the Eye of Ra, or the “All-seeing eye.” Dr. George Washington Carey noted, “This is the eye of freemasonry, the third eye (from the Pineal Gland). While I am credibly informed that few Masons understand their own symbols, the fact remains that they use them.” Pine cones appear regularly throughout Masonic decorations, depicted in Masonic art, hanging from the ceilings of Masonic Lodges, and etched in stone on Masonic-constructed buildings globally.
  5. The pineal gland, also known as the third eye, is considered the organ of supreme universal connection, linking us to the cosmos.
  6. Many animals have larger pineal glands than humans and use their intuition for communication.

When your third eye is awakened, you see the true world. Conversely, a blocked third eye can lead to confusion, lies, jealousy, uncertainty, depression, adrenal fatigue, and pessimism.

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In summary, using specific frequencies can be a powerful tool for decalcifying the pineal gland and raising our vibrational frequency. By consciously choosing to listen to healing frequencies like 528 Hertz, 432 Hertz, and 741 Hertz, we can counteract the effects of fluoride and other negative influences, reclaiming our status as first player characters in our lives. Avoiding lower vibrational music and embracing these positive frequencies can significantly impact our spiritual and mental well-being. Home (

So, tune in to these healing frequencies and start your journey toward spiritual awakening and higher consciousness!


15 facts about the Pineal Gland that could change the way you look at life forever.




➡ This episode of Truth Mafia News discusses the pineal gland and how fluoride is believed to calcify it. The hosts and guests discuss the idea that the pineal gland, often referred to as the ‘third eye’, is connected to spirituality and that calcification through fluoride can hinder this connection. They also discuss various methods to decalcify the gland, including prayer, meditation, and certain products. The conversation also touches on the belief that the soul could reside in the pineal gland and the impact of calcification on this theory.
➡ The speaker discusses various topics, including the increase in deaths in 2020, the emergence of a new variant of a disease, and the importance of maintaining good health. They also mention the addictive nature of social media and the need for an alternative. The speaker emphasizes the importance of spiritual connection and self-care, and suggests that the world is undergoing a significant change or “split.”
➡ The speaker discusses the difference in food quality between the Dominican Republic and the United States, noting that the food in the Dominican Republic is smaller but tastes better. He criticizes the U.S. food supply and the FDA, suggesting that other countries refuse to accept it. He also mentions his concerns about products made in China that are only sold in the U.S. The speaker then talks about creating a free community with a prayer circle and community gardens, emphasizing the importance of growing our own food and being self-sufficient. He also discusses the power of prayer and the importance of praying for others, even those we resent.
➡ The speaker discusses the concept of different dimensions and how Earth was not meant to be 3D. They emphasize the importance of love, light, and forgiveness in their household. They also talk about the negativity they encounter online, but suggest that even negative comments can boost engagement on their posts. They express distrust in social media platforms like Twitter and TikTok, and advise others to use these platforms to build their own networks and lists, rather than relying on them completely.
➡ The speaker discusses the influence of popular figures and institutions on people’s beliefs, suggesting they often lead people into power structures controlled by secret societies. They argue that many religions were created with ulterior motives and that important religious texts have been edited or hidden. They also delve into Gnostic teachings, suggesting that true spiritual knowledge is within us and can be accessed as we spiritually ascend. They emphasize the importance of personal discernment and seeking truth independently.
➡ This text discusses the speaker’s beliefs about spirituality, the nature of God, and the importance of personal growth and discernment. The speaker emphasizes the need for research and self-improvement, warning against lowering others’ vibrations through negative influence. They also discuss their views on popular culture, media, and the potential negative effects of certain types of content. The speaker encourages a balance between awareness and indoctrination, and stresses the importance of maintaining a positive mindset.
➡ The text discusses the importance of frequencies in our lives, particularly in relation to music and sound. It suggests that certain frequencies, like 432 hz and 528 hz, can have healing effects and even alter our DNA. However, it also warns that other frequencies, such as 440 hz, can induce fear and anxiety, and are often used in media to manipulate our emotions. The text encourages people to explore healing frequencies and to be aware of the potential effects of the frequencies we are exposed to in our daily lives.
➡ The speaker plans to create a YouTube and Facebook channel for healing frequency music, which will be free for everyone. They believe in the power of this music and its ability to help people, including themselves. They also discuss the importance of stepping into one’s power, not fearing death, and maintaining a positive energy. They encourage listeners to distance themselves from negativity and to focus on living in the present.
➡ The discussion revolves around the importance of maintaining a high vibration and staying healthy. This includes avoiding harmful substances, like fluoride in water, and consuming high vibrational foods, such as organic fruits and vegetables. The speakers also discuss the potential negative effects of electromagnetic pollution and the importance of practices like meditation and acts of kindness to raise one’s frequency. They also touch on the topic of strange anomalies and “matrix glitches” they’ve experienced.
➡ The text discusses the importance of focusing on personal growth and achievements rather than past failures. It also highlights the plans to create a supportive community through a platform called My Patriots Network, where people can share experiences, pray for each other, and participate in events. The text emphasizes the need for maintaining a positive mindset, finding balance in life, and keeping one’s living space clean for overall well-being. Lastly, it mentions the upcoming activities on the platform and encourages people to join for mutual support and growth.


Welcome to another episode of Truth Mafia News. Today we’re going to be talking about the pineal gland and how they’re using fluoride to calcify the pineal gland. I got some special guests with me today, but before we get going, all the links are down in the description of this video. Special guests with me today, but before we get going. Whoa. All the links are down in. What’s going on with that? Hold on, guys. Something happened. All right. Did that get rid of it? Sorry about that, guys. I must add something on in the background. All right, so I’m here with my father today and my brother Donut.

What’s up, guys? What up? A son. How you guys doing? I had a. I left the Facebook or the YouTube open and it was playing as I was going. Sorry about that. It’s okay. So how you guys doing today? I wanted to talk about the third. The pineal gland. The third eye. And. And, you know, I went down a rabbit hole on this whole pineal gland and what they’re spraying us with, with the boreum and aluminum, you know, you see the CDC’s logo? Kind of makes sense after you really look at it now with the chemtrails.

But you know this third eye that they’re calcifying, using the fluoride which they originally used in these gulags to pacify the prisoners. So now it’s in our toothpaste, it’s in our water, it’s in a lot of things you drink, and it calcifies your third eye, your pineal gland. And what I want to show you here is the awakened avatar is represented by the pine cone. Right? The open pine cone. Then you have the sleeping human, which is the clone closed pine cone. And check this out. Pineal gland open equals 64 matching first player character, and then pineal gland sleep is 63, matching non player character.

Because when your pineal gland is sleep, you. You don’t have eyes to see. Right? So, brother Donut, I know before we got one, you was talking about interviewing the dude before on this subject. And so, what do you know about the pineal gland, brother? Oh, thank you for having me on. I’m so grateful to be with both of you. The pineal gland. What? I know, it’s that third eye. There’s a lot of symbolism to it. And it gets calcified through the fluoride that you were talking about in these gulags that the pacify people and it’s. It’s no good.

It’s no good. You know, I heard it’s connected to spirituality. And you know what? There’s ways out of the stuff. You know, I’m pretty sure praying, meditating, living a spiritual life will heal it. We were talking before this about the energy body, like, around us, the plasma that. That’s around us, it. It could be its own soul, according to some doctors that I’ve researched. So there’s a lot of healing that can go on, even though it looks. Seems crazy, but. Yeah, yeah, but you are right. They do believe that the soul could be in the pineal gland.

You know, and then here’s a, here’s a representation of the pineal gland with the flu fluoride on it, you know, the calcified pineal gland, it’s not working right. That’s your spiritual antenna. That. That’s really your. How would you express it? Like your inner christos. That’s the inner Christ, that Christ consciousness, which is connected to your pineal gland. And once they floor, use the fluoride to calcify it, well, it cuts you off from source in that spiritual connection. And we’ve seen this symbol all throughout society, right? And there it’s. It’s also tied to frequencies like 528 hz.

It represents that crown chakra. And, you know, that goes into the flower life. Back in the ancient times, mesopotam, mesopotamian, sumerian times, they had a representation of this thing called a soul stone. And it looks like, you see right there in the bottom left hand corner where he’s holding a pine cone in his hand. Now, this soul stone was supposed to, as far as legend goes, was supposed to be able to transfer one’s consciousness to another host. So through frequencies, we have found out that we can raise the vibration or lower the vibration, you know, and dad, we were talking about that healing music that you have now.

Heal. What’s the name of that website, bro? Healing. Healingfrequency and when you’re ready for me to talk about this, I work on this all the time, the pinino gland. And I know exactly what it is as far as is what it does to the. The connection to the divine creator of all things, the point of origin, nothing above it, everything within it. And it’s pretty. I’m going to come online. Hey, brothers and sisters. Love you all. It’s really interesting how they’re not only fluoride in the water, fluoride in the toothpaste, what they’re spraying in the air, what they’re putting in the food system.

All of that is to calcify the panino gland, so that it dulls and almost eliminates your connection to the divine father, right? The creator of all and also the soul. From what I hear from different shamans and lamas and priests and all that sits really in your back by where your belt, you know, where your belly button is, where your umbilical cord came in, but it connects right into the Pinenoglan and there’s another gland in there that they want to keep calcified so that the connection is not there. Good thing about it, I’m not going to show it yet, but this little thing right here helps decalcify it.

By the way, not only does it help to calcify it, I showed an image last time, I’m going to look for it again where it actually helps strengthen the energy body because all, all problems that exist in the biological, physical matter body happen to come from the energy body. And you know, TJ, I’m one of the owners of energy wellness company, you know that, you work with me on that. And you know, I’ve been researching this stuff for decades, but brother Donut said something that is so true also. It, you know, every morning and you know, when people tell me I don’t have time, that that’s an excuse.

Set your clock to wake you up early because this is something that you have to make time for. You have to make time to spend time with the divine creator, to do your prayers, to do your meditations, you know, to do your tai chi Gong or whatever you’re doing tai chi, you gotta breathe through your nose, pumping your stomach. Hold it in for a few seconds. Breathe out through your mouth, you know, put your hand on your chest and on your stomach. Close your eyes, clear your mind and breathe in and out for, you know, 510 minutes.

Make sure that you’re doing that. Open up all your energy portals. And that also helps decalcify your pineal gland. It does. It helps decalcify it. I’m also using this stuff, but from what I’m understanding, you can see Pineno clear. But what I’m understanding is the other stuff that I held up literally works on that tremendously. It also, you know, yeah, yeah. This stuff right here that we talked about last week and where you now, by the way, folks, my business partner in sovereign radio came to me about this funnel that he needed for that product. And he had it.

He’s got, we got a whole big network of patriot influencers and so he wanted to bring that out to them based on what it did for his neuropathy and that’s all I’m going to say. Because we know that the big pharma wants to shut everything down. That’s good for us, right? They want our pineal gland calcified. They want us sick and going to their place so they can charge us $10,000 for a freaking two and a half hour hospital visit, which, by the way, now is down to $6,000. But in the Dominican Republic would have been $200.

Well, hundred bucks. But yeah, it’s, you know, we, I would love to be able, you know, to show folks we, where we can show them how to do some exercises too in the future to help, you know, get that decalcification off the pineal gland. Yeah, I think that’d be a good idea. And definitely that, that, the nano soma stuff, I’m just going to tell you that has helped me tremendously. I was telling Donut about it last night. We got to send him some of it box. Yeah, we’ll do that. You, we want him to have an experience.

We’re got, we have a lot of influencers coming on, brother. Donut will get you set up with that. When I say to everybody, make sure that, you know, if you’re going to get that, that you use TJ’s and, you know, I call my son TJ, his link, you know, to help, you know, continue to fund the show and help to continue to take care of team members, that we have to pay all of that, you know, if the product is good for the people and the planet and we use it and we have an experience with it, a real experience that we’re sharing with you, that’s because we know a lot of people have big problems.

You know, what happened in 2020 where now all of a sudden all these deaths went up 5500 percent, you know, 600%, 700%, I can’t say the name, you know, because this is Facebook, you know, so, yeah, they know what code red. And now all of these autopsies coming out or they’re pulling out these giant freaking blood clots out of the brain out of everywhere. Well, this assists with that. So now of this person in Australia and out donut. Was I talking to you about that last night? I told you it looked like an octopus. Yeah, I thought that’s what you’re talking about.

Yeah, it looks like a real octopus, bro. And then they nicknamed the new variant the Kraken. And where was the first location it hit out of Wuhan, China. Well, Seattle, Washington. And their team is the Kraken. So there is this whole, like, kraken connection to it, you know, and I think that has to do with the alien part of it. But, um. The octopuses. Yeah, yeah, the alien connection. Because, remember, in Prometheus, they had that entity that looked very much like an octopus or a kraken that went inside of the mouth of the engineer and then burst out that entity that later was on aliens.

What was it called? I can’t remember the name. I wish, um. I wish paranoid American was here because he always remembers that damn thing’s name. But xenomorph. Xenomorph is what it’s called. And there must be an entity like that because they show us that same entity on stranger things. It kind of looks like that Demigorgon. The Xenomorph and the demigorgon are very similar. But, dad, they have some holistical ways to be buying the pineal gland. You know, I believe with. With that product, we have mixed with some of these natural things, you can. You could use just that product that you used for your leg that did that.

I think you showed it. Yeah. You know, show that picture again real quick and then come back here, son. I mean, I got a text from you after I sent that to you, that package that you have right there. And you told me after three days that you seen from. From what it was before to what it was in three days. And then after that, it got much better. And we got to be careful. We can’t say everything because, you know, we just, unfortunately can’t say all these things that you’ve been experienced. But I got to tell you, I work on these guys as emails on a weekly basis.

The freaking testimonials coming in for people. And by the way, pets. Pets, dogs and cats and horses and stuff is just amazing. It’s amazing. Amazing. I got this, too. Donut and, son, this hydro pod, what is that? This actually takes my. I got it on Amazon. You know, they got some of them that are $50. You know, me, I wanted to get one that was a little bit better, and it cost me a couple hundred. But there’s ones in there for 65. Maybe they don’t have the strength of this. But what you do is you put the water in here and it hydrogenates the water and alkalines the water.

Yeah. Within here. So, um, I’m working. I mean, I got to tell you, I got one, two, three. I’m working very, very, very seriously on completely decalcifying my pineal gland and getting my connection. Uh, you know, to the creator as strong as possible. And I would suggest that everybody that’s watching this now and in the future do the same thing because we are splitting timelines here. I don’t know, time dates or anything like that, but we’re going to have heaven on earth. This is my right hand. Heaven on earth and hell on earth. 3D. Earth will eventually be gone and anyone who’s vibrating in 3D will then die based on all that horrible stuff that you read in scriptures from all different types of religions.

And then we’ll be come back on another 3d planet. But Earth is ascending. We can all see that. Can’t you feel that doughnut? Do you feel the energy? Do you see, like, you know, it is happening. Earth is ascending. I don’t know how long the process is going to be, but it’s definitely in play. Well, I wanted donut to tell you about his experience, too, when he went down to Mexico and the difference between the environment down there and up here. Sorry, donut, go ahead. Oh, yeah, yeah. You know, the last two weeks I been working on my health.

So I cut out all bad food because I was getting anxiety, and I cut out all the sugar, all the carbs. I’ve been eating really healthy, I mean, salads and all that. And my anxiety is gone now. So I’m like, oh, wow. So it’s cool that you all talking about health because that’s something that I’ve neglected. I’ve been focused more on just the spiritual aspect in the last nine years and waking up first thing in the morning, which I forget all the time to do, but to have that time to pray, to do my spiritual stuff like that.

Brother Donut, I’m going to become your coach with all these other brothers and sisters, and you got to make the time, my man. And all these brothers, sister, you got to make that time and get up earlier. You can do it. You know, just put your mind to it and do it. Just don’t because that will be the most productive time that you spend all day long, you know, getting your shield up, getting your energy high, you know, so you can take on the world with all the stuff that you’re bringing to the, to the folks, right.

And all the distractions, too. Like, I can’t even go on, like, Twitter because that’s just too crazy for me. But I still do, though. But, but I still do. I catch myself cause I’m addicted to it because these social media companies, Facebook, Twitter is probably the most massive one right now. Gets you hooked with the studies they did on rats, on giving us bad news, good news, bad news, likes and all that, even as a YouTube creator and Tommy and Papa truthful, y’all probably noticed this, that sometimes they’ll let a video get a lot of views, and sometimes they won’t, because this is how you get addicted to the social media platforms.

And when I wake up, like, it’s what I want to do, the first thing I want to do is, like, go on to see what’s going on. But to take that time is so, so important. Well, you go into the throne room. We all go into our throne room when we wake up in the morning. Most of us, anyway, right? Yeah. You sure phone on there, though. I found out it’s not a good thing. No, the throne room is the bathroom, so most of us are on the bathroom. We take our cell phone, and then we start going dump.

Thump, thump, thump, thump, thump. Remember, all of this was built by DoD, by the. By DARPA, and all of them, they created this whole social media stuff to exactly. Dumb down the population even more. So get them all distracted and involved in these activities that really don’t bring you anything to move you forward. Right? You’re sitting there, you’re staring, and you’re going like this, and you’re like, oh, and there’s all kinds of pictures on there. People half naked. It’s just ridiculous. It produces dopamine, though, dad, and serotonin. So when you’re getting likes and shares that, that.

That produces dopamine. So you’re actually becoming physically addictive to it. Right, right. And that’s what it was built to do. That’s what it’s built to do. On. On next, I think next week, on the second or third, I’m on a meeting with the alternative to the Internet, and I will be bringing this through the truth mafia, news, postcards, and donut. You got to join us when this happens. Things are happening. Alternative things are being built. And again, this split is happening. I’ve been talking about this great divide of, you know, that that’s happening. I’ve been talking about it for years now.

Online. You can go to the Patriot llama show. You can see me talking about this. I talk about it constantly, that this separation is happening. And again, don’t have a timeline. No one knows the times and dates. There’s people that try to get dates and times right. Sometimes they might get lucky, sometimes they don’t. Most times they don’t. But it’s happening, and just, you have to work on, you know, donut, you were talking about how, you know, you’re. But you, you now want to take care of yourself. It’s interesting. You were in Mexico. You experienced better food and all of that.

I have a house in Dominican Republic, which I’ll probably be back in August. I’m a little concerned, let’s say, because I trust the heavenly divine to protect my family and me and my friends and all of you. I pray for everybody, but to protect the children of the light, to protect his sons and daughters. But, you know, I go to dominican republic, I eat chicken, I eat bananas, I eat, you know, the fruit. Me and my wife, we, man, it’s so good. I actually don’t do any more activity, and I’m dropping weight. Is the chicken taste different than chicken? Chicken tastes different.

It’s not as big. They’re smaller. Bananas are smaller. They melt in your mouth. They’re delicious. You come here, you get. We got organic bananas. I can bend them. I can bend these organic bananas. So organic is in organic. The United States has the worst food supply on the planet. This food that we have, the majority of the food that we have in the United States that we’re serving to the people, that our government, the FDA, allows them to serve to us. These other countries won’t take it. They won’t allow it. No, I know they won’t allow it.

Dude, even, like, these vape things that, that I smoke, they’re, they’re nicotine alternative. So, you know, I went down from smoking like a pack and a half cigarettes a day to a couple, and I hit my vape thing. But dude, I was telling donut, I was like, bro, these things are made at building 201 in China, and 201 is a big number. You know, the pandemic simulation event 201. And I was like, bro, I don’t trust this because on the box it says only can be sold in the United States. You can’t sell it nowhere else.

But it’s produced over in China, so that don’t even make sense. Why. Why can it be only sold here, but not to their own people? Well, there must be something in it they don’t want their people getting, right. Yeah, absolutely. And, you know, I got to tell you something, too, is that we will be finishing some things up by the 4 July weekend. We talked about this, my son and I, on a show before. We are going to have a community that you can enter into for free, a club in the community, and we’re going to have a prayer circle where everybody’s going to be able to put whatever’s going on.

And all I ask, everybody is go in there every day and pray for someone. Pray for someone. Send you them. Send them your love. Send them your light that they’re having a rough time. And let’s build this community. You know, we’ll have community gardens where you folks can talk to each other and start planning community gardens. We gotta go back to growing our own food, folks. I mean, whoever agrees about going back and growing our own food, you know, so we’re self sufficient, you know, put it in the comments. I think we have to do it, and we got to do it quickly, because if they turn the food supply off and we’re just in this just in time environment, that’s not good.

Okay. We are depending upon China. Like you said, son, you know, most. All of our. All of the. In all the prescription drugs can stay in China. You know, we don’t even need them, right? But so many things that we do need are in China. I mean, it’s. We should not. We should be self sufficient. We should have self sufficient communities. And this is one thing that we will be talking about in the future. And donuts is another reason I wanna talk to your brother Christopher, is that we’re gonna be putting together self sustaining communities all around the world in countries like the doctor that don’t serve you garbage on a plate to try to take you out.

Because they actually love their people and they don’t want to poison their people to death. Even, you know, what you call pharmacies there? The prescription drugs in America, the pricing and then the quality compared to someone like that at the dominican public is just. Well, my buddy lives down in Mexico and he said you could walk into, like, the pharmacies and buy any type of pill you need, stuff that’s illegal here, or narcotics. And they don’t have a pill problem like we do. No, because it’s not as made like ours are. Do you know what I mean? They’re different.

There’s a lot of natural stuff in the pharmacy, too, where they’re using, like what you were showing, you know, the thing you were showing with the pineal gland, the natural stuff. I know you’re going to show the folks that again, they have a lot of that kind of stuff. I’ve got a pain, a pain pill that is 100% natural, and it’s. It’s got a bunch of vitamin B in it. And when you take this stuff, I don’t care if you got a neck pain, an arm pain, a hip pain, a toe pain, whatever, this stuff works man.

And it’s. No, it’s not pharmaceutical. It’s all freaking natural. 100%. When you were talking about the prayer, it’s super important. What I learned is praying for the people that you’re resentful at. And it’s easy to get resentful being a commentator, I guess, the Internet, because you’re going to get haters if you get views. And then I just get. I get mad. But then I start praying for their happiness and health, even if I don’t mean it, within two weeks. The reason I love you, man. Yeah, I’ll say I pray for this, you know, d bag, you know, whatever, and.

But then I’ll actually mean it, like, within a week or two weeks, and then I’m not even mad at them. And then they’ll. They’ll pop up, and I’m not even mad at them. I feel. I’ll feel bad, and, like, I really want them to be happy, but then it creeps up again. And it’s interesting because there’s a direct correlation, like you were saying, with the. The back near the stomach and the. Right. So, like, there’s different parts of the body that are being hijacked. The amygdala gets hijacked through the fear the news puts out there, removing us from the prefrontal cortex, which is, I guess, where the pineal gland is, I’m not sure.

But also the resentment is why people will drink, is they’re drinking because the livers were angers stored. So they’ll drink to. And that goes straight to the liver. Put the poison in the liver so it heals them. And even smoking. I like to smoke. And that could be. I’m not sure, a freudian thing, but it could mean a lot of different things, like an oral type fixation, you know, so it goes deep, and this is important, the psychological aspects. And I was reading about Napoleon Bonaparte and his connections to a lot of secret societies and bringing a lot of illuminati secret society type stuff, like he was a puppet that was put into place after the reign of terror, where we get.

We hear all of this stuff about terror. This is coming from the reign of terror, which I guess the french people. There was, like, a movement, the french revolution, that had some good qualities in the beginning, but then it gets hijacked, and then they go, and they hijack these different movements, and we kind of see the same. The Jacobites hijacked out. Exactly. Exactly. And. But this is the interesting thing, is that when Napoleon made himself helios, made himself Apollo, made himself the sun God, like Louis did, that he forced the churches to all pray for him.

So there’s a power to prayer? Absolutely there’s a power to it. Did. Did you watch that new Napoleon? Yeah, I liked it. I liked. I read the book, but. So I got this old book here. I’ll come on the screen for a second. But I got this. I look terrible. I got an old book. The old book. So there’s an old Napoleon Bonaparte book. Oh. Got it for a dollar in even the maps, because this is like in the 18 hundreds. Even the maps are different in this book. I don’t look great. I’m gonna hide even the stories.

The truth is stranger than fiction. Like the first chapter just goes into how Josephine was just sleeping around with everybody. It’s like, what’s going on here? But they showed that in the movie. Yeah. Did you get to see it, dad? Your audio’s off, pops. I’m very, very careful on what I’m absorbing into my, my situation, because one of the things that’s happening with me is I’m manifesting stuff very rapidly, and I got to be careful what I’m in taking. Like tonight I’m going to watch dark matter again. You know, I think it’s the season final, which has been a very interesting show with Cindy.

But I want to get back to what, what brother Donut was saying about prayer and the power of prayer and the power of meditation. And there have been, and, you know, our journey with the circle of life, TJ, that we had and all of the stuff that we seen happening and all of what was going on the prayer circle. That’s why I want to get the prayer circle up right away again. And we will be able to, you know, actually launch that after the 4 July, people will be able to start going in there, joining the prayer circle.

We’ll be able to start going full bore because I’m going to tell you, the 3d is going to be shaking like you never seen before, folks. But the four and 5D, where the earth is going and maybe higher eight, who knows? I mean, when Adam was originally created, he was in the 8th plus density. He’s seeing the angels coming back and forth. They were conversing with him on planet Earth. Earth was not really meant to be 3d, holographical, 3d situation. But as this thing continues to go, the people that, you know are in that 3d, that are vibrating in that three dimensional.

And I tell my wife and I tell my daughter and I tell my sons that all the time, you can I’m telling you, I tell them, well, I’ll see you guys if you don’t, because I don’t like any fighting in the household. It’s got to be love and light and unforgivable, unforgiving, just unbelievable love, you know what I mean? Just you. You gotta love and you gotta forgive donut. I got the young, crazy version of dad when I was. Well, one of the things I’m gonna say, you know, as. As. As one of you, as your.

One of your coaches there, because everybody needs a coach, brother Donut is what I do is when people are writing negativity in comments, they are so, like, they’re down with the dogs, you know what I mean? With their vibration, they’re going to go through every single thing that you’ve talked about, son, and you’ve talked about donut, where you got the pool shift, you got the planet, you got all that coming down on them, okay? All that’s coming down on them. And they could keep on playing with their little freaking, you know, a little stuff behind the keyboard and put all that negative conversation out there.

That’s the vibration they’re putting out. That’s exactly what they’re going to get back in. But what I makes myself feel good and I don’t really do it. I got somebody that does it, but don’t feel good about blocking and deleting them and moving to the next one and get a good feeling about that, that you’re just destroying darkness, right, because they are dark, right, because Christ told them. Regardless of what you believe, I believe in relationship, not religion, right? I believe in relationship, not religion. I don’t need an intermediator to connect to the creator. But what.

And I love all my brothers and sisters that are in religion. I don’t, you know, as long as they’re love and light and they’re doing what’s right and helping people and loving people and having unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness, they’re vibrating in the right way, and they’re going to ascend with earth. If they’re not doing that, they’re going to ascend with hell on earth. So I would rather have heaven on earth. Sometimes it’s better not to block them. I used to block them, too, dad, but then I learned. I learned how engagement works. And, you know, your.

Your trolls will be the one that get your engagement up the best because they are just in there. That could be a fact, son. I never thought of it like that. I was just getting, you know, that vibrational high off of deleting them. And yeah, I used to tell donut as they just ban them, but then, you know, there is a element of it where they definitely help your engagement, help the video get out. So they’re trying to hurt you, but it’s having the opposite effect on you. I don’t even think they realize that either. Well, think about this.

So when the last president, not this current one, on YouTube, we had likes and we had dislikes. You could see likes and you could see dislikes, right? They did away with all that. Now all of a sudden, with this new genius, genius we got going on over here, the dislikes disappear. Right? Because why? Because everything they put up, you know, the. There’s so many dislikes and so few likes, and it’s ridiculous. Just like, you know, is at the events. All my videos are out of 99, a plus approval rating of likes, but nobody can see it.

But even if there’s, like, trolls in the comments and it looks like it’s a, like a bad video, that people don’t like it, it’s gotten so many likes, like 99% approval. But, yeah, they got rid of it. And also Twitter, donut, mine’s a 98. Yeah. And so, like Twitter, they recently removed that you can like stuff and not be shown. So you could be anonymous liking stuff, kind of like that Google did. And I just think that there’s, there’s something going. There’s always, there’s always a political mode of happening. And I don’t trust Twitter at all.

It’s seriously, like, yeah, it’s nuts. What about, um, what about, uh, tick tock? Everybody’s like, all tick tock. So free. Every time I put a video on tick tock, I get taken down. What about you, donut? I’ve been banned off tick tock. I’ve been banned off Vimeo. I’ve been banned off Facebook. I’ve been banned off YouTube. I’ve been banned off Twitter. Give you, you two young men some advice. Yes. About this. Okay, so the top, based on the, the current numbers, the top social media platforms that are not alternative media platforms say, like, rumble our Facebook, Instagram X, which is tick tock, which is Twitter, tick tock, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Okay, so what I teach people on the mastermind, and again, there’s a link in the thing, TJ’s link, if you want a free membership, because I teach people what we do online to help build any business. I don’t care what you’re doing. It’s lead, it’s traffic leads and sales and, you know, expand your network. Is your net worth? The money’s in the list and the fortunes in the follow up. So we teach all of those things on how to do that. But what I tell people and our influencers, I say, stop telling. Stop saying everything on these mainstream social platforms.

You know, bring it over to your website on rumble and build your list. Build your list. Use these place to go fishing and bring people into your, your email list so then you can really communicate them. Get them to your blog where you have your rumble video where they really don’t care, or your bitch shoot video, or they really don’t care. Or we have our own private hosting where we don’t, you know, care about the truth. Right. Because they, what they want to do is hide the truth. Well, Russell Brand, I, you know, I was watching him the other day and he probably is 100% agent.

I actually wrote a blog about him. But, um, you know, the one thing I will say about me, I guess he converted to Christianity now, but he’s got a dope way of doing it. He’ll do the first 15 minutes on YouTube and then he’ll blake. Okay, for after the first 15 minutes of this video, there’s a rumble description. Go to Rumble. And he built millions of followers on Rumble through quickly, quickly. He did that. And I would recommend that everybody does that because you don’t know. You know, I was talking to a gentleman that I showed you to, you know, about TJ.

I’ve been talking to this gentleman and we’re going to get into the secret government. The secret government and also our cosmic origin. He’s going to be coming on the show multiple times and discussing these things. But I was talking to him about his, his reliance on YouTube. It’s way out of control. You know, if you put on YouTube, it’ll go automatically to your rumble. You can set it up there. But the way brands doing it, like you said, son, that’s the way to do it. That’s the way to do it so that you’re not getting taken down.

Because TikTok and Instagram and X and Facebook and Snapchat and LinkedIn and YouTube, they are controlling free speech. They are controlling it. They are monitored monitoring it. I have posts on Facebook and we have over 200 some thousand followers and 200 some thousand likes. They like the page to follow it and I’ll do an image and it gets a third engagement. Like, you know, the average engagement is like less than 2%. Okay. And it’s getting like a third and they let 500 people see it. I mean, you know how, you know how I make more people see it organically? I got to pay them to boost it in an ad, and then they’ll let more organic people see it.

They’ll show it to other people. When I do an ad, for example, I want to do a boost. I won’t boost it to my own followers on MPN’s followers. I’ll boost it to people that like patriotism and vets and, you know, ex milit, all that, people that love patriotism. And then what happens is that then the organic increases, but they restrict your reach, and they do it to you, too, son. I mean, you. You get some things that go viral, and I know they’re doing it to you, too. Donut, right? I mean, they. They. They definitely scale people back.

You know, the more dangerous you are with your message that. That you’re doing compliantly on their platform, the more they scale you back. Okay. With distribution. Oh, yeah, my distribution. I got a letter message and I captured it, but it says they’re not going to share my stuff out. So I went from 100,000 views per video down to 20, like, people seeing it. And so it’s just like, you can see it, but I also got the documents showing it. It’s wild. But on the topic of all these influencers like Russell Brand, he is from Hollywood, and he’s took it.

It’s the. It’s the. It’s the whole red pill movement. Like, you look into all these people that aren’t really our audience, I would say. But this new class of truth errs who were not talking at all during the most important time to speak out, right? They. They took over, and they’re all worked for the television, the music industry, and they’re all leading people into different religions and these religious institutions. And there’s a difference between institutions and people, right? And so they are leading everybody into these power structures that are operated by secret societies, and they’re absolutely part of it.

This is a big agenda being played out. And like Henry Kissinger, for example, wrote his master thesis on Spangler. And Spangler knew that the west bargain with the devil, the faustian bargain would leave everyone with disenchantment, and they would turn into a Dostoyevsky Christianity. But we’re on such a next level that they’re offering every red pill channel from Andrew Tate, Candace Owens, to Russell Brand to Ben Shapiro. Doesn’t matter who it is, they’re going to lead you into this religious system, which I’m totally for I’m not against religion. I am very pro God and all that.

But God isn’t religion, Brother Donut. Just so you know, God never came down and installed religion. Religion goes back to people that started that particular religion or edited it. Edited, you know, like what Constantine did, Emperor Constantine. And you follow the bloodlines back. It goes to Nimrod, then it goes to Nebuchadnezzar, Babylon. I mean, it goes to reptilians. I mean, you know, I don’t think the devil, Lucifer has our best interest in mind when, you know, he’s involved in a lot of creation of many religions. I’m not saying there is a truth in the scriptures, but there’s so much like, you can see that book right there, right there in the back, that is the gnostic bible.

It’s about 900 freaking pages in. It’s huge. I’m almost halfway through it. I read the. And I want to read this. You know, on one of our shows, I read the secret book of John, John the Revelator, John that got the revelations through Christ of, okay, Christ the third entity, you know, the Father, then the mother and then the mother and the Father, the Christ, right, when this was all created. And you would not believe the information in the. By the way, they killed all the gnostics, they killed all the Essenes. They wiped out everybody that could give people the scripture that was very important for us.

Like, where’s all the books of Enoch? All the books of Enoch were the manuals. And I hear these books. I know people, we have access to about three of them, but I know people that have gotten access to more, dozens of them. And these things are this thick. These things are this thick. And so where’s that information at? You know, they don’t want us to have any information. It killed the gnostics. They killed the freaking scenes. Christ Mother Mary was like. And a high level mastery of the Essenes. So was Joseph. And so, you know, they don’t want us to have this information.

But, you know, the good news is all this information is within side us. As we keep on ascending and our vibration keeps on getting higher, more of this information is going to come to us clearly, and we’re all going to see it for ourselves. All of us. Yeah, I did a breakdown on these archons, dad. And, you know, like, there’s certain days of the week that they think is named at, like, okay, for example, Wednesday is named after Odin, but it goes back way further than that. You know, goes back to these reptilians and I wanted to break it down for people like y’all.

The baal that, he’s the demiurge, the chief Arch. Archon, he’s known as the, he’s depicted as the ruler of the material world. Yeah. And I see you have the gnostic that, you know, you’re, you’re getting some information from. It’s, it, you can see why they don’t want that anybody to read it, you know, it, because they don’t want people to know the truth. Well, the library of Alexandria was ran by the gnostics. That was burnt down. There you go. So, you know. Yeah. And then you got the moon God, this moon God, la Oleo, like Leo.

But you know who that really is? That’s the sun, I believe, of Enlil. His name is sin, a moon deity which merged into Allah. So all these different gods like y’all, the baoth, right? He moved it. He merged into Yahweh. And there’s these different versions of them that have been worshipped in many different religion or right on the dark side, but then also on the light side, you know, the dark brotherhood and the light brotherhood, it’s been going on raging forever. And the good thing about it is, I’ll show this right now. You want to put me up there, son? You’re going to have this guy on truth mafia, and we’re going to go over this information and it correlates with what you’re showing right there.

And a lot of the stuff that you’ve been talking about is in correlation with what Ishmael is talking about, but also in correlation with lots of what downloads I’ve been getting from the creator. And also lots of script scripture in all types of religions. Again, the devil is, he’ll come as the beacon of light, right? He’s going to do what he needs to do. And there’s also going to be truth in there, but edited and also lots left out. Lots of stuff left out. So much stuff that it’s ridiculous for people to think that all the scripture of the world from the beginning till now is this thick.

I mean, that doesn’t. The only archon that I think is a good one, maybe, is this dude, his name is Sabbath. He has a head of a snake. But Sabbath is linked to the sun. And he was the rebellious archon that went up against y’all to bail off. So when you read about the stories, you know, this is connected to the seven planets. Um, y’all, the baoth is Saturn. Then you have Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, moon, and Yaldabaoth placed himself on the throne in the 7th heaven. You know, he was created by a female, but she created him without her male counterpart.

Of course, you have to have the father and the mother created the Christ. The Christ spoke everything, right? The way that the universe is the, the main one and then the sub ones and then the sub ones and sub ones and the planets and the galaxies. That is very, you know, very laid out very strategically. I mean, the creator laid it out. And you’re right, that entity was created by a female only either. I think it was Sophia. Yeah, if I’m not mistaken. And, um, that’s where Lucifer came from. You know. You know, it’s interesting how we’re all taught this certain information, but then when you dig into, like, where was Christ? You know, for all the years that isn’t recorded, where was he at, you know, what was he doing, you know, and all of that information.

Well, if you read the book, that book you’re reading, dad, if you read that whole book, yet it don’t talk about Jesus Christ in the same aspect that he’s looked at as today. He was more of like an ascended master that knew this knowledge that was killed for teaching this knowledge. Well, he also create the golden body. So that the golden body was, was, you know, meaning the matter. And, you know, spiritual body, the angelitic body, the eternal body was put together. He did that too, to that. He gave that example. So, yeah, there’s a lot of B’s and a lot of, you know, misleading stuff.

I don’t, I try not to focus on all of it because it can overwhelm you. But at the end of the day, if you’re building your own relationship, you’re going to get the downloads just like I was led. I mean, I seen that book on, over here on Richard Shelf, and I’ve read a lot of different books from Hinduism and all of that. And I just been reading and reading and reading for decades, and I was led to that book because I’m always telling the creator, bring me the right information, bring me the right information, download it to me, bring it to me.

And then your discernment, you can discern, but no one knows 100%, you know what I mean? Because until we open up all of our DNA and we actually open up all the records of eternal records within ourselves, because we’re in God and he’s in us, everything’s in God. Everything’s in the father creator. Everything. Nothing exists outside of the father creator. And the father creator exists in all his, his children, all his, like, children. He exists. So, you know, you thought Lucifer, right, son, was created by God. Well, now you find out Lucifer was created by this one, Sophia, because she didn’t do it with her partner.

And that’s why it came out like, it came out, like, I don’t want to say came out as a problem, you know what I mean? It didn’t come out holy and, you know, like the angel, like Archangel Michael and Gabrielle and Christ and, you know, well, I guess you could say, y’all, the baoth is kind of a representation of Lucifer and he has the head of a lion, the body of a serpent, but he’s really a different entity than Lucifer. In the gnostic beliefs, they looked at Lucifer differently than how we do in Christianity. But, yeah, it.

I definitely believe there is some truth in it and they probably infiltrated it and put some lies in there, too, you know, but that’s the problem. Until we open up all of the records within ourselves, whatever information we’re discerning, you know, inputting, we can’t think that it’s 100%, you know, we cannot think that. And, you know, as we increase our vibration, more and more discernment will come to us and we’ll start really deciphering this even more and more. But the thing is, if you weren’t researching it right, then you would know. You wouldn’t even know what, you know, if donut wasn’t researching and you weren’t researching and I weren’t researching, and some of these brothers and sisters that are on here with us weren’t researching, then we wouldn’t know more than we would know without researching.

Right? But we still don’t know. No one can say. What I’m saying is 100% right. End all, be all. I just don’t think that is possible for, you know, where. Where most people are, you know, maybe some that been on this planet, like Christ, like Buddha, like, you know, Babaji and others, you know, because they are, you know, part of the special operation team of the creator. But I think that, you know, the more we increase our vibration, the more our frequency, the more we’re going to be able to discern better. And it’s going to be one heck of a ride.

I mean, things are. You think things are crazy now in this 3d world? Just watch what’s going to happen. The shape is going to get way more intense. It’s going to be, you know, you’re going to see in that 3d world, earth that gets destroyed. You know, you’re going to see you know, Yellowstone, popping off tsunamis, the planet, all those things that you have seen a lot of videos on truth mafia from a lot of the truthers that are talking about it. All of that horrific situation will be going on for some people, unfortunately. When you were showing the IaO, are the different names, like, we’re connected to planets.

Yeah. We could see how that’s in our language today and languages of vibration. So we could see how ancient things are, but we use it today. So the moon is named after the iao. The ao, yes. Very gnostic. Like when you look at y’all to bay off, underneath it says I a w. But it’s. Then it turned to Iao. And we see this in our language. Hip hop is I o, tic tac toe is I a. Oh, everything goes in this order. Uh, of the. Which I thought was interesting when I was researching the. The magic of vowels, that there’s like.

Yeah, it’s nice. It’s pretty. It’s pretty interesting. And, um, I. Before I forget, someone Rhonda said, did we see the, uh, series called the boys? And it’s about this government vought that they created, like these. They created this medicine that ended up giving people superpowers. And in the newest season of it, I believe it’s season four, there’s this. She’s like a true seeker superhero and her name’s firecracker. And she’s pretty. They’re pretty much like making fun of all of us in it. Like the conspiracy minded true seekers. They’re straight clowning us in this new series and it’s kind of funny.

Have you ever seen that series, donut? It’s called the Boys from Amazon prime. I’ve heard of it. I haven’t watched it. And I think it’s like an updated of another show as well. But no, I haven’t. But I know what it is, but I haven’t watched it. Like Papa Truthful was talking about. I’ve really been trying to get rid of the crowd consciousness of social media out of my head. And so I’ve been kind of. I’ve been really enjoying substack the, you know, your website, the Truth Mafia website, because I could read and I don’t need to engage with commentary as much and been reading books because I trying to protect myself since this last two weeks of.

I mean, just eating healthy. Well, I mean, could is hard. Just changing myself is a hard thing. But now that I’ve been eating healthy for two weeks, I’m like, okay, now I’m going to step back from a lot of the influences of there’s like podcaster influences and kind of just that’s why I like the reading. I’m really enjoying the substax because it’s just like reading. I might even make my own, but not so probably next year, but. Or truth Mafia because like there’s a whole dialogue on there. I can read the decode and. And then pick what I want to hear.

So I. And also with music I’ve been listening to Beethoven. Beethoven, he was trained by an Illuminati member. But his ode to joy, and I learned this from Cynthia Chung where I get to podcast with her tomorrow. And the ode to joy is from, I believe, Schiller’s ode to freedom. And they. Everything has been kind of corrupt, corrupted, where the good in the beautiful has been perverted in a sense, where it’s bad. So like clockwork Orange and Hannibal Lecter and even Michael Moore’s films, right. The great propaganda. It’s not great as I like him, but great as it’s affect.

He’s very effective. Edward Bernays, propagandists against America. Not that I like that at all. I’m just saying that guy’s talented at what he does. He mixes in like the, the beautiful, like music of, of life and mixes it with the violence. It just like clockwork orange. And so they’re corrupting all this beautiful stuff and mixing it in with like, oh, that’s bad to listen to. And I learned that from one of the Cynthia’s podcasts and. But so I’ve been protecting myself from a lot of stuff because I grew up listening to all the debauchery music growing up, you know, in the nineties that, so I trying to be careful.

I, you know, I’ve been listening to just more positive vibes and we’ll see how long that lasts. I mean, I think garbage in, garbage out. Yeah, I think there’s a time for it, though. There’s a time for you can wake up and be, you know, be aware, but don’t be indoctrinated. Right. There’s a difference between awareness and indoctrination in getting indoctrinated. So you got to be careful between awareness and being aware of what’s going on versus being indoctrinated with what’s going on. And that’s where the problem comes in because all of us are held accountable for lowering people’s vibration so meaningful.

If we’re doing this, this podcast, this newscast or whatever, we’re, you know, the truth mafia news or podcast or whatever my son decides, he wants to call it, and we’re taking people’s vibrations down. We’re literally going to eat that. I mean, that’s getting put on against us personally. Okay? Just so everybody knows, if you are someone getting everyone’s vibration down, you will be held accountable for that. That will hamper your own, you know, ascension, your own increase in vibration. 100%. There is no if. There is no and. And there’s no but about it, okay? It’s 100%.

You got to be really careful on the boys. You were talking about the boys, TJ, right? Yeah. So I watched it for the first year, Episason first and second, and then, you know, not all the second, because it was just too grotesque. It was like, really? You know, I know you do. I know you do. I know. While you got raised where your dad was watching all these crazy movies, too. But you know what, what donut saying is so true, you know, even though you might like it, you got to be careful with it. Even, like, as I’m going on this journey, because I’m on my journey, we’re all on our journey, right? I’m starting to feel that way about specific shows.

And, you know, I don’t watch a lot of tv. I’m not a tv watcher, but at the end of the night, Cindy and I usually have a show, like tonight, it’s the dark matter show, right. But usually I don’t want watch tv if I can watch tv. I don’t ever watch tv by. Wait a second. Dark matter? I thought that was the last episode last week, dad. Was it? Then I guess. I guess Cindy thinks we’re going to have an episode tonight and it’s over. Yeah. So do they only do eight episodes now? It’s not like back in the day, remember? They would have, like, 15 episodes.

Yeah. 30 episodes. Yeah, yeah, it’s not like that no more. And, um, there’s also a connection to 528 pineal gland in a lot of these ancient, um, societies, like, if you look into the tartarian empire, they were using this free energy technology, and a lot of the antennas on their buildings were kind of in the shape of the. The pine cone, right? Yeah. That fractal energy that they were using. And we see it all throughout society. I mean, almost every freaking society you find this pine cone in. Now, in the beginning of this, I showed you guys how the pineal gland open equals 64 matching first player character.

And how pineal gland sleep is 63 matching non player character. Well, then you have the. It’s called the Eye of Horus. Right? That’s what it is. And the eye of Horus equals 49. And when you spell 49 out, you get 38 matching first player. So it all goes back to being a first player character, whether you’re an awakened avatar or a sleep avatar. Are they controlling you? Are you in control of your own life? You know, and I tell people this all the time when I do my decodes to find out your role, whether you’re a first player character or one of these non player characters.

If you’re interested in getting that decode, the link is in the description. It says Gematria decode, but you’ll see whether you’re connected to the number 64 or the number 63. There’s many different ways you can connect to, like, you can have a connection to the number 38 and still be a first player character. But it’s all within our code because we are in some type of a simulation and the frequencies play a major effect. So they’re using certain frequencies in the music, they’re using certain frequencies in the movies, which is we’re not even realizing that it’s having an effect on us and our subconscious.

And go ahead, dad, it’s 440. You know what’s interesting is that back in the day, we used to play everything in 432 hz or 444. I’m sorry, 444 hz. Now, 432 hz is wonderful for you. 528 is wonderful for you. You need to go over to and you need to play that. If there’s a, if there’s any video that isn’t working, you just put in. We’ll put a contact forum so you can contact us. Because it’s on Facebook. You know, the, the healing frequency music is on Facebook. We have a Facebook page. We put up all the videos up there, all of them for free, for people just to listen.

And you listen to this music. I had a gentleman that is listening to this music. He listened to it for two weeks and saw transformation happening rapidly. For him, this music was made by somebody that definitely is connected to the, to the creator with his mute, the music capabilities. But 444 is what the, all the instruments used to be tuned up for. Like King David, all his instruments that they played music 24/7 they were all tuned to 444. It used to be that way. Then the Rockefeller foundation with the Department of Defense and a study that they did, I think it was the Department of Defense, they found out that 400 4440 Hertz would make people afraid, fearful, anxious.

All of that so when you’re watching tv, it’s pumping out 440 hz. Yeah, pumping out 440 because they can keep you in fear. I mean, 86%, I think of all, it’s in the eighties, but I think it’s 86% of all hospital emergency room visits are from anxiety. In pops. Back in the day, during the tartarian empire and stuff, these big churches, they had like these healing bells in them where they were healing people with sound freak. 100%. You play 528. You play that 528 music? Yeah. It starts repairing DNA and so all kinds of stuff happens.

And I was telling you that this guy that I showed that to where his, you know, he was just having a hard time. You know what I mean? He was just having a hard time. And I told him about the breathing. Showed him the breathing and I told him about the frequency. Just those two things. Just those two things. And within two weeks, it turned him around, his whole thinking and everything. So that stuff works. I mean, it works. There’s no if and buts about it. And they’re bombarding us with frequencies. They’re bombarding us with frequencies.

You know that one of your sponsors is the body line EMF stuff, TJ, and you know that eliminate, even though it’s. It’s a very thin holographic disc, except for the band. You know, the band itself is. Has Suge Knight in the band and has over 300 frequencies. The disc, even the little. Looks like a sticker. Okay, you’d be. Oh, this is. No, I’m telling you, I have just had to get another one because I got a new phone and I don’t have it on there, and I can feel the difference. I can feel. Luckily, I’m protected with the band, but yeah, they control us with frequencies.

They’re bombarding us with frequencies. We got you on iPhones, pops. We got to get you away from them damn androids, bro. Yeah, well, five, 5g, all of them are bad. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. And 5G is not good because it, you know, before 5G, you had EMF radiation and. EMF radiation sickness. You can look it up on Google. There’s thousands of studies on this. And then they did. Somebody got their band. Yeah, she got her band. Absolutely. And I wear this band every day, and then I take it off 2 hours before I want to go to sleep, and then when I wake up in the morning, I put it back on.

But I got to send her some stuff, too. She’s a good person. Yeah, well, go ahead. Well, the anxiety, having the 93% or something like that. Yeah, that is wild, because, I mean, that’s what happened to me two weeks ago. I was. I had a ton of. I get. I just happens to be. And my sobriety, like, it’s happened to me one time before, and then it happened. No, it’s happened three times in the last nine years. And I was just, like, overwhelmed, and I was like, what’s going on? And I did what you were saying.

I started breathing 5 seconds in and 5 seconds out the mouth, breathing through the nose, and that calming breathing, really nothing but great. Can I ask you to do something else? And I. Son, am I allowed to share the Facebook page in the comments or, you know, if we share that, anything in the comments, they’ll hit us for spam. Unbelievable. I know. Somebody go find healing frequency music. It’s exactly how. You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna put. Just. One of my moderators will do it. If you just tell them what. Yeah, if you guys can do that.

Because. Because then donut, I would. I would ask you for you, brother. You know what I mean? So just put and for. And then put this after it. I’m putting it up right now. It’ll come up under Tommy truthful. If you put and then you put the healing frequency. So and then that forward slash healing frequency music, it will come up. And I would say, donut, please. Listen to 528. Listen to 444. Listen to 432. And then we get back together, brother. Tell me what you’re feeling. You know, because that what you’re saying, they’re trying to take you out.

Okay. All right. The sound healing resonance meditations that they just locally do and, like, recovery. Sometimes somebody that’s getting sober was like, I got these bowls, and. And, like, you just, like, meditate and they. And you could feel, like, a change from the resonance of sounds. Yeah. You. You. That healing frequency on YouTube and on Facebook. Everybody share that. Facebook has nothing. They don’t care about that stuff. They don’t. But it works. And that, though I’ve listened to this healing music for a long time, and that series that we had developed for the circle of life was most powerful.

I was so upset when they killed the YouTube channel, when Dave Paul and the llama did that, I was very upset because of the people. Because of the comments of the people that that music was changing their life. And how dare they do that, you know, when they shouldn’t have done that, you know, TJ, we had a bunch of the videos up on, on Tommy truthful at first. And it killed all those too. And the place that I have them, I have all the raw files. So I have them and I have the rights to them.

Okay. I have the email to the rights to them and we’ll be built putting them, but all of them will live on healing frequency music. And I am going to put them all up on my video hosting platform. But they’ll be on Facebook. Share that with everybody. Let me, dad. She’s way better than them anyways. I’ll plug you with her. She makes all that kind of healing frequency music out of her own instruments and she’s amazing at it. So I’ll plug you with her. I would love to build it. I think I’m going to build another YouTube channel out with the Facebook channel healing frequency music.

We own that domain and, you know, bring other artists on that have the healing music and make it a place for people to listen to healing music for free. For free. There’s no nothing there. If, you know, you see one of the sponsors and you want to do something there to support the channel, that’s up to you. But the music is free, free to everybody, free to share to anybody. And it will make a big difference for you. And again, this stuff is really powerful. I mean, if you, there’s some of it that I listen to all I also, I got to find it.

I’ve also got the gold and silver frequency. Do you know that gold and silver have a frequency? I’m sure everybody knows that. And I’m going to put that into where people can get access to it. I’m going to find it and then I’m going to put it where people can get access to it because it’s so powerful to attract that to you. You know, the creator’s money. The creator’s money. If you don’t think that we’re going to go through a financial shift, you mean you gotta have assets, right? You gotta have cash at home, you gotta have assets, you gotta have food supply and everything.

You know, they used to always do that when I was growing up. My grandpa and grandma Thompson, they were canon. They had some huge supply. You remember who I think Grandpa Thompson was? TJ. And they always had, you know, the supplies and all that stuff. We just stopped doing it, just like we stopped growing, you know, food and fruits and vegetables in a local way. We just stopped doing all that stuff. But this frequency music will help you tremendously and you need to pass it to everybody who’s feeling like brother Donut was feeling that they got anxiety because what the devil’s trying to do, what Satan’s trying to do.

Lucifer’s take donut out. He doesn’t want donut telling people all this stuff. He wants him dead or keep him in fear to where he thinks he’s get. Yeah, I mean, they, they hit us with a lot of fear. You know, target. When you start looking into, like, targeted individuals and they’re spending billions of dollars to target people that get way less followers than me and donut. So, yeah, it is a scary thing because you don’t know if you are being targeted or what the hell. I would say that you can anticipate that you are. Okay. I mean, I think you could say I am, you know what I mean? Because if you’re a son or daughter of the light, they definitely don’t want you to be step into your power.

They do not want you to step into your power. You know, that’s the creator within you and all around you. They do not want you to do that. That’s what they’re trying to suppress. They don’t want us to step into our power. They cannot control that. They cannot control us. When you step into your power, they just can’t control you. They cannot. I don’t fear death. So what are they going to do? Put me to death? I’m a spirit. I’m an eternal being. I’ve been around a long time. I mean, what are they going to do to me? They can’t do anything to me.

Okay? So it’s really, really important that we all get our frequency going, that we get step into our power and we become the people that we were brought here to be. And you can’t be that. If you’re anxious and depressed and battling on the Internet with negative comments and looking at, and putting negativity in your mind and putting it back out, because now that’s your vibration. I mean, that’s your vibration. If you’re, you know, you got to weed your garden. If there’s negative people around, you say, hey, look, you know, love to you, I love you, but I can’t be around you, man.

Your negative energy is hitting my field and you’re lowering my vibration. Brother or sister? Sorry. Hey, go to healing music and frequency, doc. Go to the Facebook channel, listen to this. And once I feel that your energy is good, then me and you can hang. But if you can’t get your energy right, I see you when I see you. And that means, basically the bottom line is when you’re going into heaven on earth. And they’re going to the end of 3d Earth, hell on earth, right? Where the planet is destroyed in a lot of ways that donut and TJ have both talked about.

Um, that’s their problem. They can go over to their 3d world, the new one, and go through the whole freaking process. Maybe they’ll start out as a tick, you know? And if they were really bad, they might be a tick on a certain part of a dog or a cat, where they don’t want to be a tick on that certain part, you know, because every day, they’ll get, you know, some. Some nice treatment on them, but at the end of the day, they’ll start over again. And until you learn unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness, and you don’t live in the.

In the past, and you live in the now. Right now, right this minute. Okay. It’s. It’s not going to be good. And I think a lot of you are that way. I think a lot of you are good, you know, heading to the light. I believe that. And, you know, son, I’m here to help is whatever these God’s given me gifts, I’m here to share them with. With the brothers and sisters to help them in any way that I can. Amen to that, brother. So, um. Well, we’ve done quite a long time today. So what are we at? 1 hour and 16 minutes.

Is there any questions in the comments before we end this one today? I’d love to take some questions. If we. If people had questions that we could, you know, for you or donut, you know, just put who you have questions for and don’t be shy, you know, let’s give them 15 minutes or five minutes to see if there’s any questions, son. And then if not, you can close her up. Yeah, and I seen somebody mention tuning forks. They. They do work amazingly. And pretty soon, we’ll be having this shop going up on truth mafia comm, where we’ll be able to have a lot of them products, because I know the person that mentioned that in the comments.

They probably seen them over on Carmine site. He offers. He has ones tuned at 128. But me and dad are actually working getting a store together on truth mafia, and we should have that done here pretty soon. So, yeah, it’s. It’s really important to start, you know, what I tell everybody, son, is get your. Everything in your life, whether it’s your food, your, you know, your personal life, your relationship with your spouse, your kids, whatever. Create sheet and put a line down the middle is there any questions in the comments before we. Is that you, son? I don’t know what was happening.

You took it over. So what you do is, it’s called a column exercise. You know, put a sheet of paper, put a line down the middle, and write down in the different areas. Say that, you know, what donuts doing now, eating healthy. What you’re doing that is improving that. What you’re doing that is actually serving you. And what you’re doing, that’s not serving you. And then what you need to do is start eliminating what’s not serving you and replacing it with something that serves you. Do that in every area of your life, in business and your health, all of it.

Okay? If you’re not aware of it, you won’t change it, right? You gotta be aware of it and then say, okay, well, this is serving me here and this is not serving me. So the right is serving me, the left is not serving me. And then clean that up. Somebody asked about, talked about deworming. It is critical to deworm yourself. This product that TJ show on your leg again, helps remove that show that one more time. That product right there up in the corner of that bottle of spray that we have in the link down there, that helps get rid of all that stuff.

Everything that is not supposed to be in your biological body. This helps bring your body into a state to eliminate it itself. Remember, we were built to live for eternity. And our body, when it’s in the proper energy situation, can eliminate any problems. We were definitely built to live, you know, a thousand years. Because there was people back in the ancient times that were living 800, 900, a thousand years, and they have dumped. I mean, we are such just a speck of what we truly are, you know, through them dumbing us down, lowering our vibration, calcifying our pineal gland.

I mean, and they do it every day. They’re hitting us on so many different frequencies through the music, through the tv. You know, that’s why it’s important to help educate people on this type of stuff. And make sure you’re checking your water, guys, because this fluoride is in almost all the water. So we’re getting some questions too, son. Now donut, who’s your show with tomorrow? Your with Cynthia Chong. Matt. Eric. Canadian patriots. White. I like. Yeah, she’s a. I mean, a one. Just a great writer. I’m like her husband. I’m a big fan of. He’s who woke me up to a lot of the Clinton and Rockefeller connections to all the alien stuff that we’re hearing about.

Oh, yeah, that I sent you that article. And not saying, like, that there’s not strange anomalies or phenomenons happening, because I’ve seen some strange stuff, and I’m sure everybody has. Right? Last night. Yeah. But just looking into the, like you were showing the seven different stars in that gnostic thing they’re showing. Yes. Isn’t it interesting that what’s trending in the mainstream is the seven stars that they’re saying are these, like, alien planets, but they’re designed exactly like ezekiel will? I mean, so it’s, uh. There’s definitely something going on. It’s getting. And I want to answer these questions before we do shut down tonight, son.

Okay. Because there’s. There’s a lot of people there. But I want to let you know there was a temporary, like, filter of the energies hitting the planet that kind of was removed around the beginning of June. Remember, we talked about. We were feeling it more and everything was happening. Well, the energy is being allowed to smack us into a big, big way. Let me get into these questions, because there’s questions for all of us here. Let me go to this one. I am protected. But I look like fried skin. Like Tommy, but not one leg losing weight and my long hair.

Help. Go to that link. I want my help back. Forward slash truth mafia. Go to that link. And look at that. And look at the testimonials, and that can help. Help you. Okay. I mean, also go to healing frequency music. Play 528. Play that frequency. I mean, that’s really, really important. Somebody asked about the band. That’s the body line band. You know, TJ has that in the description where you can click on that and get that band. It’ll last you, like, you know, a year in a little. A few months. But, hey, once a year, you got to replace this thing.

It’s worth it. I mean, it’s worth. It’s worth it 100%. Also, eat. Eat ph. Well, first of all, you need to be drinking ph water. You need to be eating foods that are high vibrational. Right? So you need live fruits, organic fruits, organic vegetables, anything. Live it. Because we’re eating a bunch of stuff that is. Yeah. And plus, like, all this. What’s it called? Preservatives. That. That shit can’t be good for you, dude. Everything has preservatives in it, you know? So we got to try to eat high vibrational foods. I think that’ll play a major role.

And then again, the. Here’s the how to decalcify the pineal gland. Just with some, you know, standard stuff. What I use every day is turmeric. You guys know, I’m always promoting turmeric. I hit it up too. I hit it, dude, it’s amazing. Yeah, this stuff too show I can’t pronounce it. I take a spray that has all that stuff in it. Most of that what you’re showing there. It tastes like horrible. You tried it before, so. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. But it is amazing what it’s done for me for micro circulation of, you know, pretty much everywhere.

It’s pretty, pretty interesting stuff. They say stay away from the salt too. Especially this, this, this salt that’s refined because it’s not even pure salt. You know, like the refined sugar. I mean, cane sugar is not bad for you. Refined bleach sugar is no, right. 100% raw sugar. Cane sugar. Elephants eat it. They don’t ever get cancer. They’re, you know, that in main ingredient that is micro nano down to get into your sale that it, that main ingredient, when you read it on the back and you do the research on it, it’s very powerful, man. I mean, you know, it’s a really powerful ingredient.

That’s one of God’s key ingredients. That comes from cane sugar though, is what it, yeah, well, yeah, that’s why elephant. But you can’t, you, if you’re eating the cane sugar, it’s not broken down properly. Right? Penetrate the cell where’s where you need it to get that results for the energy body and all that that happened. Um, tj, I think this is for you and donut. Has anyone here seen an uptick in matrix glitches? I’ve been, I’ve been having all sorts of glitches. Yeah. Glitches are like when you’re, you’re, you know, you’re driving down the road and you look, you might look over at a car next to you and the person’s glitching out or something.

You see a glitch going on outside that looks like something you would see on tv. And I’m telling you the other day, I mean, I have so many videos showing the sun glitching where it starts like tweaking out like a strobe light. But I’ve seen birds doing it. I’ve seen a lot of crazy glitches where things are stuck like this, like frozen in midair, you know, is there, is there a glitch in the matrix? I would say yes, and I would agree with my son because I know, son, you want to make this about 90 minutes.

Right. So I want to hit. There’s, there’s some good questions here. What are our thoughts of them transforming the earth, the beast system via chemtrails? Of course they’re doing that. That’s the 3d earth that’s going to go down for sure. And, you know, that’s what they’re doing. I mean, you know, that’s, you know, they’re putting all this stuff in our air, our water, our soil, everything, in order to, you know, get their agenda so that if an endoglan is calcified, everybody’s in fear, everybody’s worried, everybody’s, you know, that’s what they live off of, that energy, that death, that, you know, that’s the thing.

And they’re doing that. But again, we’re going to have a split. And, you know, the people that are vibrating on the solutions and, you know, we have a solution, by the way, that TJ and I and a special guest will be bringing out. These people are in touch with people at the highest level that are doing like, let’s say white hat stuff. Okay, good stuff. And we are in a big issue with our magnetic sphere and our atmosphere magnetosphere magnetism. How do you pronounce this? Magnetosphere. Magnetosphere. And our atmosphere is getting eaten up by electromagnetic pollution.

Could be part of the AI situation, but, oh, that’s just going to make it worse. By the way, you know, how much more power you need to bring AI everywhere, son? And donut, you know, much more power you need and how much electromagnetic pollution more will be like, it’s. It’s going to be ten to 100 times more. Well, did you know chat GPT just made a deal with apple? So all the iPhones are going to be integrated with chat GPT? Yes, yes, yes, yes, 100%. Now this. So that was this one on, on the chem trails.

And then here on the frequency is get the healing frequency music. Start playing that music, and then start doing your meditation and your breathing and get that going. Even if you start doing your breathing first through your nose, pumping your stomach, not your. Not expanding your lungs, pumping your stomach, holding it for a few seconds out your mouth, keeping your eyes closed, you know, play that healing frequency music while you’re doing it. So you’re focusing on the music and you’re not focusing on any other thought. Do that for a couple weeks and watch what happens. And do random acts of kindness, too.

Raise your frequency a lot, the action, and then you’re getting out of a lot of. My problem is I get in my head so being a service gets me out of my head. So. For sure. And it’s an action. Yes. You know? Yep. That’s so important. What you give is what you get. What you give is what you get. You know, I did a reading on this lady yesterday. She was very. We actually called her and talked to her for like 45 minutes. She was very interesting. And she was, uh, you know, her journey has just been crazy, what she’s went through to get off drugs and stuff.

And it’s really amazing what she’s been through. You know, her story, I think, could help a lot of people. Well, sharing that story. Right. She’ll be able to help others. You know, we’re going to have in that community the ability for everyone to share their journey and be honest about it. You know, all of us have went through hard times. You know, we went through trials and tribulations. But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. And look at your past. Don’t look at the gaps. Look at the gains, meaning when you go backwards in time, don’t look at the problems that you’ve had.

Look at the times your wins. Even though you might have went through problems to get the wins, focus on the gains, not the gap. So the losses are called the Gap. The wins are called the game. And there’s a book out there by one of the top business coaches in the world that wrote that Dan Sullivan, gap in game. And, you know, it’s just like the who and how the gap in game is very, very important because look back at, you know, your life and the journey you’ve been on and the gains that you’ve made and where you’re currently at.

And I can’t wait to get this community prayer circle up where people can share and show love. And then also they’ll have, you know, the truth mafia where they can, you know, chat and post and all of that stuff. But also the prayer group will bring in the MPN people, the sovereign radio people, and the other people that we bring in to the platform. All of us coming together as brothers and sisters and praying for each other and declaring and decreeing for each other and just being honest and open. I tell you, when we had the circle of life community going, it broke my heart when that stuff happened and I was reading testimonials coming in and what was going on.

So many miracles and blessings were happening for people. We want to get that up and get that going immediately because everybody needs it. I mean, honestly, look what just being honest, look what happened. He got involved in something that lowered his vibrational frequency 100%. And that’s what he, you know, it ended up that way. So it happens. It was a journey. It was part of my journey. Part of your journey, too. Right. You know, because we both had a relationship and, you know, as part of our journey to get us where we’re at today. I don’t need him to.

To bring these folks, all of us together and get those same exact results. Dana wants to know what your channel is. She would like to follow you. Well, she can follow the. My Patriots network channel. My patriots network and follow that channel. And we’re going to be doing a lot. We’re getting ready to announce a free membership that you’ll be able to get in for free, but we’ll. It will automatically sign you up for the social community. And we’re going to have events, like, anything that Tommy’s got going on, you know, donut, like, they’ve got big events going on.

Truth mafia, they’re going to be on the calendar. You’re going to be able to see the events and be able to click the link and get to the. These events if they’re pre scheduled events. So we’re really going to get the group together and start moving forward together with love and light, meditation, prayer, declaring, decreeing and changing this world, you know, moving into that four or 5d world and let these people that want to, you know, go out with the 3d world. You can pray for them, but don’t whine or cry over them. Don’t get yourself caught up in that, because this is the time that you need to spend on you.

Well, another trick that me and donut have that we talk about at the end of our day, we talk about a lot of really hard subjects. So at the end of the night, I know Donut likes to put on something that makes him laugh. So do I. I like to watch at the end of the night. It’s just, you know, when you’re looking at this type of stuff all day and it can have an effect on you, so you got to make sure that you take time to laugh, because it’s amazing how much laughing heals you, you know, how important people have healed themselves by laughing.

People by laughing. Oh, it’s huge. Yeah. And something I’ve been testing out is stopping what I’m doing because I love, love working. It’s my favorite thing. I’m a workaholic. And stopping at a certain time, like, yo, it’s 08:00 and then I’m done. And now it’s hard, and I’ll go back, but I do my best. And it’s been, been nice, like, stopping and saying, look, I’m going to have some balance, and then I’m able to do the dishes and straighten up because I’ve noticed a difference in when my place is really messy, my mind is also messy, and it’s a reflection of that.

So I’ve been straightening up and. Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s, remember me and you talked about that donut? Like, if you live in a dirty house, it has such an effect on your overall health. It’s so crazy. And they’ve even done studies about it. Like, it’s real. So if you keep a nice, organized area where you live, that’ll have an effect on you as well as within. So without, so there, there’s many little things that we can do to have a higher freak, you know, to raise our vibration. Oh, yeah, because they got us. Sorry, didn’t mean to cut you off there.

Yeah, it’s, it’s. It’s cool. Those have been great conversation. I’m so happy to be here with both of you. Well, we want to have you on more, brother. And we want to bring some other guests on. We’re going to continue to do that, folks, the best place to follow what we’re doing in the my Patriots network is Facebook. We’re going to start getting active in YouTube, but Facebook is what blew up first. So, you know, that was doing it. But, you know, Facebook is the best place. My patriots network, the same as you see up here on this YouTube.

We will start being active more in YouTube. I’m going to be coming out more, you know, the sun and I have this show on Wednesdays with brothers like Donut and other guests that we’re going to be bringing on. And then I’m going to be on the sovereign radio. I’m going to be on MPN. So you’re going to get plenty of opportunity to see what we’re doing and be involved in it. I want you folks to thrive through what’s going on. Not just barely survive, I want you to thrive. Someone else was asking about Mastermind webinar, that link.

Mastermind webinars is a sponsor of truth mafia. So that link is also in the description. And you can get a free membership there and plug into what we’re doing. And we already covered the best way to get rid of the calcified pineal gland. There’s many natural ways you can do it. I recommend turmeric, and, of course, the product that we have linked down below. Oh, well, what happened here? They just froze me up. Yeah, you’re gonna show your leg again? No, hold on 1 second. Something just happened. It froze me. Okay, there we go. That was weird, but we’re good.

That’s the end of the show for today. I thank you, pops, for coming on with us. And my brother Donut, you know, I seen him in the comments right before the show, so I sent him a link and he hopped in here. Yeah, love Donut, brother. Yeah, love brother Donut. Oh, yeah. Make sure you guys go check out his channel, donut Factory. He’s got a new Facebook. Um, what’s your sign at your new Facebook? Donut? It’s the real donut, I believe. But, uh, if they could go to the. Yeah, it’s the real donut. Or donut. Yeah.

I don’t know. There’s a lot of people that make big accounts, so the best bet is just to go to my YouTube channel. Yeah, lady rocks. Put it there. So thank you guys all rocking out with us and. Oh, there. My mouse did it again. It’s once weird stuff. Hold on a second. Love you brothers and sisters. Have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend. Yep. And we. Next week, we’re out of here, guys. We love y’all.

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