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New Mexico Wildfires Rage On: Evacuations Lead to Roswell

By: Tommy Truthful
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Truth Mafia News: Episode Breakdown with Tommy Truthful and Papa Truthful

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Welcome to the latest episode of Truth Mafia News, hosted by Tommy Truthful and his father, James Schwinn, also known as Papa Truthful. As the number one alternative media conglomerate worldwide, we are renowned for being the most censored platform on the Internet. Our unique approach to revealing the true nature of reality through decoding, particularly using Gematria, sets us apart. In this episode, we dive into recent events and uncover the hidden agendas behind them.

Decoding Reality: The Power of Gematria

At Truth Mafia, we utilize Gematria, an ancient Jewish Kabbalah mysticism, to decode the true meanings behind words and events. Our focus is on three primary ciphers:

  1. Chaldean Cipher: This is the oldest known cipher, originating from Babylon. It assigns values to letters based on their sound and the energy they emit. The Chaldean system is considered more accurate because it takes into account the vibration and frequency of letters.
  2. Septenary Cipher: A lesser-known but significant cipher that uses a seven-letter sequence. This method emphasizes the spiritual and mystical properties of numbers, connecting each letter to a specific numerical value from 1 to 7.
  3. Reduction Gematria: Also known as Pythagorean Gematria, this cipher reduces double-digit numbers to a single digit. It’s widely used for its simplicity and effectiveness in revealing hidden meanings.

Trending Topics and Decoding Insights

In this episode, we discuss the recent wildfires in Mexico and explore the theory that these fires are intentionally set to force rural residents into smart cities. We delve into the controversial idea of lasers starting these fires and the consequent impact on our food supply due to farm blazes. Additionally, we address the looming financial instability in the country and its potential implications.

Tommy and Papa Truthful also tackle various global actions of the U.S., the flawed education system, and unhealthy American lifestyles. We share our insights on alien agendas, AI, and secret government operations, all while promoting our mission to foster unity, spirituality, and patriotism as means to overcome societal challenges.

Health and Well-being

In our continuous effort to maintain high frequencies and holistic well-being, we introduce our new health focus, highlighting the benefits of deworming and the revolutionary product, Nanosoma. This Swiss-patented supplement played a crucial role in healing Tommy’s leg from a severe spider bite-turned-staph infection. It’s a product we trust and believe in wholeheartedly.

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“I can’t mention this in a video, but I can definitely share the truth on my platform. This product has truly changed my life by cleansing out all the nanotechnology from chemtrails and vaccines that’s in our bodies.”

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➡ Tommy Truthful and Papa Truthful host a show called Truth Mafia News where they discuss various topics. In this episode, they talk about wildfires in Mexico, suggesting they might be intentionally set to drive people out of rural areas and into smart cities. They also discuss the idea of lasers being used to start fires, and touch on the topic of food supply being affected by fires at farms. They end by warning about the financial instability of the country.
➡ The speaker discusses the United States’ global actions, its education system, and personal health. They mention the country’s debt and its tendency to exploit other nations’ resources. They also express concern about the poor state of education and the unhealthy lifestyle habits, such as improper breathing and poor diet, prevalent among Americans. Lastly, they delve into conspiracy theories about alien agendas, artificial intelligence, and secret government operations.
➡ The speaker discusses their efforts to spread truth and solutions to societal issues through their platform, Truth Mafia. They mention the importance of plants for health, the potential for an alternative internet, and their belief that necessities like water and electricity shouldn’t be for profit. They also express concern about the state of the education system and the impact of extreme heat being recognized as a major disaster by FEMA.
➡ The speaker is expressing their concern about the current state of society and their desire for change. They believe that through unity, spirituality, and patriotism, we can overcome the challenges we face. They also mention the importance of understanding our own power and using it to create a better world. They are working on a platform to bring together like-minded individuals and plan to launch it on July 4th.
➡ The speaker discusses the idea of control and division among people, suggesting that unity is feared by those in power. They mention a past civilization that had advanced technology and abilities, which they believe have been suppressed. The speaker also talks about entities that manipulate and control humanity, using religion as an example. They emphasize the importance of maintaining a high frequency and avoiding censorship, and mention plans for a live broadcast on July 4th.
➡ The text discusses the success of the Truth Mafia’s YouTube channel and its organic reach. It also introduces a new focus on health, specifically on the importance of deworming and maintaining a parasite-free body. The text mentions a product called Nanosoma, which is believed to improve health, and emphasizes the need for clean eating and growing our own food. The text ends with a discussion on the importance of maintaining a healthy energy body.
➡ The speaker discusses their daily practices for maintaining physical and spiritual health, including tai chi and energy work. They also mention a Swiss-made product they use and recommend, which they claim has helped them significantly. They caution listeners to be careful about what they buy, emphasizing the importance of quality. The speaker also discusses the potential dangers of AI and electromagnetic pollution, suggesting ways to protect oneself, such as using a device that grounds electromagnetic pollution and maintaining a strong spiritual connection. They hint at upcoming webinars and training sessions for further discussion and learning.
➡ Gordie Rose’s Q computer, created at CERN, is believed to manipulate time and create parallel realities, a phenomenon known as the Mandela effect. The speaker discusses the potential of humans to manifest their thoughts instantly at a certain level of spiritual maturity, suggesting that this power could be destructive if not controlled by love. The speaker also mentions the ongoing battle between light and dark forces, with technology being used by both sides. Lastly, the speaker encourages preparation for uncertain times and emphasizes the importance of personal relationships over religious affiliations.
➡ The speaker discusses various topics, including ancient gods, spiritual battles, and the importance of self-sufficiency. They believe that modern society is being manipulated through technology and food, and suggest moving to places like the Dominican Republic where one can live more naturally. They also stress the importance of staying focused on solutions, not fearing change, and maintaining integrity in all actions.
➡ The text is a conversation about staying positive, dealing with ongoing fires and storms, and sharing a healing frequency channel. They also discuss a water machine that could be useful in emergencies and mention an upcoming guest on their show. They end by reminding listeners about their daily newsletter and various sponsor links.


Tommy Koops full of force to be reckoned with. They own a mission too ago but it’s deep with smell oh, yeah. Truth, my fear, they got it going on searching for the truth, they won’t stop till it’s known. Ooh, the Illuminati better watch their backs. The truth moppies coming from. Yeah, that’s a fact. True popia. The warriors alive fighting in the shadows they won’t go down without a fight uniting we stand together we rise against the powers to be exposing their lives truth mafia the warriors of life fighting in the shadows they won’t go down without a fight united we stand together we rise against the powers to be exposing their lives.

Truth mafia. Welcome to another episode of Truth Mafia News, with your host, Tommy Truthful, and my co host, my father, Papa Truthful. What’s up, pops? What’s up, son? What’s up, brothers and sisters? I hope you’re all having a wonderful and blessed day. Yeah, we got an exciting episode today. So we. We got. I’m just going to brush on the topics real quick. We. And then we’ll come back to it. We got these wildfires in Mexico burning out of control, and they’re in the evacuation. They’re sending everybody to Roswell. You know, that area was famous for the whole alien connection.

And Roswell, the alien stuff popped up there right after Jack Parsons, who was a rocket scientist, he did this ritual called the Babylon workings, and he opened some interdimensional gateway to create some sort of a moon child that was. Would be birthed in the astral plane. So right after he does that, Alastair Crowley dies. Who was the protege? Jack Parsons was the protege of Alastair Curly and carried on his amelantra teachings, right? Which the clips that we just had recently, them days right there, the 8th, 9th, and 10th, was the three days that Crowley was reaching out to this entity named lamb that.

That looks very much like a gray alien. So we have the wildfires burning. We had Justin Timberlake recently, were less arrested on the 18th donut. Did a little breakdown on it. You know, it’s a form of meme magic. And this was a major meme that went viral. The guy to the left there, he was some dude that was locked up. That all. I mean, his picture went so crazy viral with women, which shows how messed up society really is, because, you know, it’s a guy getting out of prison, and all these women are wanting to date him.

I mean, our society is just so crazy now, but this fire that’s taking place. Dad, what do you think about this going on over there in New Mexico? Have you ever been to New Mexico, pops? Well, we drove through New Mexico when we came from California back to Texas. So it’s quite interesting place, but I’ve never been there to visit, like, to stay and, you know, to visit the place, but it’s interesting that that’s going on. You know, all these different fires all have a reason and, you know, a goal to accomplish. That’s for sure. Right.

I mean, there’s no doubt about it. I. What do you think this one is, son? What do you think the goal of this fire is? Well, my. I personally believe that they’re trying to get, you notice all these weather anomalies and all the fires are hitting, especially people, like, in the country. So Texas got hit real hard in the rural areas. Oklahoma got hit real hard in the rural areas. And these are all the areas that they want to get us out of, pops, to get us into their, you know, 15 minutes smart cities. And just think about it from their perspective.

If you was in charge of creating these smart cities in the smart grid, you could tear everything down, right? Which is going to cost you trillions of dollars to do that, to roll out your new smart grid. Or you could just have a bunch of fires burn shit down. Oh, yeah. Then you come in, you get the land for pennies on the dollar. You scoop up everything for a very, very low thing. One thing. Some. We didn’t say, hey, everybody, share, share, share this all over the Internet. Let’s get these numbers up nice and high. We got some great information.

Also, we’re going to be releasing to you towards the probably middle third part of this situation on something that I call him TJ. That’s my son. But Tommy truthful and I have been working with for about. Since October, November of last year, and we’re going to talk about that today. But, you know, these fires are for a purpose. You know, they either want to drive people somewhere or they want to grab the land and dirt cheap and start that. You know, that most of these fires, I think they’re hitting it from, you know, the laser. You see a lot of these lasers coming down? Oh, yeah, dude, they got a new one now, pops.

It’s called dragon Fire. So they got. Yeah, dude, they. It really came out in 2017, so. But they. They really released it to the public in a big push, 2023. Right. And if, you know, if you really study the occult, they have to tell you what they’re going to do before they do it, it’s some form of universal law. They, they believe it frees them karmically. If they. It’s like if I had a soda that I put a poison ingredient in and you. And I sell that soda to you, but on the can of the soda, it says, you know, poison ingredient, you’ll die if you drink this.

Then you really committed suicide. Right. Because you already were forewarned of it, and that’s the way they work soon. You know, we were talking about earlier, you know, about the food supply in this country, right? So, you know, there’s a lot of fires that been going on this Roswell file. We’ll get more into it, but there’s been a lot of fires going on with different farms, right? Just. Oh, you’re right. Different food production situations. Like, boom, this stuff just goes up. So. Member Jim? Member Jim Belushi? You know, Dan Aykroyd paid the movie with his, his, his brother, I think.

John Belushi. Correct me if I’m wrong, brothers and sisters, but I think Jim Belushi, he create, he, you know, he grows weed, right? He grows medical marijuana, right? And so he thought somebody hit his barn with some kind of weapon, but it ended up being actually the electric cart. The electric cart that they drive around on the property. Yeah. Caught on fire and burned the whole damn thing down. But there’s a lot of these food manufacturers that have been a burn to the ground, too. And some of it’s been arson, but some of it, you know, they can’t explain it.

Look at what happened in Hawaii. You know, all of a sudden the blue roofs are okay. Everybody didn’t have a blue roof. They’re burned to the ground, but trees are still stained. Oh, and pops, check this out. So that happened on eight eight, right. During the Lionsgate portal, which me and you know, that’s a prime time for energy, um, exchanges. They’d love to do energetic rituals during this time because they’re harvesting that loose energy in on eight eight in the 808 area code. The fire pops off in Maui, home of the 808. So, you know, um, it’s just like you.

You got to be kind of crazy not to see it. Well, more into this. Roswell, we know that’s where they were doing all the, you know, they found those UFO’s that were doing testing over there. They have a lot of stuff, you know, whether it’s, you know, in the mountain, underground. I mean, there’s so many freaking underground cities, you know, all over the world. And I know some people say some of them been taken out. Look, I’m sure some have. I’m sure a lot haven’t. I’m sure there’s a lot still there. Right? And because these things have been being built for thousands of years.

Thousands of years. You know, it’s funny, some people think that we’re where this world had been around six, 6000 years, but yet we’ve been around way longer than that. And they found. And by the way, nuclear bombs have been used on this planet before. Have been used on this planet before. They found a city 65ft underground over in India, that was dated back. Ridiculous amount of time back, that was obliviated by a nuclear bomb. Sodom and Gomorrah was another city that potentially could have been devastated by a nuclear bomb, by maybe angelic beings, not from the reptilian side of the equation, but that city.

There’s so much stuff going on. What we’re seeing here on planet Earth with the Russians and, you know, being next to Cuba right off of Florida, and just, you know, the United States, the whole system is just ready to fall apart. I mean, you look at these numbers, the financial numbers of the country. My God, get out of the freaking retirement funds. Get out of the healthcare system, for God’s sakes. That’s 3 trillion plus right there. They’ve already robbed all of that. Right? They robbed those accounts. Then you got another trillion in debt. Then you got another almost trillion.

880. Some thousand. Because we’re the. We’re the force to go take everybody’s shit. Excuse my french. Around the world. Right? Around the world, we just steal everybody’s shit. You know, like, we don’t like what you’re doing, we’re gonna come take your stuff, we’re gonna take your oil, we’re gonna take your natural resources. If all you want to put your currency on gold and gold. No, no. We’re killing you and we’re taking all your shit. We’re putting terrorists in there. We’re gonna get it all crazy. I mean, it is a sad thing that the United States is known for all the bad things, you know, being number one at the bad things.

And then when it comes to education or anything like that, we’re at the bottom of the list. Another thing today we were discussing earlier on the mastermind was about that most people are suffocating, that they’re not breathing through their nose and out their mouth with their stomach. Like you would take one of those fans. So they’re suffocating also in your environment. And I just, you know, when we were talking about this brother Jared was talking about. It made a lot of sense to me because, you know, son, I breathe. I take a lot of stuff to improve myself.

You know, to get my mind, you know, I’m working on continuing to lose weight. I lose weight in Dominican Republic. I lose it just based on doing the same amount of activity I’m doing. And then when I come back to the United States and I start eating this garbage over here, even though it says organic, you know, with the bananas bending like rubber, I gain it back. I gained it back. It’s just amazing, you know, what’s going on with that aspect of it. But I want to tell everybody. And then we’ll get back to the Roslyn fires.

And you know, I’ve been saying this to you son, too, and, you know, I know your mom and them are preparing, but make sure all you look, the light wins, the creator wins. And of story, wouldn’t you agree, son? You know, dad, what you just talked about, um, with us suffocating, I want to show you this slide. There was a slide that came out a couple years ago that talked about this alien agenda where they were slowly, like, that’s what they were doing. Using some type of asphyxiation. Shit, excuse my language. And it was slowly killing us.

And by 2029, that’s the year I think that Apophis comic comes. That’s when they’re supposed to make their final move. So there was already like this whole conspiracy out there about a rep Draco alien. That’s the breed of this alien. It’s. It’s a reptile Drake draconian. So. Well, they don’t teach you how to breathe, right? And then we don’t have plants. We’re cutting down all our trees. And in the school rooms, by the way, they say that the average good air quality right in a room is say, 500. I’m not saying, I’m using this as an example.

Okay? And say that like, you know, anything over that is getting worse, worse, worse and worse and worse. Well, they’ve measured it in the classrooms with our children. And this is an example. There’s a device they use, and it was like a 1200. And that’s an example from a five to a twelve, meaning an at twelve or, I’m sorry, it was 1200. That it affects their ability to learn by 50%. They went into the schools and it was 1500. Okay, so we are literally suffocating to death. They, they are, they’re literally get. Most people don’t breathe through the fire.

And out through the water and pump the stomach and take in the air and then hold it for a few seconds, breathe it out. You know, if you want to build that energy, you want to build. Some people call Chi, you know, the life force, the God we live within. God we live. God lives within us. But the energy, like, I was looking around, and you all can see, this is my upstairs office here. I have no plants. I have no plants. So I’m thinking I got to get some plants this week, because what is my.

What is my room? You know? What is my room? You know, what is this? Maybe I’m like, who knows? And so we all have to be really conscious of our, you know, area, because when I was listening to, you know, Jared, I talked to people about proper breathing. But when I was listening to him about this testing that went on and that you’re breathing back in this, you know, instead of oxygen, CO2. And it really is affecting your entire system, including your energy body, because you’re not getting the proper oxygen to any of the cells or the organs or anything.

And, you know, that is a big problem. And by the way, that is a. You know, that’s the way that these people want that to be. The Reptilians, they say. So this. This. This is talking about. They’re in a deep underground secret base by dulce, New Mexico, the US government. NSA, secret black op, 47 levels above top secret. I don’t even know if that’s a thing. But sold us out, these aliens, in exchange for their technology. So there’s like. There’s like, this whole human trafficking breeding program going on with these entities. And, you know, some people think of them as, like, the fallen, right? Or they aliens.

I don’t think they’re from another star system. Like, that’s explained to us. I think they’re interdimensional. But they have fully enslaved us through their technology. Right? We. I mean, it’s all their technology. All this technology, just. Just like that, uh, thing that’s taking place right now in, um, New Mexico. If you look at the longitude and latitude, you see we get the number 34 starting there with the first number, right? And what’s 34? Just looking at the number 34. Well, we know that’s tied to their alien agenda and tethered all this technology being tethered to them, the Archons, or this AI consciousness that they’re using to enslave humanity.

So we touched that last time a little bit when we did the one about evil and CERN, right? Oh, yeah, that was. Those are some awesome images that you got going on there, son. What do you think? Brothers and sisters? Those are some. You’re making all of that with the AI, correct? Oh, yeah, yeah. I make little AI. I mean, I do this, I make the back part with the AI, and then I build on it. You know, I put all those slides, like, the information on it. I create the base with a. I mean, dude, what you can do now with AI is so unreal, pops.

Well, you know, son, remember we’re talking about that we’re working on getting a guest on. Oh, it talks about the eight now, you know, that talks about the AI, basically, that’s been gobbling up worlds and galaxies, humanity, galaxies, worlds and our. I think it was our first show or our second show when you and I were talking. Now, remember, AI is, if this gentleman is correct, and I’m on with him, you know, always creator willing tomorrow, because I want to bring him on our show and let him. He’s written two books, I think I showed him before, and a young brother like my son here, and he’s got a great, great, you know, information to put out there.

And, you know, again, when you get information, whether it’s from me or my son or anyone, you know, continue to build your relationship with the creator. Give the time that’s necessary to get the discernment that you need. You know, that feeling, and you’ll be able to decipher what’s, what is real and what is not real. You know, and if it might all be real, you know what I mean? Who knows? But at the end of the day, we’re going to get into that AI conversation. TJ, that’ll be awesome, dad. Because this whole tethered thing, it ties into the AI, take over their smart cities, their smart grid.

And, you know, I teach this all the time. Every like letter, every number, it holds an energy of frequency, colors. So, you know, they’re charging up certain energies. Just like when I look at the longitude and latitude of the location where these fires are taking place. And, guys, let’s not forget everybody in the comments. What did I tell you back in April when me and Donut did that show, what to look out for was fires. I said, this will be the worst year of fires we’ve ever seen. And, you know, we’re already off to a great start.

They did a shooting ritual exactly 41 days after the eclipse. Remember, we had the fires start in Texas 41 days before the eclipse. And then 2017, we have the Las Vegas shooting 41 days after it. So I knew there would be something 41 days after it this year, which there was some type of shooting event. They’re gonna keep pushing the shooting ones, guys, because they’re trying to take our weapons. That’s, that’s what’s behind that whole agenda to get they at the end of the day. And I, you know, son, I was talking about this to you earlier, and I first want to say something about, you know, son, you know, how you used to have the healing music frequency videos on your site? You know, we’re going to.

And by the way, my son is involved with me not only, you know, with what we’re doing with truth mafia, but what the whole thing that we’re doing. And we’re going to get into some of the solutions that we’re involved in to actually take this, this country back here in the United States, which will help take the world back, get rid of these demonic, draconian, reptilian pieces of garbage. And with the creator, of course, you know, empowering a lot of what you would call the sons and daughters of God, you know, the people that are focusing again on relationship and really getting involved in putting the time in and what it takes to make it happen.

I have to be very careful now at this point of my journey to think about or want think about something too strongly because I’m. It manifests. Yeah, it manifests. And it’s only going to get bigger for people that are walking down that path that the creator has put out for them. But the healingfrequency music, calm link, I’m going to share that in a little bit. You all can go there and play it. I was on with a gentleman, brother Ryan today. He said he’s been listening it for two weeks, son. Two weeks. He said it just transformed things.

And again, you got to put. I heard one sister here said that she had 125 plants right here. 100 earth, earth skin, sister, earth skin there. I have a hundred over 125 plants in my house. My kids hardly get sick, and I was looking through my house, I got a freaking plant. Do you have any plants in your house? No, I don’t. Well, yeah, I do, but they’re the kind you roll up and blaze, you know? Well, yeah, I know that, but I’m just saying, um, not one. No. But dad, you know, I live in a legal state where I can grow a certain amount.

Well, that’s good. That takes in the CO2, you know, so that you have plants in your house. I have nothing in my house. And how many brothers and sisters do have plants or don’t have plants in their house. Just put a one if you have plants and a two if you have no plants in the comments. Yeah, one of you have plants, two if you have no plants, because we are live, guys, I seen a couple of y’all asking that, yes, we are live. And censorship has really ramped up. So when you watch this after they’re doing something that it’s not allowing you to get a notification or something because a lot of people are telling me after the fact that, you know, they didn’t get no notification or whatever the case may be.

I also found out yesterday, Facebook, I was sharing directly from my website and the post was just disappearing. It was just going away. So, you know, me and dad think we figured out some ways around that stuff, but we’re battling with this type of stuff every day, guys, trying to get the information out and, well, and we’re building a huge, huge pay. I mean, my patriots network and truth mafia are the biggest brands within what my son and I are doing. Okay? But we’re now bringing in to this whole network a whole bunch of patriot influencers that we, with our collaboration with sovereign radio and CSPOA and MPN, and we’re going to have a huge ability to get more word out there and also give brothers and sisters that have something to say that is going to help the people in the planet.

They got a solution to be able to have a way to get it out. And, you know, we’ve been working hard on that also. So I didn’t even tell you this, and I want to tell you this now on live here is I’m going to be working with some people that are working on the alternative to this current Internet. Okay? Because if they black out the Internet, then you know what I’m saying? So there is an old. There is an alternative that is operational and is being tested and some things are going on and I’ve been invited to get involved in that based on, you know, that I’ve been on, you know, the Internet doing business since 19.

What is it, son? I mean, you were, you were a youngster when I started, you know, doing business online. I think it was 95. You definitely been doing it for a long time. And I always wondered, dad, why we don’t do that? Like, why we can’t just build our own Internet? Well, there’s some people doing it that are, that are up. Listen, there’s a lot of people that have wealth that don’t want this, that don’t want this evil, that don’t want this bad. Stuff that wants people to have, you know, the necessities, you know, again, there’s some things I don’t believe that should be profit.

I don’t believe that electricity, energy should be a profit source. I don’t believe that water should be a profit source. Sorry. I don’t believe that. I believe that people should be able to get a house a lot easier. I believe that all of these necessity. I believe the healthcare needs to be more of a nonprofit. Not that you don’t reward the health people, but they get rewarded based on how well are your patients, not how many drugs you prescribe to them or how many, you know, you know, whatever else you give them that does the completely opposite of wellness.

Right? Of wellness. And so, you know, we have a lot of work to do. We got a lot of work to do. Brothers and sisters and my son and I are going to be talking about the community and everything that will be the free community. We’ll be talking about that either next week or right, the week of the 4 July Independence Day. And we’re going to be bringing that out to everybody. So make sure that you start sharing that we’re having this show and we’re going to start getting this show out to more people. I haven’t emailed this show out, not once.

But we’re going to start doing it because we’re going to bring more and more information to the table, to the public of things that you need to do and how we’re going to get through this together. And by declaring and decreeing as the sons and daughters of the most high and preparing and getting involved in solutions and not hiding under the couch. Yeah, yeah, it doesn’t help. Hey, and speaking of the news, dad, did you see this story, bro? So now FEMA opens to, they got this new thing now where it’s legal for them to recognize extreme heat as major disasters.

That they’re not gonna categorize them as major disasters, correct. No, that extreme heat, they can recognize them as extreme major disasters. So they’re causing the. The whole global warming shit. And now they’re, you know, look, guys, the new green is the new red. Them are the. The communists. It is. It’s the. The new freaking communist movement. This whole green thing. But for them to put up their smart grids, their smart cities, you know, this is trillions of dollars going into this stuff. And now FEMA has this where they can declare a federal emergency, you know, for it being too hot outside.

Well, then they can clamp down on everything, right? They clamp down on everything and do whatever they want to do to the people. But at the end of the day, the light is winning and it’s going to continue to win. And even though some people might leave this planet and there will be a lot of people that unfortunately are going to leave this planet, there is no death, so there’s nothing to fear because you’re eternal, your spirit is eternal. So even if we lose casualties of war here, as we’re working on grabbing, putting this planet into heaven, on earth for our children and our grandchildren, I mean, I’m not going to get into something that’s going to get us in trouble here.

But my God, what’s going on with the children? And that’s all I’m going to say from suffocating them in the school system. Is there plants in these classrooms, you know, where if they’re, they’re at a 1500 but a 1200 cuts their learning capabilities down 50% and you walk, wonder why you see some of these people running around looking like, who knows what they’re looking like. I got to be careful. But it is an embarrassment. It is a disgrace of how, you know. And we all sat by the people of the light, the people of that love God and love people and want good for people, want people to be able to raise their family and make a living and give to their community and all work together and love each other.

Those type of people, we sat idly by and allowed them to take over every single freaking system that we’ve got, every pillar of society they have taken over. But there is things happening that are work. The creators working through people like always happens to. To get all those things back. But it ain’t like you’re going to get it back easily, okay? I mean, it’s not like it’s going to happen overnight and there’s going to be a lot of fires and a lot of tribulation that everybody’s got to walk through and trials. But at the end of it, you know, my goal is at 59 years young, before I leave this planet, before I finish accomplishing what the creator brought me back here for and what I agreed to do that I don’t remember 100%.

It’s coming back clearly or clearer as my, you know, the spiritual connection gets stronger and stronger. I would like to see my TJ and my children, other children and my grandchildren, all you folks and their children and, you know, all of our other generations having an opportunity to have, you know, have a wonderful world left behind. Not like again, I believe it’s going to split into heaven and earth and hell on earth. But again, we got to focus on the things going to help bring heaven on earth so that we can leave, you know, when we go to the higher dimension, when we move up where we’ve left the people in that third dimension or fourth or wherever.

It’s a better place. It’s a better place than it is now. And, you know, son, I mean, you got. I go through some of the stuff. You got great stuff on truth mafia. I mean, just amazing stuff to wake people up. And I can’t wait to have. It’s always God’s will, God’s way. But if this gentleman comes on, he’s been on some big shows now, and we’ve been corresponding back and forth, and I think that his perspective will give you all some more information. A lot of stuff lines up with, you know, some of the things that my son’s talking about.

For sure, you know, for sure. A lot of it lines up with things that I’ve studied and, you know, the historical text and scriptures, right. Of different religions, all right. And different books and, you know, going. And actually not saying, you know, I was raised in a household, and, you know, this son where I had the iron fist, you know, I’m the first year of Generation X. Generation X, we drank out of garden hoses. We slide down metal. Freaking steel slides. Y’all didn’t know about the reptilian aliens when you was a kid yet, did you? No, no, they didn’t talk about that.

But we had. We were living with the reptilian parents who beat us with belts that punched us, knocked us out, you know what I mean? That will leave us by ourselves forever. That we drink water hose, we banged up, we fall, bang, no baby and no, none of that. We were raised that way. Okay, but it’s interesting. Gen X, right? Gen X also, you know, so it’s interesting. There’s a lot of people out there, and I was telling my son earlier, you know, Gen X and the baby boomers, you know, there’s a lot of patriotic people, those generations.

But I. My declaration and my prayer to whatever you want to say, my conversation with God, my thanks to him, is that we get the millennials and also generation Z to love their fellow brothers and sisters, to love their country, to make it better, to learn from the bad that’s happened and make it good and make it good for everybody, and then spread that around the world, right? How many here is, you know, what do you want to give a number for being a patriot? TJ. Versus, you know, it. Put, put your, what you are as far as your.

What generation are you? Baby boomer, Generation X, millennial, whatever. And then are you a patriot? Put one for yes and two for no. Because I’m interested in finding out how many, you know, that I’m meeting a lot of spiritual patriots out there. I’m meeting a lot of spiritual patriots out there. And I believe the spiritual patriots because you need spiritual strength and fortitude, and that’s a weapon of war that’s going on right now in the freaking four and 5D that you don’t, most people don’t even understand. Okay? But we also need the patriot that is going to help put this thing together, rebuild this thing, because everything’s got to come down.

I mean, the healthcare system is a piece of garbage. The federal government, you know, let’s just flush them down the toilet. We don’t need anything from them. Nothing. We need them to just go away. Go away. We got the states, we got the local, we killed our communities. We grow our own food. We go localized like we used to be. We can. We can do this the right way. We don’t need to be involved with these satanic, reptilian pieces of garbage which is now losing a hold on the money supply because the big old dollar that you can print is falling apart.

Dude, in patriot is 36 in reduction. So when I do them decodes that I do on people, the neo code, the one connected to that 36 number, and it’s. It’s a very powerful group of first player characters within that demographic. Dude, I think, honestly, dad, there’s only about between 144,100, 60,000 actual first player characters that are actually conscious and in control of their own reality. Some more than others. Some are still pretty asleep, still. They don’t really understand manifestation. They don’t understand that they are the key. They can control and manipulate their reality. You know, some are better at doing that, but that’s all tied to the number 36.

And in Judaism, they believe every generation that there are 36 righteous men and women born that play a role in saving the world. And then you have a lot of connections to, like telekinesis is 36. There’s a lot of connections to them type of abilities with that code. So that’s what’s known as the, the neo code 36, right? Which is patriots. So it’s interesting, you know, because again, I’ll give everybody, you know, my journey was that with this whole thing is, I’m a patriot. My son knows I love this country, and I love people. And, you know, that’s been pretty much the way I’ve been my life.

But, you know, as I’ve been the guy that really wasn’t building anything patriotic related, I was just, you know, doing business online. Building sites and conversion sales, no traffic leads and sales, growing network building lists and perfecting follow up. And I came into this patriotic thing. It was, you know, on, onto where my patriots network came to be because divine creator put me there, gave me the names, get everything. What did we really do? Pop sold dog. We, we messed with dogs our whole life. And then you were the first person to ever even do that online the way doing it, you know.

So yeah, we got a lot of publicity back in the day and we dominated it over, all over the Internet. But it taught me, you know, to be able to do these things. And what we’re going to get ready to launch here on the 4 July for all of you brothers and sisters and TJ and I will be talking about it that week and we’ll bring it to your attention. First is something that’s going to help us all to get together and get into an area in case we, we don’t want to, you know, something happens to like, you know, YouTube or whatever.

We all still want to be able to communicate and be able to do it in a platform where we’re not going to be, you know, restricted to say what we want to say. And we’ve been working on that platform and we’re going to be launching that whole thing. Our goal is on, you know, July 4, okay. And really working hard on bringing the patriotic community, spiritual patriotic community from every generation together. And, you know, whether you call it praying or declaring or decreeing or thanking or whatever you call your conversation with the most high, making sure that we’re doing that and on for specific things and shutting down the darkness.

Man, brothers and sisters, we can do it. We have power to do that. They have people, a handful of people that go into cities and they’re meditators, professional meditators, and they meditate for weeks and weeks there and the crime drops with a handful of people. Imagine with tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of people, patriots coming together, not fighting over the minutiae. Well, my religion is better than your religion. My politics is better than your politics. My sports team is better than your sports team. Idolizing all these freaking human beings, getting all that hogwash out of the way and focusing on what is really needed right now.

And it isn’t a bunch of fighting over things that really don’t matter. And where you think we’ve been lied to about everything else. We’ve been lied to about everything. Everything for control. And they create all these other things to divide us so that we don’t come together and unite because it can’t handle us uniting. I’m working on a video right now, pops, about lost Tartarly, lost tartarian technology that they’ve tried to suppress. And that was through the last global reset that we went through. Because we go through these global resets, right? It’s been happened many times.

I think that at one time, you know, based on what this young man’s telling, saying, and, you know, the books that, you know, that he’s been, you know, writing, he’s got two of them. I’m through almost the first one. But we used to be a level two civilization. Now we’re a zero, right? On this planet, we used to have a level two civilization where we could go through the portals, the stargates, and travel, all of that and all the stuff. Healing machines, everything like that. We used to be that way with it. We used to be that way.

And then, you know, we’re not. Now we’re back. A lot of people say that is because of this parasite that got into the AI. It’s like a mind parasite. And that’s them Archon entities that are, you know, messing with humanity. And they. They act very much like a parasitic entity. They cannot serve. They can’t create nothing, first of all. They can only take something that’s already created and manipulated that. So they can take. They’re really good at taking like something like religion, right? That it’s all outlined. Then they can take that religion and manipulate it four or five times and create a new religion built on that.

That’s completely false. But they build it on something that was real. But they just manipulate it. They don’t. They don’t have what we have where we can create what’s in our mind. We can take it and turn it into a reality, right? Because we have that. That we were given from the source. Well, yeah, we have. We, once we are activated, fully activated. And, you know, our frequency is at a certain level, right. When Christ came and he. And he did, went through what all. There’s a lot of stuff that they don’t tell you that Christ did.

But when, you know, like where’s his books from, the Essenes? Why did they not put the gnostic text in? Why did they kill the Essenes of the agnostics? A lot of stuff, right? But you know, when he brought that physical biological body and that spiritual light body together and some people call it golden body or whatever, where it could just increase its frequency to wherever dimension it wanted to go and it would appear, right? Boom. That’s how white people said, oh, Christ walked through walls. Well, he increased his frequency. And of course, you can walk through those walls and do all of those things.

It’s. I got to tell you something. It’s so important to make sure that you’re keeping your frequency high. I just shared the link with you. I don’t know if I’m coming out as Tommy truthful for some reason. Tommy, son, I come out with you when I share a link. Oh, do you? Why? I don’t know. But that is the healing frequency music channel, where you can listen and play, you know, that music in your environment, you’ll see a lot of, you know, it’ll feel good for you. Like brother Ryan. Scene. We had so many testimonials on our YouTube channel until they freaking.

The guy that we worked on with that he just shut the channel down. But we still have the Facebook page, and I’ll be. I have the rights to all of those videos. I was given the rights to those when we were doing the project. So I will be putting all those back up on the YouTube channel. Or, son, we could create even on the site, you got to put them links in the description. I just got two videos taken down, and I didn’t know what for. And it was for that that you can’t share links when we’re okay, so should I delete that? Yeah, get that out of there.

They just took two of my things down for that. And I was wondering, I’m like, I don’t share links in the chat no more. I used to do well, no, I mean, in the beginning, we share it with the truth mafia dot t truth tv thing. So I thought that. That, yeah, we should be fine, and. But it, um. I don’t know. They keep hitting me for spam on it, so. That’s ridiculous. It’s so ridiculous. Like, other people could do it, but, you know, in what one’s pinned. What comment do they have pinned? I can’t see.

I want the one pin that has a. Sends everybody to our newsletter. That way they can. I don’t know. We can. I’ll look at that when we’re done. But it’s, you know, it’s a shame that they’re doing that, but that’s why we need to, you know, gather everybody together in an area where we can do live broadcast, we can do chat. Live chat. We can do all of that without having, you know, censorship. We can share what we want to share. We can say what we want to say without having censorship. And our brothers and sisters can do the same without having censorship.

And that’s what we’re going to be bringing to you on July 4. So, yeah, it’s ridiculous what they do now, man. And, you know, was. Was. Was Justin Timberlake the one that turned into a reptilian? Or was that the little dude? What was his name? There’s another dude that very famous. Not Justin Timberlake. I forget his name. Or it might have been Justin Timberlake. Guys, is Justin Timberlake the one that was shape shifting at the. At the court and the judge. Remember that video that went viral? I don’t know if it was Justin, though, but, yeah, this whole thing being connected to that meme that went viral.

Shout out to donut for connection that, because meme magic is a very real thing, just like sigil magic or manifestation magic. There. There’s a form of magic that is tied to these memes that go viral. And it’s been around forever. I mean, we can see. We can see it in the egyptian culture on the walls. Well, unfortunately, a lot of these people that are famous like this, not all of them, but a big them, have basically give up their. Their, you know, their life. They. They worship Lucifer. You know, they worship, you know, right, Satan. And they do a lot of evil shit and they get caught up in where they got.

They get set up and all that kind of stuff that goes on and then they own them. And it is crazy is going on with them. Brother Donut. What’s up, donut? And so it. That. So dad, that guy, the other one was not. It was Bieber. Justin Bieber. I get that. But I remember this guy Jeremy meets when he went viral. I mean, that was beyond viral. Donut. How many views did that mean get? Because it was crazy. Like, every woman in the world shared that meme. And, you know, now there’s shit. It’s the same thing they’re doing what? Our boy Justin.

What did Justin even really go for? I think it was something linked to driving. Drunk driving or something. Yeah, something like the driving. Yeah, he. You know, look, it’s interesting where we’re at right now as a human race. We really are. I think that you’re going to see a lot of stuff, son. You got more. Any more slides you want to show that we want to go through? No, I mean, the only other one I didn’t touch on was this girl that died, 32 years old, this country singer. She was out of Chile. And the only reason I’m looking at her, guys, is because we had that whole chilly fire which they thought their city was burnt with direct energy weapons, too.

So, yeah, this is a recent girl that died at age 32. So I’ll be looking into her coming up in the furthest lot of deaths happening right now. A lot. Why? We know what they. A lot of these increases, I mean, you’re talking increases across the board. We know where all that came from. We don’t want to say it because we don’t want to get in trouble because, you know, all, you know, you can only say so much on, on Facebook now, again, on Rumble, we can say what we want. And, you know, there will be shows that we will be doing in the near future.

As you get into this community that will have different events that will be, you know, specifically broadcasting on Rumble. But then after the events over, it will be edited or chopped up in segmentations and then, you know, create like an infomercial for that particular event. And then we’ll put them on all these other platforms that have a problem. You know, there’s a way to do this that you can try to, you know, my son’s the, the, he’s the. He’s the master at rebuilding channels. Oh yeah, the master every building, Facebook pages. The master of rebuilding YouTube channels.

I told him I want to get him on the mastermind webinars and let him show people how he was bringing in the amount of people. I mean, there was another. A couple, a couple months ago, we had almost 4.5 million reach on Truth Mafia’s Facebook page. And so, you know, people with. And that’s with no money. That’s with not even spending a dime. That’s all organic, you know, traffic. And that’s not something that a lot of people can do, you know. Again, I think the content that’s coming out of truth mafia is really good content and that people are resonating with it.

But we’re getting ready to step everything up to the next level because we all have to step up to the next level. I’ve got a parasite brochure that also will be in this. We’re going to have a lot of different download PDF’s and stuff in the community where, you know, we’re all. If we, you know, we worm our dogs, we worm our cats, we worm our horses, we worm our cattle, we worm our pigs, we worm our rabbits. We worm everything. Except most people don’t worm ourselves. Yeah. And we are not doctors, so we cannot give you medical advice.

No, no, we’re not doctors, but we’re full of worms. So you got in this. In this freaking PDF, it will show you just normal stuff that you can get at Amazon. We’re not doctors. Again, not giving any, you know, any medical device, but you’re full of worms, just like everybody, unless you’re worming, you know, but also, we’re looking at frequency that should be because that will really. Yeah, we’re looking at frequencies to kill all the parasites, the. The negative parasites in the body. So we’re going to be talking about that in the future and bringing, you know, solutions that can help people maintain a parasite free body.

Because when you’ve got parasites, what are they doing? Well, they’re eating your nutrition. You know, they’re not letting you gather that. And brother Zach said he’s been. I tell. I don’t want to say you take dog worming tablets, so wolf. Wolf to you, too. But, you know, brother Zach saying something about, we use a dewormer twice a year for hundreds of years, and it stopped. Yeah, we used to you it use it. Isn’t that interesting? We used to do deworming in, you know, the people of this country. And it stopped in the fifties, just like we stopped using hemp trees.

Are we gonna talk about that stuff? That helped me? Yeah, yeah. Let me. Yeah, I want to show something real quick, and I got to be careful. Okay. But I’m going to flat. I want to show it. Every problem that you have. Yeah, this stuff is amazing. Every problem that you have comes from the energy body. It starts in the energy body and then goes into the biological, right? Pretty much. That’s how it works. Let me see if I got it. I want to pull that. I’m just gonna show them a before and after picture. Yeah, but let’s not get ourself in trouble, because they don’t want this out anywhere.

They don’t want this out anywhere because not only does it deal with what it dealt for you, but it deals with M. I can’t even say it. Okay. Look at my leg there, guys. It looks so, like, disgusting. And that all came from. It started as a spider bite that got infected due to my diabetes. I mean, I just went down a crazy rabbit hole to where I ended up with. It looked like this on the picture on the left. And then three days after treatment was the first time that weird fungus looking stuff came off my leg.

So I thought, we can’t tell you what else it’s done, you know, for him. It’s been a lot and, you know, say what it’s done for me. Like, you know, I don’t know if Facebook will even let you do that. But, I mean, anyways, I’m not going to say it’s done this for me, but since I started taking it, my blood pressure is lower, and I was taking a high blood pressure, I think a couple more weeks of taking that, maybe a month. I’m looking to try to get off that blood pressure, which, you know, dad, it involves the way we eat, too.

You got to eat clean. Well, you eat garbage. You, no matter where you buy organic here in the United States or not, it’s still mostly garbage. We got to start growing our own food. We got to start getting together and putting these community gardens together all over the United States and getting brothers and sisters to come together. I don’t care if you have to grow it in a freaking building, you got to grow it outside. I mean, you know, the great thing about the Dominican Republic, I can grow all year round down there. And let me tell you a little secret with the soda industry guys, have you noticed all the soda in the world took out.

Well, here in the United States for sure, took out the cane sugar and put in this corn syrup, which makes our body swell. It’s terrible for you, this corn syrup, but it’s in all the sodas. Well, it used to be cane sugar, this element. That’s what it was found in cane sugar. So it’s funny that they took cane sugar out of everything. Yeah. Well, you know, again, this company, I’ve been working with them since October. I don’t usually work with companies that I don’t have a piece of the action. I don’t have a piece of the action here.

But Scotty Sachs, who is. Put me. Get your, get your beautiful leg off the sun screens. Put me back up on the screen real quick. Okay. So my brother, Scotty Sachs, who is involved with sovereign radio, and now I’m one of the partners, the team and I. And again, TJ is my son, so he’s a part of what we’re doing. And so he came to me back last year in the third quarter, and he said to me, Jimmy, can you help me with this company? Because they have that nanosoma product, which, by the way, is made in a certain way that it penetrates better than the other ones out there.

So it gets into where it needs to go. And that I said well look man, I said I’ll help you with the funnel because you’re my friend and we’re doing this business with sovereign radio to build out, you know, the radio show to syndicate it and to build out this whole huge Patriot influencer network and put Patriot business owners together and Patriot brothers and sisters together to do the things that we’re talking about. I said but you know, I got to try the product and if, if it don’t work I don’t even want anything to do with it because I got to tell you, my team and I, we can sell anything but we don’t sell everything isn’t good for the people in the planet.

I don’t want to get involved in it. And I’ve been on this stuff since October and we’ve been now rebuilding the sites. We rebuilding all that. There’s a, there’s a link in the, in the description. I want my forward slash truth mafia. That’s TJ’s link. You know, click on that if you want to look around and there’s some videos we’ll be posting that page that you can look at and all of that and really dig into what’s going on here. But let me show you why this is going on in my opinion. And you know, I’m, I’m seeing, you know, my, my team and I, we send out their emails.

We see the testimonial I had them, they had to go through and make testimonials compliant because there was testimonials they were putting up there. You know they had, and on the PDF’s and stuff I said oh, you can’t put that up there. You know, that’s great. Hallelujah. But we can’t put that up there because they want to stop it. They’ll be coming out after us left and right with that. No doubt about it in my mind that, that that’s going to happen. But let me show you why this is happening. And we’re working on the presentation now to be compliant and I’m going to be able to give you all of the information as we, we do this.

And the whole study that was done by an after doctor here of all the, you know, the energy systems within the body and what five sprays of nanosoma of this nanosoma did and how you look at the energy body, how it’s bam bam bam bam. It’s like smash. This is not good. There’s problems, you know, again, all issues that have to do with the biological starts and the energy after five sprays, look at the energy. And I’ve got like, I think the PDF on this deal is like 2030 pages of this doctor’s report that we’re working on putting the compliant a presentation together that we can share with people so they understand.

If you work on the energy body, if you get the energy body in perfect condition, right, through stuff that you’re going to use frequencies you’re putting in. Are you doing anything? I do tai chi, dung every day. I do breathing, I do tapping, I open up all my energy portals, chakras, whatever you want to call them, I don’t care. You don’t mean. I make sure that my body, my spirit, my body and my soul are working in harmony together. Right. And you know, getting that, this stuff too. Dad has a Swiss, don’t it have a patent on it? Well it has patents all over the world on it.

Yes, it’s made in Switzerland. Yeah, yeah, it’s made. Well it. Yes. And it’s. Again there. You got to be careful with what you’re, what you buy because you know you want it to get into the, into the cell, it’s got to get, it’s got a nano part, you got to be a small particle to really work the way it does. And we’ve got Doug, Doug Dave, hat Dave. Dave, not Hagman Dave. Let me pull his thing up here on sovereign radio guys. But you know me, I’m not gonna tell you about something if I don’t believe in it myself.

And this stuff really helped me a lot. I’m still taking it, you know, and it doesn’t have no bad taste or nothing, it just tastes like water. Really. Yeah. Put me back on the screen real quick. Oh yeah. So this is the bottle of it and I also use the cream. You see, it’s right in front of my computer because I use it all the time. Yeah, that’s what I used on my leg. Or not. The cream, the gel. I’m sorry, the gel, yeah, the gel is what I used. And guys, that link is down in the description so you can click on the link, go check out the products.

I’m telling you this stuff is amazing and it takes care of all the stuff we’re getting blasted with. That’s about all I can say on that. Yeah, we can’t say any more about that. We got to be careful about it. But what we’re going to do is probably put together a private webinar that we’re going to invite everybody to with the founder who’s a 72 year young individual who’s connected to the divine creator in a big way. He’ll tell you straight up, this is not him. You know, this was brought to him, you know, from the person that put the.

Put all the patents together. All over the world, there’s patents on this thing. And we’ll, you know, be able to get into more of a depth conversation with Q and A, too. You know, that’s coming in the near future. We’re going to do that ongoing because we can hold a webinar. We got to send donut some of that stuff because I told him about it, but he deals with some things, you know. No, this, you see what it’s doing for you with all your things going on and what it did for Dave Hodgens. I mean, that dude was like, you know, getting ready to get put on oxygen.

You know what I’m saying? Now, the dudes playing basketball, okay, the dude was getting ready to be getting put on oxygen forever, meaning he had to live with the freaking. Well, you know, she would tank up your nose and stuff. And. And now the dude’s playing basketball, so. And he’s got a big channel, the common sense show. So, you know that, you know, these are some of the influencers we’re bringing on, too. But it’s called, if you go to I want my health, forward slash truth mafia. Make sure you go to my son’s link so that he makes his little commission so that he can we, you know, that’s how you pay for the channel and the team and all that stuff, right? That’s the way you do it.

By the way, we teach that, too, in the mastermind webinars. He’s got. There’s a link for a free membership down there, too, where you can get access to my training with Jack, Jared, and my team, okay? And like I said, my son is the master trainer of all rebuilding Facebook pages, rebuilding YouTube channels. I don’t know how many times he’s done it, but I hell him a lot of times based on the years that I’ve been watching him do it. And the AI is getting way better. It’s learning, dude. So, you know, it’s not working now.

So we’re, you know, you have to find new things all the time and learn new loopholes, because that AI is learning at a crazy rate, pops. It is. It is. And, you know, when we bring on, you know, if, God willing, if, you know, we bring this gentleman on, this young brother, and he starts talking to you about the AI, and what it’s been doing, it’s being eliminated, though. You know, it is being eliminated. But you had said something. You know, we’re talking about protecting yourself with EMF radiation. You know, I have a DPE system in my backyard that grounds all the electromagnetic pollution.

So I really don’t get real bad storms, even though around me there’s storms, you know, like what we got going on with Texas, we don’t get them super bad here because I got this device in my yard that grounds all this electromagnetic pollution and then also starts to repair above me, you know, way up there, by the way. Hundred, it’s about a mile and a half around, but hundreds of kilometers up. And this thing grounds all that electromagnetic pollution. And really it’s been amazing. Our plants are growing bigger. I got an agricultural DPE our plants are getting, which means defend planet Earth, and our plants are getting bigger.

You know, you know, we don’t, we sleeping really good here. It’s really helping a lot. But you got to get your environment, get your salt lamp, make sure you got plants in your office, you know, make sure that you’re maybe getting hydrogen water. Take care of yourself, get your spiritual connection at the highest level because we are going to have one hot summer. Oh, yeah, it’s going to be a real hot summer of wildfires or maybe unwildfires, we should call them. And weather like you’ve never seen before is going to be hitting this planet because the shaking is happening because we got to wake more people up.

And the only time people wake up is when they’re getting shaken. Right? I mean, think about the times in your life when were you were shaken. Did it help you wake up, connect closer to the divine when the shaking happened, usually the answer is yes. Usually when you look back and look at the things that gave you that leapfrog forward, you had to go through some kind of trial and tribulation, some kind of shaking in order to move to that next level. And the whole world is going to go through it. And again. Yeah. You know what, what this girl said here that the AI is learning about all of us utilizing mobile phones.

100%. It definitely is, dude. 100%. Understand, we, there is something demonic about the whole AI. Like, you have to consent to it. And I don’t think maybe not all AI’s are connected to that, or it could be all of them are tethered to that type of technology and that’s just what it is. But you, you know, like, guys, all these cool images I create, I create these cool images using AI or my decode boards that I make, you know, my slides, but I don’t, I never trusted it. I just use it as a tool. Well, you know, you’re getting it to get you stuff done faster, to bring a visual point across and.

But here, you know, you were talking the other day on our one show about dad is the AI. Well, the AI. Now remember, you need a lot more juice for AI. You know that, right? Yeah. What we’re doing with these computers and these chips and all that, you need a lot more power. Oh, yeah, dude. Their new advantage, Pops is 5000 freaking qubits. It started out 128 qubits. Now this advantage sells for like $15 million. And it’s quantified, it’s working in other dimensions. When you read about this shit, it’s crazy what this, what type of scenarios and simulations this thing can run? Well, no, it does.

And you need more power. So with more power, based on this system that we currently have, we get what? We get more electromagnetic pollution. What does more electromagnetic pollution do? Continues to eat the atmosphere and destabilizes the magnetic sphere. What happens if we lose the atmosphere in the magnetic sphere? Well, we’re all moving to the next dimension for some of us are coming back again into another 3d world, right, a three dimensional world. But some of us will be moving on to higher dimensions than the fifth and all that depending on where we’re at in our spiritual journey with the creator.

But yeah, you know, AI is. Is. Yeah. One person said it’s evil and it was created at CERN. And that’s where they created the whole ww at CERN by Tim Berners Lee. Right. And then the first d wave quantum computer was created by Gordie Rose where he stated, we are summoning the lovecraftian old ones. Even says this openly. And Q computer is 128. You know, CERN equals one, two, eight. Again, they created the computer at CERN. The Mandela effect is one, two, eight. And the Mandela effect is where CERN creates these parallel timelines through manipulating the time and messing with stuff, it’s creating these slight variations where in one reality, you remember the Berenstain bears, but in another reality, it’s spelled another way, you know, so almost like dark matter, right.

Which I’ll be watching tonight because another episode comes out. Oh, yeah, that last one. Did you like it? Box? It was pretty crazy. Pretty crazy, you know, but, but it is, it is. You know, if you look at, don’t think that the light forces are not using technology to like the dark forces. But when you’re at a certain level of frequency and dimension, you need nothing. You need none of this. You manifest instantly what you think. And that’s why you have to come to a certain spiritual maturity, because imagine if everybody was given the power of all the DNA, what they call junk DNA, and we were turned on and all twelve, you know, the seven chakras within the other ones without all twelve energy portals were firing on all eight cylinders each.

Do you know how powerful the being you would be? You have to be under total control of love because you could destroy things, right? Because whatever you’re thinking, you’re manifesting instantaneously. So there’s not a lot of people that are going to be able to do that, you know what I mean? Because we get mad, you know, all of us, you know, we got it. You gotta, you gotta be un, you gotta be unconditional love. Unjudgmental. Yeah. There’s people that think they can do it that probably ain’t the right people. It’s a very small amount of people that will move to that level.

Right. But then there’ll be other people that will move to, you know, other dimensions that will be able to do more and more where this technology is less and less meaningful, has less and less meaning to it. Okay. When I can communicate to you wherever you are in the universe, and I can be wherever I want in the universe based on that, or other universes and other galaxies just based on thought, they don’t have any, any need for any technology. But right now, the battle we’re here in the 3d, we got to utilize technology to our advantage, the advantage of the light, because believe me, the dark is using it.

Oh, yeah, we got to combat them. We got to combat them and we got to use it for good. And getting our, the word out of what is being said and waking more people up, waking as many people, we won’t be able to wake everybody up, but hey, the more people we wake up, the more positive energy we can add to the equation of the light. And the more positive energy we can add vibration and energy to the light, the, the more we’ll be able to transition quicker. And that’s what I’m interested. I have people that I work with that are doing things in destroying darkness that through the creator, uses people.

All through scriptures of all the different religions, the creator uses people, uses sons and daughters, and there’s darkness getting destroyed in other, you know, other, other, all the creations. I mean, it’s happening and it’s, and it’s just getting more and more. I don’t know, the time, the day, the hour, but I can tell you that this is going to be one hot summer, and it isn’t just about fires and heat. It’s about a lot of other things. So make sure everything going on right now is all going back to CERN. They’re putting all the energy into CERN.

The new trending series is all about CERN, the new trending movie. I mean, you know, they’re putting that energy into certain they have been since the great american eclipse. And, dad, during that great american eclipse, I told you there was rumors that they really made a deal with some entities, some, you know, might be reptilian, and they had a harvest, the loosh energy to be able to come over and from their dimension to our dimension. And they did that during that, that eclipse that we had. Now, one thing about magic, dad, Arthur C. Clarke, he said, any sufficient advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

So, you know, like Lemuria, they went one way, they went more towards mother Earth and living in frequency with everything, right? And that’s a magic in itself. And then you had the Lantus that went more towards the technology aspect of it, so. Right, correct. And that’s what, look what happened to Atlantis when it went through. The technology aspect of it destroyed itself, right? Yeah, it destroyed itself. And, dude, they got a whole legend about Lemuria, about a whole reptilian civilization under Lemuria. So that has been heavily connected to these reptilian entities for a long time. And if you look it up, you can find a newspaper article.

It was an actual newspaper clipping of 1934, and it says, lizard catacombs under Los Angeles, and it found all these catacombs with gold and stuff in it, and these reptilian humanoids that people are worshipping, you know, 1934 California. And this was in an actual newspaper clipping. It seems like they. They told us more back in the day than they do now, too. Maybe they were ignorant to what was really going on. I don’t know, but it’s definitely fascinating. Yeah, it’s interesting. Time to be alive. And again, I told Cindy today, my beautiful wife, your stepmom, that let’s go through and make sure we actually got a water machine, pulls water from the air.

We got food storage. I got bullets. You know what I need? And then I just work, you know, and if something happens, then I’ll do what I need to do again. You know, a thousand can fall at your side and 10,000 at your right hand and nothing touch you based on your relationship, not based on your religion. You know, I mean, people think, well, if I’m this religion, I’m stamped in and I’m good to go. No, you’re not. No, you’re not, because it’s about the relationship. I see some people that are religious that just fat, viciously attack people in comments.

Oh, yeah. You’re not supposed to judge anybody. You’re just supposed to, you know, work on yourself. That’s why I told you, dad, I don’t even get involved with that. I don’t even mention it, bro, because you, certain people get mad at you. The only time I mention is if I’m talking about my relationship. Yeah, I have. But other than that, it’s just you’re. It’s just, it’s all been designed as a divine tactic, you know what I mean? And there’s so much emotion binded to it because it was a spell that they casted on us and they binded a lot of emotion to that spell.

So it was set up to divide and conquer, right? Order out of chaos. Keep them Catholics arguing with Christians, Jews arguing with Muslims. You know what I’m saying? It’s just the same hustle that they pull on us. Yeah. I mean, when you look back at, you know, who edited and who did a lot of these scriptures, it goes back to Nimrod and Nebuchadnezzar. Babylonian bloodline reptilian and satanic. Yeah, he’s a draconian. Right. So how is Satan going to be editing, you know, things, you know, where’s the 366 books of Enoch? You know, there’s three of them out, but where’s the 363, which was supposed to be the blueprint of everything that we need to know about everything.

Okay? And that is not, you know, wait till the. All of this knowledge is within us. Once we open up more and more and more and more of the DNA in the body, as more of that comes online, as the higher vibration we become, you know, we’re going to open up more of that knowledge. All of that knowledge is within everybody, you know, because, you know, God’s within us and we’re within God, all creations within the creator. So it’s going to be. It’s an exciting time to be alive. Don’t fear, you know, don’t fear anything. You know, we’re going to be riding, riding this with, through, through with you, and we’re going to bring other people on to bring you more information and how to position yourself to not only survive, but thrive through this.

Thrive through it. And as long as we can get online and have Internet, we’re going to be coming to you, God willing, always, every week. And then other stuff we’ll be bringing out, you’ll have more, you know, ability to communicate with what’s going on and what we’re doing and participate. You know, I tell people, information without implementation is meaningless. Doesn’t mean anything. Doesn’t mean anything. But when you have the right information and you actually implement it, it can change everything. It can change everything. Okay. We’re in a very beautiful time, you know, in history. We’re all here for a reason, every one of us.

On this, live and on, uh, that. Those brothers and sisters seeing this recording, we’re all here for a purpose. We’re all here for a purpose. Yep. And that. Did you ever know that Nimrod is. When he died and then he got resurrected from the underworld? That’s him as Dagon. That’s what that. You know, that the entity Dagon. Yeah, like Nimrod, after he went to the underworld. There’s this whole breakdown on that, but that even. Even the ancients being worshiped, this ancient serpent race tied to HP Lovecraft’s teachings, you know, that he’s a fictional writer, but like Cthulhu and Dagon, everybody thinks that just came up with his writings, but that’s been around since ancient times.

Dagon was a. He was a philistine God, you know, he was the God that when they took the ark of the coven, they took it to the Philistine temples and the golden statue of Dagon. In the morning when they came in, it was found laying, like at the feet of the ark of the coven. So it fell in front of it. Right, but that was that. That they were worshipping that God, that Dagon thing. And that’s what I think these people that are going into these type of rituals or meetings, as Alex Jones likes to call him, he says they stop their heart, go into these meetings where they’re speaking with these entities known as elves or many different names and the fallen angels, but they’re coming back out with technology that actually works, that’s actually tethered to them entities and their whole smart grid, their smart cities, it’s all been to enslave us, you know, and get us trapped more into that grid.

I mean, the one two eight connection to CERN, to their quantum computer, it’s. It’s all the smart city. That’s what they’re doing right now, building those smart cities opening the pit, which the pit is tethered to these smart cities and them technologies. So when you’re building this, this new kingdom, this digital kingdom, you know, it’s allowing this other stuff to happen and manifest because they’re putting so much energy into that. But all we can do is block our energy and make sure we don’t fear, you know? Yeah, you don’t have to not fear. I sleep like a baby.

I’m not afraid of anything, because again, I’m immortal. My spirit never dies, never can die. And so I don’t worry about any of that stuff, but make sure that you have what you need for your family and you, if, you know, the lights go out or we go down for any period of time or whatever is going to happen, we got, you know, whole political battle going on, we got a military battle going on, we got a spiritual battle going on. So there’s a lot of battles going on, but focus, let’s focus on the solutions. I thought I seen a comment.

Oh, here it is. Brother Carlos, look what he said. I’m moving to the Dominican Republic in July. Believe me, you. Brother Carlos, my wife and I, Cindy and I, if we didn’t have our adult kids with us and our grandson, we would have sold everything and went and lived into our apartment in Dominica Republic and not got back. Okay, the what, the reason being is I can grow food all year round there. It’s always, it’s rains, it’s, the ground is fertile. Stuff grows like crazy. They’re not allowing people to poison the soil and do all that and get all your stuff right off the ground.

I even told my son TJ that we’ll bring him down there too. You know, we could, we could broadcast truth mafia and MPN, right, from Dominican Republic. Yeah. So, yeah, you know, I’m down, but I mean, when my boy donut went down to Mexico, dad, he said, donut said when he came back, like instantaneously, he felt the energy change. When he got off the plane, when he went down there, his skin cleared up, he was sleeping better, you know, and then once he got home, bam, everything hit him again. Yeah, it happened to me here too, this time.

And I have that DPE that helps control the impact of that. And, you know, being by the ocean, smelling that fresh air, being in that environment, eating that fresh food, my gosh, what a difference it is. I mean, it just amazing a difference. And, you know, that’s what we need to get the United States back to. We got a lot of beautiful places in the United States. Beautiful, beautiful places. And, you know, God gave us this country, and we need to get it back to where you can feel like that when you get home. Yeah, but, dude, it’s an experiment, pops.

I’m telling you, I think the United States is really an experiment, bro, where, like, anything goes, you know? And they’re experimenting on us with their weather technology. They’re experimenting on us with food, weapons, all different kinds of stuff. I mean, whoever thought you would be able to control the population through food, but they’re doing it, you know? And you speaking about the food places burning up, that’s just more of that agenda where they’re going to control the supply of food that. What. How do you take over a people, dad? You control the energy in the food, right? In the water.

Bread and circus. Right? You can walk right in the water. Yep. You bread. Water. And you keep them entertained, bro. Rome been doing it for years. So all these new movies coming out, I like decoding them and stuff. It’s fun and. But really, you know, it’s. It’s. It’s not that, like, watching a movie is not that important, but I think the decodes are a little more important because I believe it has an effect with, you know, breaking the spell for the people that have not woken up. So then they see something for the first time, and they’re like, wait a second.

That is crazy right there. And it gets them to look, you know, with. I call with eyes to see where they finally start seeing things for what they truly are. So it’s good for them, people that are freshly waking up, but for the other people, yeah, the. The movies are just a part of their control to keep us entertained and distracted, you know? Yes. Yeah. 100%. A sister asked about the water machine that I have, and it’s called ht. H two o h two o so h and then the number two o and that’s where you can show it, dad.

Yeah, hold on. Let me show it. And, you know, I just, you know, in my discernment, it was like, Jimmy, get this machine, because maybe I can help our neighbors, you know, and help people that need help, but this is the machine that I got, and it makes. It makes 1515 gallons of water a day. Is the water taste good? Yeah, yeah. It’s got filtration system and everything in it, and we don’t make nothing for this, so. No, not a penny. No, no. And this is just, you know, showing you because, you know, I want to make sure you know, that we have water to drink.

I mean, over in the Dominican Republic, I can go drink right out of fresh streams and stuff. Over here, it’s different. You know, it’s. It’s a. It’s a big difference. Right. And that’s unfortunate, but I be optimistic, pray, you know, meditate, declare and decree, give thanksgiving, do all of those things. Keep your eye focused on the solutions, keep your eye focused on your family. We got some stuff we’re bringing out to help you. If you need to make, you know, make money by spreading the word, this system is going to allow you to make money by spreading the word.

And we’re going to be helping bring other things out to help people make a living by living. You know, a lot of people, unfortunately, are going to not have jobs in the future because between robotics and AI, and they’re moving full steam ahead. That’s going to take a lot of people out of work. But you’ll be able to, you know, learn how to do affiliate marketing, learn how to build your own brand, learn how to build an audience, learn how to give content to that audience that is something of value. So they get to know, like, and trust you, and then you can refer them stuff that you believe in, but always make sure that it’s good for the people on the planet.

It’s the right time, right kind of company and product, and that you’re not just doing it to do it, because that’s not moving in a higher level of spirituality if you’re just doing it for the money. Right. That’s not so. Yeah. Thank you, Sister Catherine, for. I don’t do nothing just for the money. I gotta believe in it. Of course. Of course. I mean, 100%. 100% my name on it, because my people, you know, they trust me, bro. Yeah, well, I mean, you know, the one thing is your word means everything. And, you know, I. Like I was telling somebody the other day, I have no time for people that don’t keep their word.

I have no time for people that don’t follow through with what they’re gonna, you know, say they’re gonna commit to. I don’t want to be involved in negative energy. We got to keep ourselves positive and vibrating at a high frequency. So, son, you want to take some q and a, and then. Yeah, I think we already did 129 minutes, so that’s not bad. 129 minutes. Why don’t you give us. Anybody got any questions you want us to answer, or any comments or anything that you want to say, please say it. We’ll see how the story develops in the next couple of days with what’s going on with these fires in, um, that area.

And, you know, the fires, they were evacuating the people towards Ra as well. And they even said that other locations were cut off, forcing them to go that way, which I did find kind of weird. So we’ll see what develops with that whole story. But their warning of, uh, major storms. I mean, dude, I feel like for the last couple weeks, dad, it’s just been storm after storm after storm. Like, I never seen nothing like this, bro. No, it’s only gonna get worse. You remember me? Let me show the healing frequency channel because I wanted that one.

I can’t put the ural in there because I don’t want to get us in trouble. Yeah, we can’t put. This is it right here. Healing. Healing frequency. Music, calm. Go there. Go ahead and, you know, play the music. Listen to the music, and, you know, you’ll. You’ll feel the difference. You can drop that in the private chat, and then after the video, I’ll add it to the description so it’ll be in the description when people watch this back. Okay. Oh, I don’t think I have a private one, but private chat? Yeah, it says right there, private chat.

You don’t have that right above reporting and below band. Oh, okay. I don’t see it. Recording. Private. All private shot. I see it. There you go. All right. That’s where you want me to open something or something like that. You see? Just put it there. The water machine is h the number two o so h the number two. Oh, dot h two o how much is something like that? Is that affordable for people? I mean, they, you know, there’s different units, smaller units and stuff. You can also go on Amazon and compare, you know, also, look, if somebody’s got one for sale, I mean, I just need it because there’s really no major water walkable from my house here to, you know, wherever I could gather water or have, you know, junior and Michael go gather water.

So I just thought it was a necessity to get it. And, you know, and again, you know, maybe you’re doing it as a group. You know, a couple neighbors are getting together and just, you know, working together to say, hey, if something does happen and we have an interruption in, you know, whatever, we can work together, you know, as brothers and sisters and protect each other. Yeah, 100%. We definitely got to be doing that, you know, and I’m actually working on your decode, dad. I’m hoping that we can fit it in like in probably two weeks from now where I’m going to do a deep one on you slides and go over all that stuff.

Okay? So I think that’ll be fun, you know. And when do we find out if that guy’s going to come on? I’ll know tomorrow, you know, I’ll know tomorrow. That’s why we’re getting on the call to schedule him in to get him on and, you know, to get him in as a guest and, you know, bring him in to where we can, you know, get, you know, get the, you know, get this knowledge out to the folks. Yeah, I’m excited about him. I’ve released a few of his videos and my people love this stuff, so. All right, guys, well being said, all the links are in the description.

So if you want to, the most important link down there, the one to sign up for our daily newsletter so you don’t miss out on these type of shows or anything I’m doing, you’ll get it in the daily newsletter and then you’ll see the links to our sponsors down there. The nano Soma, the stuff that helped me. That link is down there. Amazing stuff. So all the links are down there. If you want your gematria, decode that links also down there and use promo code, decode the Matrix. We’re out of here, guys. Okay, take care. Love you all, brothers and sisters.

See you all, guys. Bye.

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