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#210 | Phantom Doppelgangers Pineal Gland Gateways The Pan Effect with @blackhoodiealchemy6957

By: The Juan on Juan Podcast
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➡ The Hwana podcast offers ad-free content, early access, exclusive episodes, and monthly supporter hangouts on Patreon. The podcast also introduces the Paranoid American Homunculus Owner’s Manual, a comic book that explores the occult and teaches how to summon a homunculus. The podcast host, Juan Ayala, discusses various topics, including the experiences of mountaineers and the concept of the pan effect. The podcast also features guest Anthony Tyler, who shares his experiences and thoughts on metaphysics, mysticism, and evolutionary psychology.
➡ The narrator visited his mother’s rural home for a weekend. They played a board game about hunting mythical creatures and heard strange sounds in the woods, similar to those recorded in the 70s known as the Sierra sounds, believed to be made by Bigfoot. The sounds caused all other wildlife to go silent. The narrator and his family found the experience surreal and unexplainable, but not threatening.
➡ The speaker discusses their experiences with unexplainable phenomena, including UFO sightings and strange sounds. They explore the idea of these phenomena being linked to consciousness, suggesting that they could be brought forth or influenced by our minds. They also touch on the concept of analyzing these experiences symbolically, like dreams. The speaker emphasizes the importance of shared experiences in validating these phenomena, as it confirms that they’re not just hallucinations.
➡ The speaker discusses the concept of personal reality and how it can differ from person to person. They mention their two books, which explore dark metaphysics and unexplainable phenomena. They also discuss the idea of ‘Occam’s razor’, a principle suggesting the simplest explanation is often the correct one. The speaker also touches on dream analysis, the concept of a ‘phantom limb’, and the possibility of other realities or dimensions.
➡ The text discusses various topics, including the concept of good and evil, the supernatural, and near-death experiences. It mentions the idea of using the third eye or pineal gland to open portals to other realms. The text also explores the mystery of death, citing a study that found brain activity in patients taken off life support. Lastly, it shares stories of people who were mistakenly declared dead, and a tale about a poltergeist phenomenon in a housing project.
➡ The text discusses a story about a boy named Ernie who witnessed his mother killing his father through a mirror reflection. It also explores the concept of mirrors in science, particularly in relation to the Higgs boson particle and the Large Hadron Collider. The text suggests that mirrors might have a deeper, possibly supernatural significance, and mentions a project called Poltergeist that studied unexplainable phenomena. Lastly, it mentions the idea of manipulating light as a secret of secret societies and the concept of enlightenment.
➡ The text discusses the idea of manipulating light and bending reality, suggesting that our perception of reality is based on how our brains process light and color. It explores concepts like cosmic spatial palaces and the possibility of hidden realities. The text also delves into unexplainable phenomena, dreams, and the existential element of these experiences. It mentions researchers like Jacques Valet and John Keel, who study the threshold between mythology and cryptozoology. The text also talks about a book called the Goblin Universe, which explores the manifestation of the unexplainable and its relation to psychology.
➡ The text discusses various dark and unexplainable phenomena, including stories of serial killers, reincarnation, and the concept of the ‘goblin universe’. It also touches on the impact of viewing violent or disturbing content, and the fascination with death and the occult. The conversation also mentions various books and documentaries that delve into these topics. Lastly, it brings up the mysterious disappearances of people who ventured into the wilderness in search of something greater, often meeting tragic ends.
➡ Nathan Campbell discusses the concept of the ‘pan effect’, a sudden sense of panic experienced by mountaineers, which can lead to irrational actions. He also talks about the ‘siren archetype’, a seductive predator that lures people into dangerous situations. Campbell suggests these could be cosmic forces or archetypes that interact with us. He also mentions the mystery of missing people, suggesting some disappearances could be metaphysical in nature.
➡ The text discusses the controversial figure, Dr. Malik Z York, who is known for his racist views and cult leadership. Despite his criminal activities, he still has a significant number of followers who believe in his innocence. The speaker also mentions plans to explore more about York in a future episode and encourages listeners to check out his website and books. The conversation ends with a reminder to follow the speaker on social media and check out his merchandise.


Hello and welcome to the Hwana podcast. If you’re enjoying the show, consider signing up for the Patreon. There you get ad free content, early access, exclusive episodes, and monthly supporter hangouts. You can find the Juan on Juanpodcast if you don’t like the subscription based models, there are other ways of supporting the show that are linked in the description. Thank you for tuning in and enjoy this episode. They said it was forbidden. They said it was dangerous. They were right. Introducing the paranoid american homunculus Owner’s manual. Dive into the arcane, into the hidden corners of the occult.

This isn’t just a comic. It’s a hidden tome of supernatural power, all original artwork illustrating the groundbreaking research of Juan Ayala, one of the only living homunculologists of our time. Learn how to summon your own homunculus, an enigma wrapped in the fabric of reality itself, their power at your fingertips, their existence, your secret. Explore the mysteries of the Aristotelian, the spiritual, the paracelsian, the crowleyan homunculus, ancient knowledge lost to time, now unearthed in this forbidden tale. This comic book holds truths not meant for the light of day, knowledge that was buried, feared and shunned. Are you ready to uncover the hidden? The paranoid american homunculus owner’s manual not for the faint of heart.

Available now from Paranoid American. Get your or today, welcome to the one on one podcast with your host, Juan Ayala. But I found in the Goblin universe, Ted Holiday talks about what he calls the pan effect, where there are a lot of reports of mountaineers and alpinists and specifically on mountains where all of a sudden, and these are real world class mountaineers. These are people who are trained, they’re diligent. They know how to keep calm under pressure and get their way out of a sticky situation. They become overwhelmed by an explicit, sharp and immediate sense of panic that sends them.

It gets them doing irrational things and even, like, considering jumping off cliffs and things like that. You know, I’m not necessarily saying that, like the God pan, who has his own trickster element, who is good and bad, not evil, but kind of fucks with people sometimes. I’m not saying he’s out there pushing people off, but the archetype of the pan, and maybe he is for that matter, too, you know? Welcome back to another episode of the one on one podcast. I’m your host. As always, make sure to follow the show on social media at the one on one podcast, pretty much all social media platforms.

I’m also on Twitch, Twitch TV, slash, the one on one podcast or one on one? Either one. Look it up. Links down in the description. I will be streaming every Tuesday. I’m gonna try to stream every Tuesday. So check me out on there. Come join the chat. It’s a fun time. What else? Tj the one podcast, all that stuff. If you’re listening to this on the RSS feed, make sure to leave a five star review. If you’re watching on YouTube or anywhere else, thumbs up, subscribe, share the show, all that good stuff. And joining us once again is the black hoodie alchemist Anthony Tyler with two first names.

What’s up, dude? Welcome back to the show. It’s a pleasure having you again. Yeah, man, thanks for having me back. It’s been a minute, and I really enjoyed our conversation last time, you know, as I, I’ve never, you know, not enjoyed being on someone else’s show. But it’s always nice when there’s a little extra back and forth. Some people just asking questions and gives you the floor to just kind of suss all sorts of different things out. But it’s a little extra nice when someone is, is firing back with you. And, uh. And yeah, you had a.

Yeah, you were teaching me some stuff. I was, uh, I was showing you some stuff. It was a good time and I was listening a little bit just to make sure that we didn’t go over the same territory that we at least expounded on the territory that we talked about last time. And we talked a lot about the heuristic process of metaphysics and mysticism, the transcendental and alchemy and shadow work and things. And I think a good reference point is to kind of start us off. I mentioned last time the whole, the metaphor of the phantom limb syndrome of the psyche and how the doctor versus Ramachandran used the mirror box to reflect, to put the reflection of an intact limb into the, into the space where someone was feeling the phantom limb, and it got the pain to go away through exercise and stimulation.

And I see a lot of the cathartic process. Similarly, you could look at different touchstones in evolutionary psychology. I think Julian Janes and his book on the bicameral mind, I don’t think it’s entirely, I think it’s really good food for thought. You know, that’s the idea that as we started adapting and evolving more and more, our inner process, our inner thoughts became something that was, you know, with something that was incomprehensible. It was new to us. It was a new adaptation. So there is a supposition that a lot of our ideas of metaphysics and, you know, are the, the threshold of metaphysics and the imagination, the imaginal, you know, all these things started from that.

The, the early human being not understanding even what their own thought process was. So you’re jumping right in, but you don’t want to plug your stuff before we, before you get started, where people can find you out, your podcast, your book and all that. Dude. Yeah, man. I leave that for the show description. But I appreciate it because sometimes I get carried away. I just try not, I get tired of saying the same stuff over and over. But you need to sometimes new people who are tuning into this as the first one ever versus, you know, obviously there’s the audience, but there’s a lot of people who tune in for the first time.

This might be the first time they’re hearing you. Might be the first time they’re hearing me. So you, you just, you never know who’s listening, bro. It’s true. It’s true. Well, I appreciate that, you know, should go check out black hoodie alchemy. It’s, you know, all that to say because that’s a good, you know, beginning segue into the kind of stuff we’ll talk about. We’ll continue to talk about. That’s kind of where my head’s at in general. I’m always thinking about that stuff on, on black hoodie alchemy. It’s clearly, there’s a, there’s a hermetic angle to it.

There’s. There’s some true crime character study elements, the, the real outlandish kind of stuff. There’s. There’s some cryptozoology elements. There’s, you know, I just. Anything that, it doesn’t seem like it should be real, but we still have stories about it. That’s the kind of stuff I like to talk about, and I keep it with a very jungian, hermetic backbone. So I’m always talking about people like Jung and manly P. Hall. Those are, those are some of the most influential people that I kind of grew up on in this mindset. So, yeah, go check out black hoodie alchemy.

Shout out to Joe Roop, host of lighting the void, the godfather of the fringe FM. He helped me. He narrated my book dive manual. So that’s a fresh audiobook that you can go get on Kindle or. Yeah, on audible right now. And what else? Yeah, shout out to Chaz of the dead because he helped me get my article. That’s a story I’d be happy to tell you. It came out of the blue. And in this month, it’s issue 37 of Paranormality magazine. I have like three or four pages in there of a Sasquatch encounter I had.

I’m not even like a Sasquatch enthusiast. I am very into crypto zoology in general. But long story short, you know, before, I don’t know, we tossed the ball over to you. We could see what you want to talk about first. But I didn’t see anything. It was a series of pretty intense audible experiences, though, with like eight other people in the woods in middle Georgia. It was. It was pretty wild. So I don’t know, like I had. Since that’s brought up, would you like me to talk about that a little bit? Because I would like to hear your thoughts.

Yeah. What. What are your. So what part of Georgia, you said middle is not East Georgia, west Georgia central. Where, like, what town? Can you say the town? Yeah, it’s, um. It’s in. Man, what’s the. It’s all these really small towns I don’t like. They’re not even good reference. Like, family members that live in Georgia haven’t even heard. This was technically in Chester, Georgia. And it’s. It’s around. It’s like an hour out of Warner Robins, which is a bigger area. Eastman, Georgia is around there. It’s just series of very small towns. And this Chester, Georgia is basically.

What’s that? This is BFE bros. A population of 1500 people. Yeah. Chester, Georgia. Damn. Yeah. I mean, it’s basically just people living in the woods, on, on road, you know, so it’s. There’s a little bit of a downtown, but this is the most rural Georgia you get. And my. My mother lives that way, and she’s from that area. This is the most rural she’s lived. She’s only lived there for a couple years, so I don’t even have experience, like, growing up there. It’s my first time. I was hanging out with them for a long weekend. And so I guess to set the stage a little bit, it’s super rural.

The closest, there are houses peppered along the road, and then it’s just woods. And the closest actual structure that people use to my mom’s house is a deer hunting cabin that you can’t even see from the woods. So that night, a couple things for fun because I have a younger sister, much younger than me. She’s like ten now, I brought this fun game. It’s not like a sponsorship plug or anything, but it’s a dope board game. If you want to go check it out. It was horrified. It’s a tabletop board game where you’re hunting bigfoot and Mothman.

So I brought that for her to play with her. I thought it’d be fun and, you know, get the family involved. It’s got kind of like a clue element. So I already am bringing that up. Like, yeah, you go hunt Sasquatch. Later. I’ll show another figurine. And this is also. This happened in April. So this happened the weekend of that solar eclipse. It didn’t get completely dark where I was, but we saw, like, a weird dusk. It’s just another strange element to add in there because there’s. There’s also no clear physical explanation. Like, to me, it all seems really just surreal and hermetic for lack of more description.

But we can get into that. So, you know, they’ve got, like, a cleared acre, and then the rest is just woods behind the house. And we have a bonfire out at night. And my stepdad’s talking about. They both grew up in the area. My stepdad grew up hunting in the area, too, and he kind of likes interesting stuff. He’ll talk about ghosts a little bit. He knows some bigfoot stuff, but he’s not deep into it either. But he’s talking about all the different things you can hear out there, whether it’s the owls or the coyotes, all sorts of different stuff, not to mention all the insects.

And at some point, it’s around, like, nine or 10:00 or so. I don’t know. Before I go any further, are you familiar with what is called the Sierra sounds? Yeah. Is that Ron Moorhead? Yes. Yep, yep, yep. Yeah, Ron. Yeah, I’ve heard about it. Where it’s, like, the head of a friend of mine, Professor Longo, which I’m gonna have him on next week, where he believes that that could have been the barbarous words, you know, somebody doing barbarous words, trying to either invoke something or get into a state of consciousness, too. Invoke something, you know, so interesting.

Yeah, it’s like. It sounds like, say, like, who are ya, Hawaii? Like, glossary alia, you know, like, it’s almost like gibberish type of thing. Sounds like samurai chatter. It’s. It’s kind of. Yeah, those sounds kind of send a shiver up my spine every time I listen to them because it’s so. Just bizarre. Yeah, yeah, they’re really strange. So, yeah, I encourage anybody to go check it out for context. If you haven’t heard those before, they were recorded in the seventies. And I don’t know, like I said, I’m not, like, deep, deep into Bigfoot lore or anything.

So I don’t even have, like, a deep steak, you know, to claim here. But it was just how I experienced it. So we’re talking. He. He mentions the sounds and stuff. And then through the talking, it just. It just cuts through us all. We hear the. The whoops whoop. Kind of that you hear like the first 45 seconds of the. The Sierra sounds. And, you know, these are certain things that, like, you just have to take my word for on the quality of it. But it just. And also, I’m open to anything, but this is my take.

It couldn’t have been just somebody whooping like that. It was. It echoed through the woods. And the kicker is, there’s a few interesting kickers to the story, to be quite honest. But the whole wilderness went silent after that. All the animals he was talking about that were starting to come to life. All the insects, nothing for the rest of the night. And it hooped for a solid four or 5 seconds. And we just kind of stopped a little bit. And my, my stepdad, he just said, I’ll be damned. That sounds just like a sasquatch, you know, that’s what I’ve heard they sound like.

And that was the first thing that came to my mind, too. And so we just kind of thought about it, shrugged it off, you know, kept going on with the night. And then around 03:00 a.m. everyone else is in, is in bed or getting ready for it, we’re putting out the fire. If you listen to the Sierra sounds after you hear the whooping, it’s a little fainter, but it’s like a weird snickering, like, I call it like a death rattle, kind of, for lack of better term. If anyone’s ever seen signs. The. The M. Night Shyamalan movie where the aliens are, like, chattering like aliens on the era, like insects on the baby monitor.

Almost kind of like that in a way, but so we hear that, and it’s really loud. And it’s coming from the opposite end of where we heard the hooping. And this is not like, you know, we’re sitting on the edge of the trees, basically. It’s not like right on the other edge. But this is within hundred yards for sure. Most certainly like it within the. Compared to the vast wilderness, it’s pretty close to us. And so we didn’t know what that was. We didn’t have any reference for it, but we heard it for several seconds, went inside, I went home, we played the Bigfoot game.

And then the, the, the solar eclipse happened. Yeah. Real quick. So, yeah. So you guys are in this rural. Is it off of East Chicken Road? Bro, there’s a place, there’s a road called East Chicken Road here. It’s, this is how. Rulers places. So. I’m just kidding, bro. I like that name, chicken Road. It’s. I don’t remember where that is in location, but that, honestly, I do remember seeing that sign. So, yeah, you’re. Yeah, you’re probably in the area. So you’re in this rural area. And do you live in Florida? Where is it that you live in? Texas.

Right. I live in Florida. On the panhandle. Okay. On the. Okay, on the. See, I thought you were towards Jacksonville for a sec. Okay. So on the panhandle. All right. So you’re in Georgia, and I was just in Stone Mountain, Georgia, not too long ago, but it’s. It’s okay. It’s towards Atlanta area. And so you said that the woods went quiet after this thing did its whooping or whatever. And it’s interesting because if we’re to believe that some people, when they speak about the sasquatch or the big four, they talk about it being some sort of elemental.

Right. This being that is natural in its ways. And that’s why it’s, it might be metaphysical. A lot of people, I’ve seen it also where they talk about, like, indigenous people, where this, the Sasquatch are guardians of sorts, like these almost like fairy fae folk in the. The woods type of thing. So it makes sense that they have some dominion over the other animals if there is a hierarchy. So when it’s whooping, maybe it’s letting them know, like, hey, you know, shut the up or something. Like, who knows? That really is the vibe I got. Yeah.

Did you feel threatened, though? Like, did you feel any sinister presence when that was happening? Or was it more of like, oh, look at those noises. Do you didn’t feel anything? No, it was again, like, the best description, I feel like, is that hermetic trickster? Sort of like a wink and a nod from the universe? It was not threatening, but it was like, it was like, check this out. You’re not going to be able to understand what this is. And I’m going to throw it at you. Anyway, it was like, what is happening right now? And then it keeps unfolding like, you know, to.

I’d be happy to expound upon it in any way because I do want to hear your thoughts more on it. And to wrap that up, there’s a couple interesting appendixes to it. I go home and hear the Sierra sounds because I’m like, I know I’ve heard that recording somewhere. I didn’t even remember the name. I found that sent that to my mom and stepdad. And not only did they confirm with me, like, yeah, no, that’s wild. That’s on point. My mom, a couple hours earlier, this was on Tuesday. We heard it on Saturday, the first time she heard the whooping outside again.

And since then, she’s claimed to hear it another time. That was a few weeks later. So I don’t know, weird stuff. And the eclipse was involved there. And we played the. We didn’t play the Sasquatch game before we heard the things, but we played it during the ongoing, you know, unfoldment of it. And I did bring it up to them before we heard anything. So here, let’s play the Sierra sounds because these things are super creepy. Hold on. Yeah, they pull this up here because I like listening to this. I’ve never had. So the only experience that I had that was.

And it’s always good that it’s with people because that way, you know, you’re not crazy. But, you know, I had that UFO experience with. With my family where they were. They were there. I mean, they. They heard everything and they. I mean, they saw everything. Was my son that saw it first. All right, so we pull my tab. Let me know if you can hear this. Hold on. Yeah, yeah. All right, so this is the Sasquatch Sierra sounds and Ron Moorhead and Alberry, I guess. And this is in 19 1970s. So that’s the death route. Why are you trying to talk to this? See, it sounds like almost like a.

Like a wild man, like, trying to enter, like, some sort of state of consciousness. And it’s interesting that it’s always the whooping because. Let’s play this a little bit, dude. Can you imagine that this one is like. Unless it’s obviously, it could be somebody playing a trick. I mean, they could have other people on the other side making the noise. And what, you know, when I. Answer me when I make that noise. But it’s interesting because the whooping I went to when I did Tony Merkel show, they showed me some. Some footage of one of their latest films that they’re working on.

And I don’t know how much I could say anyways, there was something similar to that where was whooping. And I was like, alright, listen. Here in Florida, we have boar, we have monkeys, we have all kinds of stuff. When they showed me the footage that they had, because certain things happen, like, one thing happened before, he’s talked about this part of the show where something charges at him and dude, I’ll be damn, it sounds bipedal. It sounds like a person running towards them. And it immediately stops as soon as Tony draws his, he draws his arm out in his firearm out.

And as soon as they, when they showed it to me, I was like, dude, that’s a boar bore, dude. You know, saying that you just got charged by a boar, you got charged by an. I was like, no, dude. And when he showed it to me, I was like, yeah, that sounded like something. And then when they’re leaving, they experience a similar thing, like the whooping. And I was like, well, then there’s monkeys. There’s no monkeys in this part of Tennessee, bro. You know, say, so what is that? And I don’t know if I’m wrong in making this assumption that the, because you’re saying this, you’re linking this archetype to, which is really interesting, but do you, is it okay to make the connection between, like the jester jokey archetype to a monkey? Because we’ve always seen the monkey kind of sort of tied to the entertainer, right? With the, the monkey with the little hat on the leash.

Am I making that assumption? Am I making that connect? Is that like a reaching connection or like, what do you think about that? Yeah, I don’t think that’s ever directly come across my mind, but I love it. There is a, there is definitely some, some food for thought there. The, the collective consciousness. I, I like that angle. And furthermore, to, I don’t know, throw out some context, it really does seem to me that unexplainable phenomena in general, more often than not, even if it’s horrifying, in some cases, it’s just horrifying. But a lot of times, even if it’s horrifying, it has that weird sense of, of humor, I guess.

Humor in the sense of where sometimes you just have to gawk at something because it’s so unbelievable and it just kind of makes you laugh in disbelief. And the whole idea of it calling into question all the assumptions that you make about the material world around you also is simultaneously, I think, funny and horrifying. So, yeah, I think in just the Trickster element is, is tied into the unexplainable in general. And I don’t know where it all goes, but that was something that it all. It all worked out well in the end. The part of where I was going with reminding people, refreshing them of the.

The whole phantom limb syndrome and animating those things alchemically with control methods, whether it be horticulture or art or whatever be the case. It seems like cryptozoology, unexplainable phenomena, sits in a similar position. It is expressing dormant things that we experience but are inanimate because of how we perceive or the ways we live our lives. You know, there’s lots of different states of consciousness. I think trance states play a role in all this, for sure. But it seems like, you know, Jung talked about how the. The UFO seemed to hearken to the mandala and, you know, the.

The idea of the inherent mystery of life itself. You know, just kind of the. You staring at the abyss and the abyss staring back, but not necessarily in a. In an overtly horrifying way. Did he ever speak on cryptids, do you know? Not really. But there is the UFO bit, and he definitely talked about mythology quite a bit. And as you know, there’s is a reasonable amount of carryover from mythology into cryptozoology. So there is some stuff that you can glean. And I think when you consider things like chaos, magic, elements, I think there is a lot to be said.

Maybe it’s. Maybe this is being too reductionist, but I think that unexplainable phenomena and crypto. Cryptid encounters in general, I think you really can analyze these things symbolically similar to how you would dreams. And that’s not to say that they’re all non physical. I think my favorite example to bring up, because I think for whatever reason, it’s just easier for people to digest than something like Bigfoot. As a poltergeist of the wilderness, which is a. Is a phrase I like to use, but poltergeists in general, you know, even skeptics are kind of like, I don’t really know about hauntings and poltergeists are weird.

And, you know, but it doesn’t even have to be that, though, bro, because, like, this is. And you mentioned something at the beginning that. That I can’t remember exactly what it is now, but something along the lines of pretty much choosing what to believe in some sort of way. Like, people believe in demons, but they won’t believe in angels. And it’s like, bro, it’s the same thing. Like, what do you. What do you. You know, but the name maybe throws you off. But the whole poltergeist thing, maybe it’s not ghosts. Maybe it’s. And had this conversation recently on another show where what if this is all and.

Well, it is. What if it is a sort of energy, but not just energy, but a sort of plasma? And what if the plasma is conscious in some sort of way, like the whole ball lightning phenomenon, where now they’re saying it could have something to do with the mind. Like it either has its own consciousness, or you brought it forth through your consciousness. And. And the fact that you were playing this horrified board game that has vampires, Frankenstein, is that the one that you’re talking about? That is a different iteration by the same company of the same game.

American monsters is the one that you’re playing? No. Yeah. American monsters. Yep. That’s the one I was playing. Yeah. That’s pretty dope. Yeah, it’s cool. If anyone’s looking for a kind of trippy board game, it’s pretty cool. So by you having that seed already planted in your mind. Because that’s what happened to me, dude. When I had my UFO experience, I was gonna interview this guy who’s known for the owls and. And correlating the owls with the abduction phenomenon. And we know that in Twin Peaks, right, the owls aren’t what they seem. And that whole has that.

It’s like our owls, little aliens in disguise, you know, four foot tall owls, but that hulk. I was thinking about that interview, and the. And as, at that exact moment was when my son looked up and he’s like, what’s that? And I didn’t think of, like, taking my phone out or anything like that, dude, because there was other people there with me, and my wife is a skeptic, and she saw it, dude. I mean, she. She’s like, what is that? Like, I don’t know what it is. It wasn’t making a noise or nothing, but. So with you being with other people, it’s kind of confirming that you’re not crazy or going crazy, because they were also there to experience it.

Because it’s easy to be, like, source. You’re gonna have to trust me, bro. Which is always the hardest thing to. To do. And when you’re in the phenomenal, odd, phenomenological aspect of it, because it’s all experienced. It’s all what you experience. And it’s like, if you experience something, just be. If you are hallucinating, does that change the fact that it didn’t happen to you? Because what is even reality? Are you experiencing reality through your own reality tunnel. And that was encapsulating your reality for 1 second. And it was real at that point in time, but I couldn’t perceive it because it wasn’t part of my reality tunnel in some sort of weird way, you know? Yeah, yeah.

And I think the only thing I didn’t shout out at the beginning is I also, I have two books, dive manual, and the other one is hunt manual. A lot of these kinds of questions, the dark metaphysics, unexplainable, you know, everything from poltergeist to some serial killers, all like the shadow complex, manifest in a way. You can find that in hunt manual. And Joe Roop is actually working on narrating that right now, too. So if you’re listening, there’s a good shot that you can find that in audiobook form right now as well. But, yeah, I am, you know, I’m all for the idea.

I don’t, you know, I don’t know what is going on for sure, but it seems like to me that Occam’s razor, if you’re looking at, you know, you’re looking at this from a few different angles. An invention of the Jesuits, bro. Don’t. Don’t bring that up here on this show. We got to come up with something. So they think it’s the more possible answer. It’s like, well, just Occam’s razor, bro. It’s like, oh, there you go. So now, whenever you got Mandela effect and Occam’s razor, so therefore all other things are just, eh, you know, it wasn’t even anything.

So. But I’m sorry, continue. No, I get what you mean, and I know razors, a psyop. I’m going to put that on a shirt. Well, to use a different phrase, which I think might be more to the point, sort of a mathematical phrase, irreducible complexity, like when you’re trying to get, and I’m not a mathematician at all, but when you’re trying to get, like, fractions to have the same denominator so that you can add or subtract them, irreducible complexity. And the right, so irreducible complexity of the situation really seems to me, and it plays really well with the genuine, like, scientific research we have into the.

The phantom limb therapy. There’s some sort of central nervous system thing happening as a conduit, you know, Jacques Valet uses the phrase that this phenomena is like the completion of a circuit. For what purpose is a much bigger question. But it seems like we’re interacting with something, and it’s not completely from our own minds, but there’s, I don’t know what you could call, like an observer effect type thing going on. And, yeah, I think that a lot, in a lot of cases, I guess, to put a cherry on top of that general idea with the nervous system when these things come out, because this is also how dream therapy and dream analysis works.

When there are needs that are not being met existentially, psychologically, in your everyday life, your mind tries to find other ways to meet, facilitate those needs, to get into them, so that you can have a cathartic experience or understand it. So, you know, you might be gravitated towards art. It’s more specific art, more. You’ll have dreams that are trying to work things out more than likely. And maybe if it’s really intense, you might. It might leak out in other ways and you might start having strange encounters. You know, it could be something weird that you see in the sky or here in the woods, or, you know, it could be chairs moving around like poltergeist type phenomena.

And again, I don’t think it’s all just specifically from us, but I do think there is a unique, individual element to these things for sure. Have you ever done the dream analysis, the jungian dream announce? I’ve ever done that before. I’ve never done any, like, official sessions or anything, but I just, in terms of writing down a dream and then taking almost like a mad lib in a way, like, deconstructing it, you know, you just take all the nouns and you consider the symbolic components. You research it a little bit. That’s what dream dictionaries, you go online, basically, are doing anyway.

And I would just recommend doing the research yourself. It’s more fulfilling that way anyway. And you get more details. But, you know, some of those dream dictionaries aren’t too bad. And then you just kind of read the dream again with those symbolic correlates, and just that alone really opens up dream analysis for sure. Yeah, I’d be interested to try that. I don’t think I’ve had any significant dreams that I’ve remembered at least. But I was wondering if anyone listening is a jungian dream analyst or whatever they call guess, psychologist or something like analyst would work. Analysts hit me up.

I’d like to get session. And you have to keep a journal too for that. What if. Dude, like, this is interesting because you’re saying about what if there is perhaps, who was it, Socrates or Aristotle? I talked about the daemon. Was that Aristotle? Right? I believe so, yeah. One of them one of those aggregors, right? If they even existed, right? Like, they might be all made up, but the. The concept of what if this is another part of you experiencing this, right? And this is where we can get into the realm of, like, even supernatural parasites.

Not. Not just like physical parasites, but if reality is layered, there is these, like the, you know, they’re mining your loosh. Or that whole gateway experience thing where they allegedly saw these reptilian beings in this other realm where they were astral projecting and there is such thing as a light body to some, you know, and all these things. And, like, what if that is what he’s experiencing, some of these things? And what if this, because I’m reading up here on phantom limb, limb therapy, what if that’s sort of something more, something deeper going on, something metaphysical going on with that, where it’s like you are entering what it’s.

What if it’s like the first stages of death, where that’s what it feels like to disconnect your body from this vessel because you’re still there, but when you see it, that’s. That’s not a part of you, but it’s kind of sort of jumping over in some sort of weird way, almost like it’s reincarnating, perhaps over to the other side for a split second, but then it jumps right back into yours. I’ve never done the. The test where they put the fake arm and then they put the sleeve over it. I’ve never done that before. Have you ever done it? No.

No, I suppose there would. I’ve never really thought about doing it myself since I have both my limbs. But, yeah, I mean, there would be a way to do it and that would be pretty interesting. Think about it. Because it’s a form of, dare I say, like mirror scrying in a sort of way, because it does involve a mirror and it does involve entering a different state of consciousness. And you mentioned the, the imaginal earlier. Well, a contemporary of Carl Jung, Henry Corbin, who was, I think they call it an islamicist, or is. Anyways, he studied Sufism.

And sufism is super, super interesting. Like their, their whole cosmology and that whole aspect. But he was an Iran ologist or something, something along those lines. Anyways, he wrote about the. The mundus. Imagine, Alice, which is this world that springs forth from the imagination, from your. Essentially your consciousness, this. This liminal world that exists on its own. It’s almost like, is that where Narnia is? Right? Like, is that where some kids exist sometimes? With their imaginary friends or whatever it is that I recently did a short on aggregors and how I. Dude, I believe that maybe that that was what happened with the whole bike camerals, you know, to tie it into the beginning where.

When that. When that uniting of the two hemispheres came in, where we lost that other voice. What are they? That third voice of God or whoever it was, or second voice of God. That’s maybe when the mind became powerful enough for the brain became powerful enough to project things into this reality. From that mundus imagine isolator, they’re able to jump in every now and again. Like, the. How they talk about the offensive, right? This hidden Sephiroth where things are able to come in through, or you’re able to go in through it to go to the other side.

And, I mean, there’s no. There’s nothing good on the other side, but that. That whole concept of the portal being on the tree. Stranger things enter. Any other reference there? But, yeah, dude, I mean, that. That’s super, super fascinating to think about of where it could. Where it could go. And if there is our doppelganger experiencing some of reality with us at the same time, perhaps. Yeah, yeah. Great tie in to the bicameral mind action as well. I think that was very well said. And it kind of, you know, because equal and opposite reaction. I feel comfortable talking about horrific things with respect, because I truly do.

I don’t even think it’s a belief. I think, you know, it’s just. It’s evidentiary did equal and opposite reaction. Even with, like, emotions, we see, like, horrible things that humanity can do. There’s very, very powerful good things that we can do. And. But so with all the. The transcendentalism in mind, it also makes me think of the. I think the. The HP Lovecraft story is also called from beyond. Sometimes they change the titles. Yeah, yeah, the. But just remembered it wrong. Um, but, yeah, the whole idea of, like, mining the third eye for the supernatural experiences and then accidentally using that to create a gateway, you know, for.

For demons and entities. One of my favorite episodes that I ever did was on my show, the Occult Book club, where it’s a story from the 17th century of Rene Descartes, where he would. He can. He concocted this snuff that he was able to then project his astral body or something out into outer space. But there’s speculation as to what that snuff could have contained. And it’s interesting that they mine the pineal glands of. Of penguins, like, in the, is it in the north or south pole? Anyways one of the polls that they exist or not and they’re mining the pineal guns of these penguins.

I think they’re emperor penguins. And there is beliefs and I’m not the one that has the receipts for it’s paranoid american that does of there are certain practices that you are able to ingest somebody’s soul or knowledge by ingesting their pineal gland in some sort of way. So that concept of using the, the third eye or your pineal gland as a device to open up portals to another realm, I mean that’s not too far fetched here. I did an episode with an eye surgeon and he’s like, yeah, the pineal gland does have the same cells of like the cornea, you know, again paraphrasing this some an idiot, but you know they’re the same cells or something similar of the eyes and the pineal gland which is like this, this thing in the body that we don’t really know what it does.

They say it secretes DMT at the point of death and that’s how you get near death experiences. But has that ever even been confirmed? No, no, it’s still just a best running theory and we’ve seen it in other mammals, but I mean we don’t have experience like we don’t know what they’re experiencing. We can see that there’s a little bit of a DMT flush and like rats and stuff like that, I believe. Yeah. Yeah. So the brains of dying people may spark to sudden life in their final moments. So this is May 1, 2023, and the brain, the brains of dying people.

The brains of dying people may spark suddenly a spark to sudden life in their final moments. Two apparently brain dead people taken off life support showed sudden spikes in neural activity, according to a study published on Monday. And this is, this article is from 5123. So it’s fairly recent and about to die. So the findings, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, provided scientific support for accounts of near death experiences, powerful and often mystical experiences that happen when a patient is about to die. But they also shed new light into the surprisingly murky question of just, of just how we die, said GMO Borgin Gingen Borgin of the University of Michigan.

In a small study of four patients taking off life support, his team found something surprising. The brains of two of the four bursts to life in the moment before. That’s crazy, dude. Like they were brain dead. And as soon as they unplugged them again, it wasn’t them. It was probably their dopperganger, like, yo, wake up. And like, sending a shock to their body. The vessel, the empty vessel. So, in particular, the patients displayed a sudden surge in the specific type of brain waves that usually indicate conscious thought. Production of those waves, called gamma waves, spiked up to 300 times in their previous levels in one patient in the moments before death, that dying patients gamma wave patterns reach levels higher than those found in normal conscious brains.

The process our bodies and brains go through when we die remains poorly understood. I mean, of course, in the conventional account, death is simply the sudden end of the process of life, in particular, brain and heart activity, for example. Scientists don’t really understand what is happening on the inside when an apparently healthy person suffers a sudden trauma, like car accident, fall, or heart attack, and quickly dies. If you don’t know how exactly they die, how do you save them? And practice? Someone is legally dead when they are pronounced dead by a medical professional. That professional doesn’t make the call based on a searching inventory of the patient’s subjective mental state, but based on the persistent absence of either a heartbeat or brainwaves.

That’s crazy, dude. Like, that’s the way we put people away. That’s, you know all the stories of people who wake up in the morgue, right? There’s. There’s stories of that, right? That’s not just Hollywood, is it? I don’t know how recent it gets because I’m not an expert on it, but I like the further you go back in history. And they had worse detection methods for these things way more often. July 13, 2023. A woman in equal woke up and knocked on her coffin hours after being pronounced dead. Oh, God. Sweet God. This is 2023, bro.

It is amazingly rare for dead people to wake up. An emergency medicine consultant said it can happen when patients are not checked over correctly by medical staff. He said, so, dude, she was 76, and this happened June 13, 2023. And, you know, on the thing, it says Monday where she remained on Monday, so who knows? But so she was. Bella Montoya, 76, was rushed back to the hospital following the incident in Ecuador on Friday and put into an intensive care unit where she remained on Monday, the associate press reported, etc. Etc. The family then took her to a funeral home where they held a wake for her son.

Said after about 5 hours of the wake, the coffin started to make sounds. My mom was wrapped in sheets and hitting the coffin, and when we approached, we could see that she was breathing heavily. Oh, my God, dude. Can you imagine? Can you imagine waking up and being 6ft underground. I mean, isn’t that why they would put bells back then, for people to ring them? They were aware. That’s true. Yeah, they did do that. Yeah. Oh my God, man. Yeah, just cremate me, man. Even. Don’t even let me come back, dude. I don’t want a chance.

But imagine being put to be cremated while you’re still alive. Yeah, no, that’d be terrible. Yeah, but at least I wouldn’t be buried alive, I guess, dude. And yeah, there’s other ones, bro. 82 year old woman was pronounced dead in February and then found to be breathing hours later after being transported to a New York funeral home. And on January 3, a woman, 66, was found to be gasping for air when unzipped from a body bag in Iowa after being declared dead earlier that day. Dude. Damn, that is bizarre. That’s heavy. That’s wild. Talk about surrealism.

Talk about bad luck. I mean. Yeah, no question. Anyways, so where were we? You know? So you got into the concept of milking the third eye to open up portals. HP, Lovecraft story? Yeah, I have just as, like, interesting further context. We’re talking about the phantom limb and the mirror box, the. The pineal gland and gateways. This all kind of open endedly ties it together. I don’t know where it all goes, but this is like, where my mind drifts to. And there’s a really interesting, surprisingly well documented story from the 1960s. It is the first recorded poltergeist, continuous poltergeist phenomena in inner city project housing.

And it was this kid, this young kid named Ernie Rivers. And it’s one of those things where, like, the whole project building knew about it. There’s even a famous story where the very racist owners, whatever the word would be for very racist. Very racist. Yeah. Yeah. Especially in this time. They. They come in and because the. The poltergeist is breaking all over the place, and so they come into a victim. And then this guy with all his vitriol and everything else and. And, you know, just money grubbing, he sees poltergeist phenomena and leaves, never comes back and never mentions the eviction again.

So there’s a lot to that story. But the interesting mirror weird tie in is it’s kind of just like, I guess, the lore of it, for lack of better term. I don’t have, like, you know, official documentation, but this is what I’ve read. What’s the name of the story, dude? So the kid is Ernie Rivers. And you can find a lot of people will call it the project Poltergeist. And so what we do. Poltergeist, huh? Yeah, straight up. So what we do know is that his father. No, no, it was his mother who killed his father.

So that’s on record because she found out that she was. He was cheating, and then she just, like, stabbed him. And, and the, the lore part is that while they were fighting, someone, I guess, presumably his father, rushed ernie off into another room so that he wouldn’t see the fight. And then he saw through the mirror in his room, his mother kill his father. And there were people, the. The common running thread that people speculated was whether he was haunted by his mother or it just with his third eye and opened up some bad, you know, side doors in his psyche that something with that weird mirror effect, you know? I don’t.

You. Black mirror is a fun, just fun poetic term, but there’s something to it, too, like the. The black mirrors, man. There’s. That’s a whole other thing. Mirrors are, are powerful. And I don’t. Again, it was one of those things where. I don’t know where it all goes, but I can see where it starts, I think. Yeah, no, and. Right. Mirrors. And I just came across this. So I searched up project Poltergeist, and I got ghost particles and project poltergeist. And lab physicists once studied science that haunted them. And apparently it goes on here about this Manhattan project era, because that’s all really interesting, where it’s around the same time.

So, 1953. This. This other story that you’re talking about happened in the 1960s where, you know, this. This family’s being haunted by this. And I think this is the one where. Yeah. Ernie lived with his grandmother. Yeah. So this is the one. And so this concept of science, trying to explain the unexplainable. Right. The. The missing link, the. You have the. Do they have any mirrors at Cern? Is that a thing? I don’t know, man. That’s it. That’s a good question. I know they have them. I know they have magnets, but I don’t know if they have.

So. Mirrors at CERN. Let’s see here. All right, so look at this article. It says, mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most? Come on. I’m not gonna say that word, but, but mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most? Those are weird letters to have, even of them all. So in 2012, the Atlas and CMS collaborations discovered a boson with the mass of 1.2 Gev, etc. Etc. Let me see here. Yeah, so apparently there is some phenomenon. This is all too sciency for me, the, I guess, reflection of the Higgs boson. So, one possibility to search for hints and traces of new particles is via studies of deviations of the features of the Higgs boson from their expected values.

Therefore, since the discovery of this particle, its features have been fiercely reviewed by researchers of Atlas and CMS. For example, one 1 may wonder how features of the Higgs boson would look in a special mirror that would invert left, right, up, down, and charge simultaneously, such as an operation, is mathematically related. Any deviation of the Higgs boson image in it in such a warped mirror would unambiguously signal the presence of physics beyond the standard model. So you’re like, hey, mister Higgs boson, take a look at yourself. And if they see some funky, funky stuff with the Higgs boson, then we’re talking about some spooky action at a distance type of stuff.

And it’s interesting that you mentioned the eclipse earlier in your story. Well, the dude who made up the whole Hig Higgs boson thing died on the day that they. On April 8, the day that they turned on Higgs boson died. See here. So few scientists have interest. On April 8, he died at the age of 93. 93. Peter Higgs. A few scientists have enjoyed as much fame in recent years as british theoretical theoretical physicist Peter Higgs, the namesake of the boson that was discovered in 2012, who died on April 8, 2024, aged 94. So he literally died, I think.

Oh, no, no, the day after, because they turned it on on April 8, which was the day of the. The eclipse, and he died April 9, bro. So, was that awesome sort of, or was he sacrificed to the God particle? Because when they talk about this God particle, and I have this. I have this clip on, tick tock. That’s like a 165,000 plays or something, where I’m talking about the. The. The resonant ghost, not resident ghost, resonant ghost particle thing that they found in there, where they’re like, hey, there’s something. There’s a force in our large hydron or large hard on collider that is messing with the particles and the physics in there.

So they’ve. They’re messing with something that they don’t understand. It’s making me think of, like, this phantom limb thing, where it’s quite literally a phantom messing with reality, like, outside of reality, which. What if that is what these alchemists were trying to achieve, bro, to dissolve out a reality to induce the phantom limb syndrome. Mm hmm. And control reality from the outside, dude. And you just reminded me. I. I feel like you’re hitting some nails on the head there. Absolutely. To add to the parallel of the mirror box analogy, I forgot a kind of crucial detail.

The part of the lore of Ernie Rivers seeing the reflection. Just. There’s a way that the room was described. I’ve gone through it before, but it’s been a little while. But basically he was looking at a mirror and seeing the reflection from another mirror. And that’s like classic bad superstition to see those dual reflections like that. Jordan Peele plays off that in. In what? That movie us. There’s like all mirrors and horrors. I haven’t seen elements. I haven’t seen it. Yeah, it’s a pretty good one. You know, Jordan Peele goes up his own ass a little bit with some of his films.

Don’t we all? He’s talented. Yeah, exactly. And I mean, like, why not? You’re. You’re doing well for yourself. It’s good stuff. But, um, that, all that said, so, I don’t know, there’s. Yeah, talk about, like, equal and opposite reaction. We have some beautiful cathartic mirror box therapy. And then the supposed Ernie Rivers seeing through a compounded reflection, like his mother kill his father, and then having a really intense poltergeist. And the weird thing about him, I feel like you were talking about some macrocosmic stuff. And to add like a. Continue like a microcosmic parallel with all this just weird, unexplainable stuff in the mirrors and everything else.

Ernie Rivers is pretty trippy because he’s almost like, minus seeing dead people. It’s almost like a real life 6th sense thing where JB Reinhardt, who was famous for. Was it Duke University? They’re the only, like, university to ever open up and put a lot of funding into a parapsychology program that it was around for a couple decades. And they did a lot of work. So if you. Whoever goes and looks into the history of paranormal activity, like in America and stuff, you start to come across those names a lot. But anyway, so he looked into a lot of cases.

He even looked into the case that became the poltergeist movie. I can’t remember the name of those people. But those people as well reached out to Ernie Rivers. So, like, this thing was in the public zeitgeist. Like, it was big headlines and things like that. People were like, what is going on? And so scientists studied Ernie. You know, they. There wasn’t anything conclusive. You know, if you look into the, that parapsychology unit at Duke, there’s a lot of food for thought there. That’s kind of a different story. And Ernie’s story, he just kind of, like, they do his tests and the unexplainable phenomena fizzles out a little more, and he willingly fades into obscurity.

Probably picks up a different name and. But he was said that he lived a regular life and had a family, and every once in a while experienced more strange paranormal activity and just ignored it as best he could. So some people are, are, you know, this relates to blood types or even genetics, where maybe some people attract this sort of stuff and. And mirrors. A psycho mantium is a room of mirror. So, like a room, it’s like a box of mirrors where people go in to do seances. And psychomantic, actually. So psycho Mancy is a cult communication between souls or with the spirits.

And it’s making me think of psycho mantis from metal gear solids, the. The boss that kind of sort of like, gets into your. In your head. Interesting. And, dude, I mean, this, you know, these phantom. I’m gonna, I’m gonna dub them phantom doppelgangers. And it’s making me think of. Right, so the mirror. The mirror realm is a really interesting one because of, you know, John D. Over Kelly, they were able to both experience shared hallucinations at some points, and some people, in my opinion, dude, I think the interesting part about the mirror is that it’s able to reflect light, right? So the illuminati and any, any secret organization, in my opinion, or any occult groups, if you’re able to learn how to manipulate the light, I think that’s where the secrets are of the secrets.

And I think that’s why it’s all related to illumination and becoming enlightened. And, you know, this flash of light sort of thing where it’s like if, and I said the sasquatch is some cryptid that is able to manipulate the light and. And sort of bend reality to its. Well, because everything that we can perceive with our eyes, it’s all just color and light entering our eyeballs and being processed by their brain. We still don’t understand that 100%. But whatever, you know, we’ll speculate here for a little bit. And I think, to me, that’s where you get thing, you know, concepts of what I’ve dubbed cosmic spatial palaces, right? Or this, this.

These places beyond reality, they’re like, in that list shrugged where all the elites would disappear to. And it’s like, is, it was obscured in some sort of way? What if it was them refracting the light in using a sort of a cult method or something to hide from reality? But they’re still there among us, except they’re in a different layer or something. I don’t know, dude. I mean, but this is super interesting to, to think about. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It kind of just makes your head start doing cartwheels after a while. But that’s. That’s my favorite kind of stuff right there.

Yeah. And there’s just, I don’t know, again, what to make of it all. But if there’s. I try to. When things get really expansive and out there, just like, well, what is. What is any practical takeaway from this? And, and it all seems to be, again, this unexplainable phenomena seems to be the most reductionist. It’s like a willful, you know, just kind of like shake from the universe. It’s. It’s. It’s something powerfully self referential. Like, inherently, it makes you take a step back and think about yourself and if you’re crazy or not, and, you know, what the implications are, you know, whether it be a dream that, you know, because I have no idea.

I can’t repeat it, but I’ve had dreams of moments that have happened, you know, weeks later. There’s all sorts of strange, unexplainable things that happen, and I think that, you know, like, making sure she’s not. The cryptids and UFO’s and things are there. There’s a lot of different ways you could look at it, but for me, you know, because there’s people, you know, the nuts and bolts of the UFO’s, the, the flesh and blood bigfoot buries, it’s dead. And, and like that. And, hey, I mean, more power to you, but this is, you irreducible complexity. Again, there is 100% an existential element to it.

You know, just look into people. There’s a lot of research out there, but some touchstones of research that I always bring up because they are great is Jacques Valet and John Keel. You know, they’re ones that really expound upon the. The threshold between, like the mythological and the crypto zoological. What does he call it? The. Is it like the something brotherhood? I was reading as a panic on you or something. I forgot the name of it. Mmm, the brotherhood of something, you know, I’m talking about Jack Valet, the invisible college. No, not that. When he had another name for it, but like, what do you think of them perhaps being.

Are you talking about the phenomena itself? Yeah, he’s got a name for it. It’s in the one of his books. I read it recently and I forgot about it already. But Jacques Valley is really super, super woo woo and like, super, like elementals. And he’s very hermetic. Yeah, yeah. He’s all into her medicine. Very paracelsian, if you will, with the whole gnomes and fairy Fae and all those things. Have we brought up the goblin universe before? I think we tell you, I think we talked about on the. On the last one. But let me bring it up again.

What’s the refresh our memories. Yeah, it’s a. It’s a good thing to tie in because in terms of this manifestation like the ontology of the unexplainable and how it relates to psychology, for lack of better term the Goblin universe is an interesting book. It was hard to get a hold of for a while. Like, you. You couldn’t really find PDF’s and print copies. Like $100 easy. It was a real collector thing. But now it’s back in print. You can find digital and print. So I do recommend people check it out. And it’s a weird fun book because it was published posthumously and it was a rough draft written by a Fortean investigator who had other books out named Ted Holiday.

And it was edited by his friend who was another Fortean cultist. Dude, that some people will recognize the name of you. I wouldn’t surprise me if you knew the name Colin Wilson. So he wrote the introduction and edited it. And it’s this. So it’s kind of half baked and like. But that’s kind of the fun of it, is Ted Holiday was still working on it. There’s some ideas where you’re like, oh, yeah, he was still. He was still trying to flesh that one out. And then other things, we were like, damn, that is great food for thought.

And it’s entertaining. It’s definitely fortean history, if you will. But the striking components of it are the goblin universe as the takeaway phrase. Is this the word that we couldn’t find for whatever Jacques filet was describing this cacophony this kaleidoscopic, you know, energy that is helping us complete this metaphysical circuit. And the goblin universe has a specifically, like, dark twist to it. It’s kind of the boogeyman and the monsters and things and some really fun food for thought is he takes a really eccentric but what’s the word, like, official, for lack of better term Catholic exorcist out to Loch Ness.

And they do, like, banishing rituals to try and get the Loch Ness monster out of there. It’s wild. And this dude not only. Not only did this, this, uh, exorcist, um, were, uh, do this at Loch Ness, but he was also, I. You not, he was a practicing, working, um, carnival animal exorcist. So he would exercise like what? Yeah, I know, right? That’s the appropriate response. Carnival animal exorcist. Yeah. So like angry lions, I guess, and stuff like that. He would go and, like, you know, exercise the bad energy out of him. Like this, like wild.

Reverend Ormond, I think his name was. Donald Ormond. Yeah. Donald Omand performing an exorcism. Dude. What? Crazy. So, and it’s interesting that the, the loch ness, because I did a short on this recently where obviously Crowley had done the Abramelon workings and the ritual of Auber Melon, where allegedly, some people say he opened up a portal to hell and the Loch ness. I speculated that the Loch ness could have been this demonic entity, you know, one of the twelve kings and dukes of hell that he wasn’t able to get ahold of, and it escaped into the wild.

I love the idea. Who knows, dude? I mean, that’s something that, that I think about all the time. It’s like, where do you meet the supernatural, metaphysical and the physical? Like, there’s got to be at one point in time, think about it. I mean, I know we’re. We were just in our dad’s nuts at one point, but at one point in time, what if we came forth from a thought or something, right? Like the. The idea of a seed sprouting into a tree and, like, growing into that. So at one point in time, maybe we were a thought of God or something who then had to be put in the sperm to then be, you know.

You know what happens with our moms and stuff. We don’t want to think about that part, but that whole aspect of it. But, you know, I’m saying, like, what if that’s how reality works? And. And so, yeah, this is really interesting. I’m gonna have to check this book out. Is it, is it on audible at all? I don’t know if it has any audio form, but, yeah, you can definitely find, like I said, it easy to access PDF’s now. So I recommend people check it out. And, you know, for, like, it’s. It’s part of the reason it’s so fun is because there is interesting research and food for thought, but they’re also.

And they’re taking themselves seriously enough to write about this and even go out there and do it. But they’re also saying, like, we’re just seeing what happens. You know, like, we’re not expecting to change the landscape of Loch Ness here, but, like, let’s just do this and see what happens. And then there’s other, you know, weirder food for thought that doesn’t quite link up. But I, you know, it’s. It shows, like, the mindset of the book. Like, he talks about the potential reincarnation of Gilles de Ray, which was the. The serial killer that fought alongside Joan of Arc and ended up.

There was a. There was a Vatican raid on his compound, and he was, like, sacrificing children. Allegedly one of the greatest serial murderers of all time. Yeah, some people think it was all a Vatican smear. There was probably some of that involved, but I think he definitely was also crazy murderer. But. So Ted holiday in the book argues that there was. That Jill de Ray might be reincarnated, have been reincarnated, as. I didn’t expect to talk about it. So I don’t remember his name. But it was this sadistic serial killer that you don’t hear about in philly in the seventies who dressed up in, like, biker leather and spikes.

It was like some weird, like, slipknot ish, like, hellraiser kind of. And he talks about their story side by side. And it is weird. There’s a lot of, like, archetypal symbolic components. There’s absolutely no indication, how could there be that they are reincarnated? It’s certainly not compelling. Like, you hear about, like, Doctor Ian Stevenson interviewing children who are, like, really interesting reincarnation cases that are head scratchers. It’s not anything like that, but if anything, and it is kind of weird, it’s just kind of showing, like, the collective stew of all this unexplainable dark stuff. And so the goblin universe, as a catch all term for that, basically, the outward projection of the shadow complex is the whole running theme of the book.

And it definitely has to do with my book hunt manual as well. I take it in a lot of different places that that kernel of shadow complex with unexplainable phenomena is, I think, like, still, there’s a lot to be tapped into there. Yeah. I’m reading about some. Some of these necrophiliacs of these. The lust killer and the shoe fetish. The shoe fetish slayer do is a real piece of work, dude. Yeah. Oh, man. Yeah. So. And that’s. And that’s the thing. Did you catch. I recently watched a documentary on Netflix of, I think it’s called what Jennifer did or something other where Jennifer Pan, where she had hired hitmen to kill her parents.

And it turns out that Netflix used AI pictures in that documentary. And people were like, what? Like, why would you do that? They use AI, either enhance or AI pictures of the girl, you know, who is still alive. And they used it. It’s like, what are they trying to do? Is like, well, they’re trying to satisfy that thirst of this true crime genre that everyone seems to be obsessed with because there is that morbid curiosity of death and, and violence. And you brought up a interesting thing earlier about, about death and, you know, Twitter or x.

Twitter is an interesting one because it’s like you can go, you know, watching clips of Drake jerking his hog off and the next second some snuff video of some dude getting his head blown off. You know, I’m saying, it’s like, what are they trying to program us today? Like, like, and seeing somebody die in their final moments where we’re just covering this thing about how their, their brain spikes. You know, these, these brain dead people have brainwave spikes before they pass on. It’s like, what’s going on to that person? Plus it’s being caught on film. You know, is there something about we’re not film, but video? Is there something like a cult about video and why certain indigenous people didn’t want their photographs taken? Because it traps some part, like, in the fact that that person is now gonna die over and over and over again on video.

Like, what does that do? It’s just like, dude, so many weird aspects of it all. And I think that it can’t be good for your soul to watch somebody get anything on video. I mean, you know, negative aspect. Right. No, but think about, you know, the industry and, like, what that does, like, of somebody getting railed on camera. Like, what is the opposite? Is that the opposite of somebody dying on camera? Like, so many things to think about, dude. Makes you wonder. Yeah. And, yeah, I was just talking about the other day, Timothy Treadwell, the grizzly man.

Werner Herzog made a documentary about him. He was documentary? Yeah, it’s wild and just. Yeah, like the. The fact that the weird, horrifying surrealism of the fact that that would just happen to be captured all the audio on his camera. It’s like, what the. Like, I don’t. Yeah. Universe is a really dark sense of humor. That is brutal. Too dark for me, man. So they. So they say, right, like, that it was caught on camera, never released. Right. This, this, this grizzly essentially eating this dude’s head. And. Well, they both died, right? The girlfriend was with him too.

She died too. Damn. Yeah. So yeah, I’m reading this thing here with the. So the above information comes from Wilson’s lengthy introduction. I’ve seen several instances because I read something here. Dark God. So the goblin universe would never convert a single skeptic. In fact, it would probably make him more certain that ever that the occult is a farage of self deception and muddled thinking. This acknowledgment follows a paragraph in which Wilson claims that holiday attempts to show that Gilles, the Rays, or however you say it was reincarnated as Edward pays no. Convinces no one, even the believers.

Who the hell is this? Was this another serial killer, this Edward? Yeah. Oh yeah. More people’s skin. Um, I don’t know all the details about him. I know he did wear leather with spikes. That was the guy who I was trying to think of there. The beast of Jersey. That’s it. Yep. Yep. Dude entered homes at night dressed in a rubber mask and nailed studded wristlets attacking women and children. Yeah, bro. What? As dark as it gets, basically. Well, this guy. This guy’s. And he’s. Yeah, he died in 1994, so rest in piss. Yes, guy, but.

So convince. Convinces no one even believes Wilson poo pooing. The work that he is introducing will come as no surprise to the longtime readers of this blog. He was even. And this is from Nocturnal Rev. Nocturnal. How the hell you say his name reveleries, horror and occult book reviews. This is from. Oh, I think I’ve read that before. Yeah, so he was even harsher in his introduction of Roberts and Gilbertson’s insanely paranoid dark gods. Wait, what? This sounds interesting, bro. Dark gods. This is another book, dude. Alright, so anyways, we’ll save that for later, but. Okay.

Yeah, so I actually first heard of the Goblin universe and Colin Wilson’s introduction to the dark gods. His description there, and of the exorcism of Loch ness that is recounted in holidays book, ensured that I would attract the ladder down more on dark gods later. So he did. And there’s a picture of this Donald Oman performing an exorcism medalist. I’m gonna have to check this book. He said there’s a PDF of it. Yeah, I could send it to you personally if you want to. Me, dude. Because this is interesting because he’s talking about the occult. And I’m gonna also check out this dark gods by Anthony Roberts and Geoff Gilbertson, which is.

Sounds interesting as well, you know, since we’re on the subject. It. I think it ties in, generally speaking, to everything we’ve been talking about. This book is $698 on Amazon and 360 on second story. What? Yeah, those are the first prints. That’s what it was like before it was reprinted. I found reprints recently though. I’m talking about the dark gods. Oh, oh, got it. Yep. See that’s. That’s 14 history. It’s small, limited runs. And then people come across authors too late and then the books are hard to get, folks. So support your. Your local author, huh? Dude, now I’m have to read it cuz I got to know what’s in it.

Yeah, well, freaking send me a PDF when you get that. I do. As a guy I know AP strange. He’s a little bit. I’ll call himself like an amateur fortean historian like collector, but he’s pretty professional as far as anyone else is concerned. He knows a lot and he’s got a huge old collection. So if he doesn’t have it, he would know about it quite a bit. I bet I’ll have to ask him. Maybe he’d know where to get a good copy or something. I got a PDF copy of the dark God. So boom. If anyone wants.

I said this last time about a movie and I had so many people email me. Hey, can have the link to that movie. So yeah, just shoot me an email if you want a copy of the dark gods doing the Lord’s work out there. Juan, what else was I going to say? Yeah, the. So we just mentioned Timothy Treadwell. I had a conversation. By the time people listen to this, it’ll be out. I had an episode I did on Black Hoodie Alchemy. There’s the best term I could describe it as is, for lack of better term, Wanderlust syndrome.

Yeah, there’s a lot of different names that we have in there, McCandless and Treadwell included. And to not mince words, it’s. It’s kind of a little bit of the fool archetype, but there’s the. The weird surrealist, unexplainable element to it. Not unlike UFO Bigfoot. But there’s a lot of disappearances. The more you look into these cases, there’s a lot of mind blowing series of unfortunate events. There’s people into transcendentalism and trying to like find something higher in life and then finding a lot of darkness and dying or getting lost in the woods. There was a guy in 2020 who disappeared, never found again.

He went out looking for the alleged dark pyramid of Alaska. The, the buried pyramid that is in, allegedly in Alaska. You know his name, Nathan Campbell. So this wanderlust syndrome, it’s, it was kind of like an anomalous floating idea that I’ve had for a while, just seeing recurring characters get lost in them, in themselves and on their journeys. Sometimes for better, a lot of times for worse, unfortunately. But I found in the Goblin universe, Ted holiday talks about what he calls the pan effect, where there are a lot of reports of mountaineers and alpinists and specifically on mountains where all of a sudden, and these are real, like, world class mountaineers.

These are people who are trained, they’re diligent. They know how to keep calm under pressure and get their way out of a sticky situation. They become overwhelmed by an explicit, sharp and immediate sense of panic that sends them, it gets them doing irrational things and even, like, considering jumping off cliffs and things like that. And it’s, it’s actually something that’s, that’s talked about a little bit. He goes into several examples of very prestigious mountaineers that he knows cases of. And he, yeah, it’s just open ended. He’s like, I, you know, I’m not necessarily saying that like the God pan, who has his own trickster element, who is good and bad, not evil, but kind of fucks with people sometimes.

I’m not saying he’s out there pushing people off, but the archetype, maybe the panic and maybe he is for that matter, too, you know. But it made me think of, in dive manual, I talk about my encounter with the archetype of the siren, which, long story short, and it had to do with dreams and things, is, you know, the recurring, for my example was a recurring dream of something that was sweet nothings. It was something that seemed promising to potential resolutions to things in my life. But eventually I realized that by pursuing those potential resolutions, that was the al, that was the allegory of people jumping off the boat, swimming to the shore of the siren and then starving to death at their feet, waiting for their attention.

So the whole idea of something that seems too good to be true, being like a predator, essentially, the siren archetype. And I think in a way, you know, the more you look at, the more you think about that, you know, because even Jung talked about how these things were autonomous. You know, archetypes were, we’re self directed. They might not be self referential, but they’re self directed and they interact with us. So there’s that siren archetype out there that is the seductive predator in any kind of form. And then there is the pan effect, where it is sending people into sheer devastating panic at the times where they need it the least, which is like climbing a mountain or something.

And, yeah, there’s just these weird, and this is where I think that mysticism can really start to sway the skeptic or the materialist, because it’s like, it’s not, it’s not necessarily, that’s one way to look at it, but it’s not necessarily like these are literal characters, but that these characters help explain cosmic forces of nature that are self directed and go far deeper than we can imagine. There seems to be a lot of evidence for that. And I’m all, I’m all for the idea that they could be, you know, conscious in and of themselves as well, but there’s at least something outside of us, that’s for sure.

Do you know of the guy from, you know, as we come to a closing here, I forgot his name. The guy from the missing four one one. Does he have any? Because I just know about the missing 401 from, you know, all the stories and everything that you hear about. But is there, does he have any speculations that maybe perhaps some of these missing accounts could be metaphysical in nature and that there is something much more going on when it comes to these missing people? Because it seems to be a pattern, how you’re saying these usually experienced people, they go missing? And I, and I’ve, I’ve said before and reference the missing four one one where, you know, sometimes when you lose your wallet and you find it just crammed in, like, that section of your car, and it’s just, like, in a weird position to where you missed it.

Well, think about people. Maybe they fall through a crack, and they’re just in, like, a weird position in the ass crack of the, you know, national park and no one can see them, or did they step in through a portal and get abducted by aliens? Like, who knows? Yeah, man. Yeah, no, I I think, um, it seems Paul something. It’s something like. I’m gonna mess up the syllables, but I think it’s something like antonides or something like that. But he’s pretty open, you know, he’s been on David, bro. Oh. So I had the ideas. Right. All right, so I’m glad you looked it up.

Yeah, I basically did up. So. So thanks for correcting me there. I’m glad we got what I mean, salute to that dude. He says some questionable. He really riled people up about, and even having that conversation, like, it’s just this divisive and, yeah, it’s purposefully so. Like, you’re playing into the propaganda one way or the other, but also be informed. But, yeah, but I mean, regardless of what he says, the missing four one one stuff is really interesting. And that guy, yeah, he deserves credit for where it’s due there, but he also. He is open to not physical things, for sure.

He doesn’t really. He doesn’t really have clear cut answers, which is what makes some of that. That body of research so compelling. Again, like that, you know, the murder mystery type of thing, true crime. It’s like, oh, the. The rush of wanting to know what happened. But guess what? You’re never gonna know. So same thing with the missing four one one. Absolutely. You know, this is kind of like a. Just not really a segue for this, but I kind of just wanted to, like, toss it in your ear and toss it in your listeners ear, because speaking of true crime and things, I just encourage people to go check this out.

This is a story that when I came across it, it blew my mind. I mentioned it to you once at some point, but it’s a story that’s very well documented, but people just. It flies under the radar. It’s a dude named Malachi Z York, and he not only created a very successful cult, but he was highly influential to hip hop as we know it. He was hanging out with Africa Bambada, who founded Zulu nation, that inspired people like tribe called Quest and a lot of others. Zulu nation is something you hear referenced a lot in early nineties hip hop and Africa.

Bambada has child abuse allegations. Now, Malachi York embedded in hip hop. He has, like, on record. He has ties with Jay Z. When Jay Z was still coming up, he has ties with. With Andre 3000 of outcast. He’s got ties with a lot of people, and it goes from the top to the bottom. MF doom was a huge follower of this dude. And. And I don’t think all these people are evil either. I do not rep Jay Z. Jay Z, but someone like mf doom. Jay Z. Yeah, I like mf doom. And Drake, too. Yeah, Drake, man.

Him. Seriously. And not in a pleasing way to him. Is that. That sounded like it could go a couple different. No. Did he, bro? It’s all right. Oh, that’s true. Yeah, diddy, too, man. Goddamn. I mean, come on, bro. Yeah, yeah. All that. Not directly, but really does tie in, especially the diddy stuff. That is really weird. And so, long story short, Malachi York influenced people from the top to the bottom. Prodigy of mob Deep talked about Malachi York. People might know Vinnie Paz and Army of the Pharaohs. I’m a big fan of Vinny Paz. I’m a big fan of a lot of these people, aside from Jay Z, you know, Vinnie Paz has battle raps where he’s talking about Malachi York.

It’s kind of absurd how deep this guy is all over hip hop culture. And Nas has lyrics about him. It’s crazy, man. And this is all on record. Outkast has a whole album about, like, a concept album about. It’s called at aliens. And it’s because Malachi York, at this point, was. Had his cult based in Atlanta, and Outkast was coming and doing shows on the compound. It was a huge compound. Yeah, seriously. There was a huge compound in the middle of Georgia, outside of Atlanta, where they had, like, a 40 foot giant pyramid made of stucco and plywood.

And they had. And they started running an illegal nightclub out of there where they started hustling drugs and guns and all these different things. And eventually, this guy was busted for a lot of child abuse, a lot of stuff. Yeah, I’ve seen his record. Yeah, yeah. So, yeah, it’s a. It. The compound is nuts. It’s nuts. And it. It had ancient alien ideas. It was. It was very black, Hebrew, israelite. So, you know, I. It’s. It’s basically a matter of record that, like, you know, things here, too. Yeah, yeah, that’s a good point. You know, it’s basically a matter of record that the nubian people, like, the ancient black person, if you will, was where we all stemmed from.

But then there are some people, you know, like, Kanye has been talking about this, too. Talk about hip hop, where they say, because of that, they say. They take it really anti semitic. And even Kanye went into Holocaust denial and, like, pro Hitler stuff. And they say that the jewish people, like, repurposed their culture so that they are the original Hebrew. And it’s really muddled. Like, again, you can say that the nubian person was, like, the original seed of life, but that’s a different conversation getting into this specificity of, like, hebrew culture and things, and the science doesn’t line up.

So this guy was super racist, like, documentedly. And he a fun side story. It took him a while to find his specifically egyptian identity. And for a period of time, he actually tried to do a cowboys and Indians thing with his cult. I swear to God, he had, like, the whole really racist headdress. And he’s not native american at all, but he just started calling himself native american. And he had half of his cult dress like Native Americans and half of them dressed like cowboys. I never heard of this guy, bro, but apparently there’s a documentary on him here.

The rise, Inc. In kind and continuous rise of Doctor Malik Z York. A tribute to the product. Anyways, yeah, I’m gonna have to look this guy the on the mystery behind closed doors, the untro truth. Oh, yeah. I’m gonna have to check this out, bro. Maybe we can do an episode on this next time or maybe do an episode on. I have two books, two new. Two new books, the Dark Gods and the Goblin universe that I got to check out now on top. Yeah. So I’m game to talk about any or all. And I encourage people to go check out the Malachi Z York because like I said, it’s something that’s not discussed enough.

And there are big, big name. A lot of big names that are implicated on record. Yeah, yeah. So. And then this guy was busted for, you know, all the crimes and trafficking of all sorts. And he is one of the cult leaders, one of the biggest cult leaders I know of. Like, what’s the way to phrase it? He has the most people still believing in his innocence than any other cult leader in prison that I know. Yeah. Yeah. So it’s pretty wild stuff. Yeah, we’ll do this next time. Yeah, yeah. Yes. Don’t forget, everybody. If you like all that.

We got a little bit of everything we talked about. Black hoodie alchemy. is the website where you can find everything else. And check out my books. Dive manual and hunt manual. We’re always bumping. I got a lot of great independent musicians, whether it be rappers or like some hardcore, some punk, some rock and roll. A lot of cool music that we’re playing over there, too. So yeah, go check it out. It’s a fun time. Black hoodie alchemy links down in the description. Anthony, this is great. It’s always a good conversation. We’re a little bit all over the place, but that’s fine, dude.

You know, I don’t do a show anymore on specific topics. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. But 98% of the time, 99% of the time, it’s all open flow, free format conversation. See where it goes. Yeah, I think we had some good recurring themes. Yeah, this one was good. Is the one for the books. As always, everyone make sure to follow me. Social media at the one on one podcast. Follow me on twitch. I’m gonna be streaming every week. Tuesdays. Come hang out in the chat. It’s always a fun time. Patreon, occultist. Monday. Check out the homunculus owners manual.

All that good stuff. And anything else I miss. Just check all the links. Also. Yeah, shirts, top lapse of calm things down in the description. Check out my exclusive and custom designs. So. Yeah. And Anthony, thank you for being here, bro. Make sure to check him out. Black hoodie, alchemy. Thank you for having me. Yeah, for sure, dude. Anytime. As always, everyone. Catch you on the other side. Keep those buttholes tight.

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