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Bases 7 – Dave Marrow Super Soldier Interview – Implant Scans Ritual Abuse and MILABS

By: Numb3rs Dont Li3
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➡ Dave Marrow, a friend of the speaker, is believed to have undergone intense military training and mind control programs, similar to the infamous MKUltra. The speaker is concerned that Dave, who is now living in Somerset, might be part of a dormant cell, potentially activated in the future. The speaker also discusses the unethical use of mind control in military operations, referencing historical events like Operation Paperclip, where Nazi scientists were recruited post-WWII. Lastly, the speaker shares Dave’s mysterious background, including his mother’s disappearance and his experiences of abuse and programming from a young age.
➡ The text is a disturbing account of a person named Thomas Crowe who was adopted into an abusive family on the Orkney Islands. He recalls traumatic experiences of ritual abuse, including attempted sacrifices and being forced to drink goat’s blood. Despite the trauma, he managed to survive through dissociation, a coping mechanism where he would focus on something else during the abuse. As he grew older, he began to question his past and confront his adopted family about the abuse.
➡ Marcus, a 20-year-old, shares a strange encounter with a man claiming to be an extraterrestrial from Sirius B. This man, who had unusual abilities, warned Marcus about a war between negative and positive aliens, with the negative ones controlling the American government. After this encounter, Marcus experienced bizarre incidents, including waking up paralyzed with bright lights around him and feeling something moving in his back. Later, an X-ray revealed unexplained metal near his spine, and a bug sweeper detected signals at the same spot, suggesting possible alien interference.
➡ The text describes a person’s experience with strange occurrences, including unexplained scars and high radiation readings from their body. They believe these events are linked to extraterrestrial technology and abduction experiences. They also recall memories of being in a military hospital and suspect their father, who had connections to military intelligence, may have orchestrated some of these events. The person also mentions seeing strange creatures and experiencing amnesia.
➡ The speaker recounts experiences of being manipulated and controlled, possibly for military purposes. They describe undergoing hypnosis, drug use, and electric shock, which they believe were methods to create a soldier or assassin. They also mention experiencing triggers that put them into a trance-like state. Additionally, they discuss encounters with non-human entities and physical changes to their body during periods of stress or anger.
➡ A man recalls his experiences of being trained in secretive black ops missions, possibly under hypnosis, by a military specialist. He mentions traumatic events, including a death during training, and waking up with no memory of the night’s events but feeling physically exhausted. He also discusses encounters with people who claim to have been victims of mind control and voice-to-skull technology. Lastly, he talks about a woman who was part of the same project and their ability to heal injuries rapidly through focus and positive energy.
➡ The speaker discusses an entity within them that sometimes leaves their body, appearing as a dark energy or watery plasma. They also mention being part of a mission where they jumped from an aircraft without a parachute, and hint at having a temper similar to the Hulk from comic books. They believe they are still being experimented on, possibly by the Illuminati, and have memories of a Dr. Crows using radiation on them. They also suggest they have knowledge of diseases like avian and swine flu before they were publicly known, and believe these diseases are part of population control efforts.
➡ The speaker discusses their belief in the Anunnaki, a powerful race mentioned in the Bible, and their own potential connection to them. They express concern about a future one-world government system, similar to what the Nazis, Egyptians, and Romans tried to establish. The speaker also mentions their experiences with fear programming and conditioning, and advises others who have had similar experiences to find support networks. Lastly, they touch on the topic of life extension technology, suggesting that it was once widely known but has been lost over time.
➡ David Marrow, previously known as David Manderson, claims to have been part of a secret program that unlocked a dormant part of his DNA, the “X gene”, allowing him to access superhuman abilities. He suggests that this was part of a government effort to control and explore human potential. Marrow also discusses advanced technology, such as Stargates and starships, and the role of mathematics as the universal language. He believes that he was selected to fight against other beings and has had experiences in other realities or “matrixes”. He also mentions the existence of mind control programs like MkUltra and the Monarch program, which he suggests are more widespread than people realize.
➡ The text discusses the theory that popular culture, particularly music and movies, are being used as tools for mind control. It suggests that certain symbols and themes, like those found in Disney movies, are used to hypnotically program individuals from a young age. The text also mentions a group of people who believe they have been subjected to this kind of programming. The author emphasizes the need for concrete evidence to support these claims.


And I’m a very good friend of Dave Marrow, and Dave Marrow is someone who apparently went through an mkultra style black op, military training, the works, and is apparently now here in Taunton, Somerset, as I suppose you could say, part of a sleeper cell. But what worries us is, whilst we think the project may have been done and done with, there’s always the possibility that he might, you know, they might just have him on the side, waiting for another opportune time in the future. Who knows? So it feels like there’s a race against the clock to find out what really happened and be able to do what we can or do what I can to safeguard my friend because, you know, with, I mean, just in its very nature, trauma based mind control.

That’s what it is. Monarch programming, MkUltra, you know, the Montauk project, or, as has been reported in England, project Mannequin. So all these things, you know, don’t leave the subject much better off, let’s say, you know, he has a lot of pain and. Yeah, post traumatic stress, memories of highly traumatic situations. So. Well, let’s go to the base. You know, you can. And the original concept of the manchurian candidate, you know, sending an agent out, and they have an ulterior motive, an alternative agenda mission that’s buried in their subconscious, and they’re not even aware. They think they’re doing something very mundane.

They famously tried it with a lady called Candy Jones. Oh, Candy Jones. You know, Candy Jones. She was like a pin up girl in the fifties. Oh, right, yeah. And they sent her off on a flight, and she went and had a cup of tea with the guy at the other end and, you know, gave him a bunch of flowers or whatever, and then came home. And on her return, the CIA interrogated her and said, what did he do? And she said, I just went and had a cup of tea with this guy. But what she wasn’t aware of was that she’d been given a long secret message under hypnosis.

She got on this flight, gone over there, had a cup of tea with this guy who happened to be a CIA operative at the other end waiting for her. He puts her under the chance again, using hypnosis, gets the information, the secret message, and then wakes her up out of the trance afterwards, you know, so she leaves, just thinking they’ve had a cup of tea when she’s not even aware of the fact that she. Of the message she’s had in her head, because hypnosis is that powerful, you know, and then they realized, hang on, this will safeguard our operatives against, you know, if they get captured, it’ll.

It’ll protect them against. Not protect them, but protect the information. Yeah. Even under interrogation, you know, you can physically torture someone and they won’t have the information to hand because it’s buried using hypnosis. So they thought. Ideal. Now, none of our agents can divulge any sensitive information because it’s so far buried in their heads under hypnosis that they’re not even aware of the fact that they know this information. You know, instead of having to send in a whole special forces SAS, you could just send one mind controlled assassin who had really enhanced abilities. Because that’s what the super soldier program’s all about.

It’s about maximizing the potential of one human to fulfill the most, I suppose, the greatest military purpose possible. You know, so that covers so many different aspects, from espionage to being an assassin to whatever it is. And, you know, even darker stuff than that. So it works. It makes sense. It’s highly unethical. But, of course, what we know about these people who do it, you know, american military, for instance, is they don’t have that many scruples. Come on. Well, their soldiers are expendable. That’s the whole point, isn’t it? And where did it come from? You know, I’ve done my history.

It goes back to a thing called operation paperclip. After World War Two, the allies went in and found all these nazi scientists, hundreds of them, and found that actually they were researching all this kind of stuff, like mind control, it seems so. And it worked. So, I mean, is this situation Nazi connected et connected with? I think it’s. I think it’s. It’s. It’s big. You know, it’s. It’s so big and all encompassing that you. I wouldn’t just really kind of focus too much on, you know, whether they happen to wear a swastika curry or not. It’s.

I don’t think it’s that clear cut. My name’s David Marrow. Basically, I have a story to tell by my experiences. Used to be called Manderson. Comes from the scottish name Manderson. Scottish royalty goes back to scottish royalty and egyptian royalty used to live on Orkney Islands near Cave Ness, where the Herodia of the Manderson family was. So how did you get there? What brought you to the Orkney Islands? Yeah, I was taken there by a guy called Chris Marrow. He bit of a nefarious character in his own way. Took me there after being adopted and fostered in.

I was born in Royal Berkshire Hospital. Lived in Newbury for a bit, went to the Orkney Islands and. Yeah, I can remember being taken to castles and stuff. So were you an orphan or. Newbury’s close to a base called Peasmore. This is it. This is it. I don’t remember much about Pismore, apart from it was on a roundabout, the bit as something. Something kicks in there. But I’m not so sure about that. But what I do know is that before I was adopted and fostered, I was looked after by a guy called Thomas Crow. Used to be linked with eagles.

I think he even played with him a few times. Wasn’t really sure why he was there, but something to do with the Illuminati. Quite high up. This woman as well. Looks a bit like gropbag from them, that program. There’s somebody at the door. Then the Tin man walks in, some kind of programming. What grop bag? What does that refer to? It’s a woman. She’s like, well, she’s a witch in the cartoon series, but she’s also one of these women that select certain children with certain abilities, these certain things. Very high up, esoteric, sort of soft key.

I won’t say too much about that because, again, like, you know, it’s coming out of things. But, yeah, she’s, um. She’s a selector, basically, where they get young kids that may be either adopted or things have happened to their parents or things, and she selects them, basically. Like star kids, indigo children, that kind of thing. Yeah. So how does that. This is at what age you’re talking about. I’d have been about. Thomas Crow was around about the age of two, three. Went to the Orton Islands about the age of four, five. That’s when my experiences of ritual abuse began.

But again, like, wasn’t too sure about what was going on. I didn’t really know what. What was happening. I knew it was bad and wrong, but as a child, you don’t understand these things. I began. What age is this you’re talking about? About the age of four or five programming. I remember being drugged, hallucinating. Being drugged about the age of five by some men. Something to do with Alice in Wonderland. Kind of getting bigger and smaller. What happened with the men? How did that happen? Where did it happened? Just by the house. Horries was the name of the house.

In York. New island. I’m in Scotland, top of Scotland. Can you go back? Before you went there, what brought you to the Orkney Islands? What was special that got you there? It’s what I don’t understand, you see, being completely honest, my real mother was allegedly deaf and dumb. She couldn’t look after me. No record of a father. All very mysterious. Story is it’s quite a weird story on my record. Adoption notes, when I got them just recently, she goes missing for nine months. This woman who’s deaf and dumb, can’t talk, can’t speak, doesn’t know nothing about anything and even know what a baby was.

I had to draw pictures of what a baby was to my mother, Jennifer Manderson. She knew what was happening to her. She goes missing for nine months, turns up my grandmother’s doorstep with me in her stomach. And so no one knows what’s happened to her, where she’s been. She gets put in the psychiatric unit, gives birth to me in a hospital, Robach hospital, and doesn’t hold me or anything. Just gives birth and she’s taken away. I’m taken away. I can’t even remember what she looks like. Well, obviously baby wouldn’t, but, yeah, done nothing. Didn’t really no connection there.

But that was when, after I kind of gone to a year and a half. So flashbacks. And then about two years, this guy called Thomas Crowe comes on the scene, some guy with huskies from Canada. Some kind of weird connection. But, um. But yeah, I. Not sure. You see this is because. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s almost like it reminds me of Wolverine from the X Men. Like, you know, that kind of thing reminds you, like, the science of slack, sort of. If Wolverine was a real person in. In life, like so in modern day, that would be Thomas Crowe, basically, that was who he would be.

Some kind of. I don’t know. I mean, from my programming, from things I’ve been through, from my experiences, my dissociation and my memories coming back. Something to do with life extension technology. So Nazi. Nazi, sort of uberman programming, kind of using the swastika. Used to be used as a symbol of regeneration, used to be that way around, and they turned it around. But all that had to do with programming and sort of a bit like under hypnosis, trauma based programming. So let’s get back to your childhood and the Orkneys. You had terrible experiences there. Can you talk about that? They tried to sacrifice me.

At some point around the age of between four and six, some men came round a ritual sacrifice. I was made to stare at the sun whilst they tried to put me on a crucifix and sacrificed me. Some kind of ritual sacrifice. What way did they try and fail? I don’t know how they fell. I don’t know if it was raided or I was also. There was sexual abuse going on as well. I don’t know. I don’t quite understand how I’m still here. I do think I died at one point and something happened because I’m still here.

Sounds a bit strange, I know, but I went. There was. All I can remember is being pulled up to the cross and somehow someone intervened or something and. Dunno, I’m not sure. Where was this? This was on the Orkney Islands. Can you name the school or the home? You mentioned horries and this place called the scarabrae, which is, um, an ancient, like, um. There’s lots of archaeology. Um. Yeah, it’s quite blurry, so. Because I was drugged and stuff as well. You mentioned that this was a scandal in the early nineties. Was the police involved or the raids involved? Cid, child protection, social services, raid of the island, looking for satanic pedophile network.

Um, Labour party threw it out as a witch hunt, as a myth, even though, due to lack of evidence, even though there were countless testimonies. Can you mention any of those, the details? Well, I was made to drink goat’s blood. In what sort of circumstances? Well, on one particular occasion, yeah, my father took a cup and a knife out into the garden. And this is your adopted father? My adopted father, yeah. He took a knife and a cup out into the garden and called me out with a smile on his face, quite a weird smile on his face.

Wasn’t too impressed by it. And he said, come here, Dave. And there’s two guys holding this goat. It’s the first time it happened. Happened a couple of times, about three or four times. And basically he slipped the goat’s throat in front of me. I can’t be more than seven years old at this point. And blood starts pouring out. He fills the cup with blood. I’m forced to drink it, then I black out, pass out. Traumatized. Happened a few times, wasn’t quite sure why they were doing it, but then later on I came to find out that it was still a ritual abuse.

So this sacrifice thing, what happened? It’s more than one occasion. Still with children? Um, lots of children. How many? There was a sexual ritual kind of thing went on once. I want to go too much into the details of it, but, um, there’s about 30 or 40 children on the island. It’s all pretty nasty, nasty stuff. Again, the sacrifices? Don’t know, I’m not sure, but from my memories, they tried to sacrifice me. I was made. It was animal sacrifices made to look at dead animals. Repetitive abuse from being beaten about to sexual abuse to make with how many people? What sort of how many? Well, basically, coming back a bit further, I was adopted into an incest family.

We hear stories about this all the time. But, I mean, I. I knew this was going on long before I read anything about these kind of things. I thought I was kind of unique in the situation and that was always part of the problem. But I was in an interesting family again, like, embarrassed as I was when I got older and realized that what I was going through was wrong I realized I had to do something about it and I tried. Yeah. So how could you? How were you aware of these things? From an early age, I kind of questioned things.

I had a very inquisitive mind. Right. Scientifical inquisitors mind kind of thought that doesn’t add up. And what they doing and what are they doing and why is that happening and why are they doing that and what is this? And kind of always a bit unsure, very distancing myself from everything. Always walking a few steps behind my family when they’re walking down the street, kind of. So watching them and sort of thinking, I’m not sure about this. Are you aware that this was a dangerous situation for you from the word go? Well, yeah, I just kind of thought, you know, couple of adopted black kids.

I mean, me being black and my family being white, which is not a problem. But on the Orkney Islands, kind of out the way and some, the only neighbors, like, got one neighbor next to us and the next neighbors about a mile away. So everything out the way and all this abuse going on, everything else that, you know, this is all bit of a weird setup. So you were, in many respects, placed into this family far away? Yeah. I mean, yeah. Don’t get me wrong, there were times why, you know, I bonded with the family as you would.

That’s the deception that’s part of the programming so that when you get older they can access that part of your mind that makes you think that nothing even happened. Nothing ever happened. But as you get older, things come to the. What sort of age are you saying when you get older? Get about the age of 1617. That’s when I started getting memories back. Asking questions. Asking questions about asking my father questions, saying, you know, what went on? It’s all over the papers. How did you survive that? And what was involved? Dissociation. Yeah. Dissociative identity disorder. Notice, like, I look down, like a visor comes down.

Basically. Somehow I managed to develop an ability when I was either being abused or beaten about or made to do something. Part of me just broke off or I’d stare at a picture on the wall or a pattern or a brick or something, and that would be my focus and I just kind of take a picture and that would basically be what I would do when something bad was happening. Because happened so frequently, I developed a coping mechanism and that’s how I survived, dissociated and. Yeah, just that was my coping mechanism. So you’re mentioning some kind of ritual involving goat’s blood and stuff like that.

Can you talk more about that? What was that for? Do you know what it was for? What? What was it about? Um, there was a lot of occult stuff going on in the family, a lot of magic. I think a lot of it was to kind of make me superstitious, get me into mysticism, believing in fantasy, non reality, kind of Alice in Wonderland, voodoo, witchcraft, kind of Harry Potter kind of nonsense that a rubbish brought up or raised on. Nonsense. And what do you mean by nonsense? Well, just like, I’m not saying it’s nonsense, I’m saying it’s like it wasn’t.

You see a film, yeah, it’s fiction and you have reality and that’s like, you know, bread, butter, water, basic stuff. Yeah. And my dad family kind of brought me up on stuff that, as much as I was dissociating already, it’s just filling my mind with, you know, may as well be up there, you know, anywhere. Yeah, kind of. I can even remember amazing, like, situations where I’m basically, I’m eating earth or licking potatoes, trying to ground myself, you know, just trying to cover my face in mud, just trying to keep 2ft on them ground because one, I’ve been drugged, two, my head’s being pumped for all this stuff free.

I’m being dissociating and, yeah, trying to keep 2ft on the ground. A lot of my friends said, Dave, you’re a bit of a space cadet. I was like, well, no, I’m not a space cadet. But that initial core foundations of reality was never there. It was there for the first few years of my life. So are you dealing with. When you said space kid, I mean, are you dealing with ets, greys, aliens, any of that come into things at all? Later on I lived in Bristol for a while. Later on, that all started. First experiences, lived in Bristol.

My first abduction experience, I’m living in the house in Bristol in Southville with a guy called Marcus. And, um, what age were you now then? 21. 20. About 20. That’s when I first started remembering, like, first started. That’s when the first experience happened. I’m basically. I’m basically in this house in Southville. Guy called Marcus, age 20. I goes to bed one night after meeting someone who said I was going to be taken. And he claimed to be an extraterrestrial. Yeah, that’s all coming back now. Yeah, claimed to be an extraterrestrial guy. How does a human being appear to be an extra? He said that he’s from the planet Sirius b or Sirius, something like that.

Claimed to be from another planet. And I didn’t believe him. I thought, nah, you know, you’re a human being. His face looked a bit funny, like, kind of locked sided. Strange thing is, I’m working a pizza hut in Bristol. I just want to tell this bit, it’s important. Working in Bristol in Pizza Hut, and this guy walks in with a bottle of wine, bit drunk for. Yeah, this guy looks a bit crazy, you know, a bit off the rails. And I get him to sit down and drink some coffee and take his orders. Just think of three questions, and I give you three answers.

And I come back and I two of the questions you wouldn’t know the answer to. And the answer is all three questions straight like that. I then go to take another order. I then go to take another order and I get the order wrong. So I have to get the supervisor, just wipe the card. And he basically says, don’t worry, just type in my name. This guy walks in that claims to be an example, terrestrial, strangely enough. I type in his name, Roselle, access all areas. Can do whatever I want with the computer. I was like, okay, it’s a bit freaky.

He then says, you don’t believe me on an extraterrestrial? Not a lot I can’t do. And he says. He pulls out three cds out of his bag and says, pick any pub in Bristol. We walk in. From the minute we walk through the door, the first track from each of these cds, 80 from the eighties, these cds will start playing. So I meet him after work. I choose the perb, I walk in, bang. All three tracks start playing. Get a bit freaked out, so she’s gonna be taken. So there’s a war between the negative and positive extraterrestrials.

And he says, did he detail who’s negative and who’s positive? Talked about greys. That’s what he mainly said, greys. But he specifically said, some are negative, some are positive, some of the greys are negative. He said that basically, the negative extraterrestrials were controlling the american government. That’s what you were saying, basically, and by application, the government here. So global government kind of running things, pulling strings at the top so that superior race, manipulating the human race are kind of this planet. So what about this man? What kind of expert terrestrial was he, did he say? I didn’t believe him.

I didn’t honestly believe him. I thought he was talking rubbish. But strangely enough, about two weeks later, I move house, lose my job because I went a bit. Not crazy, but, um, I kind of thought, well, you know, it’s all a bit spinny. Some guys just show me a load of stuff that I even seen David Blaine or. No one like that do see nothing like that. And I goes to bed one night, I wake up paralyzed, can’t move. There’s white lights everywhere, bright lights everywhere. My body lifts up just before I hit the ceiling. Everything goes black.

Next thing I can remember, falling back into my bed on top of the covers. And there’s something moving about in my back. I can still feel it now. Sometimes it’s still there. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It was all hot round here as well. Mentioned on the phone. Some kind of life form, like a symbiont out of the tv series Stargate. Yeah, yeah. Like. But bigger and. Yeah. Probably more than one entity. A few years ago, my friend went for an x ray at Musgrove park hospital in Taunton, Somerset, England. This town. He went for an x ray and the nurse came out and said, excuse me, what is the metal in your spine? You’ve got metal right by your spine.

What is that? Obviously kind of perturbed, they didn’t. Nothing on his medical records, no explanation. So my friend was just baffled. He had no idea. He had no idea at all that there could be metal in his back. So he’s saying, it’s news to me. You tell me. You’re doing the x ray, you know. So the nurse disappears. He’s left there waiting for a very long time. And then the doctor reappears with the policeman and they say, oh, there’s nothing to worry about. Fine, off you go, on your way. And they’re leading him back to the reception, back to the entrance to get rid of him.

And, you know, he turns and he says, well, can I see my x ray, please? And at that point, you know, they definitely sort of usher him out of there and shun him from the entrance and, you know, off you go. So he thinks that was very strange. A couple of weeks later, he’s relating the story to a friend who says, well, of course you can see your x rays. It’s your right. You know, just write to the hospital, whoever. So sure enough, they contacted the hospital, asked to see the x rays. And remember, this is only a fortnight later.

No more than that. The x rays have disappeared. Oh, all right. Okay, so there’s no x ray. But you said there was metal. So now my friend’s telling me this, and I’m thinking, okay, well, we’ve got anecdotal evidence from, you know, he’s satisfied that they said there’s metal, and that’s from the hospital. So let’s investigate this further. He noticed when he went back after that experience, he actually looked in the mirror and found in this, in the small of his rounds here. You can’t really see. You have to get a mirror and. Yeah. Oh, there’s some little scars.

They look like puncture marks. Maybe keyhole surgery, about the size or a cigarette burn, but that sort of size, no wider than a sort of pencil or something like that. Little circular scars. There’s about three of them. There’s two on the left and one on the right side of the spine. And he used to be very athletic. He used to be able to break dance. And then he went from that to having lots of back pains and spasms that would make him black out. Now, are there chips in there? There’s a lot of question marks flying around.

So, anyway, we heard of other people who’ve had exactly the same experiences. What about magnetic resonance imagery with certain people? MRI. He went for an MRI scan, and sure enough. Snap, crackle, pop, the machine malfunctions. Now, what do we know about mris is you shouldn’t take metal into an MRI machine. So that’s consistent with having metal in the body. Now, I mean, I know other researchers have had MRI scans recently, and it stops. The machine just stopped while scanning her. Right? Yeah, this is it. Because it shouldn’t have. That’s Brenda Butler at Rendlesham. Right. So anyway, what happened to his MRI scan images? Well, my radiologist has had a look, and there’s only a section through his.

The lower part portion of his pelvis. So the spine isn’t. The area in question is here yet. That’s the only one that’s still on his record yet. What happened to the. One of his head, his torso, which was all done at the time and commented on at the time. I mean, it’s not there. We did a scan on my friend using what’s called a bug sweeper. It’s a counter surveillance device. For picking up listening devices, like little bugs in your office. You might have one in your mouse mat. You might say this phone. Say this phone’s like the bug sweeper, you know, beep, beep, beep.

It’s got the dial. It tells you what. Anyway, did one of those sweeps on my friend and sure enough we were able to locate, and I’ve got the footage and posted it up onto YouTube, able to locate and where it was buzzing. Now, remember the scars from the hospital? It buzzed right on them. And then you take it off when the signal goes down and off. And we tested it so many times because I thought, look, we don’t want any false readings here. We checked for any background signals in the room and we kept doing that and kept coming back.

And it was just definitely only registering on these specific points where the scar was. Or there’s the two scars there, one there and then, and then just at, on the sort of the coccyx area there at the tailbone, bottom of the spine right there. There was a very strong signal and then one from the back of his head. But interestingly, that was intermittent, as in it would just shut off and then we get nothing. And we keep going back to his head and there’d be nothing. But then later on, because we’re doing this over a process of about half an hour, 45 minutes later on, come by again and you get it again.

And then the person who was conducting the scan suggested that maybe there’s, that part of the chip is actually got some kind of listening or auditory, or they can hear what’s going on. And so it’s like, oh, if they’re, if they’re scanning quick shut down, you know. Right. What we’re doing in the room at the moment is checking for background rf radiation from Wi Fi, what have you. We’re on sensitivity six. We’re using a Allen broadband zap checker from the states, which we use to basically try and find if we have implants in the body, there’s transmitting signals.

Okay, here we are again on a clear room, sensitivity six. Let’s go around the room. Quite stable. A slight flash there. Okay. Okay. Right. And no interference from the camera? None whatsoever. Right, I’m going to go up to sensitivity eight now. A little bit of background radiation. Slight, slight waiver there. You can see it’s like bouncing up a little bit as I move around the room. There you go. Nothing major. That’s on eight. That’s pretty high, pretty sensitive. Go down to six. Again, a little bit of background radiation. Nothing major in the room. All right, Dave, you want to step in? Okay, we’re going to go to sensitivity six, which we’re here, and it’s gone up to 40.

Okay, we’ll pull it away. Okay, put it back again. Transmitting again. Okay, now we’ll go up to eight. And that is off the scale. The machine is vibrating. Can you feel that, Dave? Yeah. Okay, we’ll pull away. We’re back down to 20 again. Back up to the spine, way up to 100. Let’s drop it down. Up. You want to go down the body? That’s the sensitivity eight. Back down pretty high again. Go down. That drops right off to nothing. Still on sensitivity eight down. Light blip there. Let’s go back up to the spine. Okay, here we go again.

Right back up there. Up, back. Oh, you’ve got another wound there. Another one there. Another one there. Well, that’s off the scale, that one. That one’s off scale. Puncture marks. Yep, yep. And we’ll pull around, which is GP claims chicken pox, despite never having had chicken pox. Yeah. So the two hotspots are two hot spots. Base. Oh, we’ve got a hot spot here. Now, this is. I’m on now on log, which is basically to pinpoint anything that’s around the machine vibrating in my hand. There you go. Got transmission there. Now, what we do with log, basically, it’s very succinct.

It’s in a point where a linear will sweep. Okay, we’ll go back over to linear on four. Okay, signal on four, signal on six. So, you know, you see what you’ve got? Intermittent frequency patterns on six. And if we go up to eight, we’re off the scale again. It’s important to mention that he has no phone in his pocket. Neither do we. No electronic devices. And yet up here, by these mysterious scars, inexplicable, what look like keyhole surgery scars. Okay, let’s go down the body again. Worth trying. In the head and along the jaw. Okay. Okay, we’ll go down to the head.

We’ll go. First time? Yeah. They use, like, dark energy to penetrate light or organisms or humans. I saw the end without creating a wound in some situations, other things. It’s advanced extraterrestrial technology. When you say dark energy, of what sort of thing are you talking about? Fluidic black energy. Like a symbiote, but like on Spider man. Yeah. Like that kind of like venom and carnage. Yeah, all very sinister. But this thing, this thing that went into me was like a sort of bit like on Stargate. Like a sort of dandelion shaped sort of the head and the bottom.

Some kind of weird creature. And. And another thing went down my nose, again with the dark energy. So could any describe those things? Centipede, reptilian, kind of sort of snake like. Snake like. I don’t want to come into the cliches, okay. But, um, this was, like, very similar to, like, a dandelion looking thing and the other thing, like a sort of dinosaur head, but like, sort of center people, lots of legs and nasty, nasty creature. Yeah. Crazy. Not very nice. Not very nice. No. Kind of went down me after. Yeah. So these are in the etheric.

They’re not physically a physical thing. They’re like a. Like an energy form. It didn’t look like it, um. It looked like they were sort of there. Under what circumstances was this happening? Were you abducted in a spacecraft or at home? First time. The first time I thought, yeah, I’ve been taken by extra restaurants. That was the cliche thought that came into my mind. So what made you think that? What I say is, go forward a little bit. I got examined by a doctor, and I’ve been treated for amnesia just before. And he said, if you ever been in a car crash or had an accident day before, damaged your back in any way? I was like, well, no, not that I recall.

And he said, well, you’ve suffered a massive trauma to your back and body and your spine. I was like, well, I don’t remember anything. I was like, well, you have amnesia, David. I was like, okay, take off my shirt, examines me, says, yeah, you suffered a trauma. You can’t walk properly. You’re limping, your back’s out of place. I goes upstairs with a shaver. This is. This is the interesting part, with a shaver, to take a shave my beard and all that. Turn on the shaving light, turn around, look at my back, and there’s three perfect circular scar marks.

One there, one there, like sort of mid back, and one to the, like, other side. What do you mean? One there on each shoulder, just like, kind of imagine, like, that’s my back here. Like one. One muscle. One muscle there. Spine in the middle. One there, one there, one there. The abduction about age of 20. The examination about the age 24, 25. The amnesia treatment started about the age of 25. But when I actually took while I was shaving and looked at my back, started getting memories back of being in a military hospital. All these, like, military surgeons around green canvas, like something I mash almost something like a sort of field hospital.

Yeah, yeah, definitely. Definitely. Now. Yeah, this is it. This is it. Some kind of base or something like these kind of setup hospitals. I don’t know, man. Like, not the first time I remember being in hospital. I remember having a. Something inserted into the base of my spine. Metallic. Yeah. That is quite frightening. That’s quite frightening. At what point did you have this thing inserted? I mean, times difficult, you know, you mentioned aliens. What were they like? Can you remember anything about what they were or what? I remember this, like, demonic looking sort of entity sitting on my chest, staring at me.

I just came out of hospital. I was living in Rockwell Green in Wellington, and it sat on my chest. And for some reason I thought, the only way I’m going to get out of this if I don’t show fear and it looks at me, I look back at it, sort of like I’m paralyzed, can’t move, but I’m still looking at it and it flees off. And that’s when I remember about a week before I saw that entity in Rockwell Green. I must have been about 23, 22. And I remember seeing a bad scientist. What I mean by bad scientists, I didn’t know it was a bad scientist then.

But what led on to the events was why they put me under hypnosis. Remember being told to count to ten? You start to wake up. When did this happen? What circumstances? Where were you when this was happening? Around Wellington and Taunton. Was this at home or were you taken to a lab or. Some of it was done in my home. The abduction was somewhere else. Taken somewhere. By whom? Behind. I believe it’s orchestrated by my father. I believe that a lot of it was orchestrated by my father. My father was merchant Navy. They were members of Mi six in the family.

Military intelligence. When there were members of Mi six, the family. Are you saying that your adopted family. Adopted family had connections. And how did you know that? And what sort of a membership of Mi six? I was told by my father that there was a guy in my family who was Mi six, who was thrown from a building, was in the papers going back years. Can you. Can you mention that? Anybody? We can look that up. What sort of papers? What era? What. What’s the scandal? I suppose I don’t remember the details quite that clearly. It was a great uncle.

An uncle. Something to do with. He knew too much and he was thrown out of a building. Mysterious circumstances. It had been around, say, 1960, 1970. Involving what kind of scandal? Is there a name you can put onto this? Williams. I think Williams was the name. There was two sides of the family. There was the Liddells and the Williams. And this is your adopted. Adopted family, yeah, adopted family. Going back to the military hostage. Just as I’m talking about that now. Some more memories come back. It was actually a base. Which hospital? Where military. They set it up, this hospital, like a sort of green canvas.

And I was on my back facing down through like a hole like that. And they’re operating on my back. Yeah. I remember doing missions. Yeah. Mention the base you’re at. Does it a number, any detail at all? What can I say? What sort of region of the country are we talking about? I don’t even know if it was in this country. I even know. I even know that far. I think remember travel to and from there. I just remember being taken. Bits like black. What? Bearing in mind a lot of it was done under hypnosis. Where told to count to ten.

People clicking their fingers. Why develop complex post traumatic stress from people clicking their fingers and put me into trance. People calling out, postnoting suggestions, always being put into a trance still now. It’s happening now. And when you say it’s happening now, does it happen? Not right this moment, but always something. If a clip goes off or someone says a certain word or one sugar or two sugars, that’s a trigger. Yeah. Bad boy as well. That’s a trigger. That’s a suggestion. So, I mean, if I was to say, would you be on mission now with this interview? What makes you.

What’s made you come out with this information now? What. What’s. What’s brought this? I guess like, um, when it comes to children being used for this nonsense, which is what I call it. Interfering with people’s lives. Deciding on people’s liberty, taking away people’s human rights. Interfering with people’s development. Growth, you know? It’s wrong, man. It’s wrong. It’s bad. There’s no excuse for it, you know. It’s quite simple. They’ve tried. They’ve taken away my ability to live in society in a sense. Where. I don’t know. I just think it’s wrong, man. I just think it’s like someone should be allowed to grow and develop and live their life with a certain amount of influence and kind of help and whatever, and not in the way happened to my life.

So I’m experiencing something like some. I’m experiencing some kind of attack. Sorry, I think we’ve got company. Don’t know. I sense things like. That’s another reason why I think they chose me, because quite a powerful psychic. So, yeah, sensitive. And the word psychic. I don’t mean that in a kind of tarot cards, kind of clever. And I don’t mean that wider receiver. Yeah. Someone kind of bit more open, exposed of things, sensitive, able to kind of see into the truth of things in a different way. You know, kind of see into something. Or. I’ve been able to remote view for a little while and not.

Not to mass degrees. Were you trained in remote viewing or did you just. Again, one thing I will say, and I don’t want to kind of say out of context, I don’t remember as much as some of the other tests, testimonies that I’ve heard. My memories are limited. What I will say is that I know there was extensive use of drugs on me. Radiation. They used electric shock treatment on me. Not treatment, but electric shock on me. Drugs, hypnosis. All for what? Create a soldier, a killer, an assassin. I even say a soldier. Just a killer.

Someone they can manipulate, control someone they could use, someone they could. Are you currently under control or. I’m a sleeper. No, it’s like I’m down like this. It’s like a. Like a dark cloud comes over. Oh, this. This is why you’re not looking straight to the camera that much. I find it difficult. My mother had the same problem. Um, is that perhaps because of an overseer would be above you? It’s like a gun pointed in my head. That’s what it feels like. Like someone saying, you talk about this stuff, you know, you’re dead, man. Yeah. Like a gun pointed in my face.

That’s why. And it’s like, who can stare a gun in the face? Yeah. You ever tried doing that? No, no, no. This is it. It’s not that I’m afraid on me, in them. In my time, I’ve had a few pulled on me. I bet you have. Yeah, yeah, yeah. This, like, centipede like thing. Combination of the two, I think. Combination of the two, I’d say more to do with the military side of things. My lab, kind of military abduction. I know there’s. I’ve had encounters with things I’d say weren’t human. My only problem with that one looks a bit like a sort of.

Like a sort of hoardling thing. One thing was like a sort of, like, of horns and, like, sat on my chest right here. Right. I’m right here on my chest. Like a hordling sort of thing. No tail. Not like a sort of devil, but kind of looking at me. Well, just like a sort of impish, like. So quite fictional. But when it’s looking at me. I was, like, staring at it. Nighttime, paralyzed, awake, eyes open and can’t move. Um, again, I thought, is that just night terror? But there’s physical evidence, you see, physical evidence on my body.

Burn marks, scar marks. The list goes on that I can’t account for in any other way apart from these experiences I’ve had at night or my adductions and stuff. So I’m sort of thinking, yeah, um, it’s either. There’s two ways of looking at it. Either something like that was actually going on, which is more what my gut feeling tells me, or I was made to believe that and they were humans doing this, but I would say it’s a combination of the two. So working with extraterrestrials, working with humans as us, being subservient to a. What kind of extraterrestrials? And how do you know they’re extraterrestrials? Just non humans.

Non humans. And what I mean by small, short, fat. What sort of description are you talking about? Small. A lot of them. Quite small. So how many are you talking about? 510. A group of hundred. A lot. When I’ve had these experiences, when that sentence centipede entered me, like sort of dinosaur like, centipede type thing. Dinosaur type head, but a sort of reptilian sort of head like sort of thing. But there were humans as well there. My brain was being operated on and stuff and. Sounds a bit crazy, but, yeah, they mucked about with my brain, like, tension here.

You remember blood coming out my nose and stuff and coughing up bits of brain and stuff and all kinds. Yeah. This is the bit that I’ve been suppressing for years. I’ve seen it about three times, maybe four, where I’ve literally, like, hulked out markings on my leg. It’s aligned there. This goes black to white. That gets darker when I go into water. But sometimes when I get angry, that gets really dark on both legs, same marking. Could you describe that again? It’s like my leg there. It’s like light there and dark there. Goes right down to the bottom.

I don’t know what it is, but when I get stressed and angry, it gets darker. When I go into water, it gets darker. Can you see that? And basically, people have witnessed moms getting bigger, muscles getting bigger, some kind of super, super, like, enhancement thing. I’m not sure I’ve tried to suppress it because my way of dealing with things, that’s hulking out, as you say. Yeah, hulking out. Yeah, literally hulking out. Like, ah, like arms getting bigger. Even my boxing trainer years ago said that. The hardest punch you’d ever seen. No one ever hit like that.

Someone of my age actually said that to me. He would clarify if I spoke to him. So if no one hits like that, you hit like Mike Tyson hits at the age of 15. I can remember my psychologist talking to me and saying, we don’t know where you get your strength from, David, where you get your strength from. We’ve given you free tablets that would knock most people out for three days, and it’s knocked you out for about 30 seconds. You know, the tablets that they gave, you don’t know what they were, but they said he give them to people and they’re out cold for three days.

And they are. There are some people who’ve got an ability to resist that. Well, this is it. That wasn’t just the context of what she meant. She actually said she wanted to know who my father was. CPN said, you can blast our energies as well. You seem to be able to, like, give off some kind of energy that knocks people down. Yeah. Is that a defensive energy? I think it is. When I’m threatened, when I feel threatened, I can remember being part of a sleeper show at Burnworthy. This is Burnworthy Manor. And what’s interesting is Dave said he remembered a lot of.

A lot of the activities happened. And there was a lake down near the woods. Now, I came down here the other day with Dave, and we walked down a track and he said, yeah, the lake’s down there. But we couldn’t see the lake. It wasn’t until I got on Google Maps and had a little look. And. Yeah, Ariel. So I looked and I thought, right, there’s the manor house coming down here past the woods. And then we descended down this track and looking on Google Maps. Sure enough, there is a lake in the woods. And where is this lake? So it’s just down this track to the left.

He said something about the lake and some kind of. So, yeah, he talks about some SAS guy. He was also a ski instructor. I think he was, like, mountaineering specialist. He said that this guy did a lot of the black ops training and was putting them through their paces in these wood ceilings. But, yeah, this is where it. And he remembers other things. He said he remembers something quite traumatic happening, but someone actually died during one of these black op training things in the lake. He thinks they drowned. What would happen? You know, they’d have missing time.

One night, they’d be triggered to maybe get up out of their beds in the middle of the night in a hypnotic state, go outside, they’d be met by one of the operatives on one of these missions. They’d be picked up, they’d be taken to somewhere like here, maybe at night, maybe, you know, whenever. And yeah, that’s when they do all of their training. But then when they wake up in the morning, they feel physically knackered and really tired, but have no memory of what happened during the night. They might even have cuts or bruises, but they’d be explained away somehow.

You know, you’ve got to remember that. Well, from the point of view of my friend, what I think has happened is his father has put him through this, adopted him, and then put him through this whole thing. And if you’re adept at hypnosis, then you don’t really need to explain yourself to the close people around you, because you’ve probably been messing with their heads as well. So I’m talking this guy’s wife, you know, it’s a case of, you see nothing here, there’s nothing to see here. You know, she might not necessarily, although apparently she did say in front of is either a doctor or social worker.

She actually said, yeah, Dave has been. David has been a victim of satanic ritual abuse, taking these people’s soul and actually attaching negative entities to their aura, you know, to. Now, what do you mean by adding entities to the aurora? I mean, one of the things he discusses is this sort of millipede thing with a reptilian’s head on it. Now, that’s something I’ve heard before from other things. I personally couldn’t comment what that is and whether that is. Who have you heard it with? From a vivid. I went to another hotspot in the country for mind control, which is supposedly totnes in Devon again.

And when I went there, I was actually going to the topnest truth festival, which is a very interesting event. I met David Shaler, I met Annie McConnell and my five whistleblowers. Just wanted to see what they had to say as well. And I met a lady who was psychic and quite intuitive myself. I was stopped by a tramp who was asking. He didn’t, he wasn’t begging. He said, look, do you want to buy this picture for a pound? So I thought, oh, fair play, mate. What’s the picture? And it looked like. I can’t remember the guy’s name now, but the guy who designed the aliens on the film, alien, Ridley Scott’s alien, they looked very similar, you know, that kind of sleek.

And he said, but not exactly the same, but very organic. I mean, beautifully drawn as well. And he said, these are the aliens that come out of me. And there was something inside me that just said, okay. So I said, all right, I’ve heard that before. And when I pushed him. I’ll cut a long story short, but when I. When I. When I actually asked him, I didn’t. I don’t. I’m careful not to lead these people with my inquiries. When I asked this guy, it turns out. Yeah, all of these familiar symptoms that show up in all of these people’s stories is, yeah, the family had connections with the military, family had connections with Freemasonry, he was adopted.

And what else did I find out about this guy? He heard voices. Voice to skull technology. But we’re not talking delusional. He’s saying he recognizes people’s voices or, you know, you can hear a german accent or something in the background. And what this is, as far as I’m aware, is his voice to skull technology. You know, using psychotronics, using various different means, you can actually have people have oral hallucinations. They hear sound in their own heads. There’s a place called Burnworthy just outside Wellington near Cypher House. XMI six, code breaking. Cypher Place, is it still active? Well, you know, it’s a business park, so think of a normal industrial estate.

You’re walking around, there’s loads of businesses, there’s loads of courier vans driving around, there’s people, there’s noise. There’s none of this going up there. Cypher House was bulldozed. Now you’ve got a purpose built complex which still holds the name of the original buildings, such as Enigma House, Cypher House, all these buildings there and I can’t find any registered businesses there. There’s a self storage at one end. But what. What is the actual complex? What’s going on there? I can’t find anything. And so much security. Number plate recognition. So is it still in use? Well, it could be.

You know, if it was a big Asda supermarket and we just rolled in there, you know, I’d say probably not. But how it is at the moment, it’s a definite possibility. I’d say. Yeah. Interesting. What do you mean? Xmi six? Surely mi six is never x. No, this what I mean, they’ve knocked it down. Now. Let me say it’s been. Yeah, it’s been knocked down. You can still read about it on the Internet. Burn wealthy cipher house comb stock. I’ve got some notes, yeah. So were you involved with deciphering things? I don’t think so. I think that’s just where they train me.

In, like, ninjutsu. Martial arts. Have you been to on missions? Can you talk about anything like that? I remember getting a memory back. Waking up one night, massive memory floods back. I’m running, fall over, running, fall over. There’s an explosion. I get up, then fall over and black out. I think I’m being shot at. And I’m not sure exactly. I’m not sure. Is this in the day or the night? Daytime. Hot climate, wet climate. Quite warm. Quite hot. Desert? No, there’s trees around in grass. What sort of trees? Fern trees, I think. Fern. Something about that.

Pine trees, packed forest or sparse forest, open fields. I don’t know. It could have had something to do with. For some reason. I remember the next memory. After blacking out, I wake up and by a MiG aircraft. I don’t know what type. And then I go off. What kind of shape was the aircraft? Old and clunky or. No, flashy. A MiG, f 18, f 16, something like that. Interceptor. All I can remember was being a bit off my face as well. Like drunk almost. Feeling quite drunken. And, um. Don’t want to sound bad or anything, but whatever was happening there, we were losing behind somewhere.

Yeah. I wasn’t the only one there. And whatever was happening. Part of a team or there was someone else with me as a girl. What sort of girl? I don’t know about her. Because she wants to stay out of this. She can back up my story in many ways. Not mentioning any names, but are we talking blonde, brunette or blonde? Blonde girl. I’m not mentioning her name. English. English, yeah. Again, she relates to royalty through her blood family. Has similar hulking out experiences. I hear a clicking in her head where she thinks she’s got an implant.

She was at Baron Worthy. Blonde hair. She knows Thomas Crowe as well. She was part of the same project. Some kind of enlightenment, life extension technology, illumination to do with the brain. Kind of using a hundred percent of the brain or more of the brain than normal. Getting me to do that. Being in a white light room. Everything’s white light bright. And something. We’ve been able to regenerate, being able to heal bones. Heal body. In what way do you regenerate? Um, I’ve healed bones. I focus on healing, like a sort of healing energy. What sort of speed of healing are you talking about? Something that seconds.

Yeah. So what kind of a wound have you broken? A leg. And just how have you done that? Have you put your hand over or you just thought about it, reimaged it. Just focus on light level positivity. Like something. There might be a song, like a dj shadow song or something. Uncle song or something. Where? Classical song. Something that really, really would you feel connection with about vibrations and harmonics. You connect with the song and then literally, like your body just. Well, yeah, you can kind of. So you could be in an injured state or have you been in an injured state? For you? I have been an injured state and healed.

But ever since, this entity not been able to get rid of it, trying to get rid of it, you still got the entity with you? Something. There is something I can feel here. Yeah. It’s moving. Yeah. Yeah, it is. And if I thought about it too much, I get frightened. I would get scared, yeah. But I’ve chosen not to. How mobile is the entity? Sorry, what’s that? How mobile is it? Doesn’t move. Comes out my body sometimes and comes back in. And what way does it come out of the bomb? Looks like a sort of watery, like sort of this particular thing that I’ve seen.

And it could be a thorough call, but I’ve seen. I feel it. It’s like, kind of. Has it got a lot of tentacles? Nice. More like, um. One’s dark, but I’ve seen that comes out. It’s got red dots, like a sort of cloud of dark energy. Another one’s like a sort of watery type plasma, sort of saline, sort of like looking thing. Yeah. Like sort of almost like a colorless, like. Like a lot of colorless life forms in the sea. Very to do with that. Right? To do with the sea. There’s a big connection with water in me do have orca.

You see? You see, um. They don’t care, man. They’re nasty people. They don’t care. They don’t give two hoots. I don’t care. I don’t care. Mess over. They don’t care what they do. They don’t care. They abuse. They don’t care. It lies that they can get away with anything they can do. It implies they can do. They can get away scot free because they’re connected. With who? Government. What? Who in the government? They infiltrate surgeries, schools, doctors, clinics. Do they have an organization? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Name? We have mentioned the l word. The Illumina. The Illuminati? Yes.

This is it. What mission are you talking about? Only memory I’ve got of it is I’m in an air hangar, aircraft hangar up in the air, and there’s about 15 of us soldiers. So you’re in uniform. Yeah. Like a vest and camo gear, like maybe a shirt. I think it was a vest. And, um, basically, then we got parachutes, which is, they say something like a trigger, and we just leap out. And I hulk out mid air, hit the floor. Just go mental. Absolutely. Hulk out. Like, just go. Absolutely. What sort of height are you dropping from? Not that high.

A few feet. A few hundred feet. You just run out of the back of a transporter. Hercules or something. Hercules, yeah. Yeah. Just like a Hercules, yeah. Yeah, it was a Hercules. Yeah, just like that. Yeah. Jump out. There’s a few of us, like, jumping out. Some reason we don’t need parachutes. I don’t know why we don’t need parachutes, but I’m. Sounds crazy, I know, but I’m hulk out and don’t know about. That was the mission. That’s the other part of the mission. Which mission is it? The one I’m talking about. Running and falling over. That was the beginning.

I think it is, anyway, where I’m literally. I jump out. Yeah. Hanger. Hulk out. Sort of halfway down. There’s trees. Yeah, there’s trees. Yeah. I was coming back. Now there’s trees. Pine trees or some kind of tree. And. Could have been in Canada. I’m not sure, but could have been in Canada. Do you think that was for training? Could have been. They probably tried out something from talking to you and from my notes and from my memories and writing things down and speaking to other people that won this go. My theory is that they’re still working on me.

I’ve woken up with burn marks still. When, like, plasters where needles have been in my arm and, like, woke up hulking out, burnt burn marks on my fingers and, like. Is that from an electrical stimulus? No, I think it. I’ll say it. I’m not afraid. I may as well blow the whistle. There’s a guy called doctor crows. A memory. Doctor crows. Some kind of memory came back when he and doctor crowds. Some guy that deals with radiation. They’ve used radiation on me. When? In mice. Right. In what base is this? Where was this done? Some of it’s done in this house, but anyway, I can’t talk about that because.

Yeah. So this is ongoing as. Still happening. Still happening now. So you’re still on mission, so to speak. Not consentfully, no. Not consentfully, no. Under hypnosis, drugs, radiation. When does that happen? Do they just walk in and. Well, it seems to have something to do with. They’ve got access to my subconscious. In what way? Post hypnotic suggestions, triggers, clicks commands, and they can get me to do different things. What kind of clicks? Did it happen on the telephone or does somebody phone up or. Don’t know. It’d be like, um, yeah, I’ve just gone blank. I don’t know why.

Something’s really hurting me. Just gone blank. I’m not just saying that. Um, yeah. So what about Canada? What about the mission you were on coming out of the airplane? I think I was either leading a team or X. X? Yeah. Like, that’s something like X Gene X Men sign. Yeah, yeah, I talk about that before. The science of the X Men sounds a bit crazy, like, you think it’s only in comic books, but they’re doing that sort of stuff. I mentioned Thomas Crowe being like Wolverine, me being like the Hulk, and different characters, different abilities. Why do you choose that character? Is that something that most of, most approximates? I’ve always had a bad temper.

My friends have asked me on that really bad temper, really, really stupidly bad temper. That’s why I identified with the Hulk a lot. I try and go to a more positive alter my dissociation, different altars, but I have a real affiliation with the Hulk. I control it. I’m not the kind of person that go out and start a fight as young guys to fight a lot, but I’m not the kind of person that would do that. But you always had a really bad temper. A few people have said they seem like my eyes change color and stuff.

What do you mean by change color? Go black, green, and orange and yellow. Like, different, mainly green when I get angry and, like, muscles get bigger and, yeah, I’m suppressing something. One, because I want to hurt anyone for no reason, but at the same time, because I don’t believe in violence in terms of just mindless violence, if you know what I mean. Yeah, it’s no point. And I can honestly say I call him angry man, because if he’s. Yeah, he’s like someone I keep in a cage in my mind. I keep him there most in my mind, but physically and mentally, I keep him in a cage because if he gets out.

So how did you meet Matt Todd? And what, what brings the connection there with, with what we mentioned in the other bases series, for instance, the James Casbolt things. Have you got any connections with that? It just seemed quite strange when I looked at James Casbolt’s story as a friend of mine mentioned something on YouTube, and I talked about my story to a friend of mine, and he mentioned that your story that you’ve explained to me over the last couple of years is very similar to James Casbolt’s story. I did speak to James and there’s various similarities.

Talking about Atlantis, he connects with that. When did you speak to James? A little while back. Only about a few months ago. And. Yeah. What similarities are there and what differences are there being in the same area? Very young, racial abuse experiences, military training, hypnosis association, Berkshire newbrew, remote viewing, all very off key stuff. And of course, that’s in common with our prime minister, Mister Cameron. He spent his life early life at Peasmore. Have you got any connection, any remembrance and do you remember anything about going underground into facilities at all? I think there’s been water underwater.

Yeah, you mentioned water underwater. I don’t know about underground bases. I know about water thought experiments. What do you mean by that? A bit like I could sort of mental, metaphysical laboratory in my mind where I can like to do with my breathing. Do with my breathing. I can literally use my electromagnetic field to take samples from different places. It’s all about immunology. A lot of my, lot of my not so much training, but stuff that a lot of it was dealing with immunology and finding cures to diseases and like, trying to find matches for things that could help or work or.

I remember knowing about the avian flu before the avian flu was talked about, and the swine flu. What do you know about those? I know it was to do with pre population control. In what way? Not to like, not in the stages that we’ve seen to wipe out the population. But I know that some of the agendas, a lot of it is to do with certain. A lot of these bloodlines have been doctored to be immune to certain diseases, whereas Africa, some of the more disaffected nations, they’ve been kind of kept out of the loop, which is why I think it’s a bit wrong.

Is there anything crucially that you want to say that you absolutely want to make sure is known to do with ETS? What kind of ets? Have you met any ets? Are the old government or what’s the biscuit? What’s the crux to this situation? What one thing is it that you really want to make sure is released? Don’t let them get their way anywhere in order, then let them get their way. Why? And who are you talking about? The elite. Who oversees the elite and who are the overseers to the elite? They get something to do with Yana Naki, book of Enki talks about that.

Adanaki. I ain’t messing with those. But the talks in the Bible about the mephilim, the reptilian sons of the serpent. I ain’t talking about that because that’s all doing my programming. I’m a bit fighting with that. What is this programming you keep talking about? Conditioning. Different types of programming. Don’t fully understand it. Still trying to understand it. But the Anunnaki, I believe, talks about it in the Bible. But anunnaki cycles, processions, all to do with some kind of race. Very powerful race. Have you met anything, any of those people? People? There’s the microbes and the macrobes.

Macros and the microbes. Microbes, different sort of the two lines. The genetic line, which are interwoven, and Anunnaki being the fully developed genetic or optimized. Fully optimized genetic code. Fully full understanding of who they are. Us being the kind of. But then people like myself and the indigo children have a higher percentile of that kind of code deciphered within ourselves through intelligence, knowledge, through regression for understanding. But then again, the more subservient human race, again, lesser understanding of their code, their origin, their understanding that their origin. Again, X Men origins, that film, classic example of this kind of human, extraterrestrial, animatronics, God gene, whatever you want to call it.

Are you saying that you are actually, in some respects, part human, part not human? And what’s the not human side, X Men side of development project that relationship? Not sure. I’m still researching, still regressing, still meditating, still trying to work out, still testing what I can do. I think it’s to do with the Anunnaki. I think it’s to do with that. I think it is. You said you could tell the future. What is the future with regard to the return of the Anunnaki? There will be a third Reich uprise. Blatantly. It’s already happening. There’ll be a third detail.

In what way? An attempt for a one world government. One banking system, chipping id, one food system. Bit like what the Nazis tried to do, what the Egyptians tried to do, what the Romans tried to do. A one system. The Romans, Nazis. I knew. Again, when. I want to say too much about that, but I think it is all about a one government, a one world system where everyone’s kind of like a slave race. They’re going to try and do that. They’re already trying to do that. All I can say is that I’m one man. Yeah.

And I’m not going to try and take on the world, but ultimately can’t let that happen. Can’t let that happen. We’re not supposed to be slaves. What can we do about it? What can ordinary people do about it? Stand together instead of dividing and attacking each other. Finally, about going back to the Orkney Islands situation, is there anything you want to say about that that hasn’t been said already that you want to get out? What’s the. Are you saying that there’s an ET. Secret government involvement with child abuse? Not wishing to put words in your mind.

There’s a lot to do with Freemasonry, which I ain’t going into, because I’ve kind of chosen to leave some of that talk. What I will say is there’s a very heavy movement in the Orkney Islands to do with that. Kirkwall being their own epicenter of Scotland for that. For what, precisely? Secrecy. Things that people don’t want people to know about. Ritual magic, the drinking of goats blood, stuff like that. It’s all to do with intimidation, fear programming, mysticism, conditioning, dissociation, programming. If you can manipulate someone, you can control them. If you can install fear in a great way, you can get someone to do pretty much whatever you want.

And that’s. That’s kind of what I was put through. And like Stevie Wonder says, if you believe in things you don’t understand and you will suffer without quoting anyone too much, I’d say, yeah, they try and do that to people. They’ve got someone who’s afraid of something, like afraid of spiders, and you put a spider in front of them, though. And so you’re gonna do this? Do that? They’ll do it. And, you know, it’s what it’s like. Do you have any advice for somebody who’s in a similar situation? Find other survivors. Find other networks of survivors.

Safety in numbers. No, it’s not about being militant, revolting, uprising, using violence. Anyone can do that. It’s about standing your ground and teaming up and talking to each other, consoling each other, comforting each other, helping each other, encouraging, strengthening all those things, standing together and validating each other’s experiences, convicting each other’s experiences in a way that allows people to accept what they’ve been through and move forward and not be discredited and not be devalidated, be validated in their experiences so they know what they’ve been through. They can accept it. They can see the truth. They can shine light on the truth and expose the darkness, take it away.

Light truths will set you free. Shine light on things so they know where they’ve been from, so they know where they’re going, what’s happened and where they are now. So they can have some grounding, some peace of mind, inner peace. And that’s what I think, you know, surviving survivor networks, anyone who’s been through what I’ve been through or anything like that, find other people that have been through the same thing because you’ll learn things. You’ll find your way through this whole strange thing and it gets a lot easier when you find other people and, yeah, that’s my word of love to the people that have been through that because it ain’t easy.

It’s the hardest thing anyone can go through is what people like me and James and Kathy O’Brien, people like that have been through. It’s very difficult. Difficult thing. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever been through. Anyone could ever go through, but this meet other people have been through the same thing and can, can make your way through it. It’s not all got to be seen as a negative. It can be seen as something that is an experience that can be positively looked at as bravery and survivorship. Yeah, I’ve been through the meat grinder, but carved up cattle, prodded.

Someone went in with chainsaws and chains and hammers and went to work on my head and my life and my upbringing and they’re just angry at me now because I’m not dead, saying they can’t do nothing about that. But what I’m saying is, yeah, they tried to get me to cooperate completely and I kicked off from an early age and said, this is nonsense. Can you name any names? Say again? Organisation I overseas bad. I like to know where he is and what he’s doing, how he fits in and all this. I’m not saying he’s bad, but, yeah, my father, nefarious character.

Not kid man. He’s not really my real father. I wonder what he was doing. I think someone got to him. Something happened. What about the life extension technology? Yeah, that’s. I. If you. Anyone ever knows anything about what happened in the second world war, they sent nazi scientists to Germany, not so nazi scientists to Tibet and to Egypt and to Indonesia, I think, as well. And there’s something to do with the tibetan monks and the Egyptians. The Horus had the symbol of the swastika the other way around and so did the Tibetans. They’d realized that it was a symbol because the mind can be governed by symbolism to a certain extent, where certain symbolism in the right order, like Reiki Himogore, advanced Reiki, all those things.

Love, manifest faith, healing, all those things. They worked out. A lot of that symbolism could be used to regenerate and to heal people and to prolong life force. If you read books like the Bible and various other books, notice how the people that lived in the Bible lived for a lot longer, said to have lived a lot longer because they had this technology and the bloodlines were preserved. This is very, very groundbreaking. You know, this is full on. But I’d say that this knowledge was there of life extension technology. And slowly, as the years have gone on, the human race has slowly digressed or degenerated into a lesser capacity of mental intake.

I know there’s parts of the brain that you hear about schizophrenics, people with manic depression. You hear freestyle rappers, breakdancers. They’re using bigger parts of the brain, higher parts of the brain, more bigger parts of the brain. And there’s parts of the brain that scientifically proven. You get to a certain age when we stop regenerating to the same degree. Now, with this science, this life extension technology, they’re able to re access that part of the brain that gives, that is life extension technology and so forth. And with that technology, they’re able to prolong life force and regenerate and heal.

Yeah, very interesting. My name’s David Marrow. Used to be called David Manderson. I’m basically an X Men, not in the comic book sense, but X gene gene code. The X gene. The bit they couldn’t. The public don’t know about bit they don’t know about that part of their genetics that’s lying dormant because someone switched it off, either through the water consumption, using fluoride or whatever? There’s a part of the gene that’s within anyone, everyone, that they let some people open, and it’s a bit like keys. Some people have the key to that, given the key, or someone’s got the key they use on someone.

And I’m someone who was allowed to use that extra part of my DNA, the gene, the x gene, the manipulation of chromosomes. Genetics, DNA, nucleic acid. Yeah, just. That’s basically it. I was someone who was allowed to use my abilities, overseen by some not very nice people, in order to see what the human potential is capable of. And if people knew what they were capable of, this government that controls us wouldn’t be able to do it. They get a chance. Do you think that you’ve been selected to maybe fight another form of being which is requiring superhuman abilities to fight them? Yes.

How do I feel about that? I don’t know. Have you encountered any of those beings? Yes. When you mentioned in the fight that wasn’t going well, was that here or somewhere else? Was it through a Stargate, for instance? Interesting. You say that because I have accessed plans and information about starships and stargates. I know a lot of it’s to do with mathematics. Also talks about that. What do you mean, stargates and spaceships? What do you mean you’ve been seeing plans for that? There was the pyramids in Egypt, temples off the coast of Japan, Bukavenki, the Anunnaki, they, in mathematics, the PI symbol, the square root symbol, a lot of that is the basic constructions of advanced technology.

Most people just think adding numbers and plus signs and minuses, but a lot of that, like the PI sign, pythagoras, a lot of that pyra, Hydra, a lot of that symbolism is very, very advanced. The Egyptians were very advanced, the Greeks are very advanced. A lot of that we’re seeing now in programmes having this knowledge. What do you mean? Advanced in what? Mathematics that’s taught in schools is very dimensional, hyper dimensional symbology. Yes, definitely. Definitely, yes, there is, yeah. Math, malicious, is the language of the universe. The. The matrix. The universal matrix of consciousness. We’re talking matrix construction.

Yes, yes. Divine matrix, whatever you want. Creation of realities. Yes. Almost like a counterfeit reality, where symbolism governs the mind and mathematics is the code of consciousness. So we’re talking about reality management here. Yes, yes. And the ability to create something that someone can oversee, to have power over something, to make someone feel powerful. But ultimately, I think, yeah. Were you fighting in other domains, other matrix in other matrix realities? And what did not go right? I think on one particular mission, see, when you break out of something, what are you breaking out of? Control. I don’t want this.

I don’t want part of it. I’m not saying I’m a coward or anything, because I’m not. I didn’t want part of this, as in, like, I was just quite happy getting a 4.2, children, whatever you want to call it, job, conventional life. Little did I know, as the years went by, that I was involved in something completely different. Yeah. You know, I’ve walked down the street and people say, oh, he’s a lunatic, or, why has he got those strange markings on his leg? Or, how does he know all this stuff? Or where does the knowledge come from? One particular occasion, as I said, I can tap into things, local technology.

I say this la. I say this this bit. Mom sat there with a friend of mine. She’s on the computer, and I’m speeding off this stuff. She then goes and looks up on the Internet, word for word. I haven’t even read this. I’m tapping into, like, again, it’s that whole binary system kind of. Again, that matrix reality. Yeah. Again, it’s all very, very advanced. Yeah, I’d say that. But I’d say that whoever created this design on our liberty powers to be, I think ultimately they need us more than we need them. That makes sense. So how do you deal with that? How do you feed back, take charge of our lives? I don’t know.

I don’t have all the answers. Um, I know that you seem to. Yeah, I know that. Um, there will come a time where there’ll be judgment. There will be judgment. What do you mean by that? The day of reckoning, the judgment. But we have to face the reflection after face our. Yeah. Anyway, I say no more than that. Yeah. Okay. It was a very detailed story. He’s not prone to other delusional statements, but then I start hearing the very same story, very similar things. So that, so then his story is now corroborated by all of the testimonies that I’ve read that he wasn’t aware of.

And I know he hadn’t come across them. He’d come across Andy Perro. Now, who is Andy Pero? Andy Pero, these individuals. Andy Perot is he. Andy Perro’s story is that he was part of Mkultra and he was one of the original super soldiers. But I think he be in his forties. About Duncan Athenians, sort of vintage that kind of. Who’s Duncan? Duncan at Finian, again, is another person american military. But, but it’s all super soldier programs. Mkultra was the, the CIA’s super soldier program where they put all of these nazi, well, it was from Operation Paperclip.

It was all the nazi scientists. At the end of World War Two, they brought the scientists back to the University of Rochester, which is where Andy Perro got a sports scholarship, to that university and to the Tavistock Institute in England, which is something that’s been highlighted by people such as Brian Gerrish or David Ike. And they’ve, they’ve been very interested in social engineering over the years. So mind control fits quite snugly into their areas of interest, areas of research. Getting to your friend, when did it all start and when did you get involved with them, these people? And Dave doesn’t seem to be any different.

It’s from before you could talk. You were adopted as a toddler, essentially. So, disposable person, they adopt them, brought in, they’re looked after by a family where the man, you know, works for intelligence, maybe, but maybe it’s a couple. Both parents are in on it. And if not, then the wife is probably under hypnosis. You know, you see nothing here, that kind of thing. So anyway, the intelligence family is supposed to bring up the adoptive child, and they don’t have to wait for this child to get older. The programming starts right away, you know, from before they could talk.

It’s all about subjecting them to enough trauma to split the mind. Once you split the mind, you can easily compartmentalize different alters, as they’re called, different personalities. So you’ve given someone, you’ve deliberately giving them multiple personalities disorder. And a lot of these people are coming out now being diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder and this ability to dissociate and go into a different personality. And what they would program in was, okay, we need a drug runner to do this, that the other. Keep the black ops black budget going, you know, we need an assassin, we need a prostitute, we need, you know, a spy.

And all of these personalities can be programmed into one person so that instead of having to worry about a whole team and the expense of all of that, you’ve just got one universal soldier, if you like, where the actual mind control started. I think it actually goes back to ancient Egypt. They were the first people who actually used hypnosis. Then it went through the so called merovingian bloodlines as a way of controlling their heirs and therefore controlling their dynasty, because it was a dynasty thing. That’s why you find that today the mind control is done in a generational project.

Children are adopted into it. It’s quite far reaching. Went through the so called Illuminati bloodlines. That’s why it was also later called the monarch program, I suspect. Anyway, so what about this monarch program? The monarch program, that was the sort of the culmination, the perfection, the totally refined mind control technology that they’d been investigating under MkUltra. Now, MkUltra wasn’t just one project. It was the code name for an umbrella of different projects, all under that one thing. And then there’s the Montauk project and various others. But the monarch program was when they actually rolled it out and thought, okay, this works, we can use it, let’s go.

And that’s where you had normal people in society being programmed. Lots of service personnel being programmed, lots of people who worked in all key positions. And now I believe today that monarch programming is so prevalent, it’s in your face. There’s definitely something very, very shady about the. The Dunblane shootings. That guy Hamilton had secret society links. In fact, the head Freemason in Scotland, Lord Burton, came out and publicly said this, thinks it’s some kind of fishy, masonic, underhanded influence going on here. And again, another lone madman shoots everyone and dead at the end. So no witnesses.

A lot of people say that. The people that the guy who shot John Lennon, he’s a programmee, you know, loads of them. But then turn on your tv now. You’ve got people like Lady Gaga, you know, your Christina Aguilera new one to look out for, Miley Cyrus. You know, a lot of them actually went as kids through the Disney. They were on the Disney show. It was Disney. Are you saying that pop music is being used as a mind control program? Absolutely. Oh, I mean, there’s been so much research into that. That’s something that Tavistock Institute is very interested in.

And that’s one of the things that you deal with is music and bands and things. Absolutely. And, you know, you look at the commercial trash on television and being someone that actually is part of a music scene where there are credible acts with real talent and you can’t understand why the trash prevails or why this and that, or why is Rihanna’s music videos. Got loads of occult symbols in them. Why is Beyonce looking, you know, why is there kind of subliminal messages and things that I’m spotting in there that have reference to mono programming? What sort of symbols can you mention? Any.

Because you’re. Because you’re brainwashing, because you’re using mind control on these kids and hypnosis from when they were a kid. A lot of the popular themes are. Wizard of Oz is one of the major ones, wizard of Oz programming. And there’s Peter Pan. It’s another big Disney movie. There’s Snow White, they use as Snow White the seven door. In all of these, there’s a scene where they go through a transitional state. So Alice in Wonderland. Sorry, that’s what I was trying to say. Alice in Wonderland goes through the looking glass. Now, mi five are alleged to have used this alice in Wonderland style monarch programming where they’re actually.

Because they’re lazy. Now they’re using bits of the script and it’s all under hypnotic suggestion. So when someone says, you go through the rabbit hole, you know, to a pre someone who’s programmed to have that specific phrase. So, I mean, you can watch the movie, you’ll be fine. You wouldn’t respond to a post hypnotic trigger just from watching the movie. I’m talking about, you’ve been taken through a hypnotic induction, watching segments of this film where Snow White falls asleep for a thousand years and then you go into your chance and now all someone has to do is kiss you on the cheek to wake you up or this kind of thing as a post hypnotic trigger.

So the hypnotist would say, you know, when I. When I say you go over the rainbow, you know, you will fall into this state. And that’s where they can take the kid out of school. Because remember, these kids are living normal, supposedly normal lives. Take them out of school one day, put them in a trance like Darren Brown demonstrates. Yeah. Say the words over the rainbow. I mean, this may be making programmeees who are possibly researching this feel twitchy. These kinds of phrases would make them feel quite uncomfortable. I think there’s. From what, from what I understand, there’s a few different ways that you can trigger someone.

A lot of these people have chips. There’s quite a few of these people that I found altogether in this country. I mean, there’s nine of us, I would say, in my group, as in terms of people I’m in. Can you name them? James Casbolt, he’s one of them. Matt Todd, he’s one of them. And Dave, he’s a third one. And I’m naming those three because they’re already on your video. So they’ve already come out on your video and said this and you’ve got six others. Yeah. So. And what can you hint what their stories are? Oh, their stories are the same.

I mean, someone that went to school with my friend, they have more detailed memories than he does. Much more, apparently. Have you been able to talk to him? There’s one other person that also went to school, but they’ve left the country. There’s another person that lives in the local area that might. But I think it’s a case of my friend’s fallen out of touch with them for such a long time. It would be a case of rolling in out of nowhere and we haven’t plucked up the courage to sort of. Well, I mean, it’s not my call because I don’t know this guy, it’s not my contact, but I’m aware of him, you know, his name, that kind of thing.

So. So, yeah. And you mentioned certain schools in this area and where you were brought up here yourself? Yeah. Can you talk about that? Well, he remembers people from a little school called. Well, it’s just in Langport in Somerset. He went to a school in Wellington, which is just down the road from Taunton in Somerset. So, you know, I don’t want to upset anyone who went to those schools, but local schools in the area. And that’s what he remembers. But he doesn’t remember specifically who went there or otherwise he’d have traced them already if he could have done.

You know, so it’s tricky, you know, there’s different ways that people have of dealing with these things, and often what they do is just try and ignore it or try and pretend it didn’t happen or believe people. When a psychologist says, you’re crazy, you know, take this medication and try and get on with their lives, you know, a lot of people in this state, maybe some other people researching their own story, would be watching this, because that’s how it kind of got the ball rolling for me anyway, seeing that actually, we’re not alone. There are other people out there.

This isn’t all made up. This is actually happening as corroborating evidence. We’re detecting radio waves coming out of these supposed implants. I haven’t. I’m not going to get a bread knife and cut them open. You know, we’re going to. But you’re joining me halfway along my journey of researching and finding out. I maybe not have all the answers yet or all the pieces to the puzzle. I could see 75% of it, so I can pretty much make out the big picture. And I might not have all the answers, but I’ve got all the right questions because I think I pretty much know what I’m looking at and where to look.

I don’t need to tackle the world head on to make a positive change. You know, if I can demonstrate just me and my friend breaking free and exposing something, then that should help everyone else who’s oppressed or a victim of that. That situation or system or whatever’s going on. And so, you know, I’m not really looking to go and try and attack mi five or anything like that. I’m just saying I want my friend to be free from harassment. That’s my moral responsibility. I’m taking that on to, you know, protect my friend. Why not? But I don’t necessarily want to go on some intergalactic crusade to find out what the Greys are up to or what have you, because I’m having a hard enough time just dealing with the here and now.

And so who knows what will happen later on down the road when I have got to the bottom of this. So I mean all I can say, miles, is in terms of like, you know, ets and what have you. I mean I’ve stayed open minded to things, but I just have to keep staying open minded. So it’s feet on the ground. Feet on the ground. I’m not saying yes, I’m not saying no. I’m just telling you what I know I don’t want. I think that’s the only way that you can really? Yeah. I mean, me and my friend, if we came rolling in I don’t want to just be just two random guys saying some crazy story.

No, don’t ask me my opinion. Here’s my panel of experts. This man’s had 25 years in the field of counties available. This is what he detected with his devices. You know, that’s the kind of evidence that we need in order to prove something sa.

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