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➡ Yoshijibo discusses various celebrities and their tattoos or hand signs, suggesting they might have hidden meanings related to Freemasonry or other symbols. He questions if these signs could be connected, using examples from Instagram posts and movies. He also mentions the Eye of Horus and other Egyptian symbols seen in tattoos.


Hey, everyone. I’m Yoshijibo, and this is It Never Ends, Part 220. The Freemason Khaled, who I showed a few parts ago, posted on a story here. This guy. When I went to his Instagram, I saw this hand sign and the valve silence here. So him being posted by a Freemason should let you know everything itself. From Logic and Big Sean showing the one eye, to Baby Tron showing the valve silence. The same stuff is here. Could the rose tattoo on this guy’s wrist relate to any of this? What about the wings in this guy’s neck? Maybe that’s why he has a skeleton tattoo on his wrist, or why Sexy Red, who I’ve covered before, has an animal print tattoo on her.

Why does this guy have a rose tattoo? Could it relate to this hand sign? What about the wings in this guy’s chest? In the movie Don’t Look Up, we can see this hand sign. And Jonah Hill, who I’ve covered before, can be seen showing horns for the promo. Could this relate to the wings this guy has on his neck? What about the rose underneath it to the right? Could the spider web tattoo on this guy’s elbow relate to it? I believe so because the guy to the left has an all-sing eye of Horus, with a bunch of other Egyptian tattoos visible as well.

Maybe that’s why this guy here shows this hand sign, or these people here show the sign of Osiris. The guy on the left has an all-sing eye on his wrist, and he could be seen here with this guy in the front, who when I went on his Instagram, I saw the guy on the right who has an all-sing eye on his neck. Could that be why he shows this hand sign? Maybe that’s the secret, or maybe it’s the wings on the neck. I mean, come on, another one here. Going back to this post though, this guy here commented, on their profile you can see that they have an awk, and the lady who’s running it shows the horns on the left, as well as having a spider on her hand to the right.

The page was originally ran by this guy here, who passed away. He could be seen here in front of the grave of rapper XXXTentacion, having an awk tattoo in his face. Could that relate to why the girl he’s with, when it went on her Instagram, has roses on her? Again, everything should be obvious, but if not yet, then let me go back to this post. This guy that I had just shown can be seen here with what’s obvious. Maybe this is why Drake has a spider on his wrist, and the song by Kill Cody that I’ve seen doing the vow of silence.

At this point you know, it never ends. [tr:trw].

5G Danger

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