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Where Do We Travel in Our Sleep? Dreams Decoded: Lucid Dreams to Dream Walking

By: Tommy Truthful
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What Is Dream Walking? – Everything You Need To Know

By Tommy Truthful

Before we start, you might notice in the video above that there’s a 30-second silence right after the dream video ends. This occurred because I was taken off the live broadcast, which led to the silence. From 14:18 to 14:43, it remains silent.

Have you ever heard of dream walking? If not, let me tell you all about it! Dream walking, also known as dream linking, is the ability to travel between dreams. While the name may sound similar to sleepwalking, dream walking occurs within the dreamer’s consciousness rather than in real life. Remember the movie Doctor Sleep?

The central character in “Doctor Sleep” is a telepathic dream walker. The little girl who Rose the Hat, a character in the film, is afraid of is named Abra Stone. Abra has psychic abilities known as the Shining, which makes her the target of Rose and her cult of nomadic vampires, the True Knot.

Rose and her gang have kidnapped Abra to consume her psychic essence, referred to as “steam” in the book. This “steam” represents LOOSH ENERGY. The cabals seek to collect life force from the collective fields of all earth inhabitants, and this much sought-after spiritual energy is known as energetic Loosh.

In this context, loosh is the emotional energy radiated by animals and humans when feeling threatened, harmed, or killed, resulting in the traumatizing pain and suffering experienced and recorded in the body, mind, and soul.

It has been observed that the trauma and pain experienced by individuals get embedded in our physical reality. The NAA (Negative Alien Agenda) has been practicing and exploiting multidimensional occult techniques for centuries through reverse creation code. These methods have been imparted to secret societies and institutions to control people’s minds and engineer society to extract negative emotional energy or loosh from the masses.

In the movie “Doctor Sleep,” Rose the Hat and her vampiric group, the True Knot, harvest energy from children. Rose locates these children using a technique called dream walking. She achieves this by entering deep meditation atop her trailer, allowing her astral form to traverse the Astral plane. She searches for children who “shine” brightly, as their intense energy signatures make them easier to find.

Abra Stone, a young girl in the story, is an exceptionally powerful telepathic and telekinetic dream walker. Unlike most dream walkers who can only traverse the Astral plane in their sleep, Abra can do so while awake through astral projection and meditation. Her abilities not only allow her to confront these vampiric beings but also cause them physical harm in the real world.

The extraction of negative emotional energy from humanity has reached an all-time high due to the rapid advancement of technology, both overt and covert. Our reality is saturated with negative mind control programming and AI broadcasts that target the negative ego filters that have infiltrated every aspect of society.

The current state involves a constant bombardment of harmful images, behaviors, and actions that elicit negative emotions and trauma. These programs promote cruelty, brutality, and violence and are imposed upon humanity and the earthly kingdoms.

Significantly charged negative emotional energy, such as that achieved during Satanic Ritual Abuse, contains hormonal adrenalin cascades that course throughout the cellular energy within the human body, blood, and brain. Under such intense extremes of painful suffering, the blood and flesh become charged with heightened molecular content, which is highly prized by Negative Aliens and Satanic forces. This is why they delight in the torture, suicide, and killing of human beings, especially the innocent souls unable to protect themselves, like children.

Dream Walker

What is Dream Walking?

Dreamwalking is the ability to travel between dreams, from others, or even from another plane of existence. When you dream walk, you essentially enter another dream and experience it while being conscious of what’s happening around you. You can remember the dream even after you wake up.

Lucid dreaming is quite similar to dream walking, as the dreamer is aware of what’s happening around them in both instances. However, lucid dreaming only sometimes involves traveling.

You might also hear the term ‘Oneironautics’ to describe dream walking. This is named after the Oneirois, children of Nyx, and the personification of dreams. In ancient Greece, they would appear in dreams, making them dream walkers. For example, in The Iliad, Zeus sends an Oneirois to Agamemnon to inflict nightmarish dreams.

Dream walking does not just involve traveling to the dreams of people living in your world. So, you may experience a dream from another timeline. You can experience someone else’s dreams in another reality. The dream could be from someone else in a different reality or even an alternate version of you.

A dream from a different version of you could be like your regular dreams, but slight differences will be noticeable. For example, you might have a significant other or different family member or even lead a completely different life than you do in your current reality.

You can also use dream walking to communicate with someone you know. For example, if you have a best friend that you want to see, but they are in a different country, you can try dreamwalking. Doing so allows you to be together on an astral plane. Dreaming with someone else will enable you to observe or help when necessary.

To begin dream walking, you should have a basic understanding of lucid dreaming.

  1. Keep a Dream Journal: Remembering all your dreams, even if they feel ordinary and mundane, is essential for dreaming lucidly. Writing down a dream enables you to remember it and keep track of small details.
  2. Stay Calm: If you are excited about lucid dreams, you may not be able to do it. Try not to think about it too hard. Act naturally without focusing too hard and stressing yourself out.
  3. Make a Habit of Asking if you are Dreaming: This may sound silly but beneficial. By asking yourself if you are dreaming throughout the day, you will start saying it by habit. These habits can carry over into dreams, with the answer being yes.
  4. Speak Your Lucid Dream into Existence: Before you fall asleep, tell yourself, “I will know that I am dreaming.” Using phrases like this is called MILD, or Mnemonic Induction to Lucid Dreaming. You reinforce the statement in your brain, creating a positive affirmation that can come true.

Use these steps above to help you lucid dream so you will be ready to begin dream walking. The number one thing you should remember is that dream walking doesn’t have a 100% success rate. There will be times when you try to dream walk but just can’t seem to do it. This is entirely normal; just don’t give up!

If you dream walk with a partner, be completely honest and open with each other. This will help the dream go smoothly. Dreams can be vulnerable, and you don’t want any negative feelings to come out of them.

Unfortunately, there is no step-by-step guide to dream walking. Everyone experiences it differently, so there is no magic formula. However, I can provide advice on how to begin dream walking, which will help you on your journey.

Since there are no steps, dream walking can be as simple as connecting to someone’s energy. For example, if you are trying to dream walk with a partner, envision their energy as a tangible object. ‘Grab’ the energy and keep it close until you fall asleep. Doing this lets their energy become one with you, allowing you to dream walk.

Overall, learning to dream walk follows a process similar to learning to lucid dream. Lucid dreaming becomes dream walking when you step outside your dream world. When you get the hang of lucid dreaming, you can break these barriers and experience the dreams of others.

As mentioned above, you can also dream walk without trying. It is also possible to have a ‘talent’ for dreamwalking. You may be a natural dream walker if you have a knack for connecting to the spiritual world or lucid dreaming.

Remember, when you are dream walking, the brighter you shine—the more powerful your psychic abilities, remote viewing capability, and telepathy—the more these entities swarm to you like moths to a flame. These dream demons, like Freddy Krueger from “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” are drawn to your light. In “Nightmare on Elm Street: Dream Warriors” it’s all about kids who can become superheroes in the dream world and fight back against the child-killing pedophile dream demon Freddy Krueger.

You’ll notice this theme of pedophilia and preying on children in much of Stephen King’s work, such as “Doctor Sleep” and “The Institute.” Even in his book and movie “The Dark Tower,” demonic entities prey on children to extend their own lives. There’s a major battle going on in the Astral Plane. Not everyone has the ability to dream walk; it must be within your code. The best way to find out what’s in your specific code, assigned to your first and last name, is by doing a personal gematria decode down below.

Breaking Down the Mystical Connection Between 36, 666, Dreamwalkers, and Dream Demons

Dream Walking

In the realm of numerology and metaphysics, the number 36 is believed to have a deep connection to the mysterious number 666. As a Decoder and DreamWalker, I can guide you through this complex relationship and its implications, especially in the context of dreamwalking and interactions with dream demons.

The Triangular Number Relationship

A triangular number is given by the formula:𝑇𝑛=𝑛(𝑛+1)2Tn​=2n(n+1)​

For 𝑛=36n=36:𝑇36=36×(36+1)2T36​=236×(36+1)​ 𝑇36=36×372T36​=236×37​ 𝑇36=13322T36​=21332​ 𝑇36=666T36​=666

Thus, 666 is the 36th triangular number.

The Significance of the Number 36

  • Triangular Number Relationship: As shown, 666 is the sum of the first 36 natural numbers.
  • Sum of the First 36 Numbers: The number 666 can be seen as the sum of an arithmetic series from 1 to 36.

Additional Observations

  • Sum of Digits of 36: The sum of the digits of 36 is 3+6=93+6=9.
  • Sum of Digits of 666: The sum of the digits of 666 is 6+6+6=186+6+6=18, and further reducing 18 gives 1+8=91+8=9.

This reduction to 9 links back to the digital root concept, a common topic in numerology.

Significance in Numerology

The number 36 is considered significant because it relates to 666, which has various cultural, religious, and mathematical implications. In certain interpretations, 666 is associated with the “Number of the Beast” from the Book of Revelation in the Christian Bible, adding a layer of symbolic meaning.


  • 36: A significant triangular number.
  • 666: The 36th triangular number, sum of the first 36 natural numbers.

This relationship highlights an interesting mathematical connection, often explored in various fields, including mathematics and numerology.

Dreamwalkers and Dream Demons: The Battle Beyond Reality

Dream Walker = 36 in septenary gematria and Dream Walker = 666 in Sumerian gematria, mirroring the dark forces they combat. Dreamwalkers possess the extraordinary ability to enter other people’s dreams, often finding themselves in epic battles against dream demons.

These dream demons, like the infamous Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street, are drawn to the light of powerful dream walkers. These entities feed on fear, terror, and the LOOSH energy released daily. Dreamwalkers, are constantly fighting these shape-shifting demons in the astral plane.

CERN and the Unleashing of Dark Matter

There is a growing belief that CERN, with its experiments involving dark matter, is opening portals and releasing these dream demons into our reality. The numbers don’t lie; we are witnessing an increase in these entities within the astral plane. The battle between dreamwalkers and dream demons is intensifying, underscoring the significance of understanding these mystical connections.

In conclusion, the link between the numbers 36 and 666, coupled with the existence of dreamwalkers and dream demons, reveals a deeper layer of our reality. The release of dark matter through CERN might be playing a crucial role in this ongoing astral conflict, reminding us of the intricate web of our universe.

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Researchers form the truth mafia, a collective determined to investigate conspiracies and occult mysteries that have been buried for centuries. With a passion for uncovering the truth, they delve into the darkest corners of history, pop culture, and ancient mysteries, seeking answers to questions that have plagued humanity for ages. The truth mafia is led by Tommy Truthful, a man shrouded in mystery and intrigue, dedicated to uncovering the hidden truths behind some of the world’s most perplexing and enigmatic phenomena. Their research has led them down countless rabbit holes, from deciphering ancient symbols to exploring the hidden meanings behind popular media and literature.

Despite the risks and challenges they face, the truth mafia remains steadfast in their quest for knowledge. Will their investigations lead to groundbreaking revelations? Or will they unravel an even deeper web of secrets and lies? Only time will tell in this ongoing saga of conspiracy and intrigue. What’s up, guys? Welcome to another episode of Truth Mafia podcast, Father and Son edition. And today we’re going to be talking about dreams. Lucid dreaming, dream walking before we get going. This is called fair use and is allowed for purposes of criticism, news reporting, teaching, and parody, which doesn’t infringe of copyright under 17 USC 107.

And this podcast today is sponsored by body align, the ultimate wellness ban. That link is down below in the description as well as the link so you can join and become a member of the truth mafia. Actually, today, I think that link is. I didn’t put that there, guys, but there’s one where you can opt in and sign up for our newsletter, and then you’ll see the information for that. So today, here with my dad. What’s up, pops? What’s up, son and brothers and sisters? How y’all doing today? Make sure you share this everywhere. We’re going to have a lot of great information for everyone today.

I’ve been on a journey, quite a journey, about this subject here. Part. This is part of what my journey’s been, but it’s exciting to be here today. We do have the link for you to subscribe to the newsletter that my son, Tommy Truffle, puts out every day, five days a week. He takes a break on Saturdays and Sundays. But also, you know, we’re going to be moving these shows. This is all about dreams today. He’s going to lead the way and then come to me with questions. But we are moving the show to be talking about all the main topics that are going on right here and now so that we can help answer questions that people are concerned about and how to help yourself maneuver in a positive way.

And where you and your family are going to thrive. Not to survive or not survive. Right. You’re going to thrive, to whatever the future holds here. Okay, so just wanted to say that real quick, son. Did you get knocked off? He might have got knocked off right here. Back on. Oh, there you are. You can. You can always keep yourself next to me, son. You know, they don’t have to be seen as big, big head papa, truthful over here. No, I. It’s just, you know, when I have multiple people on, sometimes I put them in the solo.

Oh, no, I’m cool with that. You know, I have no problem with that. It looks better. You get a. Get a close up look, what I’m going to do, dad, is I actually got this video that we’re going to watch. It’s. It’s right around eight minutes long. And before we get going, for the people out there that don’t know what dream walking is, it’s also called dream linking. And is the ability to travel between dreams. It’s not exactly like lucid dreaming. If you remember the movie Doctor sleep. A Stephen King film. Right? Doctor Sleep, the little girl, Abra Braun, or her name was Abra Stone.

My apologies. She was a telepathic dreamwalker in that movie. And if you remember them, vampiric entities that would feed off of the children. That’s what they were doing. They were feeding off the children. They were scared of her because she was so powerful. And rose the hat, she was one of them vampiric entities. Um, she really feared that girl. And Stephen King has wrote about this a lot in many different books. Uh, Doctor sleep. Stephen King’s it. What’s the clown doing? It’s feeding off of children’s fears. That loose energy of the book called the Institute, they literally were kidnapping children with special abilities in that book.

And these kids have what’s known as the Shine. And that’s. That’s the Abil. That’s these kids with, like, telekinesis, telepathy, remote viewing. Remember Fred Krueger? A nightmare on Elm street where he had dream warriors? And in that film, in the dream state, they could become anything they wanted to be. They could become a wizard. Remember the one kid was a wizard? Well, he got killed by Freddie, but he almost won. And you know me, guys, I like to look at the numerology of it all. In Doctor or Stephen King’s books and movies, he always talks about the ones who shine.

The ones who shine in the shining. It’s this kids who shine, right and that’s the. The ability these children have. The ones who shine equals 187. And we see these kids target targeted a lot, so they can be harvested for that energy signature. So we’re going to watch a video on dreams, and then I’m going to do my decode for you and show you how it ties into numerology and gematria and what the code is tied to. And then me and my dad will have a discussion on it. So let me play this for you real quick, guys.

Are you absolutely certain that you’re not actually experiencing this video within a dream? What if the key to unlocking the truth lies in mastering a power hidden within your dreams, a power that can shatter this illusion? It’s indeed the right time to truly awaken. Dreams are more than just thoughts we imagine while we sleep. They hold a special significance that goes beyond what we actively think about during the day. When we sleep, our soul separates from our physical body, giving it the freedom to explore the astral world. It doesn’t matter if we’re sleeping naturally due to something like tiredness, or if our sleep is induced by external factors, or even if we’re in the enigmatic state of death.

Dreams become the way our soul connects with the astral realm, a different kind of world beyond our usual experiences. When we dream, a special version of our physical body, which is not physical, but rather made of energy, helps our deepest feelings and wishes come alive in the astral world. It’s important to understand that our physical body is just a temporary home for our true self, which exists beyond the normal rules of time and space. To fully understand the hidden meanings in our dreams, we need to learn more about this inner self. When our body rests during sleep, our astral body goes on incredible journeys that aren’t limited by the same rules as the physical world.

During these journeys, our astral self can stay closely connected to our physical body, or it can travel very far, even to places in the sky. Even though there’s a separation between our physical and astral selves, there’s a strong connection that keeps them linked. This strong connection is why our soul can go back to our physical body when we wake up. Dreams are influenced by many things, and they can come from different places. One important source is our subconscious memory, which is like a storage room for all the things weve experienced when we sleep. Our mind looks through this storage room and sometimes uses these memories in our dreams.

Also, we can talk to each other through our thoughts, even if were not awake. This happens in the astral world. The astral world is like a bridge that lets thoughts travel far, giving us comfort, advice, or even a sense of what might happen in the future. Knowing how powerful our thoughts are is really important because they shape what our life is like. In the astral world, thoughts are even stronger, and this can affect our destiny. Sometimes our dreams react to things happening around us when we’re awake. For example, if a book falls with a loud noise while we’re sleeping, our dream might include a similar sudden and loud noise.

Other times, our dreams play scenes from our past, like a movie reel of things we’ve done. These dreams can give us clues about strong feelings we haven’t resolved, problems we haven’t solved, or even hidden talents we haven’t discovered yet. In certain dreams, we feel like we’re sharing thoughts and feelings with someone else, even if they’re far away or not alive anymore. This kind of dream can connect us emotionally to people we care about, or even bring messages from those who have passed away, aiming to give us comfort or advice. Imagine dreams where you’re not limited by the usual rules of the world.

That’s what these dreams are like. They take you to places that don’t exist in the physical world. World like the non physical astral planes. In these dreams, your mind travels to far off places, meets strange and magical beings, and experiences the huge dimensions of the universe. These dreams can change the way you see things and show you secrets about life and the world we live in. Within telepathic dreams, you might see vivid images of faraway places, meet loved ones who have passed away. Or even get hints about things that will happen in the future. These hints, although hidden in the mystery of dreams, are known to show accurate and wise glimpses into whats ahead.

Figuring out the secret language of dreams is like solving a complex puzzle. These messages often have a hidden meaning, expressed through symbols and stories. For example, a dream about a dark and dangerous river might might actually mean you’re feeling emotionally troubled, while a dream about a soaring eagle could symbolize your strong ambition or a sense of newfound freedom. Dreams that connect minds show a special link to things beyond what we can see, hinting at the idea that there’s a connection between all living things. This connection goes beyond what we can touch or see in the physical world.

Such dreams remind us that death isn’t the final stop, but a change. Even after death, the feelings of love and connection stay alive and strong. Throughout history, there have been many stories of powerful dreams. That have had a lasting impact on people’s lives. These dreams have triggered big changes and important discoveries. For those who want to unlock the power of dreaming and gain more understanding while asleep, it’s crucial to to go through thorough training and approach this with a mindset of thinking about others, not just yourself. Astral projection is a technique where you become aware that your spirit can leave your physical body while you sleep.

This skill can be used to help others in your spirit form. However, it is important to act with selflessness and kindness during these experiences. Using these abilities just for personal gain can hold back your spiritual growth and lead you down an imbalanced path. Becoming better at understanding and interpreting these astral experiences requires you to develop a sense of being sensitive and in tune with your emotions. The astral world often communicates using symbols and stories that stand for deeper meanings. To truly understand these messages, you need to have both a sharp mind and a heart open to new ideas.

A useful technique for those who want to remember their astral experiences in their awake state is to write down your dreams as soon as you wake up. By doing this, you can keep all the details and special parts of your dream, which will make it easier to understand their significance. Deciding to remember these experiences is a choice you make to expand your awareness beyond the usual limits of the physical world. This choice is like a step toward waking up the abilities you have inside you. As dreams become a doorway to exploring the vast world of the mind.

Mastering the skill of controlling your dreams is a journey that can transform you to deeply. People who become experts at this may even go beyond just dreaming and enter a kind of sleep where they don’t dream at all, but experience pure awareness. In this boundless realm of pure consciousness, your hidden potential can flourish and expand without any limits. Son, are you there? Okay, folks, can you hear me? Okay, let me know in the comments if you can hear me, okay? Okay, thank you very much. All right, I’ll come back on here. I know maybe my son, TJ, which I call him for Thomas James, maybe he got kicked off and he’s coming back.

It’s really, really interesting. I’m going to talk while he’s, he’s, he’s not here, and then. Okay, you back? All right. All right, there. There you go. Yeah, threw me out. Sorry about that. I figured that, so I jumped on here. Okay, we got it. Sorry about that, guys. Yeah. So, okay, there’s dream walking, right? You know, they always try to censor when you’re. You’re trying to show some truth, and a lot of what comes into manifestation is in the dream world. So the first thing I want to talk about today? A lot of people probably don’t know what the silver cord is.

And the silver cord is a concept often mentioned in discussions about astral projection and out of body experiences. It’s believed to be a kind of energetic tether that connects your physical body to the astral body, the part of you that travels during astral projection. Astral projection is the ability to separate your astral body from your physical body and travel in the astral plane, a realm of existence beyond this physical world. And the role of the silver cord? The silver cord connects your physical body to your astral body. It is believed to ensure that no matter how far you travel out, that you’ll always find your astral body.

Will always find your physical body. Unless that cord gets severed at the time of death. There’s many spiritual movements that says that’s when your silver cord is severed at the time of death. But there’s also entities out here that they talk about in many different cultures that try to look for people that are. That are experiencing astral projection or dream walking, and they try to jump into your body. So you got to be very careful messing around with this stuff. You definitely just don’t go jump into it without knowing what you’re doing. Dad, have you ever experienced lucid dreaming at all? All the time, and more so now than ever.

Can. Am I. Am I moving here? Hold on a second. Yeah, more so now than ever. And one of the things I would say is, you know, if you look at different scriptures from different religions, okay, again, I study, you know, I study it all. You know, I want to know. Not Satanism. I have no interest in luciferian Satanism stuff, but all of the scriptures that have good profits and stuff that did amazing things on this planet, all of them did this. All of them got downloads, you know, from the divine in dream state, all of them, right? Sometimes they would go into trance’s dream state, and then the spirit would leave the body.

And however that silver cord TJ is talking about. I know, I’ve heard about that, too. Um, however it works, you know, the creator knows for 100%, but again, it guides you right back to your. Your mass, your physical mass, biological body. And, you know, we’re all just a spirit having a journey and a. In a biological body, and it’s. It’s an incredible time to be alive. Dreams are going to get more vivid the. The closer you get to the creator. I think the more download you’ll get. And you should ask for it. You should ask for it.

But one of the things that I don’t do, that I need to do, and it’s interesting that, you know, son, that we. I think we talked about this before, is making sure you have the. No, I could look up if my dreams. I kind of like when I get the dreams, even though I wake up to go to the bathroom, I come back and I got the dream. I’m start dreaming again. Like, I go right back into the situation. And some of them I understand there’s stuff within me to work on, right. And there’s other ones that are, you know, for something like that video was talking about.

But journaling them down is really important because you don’t remember them clearly. You really don’t remember them clearly. And I have lacked at that for sure. But I, you know, after just watching this, son, it gave me, you know, like, hey, I need to get focused on that because we’re all here for this moment in time. And the part of the communication with the divine creator of all things, the point of origin of everything is in that state of that connection through dreams and dreaming. So back to you, son. I just. You know how to get that out there, how I feel about that? Well, it’s definitely where we bring the manifestations into reality, too.

So I do dream journaling. I’ve been doing it for like a year now and say, I’m trying to manifest something. You know, I’ll do the three six nine method where I write it down three times in the morning, speak it into existence for three minutes. Then I visualize myself achieving that goal for three minutes. Visualization is very powerful when it comes to. Yeah, it’s important. Yeah. And then, so you repeat that maybe four to 6 hours later in the afternoon, and you’ll do it six times. And then right before you go to bed, that’s the last time you do it.

You write it down nine times, 100%. And, you know, you know, I’m at a point, you know, I’ve been doing that for a long time, son. You know, I. You grew up with me somewhat back and forth, right. And you get to a point, you know, what it has to do with why you’re repeating it so many times, because you’re building your faith in it. But when you get faith in your words and understand that you’re part of the creator, right, like everybody, multiple repetition, saying it is great, right. Helps it manifest quicker. But then when you get faith in what your words, that your words create, then, you know, it’s a, it’s a, it’s a you know, a step further ahead there.

Um, you know, your, your stepmom, like, she’s so passionate, I, she don’t even know she does it, but she can create better. Good. And, you know, she’s wanting Jennifer to have another, uh, baby. Jennifer? No baby. But she, Jennifer said, you got, you’re not going to manifest this on me, mom. You know, you’re not going to manifest this on me. So as you start working that three, six, and nine style that you’re, you know, the training, basically, the, the system that you talk about, then you’ll start building more faith in that. Your words become your reality.

And, you know, that’s what people need to really understand. And if you can get that quicker, then guess what? You can say something and mean it and get it and say it once. Okay. When you step into the full power of the creator that you were given access to, you’ll be able to start manifesting stuff even quicker. And I think you know that, son. Yeah. Well, you know, the 369 method comes really from Nikola Tesla, who said if you understood the power behind three, six, and nine, you would have the keys to reality. Right? Pretty much what he said, yeah.

So that’s really where it comes from. In, at nighttime, doing that, that writing it down for nine, nine times and then saying it out loud for the nine times and in the visualization for nine minutes. That’s so important right before you go to sleep because REM sleep is where we bring a lot of this stuff into reality and manifestation. So, I mean, yeah, that’s the most important before you go to sleep to do what you just said. Yes, because you’re priming yourself as you go into that unsub. You know, your, your, your dream state and these things, you’re going to be able to manifest a lot quicker as you do that, right.

As you’re, you know, relaxing, I like to give thanks before doing that. You know, like the precursor to that. Give thanks for all the things that the creator God has provided. I call God creator. You know, God equals beginning creator of all things for me. But giving thanks for everything that you’ve been given for the day, the roof over your head, the electricity, the food, the water, the shampoo, the toothpaste, all the stuff. And then if you’ve stepped out of line, you know, getting straight, and then go into that stuff that you have that you want to manifest and then give thanks for it like you already have it.

Give thanks for it and do that 369, and keep practicing that, you’ll build your faith, too. Because you start seeing these things happen again. I wish we all could just come together in love and light and not argue over the minutiae of all this. What is politics, religion, or sports or actors, whatever. There’s so much idolization going on of people that we really need to focus on ourselves and doing the things that, you know, Tommy, my son truthful here, is bringing, you know, the different people he brings to the table and, you know, the show that we’re going to be developing to help you all, because you’re going to have to, you know, start working on your breathing, working on opening up all those energy portals.

I don’t care if you call them chakras. I don’t care what you call, okay, there are portals that work this whole body, spirit and soul together. Right, son? I mean, I don’t care what people call them. I mean, I really don’t care. I just know that they exist. And when you work on, you know, opening them up more, it helps you out a lot better. Even Earth, you know, it has its own chakra. So as with this, as above, so below, I mean, we’re like right now, unfortunately, we’re acting like a disease to earth. Not all of us, but a lot of people are littering and, you know, well, that’s probably why, you know, Mother Nature is going crazy.

Besides the whole them manipulating weather and everything, they just had 23 people pass away due to all them storms that just happened and it just keeps happening. Our last podcast was about that, but, you know, you can only destroy a living organism for so long before it fights back. Well, Earth is alive. Everything is alive in creation. And we live within the creator because the creation expanded and expanded. Oh yeah, this tornado stuff. Yeah, man, and we just talked about that in our last podcast, right, dad? Yeah, yeah. And I’m going to get into some things as we move the show into more of a, you know, what’s the topics? What’s going on? What do we, you know, need to talk about right now? You know what I mean? That is going on right now in our lives and how are we going to, you know, do the things like working on this dream walking that we’re talking about today, on getting that better connection.

It’s like me right now, I’m working, you know, I’m on supplements. Like this stuff, this stuff I’m using for my pine needle clear to work on my pine needle gland, you know, we have, yeah, because it’s important because they’re hitting us in the air, they’re hitting us in the water. They’re hitting us everywhere to. To calcify that pineal gland. And that’s part of the connect too. And you know where you’re wired in. I’ve always told people I don’t need an intermediate to connect with God. I don’t need it. Intermediate. I have the right as I’m part of God, right? I’m a son of God because I came from God and I’m connected to God.

And God, you know, his spirit is within us, right? Whether it’s the trinity or however, the whole thing works from the beginning, throughout. You know, when one day when I’ve got the full realization of 100%, I’ll know all of that. All that information, by the way, is inside of us. It’s already here. It’s here. We just have not accessed it. Yeah, we’re not accessing. What? Like some people access 6% of their capabilities, some people access 10%, you know, but you know, we’re made to access 100%. Well, what you’re talking about is called the Acacia records. You can actually.

Oh yes, 100%. It’s not all within us. It’s in us. It’s in our. It’s in our. In our mapping. It’s in our. It’s in our us. You know, our spirit body. Our body. Spirit soul. This thing that’s going to come together more or less. Some people call it the golden body. You know, they’ve been working on getting what you call these, all these chakras. And you know, you know, where it’s not just the light beams that are working on a higher chakra like the angels and all that, but they’re wanting to get all these chakras together.

Christ came here and gave the example of exactly that. Of how he would take the spiritual body that activates those, again, chakras, energy portals. I don’t care what people call them. I hate that debate. It’s stupid. And the lower ones to bring it together with. Together to where he had a physical body, a light being with this physical body where he could just think and transition into any dimension. Poof, you know, he just think about the third dimension, boom, he’s there. And then he could think about whatever. Just go through the wall and he’s freaking. No one sees him or up to this, whatever.

Also able to deal people with his mind. Probably. Most likely why he got murdered was because he was bringing that type of knowledge how to, you know, how this matrix really operates. And that’s probably why he really got killed. Because that’s knowledge they don’t want no one know. Well, he needed to do this. He needed to do this. He needed to do it. There’s so much that have not been, you know, told about Christ’s time on this planet, right? And it’s been hidden from us. Just like 363 books of Enoch have been hidden from us. These books, you know, they’re this wide from what I hear, and they basically have all the instructions from the creator about everything.

Everything we needed to know that is important to take us to that level of, you know, 100% was in those books. And, you know, we all have it within us. That’s why, you see, some beings, that they can do astral travel. I’ve been, you know, what’s been going on my life, son. You pretty much know who’s come in and come out. One door’s open because the creator wants me to make a connection with somebody through that. And then maybe that person’s not around no more. But it always goes to further the purpose that I’m here for.

And the team’s here, and you’re here, or, you know, you’re going down the same road. And so I’ve. I’ve had firsthand experiences with different people having unbelievable experiences in the dream state. And even when they’re laying on the couch, boom, they go into that state and they’re astral planing. They’re at other places, they’re assisting in things. I mean, it’s pretty amazing. And then you’ll get some people, religious folks, that will say, well, that’s from devil. No, it ain’t. No, it ain’t. Because if you read about what Daniel did and what most of the apostles did and all the prophets and all of that, and you really study, and I’ve read pretty much every version of the Bible with the Old New Testament that you can read many times.

The book back here over there on that table is the best translation of the original language that it was written in to English. Okay? But utilizing. No, I’m reading a book right now. This is another book on this stuff. Okay. And I’ve read a whole bunch of other ones, you know, because my mind will not be shut because someone tells me I need to shut it, and I’m not going to do it. And I continue to pray that the creator gives me the right information. Right. You know, have a relationship with the creator, just like my son and I have a relationship.

You and your family members have a relationship. Whatever, you know, whatever you do with your best friend in life, you should be doing much better. Even with the creator in building that kind of relationship. TJ, this stuff with the dream walking, there were some significant numbers. You were showing that the word dreamwalker and then the word dimensions equal the same number. Correct? Yeah, yeah. That’s in the 36 cipher. And, you know, when I do these decodes, I do these decodes, kind of like these gematria decodes. And there’s different archetypes. You got the NPC’s, they’re a bunch of non player characters or soulless entities, kind of like fill ins.

They’re controlled by this artificial archonic computer that is running this reality. And then you’ll have people that got what I call the neo code. And neo code equals 36. These are very powerful first player characters. A lot of them have remote viewing capabilities, telepathy, dream walking capabilities. And dreamwalking is where you can enter other people’s dreams, pull people into your dreams and travel throughout the multiverse. The real powerful ones are able to travel to other versions of themselves and take over that consciousness because we definitely live in some type of a multiverse. And that doesn’t take away from God.

He’s just always creating infinitely. So there’s. There’s multiple different variations of us. Pop, she was talking about that new movie or series you’re watching that you and Mama love. Yeah, I. Yeah, I’ll talk about that for a second. But I wanted to speak to John about. No, Jesus was. Was not murdered. No, Jesus allowed himself to be taken killed because he was here for the purpose of showing us how, you know, because the. The creator’s plan was to get us into that. I don’t know if it’s called golden body. There’s a lot of different names for it.

But how Jesus resurrected where you could actually grab ahold of him, but he could go into the lower third dimension and any of the higher dimensions simultaneously. You know, boom. And by the way, could be in all places at all times consistently. He is the neo archetype. Jesus and neo have overlapping Gematria, many ciphers. You know, Jesus conquered death, neo conquered the matrix. It’s that same archetype, that Jesus Christ’s character which. Our inner Christos, our inner Christ, that consciousness, right? The secretion that releases up our 33 vertebrae. Some people have 32, some people have 33. But going up your 33 vertebrae is connecting to your pineal gland or your third eye.

And they say that secretion, that’s where we get Santa Claus going down the chimney. There’s many different folklore about it, but that they say when that secretion comes, it takes you to another higher level of existence. You’re vibrating on a higher frequency, and there’s only like two days in the month that you can have it. So it restarts every month, right? And that go travels up our, our spine and activates our pineal gland, which they are calcifying with water. Well, the fluoride in the water. And then last night I was reading, I did. I did a phone call with one of my followers on this holistic counseling sessions that I do.

And they were telling me about how we’re drinking dead water. And that made so much sense to me. Actually, it was early this morning, but it was kind of night for me. But yeah, you know, they got us drinking this fluoride water. That’s not ph. And anything we need, anything we’re putting into our temple, our vessel has to be alive, living water. That’s ph. It raises your frequency if you’re eating live healthy, like organic food. Put us back on, son. Put us back on full screen here, because this is. Do you have anything else to talk about on that one there? Well, I just wanted to do a quick breakdown on all the numerology real quick.

So, like, we got that 36 cipher, right? Dreamwalker and matching dimensions. And in Judaism, they believe there are 36 righteous men and women born in every generation that play a role in saving the world. So when you do, you guys know 36 is a huge number with me. I use it on all my stuff. Well, for one, truth mafia equals 36 and chaldean. But also because of what it means, it’s not an evil number. They. I’m tired of these people trying to take sacred and holy numbers and perverting them and attaching evil to them. Now, I’ve decoded many different ciphers just to show you, like, you can manifest when you’re doing these in the dream state, when you’re dream walking and say you’re getting attacked, right? Once you become aware that you’re dreaming, you can take control of that dream.

And there are many techniques to this. The best technique, put a rubber band on your wrist, set the alarm on your cell phone for three days. Do this and set the alarm for every hour to every 2 hours. And when that alarm goes off, snap the rubber band three times. Well, when you go to sleep and you’re dreaming, you’re going to go to sleep with that rubber band on. And when you look down at your wrist, you trained your subconscious to look at your wrist, and now the rubber band’s not there. And you just become aware that you’re dreaming.

You know, another good method is you can write things above your bed or put a paper up there. And when you’re dreaming, it’ll, the words all scramble, you won’t be able to read. But there is a trick to that too. You can tell the dream itself to read it to you and it will say it out loud. It’s kind of crazy how that works. But you can manifest the dream weapon, right? A lot of people that do dream walking abilities talk about a magic wand, and that’s a real good one because it’s easy to manifest in.

Your magic wand can be capable of destroying anything it comes in contact with. So dream weapon is 48, simulated reality is 48. And then you get into the whole alien abduction, that cipher. 48, area 51, three body problem. Remember the Netflix series three body problem where these aliens from another reality were coming to take over Earth? And element 48 is what is used to produce batteries. So it’s all connected to energy that’s powering up this, this simulation for what it is, this organic matrix or construct whatever. We’re in a dream within a dream, right? Because what my dad talks about with source and the creator, source consciousness did create this organic simulation, but then it’s been hijacked and there’s been an AI overlay injected in it.

And that’s the archons that are injecting this false kind of a phantom matrix. A matrix within a matrix. Now, the next cipher I looked at was 118. This is english ordinal basic. A is one, b is two, c is three, all the way through. Z is 26. And we know the matrix is 118, matching dream walking. Dream power altered carbon. Remember that movie? It was all about these clones and they could upgrade their body and they had like super soldier clones, different kind of different abilities, right? So it just ties back to that whole ability thing.

And then Bluetooth is 118 eyes. And 118 element. 118 is a radioactive element, a man made one that is the rarest element on this planet. They really don’t understand it fully yet. So that’s. That’s kind of interesting, considering the 118 code, you know, is heavily connected to the Matrix. Now, you. You also have the 128 code. So people that get my personal decodes, the ones which, if you want one, the links in the description guys, the matria decode, a lot of them. First player characters. Well, within the first player characters. First of all, I’ve probably done 5000 readings, no joke.

And out of all them, over 4000 of them have the code of a non player character or an NPC, right? So you only have a few first player characters. The math pretty much breaks down. There’s about between 144,160 9000 actual first player characters in this reality. And out of them you have about 100. Out of the over 5000 decodes I’ve done, you got about 100 of them with this rare neo code. And we actually all stay in contact with each other. But, um, telekinesis is one two eight. Neo code, 128. God’s plan is one two eight.

Matching Tartaria and the tartarian empire was the last global reset that we went through. It was this hyperborean civilization. And they even talked how during that time they were using the red mercury to power up all the cities. But these people were kind of like superheroes. They could go long periods of time without no food because they were tapped into what many call the ether. Nikola Tesla talked about it and it some type of energy that was charging up their body that they didn’t need food the way we do now. Right? So, and then the first d wave quantum computer that Gordy Rose created was the one that came out in 2011.

Guys, remember, that was the 128 qubits. So all these d wave computers are now plugged into CERN. CERN equals 128 in Latin Gematria. And remember, let’s just think of it like this. How many rituals have we seen with that number, guys? The bridge collapsed in Tampa, January 28 of 1980. 911. The towers collapsed at 10:28 a.m. then you had the bridge collapse in Pittsburgh on January 28 of 2022. We just had the bridge collapse in Maryland at 01:28 a.m. you had Matthew Perry die October 28, which is 1280 holds no value. And that was his girlfriend Julia Roberts birthday on that day when he died and Bill Gates birthday.

And then fast forward it to December 8, 128. That was the release of Julia Roberts movie that she did with the Obamas called leave the world behind. So, and if you go to an hour and 28 minutes into that movie, what do you see? The bridge collapsing in New York City where they just got hit with some type of nuke or something. Go back and watch leave the world behind. You’ll see an hour and 28 minutes into it. Boom. And is someone behind the scenes doing all this? Well, I think a lot of it is organic synchronicity.

It’s a source code, right? It’s not like someone’s behind the scenes making all the numbers add up. It’s just, it’s part of the code. It’s part of the source code of this matrix. And there’s some really cool content creators. Like, is what’s his name, that Perez guy is, you know, I’m talking about dad. Yeah, I got his book here. Hold on. Let me come back on Ishmael Perez. Yeah, I’m gonna. I want to get on with this guy. And, you know, we’re launching sovereign radio here. We’ll be talking about that very quickly. Truth Mafia will be on that.

We’ll be talking about it. Not here, but as we go along. Not today, but as we go along. But I’m almost done with this book, and I did take his course. Why? Because I like to get data until all of my DNA is activated. And I have access to the records of everything and anything of all things. Right. I’m going to continue to absorb information and continue to exercise my brain. And he’s got a very interesting concept of everything. There’s a lot of things that he says that I already know, but then there’s some things that, you know, I don’t, you know, but also, who knows? Until you are directly getting full downloads from the creator, you know, no one knows anything a hundred percent.

That’s just my opinion. You know, I mean, yeah, you know, anything a hundred percent. The creator does know everything 100%. Always in it, always will and always wins, no matter what. But he talks about the reptilians, draconians, the, you know, the fallen angels, and, you know, the. The, you know, the DNA, the seeding. You know, this is the third seeding of earth. Earth has been here a long time. There’s been advanced races on it like the Atlanteans even before them. And how many times the world’s been taken down and re repopulated, right? Receded, they call it.

And so there is very interesting times to be alive. And I got to tell you all the information coming to the table. And you do a great job, son, you know, doing your research. And the other folks that are on troop mafia, you know, doing what they’re doing, you know, they’re doing a great job. What I say to everybody is always just, you know, take things in, pray on them, meditate on them. You know, the stuff that is supposed to stick will stick. And, you know, you’re on your journey, your own journey, and you got to really focus on yourself.

You know, you want to learn. I mean, this information about this dream walking is important because, you know, we’re all moving to a higher frequency. The earth is moving to a higher frequency. We’re moving to a higher frequency. Some people, unfortunately, won’t you know, those two paths, heaven on earth and hell on earth. There’ll be probably, unfortunately, a lot more people going to hell on earth than in heaven on earth. But at the end of the day, worry about, not worry, but focus on you, making you the best. Like I said, I’m looking at that video that my son showed and I’m thinking to myself, you know, I really got a journal this stuff down because I’m like a movie theater now.

It’s incredible, you know, I mean, it’s incredible. I don’t know what happened on the 8th April with the full eclipse. And some people say that was fake and was created by whatever, and I don’t know, man. All I know is the energy. I think they let some entities in during that thing for real. And they needed a harvest, our loose energy. That’s why they had everybody out there wearing red and green. It was a total energy harvest. And who knows what these entities were that they let in here. But some people think that’s why we seen the anomaly on April 8, that, that giant wave down by South Africa.

Right. You know, that we discussed that a little bit in our last podcast. But Ishmael Perez, he has some awesome concepts. Like he was, I want to get him on. I’m going to work on getting him on and, you know, getting him on an interview with us and having some questions for him. I’m going to read his book, then I’m going to, you know, go through his class, get to know him a little bit because he’s teaching. And then I’m going to talk to him about, you know, our reach between, you know, truth mafia and MPN.

And, you know, I would like to bring him on the truth Mafia podcast and have him, you know, talk about, you know, a little bit about his journey and, you know, his downloads because he’s, he’s, he’s saying he’s accessing more of these records. Okay. And it came to a pretty early age for him, you know, where he knew that he wasn’t, you know, the normal person. Right. You know, that there was something else going on with his experiences. One of the coolest things he talks about to me, and you got me hip to his video. I didn’t even know who he was till you sent me that video.

But he talks about like, artificial intelligence. Yeah. And how it’s, you know, trying to eat up all the organic matter in realities that it goes to. And then this, it was kind of our earth. It was sent here to stop it. Right. Well, the, and again, I’m not saying that this is, you know, 100% true. I don’t know. I don’t know if it is or isn’t, but at the end of the day, you know, I’m dealing with AI right now with one of my business partners, right, to help us make our business better and make, you know, you know, help us with content, help us with all of that, you know, knowing, teaching it and letting you know what the ICP is.

And it works very well. And it’s, you know, they’ve been using it on us for a long time, and, you know, everything is restricted. The technology is probably three, three to four, five decades behind, meaning what we currently have out right now, everything that we see, including AI, is about three to five decades back to what the folks have that have been, you know, printing the money and doing their thing, right, whatever it’s within, right. We’re talking technology that is, you know, time travel portals from one planet to another. All kinds of stuff. Yeah. We live in a holographic type of situation here, and it’s only this third dimension frequencies that keep our matter together, right? Keep our matter together and thank you, John.

I want to. I want to shout you out real quick, brother, about you saying that, you know, you’ve been following. Well, I think it was John. Or was it Zack? Zach, I think was Zach. Yeah, Zach. Thank you, brother Zach, you know, because that means a lot to us, because even if you go into the other videos that I’ve had, and this is why my son and I talked about it, because we’re blood and we’re going to work on this continuously. And then I don’t have any interruptions because certain people that are involved in shows take a turn, you know, for whatever their path may be.

But, you know, so that we can come and help people and more people can plug into this and we can help more people. Step into your power. Step into your power. You are a creation of the most high, of the creator of all things. All of this stuff. You know, like, my wife is sitting by the tv set to see if someone’s going to be found guilty tonight. Okay? And I ain’t going to get into the. Mention the politics. I hate politics. I really, truly hate it. Yeah, I hate it. And, you know, I think people could govern ourselves much better in communities where we’re self sufficient with community gardens and self sufficient, you know, energy, and there’s so many different energy solutions that we don’t need to, you know, be on fossil fuels and all of that stuff.

It’s amazing. I mean, even I think, is it BMW or one of them has the hydro car now, right? Somebody’s talking about drinking hydrogen water. You know, go getting it. I actually. Anyone who’s got a link to, like, one of the best machines for that, I know they’re like cops. I’d like it because I want to get one for my wife and me both. But my homegirl, she’s probably in the chat. Serena, she has the best water out there. It’s bottled, though, but she has her own water company, bro. And she sent me a couple boxes of this shit.

It’s ph right on point. And it changed. Helped my skin heal and everything, bro. Yeah, the ph is really, really, really important. And it’s interesting. One of the things that you have to do, too, is make sure that you’re handling this EMF radiation. And one of the ways you can do that while you’re walking, you’re going out is the ultimate wellness band. And, you know, that’s from body line. TJ has the link with his. His discount code that you can do there. If you don’t have one of these, you got to change it. Like, if you’re really actively involved in a lot of EMF, then you really need to change it, like every, you know, ten months to a year.

Don’t go over that. Get a new one. If you break it down, cost per month. I mean, come on. If you can’t do that for yourself, I don’t know what to say. And then I can tell you firsthand that I just bought a new cell phone before I left for the doctor, and I was experiencing. Because I have the actual. They look like stickers, guys, but that’s not what they are. They’re holographic discs that hold frequencies in them and then release the frequencies out for a specific time, per period of time. And what these ones do is they put out over 200 frequencies.

That calms the body down and helps the ATP channel from shutting down. Because with all this EMF radiation that we got going on with our cell phones, with our computers, with our electricity in our house, with the satellites going up, which, by the way, is this big number right now compared to what’s going to be up there in 2030. And not only 5g, you could be talking about six, seven. Who knows where they’re going to be? They need this stuff for robotics. They need this stuff for the AI to work, like, instantly. Right? Hacking to my EMF dream hacking technology.

Well, yeah, yeah. What I noticed my phone. And that’s why when I got back, I’m ordering some discs because I’m like, you know, what a difference? And I don’t want one that sticks on my phone that’s bulky. I don’t want to lay my phone down where it’s tilting, you know what I mean? And I’m not putting, I have EMF protection shield that like, makes this phone disappear when you put it in the bag. But I just like the fact that it’s a, you know, holographic disc. It’s got that in there. I put it in my pocket wherever.

It’s not going to hurt me. I got the band here. I’m, I’m good to go. I just got to change them, you know, once a year to make sure that, you know, because that’s about as long as they’re, they will go right about, you know, the discs, probably about 18 months. The band like, you know, twelve months at the max. Right. When you’re, because we’re getting bombarded and then you should have on top of that salt lamps that you can get, you know, pink salt lamps that you can get on Amazon. Right, right. You put those in your environment, you get, you know, you get some of the crystals, sugonite and some things.

You put that into your environment. You know, you get chlorine, you know, fluoride filters, filter your shower, filter your water. Use this good water. Those folks that are talking about that great water use that great water. We better get ourselves at the top of our game because we got to be there in order to handle the level of energy coming to increase our frequency. Right. Earth is changing and we’re changing with it. You’re either raise your frequency in mer and you know, or it’s going to destroy you and you’re gonna start over again because you’re not vibrating on the right frequency.

So a lot of people will die, unfortunately, but they’ll get to go back around. And, you know, for the people out there that say crystals or obsidian or this stuff is evil, don’t you think that’s probably what the people ruling the world want you to believe? I mean, don’t believe everything you’re told. Guys, a lot of that, just like all, and I love all religions, but I’m saying at the higher levels of the Catholic. Let me reframe that, son. You love all people in religions, right? Right. Always the elite people, or they call themselves the elite, the higher up in the organizations and these places that are mostly, you know, a lot of them, not all of them, but a lot of corruption to the core.

Doing things that are unthinkable. And all this is coming out. We all see it. We don’t want to get banned. We don’t want to talk about what happened in 2020. But believe me, the whole 5g thing, if you guys go and look at EMF radiation sickness, and you go look at all of the third party validation studies out there on what EMF radiation was doing to your cells, to your body and what effect it was having on people with four g and down, 5g has taken it to a whole new level, okay? A whole new level.

And there’s a lot of people that are having migraine headaches and neck pain and all kinds of stuff. They feel sluggish, they feel tired, they don’t want to do anything because they’re getting hammered with this EMF radiation. And we’re going to be talking about a situation, and I’m going to let you folks know about it. But we got a solution, okay? So don’t get yourself. And God can always change it like that, right? Like that. So what I’m going to say to you right now, I haven’t come out and really told people about this, okay? My son knows about it.

I’m not going to get into a lot of detail, but because of all of the electromagnetic pollution that we have been putting into our atmosphere and everything that’s going on with everything, okay, we know we have a giant ozone hole in our atmosphere, right, TJ, that’s confirmed correctly. A gigantic freaking hole. Our atmosphere, northern lights everywhere. Right now, that’s not a good thing. Well, and our magnetic sphere, I think I’m pronouncing it, what is it called? Magnetic sphere. Well, the magnetic. Yeah, magnetic sphere. Anybody could correct us, but that is getting weakened, and it’s the electromagnetic pollution eating all that stuff up.

Now, that’s the bad news. And that’s another reason why all of these crazy storms are happening and all this crazy stuff’s happening, okay? We can all pray it goes back to what Ishmael Perez was talking about, how AI is eating up organic matter. I mean, look at that. It’s technology eating up our ozone, you know, eating up the ozone in this. But check this out. And we’ve been getting attacked. Okay, son, you know, some of the things that are going on with me personally, right, and people that are coming into my life that are able to do things that are pretty.

Most people wouldn’t even believe it, you know what I mean? So I just understand that if I hadn’t went through what I went through the last few years I probably would not have believed or when I approach it, but I again, have an open mind to look, continue to learn and continue to, you know, see what’s going on. And I got to tell you, you’re right. And that could be part of it that knows that create all this electromagnetic pollution that eats up the freaking, entire freaking atmosphere. And, you know, if you lose the magnetic fear than the pole shift.

Right. Now the good news is there’s a genius that’s got a solution that’s being tested for years. And the one that is, you know, at first there was about a five year window here and then it went down to less than five years. I’ll know more about this. And we are going to be working on the solutions. You know, it’s going to take about ten of these things to seal up the ozone. You know, work, start working on reversing the damage of this electromagnetic pollution and all this negative vibration and all this stuff that’s destroying our freaking atmosphere and our magnetic, magnetic field and the magnetic sphere and starting to reverse that.

Now there needs to be about 330 plus of these things around the world. And what it does is starts pulling all of that electromagnetic pollution out and bringing it and grounding it into mother Earth where it’s neutralized. They’re a little expensive, but we’re not going to even be asking people, we’re going to people that are very wealthy that want to put their name on it, save the world. Only 330 of these things that we could put out. I think we’re going to do three, three, three. I know some of you might say, oh, that’s terrible. Ask my son.

It’s not terrible. He knows all about the numbers game. They could, they pervert things, even 13, they pervert. But at the end of the day, we have a solution, okay? And we’re going to be bringing the solution out. It’s been, it’s been there for quite, you know, quite a time of being. There’s actual physical locations with these devices, the, the different variations, right. The different versions of these devices that continue to make them better, better and better to do their job. And one of these big devices will cover an area of 750, then work out eventually as it expands its field out to more than that.

And so one of the problems you’re going to see, until we resolve this issue, or the creator all things, says boom, filled that hole up, killed that freaking electromagnetic pollution, we’re good to go. Unless that happens, we are going to need to focus on this situation. I’ve been pressing these guys and pressing these guys to finish up with the white papers and stuff. So myself and one of my business partners could go to people that have a lot of money and all their stuff is going to be gone. If we can’t live on Mother Earth. And it doesn’t matter how far your bunker is under the ground, when we lose the Schumann residents of the planet, we’re all connected to it.

What happens to us son? Yeah, it’s all bad. And these devices guys, you put them like in your yard. So say you have a neighborhood, right? With their say like an average neighborhoods. Like what? Like 1015 houses. I have one, you know this. I have one in my backyard right now. But not the big one. Not the big one. That takes the 330 but there’s the little ones and we’ll be talking about that. We’ll actually bring that inventor on to have a conversation about those. And you know, we have them for, you know, call you know for, for a radius around your house for the protect from the 5g stuff.

All of that electromagnetic pollution. Start cleaning up. It cleans up about two, I think it’s 200 kill kilometers up. My buddy, he is uh. Makes your dream better, son. You know what I mean? It’s make me. It’s made me dream better. Because I’m telling you, when I was in the Dominican Republic, I was having a lot less dreams. Soon as I got back underneath this roof with that thing out in the backyard. And that’s one of the first things I noticed with that thing was I was getting a better night’s sleep and I was dreaming more.

But now with the change, shift in energy, like I said, I’m like a movie theater. I don’t even feel like I’m getting sleep. Yeah, well. Well look, there’s a lot of people out here that are gardening with these, these wire, these copper wires and they ground them. Have you ever seen this taking place? This whole system now is copper. Not all the inside thing, but check this out. I love. What do you think is in the big one? You just mentioned it. Copper. No, you mentioned it. You were talking about how it was powering everything. Um.

I don’t remember what I said. Red. All the red mercury, which is cinema. Cinema. I think it’s red granite. Is it red granite or red mercury? It might be red granite. What’s in that? Yeah, it’s something that they’ve used in the pyramids. Um, they used in the pyramids, you know, to power stuff. Right. This thing is all now built copper. I’ll have some pictures of it. We’re just going to redo the site. And again, I got to get this white paper to a guy that can bring a bunch of people in so we can get those ten done and start getting those installed where they need to go to start working on that rip in our freaking atmosphere.

And, you know, the magnetic sphere damage, get that reversing, you know, reversing because they can’t build a whole bunch of these, you know, like, it isn’t like we can get, you know, 330 of these done in a month. I mean, it’s going to take about a year in half to deploy all of these. And we have to deploy in the, in the hot spots, right. Like under the damage first and foremost, you know, with what’s going on, there’s some strategic locations that this genius knows. I don’t know, you know what I mean? But that will help with this.

I’m going to have this documentation and I’ve already looked at previous documentation. This is nothing that anybody can say, oh, this isn’t happening. I mean, we almost, what? We have over 900 freaking tornadoes so far this year in the United States. Mean, it’s unreal how many. They just keep going and going and going and going and going. So. Yeah, and Jack’s probably heard me say, and you know that I’ve said this, son, years and years I’ve been saying this about how the weather is going to continue to get worse because again, that electromagnetic pollution is creating all kind of havoc.

Then you got, you know, the whole situation with harp and all of these other things going on. Then you got, you know, all the extra energy hitting. So it’s getting blasted. It’s getting blasted. And, you know, all these satellites, they don’t even think, well, what is this going to do to our earth if we beam down tens of thousands of satellites and then a hundred thousand satellites of six g seven g, eight g nine g ten g, what is it going to do to our earth, right? And then that stops you from dreaming too, because there’s been times I haven’t been able to dream, right.

And still I started working really seriously on getting this EMF stuff hammered down, you know, and when I bought that device, that’s when it lit up. And all my neighbors, by the way, are benefiting from that. That little one device is about this big around about, I think it’s five foot or something. Now they’re different. They come all in. Let me break, let me break this down for you real quick, pop. Since we’re talking about dreams, they have what’s called TDI systems, targeted dream incubation, and they use specific stimuli before and during sleep to direct the subject’s dreams.

For example, participants exposed to certain visual and auditory cues before sleeping often find themselves in these elements, reoccurring in the dreams. And then they use the. Where EMF signals to amplify certain aspects of the dream as well. But they have this. The elites have next level technology where they’re able to hack people’s dreams with this type of technology. And many people have talked about it in the true seeking community. There’s. I’m not really a huge fan of this, too, but I think he might have been telling a little bit truth about that part. Donald Marshall. Remember him? Guys? He came out in, like, 2011.

He was talking about all the cloning and stuff, but he said that they would transfer his consciousness into some type of a simulated reality where he would be tortured over and over and over again. And it wasn’t him. Just saying that. Max Spears talked about it. Who was. Max Spears was going to come out and expose this black magic human trafficking cult. And he was found right after. He said he was going to expose that with Michael Aquino? With them. With them. Dumbass eyebrows. He has. He was on Oprah before. He’s the lead. He runs the church of set.

But he’s also a high ranking general in our freaking army. And this dude’s a total satanist. And Max Beer said if he died, it was Michael Aquino that killed him. And right after he exposed all that stuff, he was found vomiting up black bill on a couch in Poland. And anyone can look this up. Mainstream articles talk about it, you know, he was found vomiting up some black goo substance, which I think is programmable matter myself. But, um, yeah, so they’re using it to hack our dream. You understand that if you continue to build the relationship with the heavenly Father, the creator God.

Again, we don’t want to get into name calling here. The point of origin of all existence. You get protected from that stuff, it can’t affect you. I got to tell you, son, I’ve been telling you. I’ve been. I’ve been getting it. You know, there’s been a. You can get attacked, right? But I’ve been, you know, the creator’s been bringing me people that are helping me also get through that. We’re all sending each other energy. We’re doing, you know, things that people. You know, there are energy healing. Sorry. You know, Christ said when he was on this planet that you will do these things in much more right.

You will do these things and much more. Do you think that the creator and Christ has changed from back then till now? There’s no time where they’re at. You know, time is a, you know, something set up for the 3d. Right. Time, so there’s no time there. So we are very powerful beings, and that’s what most people don’t understand is they actually sit there and they curse themselves into their situation, right? And look, we all get negative once in a while. I’m not sitting here telling you, you know, I’m the perfect person, that I never get negative.

I do. But then I have tools to help me get positive quickly. Quickly. That’s how important it is. You got a song, you got a poem, you got a movie, you like comedies, what do you like? Get yourself from a negative vibration to a positive vibration as soon as possible, because manifestation is accelerating based on your vibration, and it’s going to continue to accelerate. Yeah. It good, bad or good. Right. And, um, Claudia, you know them dark shadows that you’re seeing in your room? You have the ability to destroy them. I used to deal with that all the time.

Where sleep paralysis. And there are many different entities that come to you, and you’ll have that sensation where you feel like you can’t breathe, but you can’t move, like you’re paralyzed. I know many people have probably dealt with that out there. It’s called sleep paralysis. They, they would call, um. They. A lot of people thought it was a witch, right? But I I’ve seen it manifest itself in many different ways, but we have the ability to destroy them entities. The first thing is believe in, in yourself and your abilities that you have. You know what I’m saying? Right? Yeah.

Yeah. I mean, right, son, what the Christ also say, if you have the faith of a mustard seed, you would be able to tell the mountain to remove itself from there and throw it into the freaking ocean. There’s people on this planet right now, and I actually know some of them that literally what my son just said, they’re destroying darkness from all creation. Okay. Based on their belief and what they did, Christ said that we could crush anything. Satan himself. That we could crush Satan himself. Son, you were talking about Ishmael. And again, you know, we’re going to manifest getting him on one of the shows once we’ve, you know, I’d like you to read his book, too.

You know, get the book and go through it so you and I can have our questions lined up for him and then also have the questions of our brothers. And sisters here today, you know about that. But it’s interesting about what he said, that we are a very special race because we have all twelve raised, whatever that means, okay. And, you know, going to be able to work at the highest spiritual body level and the, you know, the, the body, that golden body that whatever it is called, and will actually be able to defeat this AI that’s been eating up galaxies and planets and destroying them.

And then, you know, you just said what you said to me, because I listened to that and I said, okay, you know, do I know whether that’s true or not? No, I don’t. But then I just listened to what you said and it brought me a little bit more to that side. Okay. Let’s say if I was here in the middle, maybe I’m a little bit more to the belief side of that. Based on what you just said about the technologies eating up the atmosphere to kill this planet. Yeah, you got to kind of wonder, man.

It’s like they’re designing, so they’re there. We all know that these elite groups, they worship some type of AI consciousness. They’ve all admitted it. You just got to read their own writings. And they’re working with what many call the Archons or the machine elves. You know, Alex Jones talked about, we did an interview with his boy Jay Dyer. He’s a really cool dude. And he talked about before how people like that run Google and these different tech companies, they would microdose with DMT to go into meetings with these entities that they were bringing out technology that actually worked, but it was tethered to them entities.

So what? What, Alex? Um, well, that’s the right, that’s the draconian, reptilian technology type of, of creation. And then you got the spiritual, because in the spiritual side, you can create anything you want instantaneously. Yeah. So you don’t need all of the technology, because you can create anything and be anywhere at a thought. So you don’t need it. You know, computers ourself, actually, we are a supercomputer. I think we’re even beyond that, right? I think that the creation AI is trying to be the creator. And when they talk about the beast in revelations that it will give life to the beast, well, they’re surely in hell not talking about a human being.

They got it to be talking about a machine. And if you look at the acceleration of how they’re rolling AI out, and again, they’ve had AI for decades, and it’s way more advanced than what we all got right now. Access to. But you can see that that is all about, you know, artificial intelligence, whether it’s. It’s. It’s, you know, robotic in artificial intelligence, whatever, but it seems to be artificial intelligence. Well, look at. Look at, like, Google, they got the sycamore chip, right? And the sycamore tree connects, like, the. The dead, the heavenly realm with our realm.

It connects them different worlds. So there, we mean, Juan just did a podcast on this the other day how they’re always connecting, like, stuff with the computer. Like, for example, they got this processor that works tirelessly in the background that is called a daemon. Well, Daemon is where we get the word demon from. And Daemon, they were Zeus’s daemons that were entities that would interface with humanity on Zeus’s behalf. Right. These daemons. So. Or think about Legion. That’s a big name in the computer realm, dad. Legion. Right. Well, they use all these names and they use all these numbers because they understand the game, right? Because they’re, you know, one of the things I was saying to, I think I said this to you earlier, son, is the dark really has their plan down, and they really stick together on bringing it out the light.

Let’s just take the earth, for example. You know, we got people that want to do all kinds of evil stuff, all kinds of perversion, all kinds of everything, and they want you to live by their will, by their way, and there’s no way. And they’d rather have you see you dead than alive. That’s just the way it is. And then there’s people that just want, you know, to have a good life and build, you know, wealth for them and their family and stability and, you know, have a house and, you know, their kids and their grandkids and all this stuff, right? But a lot of the people in the light, like, let’s say patriots, for example, they sit there and fight amongst each other.

Oh, yeah. Instead of coming together and focusing on the solutions that we need to do, like, one, we definitely need to clean up our ocean and our rivers and all of that. We need, you know, better energy, a situation. Even if we’re transitioning out, we have to redo the whole entire financial system. It’s completely built on quicksand. Nothing in this world, in the government of the world is built on bedrock. Not one single thing. It all has to fall completely down in order to be rebuilt the right way for the many and not the few. Now, going through that is going to be, you know, work, to say the least, for all of us.

Right. But that’s why we got to be in our tip top shape. That’s why we got to be dreaming and connecting. That’s why we’ve got to, you know, step into our power and declare and decree. Like my son said, you can get rid of these entities. You can dissolve them right there because you said so. Yep. Yeah, you definitely can. You definitely can. And many of the movies. Dude, dad, they show us that arconic AI that they’re. These elites are working with the two main movies you guys can go watch. Guys. It’s called Dark City and the Matrix.

Both of them are amazing. And both of them, they have this injection into the mind, right? The parasites, which is the archons, that parasitic mind, whatever they are. Then you have the scorched earth or the darkened world, because that’s what it’s doing. It’s destroying our world, you know? So they show us this over and over again. It’s a form of programming to get us used to it. And in the one, his name is Chronos. Well, Kronos is Saturn. Right? And then the dosage X machine. I can never pronounce that one. But in both of the movies, you have the same symbolism.

The staircase with the masonic black and white symbolism. Checkerboard floors. So, you see, they’re telling some type of story here because you have the same archetypes. You have the same identical rooftop scenes, the chase scenes. And every. In each one, the both films, they stop the bullets with their mind. And so there’s something going on there that they’re definitely showing us. And I believe we are all plugged. I believe the organic matrix was created by source. But then it’s like I said, been hijacked. And we’re like batteries for this phantom matrix that they have created. It’s like when you create a copy of a website, right? You clone the website, the original copy still there.

But then you got all these new people. They can’t see that copy anymore. They’re on the new version of it, but it still exists behind everything, behind the veil. It’s still there. So a lot of that is what we’re seeing again. If you look up, like, the law, what’s it called? The lost Internet theory, where in 2016, they started these new versions of the Internet. And. And people that are true seekers like us, they put us on one version of the Internet, and then they got all the sheep on another version. So they keep us separated where we can’t even talk to each other.

You know what I’m saying? And I think they did another big shift with that when Facebook went down, remember when Facebook went down and kicked us all out and logged us all out, that one day everybody was losing their mind. I think that’s when we went through another shift, or they threw us onto another Internet because they’re using artificial intelligence to track us, trace us, tag us, find out what our likes are. I mean, it’s kind of a weapon system too, against humanity. You know, it can be used for good things. Guys, all these cool images I create, I create them with AI, and I use it to tell a story and help to teach, but it can also be used for evil and dark things.

And at its core, I definitely believe it’s tethered to the archons. But you can find out, based on, you know, based on the way that the energies continue to increase on this planet, it’s going to go one way. I think there’s two ways again. I think there’s heaven on earth and hell on earth. I think there’s many journeys to get to either or. But I would suggest, based on everything that’s being said here, that everybody works on their relationship with the creator. Cleaning up their environment as much as possible. Working on decalcifying your pineal gland, creating yourself a dream journal.

Working on that. Putting a column exercise together for each and every single thing that you have in your life. Okay? Say that, you know, what you eat, what’s serving you, what’s not, you know, what’s not. Replace it with good supplements, quality stuff that you can take that’ll help you with your body, making your body better so your energy body is working better. There’s stuff out there for the energy body that we’re going to be talking about next week. And we’re going to give TJ’s personal testimonial of what happened to him and show pictures. Okay? And then we’re not going to get too much deeper into that because, you know, we’re sitting here broadcasting to some of these mainstream social media platforms, and we want to kind of keep it, you know, toe the line a little bit, just not all the way, but, you know what I mean, get, you know, say what we can say without getting, you know, our access to you folks taken down.

And that’s another reason why I’m going to say, and I don’t know if I can share this, son, because it doesn’t seem like I can share anything. They see my leg in the beginning, like when all that fungus was all over it, that white looking fungus stuff. And then, you know, they didn’t get to see it after I started taking you see that private chat, son. And next time I think you have to let me chat. But if you can see that, share that link and make sure all of, yeah, make sure you all opt into the newsletter.

We have a lot of stuff that we’re going to be. We deliver where we can’t say certain things on a live, on these mainstream social media platforms, but we can when we put it on a thing and we send it out through the email and we post it on the truth mafia site. One of the things we’re going to be doing for our truth mafia members is giving them the ability to share the content and make money when people come back from their link, from that content and sharing the content that we’re not having a problem with sharing different images that TJ is creating, you know, sharing those, some of these cool images that he’s creating, man.

And when you’re going to share them, you’re going to be able to have your link to go back to the actual site. We need your help, brothers and sisters, to help promote truth Mafia more and more and more. My son does a wonderful job. I’ve never seen one, you know, with the small team that he’s had to do what he’s done. Okay? And that’s a testament to him, right? Again, love him, pray for him. Don’t worship him. Don’t worship any human being. Nobody worship the creator. Look at the creator. We’ve got way too much idolization of human beings on this planet.

That’s not a good thing, right? It’s not a good thing. But make sure that you plug into these things and then, you know, the truth Mafia membership, you’ve got content that we’re doing back there that is exclusive for the members. There’s also a community and we’re going to be building out more and more and feeding more stuff to that community as we work on, you know, building out, you know, network of people that can do community gardens together. They can pray together, they can meditate together, they can share positive energy. You know, we want to build a prayer circle where you can pray.

It’s non, you know, non hooked to a freaking religion. It’s just, again, I love all my brothers and sisters that are involved in religion. I’m just not going to get into the debate of it. And it’s all about us praying and declaring and decreeing to help people. I watched in another, and I used to tell you this, son, all the freaking testimonials of the healings that were happening from a prayer group that I had that, unfortunately, the business partner went kind of south, let’s just put it. And the miracles that were happening were amazing. When people were asking for prayer and they were getting it from prayer, from the prayer group and all of that, it was amazing what was happening for the folks.

And, you know, we’re gonna, you know, we’re going to be putting, you know, I don’t want to exclusively, you know, make that a members only thing because I think that, you know, the members only thing has a lot of other benefits in there, right. The content and all that. But I want to. I’ll be talking to my son and we’re going to get a prayer group together, maybe this other free community where people can actually pray for each other and send great energy to each other and people can put whatever is going on and people can pray for them.

Because, believe me, there is power in prayer. And there’s power in more than one person praying. Well, there’s definitely power in bringing thousands of people together with the same thought and bringing something into reality. There’s definitely power in that all. You know, even if you’re not religious and you don’t believe in praying, there’s definitely power there. So, you know, big power. Yeah, that’s what we have to start doing, guys. We, these so called elites, they work very well together and we don’t do so well working together. Unfortunately, flat earth community wants to argue with spinning ball community when really, who cares? No one really knows.

None of us have ever been up there. And it’s not going to change your life dramatically whatever we live on. You know what I mean? I personally believe it’s a simulation, but that’s my truth. And, you know, shout out to my brother Logan from, decode your reality because he always says his. He has his truth and it’s okay for others to have their truth and we can have conversations with it, with each other without fighting. Just because his truth is different than yours doesn’t mean that you don’t have to constantly correct him when you’re having a conversation with him.

You can, but, you know, everyone’s not able to do that. Everyone’s not able to communicate and share information. They want to always tell the other person they’re wrong or, you know, and then you got people in the religious community that tell one, oh, you’re going to hell, your God is the devil. And the other one, it’s all set up, man. It is set up, son. Make sure to share that link real quick with the folks. Oh, yeah, yeah. Let me into the email because when we’re going to be building this prayer community, we’re going to be talking about what truth mafia and the Mac Patriots network is doing.

Sovereign radio. And yep, that link is in the description. If I drop it in the chat, they’ll take my whole video down and. Okay, so in the description at the top, you can see the link to get into the newsletter, get into that. So we can always communicate with you. Let’s, we send out a daily thing, five days a week of the updates going on. But we’re also going to be talking about the community. We’re going to put together in the one umbrella community, one for truth mafia. The prayer group will be in there. All of that will be in there.

You’ll be able to get in there for free for nothing. And then of course, you know, we’ll have a link out to the truth mafia membership. And again, anybody that can, you know, financially can do that, great. You know, it helps us with all the team and paying the bills and doing what we need to do. We plan on taking this thing out in a big way. We have the trifecta with what we’re doing with truth mafia and MPN. When I say MPN, it’s my peaks network and the sovereign radio network, which by the way, my son’s part of all of it because he’s part of everything that I’m involved in.

Because one day when I want to work a little bit less, you know, he’s got to know how to handle this stuff, right. So we. I love you all very much. And you know, TJ, you got anything else to say? Because I’d like to say a prayer for all these brothers and sisters, if you don’t mind. You know, when we’re ready, you can definitely do that, pops. And then I was going to show them your other website before we went, my Patriots network, because there’s a lot of them that probably don’t even know about that. So if you are.

Yeah, we’ll get that. We’ll get that. I think that show, let’s go over that, a little bit of what we’re doing there and we’ll give an update on what’s happening with sovereign radio and all of that. You know, where we’ll get into that if that’s good with you. Yeah, that’s fine. Okay. And again, the names I use are the names I use. So please don’t criticize the names I use. Because the creator knows what I call the creator and the christ knows what I call the Christ. Okay, so that’s just what I do, you know, however you refer to the creator of all things and the Christ, I refer for the creator of his heavenly FathEr, or, you know, Abba, or, you know, the Christ, Yahushua Hamashiach, or the Christ, you know, that’s how I, you know, refer to them.

So let me say a prayer for all you brothers and sisters on this, on this call live tonight and all of you that will be watching this in the future. Heavenly Father, I come to you in Yehoshua ha Mashia’s name and I thank you for all these beautiful brothers and sisters that you have here on this live today. I thank you for surrounding him with your angels protection, putting your personal hand of protection upon him and anointing them for your purpose and will birthing them for this moment in time. I thank you for filling them with your holy spirit, bringing them closer to you and your son Yahushua, and making them the people you destined to be.

I thank you for healing their mind, body and souls. Giving them knowledge, wisdom, courage, strength, fearlessness and faithfulness. Giving them discernment to know right from wrong, to know truth from lies. To live in the now and to follow the path that you’ve laid out them out for in this lifetime. Father. Thank you father, for protecting them and their families, providing for them and their families, for giving them and their families and taking care of them at all times and blessing them. Father, we give you all the honor and praise and we declare and decree this and hush Allah Mashia’s name.

Amen. We love you folks very much. Anything you want to say, son, before we close up here today? No, I think that’s it. Just all the links are in the descriptions. And thank you guys for hanging out with us tonight. We appreciate it. We love you all. Love you all. Take care. God bless. Take care, guys.

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  1. A lot to unpack, all good, thanks Tommy and it’s good to see your father, thanks for that, have a great weekend 🤗

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