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Its Starting Christianity Criminalized Worldwide -

Christianity, the most persecuted religion worldwide, faces mockery and criminalization in Russia, India, and Western nations. This grim reality fulfills Bible prophecies, emphasizing the need for unwavering faith amidst tribulation. Learn More – click the link below….

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Trumps Kingdom Restored How Lahainas Famous Banyan Tree Fulfills Prophecy Buckleup -

In this thought-provoking blog post, Jacob delves into the spiritual significance of recent world events, including Trump’s televised court case. He explores possible manipulations and shares a dream about carrying an open casket of the president. Jacob also reflects on the symbolism of fig trees, particularly a historical banyan tree in Lahaina, and its connection to Christianity and other…

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Secret Documents Reveal Humanities Origins Pt2 Wayne Herschell -

Humanities origins, drawing on various myths and legends, including the story of Mithras and the connection to Orion’s Belt. These stories suggest humanity is from another star system and the knowledge of this is kept under wraps by a select few….

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Nwos Secret War Against Humanity 2023 R U Ready -

– The secret war against humanity. Look at how humanity just in America alone is worn out. Are you ready to understand who your true adversary is? And are you ready for deliverance today?…

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The Esoteric Keys To Disclosure The Spiritual Hierarchies And Human Development -

– This week’s lecture in the Esoteric Keys to Disclosure series continues on the concept of the spiritual hierarchies. The human being is inextricably linked to the actual body of the Earth. This is the key to a lot of the cosmic knowledge that is making its way around in the new Age….

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