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5G Danger

How Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Can Turn Off Your Faith: A breakthrough in mind control technology by Tommy Truthful

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&Quot;Mind Control Breakthrough: How Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Can Turn Off Your Faith!&Quot;
Image created by Tommy Truthful inspired by this article Religious Faith Can Be “Turned Off” by Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, Scientists Find

Religion is an essential aspect of many people’s lives. It serves as the foundation for individuals and entire societies, helping to prevent self-destructive behaviors and promoting positive ones. At the core of religion is the connection between humans and God, a direct and personal bond paradoxically mediated by ancient traditions and group practices in houses of worship. The belief in supernatural beings has been a part of human history for as long as humans have existed.

Christianity Islam Judaism Three Abrahamic Religions
I created this image to highlight the shared religious ancestry of Christians, Muslims, and Jews, all of whom consider Abraham the father of their respective faiths.

We can ask a question: can a third party armed with the latest scientific advances sever the invisible link between the faithful and God?

Disturbingly, the answer may be yes. Scientists led by Dr. Colin Holbrook at UCLA undertook a multi-year endeavor to discover ways to stop “religious beliefs and right-wing prejudice.” They attempted to apply direct electromagnetic stimulation to the brain to alter human beliefs, specifically turning off belief in God.

Religious Faith Can Be &Quot;Turned Off&Quot; By Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Dr. Holbrook has led extensive research on this topic for many years. He described how electromagnetic stimulation of the frontal cortex (frontal part of the brain) “experimentally decreased avowed belief in God”:

They Attempted To Apply Direct Electromagnetic Stimulation To The Brain To Alter Human Beliefs, Specifically Turning Off Belief In God.

After using a purposely made device, scientists describe a significant reduction in expressed belief in positive religious ideas:

We conducted a study to examine the effects of TMS on religious belief after a reminder of death. Compared to the sham condition, we found that the TMS condition led to a slight decrease in overall avowed religious belief (including positive and negative beliefs), with scores of 2.95 and 4.26, respectively. As predicted, this was due to a significant decrease in the expression of positive religious beliefs. On average, participants in the TMS condition reported 32.8% less conviction in positive religious beliefs. 

Thirty Two. Eight Equals 144 In English Kabbalah
Perhaps it’s just a coincidence, but I’ve never been misled by Gematria. However, it could be just a coincidence. What do I know?


A Very Unethical Study: Authors Lied to Subjects

A study conducted by Dr. Holbrook has been deemed highly unethical. The study involved recruiting undergraduate students under pretenses, offering them $25 to participate in ostensibly unrelated activities, and using electromagnetic waves to reduce their belief in God. This is particularly problematic because abandoning belief in God is considered blasphemy by many religious people and can put them at risk of social isolation and other negative consequences. As a participant in this study, I would be outraged if my deeply held faith was endangered by reckless scientific experimentation.

Work Continues – Sponsored by the U.S. Air Force!

After years of research, Dr. Holbrook developed a method called “religious neuromodulation” that uses electromagnetic waves to alter beliefs deemed undesirable by him and his sponsors, such as religious faith and prejudice.

His 2018 work “Methods to Down Regulate Group Bias and Religious Belief” was developed using Continuous Theta Burst Stimulation of the Posterior Medial Frontal Cortex to reduce ideological threat responses through electromagnetic waves experimentally.

Continuous Theta Burst Stimulation Of The Posterior Medial Frontal Cortex To Experimentally Reduce Ideological Threat Responses

This is what the device looks like. Note the researcher’s possessed expression.

Continuous Theta Burst Stimulation Of The Posterior Medial Frontal Cortex Toexperimentally Reduce Ideological Threat Responses

The outcome was, indeed, a dramatic reduction of religious beliefs:

Also, consistent with predictions, participants who received cTBS reported an average of 32.8% less favorable religious conviction (M = 3.05, SD = 1.92) relative to the sham participants

Dr. Holbrook’s

Can you guess who sponsored this project?

Highly Partisan Researchers

Dr. Holbrook’s United States Air Force Office Of Scientific Research
Dr. Holbrook’s United States Air Force Office of Scientific Research

The researchers leading the work to “neuromodulate religious beliefs” are extreme political partisans. Consider Dr. Holbrook’s 2020 article, since deleted (wonder why?) but fortunately preserved by the Internet archive:

Conservative Extremists Are Afraid Of Threats That Don’t Exist

Some key points from the research of this left-wing thinker:

Evidence shows that conservatives tend to react strongly to perceived threats and are often quick to believe in them. This tendency could be why, in a media environment full of false information about threats from outgroups, extreme right-wing beliefs are on the rise. Indeed, the more conservative a person is, the more likely they are to believe in conspiracy theories.

The researcher does not consider other perspectives, such as the possibility of left-wing conspiracy theories or the idea that the left-wing media might also exaggerate threats to democracy.

Meanwhile, some researchers are focused on creating technologies that can suppress religious beliefs and right-wing ideologies. This work, funded by the U.S. government (specifically the Air Force), uses government resources to weaken the freedom to exercise religious beliefs. This could be seen as a violation of the First Amendment.

07008Dae 1782 4988 88F4 0Cbd93886A90 1010X154 1 - 1St Amendment U S Constitution

Ultimately, I have realized there’s little difference between the left and the right. Both sides are manipulated by the same forces using different ideologies and divide-and-conquer tactics. Their ultimate goals are the same: to create a society with smart cities, no religion, digital currency, a social credit system, and a universal basic income. Humans have now become mere pawns in this larger scheme.

As for my personal beliefs, I am a staunch pro-life conservative, but I do not identify as a Republican or align strictly with the right.

Final Thoughts

I wish to express my deep concerns regarding the use of technology to manipulate religious beliefs. I understand that specific devices are employed to suppress spiritual convictions under misleading circumstances. This practice, I believe, is profoundly unethical, deceptive, and carried out without genuine consent. 

The technologies in question are part of a broader initiative by what is referred to as a shadow government—a breakaway civilization advancing its agenda of achieving immortality by 2045. I perceive this as a step towards establishing a dystopian future reminiscent of the biblical Antichrist.

I am not aligned with any religion; I consider myself spiritual, engaging directly with a universal consciousness or creator. This breakaway government appropriates profound technologies to control the populace, leveraging artificial intelligence, frequency modulation, and urban planning designs like smart 15-minute cities.

Despite my lack of formal religious affiliation, I have studied numerous holy texts for research purposes. These readings have left a lasting impression on me, fostering respect for religion’s historical and cultural significance. I support the freedom of every individual to express their faith and beliefs without any hindrance.

This emerging scenario involving covert manipulations using electromagnetic devices and misleading incentives strikes me as troubling and a fundamental violation of ethical standards. When I first heard claims that scientists could “turn off” religious faith using electromagnetic waves, I was skeptical, dismissing it as absurd. However, the reality of such experiments, notably those sponsored by the U.S. government and executed by researchers like Dr. Holbrook, who have successfully diminished foundational beliefs in study participants, is alarming.

This situation should not be dismissed as mere conspiracy theorizing. It is a critical issue grounded in documented scientific endeavors and the questionable ethics of those conducting such experiments on unwitting subjects. It could pave the way for large-scale human cognition and behavior manipulation.

“I also want to know if other electronic devices, such as Facebook’s virtual reality headsets and Apple’s new Vision Pro, affect the posterior medial frontal cortex. I don’t think we should fully trust these devices enough to allow our children to put them on their heads after reading this research. I have never used one personally myself, nor would I ever. I already have mixed feelings about using a computer. It is a black mirror. It’s a form of magic. As far as religious beliefs go, this forbidden magic was given to man by the fallen angels when they descended to Mount Hermon on the 33rd parallel, where the UN now has a base.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. I felt it was crucial to share this information with the masses. They use these frequencies globally to dilute religious beliefs and usher people into a one-world religion—it’s all about control and power. They aim to enroll us in a social credit system, digital currency, and if you don’t conform—your finances are cut off, your car won’t start, or if you have an outstanding ticket, your smart car might just drive you straight to the police station. This is the totalitarian society they are building, and they always inform us beforehand through predictive programming—known as lesser magic or revelation of the method—featured in movies, TV shows, music, and even commercials, as part of a major psychological operation on the masses. They believe that if they reveal their plans and you do nothing, it karmically absolves them. It’s like if I were to sell you a soda labeled with ‘poison’ as a main ingredient—if you drink it, it’s not me killing you; technically, you chose it, thus committing suicide. This is their perceived loophole in universal law to clear their karmic debt.

Please leave your comments below; I am eager to hear your thoughts and will respond to each comment personally. Do you think this technology could diminish your religious faith? And if they implement it deceptively, without disclosure, would you still be held accountable by God? For all my religious followers, know that I stand with you, fighting for your freedoms to express your religious beliefs openly, without persecution. I am a staunch believer in freedom of expression, freedom of religion, and freedom of speech, and I am prepared to defend these freedoms with my life, if necessary. Sincerely, Tommy Truthful.”

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5G Danger

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