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Secret Documents Reveal Humanities Origins PT2 Wayne Herschell

By: Leak Project
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5G Danger
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– The given text discusses humanities origins drawing on various myths and legends, including the story of Mithras and the connection to Orion’s Belt. It argues that elements from these stories suggest humanity is from another star system and the knowledge of this is kept under wraps by a select few.

– The text also delves into the use of symbology in art and historical artifacts, particularly focusing on images of stars, crosses, and cosmic serpents seen in ancient murals, churches, and a coin featuring Constantine. It suggests that these symbols could represent various elements of our cosmic origins and our journey through time, held in pieces among ancient artifacts.

– Furthermore, the text features a brief endorsement of a health product, Boomer Boost, and mentions a two-hour documentary that provides more detailed evidence about these theories involving our sun star origins.

– The text delves into various myths and signs, specifically relating to the Grail and the Torch in ancient depictions, which symbolize a revered story handed down among the elites of civilization. The torch-holding figures, such as Hercules and later Mithras and St. Peter, are thought to be signaling secrets about our astronomical past, humanities origins, and the Pleiades star cluster, often portrayed using the symbol of Taurus, the bull.

– Ancient civilizations across the globe seemed captivated by the idea of humanity being seeded by some cosmic ‘Taurai people’. Paintings, murals, and monuments, such as those in the Mithraya in Rome, show detailed depictions of the Pleiades and Taurus constellations in relation to human features. Controversially, secretive religious groups are believed to have hidden or destroyed some of these ancient depictions.

– The text also incorporates the concept of humanity as invaders, colonizing Earth, originating from a Neanderthal world, using the symbolism of an ape on a planet. This is often represented in the art of ancient civilizations, like the Robert Flood’s prosecution record, further reinforcing the mystery and prevalence of the three sunlike stars and Taurus symbols in ancient mythology and secret teachings.

– The text explores a theory about humanities origins and deity symbolism, linking tales of an alien invasion with the image of an ape chained to a planet. It suggests that iconic monuments like Lady Liberty, with her chained feet and torch, reveal a secret about human evolution and cosmic arrival.

– The text also compares Lady Liberty to the Colossus of Rhodes, asserting both as symbols for a human origin story. The speaker claims that they represent the secrecy around our cosmic origins, with both being torchbearers of these secrets.

– The discussion is interrupted by technical issues highlighting the practical challenges faced by the people involved during the discussion. Eventually, the theorist intends to reveal more about the connection of Lady Liberty to ancient societies and their symbols of divine femininity.

– The text discusses the symbolism hidden in the Statue of Liberty, referring it as a New Colossus, and suggesting its representation as an embodiment of Mithras, a solar deity, with key features like the torch and the crown adding to this important interpretation. The statue also apparently carries a star map, signifying the heavenly origins of humankind that need decoding.

– The notion of a star map extends beyond the statue, suggesting that the entire layout of Manhattan Island could symbolize a star map, with three obelisks depicting Orion’s Belt. This theory puts forth the idea that major cities in the United States might be designed to mirror constellations or ancient star maps.

– The transcript also mentions the debut of exclusive content that dives deeper into these theories, and other undisclosed topics, on Patreon, an ad-free and uncensored platform.


Cape is also like the Mithras Superman cape. If you want to call the red cape, that Mithras you will see carries. Okay, so it’s the secret of our soul, the human spirit, that’s a whole different origin, a place from the tree of life. But the bloodline of humanity, that’s the big one. The bloodline of humanity is from another star system. We are aliens that invaded the planet. I’m going to show you a rescue in reference. It shows us invading a planet of the apes. Neanderthal was the one dominant on the world, and it was taken over by our ancestors. You want to jump on this opportunity fast? Check this out. Collagen peptides, heirloom barleys and vitamin D three. This is a skin, hair, nail and joint health combo. Boomer Boost. This stuff is amazing. I’ve been taking Boomer Boost now for a couple of years. The testimonials are amazing. The products are amazing. The customer service is amazing. And for a limited time, you’re going to save almost $50 on the combo. Plus use the code Rex 20, get an extra 20% off your order, go to, click the link specific, use the code Rex 20, get the discount, and be the change you want to see.

Obviously, I’m involving my Atlanta story because the template of the pleiades leg of the bull, all of that is in the two hour documentary. But this is where he would have lived, he would have dwelled, and he wanted to bring the secret forward to all humanity. And that’s a problem because the 99% of humanity haven’t a clue about what’s going on with our sun star origins. So that’s the big problem. Less than 1%, I’d say even 0.1% of very, let’s say, secret people, people that know but don’t want to say too much about it because it’s still a subject under a lot of cloak and daggers and not supposed to be known. So I would say there’s a handful of people that really know the truth, and you’re one of them, Rex. So you’re a flame keeper, dude.

Okay, now we’re looking at some paintings here. Helios fresco at Munich. This ceiling mural in a church that shows Helios with his arrow and a torch bearer. Here he is right here. Okay, one finger pointing to the flame and then one finger pointing to the sun that is behind him. And of course, the caduceus. Now watch these caduceus murals because there’s a lot going on with the caduceus. Okay. Another church mural. The allegory of St. Peter. This one’s in Munich. Got the father, got the son. He’s pointing to his cross in the heavens. And there’s this behind them. Is it a son or is it just an artistic depiction of heaven? But there’s Helena with a torch. Now, Helena is the mother of Constantine who brought forward Christianity. There’s a lot of detail going on here. We’re going to zoom in there, but there’s seven rays. Again, just remember these symbols. St. Peter is here with his key. We’re going to go through that as well. But the seven rays from the heavens.

Okay, now look at the alignment of the cross. Now, remember I said to you the cross of the churches is Orion. You follow this cross shape of stars and you find obviously the place of humanities origins. Now, Helena is shown as a torch bearer bringing the secret forward. And her cross is actually aligning with that cross. Not a coincidence, but now let’s look closely at these guys. Now, first of all, yes, let’s just quickly show you the cross alignment. To find the Pleiades on an 1892 Masonic publication Bible. This one I’ll go through in the two hour documentary. Beautiful evidence of the Orion pattern of stars superimposed over the Maltese cross. That is probably the only Bible that ever did that. Just before the turn of the 19th century, when they thought that Christ was going to be returning, they put this on their Bible to show yes, they did have part of the truth depicted, but it was encoded. But now, is this the Vatican in this picture, Constantine is shown here. He’s pointing down to this building and what I think is an eagle with a globus crusader. Let’s look closely at those. There we go. The eagle with the globus cruciga. It’s an orb with a cross on it. But he’s holding his chest and he’s pointing it’s as if to say in his heart, he is bringing Christianity forward. But some of it is under lock and key. And this person, whoever it is, is pointing to the Vatican. That is the Vatican emblem. So we need to look at the Vatican up closely with this star map story.

We’ve shown the eagle and the globus crucica bigger just so you can see what’s going on here in the two hour documentary we prove with Martin Melligov, this is the earth turning and the cross is steady. It has a Latin inscription on some of these ancient carvings when they first introduced this symbol, explaining that this is the earth turning and that is the cross that is steady in the sky. This is the star cross of Orion. Orion’s belt makes this cross formation of stars, which I’ll zoom in a bit later. So its historical elites made it a secret. It being the secret of humanities origins were not for the 99%. Constantine had a tie with the Mithras legend as well, before Christianity. And this is a coin that even shows his association with Mithras. And he has this rod pointing to his cross. Okay, but what’s on the shield here shows everything. His story of Solin victus or Mithras or helios. That’s the question that scholars asking, what is on the shield? But the rod’s secret is just showing that his secret is about the cross of the church as being a star map. Looking at it up close, we have the sky on the back with the sun crown, star on the side, crescent on the side. And that initially it’s made to look like a chariot with the rods that connect to the horses. But when you look at it up closely, there’s a lot more going on here. It is also an orb with a cross in it, a sun star and a sunlike star crescent that happens as sickle crescent. That is that pattern that we got of all the ancient artifacts that we’ve covered in previous interviews and shown to our documentary. But it is this little guy that’s a sunbearer, a torchbearer. This is Mithras being shown on the cross. We need to know more about the Mithras secret before we can solve this story. And those are the symbols, one with the cross, one that’s with the crescent, and then the star type. These three symbols are used all over the world on the same story. Right, helios. Let’s look at Helios. Now, everybody is familiar with the four horses, the chariot and his sun halo. What is the secret of the sun halo? Okay, here he’s shown with a rod again. Now, in this particular vase, it’s a Greek vase. It shows these are not horses. And I would go with this one a lot more before I think that there’s horses flying through the heavens. These are cosmic serpents, cosmic conduits, plasma ribbons that connect sunlike stars that the agents traverse through and use them as portals. Now, the sunlike star in this case shows it more like a star gate. So he’s coming through the portal. Is the sun itself the portal? Or is it actually just a plasma ribbon that comes from the sun? But we need to look at the face up close. And that’s this right here, these things on the back. Oops, sorry. These appear to be cosmic serpents. Now, that the legend of Medusa.

There’s nothing really bad about it turning people to stone. Any person that has cosmic serpent connections has obviously got some kind of technical power, but I think that mythology has been twisted somehow. But he is carrying seven rays on what is like the Mithras type hat. So he’s got a Mithras hat and the seven rays. That is pretty amazing with the torch bearers of legend, ancient Greece, from a Greek vase here. The legend is that they’re bringing forth in a relay great knowledge forward. They’re bringing Prometheus’s torch forward, and it was adapted for marathon running. But look at that weird torch shape again. It’s got this real weird square top. It’s not a flame burning as you’d expect in ancient times. It seems to be artificial. There’s a little bit more going on here. Look at the shape of this vessel. I think this one is a Grail.There’s the myth of torch we saw earlier, just to compare. Okay, but I think that is the Grail. There it is the shape of the Grail. Remember the Grail in my previous lectures, I showed that it is the womb of note, the vessel, the triangle pointing down with these three sons in Triangulation and in Israel’s Belt. The male anatomy going up from the horizon as the Grail ritual. So this is the Grail with a torch in it, in my opinion. But it’s a bit of a long shot. Let’s move on.

Hercules is tied to the torch bearing secret, and he’s pointing it’s all those pointing clues when you see ancient depictions that are controversial with star and sun deities, and they’re pointing, they’re trying to tell a story that is very sensitive, probably forbidden, but obviously elite eyes would know exactly what’s going on here. He’s a torch bearer carrying a torch about Taurus, the Taurus Stein. Again, the bull facing the wrong way. They seem to be showing it as a mirror reflection of the real Taurus. Okay, there is Mithras.

This brilliant mural from Mithraya in Rome was found early, part of 19 hundreds, but later than that, it’s probably more recent. I think I’ve got that date wrong. But it was released with photographs before people could shut it down and keep it a secret. So this went public very quickly so we could see everything. Now, what we have here is a bull having its leg severed. This is the cutting of the leg of the bull with a cleaver. And on the back of his cloak here, that’s what became this portal, where the Pleiades are. This also is a symbol for the portal. And there’s three sunlike stars here. I’m going to show it now with a graphic. But look at the cosmic serpent from the leg of the bull coming down to the male anatomy of the bull seeding. Humanity, in my opinion. We’ll see that just now, but it’s in the area of Scorpio. How does that happen? Well, if you’re in the Pleiades area on a Star program and click view from here, you can look back at our sun and you’re going to see it right there. That’s how it’s shown on the Star program when viewed from the Pleiades. So according to the people that founded our civilization, they are teaching the story about humanity being seeded by the Torai people of Taurus. The Pleiades area where these three sun like stars are, these are real sun like stars. That is a photograph from a Star program and enhancing the color. That’s basically all I’ve done there for these three sunlike stars with exoplanets. And there’s rods here. There’s some kind of magical rods that open this portal. This is amazing stuff when you see how many times it repeats in different civilizations around the world.

Now, Mithras is where the story takes a whole new direction. The lake of the bull is one way. This is the way to find it there. Or you use Orion, Orion’s belt to find that alignment of that star. Ancient Egypt has an area of Abu Sir and the Sun Temple, abu Gharab is the middle of the 50 pyramid layout field that I’ve shown. All 50 pyramids are part of one massive sweeping star map around the Earth. It actually has this as its epicenter, and I’m pretty sure they laid it out in a lake formation. Yes, it would have been a green area. They wouldn’t have built these amazing monuments in the desert. It changed thousands of years ago after the biblical flood, because the Earth’s axis has moved from where it used to be. So we’ll go through that in another talk, but it’s showing the Pleiades in the stomach. There’s a good correlation with these remaining pyramid ruins and there’s not much left chart at all other than records knowing that it was a gold capped obelisk. And of course, the records show the Pleiades. In my opinion, scholars just call it a leg of the bull constellation. If it’s a leg of a bull, it’s got to be Taurus. Let’s just be obvious. There’s the Vault of Heaven, spoken of seven eternal stars. So we have one there. There’s another one that shows the Pleiades in much greater detail, the Priestess of Hathor coffined. It okay. The detail matching the Pleiades is very, very conclusive here. So my theory is not too far fetched. It is most likely the Pleiades in Mithraism. They show Mithras stepping out of a rock or he’s merging with a rock, like St. Peter. St. Peter was known as St. Peter of the Rock. There’s some kind of meaning behind that. But he carries a cleaver and he’s a torchbearer. So this torchbearer secret needs to be understood and we’re going to get to that right now.

So basically, Mithras is of the rock, just as the legend of St. Peter. But what records do we have of St. Peter? Well, these paintings were done by Petrio DiGiovani, where he did about how many was five of them? Five paintings, and one was to be St. Peter, but they don’t define which one it is. I’ve chosen the one that’s obvious to me because look what he’s holding. Exactly the same as Mithras. Cleaver, torch. Mithras of the rock. St. Peter of the Rock. He has exactly the same and he has an initiate that’s looking at the two, the flame. He is going to be a flame keeper, bringing this knowledge forward. Remember, St. Peter was crucified upside down for saying way too much, which they considered blasphemy in the ancient times, and they crucified him upside down to stop him teaching about the cross. So they put him on a cross upside down just to make it more emphasis that those speaking about the cross secret would be crucified. Okay, let’s go right now to our big breaking finding, where we find a painting of the seven pointed star young initiate with the torch. There’s a whole initiation ceremony going on in a Mithrium. It was found in Syria, a floor collapsed in a village. And underneath this church, they found a Mithrium in Syria in all ruins. So this is a very dangerous area, but what it shows with cosmic serpents on the wall and the 25th ritual of solen victus was all found inside this church. But something happened straight after the photographs were published. Again, they got the story out, showed the photographs of what was in there, got onto the internet and a secret group came in. Black ops, call them what you like, they came in, nobody knew what was going on. They came in with equipment, they cut out this whole section of the wall. It was something forbidden. So all we have is photographs. And here is one of them. There’s Mithras. There’s his funny little hat. He is showing the torch.

Some argue this is Mithras and this is just another teacher showing the teaching of the torch bearing and the seven pointed crown. So here we have Mithraism showing these symbols and the initiates, just like Lady Liberty. But we need a lot more before we can jump to conclusions that Lady Liberty is a Mithras colossus, just like in ancient Greece, and we’re going to compare it to the colossus. But first, the feminine side of sun deities. Here’s a feminine example in a rosecution record by Robert Flood. There’s a lot going on here. Yeah, we have the sacred feminine. It could be Sophia Baphomet or Nut of the Egyptians, but she is personified feminine. In this case, chains to the heavens. She has a chains with a shackle. This is keeping her story a secret. The Rosicussen started off with perhaps being quite strict about this, being secretive, but that was before all things got published and people lost what they meant. And there’s a chain that she is connecting to a planet with an ape on it. Here we have evidence, in my opinion, of humanity coming from the heavens, from the area of the Pleiades shown here. Colonizing our world and we literally invaded this world. That was literally the planet of the apes, the Neanderthal. Over 15,000 years ago, the Neanderthal was the only hominid on planet Earth. And then from that time onwards, it was humanity appearing everywhere with great advancements before the flood and then all lost in the flood.

Let’s look at what I think she means. Three Sunlike stars, same symbols, one of the crescent, one with the sun. Okay, we have two crescents, in this case, Pleiades. There’s soul, two soul, three soul, one big again, just like the Mithra. Iran relief. There is the ape sitting on the planet. Our sun and ourMoon are here. So I’m saying that’s what it’s here. But there’s also a Homo story, homo erectus. Here the humans arriving. Wow. What is that all about? So that’s telling a story about some sort of humanities origins with this deity. And there is the ape up close. It’s no mistake. It’s an ape sitting on the planet, chained in a secret about a colonization event, an Asian planet of the apes. That’s already happened. The world has been invaded by aliens. It’s done. It’s history. But look closely at her crown here. Isn’t this the same pointed SunStar crown of Lady Liberty? In my opinion, that is pretty, pretty solid stuff. There Liberty crown posing like a giant statue. Look at the 1ft. There’s land masses down here. This is very much like the Colossus. Pretty sure that the Lockham chain story will make sense if we look at the foot of Lady Liberty’s statue. What is on the foot of the Lady Liberty statue? Right there? The shackles are broken. The secret is no longer. She is a torch bearer. That’s why she’s carrying a torch in Lady Liberty. That’s why this secret sun deity, late feminine, has changed. She is not a torch bearer. Her secret is chained. But being a torchbearer is bringing the secret forward with broken shackles. What are the ODS of that? Coincidence? We can argue over that. Okay.

The Colossus of Rhodes was the similar story to Liberty. Some say, and some say very different, but there are some scholars that have come. It is so similar to the Statue of Liberty, it needs a reassessment, because Gustav Eiffel, who helped build the Statue of Liberty, was one of the first persons to say, we’re basically rebuilding the Colossus. So this is the legend of how it once looked with its feet straddled, ships sailing through similar height to the Statue of Liberty.

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. We might have just lost Wayne. He’s in South Africa right now, and they are limiting the amount of electricity that people get you’re back. You were gone for about a minute. Oh, sure. But okay. I see my Internet. I’ve just had an internet warning on my screen, but is it visible now? It is. We’re good to go. Okay. So if we lost about a minute, I think we’ll just leave it. Okay, let me just take it back a bit, because this is a big part of the story.

You didn’t see any of this? Is that a leaf, or did that guy just get out of the pool? Okay, you haven’t seen that one. You haven’t seen the best part. We better go back. Did you see that part? And it was a church floor in Syria that collapsed, and they found a mithrium beneath it. And beneath it was this, the seven pointed crown. And the torch bearer explained. But shortly after these photographs were released publicly, black ops team came in and cut out the whole mural. And nobody knows who it was, but it’s gone. It’s missing. So this is what it shows. It shows Mithras with his hat, the cape. It could be the arrow of Helios here, showing this mithras here. You can argue it’s one or the other, but what we’re seeing is an initiate being given the torch bearing flame, just like lady liberty. In my opinion, this is proving mithraism tied to the Statue of Liberty, but we need a lot more before we can jump to conclusions.

And this is where it really starts to make sense. If you look at the resecution records from Robert Flood, he has these depictions of the sacred feminine as nut. And she is showing here with a sun crown. We’ll look at that closely, but chained. Her secret is chained. She’s under lock and key. This is a secret society, human origin story. Pleiades is here. Her chain goes down to an ape on the Earth. So if we are descendants of this cosmic arrival and this beginnings of human genesis from the heavens, from these three sunlike stars and the Pleiades, we have replaced the Neanderthal. We have invaded the earth. The alien invasion is done and dusted. There’s the story on Homo sapiens here. If you look at it right here, homo. There he is down there. But the ape and the planet holding a star globe to me, speaks out.

Starting to get some major interference here. Wayne. We lost Wayne. Yes. My internet died out again. I had to resign in with the code and the whole lot. Holy moly. Okay, well, you’re back. This is Africa. Oh, my God. That was good info, man. This is great. So it crashed out of the part where you were talking about how we were invaded, basically before this go before this one. Okay, let’s just take it back. Okay. So sorry about the break transmission there. So you had to edit that suppose.

Okay, so the chains seem to bind the secret of this sacred feminine. She cannot tell her secret, but the secret of what she’s trying to basically keep is about this invasion of the planet Earth, planet of the Apes. If you look at it really closely, there’s no doubt about it, that is an ape. Her secret chaining her to the story is she is not a torchbearer. The torchbearer is one who brings the story forward. This is one that’s chaining it up. And she did have something really amazing, which was that there that crown. Sorry, I’m going the wrong way. Now, that crown right there is just like Lady Liberty, in my opinion. The Sophia Baphomet sun deity is basically Lady Liberty, and her foot appears to be on an island there, as we said. So she’s like the Colossus statue. And of course, Lady Liberty has broken chains on her feet, so she is no longer chained. That is why she carries that torch. She is a torchbearer of Prometheus, bringing forward human origin secrets. So we need to see how are we going to crack that code in New York. We’re going to get there in a few minutes. Comparing it to the colossus of Rhodes 280 BC. This is what it is supposed to look like. But Gustav Eiffel, who helped build Lady Liberty, said, this is impossible. We’re going to go through his recalculation as to what it would have looked like if it was real. And it was real. It’s quite likely they found bits and pieces of records that show it really had a massive size, almost the size of Liberty. But let’s look at it up closely. There is the Helios arrow. So it’s a sun deity story to start with. Boom. We also have the sun crown and the torchbearer.

It had to be a lighthouse. And people cannot climb up one of these legs internally and maintain a fire up here to be impossible. Gustof Eiffel said those legs would have to both be on one side here. But the first big problem was the arm could not even stretch out like that because of the less developed steel structural strength. That arm would have to be part of the head, something like that. Okay, that’s the crown. I’m saying it’s probably a seven pointed crown. We can assume that, according to records. But the arm would have been like that, holding this torch so it could be maintained as a lighthouse. But to get up there, and it could not have been straddled across the water at all. It would look more like that. This is now what Gustav Eiffel said it would have looked like. And then he went one step further and he said, this is bronze, just like the Liberty design, which they literally copied from history. It would go the same color, green, turquoise as copper oxidizes in seawater air. But I’ve been very generous here. Gustav said the cloth would come down in almost like a pyramid shape to hold the less than perfect steel that they had in those days to build the structure. So it would have needed a pyramidal base bottom. But let’s see what it looks like compared to the Statue of Liberty in size and in color.

Now we need to put the color back here and see what it really looks like. That, in my opinion and Gustav Eiffel’s opinion, if you’re still around today, he would tell you that is the old colossus standing alone, ship sailing in front of it. It might have had part of its cape make a little tunnel, we don’t know. It wouldn’t be something that is structurally holding it up. We have the male version of a sun deity and the female version. What’s the difference, really? It’s quite amazing if we can find evidence.Of Lady Liberty having that name. Did you know there was a plaque on the bottom of it with the name New Colossus? Yeah, it is right. This was stuck on the bottom of the statue. Not like the Brazen giant of Greek fame. Sorry. It was exactly like this is a big cover up because it did not have the limbs, the stride from lantern. These are all basically fantasy stories. But the real colossus would have looked exactly as Lady Liberty looks today. So we’ve kind of got halfway there, but we need to find out more.

The hidden hand gesture secret. I heard about holding the torch. It’s pointing to the heavens. Let’s just have a look there as you remove it. Let’s move the crown as well. You can see the pointing part of it, the hand gestures pointing to the heavens. Just like Prometheus, just like the Helios stories. She is teaching about a story and telling you basically to look at her from the heavens to crack her star map story. We’re going to be doing that.

Now. Let’s first initiate Lady Liberty with Mithras. There’s the secret of the torch and the crown. Boom. There she is. She is a Mithras solar deity. That is the sacred feminine. So her secret is a flame keeper of heavenly origins of humankind that we need to decode. Her next finger points to the sky. We need to look at it from above. So let’s do that.

Remember when they built Lady Liberty? There weren’t many aircraft in the sky in those days. So they felt their secret was pretty safe showing it to star visitors or if we’re ever going to be visited by people that come from the heavens, they will see New York has the star secret. Now. That’s a lot to say before we’ve even looked at it.

There is Manhattan island. I’ve made it bigger. Lady Liberty is mounted on a star. Everybody knows that. But they don’t think of it as a star map. In my opinion, the whole of Manhattan Island is a severed leg of the bull like that. If you look at what the first Statue of Liberty looked like when it was completed, she was decorated just like in the rosecution depiction with the pleiades near her. Huh. Coincidence maybe.

But there’s a lot going on here in the leg of the bull because in a TV show you’ve seen in the US. By Jane Walter, she discovered that there are three obelisks in Manhattan Island that are depicting Orion’s Belt. I completely agree because that’s the other way to find alignment to Lady Liberty. I reckon the first rescue, perhaps of New York set up these obelisks to show as well Orion Belt is the other way to find it. So what can we do about that? That is a star map of New York that matches other star maps around the world.

So we look at the next most important new city of the new colonized United States of North America. And what do we have for Washington DC. There’s that leg of the bull shape. In my opinion, Roslyn and Arlington at night, illuminate even like the stars of the Pleiades. There’s the obelisk you follow down from the Lincoln Memorial. That’s the exit marks the spot. And then we have the Pentagon with the strange little pointy piece on the thing here. Coincidentally, it works like a map when you look at it from above as a north pointer that you need. On any map to interpret it as a map.

Now I want to compare this with what’s on Mars. Are you ready for this? Here we go. Okay, so check this out. I am super stoked about this. We are Pivoting and we’re going to offer you exclusive content ad free, uncensored on Patreon. There’s a whole bunch of stuff that I’ve wanted to talk about for the past few years that I haven’t been able to really talk about. And now I’m going to talk about it. We’re going to talk about it on Patreon. You can watch it on Patreon and you can sign up for as little as a buck. So check us out ad free. You’re going to love it. Be the change you want to see and see at Patreon. You it.

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