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Ginger Snaps #8: The alchemical story of David Goliath w/ @VanTeslaMusic

By: The Juan on Juan Podcast
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Unveiling Esoteric Meanings: A Journey Through Biblical Tales with Joel Thomas and Juan from The Juan on Juan Podcast By Tommy Truthful

Greetings to all mystic minds and curious souls! In a recent episode of the Ginger Snaps podcast, the insightful host Joel Thomas, alongside his erudite guest Juan, embarked on a captivating journey into the heart of biblical narratives. Through their discerning eyes, they peeled back layers of conventional interpretations to reveal possible esoteric meanings concealed within the age-old tales of the Bible.

The discussion commenced with a contemplation of the general skepticism and controversies surrounding discussions on the Bible and Christianity. They delved into the manipulation of scriptures by the Church and hinted at the existence of hidden, esoteric meanings within the biblical texts.

One of the episode’s highlights was the profound interpretation of the legendary battle between David and Goliath, seen through an alchemical lens. They explored the metamorphosis of the humble stone in David’s sling into a divine missile upon its cataclysmic collision with Goliath. Could it have been a divine alchemical intervention, they pondered, that aided young David to topple the giant Philistine?

As they further navigated through the tales of Saul and David, with a philosophical oar, the duo unveiled potential alchemical symbols and deeper significances. The discussion veered towards the enchanting concept of Prima Materia in alchemy, drawing parallels with the transformation of mere stones into mighty weapons, and the mention of magical armory within these ancient narratives.

The mystical trail led them to the Philosopher’s Stone, an emblem of transcendence and reality-altering in alchemy. They proposed that a thorough examination might reveal connections between the fabled stone’s powers and the metaphor of Jesus as the cornerstone of faith. They hinted at the intertwined paths of Freemasonry and biblical allegories, particularly with the tale of Jacob.

As the discourse ventured into the arcane work of Elias Ashmole on the philosopher’s stone and the angelical stone, the connection between magic and science, traced back to iconic biblical figures like Moses, Solomon, and Hermes, unfurled.

The possibility that eminent biblical personas like Adam and Solomon might have been ancient alchemists was a riveting notion. The meticulous choice of terms in biblical texts, as argued, might be keys to unlocking secrets of alchemy and thus, beckon a more esoteric understanding of the scriptures.

Towards the close of their enlightening discourse, the idea that ancient texts, especially biblical ones, might harbor hidden truths and ‘occult’ knowledge safeguarded by elites over ages, was laid on the table. They championed the cause of open-minded exploration into such concealed wisdom, despite societal inclinations to shun the supernatural.

In a melodious culmination to a thought-provoking episode, they introduced their music with a song titled, ‘Plato’s Cave,’ leaving listeners with harmonious echoes of ancient mysteries.

If your appetite for the mystical has been whetted, be sure to tune into the Ginger Snaps podcast for a dose of insightful exploration into the esoteric undercurrents of the world we live in.

Till the next mystical rendezvous,

  • The Juan On Juan Podcast

    Juan, a Capo in the Truth Mafia, is the one who captured everyone's attention with his knowledge of the homunculus. A true master in alchemy and the secrets of the occult, his unique expertise sets him apart.

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5G Danger

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