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By: Decode Your Reality
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5G Danger
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➡ Logan, the speaker, is decoding the concept of the “great red pill” using various symbols and references. He connects it to Jupiter, the planet with the “great red spot”, and suggests that this spot could symbolize the all-seeing eye. He also links it to the biblical story of Adam and Eve, the concept of the Tree of Life, and the Greek myth of Pandora’s Box. He believes that these connections reveal deeper truths about our reality.
➡ This text discusses the symbolism and connections between various elements, numbers, and concepts. It links the number 48 and the element cadmium to the tarot card ‘Knight of Cups’, suggesting a search for love. It also connects the ‘Great Red Spot’ to the ‘Tree of Life’ and the concept of love. The text further explores the idea of reincarnation, suggesting that life is a cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.


Ladies and gentlemen, fellow decoders around the world, wherever you may be. My name is Logan, your tour guide, and this is decode your reality. And today we’re going to be breaking down and decoding the great red pill. Almost said spot, great red pill decoded. And it’s just a fun graphic to create because you notice that obviously, Jupiter taking up the majority of this real estate, the pill at the top of the mountain.

And it’s just so crazy because I created this graphic off of a save graphic that I had. And I didn’t have the cross in there, I didn’t have the mountain in there. I had the planet Jupiter Zeus, and I had the space in the background and I put the overlay of the text on there and then I placed the pill in there and then I was just scrolling down to see what else I had and I just clicked on this in Photoshop and it overlaid it in the background and I just thought it was just so perfect.

And the cross being carried to the top of the hill to swallow the pill again and go down the rabbit hole and start it all over again, I just thought it was absolutely just brilliant that this came out. Not by me, it just plopped out this way. So it was a lot of fun. So, ladies and gentlemen, get yourself strapped in, get settled in, put on a pair of headphones, block out the outside world.

Let’s have at this great red pill decoded. And I’m going to start off with what NASA calls Jupiter having the great red spot. So I’m going to roll with this great red spot being 48. Now, is this spot, is that the all seeing eye watching us? Could it be or is just all nonsense and the planetary celestials don’t exist? Well, I’m going to show you how they fit into the story.

Great red spot being 48, this is tied that right, tied right to Adam and Eve. If you watch the contract with God decoded on the Patreon, big shout out to all you Patreon members. Thank you for all your support. And I did a decode on this. It’s on the YouTube. Tree of life is the 48. So how about that? These right match up the 48, which of course, again, Adam and Eve, through the golden ratio, become the four and the eight.

If you watch the contract with God, that’s what they become, the eight and the four, the four and the eight, they become the tree of life. And it just so happens that Zeus and the great red spot matches the 48. Coincidence. So let’s keep going on this. I’m going to get into some solar spread action. We’re going to get into the cards of illumination. I’m going to go right into the 48 solar spread, number 48.

I’ll leave the link to connect to this solar spread. If you want to go ahead and start looking at it yourself, looking at the other solar spreads. I’m using the website, knowyourdestinycards. com. Really easy to do when you know the system and shows you how beautiful this is on its own. It starts to expose its own truth here. And obviously, I have a lot going on. I have the ace of wands, the tree of life.

This is the Hollywood card, abracadabra, which forms the whole aspect of the world that we live in. And then you have the 69th card in a tarot, the five of pentacles, which clearly is showing the yinyang. You have the church as the savior. Outside of the church are the people that are in the cold. They got crutches, bag lady, the contrast of the yinyang showing you that they’re saying the church is going to be saving you.

But nonetheless, we’re going to look at solar spread 48. We’re going to look at space number 48, and you can see that five of diamonds right there. And this is clearly saying, I mean, this is kind of the comedy, I guess, because I’m not saying the comedy is fun when we have all these tough and challenging times. But this is one of the cards that is tied to the game of life.

The five of diamonds, March 18, which is the three one eight tied to the phoenix event. That’s the five of diamonds. The famous guitarist Jerry Cantrell, from the band Allison chains sang many songs. One of them was called down in a hole, and this was his birth card. Going down into the hole, the portal, is this a portal to reincarnate incarnate human vessels? I don’t know what that looks like beyond that.

It’s an idea, but it’s an interesting idea nonetheless. So why I have space number 44 covered as well. I’m going to shift over to Photoshop now. And the very reason why I do have the space 44 here is because this is the bingo chart that I have been consistently showing and how valuable it is using the numbers according to the squares and then the cards where they sit, et cetera, et cetera.

But there is always going to be a mirror to these charts, just like there is a mirror to numbers, the palindromes. So we want to get the mirror chart of that. And you can see that the seven is going to be space number one, it’s going to flip. And so this makes space number 48, where space number 44 is. And you can see they’re both in the same spot, just different sides.

And this is something new that I have not released yet. This is brand new, the mirroring of these charts. And it is a high value methodology, believe me when I tell you. So the 48 going in the mirrored direction, it gets the ace of wands. So we have two cards that are connected to the great red spot card 48. I mean, space number 48 and space number 44, which becomes 48 if you do the mirror of that.

And the numbers that I have here, ladies and gentlemen, 31 and 14 is because the five of diamonds is card 31, and the ace of clubs is card number 14. And what do you see here? What is that tied to? What are these numbers tied to? How about PI? The 3. 141 PI. Whether or not it’s an irregular PI, many people, like mathematicians, some of mathematics, they’ve been on my ass.

It’s irregular. It doesn’t matter. It’s part of the source code telling the code, expressing the code, 3. 114. 144. They both have their say in this source code expressing itself and delivering to us the truths or the theories or the ideas. That is 31 and 14. And this is so interesting because this is tied to Pandora’s box right here. So when you really start to look at this, does this have value? Looking at the mirroring perspective that I just showed here, and the cards that are instituted with space number 48 tied to the great red spot, tied to the tree of life.

Think about what I’m showing you here. The massive synchronicities tied to the great red spot. Tied. This is tied to Adam and Eve. If you watch the contract with God on the PAtreon, the 31 and 14 card, 31 and 14 is tied to the words Pandora’s box. That’s what you’re in. You’re in it. And then what are these right here? This is Hebrew, this is Greek. What are these? Genesis and revelation, the first book of the Holy Bible.

The last book of the Holy Bible, 66 books in total, which is going to tie right to Jesus Christ, the story of that, Genesis being 13, revelation being 41 in their own original languages, reduced down to single digits, which is going to give you a four and a five, which is going to be tied to Pandora’s box. That’s what this whole story right here in this book is talking about, entering into Pandora’s box.

You enter into hell, you’re in it, you’re already in it. You’re already in it. And you get here by way of magic and the tree of life and the Hollywood wand. You can see the connections. I mean, these are really, really in our face. This is not exactly, but they’re palindromes, which are the mirrors. I used to use a lot of mirroring work. I got that from John Petrie, another decoder.

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Genesis and revelation, which hold together all the other books, all of the 64 books, the beginning and the end. And then it repeats, and it’s PI, the book of the Bible. The books of the Bible is PI. You’re living in Yinyang, which is tied to the great red spot, which is tied to Pandora’s box. In Pandora’s box. If you know the story of a greek mythology wise, it was PromEtheus and EpomEtheus.

And of course, they didn’t listen to Zeus. Zeus is in there. If you go read Pandora’s box, it has all the ties to the massive planet called Jupiter. Zeus in mythology. And I’d say mythology is more truth than myth. I don’t know how this whole thing works, but it’s in the script, that is for sure. And these are big humdingers right here. Big, big humdingers. So, moving forward on this great red pill, still talking about the great red spot, the 48.

We now bring it into the tarot, and we get the picture, and it’s the night of cups. And of course, this one is tied right to humping. Looking for love, creation. This is ADam and Eve here, the 18th and 19th digit in the string of the golden ratio, which is tied to Adam and Eve. And their original hebrew spellings is the digits four and eight. It’s looking for love.

That’s what this whole thing’s all about. Now, when you bring in astroalchemy, if you watch my Astro Alchemy decoded, you have the 48, space 48, the element 48, cadmium, which is tied to card 48 sitting here in the sign of SagittaRius. 48 is cadmium. The nine of spades is the nightmare card. Entering the nightmare, SagittaRius, of course, crossed away is Gemini, the prison, the nine and the three.

See how harmonious this is? But because the tarot card is the knight of cups, all the jacks sit in the house of Aquarius. So now you have two houses that are going to bridge together, and this is what they look like. And it’s the Archer. You have Sagittarius being tied to the 9th house, of course, and the 48 and cadmium. And then you also have the knight of cups, which is card 48, sitting in with all the jacks.

Because the knight of cups becomes the jack of hearts. And now it sits in the house of Aquarius. And, of course, House of Aquarius in the traditional astrology is house number eleven. And Sagittarius is house number nine. And when you bring the 1119 together, you get the element tin, which is the 50th element. And this is all about the tin man, the wizard of Oz, which I have been consistently showing.

Many of you great decoders have been showing this as well, not just me, that it’s the Tin man. The Tin man. And of course, nine and eleven is 20. And that’s going to lead to the word duality. It’s going to lead to the word birthday. It’s going to lead to the word Mason. It’s going to lead to the word Jesuit. They’re all in there. They don’t get a hall pass.

No matter how much you become aware of this knowledge, your life is still being scripted. So here is the aspects of Adam and Eve. I just didn’t have them here. But the 17 is going to talk about the tree of Life, right? The word life is 17. The word story is 17. The word matrix is 17. And when you go 17 digits into the string of the golden ratio, you get the 48, which is tied to the great red spot, which is tied to the Tree of Life, which is tied to looking for love.

Because that’s what you do when you incarnate as a human being. You’re programmed to go hump, to procreate, to lust, to love, to manifest. And the total is the 96, which is the yinyang. And Zeus, once again, is tied to Isaiah 45, verses seven. Absolutely. The 96 creating peace and evil, the yinyang. And this is digit 16 and 17. And what’s 16 and 1733? And if you remove the word great, and you just do, because this is the red spot.

It’s actually more orange than red, but they call it the red spot. There’s the 33, and there’s the Christ. The Vesica Pisces fits right in here. If you put two circles over this, the Vesica Pisces, there it is, the cosmic egg, of course. This is the all seeing eye through the egyptian aspects, the all seeing eye of Horus or Osiris. And this is the cosmic egg. This is the xenon bulb that produces movie theater motion pictures.

It’s all there. And the 33. Now you can see it. It’s the red spot. The great red spot. But it’s the red spot. And this is where I found the pill, because the pill is red. So when you swallow the red pill, the indication here is you go down into Wonderland. Yeah, but the blue one is where you don’t even know anything. You’re oblivious. But do they have it backwards? Because the red one clearly is tied to the red spot here.

And of course, remember the Wachowskis? They not only had the Matrix series, but they had Jupiter ascending and they were saying how this is a harvesting station. I don’t know if that’s True. Can’t prove it. Never been there. But there’s merit to the story because of these connections. Okay, so the 17, again, where the 48 is found for the great red spot. And this is a lot about the mythology of Zeus because Zeus is known to have incarnated into a swan.

I mean, there’s been a lot of stories through the text that Zeus gets to know some kind of physical avatar in this reality. And here’s where you get to come into play and become the star. And you become the star. Maybe when you swallow the red pill, I know, again, we’ve been programmed with the matrix. Oh, it’s the blue pill that will just make you oblivious and the red pill wakes you up.

Well, you’re getting red pilled right now. As the great Jordan from waters above. I’m going to red pill your ass. You’re getting red pilled right now. You’re seeing it. You’re seeing it. Red being tied to sodium, sodium being tied to the prison, because we’re the salt and the salt’s the body and the body’s the prison. But then you get the aspect of titanium here, this element, 22nd element on the periodic table.

This is going to lead to the fool card. You become the fool. This is titanium, the most abundant isotope. It’s going to be 47 point yada yada, but it’ll round up to 48. And now you get the Titans, the sons and daughters of Earth, tree of life. These are undeniable synchronicities here in my book. But again, you got to be the judge of what I’m showing you here.

And then when you say three, three, because remember, red Spot, they’re calling it the great red spot, but the red spot it is. Forget about the adjective, let’s focus on the subject. Or red spot, it’s even Spot. Spot’s 22. It’s going to lead to the titanium, right? It’s going to lead to the titans, the sons and daughters of Earth. But the red spot is going to give you the 33.

And when you say 33, it’s a 42. And 42 is the very, very revealing element called molebdenum. This is one of its isotopes, the 96. There’s the yinyang. I’m just going to back up right here, the 17 digits of the golden ratio, where that 48 is found. The total addition of all 17 of these digits is 96. See the connections on here? Very distinct. And this is card 42 in the tarot.

It’s the six of cups. Six is tied to the one five three. When you say six, you’re going to get the one five three from numerology. Six is one short of 66, which is too short of six. Six. Six is carbon. This is nostalgia going back to being a child again. This may be, may, just may be reincarnating. And you never get out of this game as they talked about in Hotel California, right.

This may be the truth. And this is tied to lake of fire. 42. Lake of fire is 42. The lake of fire, the great red Spot. Red fire, the lake of fire. Lake of fire is 42. Here it is. You know, molebdenum has 33 known isotopes, 33. And we get the crucifixion date. We get the 33 here from the great red spot right there. You can see the connecting points in this.

So now it’s starting to unfold and tell the story here of how all this stuff works. And the 96, of course, means the yinyang. This is the actual full atomic mass, and it gets a yinyang twice. This is the alchemology of Jesus Lucifer in the Chaldean. You go Jesus Lucifer in the Chaldean using the average atomic weights, and you’ll get 96. 906, which is tied to the yinyang.

Tied to the Lake of Fire. Harvesting your energy. Harvesting my energy. Can we ever release that burden? Not until you die. And we don’t know what happens after that. So there you go, ladies and gentlemen, short and sweet. The great red pill, decoded. So we’d love to hear your thoughts. Keep them coming, just keep them cordial. You don’t have to agree with everything I say, as I often say, but we’d love to hear your thoughts.

Make sure you post your comments. Be cool, be nice, post your opinions. Anyway, that’s all I got for today. My name is Logan. Decode your reality until next time. We will see you later. .

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5G Danger

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