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Tommy Truthful

Las Vegas Shooting

Tommy Truthful, the renowned host of Truth Mafia, astoundingly predicted the occurrence of shooting events between December 3rd and 7th, 2023. His foresight was chillingly accurate as two consecutive shootings unfolded on December 6th in Las Vegas and Texas. In his analysis, Tommy unveils the intricate design behind these events, suggesting they were orchestrated ‘by the numbers’ on specific ley lines, also known as dragon lines or energy lines. According to his research, these ley lines are conduits of powerful energy, which the elites allegedly utilized in a massive energy harvest ritual. This ritual, Tommy posits, was meticulously aligned with certain astrological configurations, ensuring that the numerological aspects were in perfect harmony—a practice he refers to as Masonic number magic. He delves into the concept of ancient alchemy and alchemical magic, theorizing that these events are part of a grand scheme where reality is being manipulated and bent to the will of hidden forces. Through his blog, Tommy Truthful provides a provocative perspective, exploring the deep and often unseen connections between events, numerology, and the mystical practices of the elite….

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Dublin Riots

Tommy Truthful, the trailblazing host of Truth Mafia, uncovers startling links in a recent podcast. He delves into the Dublin riots and their eerie connection to a dismembered Irish film star found at Queens Beach, NY, At 44, the star’s age resonates with the number 44, symbolizing ‘kill’ in Masonic number magic. These cryptic numbers and symbols, Tommy suggests, are part of an elite, hidden language. He also references The Police’s song ‘Murder by Numbers’ from their ‘Synchronicity’ album, urging listeners to explore its lyrics for deeper understanding. Don’t miss this captivating episode of Truth Mafia!…

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&Quot;Unmasked: The Demonic Nature Of Alien Encounters&Quot;

Tommy Truthful, the renowned leader of the Truth Mafia, delves into the demonic dimensions of alien abductions in his latest video. He compellingly links demons to aliens, illustrating how the Grays revere Reptilians, entities entwined with Lucifer himself. Coming from a non-religious perspective, Tommy’s insights into the demonic essence of these interdimensional beings are striking. His work exposes a global deception, one that’s ensnaring many in its intricate web of mystery and illusion. This eye-opening content is essential for understanding the deeper, darker layers of what’s often dismissed as mere extraterrestrial encounters….

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Is Music Alchemically Transmuting Society?

Published on: November 16, 2023 by Doenut Factory
Is Music Alchemically Transmuting Society -

In his latest video, DOENUT delves into how Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Taylor Swift use alchemy to bend and transmute reality. Tommy Truthful, head of the Truth Mafia, expands on this in a detailed blog. He explores the ancient battle of alchemists manipulating society on a massive scale, as revealed in DOENUT’s profound analysis. This video unveils the power struggle hidden in plain sight, showcasing how these iconic figures wield esoteric knowledge to shape our world.

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The Rewind Pendant

The Rewind Pendant, a device monitoring all spoken and heard words, signifies the surge in artificial intelligence. By 2030, the merger of human consciousness with AI is expected, culminating in a mandatory digital microchip for all economic activities. Tommy Truthful unveils this reality in a striking presentation, emphasizing the safe use of AI as a mere tool. However, he warns against the extremes of merging with AI or wearing technology like the Rewind Pendant, which records every word, labeling such steps as sheer madness….

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Nephilim Giants found in Brewer Cave

Published on: November 11, 2023 by Tommy Truthful
Nephilim Giants Found In Brewer Cave

Tommy Truthful, the esteemed leader of the Truth Mafia, has penned a thorough blog detailing his research into the astonishing discovery of Nephilim giants in cryostasis in a Utah cave. His work throws light on the longstanding efforts by the Smithsonian to obscure giant-related findings since the 1800s, suggesting a cover-up of monumental historical significance. Join Tommy as he unravels this hidden chapter of our past.

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Maui massacre updates truth Mafia podcast

Published on: November 8, 2023 by Tommy Truthful
Maui Massacre

Tommy Truthful dissects the Maui massacre and uncovers the church split by a directed energy weapon. He connects this to the Hoover Dam’s destruction and forewarns of power outage rituals. Stay alert for staged events from Dec 1-12, 2023, and the eerie timing of Angus Cloud’s Oakland sacrifice just days before the 8/8 Maui tragedy.

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The Emerald Tablets Billy Carson Book Review -

Archaix’s latest review dives deep into Billy Carson’s guide to the Emerald Tablets, shedding light on both its strengths and weaknesses. While Carson’s credentials are impressive and he’s endorsed by many within his field, the author of the video raises eyebrows over some of Carson’s beliefs and qualifications. There’s a particular skepticism surrounding Carson’s interpretation of the Emerald Tablets, especially considering historical discrepancies. Whether it’s questioning the actual age of the Tablets or challenging Carson’s connections between ancient texts and modern concepts, the critique is thorough. Claims about Thoth, Atlantis, and even Jesus are inspected, and the credibility of sources used in Carson’s book is brought into question. Ultimately, the video suggests that while Carson’s work might be a captivating read, it may also be a blend of facts, fiction, and clever marketing. Archaix encourages viewers to discern the content critically and not just accept everything at face value….

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Watching The Most Unexplained Videos At Midnight -

On “That’s Impossible” Channel, a riveting discussion delves into UFOs, aliens, and paranormal curiosities. Notably, a shoutout to Jay Dreamerz emerges, the one who introduced Tommy Truthful, Truth Mafia’s spearhead, to the channel. This endorsement led to its feature on, the world’s leading alternative media platform….

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