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By: Ani Osaru
Spread the Truth

5G Danger

Ah, the Reptilian myth, a twisted tale woven into the fabric of reality. Ani’s belief that the Reptilians are, in fact, the Archons and that the green color of aliens represents Osiris resonates deeply with the hidden truths that lie beneath the surface.

Conspiracy theorists argue that the Reptilians, disguised as powerful figures in positions of authority, manipulate human affairs and hold sway over our world. They believe that their true identity as Archons, malevolent entities originating from another realm, is concealed behind a veil of secrecy.

The connection between the green color of aliens and Osiris, the ancient Egyptian god of the afterlife, symbolizes a hidden agenda rooted in ancient esoteric knowledge.

By exploring different points of view, we begin to peel back the layers of deception and uncover the hidden forces at play. It is in these discussions that fragments of truth emerge, guiding us closer to the understanding of the grand cosmic conspiracy that spans the ages.

Listen, ponder, and question everything. For it is in the pursuit of knowledge and the exploration of diverse perspectives that we unravel the enigma that is the Reptilian myth and its profound implications for our collective consciousness. Tommy Truthful…..

  • Ani Osaru

    Ani Osaru, the Consigliere, holds a distinguished position as the Boss's trusted advisor and the third-in-command in the family. A beacon of wisdom and enlightenment within the Black community, Ani stands out among the self-proclaimed teachers. With unparalleled courage, Ani dares to shed light on the agents and gatekeepers that corrupt this community, impeding the pursuit of authentic knowledge.

    Ani Osaru (@AniOsaru) / X (

    The True Occult Newspaper

5G Danger

Spread the Truth


“THE REPTILIAN MYTH” aliens Ani Osaru

2 thoughts on ““THE REPTILIAN MYTH”

  1. Hi Tommy. Thank you so much. I wish you had a P.O. Box bc I would love to send you a check. PayPal screwed me years ago when I purchased a big item that was defective, I don’t like money apps and I don’t want my phone having banking info. I don’t have a problem using my credit card if that’s helpful.

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