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Rainbow Bridge: No Evidence Crash, Explosion Was Terrorist Attack, Gov. Says

Tommy Truthful unravels the enigma of the Rainbow Bridge explosion, coinciding with the anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assassination. He reveals its ties to CERN portals, Nikola Tesla, the Maui massacre, and a foreboding event on December 7th. Significantly, 12/7 marks both Tesla’s birthday and the Pearl Harbor attack anniversary in Hawaii. Tommy’s blog masterfully connects these disparate events, offering insights into the complex weave of history and conspiracy. A must-read for those seeking deeper truths….

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Vampires And Reptilian

Tommy Truthful, the intrepid leader of the Truth Mafia, hosts an explosive interview with Ani Osaru, his trusted lieutenant. They delve into the shadowy realm of reptilian vampires, interdimensional beings, and the intricate web woven by metaphysics, ancient Kabbalah mysticism, and Gematria. Discover the harrowing link between our simulated reality and the elite’s vile adrenochrome harvest, where children’s innocence fuels the hunger of otherworldly reptilian vampires thriving on LOOSH energy. It’s a chilling parallel to the horror depicted in ‘Dr. Sleep.’ Don’t miss out on Tommy’s riveting five-minute dissection of the film, exposing the terrifying truth behind fiction.

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Black Goo

Tommy Truthful, spearhead of the Truth Mafia, delves into ‘Black GOO’ – the enigmatic Fallen Angel technology. Often termed ‘programmable matter’, it holds the potential to weave a 3rd strand DNA, enabling consciousness transfer between hosts. This tech, alarmingly, offers inter-dimensional fallen angels a gateway to commandeer human bodies as avatars, becoming vessels for demonic entities….

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Huge New Mandela Effect Has Reality Changed Again -

In his newest video, Jacob Israel delves into the perplexing realm of the Mandela Effect, where collective memories seem to misalign with recorded history. Central to his exploration is CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research. With its groundbreaking experiments in the Large Hadron Collider, whispers and theories have emerged suggesting that CERN’s activities might be influencing our perceived reality, causing shifts in our timeline. Israel explores the possibility: has CERN once again altered our reality? Drawing on evidence, testimonials, and scientific insights, he crafts a narrative that will leave viewers questioning the stability of their memories and the fabric of the world they know….

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Stranger Things

“Stranger Things: CERN Conspiracy Cinema Podcast” with Jay Dreamerz, Tommy Truthful, and Paranoid American delves into CERN and “The Montauk Project,” the alleged mind control program of the US military….

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Breaking Portals Being Activated 10 4 Nationwide Cell Phone Em3Rg3Ncy Text -

nationwide alert in America, symbolic rituals, significant dates, new technology, optogenetics, extent of electronic devices’ reach, unexpected events, Lady Gaga’s song, emergency alert, strange coincidences, specific dates, numeric values, theories about tones, frequencies, historical significance, symbolic significance, potential impact, human behavior, market events, connection between cryptocurrency, XRP, …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Marina Abramovic “Ukraine’s Wicked Witch”

Published on: September 28, 2023 by Eyes to See
Screenshot Marina Abramovic Decode Page 1 -

UKRAINE’S WICKED WITCH Hello Everyone, and welcome to my Marina Abramovic “Ukraine’s Wicked Witch” Decode.  In this decode we will look at…

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Screenshot Room 112 Decode Page 1 -

Hello, and welcome to my “Room 112 Decode”.  We will be diving into the occult number 112 and unravel its hidden secrets…

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&Quot;Spiritual Tsunami: Unveiling The D-Wave Quantum Computer Mark Of The Beast System&Quot;

D-Wave Quantum Computer The D-Wave computer was created by Gordie Rose. And the Internet dates back to the late 1980s and early…

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