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Code 41 And The Connection Between Cern O J Simpsons Death And Todays Meteor Strikes -

OG Simpson’s death is not just a tragedy but a murder by numbers energy harvest ritual to open the inner dimensional gateway at CERN. Tommy Truthful exposes the ritualistic fashion behind his death, linking it to the Chicago kid shot 96 times in 41 seconds, connecting it to the god particle, the eye of CERN, and Masonic rituals. This blog unveils the secret language of the elites, a crucial knowledge they don’t want you to share. Help break the spell; share this blog widely.

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April 8Th The Day Of The Solar Eclipse Cern Will Start Up Again

Tommy Truthful, always ahead of the curve, first raised the alarm on CERN’s experiments possibly opening portals to realms of fallen, interdimensional entities. Fast forward to April 8, during a Solar Eclipse, coincidentally the same date Aleister Crowley contacted Aiwass, a demon, in 1904. This eerie alignment of events has sparked intense speculation. Is CERN attempting to reach out to these same entities or something even beyond our understanding? As they reactivate parts of their collider, whispers of a four-dimensional demon and potential darkness loom. Could this be a monumental moment of contact, or is it a blend of science and the supernatural too complex to unravel? Tommy Truthful’s initial warnings now echo louder in a world captivated by the unknown, pondering if we’re on the verge of an unprecedented discovery or a cosmic Pandora’s box best left closed….

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Ghostbusters Frozen Empire And The Kate Middleton Connection -

Kate Middleton’s video released on March 22nd ties to “Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire,” Skull and Bones’ secret society. AI detection claims a high 90% chance it’s AI-generated. Is Kate missing? Did the royal family harm her as they did Diana? Tommy Truthful, Truth Mafia’s leader, decodes this, linking the video to Prince William and the Antichrist’s rise. This video, they don’t want you to see. Help share it widely….

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Breaking The Veil Ghostbusters Cern And The Frozen Empires Ice Glass Code 2 -

“Join the Truth Mafia in their quest for knowledge! They’re investigating mysteries and symbols in popular media, like the new Ghostbusters movie. They believe there are hidden meanings linked to scientific research and other phenomena. They also explore topics like biotechnology and conspiracy theories. Be part of their journey to uncover the truth!” …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Published on: February 5, 2024 by Jacob Israel
New Bible Mandela Effects You Wont Believe -

Jacob explores the intriguing Mandela effect, where people recall events differently than they happened. He shares odd changes in the Bible, like Jesus as a stonemason, not a carpenter. He believes the Mandela effect is real, using examples from movies and the Bible. He also discusses his personal faith and encourages readers to support his channel. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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The Location Of Satans Throne Found Most People Dont See It -

“The Bible talks about a mysterious place where Satan’s throne could be. Some people guess it’s in Geneva, Switzerland because of strange groups and a huge machine named CERN. Others think it’s in Pergamum, a place famous for worshipping fake gods. But, the real location might be a secret linking both places.” …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Cern And The 8 Pointed Star

The eight-pointed star, a symbol seen on superheroes like Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel, intriguingly connects to CERN, Dimension X, and the concept of superhumans. This star, often linked to the fallen angels or the fallen Elohim, has profound ties to the Sirius Empire and the Anunnaki. Sirius, more than just a distant galactic location, is believed to be interdimensionally accessible. This star represents the Sirius Empire, also known as the Empire of El, an entity believed to exert dominion over Earth.

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Rainbow Bridge: No Evidence Crash, Explosion Was Terrorist Attack, Gov. Says

Tommy Truthful unravels the enigma of the Rainbow Bridge explosion, coinciding with the anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assassination. He reveals its ties to CERN portals, Nikola Tesla, the Maui massacre, and a foreboding event on December 7th. Significantly, 12/7 marks both Tesla’s birthday and the Pearl Harbor attack anniversary in Hawaii. Tommy’s blog masterfully connects these disparate events, offering insights into the complex weave of history and conspiracy. A must-read for those seeking deeper truths….

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Vampires And Reptilian

Tommy Truthful, the intrepid leader of the Truth Mafia, hosts an explosive interview with Ani Osaru, his trusted lieutenant. They delve into the shadowy realm of reptilian vampires, interdimensional beings, and the intricate web woven by metaphysics, ancient Kabbalah mysticism, and Gematria. Discover the harrowing link between our simulated reality and the elite’s vile adrenochrome harvest, where children’s innocence fuels the hunger of otherworldly reptilian vampires thriving on LOOSH energy. It’s a chilling parallel to the horror depicted in ‘Dr. Sleep.’ Don’t miss out on Tommy’s riveting five-minute dissection of the film, exposing the terrifying truth behind fiction.

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