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Las Vegas Shooting

Tommy Truthful, the renowned host of Truth Mafia, astoundingly predicted the occurrence of shooting events between December 3rd and 7th, 2023. His foresight was chillingly accurate as two consecutive shootings unfolded on December 6th in Las Vegas and Texas. In his analysis, Tommy unveils the intricate design behind these events, suggesting they were orchestrated ‘by the numbers’ on specific ley lines, also known as dragon lines or energy lines. According to his research, these ley lines are conduits of powerful energy, which the elites allegedly utilized in a massive energy harvest ritual. This ritual, Tommy posits, was meticulously aligned with certain astrological configurations, ensuring that the numerological aspects were in perfect harmony—a practice he refers to as Masonic number magic. He delves into the concept of ancient alchemy and alchemical magic, theorizing that these events are part of a grand scheme where reality is being manipulated and bent to the will of hidden forces. Through his blog, Tommy Truthful provides a provocative perspective, exploring the deep and often unseen connections between events, numerology, and the mystical practices of the elite….

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Henrykissinger -Nwo

Henry Kissinger’s passing 187 days post-birthday sparks intrigue. Tommy Truthful, Truth Mafia’s leader, reveals this as a numerological ritual, a Masonic spell-casting on the masses. This ‘murder by numbers’ tactic, reflected in The Police’s song from their ‘Synchronicity’ album and echoed in the film “Murder by Numbers,” adheres to a universal law of truth revelation. Tommy’s breakdown exposes how real-world events are cryptically mirrored in movies and songs, a tactic to subtly disclose the elite’s agendas….

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Humanitarian Aid To Gaza

Twenty trucks are nothing’ -Gazan as first aid arrives The first trucks delivering humanitarian aid arrived in Gaza on Saturday. This assistance…

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Tupac Shakur

“The Untangling Threads: A Breakthrough in Tupac Shakur’s Unsolved Murder Case” The decades-old cold case surrounding the fatal shooting of iconic rapper…

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Leandro De Niro Rodriguez, Grandson Of Robert De Niro, Dead At 19

Robert De Niro’s Grandson, Leandro De Niro Rodriguez, Dead at 19 The death of Leandro De Niro Rodriguez, grandson of the famous…

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