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artificial intelligence

Under The Orange Sky Ais Takeover And What It Means For Us -

Tommy Truthful and Greg Reese expose how AI and nanotechnology have been used to create a phantom matrix, an artificial reality where elites rule like gods. Discover how humans have become unwitting antennas in this system. This vital video, soon to be banned, also explains why skies turned orange in Greece 322 days after a similar event in NYC on June 6, 2023. Act fast—share this crucial information from Truth Mafia before it’s suppressed. We’re in an info war; every share counts!

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Apples New Mm1 Mixture Of Experts Ai Breakthrough 30000000000 P Model For Siri 2 0 -

“Apple’s new AI, MM one, can understand text and pictures. It’s great at explaining images, answering hard questions, and simple math. But, there are worries about job loss and privacy. Apple promises to use this technology safely and respect everyone’s privacy.” …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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This blog post explores the idea that artificial intelligence and technology are more than tools; they can create illusions and even manipulate our emotions. It delves into theories about energy centers on Earth, the concept of our world as a simulation, and the potential influence of higher entities. The post encourages awareness and maintaining high energy to resist these forces. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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The Rewind Pendant

The Rewind Pendant, a device monitoring all spoken and heard words, signifies the surge in artificial intelligence. By 2030, the merger of human consciousness with AI is expected, culminating in a mandatory digital microchip for all economic activities. Tommy Truthful unveils this reality in a striking presentation, emphasizing the safe use of AI as a mere tool. However, he warns against the extremes of merging with AI or wearing technology like the Rewind Pendant, which records every word, labeling such steps as sheer madness….

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Black Goo

Tommy Truthful, spearhead of the Truth Mafia, delves into ‘Black GOO’ – the enigmatic Fallen Angel technology. Often termed ‘programmable matter’, it holds the potential to weave a 3rd strand DNA, enabling consciousness transfer between hosts. This tech, alarmingly, offers inter-dimensional fallen angels a gateway to commandeer human bodies as avatars, becoming vessels for demonic entities….

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The Phoenix Hypothesis Book Review LIVE

Published on: August 28, 2023 by Archaix
The Phoenix Hypothesis Book Review Live -

Discussing a new book titled ‘The Phoenix Hypothesis,’ which heavily cites his research but doesn’t support his ‘Phoenix phenonmenon’ theory….

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Artificial Intelligence Out Of Control: The Apocalypse Is Here | How Ai And Chatgpt End Humanity #68

A Conversation With Bing’s Chatbot Left Me Deeply Unsettled Artificial Intelligence The relaunch of Bing with AI technology from OpenAI is a…

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Truthmafia-Artificial Intelligence Rise And Biblical Prophecy Tommy Truthful &Amp; Sling And Stone

Dear Freethinkers, I wanted to share my thoughts on the rise of artificial intelligence, which may have more profound implications than we…

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