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Live Q A Angels Death Process Psychic Abilities Transhumanism Aliens -

In this enlightening blog post, the speaker delves into spiritual development, psychic abilities, and the impact of artificial frequencies. She emphasizes the importance of meditation and relaxation, while also discussing the potential dangers of unguided spiritual awakening. The post also explores the spiritual and material evolution of Earth and humans, the concept of Araman, and the efficacy of prayers for the deceased. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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The Rewind Pendant

The Rewind Pendant, a device monitoring all spoken and heard words, signifies the surge in artificial intelligence. By 2030, the merger of human consciousness with AI is expected, culminating in a mandatory digital microchip for all economic activities. Tommy Truthful unveils this reality in a striking presentation, emphasizing the safe use of AI as a mere tool. However, he warns against the extremes of merging with AI or wearing technology like the Rewind Pendant, which records every word, labeling such steps as sheer madness….

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Black Goo

Tommy Truthful, spearhead of the Truth Mafia, delves into ‘Black GOO’ – the enigmatic Fallen Angel technology. Often termed ‘programmable matter’, it holds the potential to weave a 3rd strand DNA, enabling consciousness transfer between hosts. This tech, alarmingly, offers inter-dimensional fallen angels a gateway to commandeer human bodies as avatars, becoming vessels for demonic entities….

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Something Strange Is Happening To My Cell Phone -

Donut, global text message alerts, cell phone control, conspiracy theories, UNESCO, secret societies, ban on smartphones in schools, mind control, synchronization, electromagnetic signals, women’s menstrual cycles, symbols, frequencies, Guy Tao, John Lilly, Electromagnetic Task Force reports, UV lights, Metaverse-associated glasses, aliens, transhumanism, UNESCO, Agenda 203 …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Its All Aligning For Total Destruction -

The speaker delves into multiple conspiracy theories, connecting astrological alignments, numerology, and major catastrophes. They explore connections between Russell Brand, Charles Manson, and the Skull and Bones Society, as well as the Matrix of Control in society and potential mind control techniques. The Illuminati’s link to cell phone usage and the implications of alien exposures in media are also discussed…

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The Esoteric Keys To Disclosure The Spiritual Hierarchies And Human Development -

– This week’s lecture in the Esoteric Keys to Disclosure series continues on the concept of the spiritual hierarchies. The human being is inextricably linked to the actual body of the Earth. This is the key to a lot of the cosmic knowledge that is making its way around in the new Age….

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