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pole shift

The Truth Behind Two Suns Solar Simulator And Its Impact On Global Cataclysms -

Join Tommy Truthful and his team, the Truth Mafia, as they dive into the world’s biggest mysteries. From ancient symbols to popular culture, they explore it all. Listen to their podcast as they discuss theories about solar simulators, wildfires, and even a hidden sun. They encourage you to question everything you see and know. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Conflicting Pole Shift Agendas Between The East And West -

“Farmers in Europe are upset about tough rules and are blocking roads in protest. They think these rules are hurting their business and causing less food to be available. In Russia, the government is helping farmers and getting ready for a big change in the Earth’s climate. This difference is causing some arguments between the East and West.” …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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The Emerald Tablets Billy Carson Book Review -

Archaix’s latest review dives deep into Billy Carson’s guide to the Emerald Tablets, shedding light on both its strengths and weaknesses. While Carson’s credentials are impressive and he’s endorsed by many within his field, the author of the video raises eyebrows over some of Carson’s beliefs and qualifications. There’s a particular skepticism surrounding Carson’s interpretation of the Emerald Tablets, especially considering historical discrepancies. Whether it’s questioning the actual age of the Tablets or challenging Carson’s connections between ancient texts and modern concepts, the critique is thorough. Claims about Thoth, Atlantis, and even Jesus are inspected, and the credibility of sources used in Carson’s book is brought into question. Ultimately, the video suggests that while Carson’s work might be a captivating read, it may also be a blend of facts, fiction, and clever marketing. Archaix encourages viewers to discern the content critically and not just accept everything at face value….

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Plasma Apocalypse

In a fresh episode featuring JAYDreamersZ and Tommy Truthful, they explore the plasma apocalypse and its link to the pole shift. Discussing the rise in natural disasters, notably global earthquakes, their conversation veers towards celestial portals through which enigmatic entities might emerge. Termed the Phoenix phenomenon, it resonates with the biblical account of Wormwood from Revelation 8:11, where a third of the stars, including Wormwood, plummet. They also touch upon the Hopi prophecy. Additionally, Tommy delves into the Tatarian Empire, mud floods, and purported resets stemming from it….

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Hundreds Killed In Gaza Hospital

In a revealing examination, Tommy Truthful raises critical questions about the recent hospital bombing, challenging the official narrative presented to the public. While not denying the occurrence of the bombing, he suggests that the story we’ve been fed might be a smokescreen. Speculations arise about potential actors behind the event, with Israel being a point of focus. Compelling video evidence points to recurring appearances of the number 33, reinforcing suspicions when considering that “false flag” equates to 33 in reduction gematria. The quest for truth continues as we are urged to question the information we consume….

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Truth in Movies! #95 The Secret of NIMH

Published on: October 16, 2023 by JayDreamerZ
Truth In Movies 95 The Secret Of Nimh -

Jay Dreamerz offers an intriguing exploration into the depths of cinematic narratives, uncovering hidden truths that many overlook. Through his astute analyses, he reveals how movies subtly allude to the enigmatic plasma apocalypse, a cataclysmic event that has been given various names, from the pole shift to the Phoenix phenomenon. By connecting the dots between art and ancient prophecies, Jay Dreamerz invites viewers to delve beyond the screen and into a world where fiction and reality intertwine, shedding light on age-old mysteries that resonate with our collective consciousness.

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Plasma Event EMPCOE

Published on: July 17, 2023 by Tommy Truthful
Plasma Apocalypse.

In a world where history is shaped by celestial events and cosmic forces, the theory of cyclical resets emerges. The “Mud Flood” possibly erased the advanced Tartarian empire, hinting at a hidden past. The Plasma Apocalypse, a transformational event, looms as the next great reset. This narrative intertwines myth, prophecy, and alternative cosmology, featuring a protective dome over a flat Earth, and a mysterious Inner Earth realm. As 2024 approaches, speculation about the End of Days grows, weaving together ancient wisdom and modern theories….

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The Pole Shift & Nibiru: 2023-2025

Published on: June 30, 2023 by Truth Mafia
Pole Shift

Is a pole shift, also known as the plasma apocalypse or the Phoenix phenomenon, currently underway? Strange solar anomalies and extreme weather conditions suggest something monumental is happening, yet mainstream media remains silent. In this blog, we provide several videos that connect the dots, offering evidence and links to support these claims. Notably, we highlight the CIA’s 2013 declassification of the “Adam and Eve Story,” which discusses the cyclical cataclysms that have repeatedly forced humanity to rebuild throughout history….

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The Old Matrix Reset & Plasma Event #46

Published on: June 22, 2023 by Archaix
Truthmafia-The Old Matrix Reset &Amp; Plasma Event

Plasma Event The Old Matrix Reset & Plasma Event The “Old Matrix Reset” and “Plasma Event” concept pertains to certain ideas and…

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