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Henrykissinger -Nwo

Henry Kissinger’s passing 187 days post-birthday sparks intrigue. Tommy Truthful, Truth Mafia’s leader, reveals this as a numerological ritual, a Masonic spell-casting on the masses. This ‘murder by numbers’ tactic, reflected in The Police’s song from their ‘Synchronicity’ album and echoed in the film “Murder by Numbers,” adheres to a universal law of truth revelation. Tommy’s breakdown exposes how real-world events are cryptically mirrored in movies and songs, a tactic to subtly disclose the elite’s agendas….

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Why Did Hamas Attack

Why did Hamas attack Gaza Airstrikes LIVE | Israel Struggles To Stamp Out Hamas; Both Sides Take Hostages | Palestine War Streaming…

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Everything Is In Place Theyre Ready Third Temple Update 2023 The Red Heifers Are Months Away -

Discover the captivating journey towards the construction of the Third Temple in Israel. Unveiling the significance of biblical verses and their connection to end times prophecy, this text explores recent developments, including peace talks and plans for a pilgrim rail. With the temple ceremony’s imminent readiness and the unwavering efforts of the Jewish community, the Middle East could witness a transformative fulfillment of ancient …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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The Seven Seals 1St Seal Unlocks Astonishing Isometric Pattern 4 -

Site: : complete summary text presention: the-seven-seals-1st-seal-unlocks-astonishing-isometric-pattern …

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A 7 Year Covenant With Many Confirmed U N Summit September 18 2023 -

– The United Nations is putting in a seven year treaty up until 2030. One of the main topics of discussion is violence against women. If the natural resources and ecosystems of our world were truly in danger, I highly doubt that number five on the list of how to prevent that would be gender equality….

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Feral People In Our National Parks Are Nephilim Still Alive Today Missing 411 -

– Since the founding of the first national park, Yellowstone, in 1872, people have gone missing in these forests without a trace. Theories of the cause of these disappearances range from UFOs, serial killers and portals. What we’ll look at in this video is true occurrences of feral people or hairy manlike creatures who live within the woods….

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