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Weather control

Top Hour Of Natural Disasters The Biggest Events In World The World Is Praying For People -

“A big storm hit Rome and Sicily, causing lots of damage. It led to floods, power cuts, and broken buildings. Emergency teams are working hard to fix things. People are also helping out. Officials are telling everyone to stay ready for more storms and to plan better for the future.” …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Did A Storm Chaser’s Car Get Sucked Into A Tornado On Live Tv?

Watch the live broadcast of this major tornado about to hit Illinois. Tommy Truthful writes a blog about the alleged storm chasers that were sucked up in a tornado. Tommy has been warning about major weather events. Through the use of geoengineering, I believe they are using this as a form of population control and to force us into their fifteen-minute smart cities. The manipulation of weather events raises concerns about the true intentions behind these extreme weather occurrences….

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Tennessee Tornado

Tommy Truthful, the fearless leader of Truth Mafia, recently released a provocative video, now banned on Instagram and YouTube, about the tornado in Tennessee. He argues this disaster, striking precisely on the 36th parallel, wasn’t natural but engineered through geoengineering and HAARP weather control technology. Marking the 36th anniversary since HAARP’s patenting in 1987 and the formation of Hamas, Truthful draws a compelling parallel to current Middle Eastern events. He further connects this to the Netflix release of “Leave the World Behind,” a film about societal collapse, which eerily preceded the Tennessee tornado and subsequent power grid failures. Homes remained powerless even two days later, aligning with the critical period Tommy had warned about: December 3rd to 11th. He suggests this event is a mere precursor to larger, manipulated disasters, echoing Edward Snowden’s warnings about geoengineering as a population control tool. This video, though controversial, continues to spark intense discussion among Truth Mafia followers….

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Unbelievable Footage Natural Disasters Caught On Camera -

HAARP & The Year of Unnatural Disasters: As Italy faces a series of extreme weather events, residents of Turin reel from ground flooding, while fierce storms lash Piedmont, Northeast Mega, and Cuneo. The Dolomites haven’t been spared either, with landslides reported in Lolomites, and Veneto and Trentino-Alto Adige in the Dolomites region experiencing severe thunderstorms. Records show 44mm rain in Forno Di Zoldo Belluno and a sharp 12°C temperature drop in Cortina d’Ampezzo.

Today, we spotlight a video capturing the heart of Italy being besieged by an awe-inspiring hailstorm. Vast hailstones descended, transforming a serene landscape into an otherworldly frosty realm, seemingly directed by an ethereal force.

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13 Minutes Ago Apocalypse In Colombia Crazy Hail And Flood Destroyed All Property -

“Unprecedented weather in Colombia: just 13 minutes ago, intense hail and flooding wreaked havoc, leading to significant property damage. The nation is in shock at the scale of this sudden calamity.”…

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Hurricane Hilary exposed HAARP

Published on: August 21, 2023 by Tommy Truthful
Hurricane Hilary Exposed Haarp

Disclaimer: We want to clarify that we are not asserting the claim that Hurricane Hilary was directly caused by geoengineering or HAARP….

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