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JayDreamerZ 😲 VIRAL video SHUTS DOWN Island!

By: JayDreamerZ
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5G Danger

A video went viral, clearly depicting a PETRIFIED TITAN laying down in Thailand’s famous Maya Bay. Afterwards, the Thai government CLOSED their top tourist destination – famous for the movie “The Beach” with Leonardo Dicaprio – “indefinitely”, allegedly to clean up trash left by tourists. The location was off limits for 4 years. They say it is now (2023) open, but with limited access.

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Petrified Titan

😲 Viral Video Shuts Down Island!

😲 Viral Video Shuts Down Island!

The “Petrified Titan” refers to a concept related to a global event that occurred in the past. According to this idea, during this event, powerful plasma energy punched a hole through the firmament (the supposed solid barrier separating Earth from the heavens). This event is believed to have caused petrification, a process in which objects and even living beings turn into stone-like substances.

Additionally, there is a mention of the ability to reanimate the dead, which is associated with the concept of the “rapture.” The term “rapture” refers to a belief in some religious teachings that at the end of the world, believers will be taken up to heaven, while the dead will be resurrected. Tommy Truthful….

Petrified Titan


  • Jaydreamerz

    JayDreamerZ is not only a capo in the Truth Mafia but also a true master of the Plasma Apocalypse. Moreover, he showcases his literary prowess as the author of Ancient Oblivion: The Plasma Apocalypse, a captivating paperback released on June 26, 2020. Engage in this unique journey now!

    Ancient Oblivion: The Plasma Apocalypse Order a copy here:
5G Danger

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