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Maui FIRES Like a BOMB (2023) Predictive PROGRAMMING!

By: Nephtali1981
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Site: : complete summary text presention: maui-fires-like-a-bomb-2023-predictive-programming

• The first section discusses the concept of predictive programming, linking the recitation of certain words to the tragic events of 9/11 and the Twin Towers. The speaker suggests that these instances are not simply coincidental but may be a premeditated scheme, reflecting a perceived higher power or nefarious plan.

• The second section highlights the state of the world today, touching on topics such as global disasters, societal fears, economic struggles, and escalating warfare. The speaker critically points out advancements like cloud seeding and artificial rain, implying that there’s more than natural disasters at play. He seems to believe in a more devious, organized control of world events. The speaker ends by warning listeners about the disparities in our world, hinting at a looming catastrophe.• This text discusses the artificial manipulation of nature such as artificially creating rain and clouds to alleviate water scarcity in Dubai, as well the production of artificial food and its widespread consumption. The writer expresses skepticism about these practices, suggesting that society’s reliance on the superficial and artificial will eventually come to a halt as people are becoming aware of the illusion.

• The text also touches on conspiracy theories, such as the concept of predictive programming and asserts that incidents like the Twin Tower attacks or the Maui fires were premeditated, with signs present in pop culture and media beforehand. It discusses the government’s possession of alien bodies and the use of direct energy weapons. The writer believes all these incidents are warnings from a higher power, directing people to come out of a system of manipulation and illusion.

• Lastly, the text calls for religious awakening, imploring people to heed the warnings implicit in world events like the Maui fires in Hawaii and the world harboring direct energy weapons. It argues that these signs point to an impending biblical judgement that will cause men’s hearts to fail out of fear. The writer urges for repentance and turning away from false preachers, further encouraging prayer for those suffering worldwide.• The text discusses spiritual struggles, not against human beings but against spiritual entities. The author warns against the world’s deception and criticizes society’s attempts to solve problems like famine and pestilences with technology and false advertising.

• A significant part of the text is devoted to a prayer asking for guidance, courage, and conviction from the Heavenly Father. It emphasizes God’s undefeated nature and encourages faith despite the challenges.

• At the end, the author talks about his online ministry, offering to help those in need. He thanks and encourages support for his non-monetized outreach, promotes their app, encourages sharing and engagement with his videos, and appreciates the community’s support.


Site: : full summary text presention: maui-fires-like-a-bomb-2023-predictive-programming

Boys and girls sound this word out. Get ready. What word? Yes. Steal. Read these words the fast way. Get ready. Play. Yes. Playing. Get ready. Must. Yes. Must. Let read these words the fast way without making a mistake. Get ready. Kite. Yes, kite. Get ready. Kit. Yes, kit. Get ready. Steal. Yes. Steel. Get ready. Yes. Plane. Get ready. Must. Yes. Must.

As President Bush is being told about the twin tower attacks, the kids are reciting that a kite, a plane must hit Steel as he’s being told that there are planes that have hit the twin tower. Predictive programming. This is not something that simple humans can plan out. Ephesians 612. We wrestle not against flesh and blood. Let’s talk about that and much more in the video. It’s creepy, it’s diabolical, but it’s Ephesians 612 in the physical realm.

Ready. Playing. Yes. Playing. Get ready. Must. Yes. Must. Let’s read these words the fast way without making a mistake. Get ready. Kite. Yes. Kite. Get ready. Kit. Yes. Kick. Get ready. Steal. Yes. Steal. Get ready. Yes. Playing. Get ready. Must. Yes. Must.

As the death toll continues to rise in Maui, one has to wonder is this casualty just another event that is part of the predictive programming that has happened in our nation and in our current day world? As we talk about the Maui fires and we talk about the travesty that has happened in Hawaii, when you start looking even in the Twin Towers incident, in New York before it occurred, there was much predictive programming in many films preparing the way. Or at least that when one goes back and looks at it in Hindsight, because they say Hindsight is 2020, you start seeing, Wait a minute, the predictive programming was there all along. And I get that. Especially when people look at mountain dew. Maui Burst dew Direct Energy Weapon. Maui Burst. And when you start hearing from the people that were in Maui and hearing from the people that were actually experiencing the event as it happened, there are some that actually described it as fire bombs, literal fire bombs landing on the land, causing these fires. Pretty hot fires. We are seeing loss of life here. As you know, the number has been rising and we will continue to see loss of lifestyle. It’s just complete devastation. We’ve talked to a lot of the people at the resort we were staying. They were bringing the displaced families over there. There were people that weren’t able to know if their house was still there, where their family members were. Well, I actually drove through Lahaina today and it was to the ground. Nothing like the whole town was gone. When you see the full extent of the destruction of Lahaina, it will shock you. It does appear like a bomb and fire went off, if I may. And it does appear like a bomb and fire went off, if I may.

All of those buildings virtually are going to have to be rebuilt. It will be a new Lahaina. It’s a travesty because when you look at what’s happening with a lot of these events that are going on all over the world today, we’re talking about Maui and Hawaii, however, these events happen all over the world and many of them go unnoticed. And there’s so many angles to it because we know very well that creation is groaning. Roman 822 for we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now. And one does not have to look far to take a look at the fact that in places where it used to rain is no longer raining and they have to use direct energy weapons to make it rain these things. You could call me a conspiracy theorist back in the day, but they now make it publicly known that cloud seeding is what they need to do to make it rain. Weather manipulation, earthquakes, typhoons, many events that you may simply consider normal weather events or categorized under global warming.

There are a lot of events, there are power players in this world. There are nations versus nations. Because you have to remember as well that World War II may not be fought as the previous wars were ever fought. Especially now in a currency tense situation where the US dollar is at a point where it’s under attack by many nations. And that’s another video to do. If you think that the United States of America is simply going to go down and say sure, no they’re not. Because the only thing holding the value of the US dollar is World War III and our military and our power that we have. That’s the only thing holding back the US Dollar from crashing. So we have so many events right now, tensing up world governments, tensing up relationships. And you can see it in people’s faces as you walk around in the street. Everyone is walking around thinking to themselves, how did we end up at the place that we are at right now? Everything is super expensive. Going to the grocery store, when me and my wife go to the grocery store, we take a list. And even when we take a list, we’re scratching things off. No, we can’t do this. No, we can’t do that. You are the same way too. The world that we live in now, it’s not the same way that we used to live in before.

So as creation is groaning, you’re noticing that Bible prophecy slowly but surely is starting to warn you that something is approaching. Luke 20 111 and great earthquakes shall be in diverse places, and famines and pestilences and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from the heavens. Things are getting out of hand. Things are getting out of hand even for the people that quote unquote think that they run this world. Things are getting way too out of hand and way too fast. You have alien disclosures left and right. You have world nations that have to rely on fallen angel technologies because there is famine in the land. Listen, there’s no such thing as global warming, and there’s a lot of Christians out there that will tell you this is normal, this has happened before. Listen, what’s going on right now in this world if you were to really open up your eyes and see a large majority of the crops that are growing, if we were to open our eyes and actually take a look, they have to use artificial seeds to make things grow. They have to produce genetically modified fish so that people can eat. They have to make it artificially rain for crops to grow. What do you do if you live in the middle of the desert and need water? You make it rain. Scientists in Dubai can now literally modify their weather. This technology could change the world as we know it. But will controlling the weather be used for good or for evil? In July of 2021, the United Arab Emirates National Center of Meteorology released a video showing a rainstorm that had been created using weather modifying technology. How did they make it rain in the desert, you might ask? Scientists in Dubai used high powered lasers and other advanced technology that were mounted to drones to make the rain fall from the desert sky. It should come as no surprise that one of the world’s wealthiest cities would need a lot of resources. And the fact that Dubai resides in the desert with no source of fresh water nearby means that H 20 is a hot commodity, both literally and figuratively. The city of 3.4 million residents receives around 15 million tourists, but only about four inches of rainfall every year. In order to support its own population in the booming tourism industry, Dubai needs to import a lot of goods. This is especially true for food and water. Being in the desert with very little rainfall isn’t just a problem for obtaining water, but without the vital resource, crops are hard to grow as well. So how does Dubai plan to overcome the problem? By making their own rain using drones. The weather isn’t very kind in Dubai, as the sandstorms can reach a speed of 62 mph. This means tiny grains of sand are whipped against buildings and anyone stuck outside at the speed of a car driving on the highway. Also, since the land the city sits on is not solid rock, the engineers of Dubai have had to come up with some unique solutions to construction problems. In fact, the skyscrapers in the city are held up by more friction than by traditional methods of building into the bedrock. They’ve even terraformed the region by building a palm tree.not availableEphesians 6:12. It tells you we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities powers of the air. These are dark spirits, man. And these entities, they have this world deceived. They’ve made contact. I’m telling you, they’ve made contact. It’s just they’ve made contact with the Father of all lies and he has them deceived and he has many of you deceived.

And as this world continues to go the way that they’re going, where they’re trying to cover up famine with technology, they’re trying to cover up pestilences with technology and great advertisement telling you that we need to depopulate the earth. Yeah, that’s the problem. We need to modify our DNA. Transhumanism is the way. Yeah, that’s the problem. They’re going to sell you anything and everything, and most will buy it because they’re still asleep in this dystopia.

But as that happens, I tell you, my brother, my sister and the Lord come out of her. My people, let’s pray. Heavenly Father, we want to thank you for yet another week that you’ve allowed us to live on this earth. We repent of wasting time. We ask of you, Heavenly Father, to continue to convict our hearts, to continue to allow us to strive for your holiness. Thank you, Heavenly Father, for convicting our hearts. And if there’s someone watching this video today that is going through a moment where it’s just too difficult for them and their families, in the name of Jesus Christ, refresh them and remind them that you are still God.

The economy may tumble, but you’re still God. You’re still that same God that fed the birds this morning. You’re still that same god. You’re still that same God that the waves on the edge of the beach have to stop, where you say they have to stop. You’re still that same god. You’re still the same God that the sun knows when to come up and the moon knows when to leave. You’re still that same God, and you’re undefeated. And you’re the king of kings, and you’re the only way. And your scripture says that you have already overcome and that you have not given us a spirit of fear.

In the name of Jesus Christ as we see the things unfold. Heavenly Father, give us that courage, give us that boldness and give us that reminder that you’ve told us the beginning and the end for a purpose to warn us. And that now it’s up to us to simply have that faith and belief in you, because we’re going to endure until the end. In the name of Jesus, amen.

God is good. God loves you. God cares for you. He has awesome, awesome things for your life. Don’t waste even a second more right there where you’re at. Remember that Jesus loves you at If you need anything, please reach out. I’m there for you on our website. Visit us. We have an app as well that is absolutely free on Android and Google. It’s called truth. Family app. You can go on there and write me on there and I can respond and see how we can help you.

Thank you for taking a few seconds to share this video. If you are kind enough to just take a few seconds, that would go a very long way, and if you enjoyed it, press the thumbs up. That goes a long way as well. In addition, thank you to anyone who supports this ministry or has even considered supporting this ministry. That goes a very long way. This is a non monetized channel. We simply try to make videos for Jesus Christ to the best of our ability. And your support goes a long way.

May God bless you always. I’m going to leave two videos on the screen. I hope that they bless you and thank you. Thank you. Thank you for passing by. Go ahead and subscribe. We have weekly videos and live streams all the time. God bless.

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