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How Much Have They Changed The Bible -

“Ever thought about how we understand the Bible? It’s like being in a dark room, touching different parts of an elephant. We all see things differently. And just like a bike’s training wheels, our beliefs can change over time. What if aliens influenced our beliefs? Or even movies? Our understanding of reality is a fascinating journey!” …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Chosen Ones They Realized You Were The Blessing After You Left -

“Know your worth and love yourself! Even if others don’t see your value, remember you’re special. Don’t let bad times change your kind heart. Keep spreading love and positivity. If people don’t return your love, it’s time to move on. Focus on growing and healing yourself. You’re worth it!” …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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210 Phantom Doppelgangers Pineal Gland Gateways The Pan Effect With Blackhoodiealchemy6957 -

Join the Hwana podcast for ad-free content and exclusive episodes on Patreon. Explore the occult, hear about mountaineer experiences, and delve into metaphysics with guest Anthony Tyler. Experience the unexplainable, from Bigfoot sounds to UFO sightings. Discuss personal realities, dream analysis, and the mystery of death. All this and more, with your host, Juan Ay …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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The Ritual Regicide Of The Romanov Dynasty 1 -

The Russian monarchy, starting in the 1400s, was Christian-based and aimed to stop evil. The Romanovs ruled from 1613-1917, spreading Christianity but also respecting other faiths. However, Freemasonry, arriving in Russia in the 1700s, brought new ideas that clashed with old beliefs, causing a revolution in 1917. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Something Wicked Is Coming This Summer Solstice -

Join the entire Truth Mafia team in this live video decode with Tommy Truthful, leader of the Truth Mafia, and DOENUT, the underboss. Also featuring Juan from the Juan on Juan podcast, Thomas from, and Ani. Explore intriguing conspiracy theories about celebrities, weather control, and secret societies. Discover theories like Eminem being a clone, weather manipulation as a weapon, and the mysterious moon child concept. Learn more; click the button below!…

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Terrence Howard Is Not A Genius According To Moistcr1Tikal Penguinz0 -

In this blog, the writer shares their thoughts on actor Terrence Howard’s unique math theory. They express concern over people’s readiness to believe him, despite his lack of expertise. The writer also plans to review a video about Howard’s beliefs, aiming to discuss it professionally and critically. They highlight the importance of trusting experts and thinking critically. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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The Mental Stargate The New Sun

Published on: May 31, 2024 by BDELL1014
The Mental Stargate The New Sun -

This video explores the idea of reaching a higher state of consciousness, or “apex of consciousness.” It talks about how balancing our mind can help us control time, space, and matter. It also discusses the importance of connecting with nature and moving away from materialistic things. The video suggests that reaching this apex can help us rise above the world’s dualities. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Dream Walking

“Dream walking, a fascinating ability to enter and manipulate dreams, is not a gift everyone possesses. It’s a war in the Astral Plane, battling dream demons like Fred Krueger and telekinetic dreamwalkers like Eleven from Stranger Things. Tommy Truthful, leader of the Truth Mafia, delves into this enigmatic world in a riveting father-son podcast. They explore lucid dreaming, interdimensional entities, and the role of CERN in releasing these entities from the 8th Sphere. Don’t miss this episode!”…

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Strategic Relocation Full Movie 2012 Edition -

This blog post discusses the importance of strategic planning and location for survival in times of potential crises. It highlights the risks of densely populated areas, the benefits of certain geographical features, and the need for a well-thought-out evacuation plan. The post also emphasizes the importance of understanding various factors when choosing a place to live, including cost of living, political climate, and potential for …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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