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Apple Reacts to iPhone 12 Ban in France Over Radiation Concerns CELL 322 Tommy Truthful – Doenut Factory

By: Tommy Truthful
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5G Danger

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A Deep Dive into Radiation: A Blast from the Past with Body Align

A while back, my brother and I collaborated on a video project with Steve, the knowledgeable owner of Body Align. Despite the video being a throwback, I find it imperative to share its relevance, especially when discussing the radiation levels in the iPhone 12.

Historical patterns are fascinating. Take the Spanish flu, for instance: it emerged exactly 102 years before the coronavirus outbreak. Both health crises reached a pivotal point on March 11th. Intriguingly, during the Spanish flu era, the world was witnessing the massive rollout of the electric grid. Some researchers suggest this event might’ve led to what they term “electromagnetic frequency sickness,” believed by some to have triggered the Spanish flu. Although this idea is contentious, it certainly provokes thought.

Delving deeper into parallels, consider this: Wuhan, China, was the first to roll out 5G technology. Incidentally, or not, they reported the first significant cluster of coronavirus cases. The very first recorded case? November 18th, 2019, the 322nd day of the year. If you’re fond of patterns, you’ll note that the term “cell” corresponds numerically to “322”. Coincidence?

Another piece to ponder: Have you watched a movie where cell phones emit a specific frequency, turning the majority into mindless zombies? I recently tackled this topic in a fresh video, which I’ll be sharing below. Prepare to be astounded by the connections and theories presented!


Apple promises to fix iPhone 12 radiation levels with software update

Apple Reacts to iPhone 12 Ban in France Over Radiation Concerns By Tommy Truthful

Apple Reacts To Iphone 12 Ban

In a surprising turn of events, the French government recently put a halt to all iPhone 12 sales within its borders. Why? They argued that Apple’s flagship device surpassed the acceptable SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) radiation exposure limits.

But Apple isn’t one to sit quietly. The tech behemoth swiftly responded, defending the iPhone 12’s compliance with global SAR standards. Notably, Apple also assured its users of an imminent software update designed specifically to align with the testing protocol used by French regulators. This move, Apple suggests, will address the current issues and pave the way for the return of the iPhone 12 to the French market.

“We’re committed to ensuring our products meet the highest standards of safety and compliance worldwide,” Apple articulated in a recent statement. They went on to explain, “The concerns in France are linked to their unique testing protocol, and not any inherent safety risk. We will release a software update soon for our French users and are optimistic about the iPhone 12’s availability in the region.”

Eager to set things right, the French authorities have committed to re-evaluating the iPhone 12 post-update. If it complies with their radiation exposure benchmarks, the phone will once again grace the French shelves.

Which Smartphones Rank High in Radiation Emission?

Our smartphones have become extensions of ourselves. But with this constant companion comes questions of health and safety. One persistent concern is the radiation emitted by these devices.

While the verdict on radiation’s long-term effects is still out, data has been compiled on which smartphones emit the most radiation. Curious? Let’s see how some popular models rank based on their SAR (measured in watts per kilogram of body weight when held to the ear):

  • Motorola Edge: Topping the charts, this model boasts a SAR of 1.79.
  • ZTE Axon 11 5G: This Chinese entrant comes in with a SAR of 1.59.
  • OnePlus 6T: Another model from China, its SAR stands at 1.55.
  • Sony Xperia XA2 Plus: The Japanese tech player is on the list, with its device emitting a SAR of 1.41.

While we must approach these figures with caution, they do serve as a reminder to stay informed and make smart choices when it comes to our tech.


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5G Danger

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One thought on “Apple Reacts to iPhone 12 Ban in France Over Radiation Concerns CELL 322 Tommy Truthful – Doenut Factory

  1. Good shit right here brother. Thankfully I don’t have that 12, but you can def feel frequencies coming out of these damn phones for sure. They make you tired, sluggish and drowsy. Wild shit bro. Thanks for your work.

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