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MISSION IMPOSSIBLE UNCHARTED | The 2 crosses together as 1 form the key

By: LXXXVIII finis temporis
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5G Danger
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➡ Mr. Hunt is given a mission to find a special key that could control a powerful entity. This key is split into two halves and is highly sought after by different governments. His friend, Ilsa Faust, is involved and he must decide what happens to her. If he fails, a dangerous entity wins and the world will face serious consequences.


Good evening, Mr. Hunt. It’s been a long time. Our lives are the sum of our choices. And we cannot escape the past. The stakes of this mission are higher than ever. Your habitual rogue behavior will not be tolerated. Should you choose to accept, it is imperative that you listen. Your government is searching for a key. Its purpose, its vital importance to us is none of your concern. What should concern you is the involvement of your friend, Ilsa Faust.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to acquire the key and deliver it to us. What happens to Ilsa after that is up to you. As always, if any members of your team are caught or killed, the secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This message will self destruct in 5 seconds. Good luck. Ethan’s assets in the Kremlin informed us that the Russians have focused the majority of their intelligence activity on acquiring two halves of the cruciform key.

And what does it unlock? Not exactly sure. But the Russians seem to believe that it somehow has the power to deactivate our mysterious entity. I’m not going to apologize to you, Hunt. It’s my job to use you. Just like it’s your job to be of use. Did you accomplish your mission or not? Wherever the other half of this is, whatever the completed key unlocks, I will find it.

What do you want? This key. The one you pick from that man’s pocket. It’s worthless without this key. But together, they’re worth 4 million in cryptocurrency. That man was carrying on a flash drive. I wouldn’t know anything about that. Then why was this drive in your pocket? Who are you? No more ones and zeros. It’s a fully analog offline safe room, shielded from our digitally based entity. Where’s this feed coming from? Corona spy satellite from the cold war.

Had no idea we were still using those things. Where is this feed coming from? Corona spy satellite from the cold war. So did these friends of yours happen to say what the key unlocks? Mi six suspects. It leads somehow to the entity’s source code. Source code? When were you going to tell me this? I’m telling you now. And the key to world domination is, of all things, a key.

One with the power to control the entity. One that any government in the world would pay a king’s ransom to take possession of. It knows. It knows that you’ve already chosen your suitor. It knows that you intend to mate the two halves of the key in a desperate grasp for control. I, however, have been promised the completed key will lay itself at my feet. Provided someone dies. Wait, you don’t expect me to go alone? No, you won’t do it alone.

You just do everything like we planned. You get the widow’s half of the key, you verify it with ours. But it’s of no value on its own. We still have to meet with the buyer and somehow get him to tell us what the key unlocks. How? How? Figure it out. I’m going to need a few more details. Yeah, they tend to just get in the way. You can do this, Grace.

Just get the key and wait. What would you do with that key? If you had a key with the power to bring the world to its knees, I’d hand it over to my superiors. Think of all you could do with that power. You wouldn’t hesitate, not for a second, no. I’m beginning to wonder whose side you’re on. Dig out. When it comes to the end of the world, everybody, I guess you.

It’s a moment of truth. You made the right choice. This key has gotta change the world. A new day brings a new burden. The key is only the beginning. Wherever it leads, whatever it takes to get there, you’ll have to do it on your own. Should you fail in your mission. The entity wins, Gabriel wins, and the world will pay the ultimate price. Biggest collection of spanish Renaissance art and artifacts anywhere this century.

One of those items is La Cruz de la Armand. Only it’s not a cross. It’s a key. Key that unlocks the chamber where the infamous 18 hid that gold. Very cool. But the legend said there are two keys. One for the captain and one for the crew. So no one man could steal the gold by himself. One key doesn’t do us any good. You ever get outside when you were a Kid? I mean, how do you remember all this? One thing I already have.

The captain’s key. Second one’s in there. Hey, Augustine. It’s an auction house. It’s very exclusive, but I got us on the list. Look at that car. But that ain’t cheap. Oh, Jesus. Not sorry. It’s pretty cool. Well, he’s one of a kind. Solid gold altar crucifix, and crafted in Barcelona in the early 16th century. So, yes, it’s pretty cool. Wow. You know your crosses. Ladies and gentlemen, if I could have your attention, please.

Good luck to you. Would you please take your seat? The auction will be commencing very soon. Holy shit. You got it. Hey, maybe I should hold on to that for. Oh, you don’t trust me? Oh, is that supposed to be funny? Here. Okay. Well, you have any bright ideas on how to use the keys? Yeah. Here the captain wrote, the path begins in Barcelona where the keys turn into pine.

And then there’s a sketch here of a pine tree here. So we’re looking for a tree. Really? Yeah. Wow. That’s your expert analysis? Well, you just gave me the book, like, an hour ago. What am I supposed to do? I got that far on my own. The auction house Mincata called it an altar crucifix. I didn’t think about it then, but it means the cross was originally made to stand on an altar in a church.

Which church? Santa Maria del P. St. Mary of the pine. This has to be. It. Might just be a genius. Genius is a stretch. Oh, yeah. Look at that. Now, you know I brought him. All right, let’s just split up and figure out where the keys go, okay? Holy shit. You found them. Hey, what does that look like to you? A khodi? Here we go. Three, two, one, turn.

You. Whoa. Pointing this way. Bi of providence, I say we go with God. Bi. Providence. I say we go with God. But there’s literally an arrow that points this way. Say it yourself. I’m going to go this way. Yeah, we should go your way. We should go your way. Yeah. Hit us. What the hell you. Hey. This can’t be right, can it? I can’t hear one thing you’re saying.

Come on, let’s go. Yeah, this definitely doesn’t look right. Look above the bar. Inferno. Isn’t that Latin for help? Yeah. Come on. Do you think it’s another puzzle? Whatever it is, you better figure it out fast. I’m gonna try and buy us some time. Yeah, they are. Are you? Oh, shit. Nate, this is not a time for shots for Scott. Those guys suck. See a light? Is that you? Yeah, that’s us.

We’re in some sort of roman antechamber. Whoa. All right. Okay, now it doesn’t fit. See something. Looks like a ladder or something. I think I get it. I think it’s the two keys put together. What? I said, I think it’s the two keys put together. Throw your key down. Hey, you two think you’re going to double cross me? Hey, sully, you want the stupid gear? You want the gold? Come on, throw your key down.

H. You two think you’re going to double cross me? Hey, sully, you want the stupid gear? You want the gold? Come on. This is it. Throw it down. It. Thank you. Ladder to you. Yeah, it. Okay, ready? Three, two, one. Do you see that? What are you waiting for? What the. What’s happening? We found it. .

5G Danger

Spread the Truth
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control powerful entity dangerous entity wins deciding Ilsa Faust fate Ilsa Faust involvement key split into two halves Mr. Hunt mission special key sought after by governments world facing serious consequences

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