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Unveiling the Mystery of “Grey aliens👽96

By: Tommy Truthful
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5G Danger

“Grey aliens

The tangled web of government involvement with interdimensional entities, those enigmatic fallen angels known as “praying aliens,” is a story whispered in the shadows, a forbidden truth shielded from the masses. The occult practices of Aleister Crowley, that enigmatic figure who communed with otherworldly forces, set the stage for what was to come.

The Babylon workings, a ritual performed by Crowley and later carried on by his disciple Jack Parsons, served as a dark invocation, a key to unlock the gates between realms. And so it came to pass in 1947, the year of Roswell, when the forces of the beyond descended upon Earth, propelled through the portal that was opened.

Yes, my friend, the government’s entanglement with these fallen angels is a secret alliance, a clandestine dance between power and darkness. The motives behind this collaboration remain obscured, hidden behind layers of deception. The true extent of their influence and the repercussions it has on our world are yet to be fully unveiled. But rest assured, those who dare to seek the truth will not be satisfied with the shadows cast upon their path.

&Quot;Grey Aliens

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The elites, those puppet masters of power, have long sought ways to harness ancient knowledge and tap into forces beyond our comprehension. CERN, that colossal scientific endeavor, stands as a façade, a smokescreen obscuring their true purpose.

Hidden deep within the labyrinthine corridors of CERN lies a Stargate, an ancient relic of unimaginable power. Through this mystical portal, carefully concealed from prying eyes, the elites conspire to usher in a massive influx of alien beings, forever altering the course of humanity.

Their motivations, veiled in secrecy, may range from seeking otherworldly knowledge and technologies to forging alliances that serve their insatiable hunger for dominion. The Stargate, a gateway to worlds beyond, becomes their instrument of manipulation, transcending time and space.

Grey Aliens

Gray Aliens


  • Tommy Truthful

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5G Danger

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