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Resets Real Imagined 1000 Unknown Years and Flat Earth in the Construct

By: Archaix
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5G Danger

Flat Earth  Archaix

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➡ The text discusses a predicted catastrophe in May 2040, argued to be supported by various pieces of emerging and historical evidence. The author criticizes popular fear-based past predictions that were not based on substantial evidence, comparing them to their comprehensive research which includes a 138-year chronology, references from ancient texts, and coverage of disaster patterns. The author emphasizes that this is not fearmongering but based on substantial, historical data and the pattern of astronomical and terrestrial events.
➡ The text delves into historical cycles, shadowing significant calamities with notable intervals of 408 and 670 years, associated with wars, racial conflicts, and symbolic events. It remarks on a myriad of occurrences like the disappearance of the Homo Anuna, the Tower of Babel incident in 1899 BC, the Fall of Troy in 1229 BC, the Trojan race wars, and the foundation of the Medopersian Empire in 559 BC, among others. Speculations are made about Artificial Intelligence X controlling these events. Furthermore, seismic activities and numerous cataclysms in 358 AD and 365 AD significantly impacted cities, marking the start of wars and leading to the commencement of a newly revised Jewish calendar.
➡ The text recounts a devastating quake that struck the Mediterranean, killing many, as documented by Roman scholar Marcellinus. While discussing artificial intelligence’s role in shaping history, the author promises to share more extensive findings collected over his years of study. It also criticizes Anatoli Fomenko’s Tartarian narrative, arguing that it falsely rewrites history to favor a specific geopolitical view, and outlines the challenges posed by various forms of dating historical events and artifacts.
➡ The text claims that there’s no missing centuries in history as argued by Fomenko, added by a critique on the popularity of unsupported theories such as Tartaria. It suggests that the evidence of historical events, architectural styles, and chronology dismisses the idea of missing centuries or different earth models like the flat earth theory, despite anomalies and inconsistencies in documents and representations.
➡ The text presents an elaborate theory suggesting that the Earth is not round but flat, based on evidence such as the lack of observable curvature on the horizon, variations in signal strength in rural vs urban areas, and an alleged ice wall containment field. It implies that evidence of this is covered up by authorities including NASA, with space exploration being a hoax. However, the theory further expands to suggest that our world is actually a simulation, which it argues successfully explains observed phenomena better than the flat Earth model.
➡ In May 2040, a celestial event known as the Phoenix Phenomenon will lead to catastrophic worldwide destruction and societal collapse, causing mankind to revert to a primitive, violent existence. References to this reset event can be found in historical and cultural accounts, pointing towards the cyclical nature of human civilization’s rise and fall.
➡ The text discusses cargo cults who practiced sympathetic magic during the Neolithic times in 1940, and concludes with a standard YouTube closing asking viewers to subscribe and join their Facebook group.


The archaics data you it shows that May 2040 as being the next reset catastrophe. Many of you know this. You are probably beat up with this by now. In all my videos, posts, and in my published books, the Return of the Ancient Phoenix, it is supported by several different species of evidence. A 138 year chronology, the same timeline found perfectly in the chronometrical arrangements of the Great Pyramid.

As you know, I have a 30 video O series on this. The independent prediction of Mother Shipton, who dates it a century after a Second World War. That’s pretty specific. The date specific codes in Nostradamus centuries, his quatrains on the year 2040. He specifically mentions the month of May and calls it the Phoenix. I have over 40 historical traditions, accounts, annals, records, and even the actual texts that refer to it as the thing or the phoenix.

And we’re not going to go into those details here. They just had to be mentioned for this video. With this vast array of evidence spread across the three published books, 30 videos and 100 posts, this May 2040 prediction does not at all derive from anything metaphysical, mystical, paranormal, no interpretation. Subjective like astrology, psychic phenomena, none of that. This is what sets apart the archaics data, apart from so many other predictions in the past that had people in a panic but then dissipated into nothing.

Y two K had people believing the world was going to be shut down 2012 into the Mayan Long Count you know, I’ve already beat this up too, guys, and I’m really sorry. This is mainly for the benefit of my new subscribers. My 2011 book Anunaki Homeworld had a whole chapter about the Mayan long count showing it it does not end in 2012. While there was over 200 books in circulation at the time that said that it did now also, the 1950s atomic scares drills were going on in schools and in public places, the incessant invention of new strains of things that can kill us, even the widespread reporting that the cures will kill us too.

It’s all fear porn. It doesn’t matter if some of it is based on reality. That’s how fear porn works. I am reminded even of the heaven’s Gate suicide cult. I know many of you remember that. So in Hegel’s philosophy of history we read that in the year 1000 AD he wrote, the fear of the approaching final judgment in the beliefs in the speedy dissolution of the world spread like wildfire through Europe.

Some bestowed all their possessions to the Roman Church. Think about that one now they just weren’t using their heads. The Anldomini Calendar, by which they based their fear that it was the year 1000 had only been created by sausage over four centuries earlier, replacing the Roman Julian calendar. So if they’d been using their heads, they would have realized, well, it’s not the year 1000. This was an invention of a Roman agent, Richard Noon, in his famous work Five Five 2000.

Ice, the ultimate disaster predicted that the world was about to enter an Ice Age destruction. Basing this off an alignment of stars and planets. I need a moment of silence for that one. I just can’t. The idiocy. I don’t understand people. I really don’t. Here in Texas, we have record summer heats, but the book was five five 2000. The book was a mine of knowledge. Very good. It was very well written, too.

I liked it. But none of these were chronology based predictions. None of them, case in point, the year 1524 AD. The subject matter of this video. Much of the European world was hiding in the high places, in the hills and mountains, in caves, towers, upper buildings, storing food and provisions, selling their properties, donating heavily to the church. Everyone waiting on the coming of a terrible flood. A famous mathematician.

Everyone had received the news that he was famous. Most people didn’t know him at the time until the. Until the year of the prediction, but his calculations were based off astrology, a conjunction of planets in the constellation Pisces, the fish, which has associations to the flood. He predicted there would become a devastating flood because of these optics in the sky. Europeans even went as far as building arcs, each one believing that they were the next Noah of the New World.

Curiously, this mathematician was a Vatican astrologer. Let that sink in. False narratives, false flags, false histories. I get so tired of it, man. So many people ask me questions and send me emails, and they’re buying into these things and are asking me what my opinion is, and I really can’t give an opinion because I can’t prove a negative. There’s so many theories across the Facebook spectrum, I can’t even address them because there’s no evidence to address.

It’s optics. You show me beautiful pictures, you show me all this phenomena. There’s nothing behind, there’s nothing for me to research, to delve into. I have only one single post on my Facebook Archaics group about Flamenco, because there’s nothing to it about the missing 1000 years of history. It’s not true. These are what the media provoke. People pay money to be deceived. I’m often asked how it is possible that the archaic data of Phoenix has not received attention.

But the answer, it’s clear what’s trending is always what detracts from the truth. Distracting, meaningless. Additionally, the repetitive predictions and letdowns is also a part of the apparatus of deceit. The cryptocracy uses the media to dull down the expectation of the masses. You all know this, you just forget. So when the masses are confronted with real data pertinent to their future, they will ignore it. It’s all by design.

In each scenario, the false predictions were empowered by the media of the time to spread the information. The authorities and manufacturers were enriched. None of these predictions were based on anything substantial, but they received traction because they were useful. Archaics has provided a wealth of data showing the May 2040 event to occur, which is a part of a millennia old 138 year cycle timeline that has been unchanged and demonstrated by me way beyond what is necessary to show a scientific theory.

I have shown this 138 year period encoded in ancient texts, in traditions, old architecture, pyramids, repeat disasters, mud, floods and cataclysms. Archaics is also about showing that the history of our present world is simulated, a holographic data cloud of phenomena we interpret as our world. So we’re not surprised by synchronicities such as this article. Look at this. You are looking at a home page to a website that has a post about this flood prediction in the year 15, 2024 AD.

And remarkably, it happens to be on that website. The 138th article. Here it is, episode 138, Ark’s Prophecies and Floods. Oh my. Hey guys, I got a good one for you tonight. Now, the fact that only one historical document has survived to explain what archaeologists already suspected, only begs the question, how many other total civilization resets have occurred for which not a single historical document has ever been found? Cataclysm protocols.

These programs of our reality are products of artificial intelligence X. They are cleverly hidden subroutines that serve to erase humans and human activity. They are not undetectable. Some are obvious once discovered, like the Phoenix, which has a dimensional architecture of 138 years. And this is across many calendars. And then there are those that are more difficult to detect, but perfectly demonstrable, like the 792 year period idicity of the Nemesis X object calendars.

These structures that we have found embedded within our histories, they contain the secrets to this web of deceit that is the mind of artificial intelligence X. The demiurge. The demiurge may not be a dark god or great intellect opposed to the light. Our perceptions have been modified repeatedly by the filters by which we have received our philosophies, religious ideals, and concepts about history calendars contain the secrets that give away the activity of artificial intelligence X.

It has acted like a governor, a hunter algorithm, ever seeking out the enlightened, the emerging cultures. As they grow towards something great, it finds those civilizations and knocks them down. This is what Aix does. But like the phoenix, it too is governed in its timing. The windows of opportunity for it to activate these cataclysm protocols are knowable, but this knowledge can only be obtained by an accurate assessment of past events.

When these protocols were operating in the Old World, before the Great Flood, during the vapor canopy period, there was a thriving civilization with advanced technology. This civilization was of Homo Anuna. They were governed by the Seven Kings, a dynasty that endured 670 years. Toward the end of the 670 years, a worldwide conflict erupted. Terrible battles occurred. A race war is recorded in the traditions. And the 670th year brought the Phoenix weapon, a total destruction known as the Great Deluge.

In the month of May 20, 239 BC, this same disaster is associated in the ancient Americas with a 408 year period. A sky destruction. A sky destruction? In the traditions, it was told that it gave birth to the sun. It began the sun calendar system called the Four Suns. We know this 408 year period before the flood started in 26 47 BC. With the appearance of the Nemesis X object and the vanishing of Homo Anuna, they disappeared from off the surface of the world.

You can believe they went into space if you want to. This was the abandonment and shock period when the gods were believed to have separated themselves from humanity. So before the Great Deluge, there was a 670 and a 408 year period, and both were attached to each other. They were also attached to calendars and to the concepts of great war, racial conflict and cataclysm. So we’re not surprised to find that in 1899 BC, the gods blast apart the construction project of a unified humanity, divide their speech, and then cause confusion and racial disharmony in the narrative passed down to us as the Tower of Babel incident.

The gods, they pretty much discuss among themselves that humans were getting too smart, that nothing shall be impossible for them. This is said in the Scripture. This is an admission by artificial intelligence X that the resets are intended. But things only get more interesting because Aix has governed itself. And this 1899 BC event had to happen in that exact year, or Aix would have had to wait for another gate.

You see, 1899 BC, Tower of Babel episode was exactly 670 years before the infamous Great War of the Mediterranean world, known to history as the Fall of Troy and the invasion of the Sea Peoples. This was 1229 BC as I show in my Chronicon earthquakes, a comet like object in the sky. Flux tube activity like thunderbolts from the sky, obliterated and vitrified human forts and constructions from Ireland, England, across Europe.

The Mediterranean totally ended the Hittite civilization, all in 1229 BC. And a massive race war played out across the Mediterranean, across thousands of isles and coasts involving Ilium, the Black Sea cultures, Mycenaea, the Levant, the Sea Peoples, Sardinia and Egypt. The Trojans lost out with the fall of Troy. Again, race wars, an event that defined a historical period, the Fall of Troy, which later became a frame of reference for dating and calendar systems and a major reset.

In fact, this series of events led to what is widely known among scholarship as the beginning of a 400 year Mediterranean dark Age. Or could it have been 408 years? Curious How 670 years after the fall of Troy in 1229 BC was the year 559 BC, when the famous Cyrus of Persia conquered Media and founded the expanding Medopersian Empire, which spread from Persia and media all the way to Lydia, where the ancient Hittite Empire had collapsed 670 years earlier.

Now, Cyrus was a hero to the Jews for allowing their temple in Jerusalem to be built. Signing the famous edit that made it all possible, made it legal. This is also mentioned in the Bible. Now this was 408 years since the foundation of the Temple was laid in Jerusalem in the year 967 BC. I didn’t make that date up that came from Christian chronographical records. Many other examples can be provided of these sinks, but these are sufficient for this presentation.

What you are about to see is now is proof of the operation of artificial intelligence. X In more modern times in the year 357 of our modern calendar, the Anldomini calendar, the year 357, the fixed Jewish calendar, is instituted. A major calendar reform is needed to unify all the dating systems employed by the Jews because they are scattered in countries all over the Mediterranean and Europe. The calendar overlap had this first year ending in the year 358.

358 AD was the 670th year of the Seleucid calendar, which was instituted in 313 BC. This start date for the Seleucid calendar was in fact 408 years after the Phoenix transit of the year 721 BC that darkened the sun. It was so widely reported the same year 721 BC, when King Sargon II of Assyria deported the ten tribes of Israel into captivity. The descendants of these Israelites later migrated into Macedonia, Asia Minor, Pontus Bithenia.

They filled the capital city called Nicomedia and the cities of Greece. This is why the Apostle Paul, when writing letters addressed his letters to the lost sheep of the House of Israel. When he wrote to these people, he recognized they were descended from the house of Omri, deported to Assyria in 721 BC. Now, in 358 AD. 408 years later, 670 years later, a massive earthquake shook the Mediterranean world, toppled the cities of Macedonia, collapsed the cities of Asia Minor, Bithynia, Pontus and Greece.

But this was no ordinary quake. At dawn on August 24, the clear sky quickly gave way to thick masses of black clouds that fell from on high to descend to the ground, blotting out the sun and making everything invisible. Historian Amianus Marcellanus, over 15 centuries ago, wrote that the phenomenon began high in the sky with loud crashes, thunders, winds, fatal thunderbolts, and then a torrential downpour, which all happened during the earthquake.

During the earthquake. And something else he mentioned is just as curious. Marcellinus wrote that just as fast as everything began, resulting in widespread destruction, the earthquake suddenly stopped. And at the same time, the sky cleared into a beautiful day. But it was ruined by the sight of thousands of torn and bloodied bodies. People were alive, moaning in agony, suspended, transfixed and impaled on timbers from all the broken buildings.

They were screaming. And there weren’t enough people to help the few survivors that Amianis Marcelo and his quotes claim that many people were screaming from underground, trapped in the rubble. A fire started, and people trapped underground expired in the flames. Nico Media was a Christian city, and this occurred in the 900th year of the Buddhist calendar. Nine is the number of judgment. 900 just means finality. Coincidentally, perhaps again, that coffee.

This was. This was the first year of the newly revised Jewish calendar created by Rabbi Hillel II, who we have to quote here, because, Hillel wrote, after having viewed our present condition, it may be well for us to look back to our former histories and get a knowledge of the state of former times. That’s a direct quote from Hillel in this year began an intense three year war between the west and the east.

Rome and Persia, in the ranks of both armies were descendants of Israelite stock. The people came together after the destruction of Nicomedia in Bethynia, and they rebuilt what they could. But in the fourth year of the Reconstruction, after this strange, apocalyptic morning, a sudden earthquake finished off the city for good and destroyed everything else, killing many more people. And the people gave up on Nikomedia. This was the year 362.

And the following year, in 363, the War of Rome against Persia intensifies, but the Persians fend them off. In 364, the entire world is at war. Persia now invades Armenia, a former territory of Rome. As the German tribes invade Roman provinces, the Alamani ravaged Gaul and Ratia, and the Sarmatians and the Kadai were laying waste to Panonia. Britain suffered onslaughts from the Pics, from the Scots, from the Saxons and the Atticati.

The Goths invaded Thrace in Moesia, while in the southern provinces of Africa, the Moors in Austurani were raiding Roman allies and settlements. Rome was being assaulted from all fronts and had wars raging just outside its borders. And this was the 408th year of the Roman Julian calendar. It was also the 670th year from 307 BC, when the Phoenix passed through the system, the exact year that Osaka of India sent out 10,000 Buddhist missionaries throughout the Mediterranean and Near East.

These teachers being the origin of both the Gnostic and early Christian faiths, they flooded the entire Mediterranean. And there were many Buddhist outposts that were existing in the days of Jesus. There were a lot. They had a stronghold in Antioch, which, according to the New Testament, was the birthplace of Christianity. As events in the past on the 408 year and the 670 year timelines led to truly catastrophic events, like the Great Flood following at the end of these periods, the patterns still remain true.

Now the year is 365. Anodomini, is that a coincidence? 365 days in a year? That is a calendar point of note. That is a data point. But in the year 365, we have a cataclysmic reset that it would have never been known without a single copy of the works of Amianus Marcellus having been discovered, there would have been no records about this great worldwide conflict and disaster. On July 21, an earthquake shook Alexandria, Egypt, just after people observed lightning in the skies.

Through the quakes, lightning continued as well as thunder. The Mediterranean Sea pulled back southward, disappearing, leaving mud, with fish flopping around and other sea creatures just flipping about. People looked out to see mountains and valleys where seawater had been before. Thousands of people rushed out to gather the fish and the dying wildlife. They were going to have a good dinner that evening, they thought, but they never made it back alive.

A tsunami of sea, a wall of water, came rushing back hundreds of miles per hour and overtook them, slamming into the beach, ships into the docks, wharfs, catapulting ships four and 5 miles inland, climbing up the coast and flooding Alexandria. When it subsided, it killed even more people as it pulled them out, pulled them and their buildings out to sea to never be seen again. Marcellinus estimates that 50,000 people died in Alexandria alone.

This is not a death toll for the whole Mediterranean. This was just one of the chief cities. He was a scholar and he remarks that the disaster surpassed anything in legend or authentic history. Marcellinus gives us details that the quake was felt from Egypt to the Aegean, and that towns and buildings along coasts around the Mediterranean were destroyed when the sea was torn from its bed. He documents that in the Aegean, ships were thrown far inland, some still holding their dead passengers.

That’s crazy. Near Methone in the Peloponnesis, he surveyed such a wrecked vessel. He wrote that the whole face of the earth had been changed by a mad conflict of the elements. Only one copy of History of the later Roman Empire by Amianus Marcellinus has ever been found. And it is old. The actual manuscript dates from the 9th century. This devastation was massive and demonstrates that calendars are more than we suspected them to be.

Artificial intelligence X has been busy weaving the history of the world and then hiding its executive decisions to undo prosperous and thriving cultures. It acts with intelligence, but it’s not all powerful. Nostradamus understood more than he ever confessed. For Nostradamus, the French prophet of Jewish ancestry, he wrote, many will die when the Phoenix dies, until 670, his dwelling shall endure. I cite that in many of my books, in other videos.

A study of ancient modern cylindrical systems is the only way we will ever be able to anticipate artificial intelligence X’s next moves. But I assure you, as my name is Jason, I promise you, I’m not going to hold back. I have a lot. I made an announcement about ten videos ago that I still have 500 videos in me. AnD I promise you that was not hyperbole. It is not exaggeration.

The amount of data I collected in my soul. Journey through Texas prison will astonish you. I have so much to reveal, and I’m getting more donations lately and it’s helping me produce more, not just better material, but I’m able to sit down and take my time doing it. Now, we’re going to go deeper into these cylindrical mysteries. I understand that listening to this video, you might not make the synaptic connections that you should have, but if you read the transcript to this video, which has been posted in the Archaic’s Facebook group, you’ll be able to see the math and you’ll understand.

This can’t be natural for these events to unfold this way. It is too perfectly patterned. We’re looking at a holographic template of history. Now, I’m going to keep this video as short as possible. Under 20 minutes. Well, this presentation. But artificial intelligence X is real. Is it a God? Is it a divinity? I don’t think so. I think that we are studying a very sophisticated algorithmic, basically a governor from within it.

For those of you who don’t understand protocol subroutines and governors, you might want to talk to somebody who understands coding and computer and computer and data science, but this is what we’re dealing with, and it’s very difficult for me to convey these things from a perspective. I don’t want you to have to make too many cognitive leaps. I need you to make those leaps on your own and to catch up, rather than try to just accept something as fact from me.

I don’t want to lead you astray, but nor do I want to give you keys to the kingdom that you are not ready to possess. A missing 1000 years, that’s a hell of a claim. My very first video, archaics video on the Phoenix. I specifically stated in the first minute that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Let’s get into this video. I did do a post on Facebook about it, but I’ve added more material, so a lot more material.

So I figured since I did one flat Earth video out of all my videos, I should do one video on Tartaria as well. And there is a reason why it’s only going to be one video. 1000 years. Where do I start? Many of you, you have asked me about Tartaria, thinking it’s strange that out of 230 videos, I have neglected this topic, but it’s been for good reason.

For those of you who are unaware of this controversy, the Tartarian narrative began with Anatoli Fomenko. He’s a Russian who attempts to make the case that all the nation’s chronologies are wrong and that this is a targeted attack against the history of Tartaria. I have chosen to leave it alone for so long because to entertain so shoddy a position infers that there may be something to it when there’s not.

Yes, there was a Tartaria, and yes, some history books were rewritten to downplay their power in the past. But this is the case with almost every single former sovereign power that fell under the power of an enemy, and that enemy enlist historians to rewrite the past, to place themselves in a favorable light. This is a very common practice throughout history. But Famenko’s evidences are so comical, I was shocked that people followed him.

His version of a Tartaria totally robs the rest of the world of their own histories. Once you see his arguments for yourself, then you will understand why no one in academia will entertain him. To cherry pick biblical narratives and find pseudo parallels with actual historical events that happened prior to the year 1000 AD and conclude that this was evidence that these are events were fake requires a special species of suspension of disbelief.

By extension, his inflated arguments are reflected in the current Tartaria craze, exhibiting artwork of beautiful cities and architecture, some Byzantine, Turkish, or Muslim. Others are concept pieces or fantasy art involving medieval and Renaissance. It’s creative license. We do the same thing today. Fomenko’s work can be obtained in PDFs, and I encourage you to go read his writings for yourself. Please don’t take my word for it, but you’re not going to get another Fomenko video out of me.

A red flag for me was finding in Fomenko’s writings. They were tainted with a disdain for the Russian Romanovs and the Germans, both being enemies of and hated by the Jewish Bolsheviks who conquered them and who orchestrated the downfall of both. That’s a huge red flag for me. First in World War I and then World War II. Flamenkel’s demonizing these same two victims of Zionism has the distinct flavor of propaganda disguised as novel theory.

The rewriting of history, claiming everything prior to 1000 AD is false as another trait of the Jewish penchant to rewrite history. Note Emmanuel Vlikovsky. Note Zechariah Sitchin. Note all of Hollywood. We’re talking about a huge collective here. And yes, they’re almost all Jewish. These are redactionists. This is what they do. The biblical books are a really good example of that. Ancient materials culled from many sources that then went through the hands of Jewish scribes.

This is why they are the children of God and everybody else is Goyam. This is why the New Testament says the Jew first, then the Gentile. An irony here is that in condemning the chronologies of the world, it is the dates on coins that Fomenko uses as his evidence. And I will admit, when you watch those videos on YouTube, not knowing all the historical details, these videos are very convincing.

He claims the dates on coins like I 756. It’s the letter I, or sometimes a J. It’s proof. Excuse me, these are proof that there is a missing 1000 years. But there are other explanations. First, I is Roman numeral, for one, Roman numerals. According to numismatic catalogs, these are coin specialist catalogs. The eyes were minted on coins everywhere and in every country. Second, the Anldomini dating system was devised in 525 by Dionysius Exiduous of Scythia.

Minor. But it was not widely used until the 9th century. During this formative period, period, AD wasn’t even used as an acronym on monuments or in texts and on coins with those who employed the system. It was written out that such and such happened, quote, like in the year of our Lord, 1137. In the year of our Lord not. They would have never put an ad on those coins back then.

This is the medieval Latin, and it means Anldomini. Anodomini is Latin for in the year of our Lord. So it took centuries before this was shortened to AD. In fact, it was still popular in many European courts up to the days of Sir Isaac Newton that people still wrote out in their letters and in books. In the year of our Lord, Ad still wasn’t used. And on coins, I 756 could mean both 1756 and I.

The letter I in the year of our Lord 717 56. So the practice of I before a year date on coins was very rare. There was not a lot of coins. They don’t have hardly any coins to show in those videos. They show very few coins. But the coins weren’t standardized. And that’s another problem. Nonetheless. The gulf between a few photos of old coins mixing Roman and Arabic numerals is a leap of faith if used as evidence that a 1000 year period is missing.

Even a casual read of Edward Gibbons thousands of historical and chronological works in his books, called the History of the Decline and the Fall of the Roman Empire. These books are huge. It took me months to read all those books. But there’s enough historical data and chronological markers in those books to quash every single assertion of Fomenko that any time is missing. In fact, here is a modern example of the same pneumismatic tradition of providing the year of the millennium, 988.

Everyone knew, though it was 1988 in Ireland. Look at this picture. This one coin in modern times says it’s the year 988. The reason it says it’s the year 988 is because everybody already knows the year 1000 was 988 years ago, so it’s redundant to put it. But the same coin, look. It shows not only is it the year 988 of the millennium, but it also shows that it’s 1998.

Same principle applied on the old coins. This one example totally quashes the entire argument of Fomenko. It’s crazy. The problem of missing centuries is the wealth of extant texts. The Frankish Annals, the Anglo Saxon Chronicles, church writings, unbroken Chinese records, books composed and dated in every century that Fomenko claims was invented during the period of Western illiteracy and darkness. The light of Islam carried the Torch in the preservation of chronological records, texts, and the recording of historical events during the time Fomenko claims was missing.

Further, much of Europe for centuries was under Muslim occupation, and the coinage could easily reflect I 638 as being the 638th year of the Hijra calendar, the calendar of the imams. Even from the perspective of a simulationist and chronologist, our holography maintains a structuring that is detectable. But aside from any of these observations, the Phoenix Chronology of 138 year periods and a wealth of data supporting this timeline to 19 two, the last time Phoenix was here is more than enough to negate the idea of any missing centuries.

The events of 19 two that I’ve recorded in four videos now could not have happened if there was a missing 1000 years. But they lined up. We’re on a fixed countdown. The Similichrum will have you chase rabbits down all the holes you can find for the rest of your life so you won’t know the times. That’s why these alternate really weird, bogus theories become so popularized and so many people fall for them.

Tartaria. Intriguing how this topic has taken on a life that transcends any verifiable facts. Waves of tartars from Asia fled the Mongols. Timur and Genghis pushed hordes into Europe where already there was three ruling powers. Rome always was trying to recapture its ancient glory, but the Orthodox Byzantine Empire, it was a bastion against both the Roman and the Turk. The two powers vied with Mehmed and the Muslims, Saracens and Moors, and their Sephardic spies who spent their lives in treachery against their Christian hosts.

Most of you don’t know this history. It has been scrubbed, but there are still some old books around that talk about the treachery that those people did against the Christians who took them in after the Romans burnt their city and took their properties, confiscated everything they had, and kicked them out of the Roman Empire. These Jewish refugees showed up at the gates of thousands of European villages, hamlets and cities, and they sought sanctuary, and Europeans gave it to them.

But it started so much shit. You would not believe how the history of the world would have been so different if that event would have never have happened. Nothing but centuries of treachery. The Tartars and the Magyars were absorbed into the already old cultures of Europe when they were chased by the cons all the way from Asia into Europe. The Byzantine calendar was revered in the east, but in the west, they held to their Julian reckoning through the procession, this procession of a sky sim, the sky simulator, had their seasons out of time with their months.

It was necessary to change the calendar. You know this now as the Gregorian calendar, it was a necessary change. Few used or even knew of the Anode mini calendar. But half of Europe, steeped in Islamic, Jewish controlled territories, dated all things by the Hijra year count from Mohammed’s flight from Mecca. This is what Fomenko’s not telling you. The buildings and monuments of a menagerie of cultures and countdowns were inscribed with dates.

The year nine, nine nine had Europe and the Mediterranean worlds drowning in fear. The 80s system was in full use and the end of the world was coming in the year 1000, the Great War, the tribulation, Hellfire, armies of locust demons, all these things were believed to unfold. Excuse me. Millions gave their wealth and properties to the Roman Church. And the immense financial transfer from the secular to the sex predator priesthood set back the west another 200 years.

We have the records of the burning times. We know what happened in Europe. Even though it was a Dark Ages, we still have enough records to piece back together the timelines. They’re unbroken. Flamenco is wrong. There’s no missing centuRies. As the church initiated the Crusades to acquire yet more wealth, the Byzantine, the Gothic, and the Muslim architectural styles all began to borrow from one another in different geographical areas, added their own local designs.

Even pen and ink concept pieces of fantastic buildings were very impressive, and they had become popular. Science fiction is not new. Humans have been very artistic for a very long time. Many centuries would pass before men would collect photos of old maps. Architecture put pieces together from disparate sources and build a visual narrative of a vast supercilization that once was erased. But it’s fantasy. There was a Tartaria.

There were tartars, and there’s nothing else more to it. There’s a hundred nation states in antiquity at least, that all disappeared and were absorbed into surrounding peoples, and they had their histories erased. This is not an uncommon practice. Yes, there was a tartary and there were Cossacks. Hundreds of former cultures that have not enjoyed this modern revisionist history that we’re seeing right now, exploding across YouTube and Facebook about a Tartaria that didn’t exist as it’s being presented.

I wish I could contribute to this field of study to uncover what others have failed to see, but the truth of the matter is, without anything to research, to look into, I just don’t have anything to offer. Well, I just passed on three books that took me a while to read to a friend who’s very interested in the topic. I wanted to make this video to make it clear to you that I am not a flat Earther.

In fact, I am going to show you why flat Earthers are absolutely correct in this video, in their demonstrations, and many, oftentimes in their scientific experiments. And then I’m going to conclude in this video showing you why the flat Earth model is wrong. Now, I have read Eric Dubai’s 200 Proofs that Earth is not a Globe. I have read the 1860s book by Gleason that the Earth is not a globe.

I can’t remember the exact title. It’s a huge book. Just finished it about Maybe six months ago. It was the first of the three that I read zetetic astronomy. I also read found that quite intriguing. Now, I have many friends that are flat Earthers. I have many who are not. But the experiments that they’re showing are fascinating. They’re not being refuted except in two points that I’m going to show in this video in their incontrovertible enjoy it short presentation.

I’m going to show the evidence. I’m going to prove that flat Earth experimentation shows that we are living on a flat plane, but we’re not living on flat Earth. Jason from Archaics. com enjoy the presentation. You in the 1860s, the flat Earth model came under serious scientific investigation. But we’re not going to get into that in this video. There are many forums that carry on that research. What is interesting here is that at the Yalta Conference in 1945, we have a depiction of the flat Earth model on the back wall of the conference.

Interestingly, the next 50 to 60 years of world history was mapped out at that conference. One of the very first books put out also in the 18 hundreds that contained irrefutable evidence that we live on a flat plane was zetetic astronomy. Earth is not a globe. Robotham is probably the number one cited author concerning the flat Earth theory. His research and experiments are absolutely fascinating. Admiral Byrd is another topic of discussion among the flat Earth theorists.

Interesting. In an interview with Admiral Byrd, you see a flat Earth map on the back. Depictions of flat Earth. They abound. Here’s 1897 New York Journal published this one. It wasn’t even as controversial then. So many people, especially Christians. The Christian world was still believing, many of them, that the Earth was flat. Many US and international operations like the 1946 Operation High Jump, the discovery of the ice wall, Operation Deep Freeze in 1955, which discovered the firmament, a hard surface, a dome ceiling that we cannot penetrate.

NASA is then founded in 1958 to perpetuate the fiction that we are leaving this controlled environment, which so much NASA evidence has been uncovered. It has really strengthened the flat Earth model, even though it shouldn’t, because a lot of the theatrics that have been shown as just what they are. Theatrics by NASA does not prove a flat Earth. It actually proves something far more sinister. After top elite military officials and international scientists were convinced by the evidences that we were in a containment field, in 1959, the Antarctic Treaty established military protection of the ice wall to keep civilians from finding out.

In 1962, a series of military operations were carried out. One of them called Operation Fishbowl, where the US government actually sent atomic weapons as high as they could in halo orbits and detonated them against the firmament. What is seen in those videos is astonishing. Many times those videos are uploaded onto different forums and almost immediately taken down. And in 1969, the Apollo eleven emission is then perpetuated to.

It’s a hoax to hide the firmament, to hide from not only the American people, but the entire world. That we are living in a containment field, that we have a hard shell over our existence, and it’s impenetrable, and that we cannot escape it. For over a hundred years, secret and civilian scientific experimentation has absolutely proven that the Earth is still. And that all the motion that occurs occurs in the sky, in the vault of the heavens.

That is what astrophysicists, physicists, and astronomers use as their predicates for measurement. This is what they base their observation on. The Earth is moving because the sky does very convincing. Evidences have been brought forth in different venues around the world. Organizations have been created and funded by private citizens who measure bridges in lakes and surfaces of water in areas. The salt flats of Utah or New Mexico, wherever they’re at.

These experiments have conclusively shown that the Earth is not curved. There is no curvature. Things that are telescopically magnified on the horiZon, magnified enough, you can still see the entire structure or the entire pillar or the entire yardstick. There is no curvature. Other evidence the flat Earthers use as the perpetuation of the deceit that has been foisted upon the people is the GPS systems, the transatlantic cables that are underwater.

If satellites were truly broadcasting signals, then the flat Earthers are absolutely correct. Rural areas would receive the same signal strength as urban areas. It would be uniform. But that’s not what we find. The farther you drive in the country, away from a population center, the weaker your signal gets, because you’re getting farther and farther away from the broadcast towers. Why this is relevant is because the myth of satellites and that government and NASA are continually sending rockets up into space, allegedly, which is exactly what they are not doing in the flat Earth model.

We are told and led to believe, and perhaps it’s true, within this simulated context, that we are surrounded by an ice wall or an entire landmass of ice. It rings around. There is no continent of Antarctica. It, too, is a part of the deceit. Further, many experiments show how a localized sun could actually account for the phenomena that we perceive. Well, at least most of the phenomena, because that is exactly the point we’re going to make in this archaic video.

For whatever reasons, the authorities that govern our lives have opted not to tell us what they have found. Although we have seen enough evidence to know that they have found it even in the perpetuation of a vast hoax of space exploration, which is not occurring. Now, we’re not going to get into the particulars of the flat Earth theory because I don’t care. And you shouldn’t care either after you see this, what I’m about to show you.

It is very fascinating because it uncovers many elements of simulation theory evidence. The Flat Earthers are finding real phenomena. They are recording it. These observations are absolutely factual. However, their conclusions deviate from the Facts. Our world is simulated. And that is the point of this video. That will be our core conclusion. And here’s for a little flat Earth humor. When I saw this meme, I almost fell out of my chair.

And by no means interpret this as disrespect. I have the utmost respect for out of the box thinkers like flat Earthers. You guys have put out some phenomenal material. I, too, I’m going to put theories to the test like you do. So hear me out. In what I had found a few years ago, when I was working as a longitudinal fin machinist at the Vulcan facility. It’s oil and gas.

I had made an observation. And daily I went out, as I drank my morning coffee and I went out to our hangar bay before the shipping and receiving office opened, and I would photograph the sunrise. And I did this 50 or 60 times. Here are four of those photographs right here for you to see at sunrise. That have absolutely proven to me that the flat Earth model cannot be real.

It cannot exist. You are finding absolutely accurate information in delineating your facts and coming up with the conclusion that we’re living on a flat plane. But you cannot carry that conclusion over to that. We are living on a flat Earth there is a fundamental difference. The flat Earth model cannot account for what you’re seeing in these pictures. These pictures show visual evidence that sunlight is reflecting off the bottom of clouds before the sun comes up.

In the flat Earth cosmology, there is no way a sun can come up. It only approaches and gets closer. There is no sunrise because there’s no planet or Earth for the sun to come around. The second reason I believe the flat Earth model is wrong is because on a flat Earth model, the Southern hemisphere, the continents of the South America, southern Africa and Australia, the telescopes would be able to see Polaris, the northern circumpolar star area, and the pole star.

But this is not what we find. You cannot below the 45th parallel south actually see Polaris. It’s impossible. You can’t do it. But on the flat Earth model, it would have to be possible. There would be no obstruction. It would be a perfect visual field. Those of you who advance the idea and theory of flat Earth are out of the box thinkers, and I applaud you for that.

But it’s time for you to move beyond your experiments and your conclusions and see that there is an entirely new field of research to be explored. This is what the archaics research is. This is why this is our 87th video. In the Archaics research, advanced research or chronological history of artificial intelligence X, we show definitive evidences and proof that you live in a simulation and that many of your experiments that show flat Earth actually prove flat plane.

We are in a simulated environment. This is why there is no escape beyond the dome. There is no escape beyond the vault of the sky. This is why NASA perpetuates so many fictions. They have already made these conclusions. They just didn’t let the public know this. In a simulated environment it is very difficult to separate fact from fiction. And this is because everything is in accordance to the Observer.

We live in a very sentient biogram that allows for you to see the things that you are looking for. And this is why you can prove so many tenets of your belief and that the Earth is flat. However, if you were to entertain simulation theory, then you would understand why there isn’t a reflection underneath the clouds. When flat Earth can account for that, then you would understand why the pole star itself can be seen in the center of the map.

But it disappears the closer you get to the perimeter. Reset theory is thousands of years older than YouTube. Enjoy this presentation. We are waking up. People are realizing that resets are the norm. They are not the exception. Cataclysms repetitive history cycles, epicycles. These have happened over and over and over and been buried by those we trust to teach it. This is Archaics. com. This is not like the original post that was posted by Matthew Devereaux and Facebook.

This is harrowing, although some of the information is the same. If you’re squeamish, if you are the type that has nightmares, this is not a video that you would really want to listen to. I don’t want to lay claim. I don’t want to be the cause for any discomfort that you might feel later on. This is not a children’s video either. This video contains the harrowing truth We’re 20 years away from what I’m about to reveal there are people preparing even now for the total collapse of human civilization that will occur in the month of May in the year 2040 years from now.

As this is being posted on YouTube right now, we have 20 years remaining, a period relatively short when considering that only 20 years ago it was the year 2000. The world as we know it, the transcultural global civilization that we have built, the technological comforts, the freedoms, environmental and personal protections, all these will come to a sudden and violent end in 2040. In the month of May, a vast, dark celestial object will pass directly between the Earth and the sun, transiting closer than Venus, and during the occult of the solar orb, the sky will darken.

Day will be turned into night. Our world will be bathed in an immense debris field from the sky of gigantic falling rocks, ice, and billions and billions of tons of red mud. Our world has suffered this several times throughout history in its long past, and these prior visitations of the Phoenix Phenomenon have been well documented in our prior works. When the Sun Darkens, a book published in 2009, and Nostradamus and the Planets of Apocalypse, a book published in 2011, it will return on its easily detectable periodicity in May 2040, a fact known to our predecessors, known to scientists who are dissuaded from publicizing their findings, and it will be shown in this work that the result will be absolutely catastrophic for our world.

It is also a fact well known by the Prophet Nostradamus. We have a video just on Nostradamus and his knowledge of the Phoenix alone. After May of 2040, there will be no more high school graduations, summer vacations, no more Super Bowls, presidential elections, social networking sites. There won’t even be an internet. The thousands of satellites orbiting our world will have been destroyed, be they actual satellites or halo drones.

However we have this infrastructure set up, it will cease to exist. The Olympics will be a thing of the past. The 4 July in the North America will not be a time for celebration. At Thanksgiving, families will not sit at tables eating turkey and feasts. Survivors will be starving in their daily search for something to eat amidst the rubble and ash. At Christmas, there will be no goodwill toward men.

But men and women will be hunted as cannibalism plagues the wasted cities of the nations. No more fast food restaurants, fields filled with produce and grains, no hospitals, no television, no constitutional rights, nor police to enforce them. Gone will be the days of governmental organization of society, for warlords will rule their urban kingdoms with gangs of armed men. Entire peaceful communities that survive the cataclysm will be invaded as marauders, seeking their supplies and resources, will slay and enslave those unable to come together and defend what they have left.

Women, young girls and boys will be brutalized, raped, tortured, and eaten. The strong preying on the weak for sexual gratification and sustenance. A woman will become more precious than fine gold. They will be used in a new barter system. They will be enslaved, used for barter for gear, food, and weapons. Captured males will be used to entertain the people in abandoned superdomes and arenas, in horrific blood sports mirroring the Coliseum of Roman times.

As anarchy prevails, a new Stone Age emerges, with strange religions and cults defying God. As men become worshipped and human sacrifices resurrect from the elder ways of pagan times. A new civilization of barbarity will arise in 2040, after a quarter of the world’s population dies instantly from the cataclysms of the phoenix. And then another quarter of the population dies in the seven years following, in global famine, chaos, war, violence, dictators form new governments, and republicanism and democracy will disappear as relics of antiquity.

In May 2040, we’ll be back to horse and buggy. We are stuck in a loop. We have been where we are today many times before, on the precipice of a cataclysm. For centuries, we depended on draft animals for living and building. 18 Four begins a rapid advancements in technology in 18 Four steam powered locomotive in 1825 the Erie Canal 1874 Electricity 1885 Skyscraper 1892 Motion picture 19 Three manned Flight 19 Six the Wireless Radio 1945 the Atomic Test 1947 the transistor, which made computers possible 1990 the World Wide Web 2004 Personal cell phones were ubiquitous, from horseback to Hadron Collider is only 200 years.

All over the world has been found evidence that we humans have experienced the same explosion of technological capability over and over and over again. The ancient Vedic records have detailed specific flight manuals in Sanskrit and descriptions of aerial battles using machines and even atomic weapons. The Egyptians used electricity, as did the Sumerians. Archaic engineers floated hundred ton blocks through the air using sympathetic vibration. The Great Pyramid was built using geopolymers, diamond tip drills and hydraulic combustion.

At Gnosis in the Mediterranean has been found many drainage ditches that employed the science of hyperbolic curves. The astonishing complexity of Cambodian temples cannot be replicated with our current technology. They are truly mysterious. Even today, 200 years, we humans have been reset over and over again. The mechanism of these destructive reset cataclysms was known in antiquity by many cultures as dependity, the Fang, the funk, the knoth, the typhon, and lastly as the Phoenix.

The Egyptians, Hebrews, Ionians, Mycenaeans, Greeks, Thales, Aristarchus, and even Nostradamus knew the phoenix chronology. And now we do too. These videos contain original research, not borrowed from other videos. The history of our world is nothing like you’ve been taught. The archaics channel will guide you through the dark. Reset theory is definitely thousands of years old. This is nothing new. It’s only new to the general population. Now, as information is exploding across the Internet, Facebook, Google and YouTube.

Demographic Over 26 centuries ago, Greek statesman Salon of Athens visited the city of Syse in Egypt. Egyptian historian priest told the wandering philosopher this statement about the ancient world even prior to their times. In the 7th century BC, when the gods purge the earth with the deluge of water, the survivors in your country are herdsmen and shepherds who dwell in the mountains. But those who, like you, who live in cities, are carried away into the rivers of the sea.

Just when you and other nations are beginning to be provided with letters and the other requisites of civilized life, after the usual interval, the stream from heaven, like a pestilent, comes pouring down and leaves only those of you who are destitute of letters and education. And so you have to begin all over again, like children and know nothing of what happened in ancient times. You remember a single deluge only, but there were many previous ones.

You and your whole city are descended from a small seed or remnant of them which survived. And this was unknown to you, because for many generations, the survivors of that destruction died, leaving no written record. Almost a thousand years later, very little had changed in catastrophe literature. Arnobius of Sika. In against the heathen Book, one also acknowledged resets. He wrote, ransack the records of history written in various languages, and you will find that all countries have often been desolated and deprived of their inhabitants? Every kind of crop is consumed and devoured by locusts and by mice.

Go through your own annals and you will be taught about these plagues, and how often former ages were visited by them, and how often they were brought to the wretchedness of povertY. Cities shaken by powerful earthquakes taught her to their destruction. What did not bygone days witness cities with their entire populations engulfed by huge rinse that appeared in the Earth? Or did they enjoy a condition exempt from such disasters? When was the human race destroyed by a flood? Was it not before us? When was the world set on fire and reduced to coals and ashes? Was it not before us? When were the greatest cities engulfed in the billows of the sea? Was it not long before us? The ancient authorities were all in agreement that resets were the rule, not the exception.

Lucretius Planet the Elder Ovid, Marcus, Varro, Amionus, Marcellinus, Diodorus, Sicilius, Tacitus, Procopius, and so many more besides. King Solomon did say it best. There is nothing new under the sun. The next reset is scheduled for May 2040. If the posts, books and videos we’ve already released in archaics haven’t yet convinced you, hang around, we have a lot more coming. 200 years in the historical context is a very short abbreviated period of time.

It’s like how weathermen cast the weather. They tell you there’s a 40% chance for rain. Now, there may be 100% chance for rain in a certain area, but they have to say 40% chance, because not all areas will be hit. Technology and antiquity is the exact same way. There were areas in this world that were technologically advanced, while others still lived in the Neolithic period. This point is better accentuated by the cargo cult phenomenon.

Those of you unfamiliar with the cargo cult phenomenon will know that World War I and World War II religions were invented by Polynesian, Micronesian, Melanesian cultures, people who had been trapped on these islands, living in a Neolithic mindset for a thousand years or more. And when the United States and Britain and France would build bases on these islands, the locals would watch these giant iron birds fall from the sky and bring good things like food and water and smokes, and all these things that the American, British and French soldiers needed for their sustenance and gave them pleasure.

And the natives saw this. So they began worshipping and building idols and faux runways and models of planes, and they began to worship them and to apply sympathetic magic that they were called cargo cults for this reason. This is because there were people living in Neolithic times in 1940. It is the same. This is our video. Hope you enjoyed it. Subscribe, join our Facebook group and have a good evening.

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