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The Phoenix Hypothesis Book Review LIVE

By: Archaix
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➡ The author of the text discusses technical issues with his camera equipment, announces a meet-up in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and promises upcoming videos about Easter Island and the Crystal Skull. He also discusses processing through a new book titled ‘The Phoenix Hypothesis,’ which heavily cites his research but doesn’t support his ‘Phoenix phenonmenon’ theory. His analysis of this book uncovers elements of genius, questionable data sources, and significant disagreement with his own teachings.

➡ The speaker discusses the work of Christian Colhurt, particularly his Phoenix Hypothesis, emphasizing its similarities to his own published work on the Phoenix. He articulates his discomfort with certain aspects of Colhurt’s work and questions its originality, wondering if his own Archaics research was used. Despite this, the speaker clarifies that his audience should make their own judgments about Colhurt’s work. He also mentions discrepancies in the dating of Colhurt’s work on his website. Finally, he questions the repetitive use of ‘Phoenix Hypothesis’ in the text, making it sound like his own repeated use of ‘Archaics’.

➡ The text delves into the work, story and research of Jason Brashears, known as Archaics, who has extensively studied ancient literature and calendar systems, leading to the Phoenix Hypothesis which details the cyclical nature of global catastrophic events. Noted for his exceptional learning-curve developed during a 30-year imprisonment, the text questions whether his criminal record affects his credibility as a researcher. However, his immense knowledge, dedication to reading and research, and comprehensive understanding of history based on cyclical resets is highly praised.

  • Archaix

    Archaix, a prominent authority on the Phoenix phenomenon, unveils the intriguing secrets behind this extraordinary 138-year global reset. He delves into the manipulation of history by the Elites, aiming to supress the dissemination of this invaluable knowledge. Prepare for a captivating and unparalleled journey.

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5G Danger

Spread the Truth
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