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➡ The speaker discusses various topics, including the importance of decoding reality, the symbolism of platinum, and the significance of the number 303. They also introduce a new feature called the card cam, which will be used for tarot readings. The speaker emphasizes the importance of understanding that we are all being watched and encourages listeners to embrace life’s challenges as opportunities for growth. They also mention their Patreon page where they share exclusive content.
➡ The text discusses the connection between astrology and numerology, focusing on the significance of the number six and the 6th house in astrology. It suggests that understanding these can provide insights into personal issues related to family, health, and personal drive. The text also mentions the importance of knowing the basics of astrology and numerology before diving deeper. It ends with a discussion about the author’s recent activities and a recommendation for a friend’s channel.
➡ The text discusses the concept of life paths, which are determined by numerology and astrology. The author explains how to calculate your life path number using your birth date and discusses the significance of these numbers in relation to astrology. They also mention the importance of understanding the characteristics associated with your life path number, as it can provide insights into your personality and life purpose. The author encourages readers to explore this concept further to gain a deeper understanding of themselves.
➡ The text discusses the significance of different life paths in astrology, each associated with a number and a celestial body. Life path number one is about leadership and self-focus, while number two is about partnerships and harmony, ruled by Venus. Life path number three is about creativity and communication, ruled by Mercury. Life path number four is about teaching and building, ruled by the Moon, and number five is about change and busyness, symbolizing the Sun.
➡ People with a life path number five love change, adventure, and variety. They can’t be confined and need to explore. Those with a life path number six are perfectionists, often serving others and striving for perfection. They may struggle with not receiving recognition for their efforts. Life path number seven individuals are observers and critics, aiming to balance the world through their observations. They may also have a mystical or artistic side. Lastly, those with a life path number eight are about power and control, often dealing with money or power in their lives. They need to learn to control their animal instincts and manage their power wisely.
➡ The text discusses different life paths based on astrology and numerology. The eight life path is associated with control and the occult, while the nine life path is linked to wisdom and service to others. The eleven life path is about justice and self-mastery, and the twenty-two life path is connected to Hollywood and time. Each life path has its own strengths and weaknesses, and understanding them can help individuals navigate their lives better.
➡ The text discusses the concept of ‘master builder’ in the context of life paths, particularly the 22 and 33 paths. It suggests that those on the 22 path are meant to build and rule kingdoms, while those on the 33 path are meant to take risks and create. The text also explores the symbolism of tarot cards and numerology, suggesting that understanding these can provide insights into one’s life path and purpose. It concludes with a discussion of astrology, particularly the 10th and 12th houses, and their significance in determining one’s fate and spiritual journey.
➡ The speaker discusses the significance of astrology, numerology, and tarot in understanding one’s life path. They also delve into the astrological chart of Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism, suggesting that his life and actions were predetermined by his astrological chart. The speaker emphasizes that regardless of whether one believes in the physical reality of planets, astrology can provide accurate insights into events and individual characteristics. They encourage skepticism but also open-mindedness towards these systems of understanding.
➡ The speaker expresses gratitude to his audience, regardless of whether they agree with him or not. He emphasizes that he doesn’t care about popularity or subscriber count, but rather values authenticity and individuality. He encourages his audience to form their own beliefs and opinions, and shares his own insights without expecting everyone to agree. He also discusses astrological charts, pointing out errors and corrections, and explaining their significance in a broader context.
➡ The text discusses the current position of Pluto in the constellation of Capricorn, according to Vedic astrology. It suggests that Pluto’s role is to remove old elements, in this case, possibly indicating changes in law, government, real estate, and finances. The text also speculates about the future movement of Pluto into Aquarius in 2039, which could signify a shift in technology and possibly cryptocurrency. The author also mentions other celestial bodies and their potential influence on various aspects of life.
➡ The text is about a tarot card reading session. The reader uses a new deck of cards and explains the meaning of each card drawn. The cards drawn include the three of wands, four of pentacles, the sun, two of swords, and the ace of cups. The reader interprets each card in both its upright and reversed positions, discussing the potential positive and negative meanings.
➡ The speaker discusses their experience with a new tarot card deck, expressing dissatisfaction with its interpretation and complexity. They prefer their familiar Rider Waite deck and Cards of Illumination. They also advise listeners to understand themselves better through various tools like astrology, numerology, and personality types. They emphasize the importance of self-study and surrendering to one’s unique life path, rather than conforming to societal expectations.
➡ The speaker discusses the significance of numbers, particularly 1111, and how they relate to life paths. He explains the difference between the Gregorian and pre-Gregorian calendars, and how they affect one’s life path number. He also introduces a new method of calculating life path numbers based on the pre-Gregorian calendar. Lastly, he shares his thoughts on debates and the importance of respecting others’ truths, even if they differ from our own.
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➡ The speaker discusses his upcoming work, which involves decoding various concepts and movies. He explores the idea of ‘holy shit’, linking it to the cycle of life and death, and the notion that we are all made from the earth. He also talks about the movie ‘Upgrade’, which is about enhancing the human mind. The speaker suggests that life is a game, and our understanding of it can be deepened by studying nature and the cycles it presents.
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➡ The speaker discusses the concept of archetypes, comparing them to folders in a computer. He suggests that our ideas, beliefs, and even diseases can be seen as archetypes that take up space in our minds and bodies. He emphasizes that these archetypes can become so ingrained that they resist being deleted, much like a computer file. The speaker encourages us to examine these archetypes and consider how they might be affecting our lives.


It. All right, ladies and gentlemen, fellow decoders around the world. It’s been a minute. It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. Seems like it’s been forever, so I wanted to, just as all of you should know, those of you that know, like, always catch a surprise with what I’m doing. I don’t necessarily am going to follow the pattern of my typical Saturn night that I do these. What’s your questions on. And I felt the itch, so I scratched it. And here we are. What’s your question? Number 78 platinum, which means a little silver on the periodic table, sits right before gold, right after iridium.

It’s on its way to mercury the messenger. It’s very interesting. Platinum, little silver, the average atomic weight of 195. So it’s up there. It’s right around with the gold aspect. The gold and the mercury and the lead and the iridium and the osmium and the rennium and the wolfram. All those in that line. Chemistry is so exciting in the world of decoding. I hope that all of you by now are using these layers four a decoding efforts. And I have my prop on again. And the prop is the sunglasses. And the sunglasses I’m wearing is to remind you that you’re inside of a freaking movie.

We are being watched. I will continue to say that because that is my truth. You’re being watched. So the next time you’re doing the cha cha cha in the bedroom and you get the blinds, like, why? Why put the blinds down? What? Why don’t you just leave your windows wide open so everybody can see? No difference. You just don’t have the eyeballs on you like you would with your neighbor across the way. But why not just leave your shades up, man? There’s no difference. So we get the. We get a little bit of new environment. I got some new stuff coming out.

I’m pretty jacked about what’s coming for. Decode your reality in the family, all of you. Big shout out to all of you Patreon members, thank you so very much for your continued pledges and support. Taking all of you with me. And I got some really big decodes coming out. I just got back from the US, and I had some major things happen to me, especially when I was coming back. I’m gonna talk about that. It led to a few decodes. And I do have something new here, ladies and gentlemen. We have the card cam. We have the card cam now.

And this is going to lead to some big exciting things, I can tell you. That these cards here are the cards of the day. The queen of Pentacles, the queen of diamonds. Let me just move these up. And the queen of diamonds is linked to the three of diamonds, which is the three of pentacles. Card 67. I’m using the rider waite radiant deck. And I just picked up a new deck. It’s actually this one right here. I just picked up this one, which I’m not crazy about. I was going to use it, but I’m just not crazy about it.

And I’m going to show you some of these cards. Maybe you want to pick it up. It’s kind of cool, but I guess I’m just so used to my, my cards. So that’s something new. We get the card cam now, and you know what that’s going to lead into? It’s going to lead into some tarot readings. And I have a new platform coming out. I’m. This is something fun, man. I gotta. It’s exciting. Whoo. Is it exciting? So I’m pretty jazzed about that. Really, really jazzed about that. Let me get to, let me pop out this chat and get all of you here with me in the front of my face.

Big shout out to the moderators, Stephen. And we have Pamela in here while Pamela’s not here. Are you kidding me? She always makes it. All right, well, we got the big Steven Seguru in here. He’s got the wrench. Be nice. We have no toleration for negativity, you know, nastiness. It’s all about loving here. Live. Live and let live is the motto of decoder reality in the family. Live and let live. You do you, I do me. We don’t argue based upon our perceptions. It’s a tall order. It’s a very tall order. So let’s get into some of your questions.

This is. What’s your question? All right, what’s your question? 78. 1st question. I’m going to take. I grind buds. I guess you’re into cannabis, you say 7 billion people being watched. Yes. Everybody is under the watching eye of the all seeing eye. If you’re willing to pay attention to your life and you start to decode it, you’re going to see that you’re being ruled over by a code without exception. That’s every single person. That means that every organization that thinks that they’re in control of their organization, they’re not. That’s what the research shows. Now, I say this very confidently.

Some of you that are new here, welcome out. I’m very raw visceral, and I’m very confident in the truth that I’ve been shown, but it’s not for everybody. So I wanted to make that disclaimer for all of you, just so you know. Okay. Somebody was asking about the number 303. Oh, yeah. I grind buds. Okay, cool. Anyone know anything about the number 303? Yeah, it’s the prime. It’s tied to the prime numbers. We’re gonna party like it’s 1999. You know that song by Prince? 1999 is the 303rd prime number. And then you have to branch off into different layers of mathematics.

You can look at, you know, the divisors. You can look at the square root. You can look at the sine and cosine waves. There’s a lot of layers to that, but there you go. Ox oxygen. Do I have a sister? If that’s. Yeah, I only have one sister. She’s a year and four days older than me. She’s the nine of clubs, and she’s super smart. Where have I been? Busy now. I actually took a break. I went to visit some friends. Short trip. And it was a glorious trip. It was glorious. So I took some time away.

I’ve been really heavily, you know, putting out videos on Patreon. So if you want, you know, the main. You’re gonna get all the videos there. You’re gonna get member premieres, you’re gonna get member exclusives, all the Patreon. If you want to become a member, you don’t have to sign up to become a member on the Patreon. You can become a member of Patreon through the free aspect. You’ll get some layers of my decoding. So there is some benefits of being over there. I don’t always put out everything on YouTube, but I do put out everything on the Patreon.

So you may want to go over there and become a member. Just go to, type in, decode your reality. You’ll see my smiley face logo, and you’ll be off to the races. Okay, we got Pamela here now. All right. Yep. I got the yin yang, Jack and Jill, Pamela and Stephen. Love stonks. The question she. I would. I don’t know if it’s a male or female logan. My sisters both cut me out because I didn’t take the. Any advice. What? So here’s what I would do. Celebrating. Normally, we don’t celebrate the shitty little things that we consider bad or evil or sinister or negative or why everything’s happening for you, maybe that did you a favor.

It actually will open up room for you to start spending time with other people that are going to be part of your screenplay, part of your cast of your movie. I know it’s easy to say that because some of you have very close families, and you would say, well, it’s not that. It’s not that easy to do that. I get that. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, but I’m saying is that what I would be doing is celebrating. I, things are happening for me. It’s not always glorious. There’s not always a red carpet rolled out.

It’s not always nice and fun. But when things happen, they’re happening for you. And it will always be, always, always be for your greater good. Because the good will always slide, slide out above what we consider negative or evil, because it has to. Because the good is procreation and it is immortality and all those things. And it will always have to make room for an angle to move through to continue this reality and moving it forward. So that would be my easy answer for you. I try to simplify things, try to simplify your life, all of you.

I try to really push simplifying your life. Keep it simple. Yeah. Willow dreams. That’s a great statement. Rejection is protection. That’s, that’s awesome. I completely resonate with that. Uh, the, the, you channel has a question. What does it mean to have Chiron in the 6th house? Well, you just study. First and foremost, ladies and gentlemen, I want to digress and tell all of you, if you want to learn astrology, just learn the basic fundamentals of numerology. Numerology is the science of numbers, and the science of numbers is going to pair with astrology. That’s why they end off with ology.

Astrology, numerology, ology. They end with ology, right? Because they’re one in the same, in a sense, like brother and sister, husband and wife. Once you know the 13 numbers of numerology, you’ll know the 13 perspectives of astrology. So the 6th house. The 6th house represents, in astrology now, it represents family. Now, the number six is a very interesting number, because in Judeo Christianity, whether we believe in that story or not is irrelevant. It’s in the script. The last day of creation is day number six. The element on the periodic table that is number six is carbon.

We’re made up of about 20% carbon. It’s the 666 element that makes you and I the beast. That’s why I always been saying for a long time now, be the best little devil you can be. You can’t help it, okay? And then the number six, in mathematics, it’s the first perfect number. The tarot, it’s the lovers card. So you start to get a picture perfect number. It means met the number, your 6th house. It means it’s the third eye. It can be the third eye. It’s also tied to your legacy and masterpiece because the last day of creation is day number six.

So in your astrological chart, all of you, if you look to your 6th house, even if Virgo’s not there, while you have your chiron there, there’s a wound. It can be to family, it can be, it could be to your health and wellness, because six represents the perfection of mankind through health, through your health and wellness. So you may have a wound in your health and wellness that you’re going to have to take, you know, tend to for the rest of your life that may just not have been there for a while. So you just reverse engineer, you know, what the six means, and then you reverse engineer.

You may have, like I said, you may have an issue with family, you may have an issue with your masterpiece. You may have. And, or Chiron is also not just the wound that may pertain to us personally, but it can also mean you being a catalyst for other people that come into your life and those energies working through you. I’ve seen this a lot now, the energies working through us, through the Chiron placement. And remember, whatever is in your 6th house, you have to look to see who’s the lord or lord s of the 6th house, whatever zodiac sign is there.

So let’s say you have Aries in your 6th house. Well, who rules Aries? Who’s the Lord of Aries? Mars. So you may have some issues with your drive in life. You may have, you may be afraid to take leadership roles because Mars and the first house means your identification, its drive, its leadership. It represents testosterone in the masculine side of things, in the feminine side of things. Masculine and feminine both have testosterone and estrogen. Aries is your drive. It’s the magician card in the tarot. So that’s why it’s very, very important to know the basic fundamentals of astrology and numerology before you start going in and diving into figuring out like, oh, what does this mean? I got Chiron in the six house because obviously there’s a lot there that I just dumped.

Okay, John Steele’s asking about is zero house. Is zero the 13? Yes. The zero sits in the middle. So essentially, if you take the tarot cards and you start with the major Arcana, the fool sits in the middle because the fool is card zero, representing the eye. The whole. Chris is asking if I’ve ever watched true Detective. I watched like a half episode, and I lost interest. It just didn’t call me. So Bruce Lee is asking, what’s my thoughts on Roku? I don’t know who that is. If that is that a person. I don’t know. I don’t know who that is.

Roku basilis. I don’t know who that is. Pat pips talking about the 404. So it was. It was like decoding that whole topic was absolutely just breathtaking for me. Like the. The synchronicities and the things that kept coming at me with that decode. I was just like, wow. Moments all over the place. Watch me. Tower fallout series. I started watching it when I was in the US. I watched three episodes. Didn’t really care for it. I haven’t finished. I stopped at episode three. I watched it with my friends that I was visiting. It was okay. I wasn’t blown away.

I am. Kairos decode Denver or airport murals. I’d have to go there because I don’t think you’re gonna get the whole gamma of it. I’d have to go and visit, and I have no. I don’t have any plans to go to Denver, so. So how’s everybody doing? It’s been a minute. It’s been over three weeks since I’ve been here doing one of these. You guys can’t hear my music. Hold on. Oh, maybe you don’t. That’s why, huh? Okay, hang on a minute. Okay. That’s why you guys can’t hear my damn music. Okay, give me one sec.

I’ll be right back. I’ll be right back. I don’t know if you guys can hear that now. You should be able to let me know if there’s an Echo. Okay? You guys got it now? Yeah. I don’t know what happened. So the whole time I’m sitting here with my intro, there’s no music. Now I’m echoing. Okay, hang on. Oh, yeah. I don’t know what’s up now. The music’s gone. Okay. I don’t know, folks. I don’t know why this got jacked up off to mess with it. So no music tonight just for me, because I can. I got my headphones in.

I can hear it. I would probably have to reset this, and I don’t. I don’t. I don’t want to do that. Let me just see. Check one more thing. Oh, maybe it’s because. Hang on. I think I know what it might be. All right. Can you guys still hear me? I think you can. Hmm. Okay. I don’t know. I have to mess, I’ll have to check out some stuff. Yes. No echo. Now you got no music though, right? That cuts out. Let me see. I think it just may be my cutting in sparsely. No music. Cut.

Music cuts out when you talk. Yeah, it’s my mixer. My mixer’s starting to go. I have to get out of the mixer. All right. Thanks everybody for the feedback. No music. Okay, you guys can hear me. Good. Okay. All right. Well, it’s up to do without the music. I don’t know. Should be working and it’s not. Let me just try one more thing ladies and gentlemen, I’ll be right back. I think that did the trick. Alright, cool. Yeah, I think it’s because I plugged in my camera. Cool. All right. Bam. That’s what that deserves. Thanks everybody for your patience.

I heard everything on my end. I have my headphones in and I can hear myself talking. I can hear the music. But I think it was because I have the, the camp, the new card cam and when I, when I plugged it in, it probably just adjusted everything off my obs. So it’s all good. Okay, let’s get back to your questions, Rick, saying what did you do in the States? Party with friends. I actually went to a friend’s house warming party slash birthday party. A really, two really good friends of mine. One of them moved into a new house and we celebrated his house warming party and then I had a friend, a very, very close friend as well, celebrate his 50th birthday party.

And I got to go and hang out and have fun and I just decided to read cards. So I sat down for probably, I don’t know, 3 hours of the night and I was reading tarot cards for people and it was, it was amazing. So that’s what I did. What’s up Jordan in the house, dude. Call me man. Let’s talk tomorrow. Let’s do a pipe. Folks, I can tell you right now, I didn’t know me, Jordan, I have a podcast to do again, it’s been so long and I’m putting you on the spot, Jordan. So please go over and support his channel waters above.

Every Saturday he does his live stream, typically during the day, two, three, 4 hours of just complete amazingness, showing you and telling you his viewpoints, answering questions similar to what I do. I do similar to what he does. We’re both kind of, you know, trying to give all of you some things to take into perspective. Jordan does a phenomenal job. He was born to do this kind of stuff. So please go support over to his channel to take one of his courses. He’s got his mastermind course. He’s got his crypto courses. If you want to learn how to do crypto, please get out.

Like, I would. I don’t trust anybody. Like, I would go right to him if I had questions on any of that kind of stuff. So if you’re interested in getting involved in cryptocurrency, he’s the guy to go to go study under, you know? So go check him out. Thanks, Pamela, for putting. Jordan’s a YouTube channel there. And then if you could put his patreon in there as well. If you guys want a Patreon link, someone can splash his Patreon link in there. So Jordan says, I’m down. Yeah, let’s connect soon, bro. I’m back here in Mexico.

I will be here for a while. Okay. Seema Dragoon says the numbers 1111 keep showing up to me. Are they special numbers? Every number special. 1111 is like, the number eleven is like the eye and the eye staring in them. It’s like you looking in the stick. Go. Go in the bathroom, take off all your clothes, stand like you’re a popsicle stick. That’s the eye. And look in the mirror. And there’s your eleven. So then you have another aspect, the 1111 with the semicolon in between, if you want to bring in the digits and all this kind of stuff.

But the eleven let. The eleven is staring at the eleven just like the one staring at the one. It’s like a mirror. The 1111 date is September. September. Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on. The pre gregorian date, the pre julian date would be the month of January. I have something coming out, something that I is brand new, regarding your numerology, regarding your life path, regarding your spirit, whatever, however you want to describe it, you have two life paths, all of you. You have your typical take my birthday, add up all the single digits if you want to do it that way, and you’re gonna get a number and you’re gonna reduce it down to a single digit.

That’s your gregorian life path. Everybody was born under the gregorian calendar. 1582. The gregorian calendar came into play. You’re born under that. But then there’s the pre gregorian seed. The Gregorian took on what? The julian calendar, the Julius Caesars calendar took on, and which was taking the month of January and February and moving it in front of March. So you have a pre julian calendar life path, a pre gregorian life path. So you would shave two digits off whatever month you. You’re born in. So February is going to be the last month, February. If you’re born in February, like me, it’s going to be the month number twelve, because March becomes month number one, as it should be in a lot of ways, because what happens in March, the sun goes directly over the.

The equator, and you have what’s called the spring equinox, and it does the same thing in the fall, around September 22 23rd. So it doesn’t mean, like, this is my truth. It doesn’t mean the gregorian calendar is wrong. I’m not interested in how many days get shaved off. They took off this. They took off that. They didn’t do anything. Mankind is not doing anything, that we are just operating through this, what people refer to as a simulation. And then you got to figure out, like, what does that mean? Because a lot of people throw, oh, you live in a simulator.

We live in a simulation. Yeah. Well, what does that mean? Do you even know what a simulation means? How does the simulation work? How does it operate? So it doesn’t matter if something got introduced. It’s a new age concept. Who cares? It was supposed to get introduced. So Gregorian has just as much of legitimacy as the hebrew calendar, as the pre Gregor, pre Julian calendar, as the coptic calendar, as the ethiopian calendar, as the 13 month calendar. They all have their say. They all have their hands in the cookie jar. The cookie jar contains it all.

They’re all cookies coming out of the cookie jar. That’s what the research shows, anyway. That’s what I’m just telling all of you. So you’ll take your. Your month of your. Your birth. So, if you’re born in May, May becomes the third month. If you’re born in June, June becomes the fourth month. You just subtract two digits off your month. September becomes the 7th month. And I will promise you, a lot of you, if you do your numerology life path this way, you will have a, like, wow, where have you been? For me, it was monumental. I went from an eight life path, which I do have, because I’m gregorian.

I was born under the Gregory encounter, but I went from an eight to a nine life path, and I do more hermit than I do anything else. So it really was a. It was an aha moment for me. So I have a little mini course video coming out on how to do that. So the world can take advantage of this to give you another tool in the toolbox. It’s all about how many tools you got in the toolbox. You know, if you’re a carpenter and you show up to a job, you got your screwdriver, your hammer, your saw, your band saw, your chisel.

Well, if you don’t have certain tools, you can’t work. Same thing with the mystical aspects, the quantum realm, the metaphysical realm. The more tools you got. Astrology, numerology, enneagram, mayan astrology, human design, personality types, life path. All of these are the tools in the toolbox. The more tools you got, the better out you’re gonna. Better carpenter. You’re gonna be Emeril Falcon. Have you decoded anything special if you were born on PI day? Well, I did two decodes on PI, part one and part two. If you. It’s day number 73 and 74. That up adds up to 147.

Those are the numbers of Lucifer, if you know what that means going into PI. PI is earth. It starts to get very interesting. The numbers of Lucifer, according to Manly P. Hall, which I think have a lot of merit, are the numbers 741-417-1471 hundred 74. That’s PI day. Along with the day number 147 supernova. Thank you. Hope you’re doing great as well. When’s the new podcast with Jason? I haven’t really. I haven’t been following his research, and I. I have. We haven’t been communicating, so I don’t know if that’s gonna take place anytime soon. I. To be honest, and I’ve already said this, I don’t really resonate with his behavior, with him trying to debate people.

I just. That’s on him. Nothing bad about it. I just don’t. I just. I don’t do that kind of stuff. It’s like, it’s useless to me. And it just means you’re just afraid that you’re gonna be wrong because you gotta try proving somebody else right and wrong, and you’re right. I just don’t get into that nonsense. So I don’t really. So as a result of that, and nothing against him, I think he’s a freaking intelligent man. He’s super genius, despite what happened to him. And I don’t care what happened to him 26 years ago. It doesn’t.

It doesn’t poo poo. It doesn’t take away any of his greatness and what he’s done for the world and brought onto the world stage. I love that shining aspect of him, but I just don’t resonate with his behavior. That’s like, that’s like I told Santosh, I don’t resonate with that low, low hanging fruit behavior, man. I just don’t. So I, you know, that’s just my take on it. I spot, I do. I have love for people. I still look at the good in people. Yes. But I don’t association with certain people. That’s different. So I’m very outspoken on this, but again, doesn’t mean anybody’s, I’m not trying to prove anybody wrong, and I’m certainly not saying that his information is now deflated and there’s no merit to it.

No, absolutely not. Absolutely not. But thinking that you have it all figured out, thinking that you’re right and superior over everybody else and you got to go debate and tell them that they’re wrong, that’s just. No, you don’t have it all figured out and you’re, you’re not right on everything, and you’re, you’re just, your macho ego is in the way, which everybody has that I don’t resonate with that stuff. I just don’t. So there we go. Pat Pip says, I wish you wouldn’t be so hard on him for the debating. I’m not hard on him. I’m just, I just think it’s a waste of time.

He would be. He would. Jason is already great as it is. He’s already super intelligent as it is. If he just took all the energy he wants to put into debating and moved it into something constructive, that would help the world, it would. He would have a much greater channel. But no, you want to go into, you’re never going to catch Billy Carson. If Jason’s listening to this dude, you’re never going to catch Billy Carson. He’s almost to a million followers. He’s been around a lot longer. So if that’s the angle that you’re trying to do, I mean, that’s a waste of time, in my opinion.

That’s a waste of time. He’s, and it’s his truth, and his truth is his truth. And you guys, you guys and gals know that. That’s what it’s all about. It’s not you. If you think you have, if everybody lined up their truth on a table, your shit, some of your shit would be wrong. That includes everybody. But then, so how can we go around say, oh, you’re wrong, and you’re making up stories. It doesn’t matter. Life’s a story, man. This whole reality is a damn story. It doesn’t matter what. Who is putting out stuff. They are doing their job.

We’re living in a scripted, predestined reality. If we have any little bit of wiggle room, ladies and gentlemen, it’s to live and let live and just go, do you, please go do you, man, the world needs you. The world doesn’t need you. Arguing and debating and trying to prove people wrong. Doesn’t need that. Already have enough of that. That’s my take on it. Stephen. Yes. This is the last thing I’ll say. Steven says Jason’s calling out people on disinformation. There is no such thing as disinformation. It may be disinformation to you. It’s like, it doesn’t. This whole reality is not even real.

It’s not even real. It’s a freaking movie that’s gonna get washed away eventually and all the things that we’re doing are gonna be freaking meaningless. Meaningless. It’s just ridiculous. It’s like, just go do you, man, it’s a beautiful thing when you go do you and you let everybody else do them. See if they’re sink, if their ship is supposed to sink, if their information is supposed to sink down to the bottom, it will. There are no accidents in this reality. None. Yeah, I had, I had somebody send me something on the whole thing that happened to Jason like five days ago.

And I was like, I don’t care. I’m glad I’m not him. But then, of course, yeah. People coming out. If something happens to me, something happened to me. Oh, boy, people are gonna come out. They can’t wait to get on that wagon and let’s go. They can’t wait. That’s our world, man. That’s the world we live in. People just are frothing at the bit to be able to jump on and crack that whip to get on. You say, you see, there’s these people out there, Matt. They have nothing better to do but sit there and make videos about people and dirt.

It’s so ridiculous. So ridiculous. Ray Lewis asks, so is everything meaningless? My, my simple answer is absolutely everything is meaningless. How could you say it any other way? What, what has meaning to it? In the moment it may have meaning, but 20 years from now, it’s gonna be meaningless. Dooms says it’s just the reality. Forcing them to be little devils. Yeah. So people would say, well, it’s just part of the script. Okay, cool. But I don’t have to associate with it. Maybe my, if we. And again, I like to believe, I would like to and I say this.

Do we? I can’t prove it. I would like to believe you have some kind of free will, but I’m not so sure. But let’s just hypothetically say we do. Let’s say we have some free will. Well, what are you going to do with your free will? The research shows you don’t. Your life is not your own. I can. That is my guarantee. Fact. Right now, whether you believe it or not, I will show all my videos, 500 plus showing you that we live in a scripted, predestined reality, and you don’t have a choice in the matter.

But if you have a little bit of free will in there, a little bit of slide and slope, what. What are you gonna do with it to make that difference? I ain’t gonna waste mine away. I’m not gonna piss. Piss mine away. I’m not gonna go. And not only that, folks, when you go debate people, you’re, you’re. You’re making them bigger. You’re feeding their energy. It’s so simple. Anyway, Lana, what’s going on? Lana says misery loves company and can’t help but jump on the rumor mill bandwagon. Yeah, it’s, it’s, it’s really. It’s stupid, but people are waiting to go do it.

Can’t wait to go do it. That. You know, I gotta tell you, ladies and gentlemen, I. When I. When I see this kind of stuff, I take a moment and I. And I, and I give thanks and I’m grateful. What am I grateful for? Knowing that I’m not part of that. Oh, such an energy drainer. So glad. I don’t. I’m not involved in that. It’s a blessing. So when somebody sent me that, I was like, I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care. Whatever. Doesn’t change the way I feel about people’s information. Something happens, I was like, whatever.

You know, I’ve had a lot of people. I’ve had a lot of people ask me, oh, have you, have you gone, have you should join forces with this person. You should join forces with that. That person. You know, if I had. If I had my people say, who do you, who would you like to do a podcast with? Well, I like seven, Bomar, because he’s not debating people. I like his information. I would love to sit and have a conversation with that guy. I’m resonating with people that are just going out there and they’re on offense and they’re scoring points and they’re teaching and scoring points.

They’re not on the defense. They’re not trying to make their ego bigger than somebody else’s. They just. They score points. That’s what I resonate with. Hey, did the cats miss me? Oh, yeah. They’re funny. I have. It’s so crazy. The cats I have. Especially here, though, the. The outdoor ones, they’re. They’re mostly all female. I have all these female cats around. It’s pretty interesting. And watching the female cats that are alpha, it’s very interesting. On average, Joe says decode, gang stalking. I’ve looked into it and there’s not much to decode with it other than the word.

I never had it happen to me. You would have to actually take a case of gang stalking and decode the people that are involved in it. You’d need birthdays and names and. But just gang stalking as a whole, there’s no. Not much to go on. I haven’t decoded Lilith. Black moon Lilith. I haven’t. Although I do look at Lilith when it comes to astrology. Christian Tessier. Thank you so much for your support. Have I decoded the phonetic spelling as a cipher? I’m not sure what you mean by that. Could you give me a little more information? The, you channel is asking who is watching the show? I’m assuming you mean this reality.

And that would branch off into so many different answers. The simple answer would be God. Right? God would be watching. That’s the simple answer for all of you to understand what I’m saying. Jeremiah. What’s up, man? Decode. Game of Thrones. You know, I never really got into that show. I didn’t really like it. I never resonated with. There’s certain cultures that I just don’t resonate with. That culture is one of them. I don’t resonate with that culture and I don’t resonate with the. The wild, wild west. I don’t really resonate with those cultures. I don’t really like.

I don’t like watching westerns. I’m just. It just doesn’t. It’s not fun for me. I don’t know why. So. I never even watched Game of Thrones. Stevens asking about decoding the pharmacy. Is that a show? Not sure. Gilgamesh is saying. What do you mean by God, though? Well, the simplicity of it. Right. The all seeing eye, you can branch out. This, that’s what I’m saying, is like, what do I mean by that? Then we’d have to have a really philosophical conversation. And it’s really hard to read comments and give you that perspective. But if you go watch all these decodes, I’ve been.

I’ve given you all so many different ones from deity names. See, to me, the foundation of God is that it owns all of the religions. So it doesn’t matter if you follow. It’s Allah. Okay? Oh, no. It’s Uhuru mazda. Okay. Oh, it’s Yode Vaheh. Or it’s this or it’s that. Well, my simple answer is, it’s all of the. It owns them all. It owns all. It’s just one energy that owns it all. It’s a Ponzi scheme. So if it doesn’t get you one way, it’s gonna get you the other. If you want to pledge to religion and you want to give your energy to that, it doesn’t matter which one you follow, what books you read, and which one you follow.

There is no cookie cutter way, because this simple research shows that it owns it all. I say it. It being the voice in your head, that’s God. The voice in your head, that’s it. The supernatural. Andrew Miller is asking a question. If we are in a simulated hologram, why is there a need for a God? Why are we accountable for our actions? Well, how are you accountable for your actions? What do you mean by that? Well, certainly you would say, well, if I speed, I get a speeding ticket. Okay, so are you talking about that? Are you talking about being a glutton and getting fat, getting overweight because you eat too much food? Are you talking about being someone who’s very angry all the time, and you then have some other thing happen to you that when it has to do with anger, maybe you end up, you know, like, stabbing somebody and you almost killed them.

Are you talking about that accountability? And then I would go all the way back to your first question. Are we in a simulated hologram? What does that mean to you? I’m gonna. Very, very soon, I’m going to do a presentation on what I think it means. What does it mean to be in a simulation? I have talked. I’m not the only one, like, I have talked about the definitions of what it means to be in a simulation. What does that mean? Sergio says, where are you when you are not where you are supposed to be? Well, I don’t think you’re anywhere you’re not supposed to be.

You’re always exactly where you’re supposed to be. There are no accidents, I believe, anyway. The research shows there are no accidents in life. We just call them mistakes. So we can use an adjective to describe the action. The action is all that matters. That’s why I see people say all times an illusion. Not really. Because if I grab my cell phone and it’s 09:30 p.m. Here on central standard time, very, very soon it’s going to turn 931. And just like that, I see the zero move to a one that makes time real. We, as people, regurgitate this whole thing, like times an illusion.

Well, not according to my cell phone. My cell phone clearly says the time is real. Why do you say, well, I’ll meet up with you. What time? When you say that, what. What time do you have to punch in the clock to go to work? If time’s an illusion, then how are you gonna define illusion? I think people are so caught up in the. The gratification of joining in on this conversation of saying, oh, it’s an illusion. It’s a whole hologram. Okay, well, what does that mean, though? Like. Like this thing’s hard as a rock. The cell phone, how can this be a hologram? This tarot box? It’s a tin.

It’s made of tin. Is it. How can this be an illusion? I feel that so there’s a layer of this onion that is. Is most definitely real, but as I is, I believe this is not real. What I mean by that, where you’re in a movie. So just use the movie aspect. When you turn on. When you grab your remote and you turn on your show, whatever it is that you watch when you’re. When the next time you watch your show, if you could be consciously in the moment of that show, ask yourself, is it real? Is that show real? Is it any different than watching me on the screen right now through YouTube? Am I real? Well, is the movie real? And the, you know, you’re it.

Most people can say it’s not real. Okay, are the actors real? Are the actresses real? That will be an emphatic yes. Is there really a producer there? Yes. Is there really a sound guy there? Yes. Are there microphones and cameras? Yes. Yes. Yes. So is it real or is it not real? Well, the story’s not real. Okay, now we’re getting somewhere. So the story’s not real, but the actors and the sound guy and the video guy and the makeup artist, those are all real people acting out their parts just because the makeup artist doesn’t have a book to read from when with the lines.

Just read your lines. That person still sits behind in the tent or the whatever, and they’re putting makeup on people. That’s their script. They don’t need to read from a script like an actor or actress does to be in front of the camera. They’re part of the production, and they’re real, just like I’m real. So is this reality an illusion? Is it a hologram? Is the movie you’re watching a hologram or an illusion? No, no. And then you could say, well, yes and yes. Okay, so define the yes. How is it an illusion? How is time an illusion? You know, I just, I just, I have a deco coming out.

I got bad, I have some big decodes coming out. I had a big epiphany as I was flying in back to Mexico just a few days ago, and I was flying Delta and they have the little tvs in front of you. And so, of course, I got four hour flight. So I’m gonna watch some movies to pass the time like I normally do. So I click on the movie thing and I go. And I’m looking through. And I saw this movie called Upgrade. I had never heard about it before. What caught my attention was my reality, because I have been saying for so long now, this earth is going through a DNA activation upgrade.

We are getting DNA activation upgrades. And that’s what’s been happening. The energy has been coming in, the thoughts have been coming in. Activation upgrade. So of course, I was biased a little bit. I was like, oh, upgrade, what is this? I click on the movie. I hadn’t even. It was came out in 2018, I think, where the hell have I been? And it was by the main actors, Logan Marshall Green. So I’m like, okay, well, I gotta watch this then. That was my cue. Not by accident. This is scripted reality. Where’s the free will in this? I get on the plane, did I plan the trip? Did I plan to sit in that seat? Did I plan to pick the airline with the tv in front of it? Cuz you know, I flown united going there.

They had no tvs in there, so I couldn’t watch. There was no option for that coming back. It was upgrade. So I want. And everybody should check this movie out. It’s pretty awesome movie. So I started decoding it and it was like, are you kidding me? How I’m connected to Logan Marshall Green. He was born in Charleston, South Carolina. He’s an actor. He was also in Prometheus. I’ve done a decode on Prometheus. I went back and looked at my decode on Prometheus. And the day I. The day that was picked for me to put it out, which was on a day that has Prometheum, the atomic mass of day 144, 145.

That’s what I put out. My Prometheus decoded May 24, has day number 144, 145. That’s the atomic mass of Prometheum. I didn’t pick that. So where’s the free will in this? Where’s the free will in this? The simple answer is, there isn’t any. But everything’s happening in the now moment. But you still have the past. You still have the future. That’s time, folks. So anyway, as I watched this upgrade, I started decoding it, and then when I came back, I went over my friend’s house. We threw out a movie. The very first movie that we watched, Lucy.

And it wasn’t my choice. It wasn’t my choice to watch Lucy. Oh, Lucy. I haven’t watched it. She says, I haven’t watched Lucy since it first came out. I’m like, throw it on. Love that movie. I’ve seen it a few times. Of course, Lucy. I’m watching the movie, and they show what’s her name’s passport, and it’s the date, her day, of her passport, her birthday is the day that upgrade came out. What? So I have this in this decode, folks. This is all part of this whole scripted reality. There isn’t any other way around it. It’s so ridiculous.

Anyway, I’ll have to show some of you some of the. Some of the pieces of it. I’ll give you guys a couple sneak peeks on what I have coming out. I got some. Some fun ones coming out. See if I can. I’ll show you what I’m talking about. Okay. Culty talk says, well, sims aren’t really free, either. They have some freedom within the game, just like. Like we do in this game. So, again, I I’m a fan of that, that perspective, but there’s no way to support it. There is the challenge with free will. There is absolutely nothing to prove it.

You cannot prove you have free will. You cannot prove it. That’s a one plus one equals two fact. You cannot prove you have free will. But I’m a fan of it. I’m a fan of thinking that we have that, but I’m not so sure. So, anyway, I was getting to the point of that. I was saying that so some of you, like people say, this time’s an illusion again. So I’m watching Lucy, and I caught a big thing on Lucy where she’s sitting in the chair. You know, she’s scrolling through the timelines. But she had told she had told the professors about time, and she said, that’s what makes this reality real, is time, though, because she’s like.

She takes this car, and she. She has this street, and she. She’s driving the car down the street, and then she makes it go faster and faster and faster and faster, and eventually it goes so fast, you can’t see it. So she said, I have to slow. Slow it down for you to see the car, and now you see the car. That’s time. Time is what makes this reality work. Time. What time you gonna go to the gym? What time you got to go to work? What time do you want to go to dinner tonight? Without time, folks, you have complete chaos in this reality.

So is time really an illusion on average joe? Have I ever had any supernatural experiences? No, I haven’t. So let’s. Let’s give you guys all a little sneak peek. Let me. Let me show you a little bit about what is going on. Let’s. Let me get my. Hold on. Let me. Hang on 1 second. Let me just get my cursor out. Okay. Boom. So I got this coming out. Yeah. This was probably the most fun tea I’ve ever, ever done. Holy shit. And, of course, I did not plan this. I didn’t plan it, but the. The decode planned it out for me, and it was.

It started with this right here. I put this on all my platforms, and this just came to me. So, of course, in the beginning, in Hebrew, is bear shit. It’s the opening phrase of the Torah, the most popular spell book in the world. This is the first word in Hebrew that describes in the beginning. So I put here, it’s simple. God took a dump, and here we are. And stop thinking you’re special, because you’re not. No one is. And are we just shit? Because, ladies and gentlemen, if we’re made from the ground, if we’re made from the dust of the ground, well, what do you think a bear shits on? That’s why you hear that saying, does a bear shit in the woods? That’s a yes.

So, since we’re made of the ground and the ground is fecal matter, now you beginning to see why you can get into this. Holy shit. Holy shit. Yeah. So I’ll give you one more slide on this one. This is what it looks like in the tarot. So holy is 16, which is. I mean, imagine this is somebody taking a dump. Boom. You have a bowel movement, and this is what pops out. Death. You have a bowel movement, and death comes out, and it’s holy. It’s. Holy shit, right? So I got this decode coming out. That’s a spy, the most fun one I’ve ever done.

And it’s. And this is just, to me, whatever created this reality again is a standout comedian. It’s gonna be using me to show you the comedy because there’s no other way to describe it. So there’s this one I have coming out, and then I have the upgrade decoded. Whoops. I have this movie here, upgrade decoded. And of course, again, coincidentally, his first name matches the name I go by. He was in Prometheus. I decoded Prometheus. And I’ve been talking about upgrade for so long. For so, so long. And that is just interesting because I go look at his birthday, November 1, and I, compared to mine, look at the ridiculousness.

I was born on the 35th day of the year. I was born on February 4. He’s born on the 305th day of the year. Coincident. Am I just trying to mock people? Am I trying to get one past you folks? I mean, seriously, this. I don’t even know the guy, but here we are, and I got the astrological map of when they. What. What’s going on here? I got all this stuff coming out with this upgrade. It’s. It’s. It’s fascinating, ladies and gentlemen. So stick around for this. This decode will be coming out, and it’s all about the voice in your head, the upgrade.

Okay? So those are some of the fun ones. Oh, man. I’m telling you. So you got to take into consideration, ladies and gentlemen, I fly home. I watched this movie upgrade, and it was about upgrading your mind. That was the whole brunt of the movie. The guy becomes a paraplegic. He can walk again with this implant. I’m not going to give too much away. Check out the trailer upgrade with Logan Marshall Green. But he is able to use his full body again, and he has superpowers, literally, right, with this upgrade, this implant that they put in the back of his neck.

Then I come home, and the very first movie I watch is Lucy. I didn’t even pick the damn movie. What’s the movie about? Going from 10% of the brain to 100% of the brain. So where’s the free will of this? When that movie completely synchronizes with that, with the upgrade movie, back to back synchronicities in a very, very big way. And here we are. Where’s the free will of my life? Anyways, I’m telling you, folks, I mean, the word shit is 13. The word bible is 13. I know if I say that straight off the cuff, people will be like, how dare you? How do you know what shit means? It’s the game.

Shit is 13. Game is 13. This. This is all the 13. The colony, the roundtable of the 13. It means shit. Shit happens. Holy. What it. What would shit be if it was holy? Holy shit. You start thinking about it. Start thinking about it. You start thinking about it. But shit is 13. Bible is 13. Game is 13. These words in numerology. 13 sits in the very dead center of the astrological wheel. That’s why you have twelve zodiac signs. And in the very middle is the sun, the moon, the portal to get in you. The zodiac wheel, is your eyeball.

The twelve apostles are the. Is the color part of your eyeball. It’s the iris of your eye, and in the center is the black sun. That’s why you’re the little devil. We’re the little devils down here. And the light comes into your eye so you can see right now, light is entering into your eye, and you’re getting through the computation of your brain, you’re getting an image of me. And then the. The volumes going into. The noise is going into your ears, and you’re hearing me. And now you’re getting. Getting the transmutation of sound waves going in.

And your brain’s computing that, giving you an image and having. Giving you something to hear. Twelve apostles right here. Black sun right here. Sunlight going in. This. The whole thing with shit is so funny. You little shit. You little shit bag. You piece of shit. It’s such a versatile word. What does it really, really mean? Well, numerology wise, it’s tied right to the Holy Bible. And you. Would you. I’ve already decoded the Bible more times than I could ever care to even think about at this point. And it’s. It’s. It’s. That’s why you have the scripture and the game of life is tied to holy shit.

That’s what the research is showing. It’s so funny. And I’m telling you whole. It’s so funny because holy shit is 29. Holy shit equals 29, just like lukewarm equals 29. So you want to escape this reality, you got to be holy shit. You’re. We’re shit. This is. We’re made of dirt. You’re mate. You’re. You’re gonna. When you die, when I die, you’re gonna go back down where the feces go. You will. Whether or not you get cremated or you get put 6ft whatever. Eventually you’re. You go back down, and that’s where you’re for. From, through that story.

Now, if you don’t believe that story, well, then you would throw this out the window and you would say, well, but it’s written into the script. But let’s just remove religion from this. When the fact is, is when we die, you go back to the dirt, and the dirt has a contract with the sun above and the water cycle and nature. So if you remove any dogma, any stories of these deity names and all these things that we decode, which I’ve done million times, you take all those away, you go out into nature. You study nature, and the water’s there, and the precipitation is there, and the sun’s there, and the dirt’s there, and the rocks are there, and the sand and the gravel, that’s all there.

You know, I don’t need to have a name attached to these things in nature. That is it. And this shit is the dirt. That’s why the game of life is the dirt. It’s the shit. That’s all you can say. I’m the shit. So you could turn it around. Yeah, you are. You’re a big shit. But it goes both ways. Like when you go next time you go to the bathroom, next time you sit on the porcelain throne, you out. It’s gonna pop a devil. You’re gonna poop out a devil. That’s fecal matter. That’s waste. You’re in the belly of the beast.

What happens in your stomach if you eat food, it goes into your stomach, the digestion process starts, and then your body starts to separate and out pops a devil in the toilet. That’s fecal matter. But it’s not just waste, folks, because that is going to be used for the soil. Why do you think when an animal goes to the bathroom outside it, it’s nitrogen for the soil, and then you get the dung beetle, and that’s where you’re going to get the story of reincarnation. The dung beetle, poop, shit, reincarnation, reincarnation, recycle, reincarnation, recycle. It’s just a big shit show, and it’s a comedy show.

Alex Tube, thank you so much. Episode 13 is missing in the playlist, I would imagine, talking about scripted reality, I have to go in there and probably fix them up. I’ll hopefully I’ll remember that. Thank you so much. Twisted reality is asking. So what’s your answer on finding the exit portal? Well, I have many decodes that you can watch on that exact topic, I’ll show you. So if you go to my YouTube channel and you just, you click on this little hourglass here so you can find any video. One of the videos that you should probably watch is exit this one because during this, during this decode, I talked all about the exit and how to get out of this reality and what it looks like and how we’re all batteries and how it’s all scripted.

It’s all scripted. Did the two guys, the two guys that created the Duracell battery, Philip and Samuel, they made this Duracell battery. Didn’t have a choice. Free will? Not a chance. Nope. I covered it all in this because we’re all little batteries and you’re the little devil right here. So if you want to exit the game of life, you got to exit the devil. And what is the devil? Desire. Desire. This is holy shit. Holy shit’s 29. Yaldabaoth, the gnostic demiurge tied to holy shit which is tied to the Holy Bible. What do you think runs the Holy Bible? Yaldabaoth, the gnostic demiurge which goes by every other name in the book you can think of.

How can there be any exceptions when the code says that? So there’s this one. And then if you check out my prison planet series, I talked all about how to exit this reality. Especially I think it was in prison planet part two on how to get out of this reality. What my take is on that. And then I had, I think, spit you out this one right here, this special preview, I talked about how to exit this reality and then final boss, you know, and what is the final boss? It’s you. It’s just you against you.

That’s as simple as I can put it. It’s you against you. So if you want to know what the code says about exiting this Reality, if there is such a thing, remember what I said, if there is such a thing, then I would encourage you to watch those exit and the prison Planet series and the spit you out preview and become a member of Patreon. And I have other things in there that go extensively into the information that goes further into and giving more layers of exiting this reality. DJ says I hate the movie I’m in and I want it to end.

Okay, so the only thing that I would encourage you to look at is what are the, what are some of the things in your life that you’re grateful for? Forget about like what makes you happy in life. No, what are you grateful for? Start there. And I can guarantee you if you were to sit with a piece of paper and a pen and start write out things you’re grateful for, you’ll fill the paper up. If you’re. If you’re honest with yourself, the very first one is, I’m alive. Check. I’m grateful that I’m alive. When you wake up in the morning, are you grateful that you got a good night’s sleep? Check.

Are you grateful that you woke up and you’re not feeling like shit? Check. Are you grateful that you woke up and you can go get a glass of water. Check. Are you grateful that you woke up and you got a good night’s sleep and you could say thank you to your pillow in your mattress. Check. There’s a million things that you could be grateful for. What. What normal people do. They focus on what they don’t have. They focus on their lack. They focus on this. They fuck. They focus on that. And if you have any external x, if you have anything, anybody in your life that’s trying to bring you down, cut them out of your life.

Oh, some of you here have people that you will not cut out of your life because you rely on them for your living. You are accustomed to surviving off of their coin, off of their energy, and. But you can’t stand them. But you stay in that position because you feel like you don’t have a choice. Well, the very message to you is that there’s a way out. Your way out is not out of this reality. Your way out is to get out of the circumstances that you’re in right now so you can move into a state of gratitude, so you can feel better about this reality and then start to think clearly.

You’re not thinking clearly because you’re focusing on lack. You’re focusing on scarcity, and you’re focusing on codependency. So when you. When you stop becoming codependent, then you remove the negativity in your life. And you would say, well, how do I do that? Start to think. Make the decision that you don’t want to be in that codependency anymore. Many of you here are codependent to people. You’re in relationships you hate, but you stay in it because you feel like you’re stuck. And the reason why you’re stuck is because you’re not thinking. It’s Ryan. And I know it’s more complex than I saw.

Some of you. Some of you’re gonna say, no pun intended, Logan, you’re full of shit. Right? I know some of you will. That’s totally fine. This is not for everybody, but those of you that are. Just be authentic with yourself, man. Wait. You know, I don’t have it all figured out. You don’t have it all figured out. But if you look at your life, what’s lacking in your life, maybe you need to cut out the things that you. That are causing you lack in your life. Maybe you’re self sabotaging your life and it’s teaching you something, but if you cut that out of your life, you.

Your life would get better. Justin says, wait till the shit hits the fan. Yeah. See how beautiful this shit word is? It’s great. It’s so versatile. What’s up, Bobby? Bobby says gratitude is the attitude. That’s it. Just wake up tomorrow and consciously think about what you’re grateful for. Make the conscious shift. If you could remember anything out of this whole entire podcast, focus on what you’re grateful for. That’s it. That’s all you should do. And chip away. Chip away. Don’t try to save your world in one day. It’s like people that want, people that are, you know, I used to be in, when I worked in the gym industry, I used to do personal training, and people that.

The number one thing that people want to do when they come into the gym, they want to either gain muscle or they want to lose weight. And if you’re somebody who wants to reduce your weight, someone who needs to reduce your weight, the simple way to reduce weight is do one thing differently tomorrow. Don’t do a million. Do if you. Oh, you got to do. You got to exit. Like, you get this list from this trainer, okay? I want you to have just this food. Don’t eat this. Don’t eat that. Eat this. You got to come here, and I have a schedule for you, and you’re like, oh.

Oh, my God. Mind blown, dude. I have to work. I got kids to fit. It’s like, I can’t do all that. Fail, fail, fail. So what’s the very first thing to do to reduce weight? Pick one thing and do it for three weeks. Don’t try to. It’s not a race. It took you a long time to gain all that weight. It’s not a race. Just do one thing differently tomorrow and be consistent with that one thing. The very one thing that I would suggest you do is to drink more water. That’s it. So, for three weeks, you’re gonna drink more water than you drank yesterday, and you’re gonna get to a point where you want to get to about, like, how much is enough water.

At least two liters of water would be my suggestion. Without giving you any kind of recommendations. I’m not a doctor. I have to say this. This world that we live in. But what I would do is I would drink at least two liters of water like this right here. This bottle is my glass. I don’t always use it, but it’s a liter. Before I go to bed, I fill it up, and I bring it into my room, and I leave it on the floor in case I get thirsty. When I wake up in the morning, the very first thing I do is I grab that bottle of water and I drink it.

The whole thing. It may take me ten minutes, it may take you 30 minutes. But before I do anything else, I make sure this is the priority. Not coffee, not tea, not soda, not food, not breakfast. Agua. That is my priority for three weeks. My job, my responsibility is I want to reduce weight. Three weeks, two liters of water. If you can get to that, congratulations. Then you move on to the next thing. So now you have this as a habit. You move into the next habit, you add another habit on. Now maybe I’ll go join a gym.

Great, because now you’re doing at least two liters of water. You want to get up to about three. To be honest, that’s my opinion. But you want to get up to two. And now you can add the gym. Then you start working out, and it will motivate you to eat better. Then after three, four weeks of the gym, look at your diet, and then attack the diet. So now you have six weeks of drinking two liters of water, three weeks of working out, and then you go look at your diet, and you say, okay, well, I gotta make some changes here.

And then when you take the diet, you don’t try to do all of it at one time, remove one thing that you know is not good for you, and continue on. Remember, it’s not a race. It’s gonna take you a minute. If you wanna have a successful weight reduction, you wanna do it in periods, you wanna do it in sections. And that’s the easiest way to reduce weight, folks. There. There’s no magic to this. It’s just habitual. It is discipline. But the easiest way is to chip away. And there’s a lot of other things you can do.

Like one of my. One of my favorite habits that I do every day is I wake up, I have my liter of water. But part of that liter of water, I go in the kitchen, I have real lemons, I cut them in half. I squeeze them into a pan. I put about a teaspoon of baking soda in there, and I pour my glass of water into the pan because I make a mess. So I have a very big area, and I stir it up. It’s gonna foam up big time. And then I pour that back into the glass and I pound that.

Now, what I. Why do I do that? Because it automatically has alkalized my body with the citric acid of the lemon and the baking soda. Those of you that have heartburn, I will almost guarantee every one of you will have alleviation of that. I’m very confident that those of you that have Gerd or heartburn, if you’re willing to do just this one little simple thing, one lemon squeezed with a teaspoon of baking soda every single morning before you eat any food, your life will change. And then if you have heartburn really bad, you do it at night before you go to bed.

Simple little things, like, just do that. Like, if you got heartburn, like, I just look at, like, as a trainer, I was a peep. We complicate shit. We try to figure it all out at the same time. And then that’s why New Year’s resolutions, they fail 80% of the time because people try to do too many things differently from what they’re used to. So you just take one thing and you get it built into your habitual patterns, and next thing you know, you’re good, you’re off to the races. I’m telling you, folks, the lemon with bacon soda is a game changer.

It’s a game changer. Not just those of you that have lemon. Awesome. I mean, I’d also do apple cider vinegar, but again, we’re. Now we’re like, oh, shit, I got to do that. No, just keep it simple. Most of you can get lemons. All of you can get baking soda. It’s so inexpensive. It’s a game changer. A lot of you are slaves to your stomachs. You’re in the habit of eating because your stomach says, feed me. Maybe you need to switch it up. Maybe tomorrow when your stomach says, feed me, you say, no, no, I’m not gonna feed you.

Why do we eat when the hunger hits? Because we’re programmed to do it. We’re in the habit of doing it. You’re in the habit of doing it, so maybe tomorrow. The one thing you do for the next three weeks is the next time you get hungry. You say, chill. Just chill, man. I ain’t feeding you. Forget you. The stomach is a whole. So Doom said, the stomach is a whole beast. Yeah. Many of you are slaves to your hunger. Many of you are slaves to your food. When it says, feed me, you cave in right away.

And you’re also. A lot of people are in the habit of saying, I’m starving. Not really. You’re not even close to what that means. See how we easily just regurgitate something that has absolutely no bearing on our lives? You’re not starving. You’re hungry. But we say, I’m starving. And that starving is a much more dramatic than saying, I’m hungry. When you say, I’m hungry, it’s not as dramatic as saying, oh, my God, I got it, I’m starving. It’s much more dramatic. And when you say the starving, the magical spell that you speak has a different reaction to your body, then I’m hungry.

Being very calm, saying, I’m hungry. Yeah, I’m hungry. Like, right now, I can tell all of you, I’m hungry. You know what? You know what I’ve eaten today? Because a lot of people ask me, what do you eat? I have my. I have my water, bacon, soda, lemon. After that, I’m in the habit of doing watermelon, two liters of watermelon puree. I cut watermelon up, I put it in the blender. I blend it up for about two minutes. I drink that. It’s a watermelon puree. Sometimes I add stuff in there. I had two of those. That’s what I had this morning and afternoon.

Then after that, I had a grapefruit and three oranges in the blender with a little bit of water. I drank that. It filled the blend. The blender was filled all the way to the top. That thing filled me up. That’s what I had. Then after that, I had a whole bag of mandarins because they’re in season. I had a whole bag of them with some yogurt and some pistachios. That’s all I’ve eaten today. That’s it. And I’m. Yeah, I’m a little bit hungry right now, but I’m not bad. But I can tell it. I can shut it off and so can’t you.

It’s not that difficult. Yeah, I’m about to. What’s up, Christine? Christine says since the green box detox, I have kept the dragon in check. That’s awesome. Right? I’m really considering doing another green box detox. It will be number three. I’m going to do it myself. I’m considering myself going on a 60 day, 60 day. It will be a juice juice only. And I’m going to create it around puree, not, not, not liquid juice because it fills you up. Yes. There’s digestion involved. So it’s not as strong of a detox as if you just drink the, the liquid press juices.

But the satiation is there. It’s much easier to do. It cleans you out. And it’s just, I mean, it’s in season now because we’re coming up on, on summertime and it’s, everybody should have access to, to fruits. So I’m considering doing this for all of you, 60 days myself. So stay tuned for that. Seema Dragon says have been using cray alkaline with a AKG alpha ketoglutarate with great results. You are so welcome. Remember to cycle that, remember to cycle that stack. How long do you stay on Crealkalin and Aakg? Three months. Then you come off for a month or two if you want to go four or five, six months.

Yeah, that’s totally fine. Your liver values are probably gonna be out of check because of the creatinine levels will go up artificially, of course, by the crealk alkaline, but it can happen. But you’ll, the results of that stack will diminish just like anything else. One cup of coffee is not good enough. I need to same thing. So when you stop taking it, you take a break, you go back on it and it gives you something to look forward to. I look hungry. Pat s. Says I look hungry. Okay. Kevin T says I need to quit weed, but it’s merely impossible.

Well, that would be the first thing I would start with. So again, trip away. Right. Keep it simple. Right. You want to reduce your weight. Don’t try to do all the things in one for three weeks. Drink two liters of water. Kevin T. What’s the very first thing you should chip away at? Stop saying it’s impossible. Start saying it’s possible for three weeks. I’m going to quit weed because it’s possible. I’m going to stop smoking weed because it’s possible. I’m going to stop smoking weed because it’s possible. People are doing it. So it’s not impossible. It’s not near impossible.

It’s easily possible because many people do it. Many people have done it and many people have done it that are doing the same amounts as you are. So that would be the first thing, the first habit that I would do if it was I was in your shoes. Start saying on a daily basis, I’m going to stop smoking weed because it’s possible, saying that as much as you can every day, don’t give up on your weed, but reprogram the mind through the magical spells, and then you chip away after you have that in your vocabulary. Thanks, Bobby.

I appreciate it. Lana says eat more hydrating foods if you’re inflamed. Absolutely. Second, that patriot eagle, best way to stop drug addiction? Well, you first and fore. If I was addicted to drugs, and I have, so I’ve, I’ve beaten it. I was a functioning addict. You wouldn’t even know it. I was working out. And anyway, if, if I were in that position, I would definitely start to associate with people that are not addicts. I would force myself into creating friendships with people that are not addicts. Because environment is critical. The environment is crucial. So you would create an environment that would be sustainable for quitting the habit that you’re in.

I don’t even like calling it an addiction. It’s a habit. I think habit is much more easy on the brain than addiction. You’re in the habit of doing a drug, there’s a payoff for it. And the payoff may just be escape. It could be just the pleasure of it. It could be, you know, the dopamine rush or the cere. Whatever’s the rush in your brain that you get from a drug habit. You have a habit of doing drugs. I don’t think you have an addiction. You have a habit of it. And habits can be replaced with other habits.

But chip away at it. Cold turkey, to me, is not everybody can do cold turkey. Not you can’t. Not everybody can do cold turkey on things. They have to chip away at the things they want to change. Again, just use the gym if you want to reduce your weight. Don’t try to change your diet. And don’t try to like cardio and just drink more water first. Then after three weeks, then go to the gym. Same thing with drug habits. When you have a habit of taking drugs, first and foremost, figuring out why you have the habit.

What’s the reason of the habit of taking the drugs. Once you figure out what the habit is, what the origin of the habit is, then at least you have something to build a strategy for in removing the habit or leaving it behind or overcoming the habit by some other habit. Maybe you need to join the basketball team. Something that will take you out of the environment you’re in. That would be my very, very first thing I would do. Move into a new environment that will force you to change your habits. If you spend a lot of time alone, well, that may just be the origin of it all.

You spend a lot of time alone and you just don’t like your life or whatever, or maybe something happened to you and you’re masking it with that habit. But I don’t think it’s an addiction. You have. You have a habit. That’s it. We all have habits, so replace the habit. That’s what I would do. Mister B says my question, how or what is the witness behind the witness base awareness? And why in the non dual does the witness disappear into nothingness? I don’t really know what you’re getting at. That’s a big. I think it’s a philosophical question or conversation to have.

There is no I, so I’ll dive into that. You say, there is no I. Why do you say it then? See, once you say something, it makes it real. I have to go do this. That means I is real. If you stand just like this, that’s the eye. That’s the eye. There has to be an eye. If you say there’s an eye, even if you say there’s no I, there’s an eye because you say there’s no I because the idea of the eye makes it real. Just like people say, do you believe in Jesus? I don’t need it doesn’t matter what I.

What? The idea makes it real. Was there really a guy who came down from the sun? Because that’s what I would say. If there was a dude that was on earth by the name of Jesus Christ or Jesus Christos, he would have come from the sun. Because it’s all sun reference and the story makes it real. Is Superman real? The story makes Superman real? Is Santa Claus real? The story makes Santa Claus real. Is the tooth fairy real? The story and the idea makes the tooth fairy real. There are tons of children right now that believe the tooth fairy is real.

Are you gonna say they’re wrong because you know better? Oh, then why don’t you just tell your kids that the tooth fairy is not real? Then why are you bullshitting them? Why you blowing smoke? Why are you blowing smoke about Santa Claus being. Being real? Why are you lying to your children? Santa Claus is real. Is Santa Claus real or Santa Claus not real? Well, if he’s not real, you’re lying to your children and you’re okay with that. That’s for a different story. I don’t want to get too much. So, yeah, are we real? The story makes us real.

Are you real? If I call you on the phone, and you answer. You’re real. Just like that. If I dress up in a Santa Claus zoo, I’m real. And now Santa Claus is real because I’m in the costume, and there can’t be any other way around it. Okay, well, you don’t have a sled, and you’re not up in the north Pole. Okay, well, that. You’re talking about that story, but I’m Santa Claus right now. It’s like, I’m Santa Claus. Prove me wrong. I got a Santa suit on, man. I got the beard. I’m Santa Claus. The idea, this is called a self fulfilling prophecy.

In psychology, the simplicity of a self fulfilling prophecy is where you have an idea and you say, oh, my God, this is a great idea. I’m gonna create a cell phone, and it’s gonna do this, and it’s gonna do that. And then you tell somebody else, oh, my God, I have this invention. I’m gonna call it a cellular phone, and I’m gonna be able to call you from miles away, from. From thousands of miles away. And then they go tell somebody, and then they go tell somebody. And actually, you know, you have a conglomerate of people that adjoin to this idea, and it, you know, self fulfilling prophecy.

It may just be like a story. Let me take you on a little trip, see if I can find it. There it is. I’m starting to break down religion. And this popped into my. My mind the other day when I got back from my trip. And it’s not just him. It’s not just the Mormons, but it was the jw. Or. I’ve been asked so many times to decode the JW organization, and I’m probably gonna do that, but the Mormons are big as well. Okay. And when you. When you read about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, it’s a story.

Did it really happen? I don’t know. Because the story says that he was visited by an angel. He was visited. He received a vision called the first vision. Well, I have a lot of those. They’re called dreams. They’re called meditations. But his vision was about resolving religious confusion, and he was in the wooded area of. Near his home, and he was visited by an angel, and the angel was named Maroney. Now, is. Is Joseph Smith full of shit? If you say so. But you see this story right here, just this story on Wikipedia makes it real.

Now, did it really happen? That’s debatable, because he finds these golden plates. Who’s got the golden plates? Nobody. Nobody’s got the golden plates. They are non existent. They’re lost. But then you have these people that are called witnesses that. That have said, oh, yeah, I saw the. I saw them. Okay, well, where are these witnesses? They’re all dead. But the funny thing about it is, ladies and gentlemen, this whole story is all part of the Ponzi scheme. You can see that the. The. The plates were a reformed egyptian aspect. The Book of Mormon is a reformed story of ancient Egypt.

That’s what it is. Which is exactly what the Bible is all about. It is a reformed book of Egypt. Not only that, but this. This angel, Moroni. The actual name is Nephi. See if I can find it. Here it is. Okay. In the text that Joseph Smith talks through, in 1838, he talks about this detailed account of this angel that visited him, and it was known as Nephi. How about the Nephilim? Nephi. Nephilim. Same context. Now you. You may go. Oh, there’s the Nephilim. The Nephilim is a story. The Nephi. Now you get Jesus, now. Okay.

And you get his. His mother, Lucy. Lucy in the sky with diamonds. Lucifer. His mother, Lucy. Was this lady real? It’s in the story. So is it real or is it fake? It’s in the story. It’s in the script. It’s in the script. Even the word Mormon is 29. Just like holy shit. Just like Holy Bible, 29. Mormon is the same as the Bible, which is the same as the ancient Texas Shinto, which is the same as the Quran, which is the same as this, which is the same as that. It’s all the same shit. All of it.

All the same shit. The same shit. The source, you see, the source is 26, which is the same shit as everything else. Same shit. Holy shit. And the shit is a game. And that’s why 13 is so big. So now you know what shit means. Holy shit. I don’t think I’ve said it so many times. And one podcast. But that’s the fundamentals of the Book of Mormon. And you look at that, I’m breaking down their temples. You know their temples have a bunch of inverted pentagrams on them. And then you would automatically probably say, oh, there’s the inverted pentagram.

And you would regurgitate saying that it’s evil. Well, their inverted pentagram simply means light into matter. Light into matter, which is what we are. That’s why I say be the best little devil you can be. Anyway, that’s for a different story. But again, ladies and gentlemen, you know, these organizations, they are their archetypes that’s all religion is, is archetypes. Just like that’s what you and I are. We are archetypes. Any idea that you have is an archetype. Any disease that you have in your body is an archetype. If you start looking at this reality as archetypes, the world starts to change.

Like, if you start to believe in something that’s an archetype inside of you, imagine that idea is real. The idea, the belief that you have of whatever it is you believe, it becomes part of your reality. It’s a program, it’s a folder inside your computer, because this thing’s a computer. And if you look on your computer, you have folders. Every folder has a name to it. Typically, those are your ideas. And those ideas and those folders that are impregnated into your body, they become archetypes. And you fill them with more and more of the story you read.

Like right now, I have a folder in my body, in my mind, of mormonism, because I’ve been decoding it. And as I, if I look at the screen and I’m looking at mormonism and I’m reading about it, I’m downloading, downloading, downloading information, information. And it’s going into that Mormon folder in my brain, into my memory, and it becomes bigger and bigger and bigger. And then when it starts to become alive, like, like a disease becomes alive inside of you and it doesn’t want to die. It doesn’t want to get deleted. Imagine on your computer all these folders that you have.

If you look at the next time you delete something on your folder, just take a second to look at the folder and imagine the folder says, please don’t delete me. I don’t want to go in the trash. Please don’t empty the trash. I want to stay here. I want to remain alive. If you start looking at this reality like that, the world starts to change. So when you have something wrong with you, the or something inside of you, that is what you call wrong, a disease or a sickness, it’s an idea. It’s an archetype inside of you, an energy, and it doesn’t want to die.

Sometimes it passes right through you. Maybe it’s just renting a hotel room. Like you get a common cold. The common cold goes right through you. It stays. It’s you become an Airbnb. And the cold comes in and it says, I think I’ll hang out here for a couple days. And you get the snivels and you get the coughing and the sore throat and the cold moves through you and it’s holding up residency in your body and you’re like, oh, my God, I feel like shit, boy. Shit’s the word today, right? I feel like shit. The cold becomes an archetype as it moves through you and it doesn’t want to die.

And you’re taking all this cold medication, you’re drinking all this tea and vitamin C, and the cold is moving through you and you become an Airbnb. It rents from you, and you’re like, you can’t stay here, dude. And you. And the cold’s like, yeah, I know, but I don’t want to die. And you’re like, well, I feel like shit, and you can’t stay here. So the cold’s like, okay, and so how do you get rid of. How do you. The cold is now squatting inside your temple. It’s squatting at your Airbnb. The cold, the flu is now squatting.

It’s not paying rent. It’s squatting, wadding for free inside your body. And it’s causing you a freaking ton of grief because you don’t feel good. You’re tired, you got chills, you got the fever, sore throat, and you’re like, you can’t stay here anymore, dude. You got to go. So how do you eradicate the cold? You boost the immune system and the white blood cells come in and they move the cold out. It’s like, dude, you got to get out, man. You ain’t paying rent here. You can’t squat here anymore. In the cold’s like, all right, see you later.

But if the cold doesn’t want to die, you start looking at life like this, your life is going to change. Start looking at the ideas like that. Some of you have these ideas that your life sucks and that that idea is and becomes an archetype inside the folder, in your brain, and it starts to collect and collect. And every time you say, my life sucks, my life sucks. My life sucks. My life sucks. And you don’t have no gratitude. That folder gets bigger and bigger and bigger and then it doesn’t want to get deleted. So you’ll defend it.

Yeah, my life sucks, man. I got nothing worth. I’m no good. I’m this and that. And you’ll defend that folder in your brain of life sucks because now life sucks is taking up residency inside your body and it doesn’t want to get deleted. And the longer it stays, the harder it is to delete the folder. Just like some. Some of you have clothes in your closet that have to tag still on it, but you had never worn the clothes, but you don’t want to get rid of it. Well, maybe I’ll wear them one day. Dude, you’ve had in your closet for five years.

You’re not gonna wear the dress. You ain’t gonna wear the pants. Freaking give them to somebody that will appreciate it. Go give it to somebody now. I I. But I may wear it one day, maybe. That’s called the pack rat. So whether it’s a physical item or whether it’s an idea, it takes up residency in your life, and then you don’t want to delete it because it doesn’t want to die. It becomes real inside of you. So this whole thing about, is this life real? Yeah, it’s real. Is it fake? Yeah, it’s fake. It’s not real.

We’re inside of a movie, but the movie is real because we’re really here. I’m really acting out. I really have ideas. I really have thoughts. I really act upon my thoughts. So it’s real. But if you really consider how your life is and you start to take into consideration the things that I’m telling you here, all the ideas that you’ve downloaded into your life, and a lot of them are causing you. They’re taking their kids, they keep taking rent. A lot of your ideas in your life, they’re not even serving you for your greater good. They’re teaching you a lesson, though, because everything’s for your greater good.

But they’re taking up residency inside your body, inside your mind, and a lot of you don’t want it there, but you can’t get rid of it because if you got rid of it, it would get deleted and then you’d have some kind of void, and you don’t want to deal with the void. Is this starting to make sense? Like, if you really start to look at life like this, you have a lot of things in your life that are taking up residency, that ain’t paying you back. It’s just taking from you to teach you something. And some of you like to give it away because you’re in the habit of doing it.

Now we get back to the habits. It’s a fun way to look at life. It really, really is. Got too much shit. Culty talk. I love it. Shit is the word of the words. I mean, this. This holy shit’s gonna be fun. You know, why we. We don’t die. Like, I can’t remember who said this, but I’m just regurgitating what Bob Proctor said. Bob Proctor says, we don’t die, we kill ourselves. We don’t die. We kill ourselves. So that’s what we do. We slowly kill ourselves by what we eat, what we drink. We’re slaves to our addictions, our habits.

Addiction being habit. We’re slaves to these habits, and then we die, and life goes on. That was a long rant. Thanks, everybody, for listening to that. Let’s go through the life paths. Let’s have some fun. Let’s use the cam. I’m getting to the tail end of this. So what’s your question number? 78. So, let’s go through the life paths so I can give all to you some things to consider moving into tomorrow. So let me get all the. Let me get all the life paths here. Just give me a second. Give me a second here. So we’re going to do life paths through the tarot, and we’re going to figure this out for all of you with this new kind of new idea of a gregorian life path and a pre gregorian life path, and it gets fun.

And again, ladies and gentlemen, for me, it really hit home. It made a lot more sense than my. My gregorian life path. And so I’m going to encourage all of you to consider that being the case for you. Okay, I get out one more card here, six. Give you something to think about. Okay. All right, let’s see if I have them all here. 4291. Give me one sec for folks. One, two. Bear with me. I don’t have my empress. Of course I don’t. That’s my empress. I’m going to not only give you the life paths to take into consideration, but I’m also going to talk about the numerology, and I’m also going to talk about the.

The planet that rules that, and what you should be looking at in your astrological chart when it comes to your life path, because these are all connected. Everything can be connected. It’s just that simple. It’s complex, but it’s just that simple. Twelve, actually. There’s no twelve, so. But some of you will have it reduced down. There’s three. Okay. All right, I think I got them all now. 123-45-6789 I know some of you are gonna have the. The master life configurations, which are going to reduce down to single configurations, but I will consider that asof. So it can be a little bit tricky.

Okay, I’m almost done, folks. Thanks for sticking with me. Okay, so that’ll be 20, 211, 33 typical aspects, and I’m just gonna go through the twelve houses of astrology as well. Okay? So you guys and gals can take this wisdom, this information and apply it to your own life. Now before I do that, let me go to get my calculator open here and show you how this works. Okay, I think I got everything done here. Alright, here we go. Okay, so we’re gonna come here and let’s just focus on this calculator here. And in order to get your life path though, and bear with me if you know the life path, in order for you to get your life path, which when I do a reading, I call it the soul contract.

But, you know, the spirit inside of you, the life path, it’s designed around your. The spirit inside of you, it’s one part of you with your identification, but you get that through the addition of your birthday. So I’ll use my birthday as the example because I just know it, obviously. So I was born from the. This is the Gregorian. Now, I was born on February, which is the second month, and then you add the birthday, the fourth, which is what I was born. Then you add the year I was born in 19, and then I was born in 73.

So you add the 73 and I’m going to get the number 98. Now, 98 can be looked at as the 98, so you would bring that into mathematics. You can start to break down what the 98 looks like in the sine and cosine waves. If I just go to the number empire calm and I type in the number here, 98. It’s not an, it’s not a prime number, it’s a composite number, meaning it has more than two divisors here. And you can even look at the divisors to see if there’s any strong significance is here for you.

This is the counter divisors, the sum of the divisors. And then you look to the next prime number, what you’re going to be ruled over by through the primes. Mine is going to be the 101 and the 101 is the 26 prime number. Okay. Which is my life path if I reduce it all the way down to the, the single digits. But the 98 can also be looked at through the binary number, the square root of that, the sine and cosine waves. It goes very deep. So I’m not going to show you too much, but I wanted to show you what you can do with the double or triple digits because we are going to get into triple digits.

So this is my gregorian end. Of course not. Then you would take the 98 and you would add them together. So nine plus eight is going to give me 17, and then 17 is one plus seven, and one plus seven is going to give me eight. So my life path in the Gregorian is a number eight, which is tied to the 8th house of astrology, which is Scorpio. So then I would look to my astrological map, both vedic and tropical, and I would start to see where my scorpio is and what’s in my 8th house. Is there anything there that I can tie my life path to to strengthen this part of my story? This is my gregorian life path.

Now, if you’re interested in reading about life paths, one of the best websites that I use, if you just type in eight life path. Felicia. Felicia is Felicia Bender, the great numerologist. And just click on this right here, she’ll take you and tell you what the eight life path is. It’ll tell you the basic fundamentals of. The fundamentals of what it means to be an eight life path. And, of course, eight is the infinity symbol, which is the. The prison. And I’ve talked a lot about the prison. My birth card is the eight of spades. Okay.

And you can go read about what it means to be an eight life path. Okay. So this is my gregorian. Now, what really stood out for me was moving my life path to the pre gregorian, the pre Julian. So remember that the julian calendar, which is where the gregorian calendar came from, moved January and February into month number one and month number two. So if we remove that, then February becomes the 12th month because March becomes the first month. That’s all you have to do. March is the first month. April is the second. May is the third.

June is the fourth. July is the fifth. You see? So I would take twelve, and I would add my birthday, so the fourth, and then I would do the year 19 and 73. And I’m going to get to the 10. Eight. Now, this becomes my life path. Now, the one plus eight is a nine, and I become a digit above into the nine life path. And when I did this, folks, when I did the. The nine life path, for me, it changed my life in a big way because this is more of what I resonate with this.

I do more of this than I do this. I do have this, yes, but I do have a lot of this. And you can read about this. And I have been doing this now for so long, and it made so much sense for me to be this person, which is a big part of my life. So the nine is tied to the house of Sagittarius, and Sagittarius is also tied to the ball, the final boss, which is what I’m all about. The nine is the devil. The diabolos in numerology is the nine. The nine is the endings and completions.

Okay, so that’s how you find your life path, through the gregorian and the pre gregorian. So now I’m gonna talk about the life paths through the single digits of the one through nine and the houses of astrology and the numerology, for that matter, and how they all perfectly blend together seamlessly. It’s a very, very amazing thing. So, the first card that I have up here is the magician card. Again, I’m using this deck right here, the rider waite radiant deck, because they’re small cards. This magician right here. And this is also part of your astrological map.

No matter if you a one life path or not, because you all have the house of Aries. You all have the first house. But if you are a one life path, your life path will be tied to this magician card right here. And this magician card can be liability and asset. Essentially, it can become reversed. Every single tarot card has a liability asset to it, just like everything in our reality. The car you drive is a liability. You have to pay insurance. You may get dinged up, but it’s an asset. It gets you from point a to point b.

So this. This. This magician is tied to the one life paths. The one life paths. The design of you, in a big way, is to serve yourself. A lot of your incarnation is about service to self. Now, I know a lot of people look at that like, oh, that’s. That’s no good. The ego. The egos. This. No, the ego is part of our reality. So if you’re a one life path, your job is to be a leader. Your job is to be a fire blazer, a trailblazer. Your job is not to be in a subordinate position.

Your job is to be in the forefront of your life, and you’re out there to be that leader. You’re the one that is going to take charge. You’re the one that’s going to be in the front of the pack, not behind it. You. Your job is not to be in a subordinate position. Your job is to create magic. You see the magician here? He’s holding up his hand, or it’s holding up because it’s androgynous. It’s got the infinity symbol over its head, meaning infinite potential. It’s yellow because it represents the sun. The sun would be up here, and it’s.

It’s asking for the power of the sun to come down. And that’s why the rising sign, the rising of the sun is tied to the house in the number one position. So if you’re rising sign is, I mean, if your life path is number one, then your rising sign is very important to you in your reality and the functionality of your reality. And then you would want to look at where your Mars placement is at because your Mars placement is the ruler of the first house and the ruler of your life path. So the number one life path is all about leadership, not subordination.

It doesn’t mean that you need to be telling everybody what to do and you don’t have to. You can escape from that. There is some layers to your reality that will include subordination and being in a dependent situation. But the number one life path is a life path designed to be in a leadership position. That’s it. And it may just be that you are designed to be service to self, you incarnated to pay a lot of attention to you. That’s it. You may be designed to pay a lot of attention to you and to sling your magic and to create your magic.

That’s life path number one. Life path number two is going to be tied to the house of Taurus, which is ruled by Venus, which is about love and procreation, the bull and the planet of love, Aphrodite. So two life paths are designed to work in partnerships. They’re not designed to be alone. Unless of course, course it’s offset with a lot of one house celestial activity. If you have a lot of house, a lot of celestials in your first house, and you’re a two life path, you may struggle with that because a lot of your identification will be wrapped around that energy of the magician.

But the two life path is the high priestess and she is secrets. This is the feminine aspect of the sun. This also represents the exit. But the high priestess is all about partnerships. That’s why there’s two pillars there, the yin and the yang, boaz and yacht. If you’re a two life path, you’re designed to work with people, you’re designed to work in harmony, you’re designed to keep Harmony in your life. And you’re also designed to have structure in your life. Because the second house of astrology is Taurus and Taurus is the bull and the bull represents structure.

Taurus is a structured energy. And you that have a two life path, you will want to love that idea because Venus rules Taurus. So the high priestess is asking you to study, study, study. Learn about yourself. It does represent the occult. Yes. It can represent secrets. Yes. It is the oracle. Yes. But the two life path is a Venus ruled energy, and it is designed to work with other people. So that’s two. Number three, the empress. The empress is tied to life path number three, house number three. This is a mercury ruled life path because three is the house of Gemini.

Gemini is you and your doppelganger. The voice in your head is tied to the trickster called mercury because mercury is the way you think. So if you’re a three life path, your job is to think. And you take those thoughts and you put them into abstract ideas through communication, creativity, etc. Etc. This empress is the queen on the chessboard. And the queen is the strongest position in chess. The queen designed to give offspring. And of course, in Gemini, the constellation is representing Castor and Pollux, which is the caduceus that Hermes or mercury holds. The two serpents.

Okay, so three life paths are solely designed to create through artistry, through communication, because threes are super creative. They’re very, very creative people. The three. And that’s the emperor. So that’s your job as a three life path. And then you would look to see again, you know, where’s your mercury placement? Where’s your Gemini placement? Where. What’s occupying your third house? I mean, if you had, if you had, if you had Mars in your third house, we could take the magician and put the magician there. And now you have leadership through creativity, being a leader, creating magic through giving birth to things.

That’s all we have to do is just simplify it. Mars is magician. Mercury is the empress. Three life path. The fourth life path is the emperor, the king. This card is a cancer ruled tarot card. You’ll hear a lot of people say, Aries. This is not an Aries energy. This is a cancer ruled card because it is a number four. The fourth house of astrology is cancer. Cancer’s ruler is the moon. So this is telling us that it is a compassionate ruler, because the moon is the way you feel, which is why if you get married, you go on a honeymoon and you make love and do whatever it else you do on a honeymoon.

It’s compassion. It’s love. So when this emperor is flying on cloud nine, when this emperor is ruling its kingdom, it is ruling it through structure, through power, through compassion. That’s why there isn’t a ramshorn there on the chair, because it represents leadership, which is the magician. Right. The magician is Aries. So Aries teams up with the emperor. The emperor uses the magic through the life path number four. And those of you that are for life paths, your job is to be a teacher. Your job is to be a king. Your job is to be a king of the kingdom.

Your job is to be someone who works with family. Because, remember, the fourth house of astrology is your home. The king and its kingdom, the emperor. So, the four life paths are the teachers, the builders, the doers. That’s what a king does. The king dictates. The king builds with. When it’s functioning at its highest level through the moon, it’s functioning through love, care, and compassion. When it’s functioning in its opposite position, it’s ruling with narcissism, dictatorship, et cetera, et cetera. That’s why these cards and life paths all have liability and assets to them. Okay? So that’s the four life path.

For those of you, if you have your gregorian or your pre gregorian, now moving into house number five in the five life path, we now get the hierophant. And the hierophant is just a funny name or title for the guru. Now, before you get your little panties in a bunch or you underwear in a bunch saying, oh, yeah, well, there you go. I’m the guru. Yeah, you essentially. And I’m having fun here, folks. Right? This is my dry humor. The Guru is something we all are. You are the guru of your own reality. But the five life paths is five fingers, five toes, five senses.

See this hierophant, the guru, the rider waite deck. This is the rider waite deck. They decided to take the pope and put it on this card because this guy represents the leader of the church. So that’s a big position. Why did they put the pope on card number five, which sits in the house of Leo? This is a card of Leo. If you’re a five life path, you are ruled by the sun, because this guy right here is spirit into matter. This guy represents the sun in human form. This guy represents pneuma, spirit into matter. And now he becomes the ruler of a kingdom.

Five, the fifth house of Leo, being ruled by the sun. This is the sun in human form. Those of you that have five life pass, you’re the busy people. You’re bit. How busy you. How busy of a day you think the pope has, like them or not, how busy? That guy schedule is probably stacked. I wouldn’t want that life. You don’t have a life. You’re. You’re controlling a billion people. So the five life path merely represents a very busy lifestyle. It read the five is the only number that looks like the letter s, as in sun.

That’s why the sun rules the fifth house and is the hierophant. So you become the guru you be. And how do you become a guru? Change. If you’re a five life path, your fuel is change. Your fuel is variety. If I could pump gas into your life, it would be change. Variety. When change comes knocking at your door, you should accept it, not fight it, because that is what the universe is using to make your life move towards its greater good. So essentially, you become the guru of your own reality. But the five life paths. Five.

In numerology, it’s the busiest number. If you open up your dial pad or calculator, you’ll see the number five sitting right in the very dead center. That’s why the pyramid is the number five, because it has the base four and the tip, the apex, which is the pinnacle of it all. And that’s the five. That’s the dice, the number five, the x. And that’s an x. So the five does represent the x. So you guys and gals that are fives, you like to have fun, you like change, you like variety. You should be raising your hand, going on adventures.

You cannot be around somebody. You can’t be married. You can. You can’t be in a relationship with somebody that just wants to be a hermit and sit around and do nothing. It’ll drive you nuts. You can’t let somebody say, oh, you shouldn’t be doing that. Oh, we got to go on vacation. I don’t want to go do that. Well, then I’ll go by myself. See your big wins in your life as a five. To become this guru, you got to move around. You can’t sit in a box. The five, the sun comes down, it incarnates into human being.

And now it says, I’m going to go explore this reality. How does it do that? Through being very busy. Five life paths. That’s the five. Number six. The six is the lovers card. The lovers card is Adam and Eve. You can see Adam and Eve right on the card and the Godhead at the top. This is tied to carbon. The 6th house of astrology is tied to health and wellness because it represents when you’re perfect. So, of course, if you’re a Virgo, which is the ruler of the 6th house, you’re probably somebody who leans towards perfectionism.

You’re probably somebody who leans towards service to others. You’re like a cosmic mother, cosmic father kind of person. You may have OCD that’s because virgos don’t want to leave this. Oh, they don’t want to leave this. They want to keep things there. You know, I know a lot of virgos, they’re afraid of germs, bacteria. That’s because there is no germs and bacteria here. So they, of course they’re against that. So the six life path is no different. Six life paths, you may have remnants of that. If you have any tail ends of anything in Virgo, any, any celestials in your house, 6th house, then this would play pledge to you.

This is this. Cards ruled by mercury. Again, mercury rules the 6th house. And that’s why there’s the serpent and the serpent tied to mercury, the trickster there, the serpent is right, the caduceus. Okay. The way you think, the way you communicate is mercury. That’s why mercury is on that tree right before, right next to, right next to Eve. And I think it’s funny because you can see that the tree of Adam is all burnt up. Eve’s tree is nice and blossoming. Well, the male tree is all burnt. I just think that’s kind of comical. But nonetheless, if you have a 6th life path, you’re a cosmic mother, cosmic father, you’re going to sacrifice your life for the benefit of mankind, for the benefit of family, for the benefit of your health, for the benefit of other people.

Six life paths. The challenge you’ll have is not expecting a pat on the back. A lot of six life paths, they give, give, give, they give, give, give. They give, give, give. And then they may not receive something in return and that may offend you. See, if something offends you, you’re attached to the outcome and that’s not reaching Nirvana. Reaching Nirvana is no expectations. If I give, I give without expectation. That’s a challenge for the six life path, because when you give, you normally expect to see something in return, especially if you do it over and over and over and over and over.

Six is a cosmic mother. Six is the pregnant woman. The, the number six looks like a pregnant woman. So it is a cosmic mother, cosmic father area. Remember as well, the last thing I will say about the six is that, that the six is also about legacy and masterpiece. That’s what this is. The last day of creation is a legacy and masterpiece. Through that story, whether it was real or not, doesn’t matter the story. This is a legacy or masterpiece. If you have a six life path, you may be here to create some kind of legacy or masterpiece.

Now, the opposite of that, the flip side of this is you can become the opposite of all that, where you become so obsessed with perfection, you so obsessed with getting it, everything right, your ways right, everybody else is wrong. You could have the. The reversal of that with the six. So making sure that you’re keeping yourself in check with that six. Life path. Life path number seven. We now move into the house of Libra and Libra. That’s how I pronounce it. Some say Libra. It’s. I pronounce it lib raw cuz Ra’s in there. Why is Ray in Libra? Well, because consider that the 7th zodiac sign is the fall of man.

When you get to number seven, you reach the crown, and then you go down into Scorpio, and that’s the underworld. So Lib Ra is the scales of justice. That’s why you have the yin yang on this card right here, the chariot card. Normally, when you get it in a reading, people will say, oh, something’s coming in fast, because it’s the chariot. And that definitely can mean that for sure. Seven life paths, however, are on a journey of being a mystic. A seven life path, Libra, is. Remember, the foundation of a seven life path is the scales of justice.

So your job as a seven is to critique life, and you’ll do it through a lot of movement. Your job is to be a critiquer of life. Because you sit in the crown position, Libra holds the scales. Your job is to balance the world out through your observations. You’re being used to observe the world and critique the shit out of it. That’s broken. That doesn’t work. This doesn’t look right. That doesn’t sound right. That person doesn’t know what they’re doing. It will always be about what you think is right and what you think is wrong. But it will be through the lens of the foundation, which is the scales of justice, the yin yang.

And you sit in the center. And your job is to keep things centered, and you’re critiquing. So the seven life path can definitely be one of mysticism. It will be a layer of mysticism. It has the lib raw, the sun, and it also has the ability to be a very amazing artist. Seven life paths can be great artists because they’re very balanced. And then you would look to the other layers of your astrological chart, your name, numerology, to get other pertinent details about your. Your code. The seven life path. When you become the flip of this, well, you become unbalanced.

And then you can get into all the other things that we kind of talked about narcissism and bipolarism and, you know, schizophrenia and you, you know, everybody has that or has, could move into those things. But I’m just merely giving you things to consider here with the seven. But that’s the chariot, the seven life path. The great, the mystic, the one that travels and moves around a lot. And that’s the house of Libra, ruled by Venus. Venus rules Libra. So your seven life path. Venus ruled. Okay. Your job is to keep things balanced so you can keep procreation moving along very nicely.

Moving into the house, number eight. The eight life paths, which is what I am in the gregorian calendar. My life path is the number eight. Well, you now have the strength card, and this card is a card of Scorpio. Scorpio. Now, if you have a Scorpio rising, if you have any planets in Scorpio, this is. This information is going to be pertinent to you because we’re all twelve zodiac signs. So all twelve numbers are going to be related to you, but we’re singling these numbers out. The eight life path is a life path of power. You see that lie in there? Part of this is controlling your animal instincts.

Sex, controlling orgasms, because that’s power. When you. When you bust one, you release power. That’s why you get tired. Normally, when you bust one, you get tired because you just blew some energy out. So this card right here is taming your animal instinct. And this sits in the house of Scorpio. So you want to look to where your Scorpio is. Scorpio. This. This, the ruler of this in traditionally, astrology, is Mars. But when Pluto came in, Pluto rules this as well. So it’s Pluto and Mars. And of course, Mars represents your testosterone, and we all have testosterone and estrogen.

This card, when it comes out, especially in love readings, are you in control of your mojo? Can you hold back from sex? That’s what this is. It’s whole. It’s controlling the animal. When you have sex, that’s an animal activity. That’s lower chakra humping and screwing. That’s all lower chakra energy. And I get it, it’s necessary because that’s how humans get here. But this is all about controlling power. So the eight life path, you could be somebody who works with power. Power in the aspect of money, because Pluto rules Scorpio, and Pluto is the ruler of the underworld.

Pluto comes from Plutos, which is the riches of the underworld. So you could incarnate into an eight life path and have a shitload of money, or you can incarnate as a life path and have a shitload of control with physicality. Maybe you have a lot of control with your Mars energy because Mars is the co ruler of Scorpio. This is also a life path that will be gravitating towards the occult because it’s a scorpio ruled life path. So, of course, this has a lot of merit for me. I mean, I. That’s all I deal in, is the occult secret.

Okay? So that’s the eight life path. And, of course, the liability of this is flipping it up and not being able to control the power. Now you’re susceptible to losing power, giving it away, busting your nut, not being able to control yourself, becoming a dictator, thinking you’re always right, everybody’s wrong. I went through all these layers of my life, too, by the way, so I’m speaking it from personal experiences because I have this through my gregorian. So that’s eight life path, the nine life path. The nine life path is the hermit. This hermit is the last of the one through nine life paths.

And this is sits in the house of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is the largest planet in the canopy. And the job of Jupiter is to expand. That’s it. Simplify. Wherever your Jupiter is in your astrological chart, its job is to make you expand through the lens of whatever house it’s in and whatever zodiac sign it’s in. If it’s in the 9th house, it’s at home. And it loves to study. It loves to expand through being a hermit. If you’re a nine life path, you’re going to be someone who’s sharing your light in a bucket here.

I do a lot of this. I’ve been doing a lot of this for a large portion of my life. And when I switched over to, I resonate more with this one than I do with my eight life path, it just made a lot more sense to me. This is my pre julian calendar life path. You could say coptic calendar if you want to, but this is definitely something that resonates more with me. If you look at my research and my work, I’m all about being a hermit. I spent a lot of time alone. I share a lot of my light in the bucket.

This is a humanitarian kind of energy, a philanthropy kind of energy, because it’s the nine denied. This is the smartest card in the deck, in a way, in a sense. Not saying it’s the ultimate final say, but it is one of the smartest cards in the deck, it’s the old man on the mount, the old woman on the mountain. It’s a sage. This could be, if there is such a thing. This could be your last lifetime if there is such a thing as that, because it contains all the other cards that I just showed you. So it’s very, very wise, the reversal of this one.

It can become very bitter. It can become very lost. It doesn’t know where to shine its light. It can become confused. It can get dementia. It can get any kind of brain. Like Terrence McKenna. Terrence McKenna died of brain cancer. Well, he had Pluto in his 9th house when he died of brain cancer. Because what happened with Terrence McKenna is he got like that, I would say he got so deep into the other world that he got lost. And then the cancer was his brain and it was in his 9th house. Pluto was not by accident.

So that’s the nine life path. If you have a nine life path, you have a beautiful life path. There’s a lot of service to others, a lot of sacrificing your life for other people. It’s a very much, it could be you as a person, as a single, but you may do better as being single, not in a relationship, because this energy here is a lot about giving of yourself other, as does the six, because the six is the mirror of the nine. So the six would, if you’re a six life path, that plays out as well.

But the nine really is the, the ultimate humanitarianism here. Okay, the night with the nine life path. So those are the, that’s the nine life paths. Then you get into the master number eleven. And I say that loosely again, cuz I don’t, when we say master, it’s like the other ones are masters too. They’re all, it’s a number. It’s a life path. Eleven. And it would, it would end up becoming the justice card, right? It would become that. This is the house of Aquarius. It’s the house of Aquarius. And if you think about this, this is card number eleven and eleven again, when you look at the roman numeral, it’s, it’s an x and a one.

So it becomes the 249, if you look at the numbers there, because x is the 24th letter and I is the 9th letter. So there’s significance with the 249. But the eleven life pass can have it all because it really is eleven two. So it really becomes justice and the high priestess. So if you’re an eleven life path, you would reduce down to the number two. You actually become both of these together simultaneously. And it’s, you know, the. The justice card. I’m just going to move this. The justice card here being the house of Aquarius. You’re ruled by Uranus now.

Yes. Coal ruled by Saturn. I personally think Uranus rules Aquarius all by itself. And Uranus is the electrical energy. So you’re very electrical. You could have issues with your circulatory system as a default when you get debilitated, in a sense. Right. But this is a very looking in the mirror kind of thing, bringing justice. The eleven is right there. The one in one is right there with the two pillars holding the scales of justice as well, holding the sword. And this, you know, clearly, I mean, this correlates to Jesus because Jesus says, I’m not coming with peace.

He should have said. He should have said this. I ain’t coming with peace, bitch. That’s what he should have said. But anyway, that’s just for fun. He said, I’m coming with a sword. And there’s the sword right here. The sword. This is the house of Aquarius. Because Jesus came in age of Pisces, the story is, came in the age of Pisces and says, my kingdom is not part of this world. And then he says, follow me into the house with a man bearing a pitcher of water. And that’s. There’s no pitcher water here, but this is the house of Aquarius and the card of Aquarius.

And it’s just as. So are we gonna see that? Well, those of you that have eleven life paths, you become the eleven two. So you become very masterful in a lot of ways with the. With the occult, in the oracle. And I know thyself mastering. I know thyself. That’s part of your incarnation. The eleven life path is to master partnerships and yourself. Because the eleven shrinks down to the number two. This represents partnerships in Venus. This is a Uranus electrical love. Electrical love. The eleven life path. Electrical. Uranus, Venus love. Electrical love. Okay. That’s what these two mean right here.

So that’s the eleven life path. And you, the eleven can really be whatever it wants because it’s you standing in front of the mirror, the one in the one. The one observing itself. That’s why the age of Aquarius is. I know thyself. There will be justice because we will know who we are. That’s why the justice is happening right now. That’s why it didn’t happen 20 years ago, because it wasn’t the age of it. It wasn’t ready. The script didn’t call for justice. Well, now the justice is coming out. You ain’t gonna see me cheering because I know it’s scripted already.

I mean, it’s cool that it’s coming out, but those of you that have eleven life paths, you’re here to deliver justice. And it may just be justice to your own personal life and those that are around you. Okay, those of you that have 22, 22, if I do not use the fool twice, becomes the ace of wands. And this card right here is the card of Hollywood. You see that hand right there holding that stick of wood? That’s the Hollywood. Hollywood, in numerology, equals 43 and 40. 43 is tied to this card right here with the ace of clubs.

43 is the 14th prime number. And the ace of clubs is the. Is the 14th card right here. This is where this came from. This is 22. And then this is tied to this. This is the 14th card in the deck. 43 is the 14th prime number. This is the 14th card. This represents time. This is time. I told you time is an essential construct of this reality. Time is what makes this reality work. What time you’re going to work. What time you’re going to make me that cake? What time you’re going to bring me there? What time do I meet you? At? What time do you want to go to dinner? Time is what makes this construct work.

It is far from an illusion. 22. Life path. You’re. You have the Hollywood stick. The 22 life paths are called the master builder in the medicine deck. It’s the beaver, the master builder in the wilderness. This is you holding the Hollywood stick. Your wish is my command. Abracadabra. What do you want to build? 22 is the master builder. And of course, essentially, the 22 is going to reduce down to the number four. And now you’ll be the king. You’ll be a master king, be the master builder that will rule over a kingdom. You will build a kingdom, and you will rule over some part of that kingdom.

It’s your script, it’s your screenplay. So when you have the 22 life path, you are a master builder, and your job is to be a king. To rule a kingdom, you need to build a kingdom first to rule it. So what are you building? That’s the question. What is it you’re going to build as a master builder, as the 22, with this Hollywood abracadabra? Well, what does your abracadabra look like? That’s the big question. Now, that’s one section of it. If I remove these and I go to the classical way, Tarot runs out it’s using the fool as it can be.

Using the fool is 22. So the fool could be 22, which is gonna be tied to those of you that have the 22 life path. But the fool will still be coupled with that emperor. The fool is the master builder. Because, see, this fool right here doesn’t know what it feels like to be screwed over, ripped off, cheated on. Doesn’t know what a broken bone feels like. Doesn’t know what it’s like to have bad eyesight. It doesn’t know anything. It’s naive. So, how would you build from that? Think about when you’re all the way back to being a child.

When you ask a kid, what do you want to be when you grow up? Well, the kid never been, never, never had to file bankruptcy. Has no fear about that. No fear about finances. It doesn’t have any fear. It beats this. This is what we all came into this world as, the fool, the sun representing the yellow. So your job as a 22 life path is to build through what it’s like to be a kid. A child. But your wisdom will be that of an adult, will be that of a king that’s been around many lifetimes.

See, if you’re willing to say, okay, I’m gonna do this, your life will change, because a lot of you haven’t done that. Like, oh, yeah. You say you throw it around. I’m a what? Life path. I’m 22, Matt. You say, oh, I’m master life path 22. But are you doing the Master Life path 22? The Master life path 22 is telling you to be the fool, to take chances, to risk it all because the payoffs are so big. And this is tied to titanium, right? Titanium is the titans, and the titans are the sons and daughters of earth.

So that’s the 22 four. And then we have the 33. We have the master life path 33, and we do have two cards to consider here with the fool as the zero or 22. But the first one I want to talk about is the page of wands. Now, the master life path 33 is going to reduce down to the number six. So you always want to. Anybody that’s 1122 or 33, you. You always want to look at both. And the 33 is going to be reduced down to the number six. And that’s the lovers card. So the 33 can be, obviously, a masterful three, and the three can be all about creativity and communication and really anything that has to do with creativity and using your mind.

But this cut, this, this page of wands is tied to free will. The word free will in numerology equals 33. So, again, whether or not we have it is irrelevant. If we just say we have it, great. If you believe you have it and you’re a 33 life path, that’s all that matters. My opinion is meaningless. So if you think you have free will, this is the card of free will. And this is the page of wands. This is the prince or princess. And the page. This page right here wants to go on adventures. It’s not afraid to go on adventures.

Its job is to go on adventures. Its job is to take risks. Just like that 22 was. That’s what the job of the page of Wands is. Okay. And next to it is the six. So you’re here to go on adventures, take risks for the betterment of your legacy and masterpiece. Legacy, a masterpiece. Free will and adventures. That’s the 33 life path and the 33 itself. When you do the. The numbers of the 33, you just. If you get out your calculator and you take the number 33 to find out what house it sits in, you just divide it by 13, which is going to give you 2.5, and which means you just take 33 and divide it by 26, and you’re gonna get the number seven.

So ultimately, this guy right here, this. This individual does sit in the side, the sign of Libra. Even though it does reduce down to this, it will still sit in the house of Libra slash Virgo. So it’s adventures to balance the world out, to make the world a better place by being super creative, taking chances, taking risks, and of course, that’s gonna be all dependent on your age and where you’re at in life, etc. Etc. I mean, even if you bring this card in, this is the six of cups. So you can see the sixes are very, very specific.

And the six of cups represents nostalgia. So when you get past this point, the major Arcana, you go to the minor. Well, now you’ve already gotten kicked out of Eden. This is Eden. This is the legacy. You already got kicked out. And now you’re imperfect, but you want to go back to perfection. This is nostalgia. So the six of cups, this is the card of Christmas. So any of you that are six life path, these are all part of you. Even the hierarchy of that with the 33. But this is more of a Libra energy then.

Then Virgo energy. This. And I guess I will follow up, even though this is not part of though. That concludes the life pass. But I will go and talk about the 10th house of astrology, just so you could see how important? This is the wheel of fortune, the ten life path. This is going to reduce down to the number one, of course, but it’s spinning the wheel to determine your fate. The four fixed signs of astrology on there. Yoda Vajay is on the wheel. These are inspired by jewish mysticism. So, of course they’re gonna have the Torah in here.

It’s got Torah written right on it. This is ruled by Kronos. Kronos rules the wheel of time. You have the good cop, bad cop on this card and the four fixed signs, the ox line, eagle, man, which forms the x. Okay? Which is our d. The DNA is right here. The DNA spiral is right here as well. It’s the infinity symbol, and Kronos is the ruler of that card. So the 10th house of astrology normally is your house of career, because that’s how you spin the wheel to determine your fate. And the wheels already spun. This can be the wheel of Samsara as well.

The word samsara is 15 in numerology, just like the devil card. And then the 12th house of Pisces, ruled over by Neptune, this old school would be Jupiter, but Neptune runs that because 12th house is Pisces, and Pisces is water, and Neptune is water. Jupiter is not water. Neptune’s water. So Neptune rules, in my opinion, rules Pisces. Neptune is. This is ruling the seas. And it’s. You can get full illumination by surrendering. This is a full surrender kind of energy. The 12th house, this is kind of like your shadow self surrendering to some of the things in your life that you think are bad or good or whatever.

It’s surrendering the hangman, the twelve. And now you get the 12th apostle. And now you go into the center. This is the last sign before you go into the center. The black sun, the white sun, to go down into the hole to play the game, because that’s why the illuminations here, this is how you come out during childbirth, by the way. Normally, you come out headfirst. I covered this in my prison planet, part two. I think this. This card, it’s got the figure four there. And there’s a lot of esoteric to this, but Pisces being very creative because you’re illuminated, Pisces being the fish tied to the Christ.

So a lot of you that have piscean energy, mystics, artists, may be very religious. Right now. Uh, Rahu is in this card. Rahu right now is in the 27th Nashaktra called, uh, Revadi, which is the card of Pisces. The hangman. And Rahu is in an area where it’s in a, it’s in a Nashaktra of spirit, spirituality. And Rahu mainly means desire. So there’s a lot of desire towards spirituality right now. You’re seeing it, you’re seeing a lot of people emerge, questioning things, etc. Unlike ever before. There’s kind of, it’s like a, it’s unprecedented right now. So that’s, that’s the twelve.

So there you go, ladies and gentlemen. I hope you got something out of that. I probably do that again, but that’s the life path through the tarot and through the numerology and the houses of astrology. That’s really, really fun. Okay, so hopefully, or maybe some of you got something out of that and then if you move to your pre gregorian, pre julian calendar, you, you may have gotten something even more out of that. Like I said, for me, it was absolutely monumental. For me, faith is asking, how do you know your life path? Well, you just take your birthday and you add it up.

But I would just suggest you go, just hit, re, hit rewind and go watch this again. All right, so let’s see what we got for comments. I do not have a discord culti talk. All I have is the patreon. You can go and chive a chat room there in the patreon. You don’t have to become a supporting pledging member to get content. You can become a member and think you can get into the chat room there. So. And I also have our telegram group, which I don’t, I’m not really asking active in there. We got about a thousand members there, but a lot of great decoders in that channel.

A lot of good people that are smart. So I’m going through your comments. John says, my wife is an eleven, so she’s going to be a two. The eleven is part of the two, right. It’s you observing you and you partaking in partnerships with the two. So again, all you have to say simply do is whatever your life path is, where can you kind of synchronize that or connect that to in your houses of astrology? It really gets to that, the ease of that. So I’ll give you guys all some stuff here I was showing you since I really have any questions, but let me go back here.

So I’ve been studying the religion, right? I’ve been studying Mormonism, Joseph Smith. So I decided to pull up his astrological chart. And when he got first, when he first went over to get the gold tablets, supposed gold tablets. I think this is his. Let me see. Else. Make sure. Yeah. Okay. He was born December 23, 1805. So he was born in the cold winter months because he was born in the tropic of cancer in Vermont. So it was probably freezing cold when he’s born two days before Christmas. And when you. When you look at his. His astrological chart.

Okay. There’s a lot of moving parts here, but the one thing that I see clearly here for him is this area right here. The sun right on top of his. Right on top of the midheaven here. Now, I don’t. It was here. I don’t know what time he was born, but this was a snapshot during the time of June 23. It would. It was inevitable that would reach this point. And you could see how his son is right there in Gemini, which is communication, which is a mercury ruled energy. Okay. Mercury rules Gemini. Gemini is the two twins.

This is tied to the prison. See, to me, religion is prison. It’s a form of prison. That’s why you have cells. Prison cells. You have cells in your body, which are in prison, etc. Etc. And then he’s got his Rahu ketu axis right here in Sagittarius, which is the hermit. I have this exact same axis right here, by the way, except mine’s just a little bit moved over here. So he’s got communication and creativity moving towards philosophy, religion. His code called for religion. Now, he. His position, Joseph Smith, was to bring reform. See, a restoration. See, he organized the Church of Christ, calling a restoration.

So when you come to his astrological chart, you have Sagittarius here, which is the hermit card, which is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter rules Church. And he’s got his chiron here. So Chiron represents the wound. He came here to restore the church. He came here to restore it. And there’s the Chiron to restore the church. The church being Jupiter. Jupiter rules Sagittarius. His Jupiter is literally right on top of Neptune in the sign of Scorpio. This is all a cult. That’s what religion is. It’s a cult knowledge. It’s secret knowledge. You got to get interpretated for it.

And what’s across the way from Jupiter? Mercury, the messenger in the 9th position here towards the bull, which is ruled by Venus, giving birth to right here. Giving birth to the Bible. The Bible being tied to the number 59. That’s why there are 59 rosary beads in Catholicism. This is tied to the number 59 right here, the prison. This is all tied to this religion aspect. And he came here to restore the church. The desire to restore. Restore the church. This is the 20th card called judgment graduation. And he’s. He’s got the Chiron there. Right there.

And this Nashakta, I think, is Chiron. That’s. And it’s in a Utada shadow, which means the undefeated one. So this story was designed to catch fish, this guy. And then you look at. When you look at when he discovered the tablets. This is the astrological chart of when he. When he got the tablets or discovered them. And you could see the sun being in the sign of Virgo, and Virgo is the lovers card, which is Adam and Eve. You see the sun being in Virgo, which is Adam and Eve. And across the way, there’s the wound of Chiron again.

So does that mean we should all convert to mormonism? No, this is part of the story. All the stories matter in this reality. It’s just. What story do you like? What movie do religions like? A movie. What movie do you want? What movie do you want to watch? But you can see that this guy didn’t have a choice. I’m telling you right now, my final answer is, this guy didn’t have a choice. He was listening to the voice in his head. And of course, then he extended upon having a vision. Well, I have a lot of visions, too.

Are mine wrong? Are mine any different than. Are. Are your visions different than Joseph and Mormonism? How can they be? How can this guy have the holy grail and you don’t have it? And you got to follow his way, or you. That’s it. How can that be the way? When we know you come down here and you. We know that the golden plates from the Book of Mormon were visited by an angel named Moroni, which is named Nephi, otherwise known as Nephilim. And these things were developed and from reformed egyptian characters. See, it’s all regurgitation. That’s why the word regurgitation has the word re in it.

When you go and start to study these words, you’ll see a lot of this. Reincarnation. Reincarnation is tied to the lake. Whoops. Of fire. Which is. That’s why you’ll never see me wear one of those. Don’t need it. But anyway, when you see re, it means to do it again. Religion. Reunion. Reincarnate. Re. Do it again. Redo. Recycle. Recycle is 22, which is the same as natural, which is the same as organic. What do you think you and I are? We’re biological beings made from nature. Organic. We are made from shit. We are recycled shit. That’s why the Bible is the same thing as shit.

Which is what? A game. You’re playing out a game, a simulation, a movie, a video game. It’s not real. It’s real to us, just like a movie. Is a movie real? Yeah, but it ain’t real, so it’s a contradiction. All right. 1337 X is, if planets aren’t real, is astrology meaningless? Well, my answer is absolutely not, because I can take anybody’s astrological chart and I can break it down, and I can tell you a thing or two about yourself, and I don’t even know you. So is astrology meaningless? Absolutely not. I have done, with great accuracy, as well as so many other astrologers, used astrology to show you how things planned out based upon events in this reality.

I just did that with my scripted reality 19. I just released it showing what was scripted reality 19. I can’t breathe. It was the George Floyd event in 2020. I showed with great accuracy how the astrology map ruled over that event. So is astrology real? Are the planets not real? It doesn’t matter because the astrological map completely narrated and dictated that event that happened in the month of May, among so many other things. I’ve done World War one. I mean, World War two, Adolf Hitler showed he didn’t have a choice through the narration of the astrological mountain, which is the great beast.

So I don’t. I don’t expect people to. I don’t want everybody. I want you to be a disrupter. I want you to be a skeptic. But don’t just dismiss a system just because maybe you don’t understand it or you, you look up at the sky and say, well, that’s not real hot. It’s just a projection. Even if it is, then you can say, well, I’m a projection. I’m a hologram. Coincidence. Theorist says, I just want you to know I appreciate your visions. Thank you so very much. Listen, ladies and gentlemen, I’m sending all of you guys a ton of love.

You guys and girls a ton of love. Whether you like me or not. I get thumbs down. I get a lot of people that don’t. I have a lot of haters. That’s all good. I don’t want to be a. I don’t want to have a five star rating. I’m not in it for a five star rating. I’m not in this for likes and subscriptions. I’m not in this to get. I’m not. I don’t care what my subscriber count gets to. I don’t care. As a matter of fact, if I got to 200,000 subscribers, it would be.

I would have to sacrifice more of my life to keep that 200,000 subscriber count going. There will be more energy on me. I’m not going to say that. It’s not going to be part of my reality. I don’t know what my numbers are, but I don’t care. This channel, if you’re here and you’re listening, thank you. You may not agree with everything I say. Thank you. I don’t want it. I don’t want to have little mini me’s running around. I want you to be original and unique and being your own snowflake. I don’t want you to be like me.

You may have similarities. You may have commonalities. You may have like minded thinking. But at the end of the day, if I lay out my truths and you lay out yours, there’s gonna be some differences. And I’m not here to debate those differences with you. All that matters is what you believe, your opinion. And my opinions, they’re meaningless. That’s my opinion. Your opinion doesn’t pay my bills, and my opinion doesn’t pay your bills. At the end of the day, I don’t make your way through life. You got to do it yourself. I’m just here as somebody who’s sharing what I’m supposed to share.

That’s it. Do I have it all figured out? No, I don’t. Do I have everything from a to z? No. Do you know how many times I’ve been wrong? How many things I’ve gotten in error? Yes. Many times. Kirkwood says, logan, the chart you did of Joseph Smith. The birthdate was wrong. Let me see what you’re talking about. 1805 June 23. Oh, you’re right. I did do it wrong. You are absolutely right. Well, there’s a reason why I was supposed to show you that. But you are absolutely right. I don’t know how I got that. Oh, I probably looked at the.

Let me see if I can make an adjustment. Let’s see. Thank you for catching that. It doesn’t change anything. Let me just show all of you thank you for that catch. Let me just show all of you. So, good eye on Kirk. I did have the. The month wrong. So, Joseph Smith being born on. I had it. June being born on December 23. But that’s not going to change anything because it’s just going to this. These slow moving planets. The only thing it may change a little bit would be the position of the sun, which it really didn’t, and the moon.

But you could see that Chiron, the wound is still here in Sagittarius. So the reform of the church is here. You can see. See, his job was to reform, restore the church. The church is Jupiter along with the sun. So you have the sun here. You have Jupiter right on that mark right there. And if you move into tropical, it’ll move into Sagittarius. So these, these things are so big, they will combine both of these right here. But the, the layers of Scorpio here represent the esoteric, the hidden secret mysteries of life. But look at the stack of energy here when we properly do the date, which I had wrong.

But the sun being here with Rahu being here with Mars being here with Chiron, the wound, and this all representing the church being ruled by Jupiter. And Jupiter is just right there. And you can see, like the, the chart rulers here would be Jupiter and Mercury. Mercury being the messenger, and mercury being in. Look at all these planets in Sagittarius. Sagittarius being the church that the hermit. So Joseph Smith coming in to restore the church. The church is Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter represents the church. And you got the sun there, the spirit as well, representing the church, the spirit of God.

And you have Rahu, the node of the moon, Mars, the driver, to bring it all together. To move into this, you have 20 here, which is graduation, which is judgment. And you have Chiron, the wound here, along with black moon, Lilith, right on top of one another, and mercury, the messenger, all in the house of the church. The sun here in Mulah, which is the root. This, this placement right here is the 19th Nashaktra. This means establishing roots. Joseph Smith came in to restore the church. So again, does it mean Joseph Smith is right in the stone story? For him it is.

The astrological map once again shows the clarity in how this reality all works out, whether one believes in it or not. The nodes of the moon here again, GEmini, the communicator, mercury, energy moving towards the house of Sagittarius. And it’s got all this stacked with the sun and Mars and Brahu and the restoration with Chiron, the wound, they’re all very significant, uh, telling the story of mormonism. So even better. Uh, so thank you, Kirk, for that. You. This was even more deeper, more easy to see with the dates. So I appreciate your, your watchful eye. That’s a super stellium, Stephen.

But the, the clarity there with the, I think the chiron on top of black moon, Lilith. And the wound there, bringing back restoration to the church. It was. It’s very crystal clear. That was Joseph Smith’s position in this reality. Again, where their golden plates found. They’re nowhere to be found. But again, you see, it doesn’t matter because the astrological map, there’s a layer that’s one part of the onion. So if the gold plates are fake, they’re not real. They really didn’t happen. See, the story is a self fulfilling prophecy. Mormonism would become a self fulfilling prophecy.

But because so many people believe in it, so many people. And they have all these temples, and the temples have symbols on them and they’re downloading. It becomes very much part of our reality. That was vedic, Kirk. That was vedic. Yeah, that was whole sign. I only do whole signs. I don’t do placidus. That’s a newer system. Not that it doesn’t have merit, but I feel the whole signs. And you, you could even extend upon astrological signs because really, like, Virgo is the biggest constellation. It’s not an even twelve space zodiac wheel. It would actually be really off centered because Virgo being the largest constellation takes up so much room.

So you could actually take that system. There’s another system that you could take into consideration that would give you another set of circumstances to read from. I just prefer to use the Vedic because you have the nashuktras. I feel like it’s much older. That’s what I think. So anyway. And I just resonate more with it. But I do see the significance. And when I do readings for people, I do put the tropical and vedic side by side, because some people resonate with the tropical more so on average. Joe, thank you so very much. I appreciate you, man.

So there wasn’t, folks, it wasn’t just the, the Mormons. I also was doing the, the JW organization and Charles Taze Russell, the founder. So I pulled up his astrological chart along with the incorporation date of the JW organization. And. Oh, boy. It’s the, the. What I found was just, you know, incredible. Yeah. So the difference between, like, a lot of you. Let me just. I just want to explain this so you can see what I’m talking about. I’ll go ahead and I’ll use, uh, I’ll use because I want to. I want to show you, those of you that are like, what system are you using? I’ll do this on the fly.

Okay. So I can show you what I’m talking about. So this is the website that I mainly use, it’s called Astro dash Seek. And this is what it will look like when you go to this website. And if you go here to the free horoscopes, you come down, I come down to the sidereal here, right? The sidereal, which is based upon the fixed placement of the planets. Now, before I do that, I want to go to Stellarium. Stellarium dash, the map of the stars. Okay. And let’s get the. We’re gonna get the ecliptic here. Get rid of that.

And we’re gonna move over here to the bottom, and we’re gonna move it to nighttime. So that red line is the ecliptic, right. The which all the zodiac signs move on the stars. The head. This is the heavens. Now. Now we’re gonna come down here, we’re gonna click on the constellations with the art so you can see them. And what I wanted, what I want to do is I want to show you, I’m a Quebec here, I want to show you where Pluto is. So I’m going to type in Pluto. And you’re going to see this.

Right here is where Pluto is at. Okay, let me get rid of the landscape. So Pluto is right here right now. Now, Aquarius is all the way over here. Now, you can see that the constellation does move, if you count the hand here, it does move into the constellation of Capricorn. Now, if you go to tropical, people say Pluto has now moved into Aquarius. Well, this says otherwise because this is not there, but because this space that we call space is so vast, it’s going to incorporate probably both sides of the simultaneously. But if we’re gonna be nitpickers, Pluto is in Capricorn.

And it just got into Capricorn. So I’m gonna go to the vedic and I’m gonna pull up the map of right now of May 7. And it’s 1154. So we’re just gonna go to midnight. I’ll just do cancun. So I’m near there. Actually, it’s gonna be. Let’s just do the exact time, central standard time. So here’s the actual map of the stars using whole signs, meaning all these zodiac signs are exactly 30 degrees apart. And this is exactly where the celestials are right now at this very moment in the sky using vedic astrology. And you’re going to see that Pluto is in Capricorn.

It is not anywhere near Aquarius. And when you come back to this, here’s Pluto right here. And here’s Capricorn. Okay, so there’s Pluto right here in Capricorn. And then you could see Pluto in Capricorn. Now, if you move it to tropical, if I move it to tropical, you’re gonna see that Pluto is an Aquarius. How does it go from here all the way to here? About 23 to 24 degrees from here to there? When. How do you do that? When this is in real time right now? It’s here because tropical is based on the sun. The sun, when you, when you go outside and the sun is so big and it takes up so much space, it’s based on that real estate.

And therefore tropicals based on the sun and the precession of the equinoxes, the equinox, the spring and fall equinox. And then you have the solstices. You have. It’s this. It’s a solar based energy. This is a solar based chart. So you have Pluto in Aquarius. Well, ladies and gentlemen, Pluto’s job is to remove, okay? Its job is to remove. And since it’s sitting in the house of Capricorn right now, Capricorn is what? Capricorn is an earth sign. So you take removal and you take earth. What is that? What is that ingredient? What does that make up? The removal of physicality? You see, Capricorn represents money and real estate.

Real estate, court, law, government. Pluto comes in here, and the job of Pluto is, I’m here to remove shit. And it’s in an earth sign, which is law, government, and real estate and finances and money, the wheel of fortune, okay? And Pluto is in the 21st Nashaktar, Uttara Ashada, which is the undefeated one on top of it. And this is the world card in the tarot. So the job of Pluto is to remove the old to make way for the new. Now, if you go to tropical, it’s already in Aquarius. So this would say that the ruler of Aquarius is Uranus, slash Saturn.

And Pluto comes in here. And now Pluto is like, what do I do here? I’m gonna remove shit. Well, Aquarius is like, well, this. This is electrical electronics. This is technology. So is this signifying that right now, we’re gonna be. They’re gonna, they’re gonna be a complete removal and gut technology, because that’s what this would say. Is that true? And this being tied to Uranus. And Uranus is way over here. Uranus is way over here in the sign of Taurus. And Taurus represents money, finances, currency. It’s a Venus ruled energy. Uranus, Aquarius, Pluto. So is this.

This. This would say that this is going to remove social circles, people, technology. But this is also cryptocurrency. So is this going to remove cryptocurrency? We’re not going to move into cryptocurrency. See, if you go back to the vedic chart, Pluto is in Capricorn. This signifies that it’s removing fiat currency. It’s removed. It’s. Its job is to remove the old world to make way for the new one. Capricorn is Earth. Aquarius is air. It’s a much different destruction, a much different removal with tropical versus vedic. I mean, we are going to see Pluto in Aquarius. It just will take another twelve years.

It’s got a. 2039 is when Pluto moves into Aquarius. So if I go back to this chart right here, and you keep your eye on that right there, I’m just gonna move. Keep going. And you see this x ray here? We’re just gonna move the years 203-520-3620 372-038-2039 it’s. It’s in Capricorn. But it. You can go. We can, could go all the way back. It does fit in this measurement of 2035. 2034. The chart is going to show 2039 when it’s officially in Capra and Aquarius. And then do we see right around what brashears from archaics talking about the Phoenix event, 2040, the shit show happens.

Pluto is now an Aquarius. We are in the age of Aquarius. I just. That’s the way I see this. Based upon the vedic assurance astrology chart, as Capricorn moves. And if I go to 2039 to show you what that looks like on the chart, it puts Pluto right there in Aquarius officially. But again, this is a very loose, because it’s not just exactly twelve measurements of 30, according to this, because these constellations, they run over one another. The hand of Aquarius runs over Capricorn. There’s a big gap between Capricorn and Sagittarius. These are just, these are not exacts either.

These are, these are things to go off of. But we can get a good gauge of how it works based upon the astrological map. And there are many other ways to look at this besides that. But I really feel like the measurement of Pluto in the sign of Capricorn right now is a big humdinger. And of course, Saturn is in Aquarius. Saturn is in the 25th. No structure. The word crypto equals 25. So crypto is right here. Saturn setting up the timeline for crypto in Aquarius in technology. And will it be short lived. When Capricorn, when Pluto comes through here, will cryptocurrency be short lived? That’s the question.

I will have to wait and see. But there’s a lot of new beginnings here with Jupiter in Taurus here right now. Jupiter just got into Taurus. Taurus represents the bull God, and it represents money. And Jupiter is always about expanding. So you have Jupiter here in expansion. You have Uranus in Aries, which is all about fire and leadership. And Uranus being the ruler of cryptocurrency, in my opinion. You have the sun here in Aries, which is cryptocurrency, because the sun represents gold, and gold is moving into crypto, which is digital. You have Venus right here, which is the ankh, which is immortality here in Aries as well.

So there’s a lot of significance here. And then this cluster of energy here right now with Rahu in the 27th Nashaktra with mercury, with the chiron wound here. There’s a lot of reurgent reemergence of spirituality in a big way right here because of this placement. And Neptune is finally home back in Pisces again. So this is a big marker for people as well. Is Neptune ruling over the waters and essentially our bodies here? Okay, so, all right, I think we’re gonna get to the tail end of this now. Let me shuffle my cards and get the hell out of here.

We pull some tarot cards. But, you know, ladies and gentlemen, whether the stars are fake, whether or not it’s a projection, it doesn’t matter. And there’s no way to prove that. That it’s just a projection. I mean, I’ve gone through countless amateur astronomy telescope videos. I mean, I’m seeing the same thing with all these amateurs. Not forget NASA. All right, so the fake moon is great. Watchmeet. Our says the fake moon is great. So, again, how are you to prove that the moon’s fake? Well, I mean, if we’re being authentic, there’s no way you can do that.

And I’m not saying you’re wrong, obviously, because all that matters is what you believe. But there’s no way for you to prove that it’s not real. And even if it’s a imagine, imagine, it’s just a projection. The projection is real, so it makes it real no matter what. Watch me, tower man. I’ve looked through tons of lenses, bro. I’ve looked at tons of moon videos. I don’t know yet. Why don’t you send me some? You could decode your Go ahead and send me some images that you have, if they’re your own images or some videos that you’ve seen so I can take a look at them.

I’m all for it. But again, my, my answer to that was, it’s, it’s irrelevant because it has merit in the story because of so many people putting, and it’s all magic. That’s what keeps this reality working, is magic. So even if something is fake, it’s still real. Okay, so let’s get into subterra. We’re gonna wrap this sucker up. Actually, you know what? I’m gonna. Alright, I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna get bold enough so I have this deck, which I already showed. I have this deck right here. Now it’s not working. I have this deck. This one right here.

I just got this deck. I don’t know why I got it. I. It was a shiny new toy. And I thought I was like, oh, I’ll check it out. I’ll check out this shiny new toy. So I got it. And it’s slippery. It’s bigger than my normal cards. They’re harder to shuffle, but it’s cool because they have the opposite of each card on them. That’s why I got it. So, ultimately, like, I never really read reverse cards, but I do know that the, the reverse exists because people use them. And it’s fun to really look at.

Like, if I’m going to do a tarot reading, I’m going to talk about the liability and asset of each card. For example, like this. Here’s. Here’s the cards. Let me just get under the card cam so you can see. So this, this card right here is the not even useless, the three of wands, which I don’t. I see the artistry on this I’m not really too sure about. It’s the three of wands. So you can see that this is the upright and this is the. The mirror. So that’s why, like, when you’re, when you’re a tarot reader and you pull cards, you see somebody pull cards.

How do you know how to flip them and then how do you shuffle them? There’s a lot of factors that go into that. So really, to kind of satisfy all those areas, just read from both. Like, if you’re gonna do a reading for somebody, you could say, oh, you’re having a problem here. But then the problem could be solved if it’s in the flip position. Like this card airs the three of wands. 301 clearly is the. Is a three and the threes are the architects, and it’s the God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. If you want to pull it that way.

Forget about the dogma religion. I’m just using it as a reference point. And this is launching long term plans. You’ve now decided where you’re gonna go, and obviously, that’s the. The right side up. If you flip it upside down, well, you may be stuck on moving into your. Launching, your long term plans, or you could be launching plans that are nefarious. You could do that with these cards. But anyway, let’s reshuffle these a little bit more, and we’ll pull a couple cards. Why not? I’ll do it. I just. Not crazy about the artwork, I guess, you know, like creature habit.

Using the rider waite deck for so long. It’s just easy peasy. But with this new deck, let’s. Let’s go for it. We got the card cam, now we’re gonna do the new deck. Okay, so what’s your question? Number 78 tied to platinum. Let’s see what kind of messages we can get for all the collective here for this. What’s your question? Number 78? Said that twice. So the first card, I’m just gonna. This is how I do. My people say, how do you do your cards? I just kind of. And then I just pull a card out from wherever I feel.

That’s what I pull. So I’m just gonna pull this one. And we got the. We put it under the card cam here. My stupid thing at working. We got the. The hell is this thing here? Four of pentacles. Doesn’t even look like the four pentacles. Did it come out in the reverse? Well, we’ll talk about both, right? I’m gonna talk about both. This is where this is. We’re talking about the now moment. Like, what do we have to look forward to moving into the future days? We’re talking about the real now moment of May 7, 2024, moving into May 8.

Well, that’s the four of pentacles. And it’s a very weird, very weird illustration of this card. Um, the. This is a card of financial security. It’s a card of, uh, wanting financial security, not wanting to move away from that. But it also can mean, uh, possession, because this is tied to the four diamonds and the four diamonds tied to the demiurge, essentially. You can look at this character right here being God, and God’s holding the pentacles in the. Those. You know what those pentacles would be? You and I, the disks, the pentagram. Right. And then in the mirror position, the liability of it is not only does it get want financial security, but it’s.

It’s so jealous and bitter that it doesn’t have it. It may not, and then it. Because it’s losing everything. So the four of pentacles can mean financial security. Security, and having everything that you want. And the liability of it is you have nothing. You’re losing it all. So that’s the first card. Okay, I’ll get. Now let’s get the second one. I’m not going to come back on camera. I’m just gonna. Well, I. I will. Let me do it. Let me just do it real time. So I just. So you guys, some say, you know, you’re doing it.

So just pull the second card now for the collective. And look at that. I got the three of wands just talked about that. This three awans right here. Going back to the card cam, is a card of adventure. It’s a card of launching long term plans. And it’s a mental card because wands, it’s fire. And this card right here sits in the house of Gemini. This is a Gemini card because this is the three, and the threes are Gemini, and Gemini is the twins, Caster and Pollux. And this is you and your doppelganger. And this is you and God, supernatural.

And this is you launching your long term plans. Let me get him over here. So we have financial security or financial lack, financial achievement or financial ruin. And then we have launching long term plans and being stuck and staying stagnant, those two. Okay, so let’s get the. We’ll get the third card now for this whatever the hell message this is. Let’s go to the back and got the sun. And that’s got to be the sun. Yeah, that’s the sun. So let’s go to the card cam again. So now we got the sun here, and I don’t even see.

So you can see the sun. Oh, I better not do that too much, because they’ll freaking. I get naked stuff on here. They start to. That’s okay. So these. These are all dead. So the flip of the sun is life, life, death, spirit, non spirit. That’s the easiest way to read. Tarot. And the reversal, the sun, the spirit inside of you, the master giver. And then it doesn’t give anymore. But again, ladies and gentlemen, I I’m not pulling straight up reverses and uprights. I’m just giving you and interpreting the cards from the postulation of both liability and asset.

Okay, so let’s pull a fourth card. I’m gonna do five cards. Okay, so the third, the fourth card came out like that. But again, I don’t know. This is the two of swords. So let’s go to the card cam. So the two of swords upright is a card of indecision. It’s a card of impartiality. It’s a card of inertia. The typical card is where the blindfold. You’re under the moonlight. You can’t see the two swords in hand representing the past, present, and future. But you’re kind of sitting there in inertia, not knowing what you want to do when you flip that.

Let me just show you guys this. Like, I haven’t seen this, but look at the. Look at the artistry on here. A card of ruin. But normally, the two of swords is impartiality and not making a decision. Well, when you flip it over, you’re now making a decision. What’s gonna be that decision? Very interesting so far. Two of swords trying to get you again. Trying to get used to these cards, too, as a task in itself, because I’m so used to the. The rider waite deck. So the final card for this. What’s your question? Number 78.

Thank you, each and every one of you, for joining tonight, staying on here, watching it all the way to the end. Those of you that have, congratulations. I know you’re like, how do I go so long? Because I got a lot of mercury in my chart. Okay, so the last card for this. What’s your question? Number 78 for this message. Is this the ace of cups? It is. So we got the ace of cups. So one gives and one takes. The ace of cups is the overflowing. Let me go to the card cam here and show you the one, the one cup.

You can see that one hand from below is taking, and the one hand from above is giving, kind of like placing it. This card is ace of cups is overflowing. This is a card of overflowing. And then obviously, this is a card of taking, taking, maybe what’s not yours, but overflowing. And again, I don’t know how these come out flipped or not. Again, this is new for me, so this may be a really shitty interpretation. So there’s all of them. So the four of diamonds, the three of wands, the sun card, the two of swords. Let me add these up with the trusty calculator.

See if we can’t get some numbers on there. So the four of pentacles is card number 67. Uh, yeah. Sixties. Yeah. 60. 68. Excuse me. The three of wands is card 25. The sun is 19. The two of swords is card 50. Why I’m having a hard time tonight. Why 40. That’s the cups, 51. And then the ace of cups is 38, 200 range. So it’s a mercury energy. So there’s a message here, obviously, that’s what we, that’s what we wanted to talk about. Let me get one more tarot card. The over to get my rider.

Wait, I’m gonna go back. I don’t think I’m gonna use these cards. I’m not crazy about them. What do you think? But anyway, the four of diamonds, four pentacles in the upright position, financial security, craving financial security, possession, the. The reverse is turmoil because you’re losing control of that. The three awans upright is launching long term plans, going on that journey. The flip side of that is obviously being stagnant, not being able to go anywhere. The spirit card, the sun card, is abundance in life. The flip side of that is lack in death. The two of swords is inertia and sitting still.

And then I would imagine the reverse is moving into something which doesn’t look so positive, not sure what the artistry is on that. And then the ace of cups all the way at the end there. The top half should be overflowing with abundance. Tied to the number 38, 37. And then underneath, in the upside down position would be take, take, give, give, take, take. Let’s see. I’m gonna do run, watt, run. One rider weight card for all of you for the interpretation, that’ll sit right in the middle. And that card shall be the empress. So the empress being tied to Gemini, being tied to the prison, being tied to mercury, being tied to communication, being tied to creating things through your imagination.

Creating things through your communication. This is probably the shittiest reading I’ve ever done here live because these are new cards that I just did. The interpretation, I just can’t get interpretation with these cards is very. Maybe some of you may be able to leave your comments what you see down below. I just don’t think I’m going to use this deck. But there could be some, I mean, either financial security or financial ruin. Launching long term plans towards life or death. And this could be simultaneously running parallel lives, having some kind of inertia here, but then moving it to something that doesn’t look so hot and then having an abundance and having a taker at the same time.

I’m not really crazy about this deck, ladies and gentlemen. What do you guys, think about it. I’m not really crazy about it. Yeah, I like. I like the concepts. That’s why I got it. I thought it would be cooler. I like the concept of it. I’m just not sold on it, so I don’t think I’m gonna keep it or use it. I only have a few tarot decks, but this one I would chalk up to another. Not really crazy about it, but the empress overall. Giving the empress. Giving birth to something here, something coming in for giving birth to things.

Just don’t have a really good interpretation for all of you. I couldn’t even add them up. I don’t know what my train of thought was tonight. Well, I gave him a shot, ladies and gentlemen. I’m just not crazy about the cards. I’m gonna go right back to my right of wait deck and my cards of illumination. All right. Too confusing. I know once you see, that’s why I don’t watch a lot of tarot readers, because they use all these cards that are not the rider waite deck. Like I use the rider waite deck. I’m so used to this deck.

It’s the origination. So I’m so used to this deck. And then, of course, I like using the cards, the cards of illumination. When I pull in a new deck, it’s challenging. Sharon’s asking, as an. As an. As a non NPC, what role should we play to change the world? Well, first and foremost, Sharon, you may have not made. If you’re not a member of Patreon, you wouldn’t have watched it. But I did a decode on NPC, and the research. The research shows that we’re all NPC’s. That would mean you are, too. How would I define being an NPC? You’re not in control of your life.

And how would I support that? By decoding, which I have done over 500 videos showing that artists, musicians, sports players, hierarchy, people, all were living out their own script. Meaning that they’re NPC’s. They’re a non player character. Non player character. Meaning that they’re being ruled over by something else, which, in that case, would be the voice in your head. Now, is that going to change that subject to change? Maybe. Maybe. But let’s move into the pertinent part of your question. Setting aside the NPC. If you do, if you think you’re not an NPC, that’s all that matters.

Like, don’t. Don’t agree with me just because I say it. Move into what you want to believe. So the bigger thing is, what role should we play to change the world? And my answer would be, step number one. Study yourself through your astrological maps, through your numerology, through your enneagram personality types, human design gene keys, as many tools as you can use. First, start there. Confirm what you already know. Maybe you need a little bit of encouragement. And then confirm with what you love. Once you know what your chart looks like and you know what the moving parts are, it’s like opening up the owner’s manual to a car.

Like, to me, the best way to describe fulfilling your role in this reality. It’s like you buy a Porsche turbo and you have no idea it’s. It’s got a twin turbo on it. Because you drive around town and you just putt putt around. You drive like a grandpa. Like I. I drive like a gray. I do. Anybody that knows me, I drive like a grandpa. I just slow. I don’t drive too fast. So you get this twin turbo Porsche, and you never hit the gas. So you have no idea how fast it goes and what it can do.

So essentially, the poor turbo in the engine. If it could talk to you, it’d be like, listen, Sharon, are you. Are you. Can we come out and play, man? Cuz I’m like bored here. Like, you’re just. The engine gets all the attention I get. Nothing. Can. Can I come out and play? And if it could talk to you, the turbo would say, listen, all you gotta do is hit the freaking gas, man. Stop putting around town. Hit that damn gas. And you’re like, oh, I. I didn’t know. And you listen to the turbo and you finally hit the gas and whoo.

You’re like, whoa. That’s what it feels like to go through your reading, your astrological numerous. That’s what it’s like. It’s discovering that you have a turbocharger on your life. You just have never used it. You just didn’t know it was there. But it’s always been there. But you’ve been running on the simple motor, just getting by. See, aquarian age is. I know thyself. That’s why it’s the justice age. When you know yourself, you don’t need anybody to tell you how to be. There’s all these handicaps on our lives based upon people telling you, you can’t do this, you can’t do that.

If you don’t do this, you’re gonna get this. If you don’t do this, you’re gonna get that. If you don’t do it my way, you’re gonna get this. Everybody wants you to do what they want you to do, but not everybody’s built the same way. Not everybody in. This is my final answer, by the way. Not everybody incarnates to be play the good character. There are people that incarnate to play the protagonist, the antagonist, the villain, the superhero. Not everybody comes in to play the good character, but most people think that that’s the way it works.

It’s not. It can’t be. So the best thing that you can do is study your code. Study your code, start your code, and when you study it, study it again, and then when you think you got it studied, you study it again and study it again. And then you look to your life and say, I’m ready. I’m gonna surrender. I’m ready to do what you want me to do. And I’m speaking just in the context of God, right? I surrender. What do you want me to do? This is what I’ve done with my life, folks. I’ve surrendered to my code.

And, you know, my code calls for tarot cards, astrology, theology, philosophy. That’s what my code calls for. And I feel like I don’t, I don’t work anymore. The greatest feeling ever, I don’t work. I get paid to do what I love, and at the same time I get to help out person after person, and it’s the greatest reward. And I’m not in this to become this. I don’t care. I’ve surrendered. If it takes me to the glory of whatever, then that so be it. But I’m in it because I’ve realized that’s my code and I’ve surrendered to it.

And the voice in my head has confirmed it. And I get signs day after day by my receipts. When I check out the signs I see the, the people that call, the people I meet, the phone numbers I get, it’s all signs to confirm that I’m on my path. I don’t need to defend my path. So if you want to know what you can do, besides the non player character stuff, study yourself. When you study yourself, you know yourself. We’re moving into the age of Aquarius. It’s, I know thyself. If you don’t know yourself, you’re going to get lost.

If you’re listening to other people, you’re going to get lost because they’re going to tell you what they want you to do. Course they’re gonna. Everybody’s got an opinion. I don’t think you should do it this way. That’s the way you would do it. I don’t have to do it your way. I don’t need to explain why I’m doing it my way. But most people in the habit of explaining and justifying what they got to do out of habit, that’s it. So when you study who you are and you realize that we’re all if. I mean, I like this one probably the best.

And I learned this from Alan Watts, which, coincidentally, he has the same birth card as I do. He has the eight of spades. He was born on March 6. The british philosopher Alan Watts. I’ve listened to his stuff million times over, a lot. I’ve listened to him 1020 years ago, listened to him, didn’t know it. He says, we’re all incarnations of God. That summarizes it the best. This is why I have said that you’re being used. I’m being used as a little puppet on strings. Because God uses you to experience its own reality through. That’s the best way I can describe it.

And you’re. It’s just like when you sit in your car and you turn the engine, you take for granted. We all do this. You take for granted the alternator, the battery, the brakes, the brake cables, the brake lines, the brake fluid, the air filter, you take all that for granted. Not because you’re not grateful of your car, because you ain’t thinking about all the moving parts in the car, but if all those moving parts in your car could talk, they would be screaming at you, hey, what about me? Like, some of you haven’t changed the air filter in your car.

And the air filter is pissed. It’s old, it’s dirty, it’s like. It’s like, not. It’s a 90 year old air filter. You haven’t changed it, and your engine is pissed off. It’s like, dude, can you give me some clean air here? No, you’re just lazy. You’ve neglected and now the engine is. Is cursing at you because you’ve taken it for granted, because there’s a lot of moving parts in the car. If the car could talk to you, man, your car would run better because it would tell you, this is broken. That’s broken. This is da da da da.

And we remind you, we don’t do that because we’re busy, got busy lives. These are all just kind of things to think. I know I’m being very abstract and kind of silly in a sense, but study yourself, study yourself, study yourself, study yourself, study yourself. And when you. And when you finally get to the nitty gritty. You’re going to see that you’re a snowflake, and there’s no one like you, but you’re, you’re, you’re not the snowflake that you came here to be, because you are remnants of everybody else in your life. Mom and dad particularly. See, mom and dad probably raised you, and if I compare their astrological chart to yours, it looks nothing like yours.

But you, they did the best they could. It’s, we’re moving into the age of Aquarius where, see, age of Pisces was religion and being told what to do in the church, as they say. So that’s going bye bye. That, that’s, that’s, see you later. We don’t need that to be good people. We already know how to be good people. So the age of Aquarius is much different. It’s, I know thyself. That’s why these, these systems are coming back. Astrology, numerology, they’re coming back because that’s what you’re going to need as tools to survive through the age of Aquarius.

I know thyself. I know who I am. I don’t need you to tell me who I am. I don’t need you to tell me how to be. And then you’re going to start to see this. You get to start a huge restoration of humanity. Anyway, that’s just my kind of fun way to look at this. Bye bye. Religion. Don’t need it. I don’t need religion to be a good person. Person to help people. And neither do you. If that’s, if it works for you, like, if you like theology and that works for you, then that’s what your code calls for.

Go do that. Some people, it works for them. Some people, it works for them really well. Listen, I would, when I was in Texas, when I lived in Texas for a short period of my life, I was in the Dallas Fort Worth area, and my friend took me to this mega church in Grapevine called fellowship. And there’s a pastor there who’s phenomenal. He’s actually like, I would love to look at his astrological chart because I could, I guarantee I would be able to see pastor written all over it. And you go into this mega church and, I mean, it’s amazing.

They have childcare, they have a profession who, musicians on stage. They play music. It’s like going to a concert. It was absolutely amazing. And then he comes up, the pastor, and he’s prodigy born to do it. So you’re going in front of somebody who’s a natural. And he’s just so character, really so amazing at what he does. And you get drawn in, and it feels good being there because the energy goes high and people like, yeah. You know, everybody’s all lovey dovey and great. So it’s a archetype. When I was sitting there, I’m like, this is a freaking archetype.

It’s an energy center. And I being there, I’m. I’m contributing to the nucleus of this church because I’m part of it. As I’m there, even though I’m sitting there observing, and I’m more like this, you know, I’m like, not. You know, I’m more like this. I’m more like, closed off. I’m like, I’m not interested in joining your church. I just want to come and just be an observer of it. I think it’s cool, because I do. I think churches are really cool. But some people actually go to churches and they feel like they have to go because it’s a part of them, and it’s.

And you look at their code, and again, this pastor who I told you at Fellowship church, born to do it, how would I ever go to him and tell him, hey, Ed. His name’s Ed? You’re wrong. How dare you sit up there and talk about celebrating Easter, which is a pagan holiday, which it is, right? You’re celebrating nature. But I’m not gonna be tit for tat here. But why would I go up to him and say, hey, Ed, you’re absolutely wrong for doing what you do, and I’m gonna. I want to debate you? Why would I do that? Because I think I’m right.

And I’m. And you’re in anything outside of me that’s not right. I’m going to prove you wrong. This is our world today that needs to end. Like, if you want to go to church and that makes you feel good, go to the damn church. If you want to read some kind of mystery novel and you think it’s true and real, that’s your truth, don’t care. But if you’re in. If you’re in Texas, if you’re in the greater Dallas Fort Worth area and you. You get a chance to go to fellowship and see Ed, that’s the pastor.

He’s. They have it all. They have a whole thing, man. They got the online. They got YouTube. I mean, he’s just amazing, but he’s smiling and he’s a comedian. He’s funny. And, I mean, just, like, influencer in a big way. So it was. It was an amazing thing to go to. Go to. But they need your pledges. They need donations because it’s a 501 c three. So, of course, why did it. Why do they get tax break? Why do churches get tax breaks, by the way? Have you ever thought about that? Why does a church get an exempt aspect? Why does the church get exempt? And why is it encouraged to open a church? Because, obviously, what is the perks of opening up the church? I’m tax exempt.

Well, to me, the more churches you open, the more indoctrination you get, the more people you get to side with that kind of environment, and you. You. You reel them in, which, again, is not a bad thing. Right? Like, I’m grateful that I’m not part of that, but nonetheless, the five. Oh, I’ve already decoded the 501 c three. The reason why the 501 c three and the. The perks of that is tax exempt is because it encourages people to open up churches. That’s why in the church and the state and the government, they’re all embed together.

That should tell you everything that you need to know. Let. The church is in bed with the state, which is in bed with the government. Religion and government. One in the same. One in the same. And guess what runs it all? The boss. The Ponzi scheme, boss. But it’s a fun reality. It’s a fun reality. All right, see, I see how, like, people say, how do I do it? I just go on these tangents, and then next thing I know here, another hour goes by, so. All right. Change the music a little bit. I think I’m gonna.

I’m gonna end this. What’s your question, 78? I really appreciate each and every one of you for being here. Small crowd tonight, but I haven’t been here in a while, and it was last minute, and it doesn’t matter the numbers anyway. Governing body whistleblower says, why was I put on timeout? I don’t. It was one of the moderators that did that for you. They’re pretty good, though, at judgment of character. Uh, maybe it was something that you said or your b. I don’t know. Um. I don’t know. But the good news is, is you’re back here now, so don’t blow it.

Yeah, we’re. See, just because I’ve never seen your name here before, but I’ll let you know, like, here in this. What’s your question? We’re all about live and let live. But, of course, you don’t be an asshole. You know what I mean? Like, don’t bring your shit. Don’t. Don’t try to put people down. Don’t. Don’t sit here and say, there. This is that. This. It’s got to be my way. We strive not to do that in here, because this group strives to be living in a state of neutrality, and neutrality is where we live and let live.

Okay? We live and let live. That’s what we do. But I appreciate you being here. Kirkwood said he’s a whistleblower, so he’s probably gonna blow it. That’s awesome. See, I’ll just be straight up. Because governing body, obviously, you’re JW, right? So I’m gonna do it. I’m probably gonna do a decode in the JW organization. Not to. Not to discredit the organization. That’s not my. I don’t care. I used to be part of it, and I don’t regret any of it. It’s an archetype. But I’m gonna do a decode on it because I want people to see the.

What it’s tied to, and it’s tied to the same thing all the other religions you’re tied to. Thank you, Tristan. Oh, you’ve been watching me for a long time. Cool. What’s up, Ryan? We got some Constance from Ireland in the house. We got some new. A lot of new names here. It’s great. I’m shuffling my tarot cards out of habit right now. Maybe I’ll pull another one. I said I wasn’t going to, but let’s see. I think I’m going to end this. Oh. 12:45 a.m. I’m gonna. I’m gonna end this transmission. Let me just pull one card.

The overall message for tonight. What’s your question? 78. How’s the weather? It is very warm, humid, but it’s better than cold and wet. Okay. Yeah. See? Over 4 hours have been sitting on my ass. All right. One card does it all. One card says it all. Here we go. One card from the rider waite deck. What’s at the bottom of the deck? Oh, the celebration card. It’s time to celebrate the message here for all of you, ladies and gentlemen, some of you, I should say, when’s the last time you got on, celebrated life? So I’m gonna give you the different meanings of this, right? The fun meanings.

If you’re having a rough time in your relationship, there could be a third party involved, and you’re just in denial. You don’t want to face it because you’re hoping that you. It will not be true, but it’s true there. This can mean third party. So you’re being played. So what are you gonna do about it? But this. This card also can mean celebration, right? Celebrate good times. This is the card of reincarnation, by the way, this is the 39th card in the deck. It’s tied to reincarnation. So, of course, what will would happen if you are God and you have all this energy here in this reality that you can play with, and somebody gets reincarnated, and now, you know, like, you could imagine, these could be the angels and demons that play us, and they’re all celebrating.

Yeah, somebody reincarnated again. Whoo. Anyway, that’s just for fun. But this card could mean you need to get out and celebrate, those of you. And then, of course, those of you, if you’re in relationships, could mean that you have a third party involved and you just don’t want to admit it. So the question is, what do you want to do about it? So anyway, let’s get the final message for this. What’s your question? Number 78, using the right of way deck, my favorite deck, the card is the hermit. It’s my life path. Right? So the message here maybe, is to celebrate your alone time and celebrate your independency, celebrate your alone time.

But the message clearly was to go give man, take that light in the bucket and go give it to somebody. Do something nice to somebody. Go do a random acts of kindness. Pay somebody’s toll behind you, pay somebody’s groceries in the grocery line. Go feed a stray cat or dog. Should be. This is humanitarianism. But it could also mean to spend some time alone. You need to spend some time alone. The overall message here, you might need to spend some time alone because you’re spending too much time with other people that are draining you, and you need to be pulled the side and be alone so you can recharge your.

Your battery here because your light, because this could be read in reverse, right? What is it? Reverse? Your lights gonna go dim, man. Your lights gonna go dim. So you want to recharge that light. The overall message. And I think when you do that, you’ll have that card of celebration there. There’s so many other ways to look at this. That’s the overall message. The hermit, the 9th card. And remember through the astrological map right now, all that energy in the sign of Pisces. I’m sorry. All the energy in the jupiterian energy there, which was in the sign of Taurus, Jupiter, just moved into Taurus, which is a Venus sign, which is about loving yourself, studying yourself.

The 9th zodiac sign, Sagittarius is the hermit, which means studying yourself, which means knowing yourself. That’s an important, integral part of who you are and why you’re here, just shuffling in the sun. The spirit inside of you, ladies and gentlemen. All right, so, ladies and gentlemen, I’m just gonna let this play right here. This is called symbiosis. The name of the album is across the moment. It’s pretty awesome. Um, actually, no, I take that back. What I want to play. Let’s see, to end this. What’s your question, 78? Um. I don’t know, man. My mind is.

I don’t know what I want to play. I completely blew the tarot reading. That was horrible. I have no idea what I want to play. I’m so indecisive tonight. Maybe that why. That’s why the two of swords came up. Very indecisive. Okay, well, I’m just gonna let this play. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m gonna put on some slides, a little of you chat amongst yourselves. Thanks each and every one of you for showing up here tonight. I really, really do appreciate each and every one of you. Now, I got to change the song. And I look forward to seeing all of you on the next.

What’s your question? It’s going to be question. What’s your question? Number? 79, which is a big number tied to gold. So I’m really looking forward to that. See, I can’t choose a song. I don’t know what I want to play. I don’t know. I was going to play this. This song right here. I’m gonna get a copyright strike. That’s okay. Better to have the good music than not. This is the great band Europe, and this song is called Walk the Earth. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s all I got for tonight. My name is Logan. Decode your reality.

Until next time. We will see you later. Call. In the middle of a lightning strike where I’m going along changing weather tides I’m the wrong one in the back of my with a battle song I believe alone and we walk the earth with our hands held high for the life we want and we got to fight and we won’t be out like champion with heart and soul our conscious ways on all of our mind so we lay our hearts right off the light we keep pushing on holding steady and strong knocking them down just to make a home like a battle hill yeah that will lead us on and we walk the earth with our hands held high for the life of we want yeah we’ve got to fight and we won’t be out like champion with heart and soul like champion we want the earth with our hands held high for the life we want yeah we’ve got to fight yeah we won’t be like champions with heart and soul and we won’t be with our hands held high for the life we want..


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