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By: Doenut Factory
Spread the Truth

5G Danger
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➡ The podcast discusses topics like MKUltra, predictive programming, possible societal brainwashing through media and popular culture, highlighting developments at a robot convention in China, pop culture/music industry’s nods to trends in technology, and potential connections between music industry events, celebrities and the military-industrial complex. The host also shares opinions on the negative influence of certain music videos promoting unhealthy choices, and speculates about future events through the lens of numerology and symbolism.
➡ The text discusses connections between FedEx, Deutsche Bank, and a suspicious case related to the Epstein investigation, mentioning a potential collapse of a small bank called Republic First. It delves into discussions around banking rituals, the transition of power through the King Kill ritual, and the impending digital currency. The author also explores various symbolisms in popular culture, identifying potential signs and coded messages. Finally, he mentions a connection between the hippie movement and the military-industrial complex, suggesting a link between music industry figures and military figures.
➡ The hippie movement, originally advocating for peace and organic food, was hijacked and manipulated into promoting drug use and debauchery. Where notable figures such as Noam Chomsky and Malcolm X campaigned for real change, the mainstream hippie movement became sidelined and ineffective. Institutions like the Tavistock Institute played a significant role in this process, and the same patterns of influence are seen in modern pop culture with hip-hop and other entertainment genres.
➡ The speaker discusses a range of topics from mind control experiments done on animals, controversial books, the idea of scientists creating life without eggs or sperm, current trends in music including mentions of the Rolling Stones, the secret meanings behind artist cancellations and other major events, to the rise in AI surveillance and strange animal deaths. After sharing various thoughts and conspiracy theories, he ends by asking viewers to like, share, and watch another video.


Up. It’s Donut and you tuning into all your illuminati news. Smash that like button. We got a great show for you. We’re going to go into just so much MKUltra. Mind control. Are we all being brainwashed? Let’s get right into it. That’s pretty good. But try it like this. Donut Sam SA whoop button smash. What’s up? Got a big show tonight. A lot of stuff in the news.

Little baby concert, 36 parallel connected with young dolph. So a lot of stuff happening right now. A lot of stuff been happening in the past with the hippies. We going to get into the hippie movement. We’re going to get into MKUltra. We’re going to get into the robot convention. Happening just took place and are we just robots? We’ll about get into it. This robot convention just took what’s this? I don’t think that was supposed to be up there.

My bad. As I’ve been breaking down that these VMAs, grammys, even fashion shows, balenciaga predicting the mud festival at the burning man, all shows us the new technologies for the future. From the Tesla bots twerking to Alexander McQueen’s 1999 show, there’s this weird parallel to 1999. And right now, what’s going on now as fashion does take place in these ten year, 20 year cycles. So the 90s are what would be popular right now in a sense.

So here these award shows show the technologies before it happens. The VMAs, the bad bunny, the Tesla robots, the holographic technologies. And here at this robot show in China, they’re showing the same technologies that Beyonce and Alexander McQueen were showing or bad bunny in the beginning of the year. Getting you ready, priming. Everybody pretty much brainwashing through conditioning, which is third layer robot programming to accept what’s to come.

Predictive programming falls under this category as well. And we just released a show. Shout out to all my patreon subscribers, my loyal patreon subscribers, you are who make this show possible. So thank you. We got a new episode up. Go check it out. This weekend. New episode of robot programming. Fantastic stream goes very deep into that. Now, here is Grimes, elon musk grime baby mama grimes, her new song, you could see she got the knights templar double cross right here.

And before I continue, smash that one button, let me know you can hear me, okay, because I don’t want to get too deep into this. And you all can’t hear me okay, because this is a big show. And while you’re at it, smash that like button, please. And thank you and share this video out because a lot of people are out at the bar right now getting wasted, getting wasted drunk because they’ve been brainwashed to through Megan the stallion and cardi b really much, programmed them today to go get drunk and to go eat unhealthy foods.

So we’ll get into that, too. So y’all can hear me, so here’s musk. You know, that’s his chick, her new album Illuminati. I with the knights templar double cross that I’ve been covering so much, just so much. The connections to the templars, running the stuff and her new song, her new record, I want to be software. I’ll read a couple of the lyrics for you. I want to be software upload my mind take all my data, what will you find? And you know what? Grimes is actually more intelligent than most of the but this all goes into the programming for the dumbed down populace as pretty crazy.

Pretty crazy. I believe her like parents are bankers or something. And we’ll see how the banking industry is connected to this year’s rituals and all the stuff going down and cybernetics to the neuralink getting the neurochip in your brain from elon musk who people love. People love this guy. He looks like he’s praying. People really love his new world order jacket and all that. People think he’s a good guy.

And his neuralink has been FDA approved. Let’s not forget that. Just like the FDA approved the clone meat. A lot of weird stuff going on. A lot of crazy, crazy stuff going on. And this all ties into rituals with the music industry. So we’re going to break down the music industry’s connection to the military industrial complex and satanism. That should have been the title to this video. So here is the astral world event that took place and here is burning man.

In between the dates of them is six, six, six days from november 5. Kris Jenner’s birthday, the Kardashians birthday while they were watching this ritual go down to september 2 when the news broke and Chris rock fled the little cyber event that went down at burning man with the rain and the mud. Six, six days to september 2. Here’s cardi b unhealthy food programming. Her new video bongos just came out just to show a little bit of how you’re being programmed on a robotic level.

The robotic level of programming hits you on your lower animal level autonomic nervous system. And I’m actually going to play a clip right now to explain it a little bit from the new episode robot programming. Robot programming NPCs, zombies and sheep. What is robot programming? Are we all just robots through our nervous system, fight and flight? Are we being conditioned and mind controlled through symbols? Who rules our symbols rules us.

We even see confucius said sign and symbols rules the world, not words nor laws. Yo, what up? It’s Donut and you tuning in to all your Illuminati news. Welcome to the first edition to robot programming volume one. As. We started off with a quote by Alfred Korsky who believe human knowledge is limited both by the nervous system and the languages we have developed. The nervous system would be the first part of the computer programming of the humans at birth.

This is the fight or flight. This biocircuit will take over all programming for so that biocurcuit, the autonomic nervous system takes over on an animal level. And that’s what everything is about, is a transmutation into animals. The elites look at you as animals and they want to put you in the mud, like Burning Man or the hippie movement or Coachella or Woodstock or Woodstock 99. And you’ll see a connection to the military with all these events that go down.

So with this new Cardi B video, it promotes alcohol. As you can see right here. It’s all commercial for these brands. That’s how the music industry survives these days, is pushing the unhealthy products. And that’s what’s trending that and aroused genitalia. And I mean, this is Illuminati celebrities because she does interviews with the best president of the entire world, Joe Biden. Sleepy joe biden. Here is Lil Baby, who’s in the news today promoting Axe Body Spray, portraying a god with the different arms as he’s the goat.

And I mean, this video goes into six six six symbolism. Just a lot of different stuff. I mean, this is all alchemy for marketing on the third layer programming, which is conditioning. So the first layer is the animal instincts of surviving fear, problem, reaction, solution, eat, sleep, reproduce, fight, flight. Once you get shocked into that system, all biocircuits turn off and then that’s what you rely on. So we’re sort of born into this matrix out of the womb.

The womb is the matrix. And we’re already robots since the beginning in a sense. And then you get imprinted. So go check out that after the show on the patreon. It’s a fantastic episode. I think you’ll really like it. But Lil Baby is in the news today, and we’ve been talking about the 36th parallel in Young Dolph. And a person was at a little baby Memphis Arena, and the person who was black was somebody connected to Young Dolph.

I’ve been saying everything happening on this 36th parallel right here. So let’s look out for the concert coming up in Vegas on the 23rd. The 23rd predictive programming as well, with the asteroids hitting the Earth or the end of the world, the September 23 priming. Probably not for this year, but it could be because we’re in year 2023. 23, the 23 enigma. The rapper CEO is young Dolph’s cousin.

And Young Dolph had the Illuminati paper route and he died. He was assassinated on one of these eclipses and these full moons, just like Evelyn Day Rothschild did as well. The Illuminati paper route, it’s all about the banking industry. And this is why I’m looking out for 50 Cent right now, especially Lloyd Banks. And there’s this weird parallel between this date. This happened September 7 yesterday. Well, what’s important about this date is that that’s when Tupac was shot in Las Vegas on the 36th parallel.

Most likely. I’m not sure exactly where it lays, but on September 7, Tupac was shot just like this date took place September 7. So it smells a little fishy, like a ritual. As Memphis, the lay lines there, you got the pyramid, that’s about three, two, 2ft up high, 32ft up high. The Mandalay Bay had the 32 floors. I believe this is 32 or 23 floors. And you can see it’s right in front of where this guy got shot at.

Just like the Las Vegas event happened as well in front of the pyramid in Mandalay Bay. So, yeah, this is all leading up to something. Memphis police shooting at Lil Baby concert at the FedEx Forum, believed to be premeditated. Now at the FedEx forum is interesting because FedEx is super sketch. Look at that little arrow. This is the little subconscious subliminal stuff that once you see it, you can never not see it.

That there’s like a little arrow right there that FedEx took out. Not FedEx itself. But there was a judge looking into the Epstein case connected to Deutsche Bank and somebody pulled up in a FedEx, in a FedEx truck, FedEx outfit on, killed her son and also shot her husband. So there’s a connection to FedEx, the banking industry and all these rituals, as well as a tiny bank called Republic First is like on the brink of collapse, it looks like.

And then you got first republic and Republic first. It looks like some steganography going on. Something strange right there. And look, we just crushed through a thousand people up in here. We’re streaming all over the place. Rumble, Facebook, YouTube, smash that like button. I’m going to remind everybody to smash that like button. Share this out because everyone’s at the bar now, they come home and they get to see some of this information they’re not going to see, most likely.

So thank you. Thank you very much. Now, I think this is all tied in to the banking rituals this year with 50 Cent. Who’s on the 50 cent? The Kill King ritual. The king kill ritual. Looking into that as the debt is going to hit that 33,000. And what the King Kill ritual is all about is about transferring power over to the new leader, in a sense. So when the Titanic sunk, the power of the gold backed dollar got transferred to the Federal Reserve.

Now we’re entering the CBDCs. So that’s getting transferred into this, the collapse of the currency in the King Kill ritual, for that to take place, it is bullying in a sense, if you want to simplify it. And we can see that even 50 Cent in G unit is bullying. Ja Rule right now in the news. Look at this, ja Rule beef is back and Ja Rule is crucifying himself on his concert.

Just weird. There’s this weird connection to the what’s happening now. So I’m looking out for young Buck because he’s from Tennessee, he’s tenekey. Here’s the checkerboards. I’m looking out for all that. And Las Vegas, I got this great comment. Shout out to infinitely curious talking about September 3 in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is on that 36th parallel and the Life is Beautiful concert is going to take place, and there’s all these 23 connections there, and it’s happening on the 23rd.

So that is something to look out for. I’m going to go to the comments real quick. What is going on? Donut looking like spy versus spy. I’m trying to look like Mac Dre or I’m like on a safari or something. Ja rule is down here in the Navajo Nation tonight. Oh, weird. Out in Arizona. I’m out in Arizona. Yo, what up? Joey? Was the deal. Jesus saves 23 of September.

Yes. So the 23 September has been predicted in films that it’s the end, the end of the world. Something going to happen on the 23rd. That’s what’s been priming. And there’s this event in Vegas happening on the 23rd going into these musical festivals. Here’s the map of it. Life is beautiful festival. So it’s something we’re going to look out for. We’re going to look into it. See, we’re going to crack, crack a lack because it’s in Fremont Street.

This is where I usually stay because it’s cheaper. I’m sure it’s expensive now, but when I used to go when I was a teenager, when I was 19 and I grew up here, that’s where I used to go. And it’s on the 36th parallel. So I’m looking out for that. Because you got all this weird stuff with Vegas and these numbers. And if you think that these numbers are weird, we’re not like, going deep into the numbers too deeply, I hope.

I’m showing the major headlines. The Las Vegas road, the 47 boom booms, 47. The 47 Masonic compass, or the 47 trunks on the Hawaii Bonyon tree, or his road to purchasing the 33 boom booms, 33rd level order out of chaos. And you can even check out these Illuminati playing cards right? With the blackjack, the jack and the ace, the 21, the ten, or the one, the blackjack. And the guy who was performing, Jason Al Dean had the exact same tattoo as the Illuminati playing card at the Las Vegas event.

And this is ten jack, ace is one or eleven. So it’s ten one. And that event happened on ten one on the blackjack date in Las Vegas. I mean, this is just the numerology I like to look into because it is absolutely in our face right there with it. I don’t think that’s delusional at all as here’s the Illuminati card for Hell Eris. And that is the new chaoticness that is about to go down, or that is going down right now for September, October.

And we go over this in the robot programming on the Patreon Shameless plug one more time. Go over there after the show or now, whatever. We got new content up there. Me and Tommy Truthful at the Truth Mafia just did a show up there, got that new episode of robot programming right up here. This is the best way to support us on the channel. We got just tons of content, over 300 plus videos.

PDF is up there as well. So, yeah, very good. Now we’re going to get into some wild stuff. We better dive deep. So I hope you all ready because we’re going to go do some crazy research and I’m going to explain the connection to the hippies, to the Satanists, to the military industrial complex and why we are being brainwashed. Because I had to go back and do a little bit of history and a little bit of research and get wicked smart.

So let’s get into it. So what is happening on a mass level is a transmutation. As you can see right here, this is the alchemical symbol for transmuting lead to gold. And the bank rituals is transmuting the fiat currency into the CBDC currency. But this is also happening on a cultural level from family values to being animals, walking around in the mud. As you can see, this is a perfect picture as it’s as above, so below with this guy.

And here’s the Family Values Tour. So you could kind of just see it. If you’re a millennial, you totally see it happening. You’re in it right now. I’m in it right now. I see it happening. I’m living it. So it’s the transmutation into animals because the elite view you as animals, animorphs George Orwell animal form. You are an animal to the elite or a robot through your nervous system.

And this is the way that they manipulate you. So it’s like a robotic level or an animal level, whatever way you want to look at it. So here’s the hippies, the hippie movement. They’re rolling around in the mud. It’s the same picture right here as above, so below, rolling around in the mud. Just like Burning Man or even Coachella, you could see it’s the exact same picture from the Woodstock to Coachella.

It’s the same thing happening here’s. Woodstock 99, you could see rolling around in the mud. And this took place at a military facility, by the way, at Griffith Air Force Base right here in New York. Rome, New York is the new Rome. But it took place in Rome, New York in this event that just took place right now. Burning man in the burners is all connected to this.

This is a simulation as I broke down in my last videos for the grid down scenario because it’s an isolated city and it’s a perfect way to get AI data gathering and whatnot. Now the connections to the military and the hippies and the music industry run very, very deep. Rather. That’s Jim Morrison’s dad from The Doors, who named his band The Doors because of Aldous Huxley, who was like pretty much one of the fathers of MKUltra with Hallucinogens and transferring the culture, transforming transmuting, the culture.

His dad was the commander of the Gulf and Tonkin incident that led into Vietnam right here, the commander, commander of the Gulf and Tonkin, gulf of Tonkin incident, the Doors, what a big band. So I got this wonderful comment about the original hippies were not that at all this comment I got shout out to who sent this to me because I’ve been duped. I was a hippie. I grew up, my parents were deadheads.

I was a hippie. So I’m not talking crap about the hippies and it wasn’t personal attack. So thank you for this message. They said this to me that I need to learn some history, dude. So that’s what I’m doing. I’m putting a presentation for the history. He says the hippies were not at all what you are saying. They were back to the land. People who hated war, Vietnam, don’t compare them to the Burning Man people food.

They wanted the food to be organic, whatever. So, yes, the hippies originally were that they wanted peace out of Vietnam war. They wanted the organic food. But what happens through the Tavistock Institute, through the Frankfurt schools and whatnot it gets hijacked and what a good way to hijack the movement and turn them into doing orgies and drugs in the mud on an animal level because no one’s going to take them seriously.

The guy who was leading the anti war movement, Noam Chomsky, he wasn’t dressed like that. And this was a intelligent figure that was actually doing change for the anti war movement. And look how he’s dressed is he dressed like he’s rolling around in the mud right there. So this would do real damage. Like Malcolm X as well. Malcolm X presented himself very professionally. So this did real change for the hippie movement.

And what happens is it gets psyopped. Somebody comes in and takes over. It like Timothy Leary, part of Harvard or whatever, pushing people to turn on, tune in and drop out. Roll around the mud, go roll around the mud. And what has these mud rolling around hippies done if they wanted anti war? Look at all the people that were hippies and boomers. They’re probably very supportive of the war happening right now.

Think about all the wars that have happened since the hippie movement being co opted. And also the organic food. Who’s in control of the food system? You got the beyond meat, Bill Gates food. So whatever the hippies did, it wasn’t effective. And they get hijacked through this. And this is happening today with hip hop with all that stuff going on. That’s what’s going on. Going into the Frankfurt School, Tavistock Institute, social engineering, which is fifth generation warfare of the masses all the way to the orgy dome at Burning Man in the bud.

So Burning Man was created at Baker Beach in Presidio, California. Right here we’re looking out for the Golden Gate Bridge and Presidio right here. Presidio was a army post right here. Just the connections to the army. Presidio was also where the head of Psychological Department, Satanist, Michael Quino, built his army station that got closed for reasons I don’t even want to talk about because I want this channel to stay up.

But it got into some sick stuff. Head of Psychological department. What is Psychological? That’s doing the drugs, mind altering chemicals and substances that all the rappers are promoting. This guy’s, head of the military, created the Temple of Set in Presidio, California, where Burning Man was created. And he was part of the order of the trapezoid. Down here is the trapezoid right here. We broke down this symbol on Patreon.

Don’t want to get too much into it. It’s just what he was part of with the Satanic Temple. It’s also where Star Wars George Lucas decided to build his yoda, Star Wars palace, which is like a new religion, right? Star wars movie magic. And he filmed the Altamont. He was at the Altamont filming it. And the Rolling Stones are now trending number one on YouTube for Mick Jagger or whatever.

He was the Satanist that helped end the hippie movement. This is so documented, the history of this. So documented. And put your comments down below, please, because I’m still researching. We getting wicked smart over here. We doing a history lesson right now. We figuring this out. We connecting the dots of pattern recognition. So even George Lucas helped film he was there filming the Altamont, which helped end the hippie movement, which was an event like Astroworld.

Here’s. The Satanic House in San Francisco. And San Francisco Satanic Church of Satan was founded on Travis Scott. Who sounds like Travis Scott. April 30, his birthday. And that event that went down November 5 on the Kardashians birthday as the Kardashians watched this event and they were partying for the birthday on November 5. In between the dates from November 2. I mean, November 5 to September 2 is six.

Six, six days. September 2 is when Chris Rock and they all escaped. This is like when the news was breaking about Burning Man. Six, six days. And right here is Chris Rock. They’re wearing the red and blue, which could be the two. And you got the illuminati eye right there just watching you, watching over you, making sure you think that you’re watching the billboards or the news, but it’s the absolute opposite.

It’s watching you. Here’s, diplo. Who escaped? He promotes LSD. He got the LSD right there. I think he even made a song called LSD. Just like ASOP Rocky and Rihanna ambassadors getting bailed out of prison through Trump as well. Why? Why would Trump even care? Well, because there’s a political connection to these illuminati celebrities promoting acid, promoting drugs. And this goes back to the hippies. And Timothy larry.

Timothy Larry, big connection there with John C. Lilly, the illuminati dolphins that we cover up here. And it’s really not the illuminati dolphin research as much as it is the meta programming human biocomputer research that Lily did, which made him the new Alastair Crowley according to Timothy Larry. And here’s just pictures of them hanging out. So this has been on the agenda for quite a long time. And if we want to go back even further before them, let’s just do some more history lessons with the CIA and bankers pushing psychological drugs on humanity for the counterculture.

They want to put you on these psychological drugs because it’s a way for them to reset your autonomic autonomic nervous system for the new religion. And the next psyop will be the UFO psyop. That’s the next thing to take place. They’re getting everyone ready for that. All these counterculture celebrities, Russell Brand, all these top people are going to be promoting the UFO agenda and mixing it in with the psychedelics.

So the AI will tell you exactly what you need to believe with your VR. Goggles on. So here’s R. Gordon wassen CIA and a banker for J. P. Morgan. He’s the guy who pushed mushrooms right here. Seeking the magic mushrooms to the public through the Life magazine in 1957, preceding the hippie movement in the 50s. Gordon wassen seeking the magic mushroom, promoting this. This is all brought to you by bankers, even Oprah, who promotes the secret in a course of miracles.

A course of miracles. The guy who edited it worked for MKUltra. So you got all these other woo woo wee things that get pushed to our culture, like the Secret. When I heard the secret, I was like, whoa. That is fire. Whoa. Because I was getting into fights, waking up hungover, and I found the Secret. I was like, whoa. Cool. But that’s brought here by bankers. Yoga was also brought here by bankers, by the great Ohm who mind controlled girls and went to prison for it.

Even Timothy Leary himself says that the CIA, that’s what this whole thing is about. The CIA created the 60s counterculture. He himself said that. Timothy Larry, we can’t wick a smart over here. We don’t even need to break down the Grateful Dead connection because we already did that before. But we can do that again in another episode. But Jay Z is Raps grateful dead. I mean all the connections to Jay Z, the Rockefellers, Kanye West, Rihanna, they’re all performing magical rituals on all y’all consciousness.

Straight up, straight connected to the military. We’ve all been duped. That’s my new saying. You’ve been duped. I’ve been duped. We’ve been duped. We were duped, period. So people get very upset when I talk about these celebrities like The Doors. Yeah, because they’re your god, they’re your idols. It’s idol worship. And it’s idol worship on an imprinted level. Just like a culture you’re born into. You’re born into a culture through the imprinting.

So that’s why you believe that. Yeah. Look, I just got a big drop in numbers because I just called out the people’s, gods or celebrities. And then you just see the numbers go down there because people don’t want to hear that. But we breaking free and getting wicked smart over here. I know it’s sad. It’s sad. I grew up listening to all this, too. I learned how to play the guitar because my mom wanted me to know how to play The Doors on guitar.

People are strange, man, when you’re a stranger. Here’s some more information inside the archive of an LSD researcher’s ties to the CIA’s. Manson. Jolly west. Jolly west connection to Manson. You can look this up. So what has the hippie movement done? It wasn’t effective because they co opt it and make everybody roll around in the mud and take drugs. And this is what we have today. This is the green revolution, what it led to.

I’m going to go to comments. I’m going to go to comments real quick. I need to take a breath. That was the history lesson. We getting wicked smart over here. That’s the history lesson. Crocodile Dundee. What up, Jessica? What up, Donut? Hello, fellow cynics. Hello, sandwich lots about to pop off. I feel it. Donut give me a shout out. Shout out to Norbert 50. Should be a comedian.

Donut, does your hat block illuminati mind control rays? No, I got to replace this hat, because if anything, I’m getting sick from the hat because there’s, like, some chemical on it to protect it from bug repellent. Because I just went to Tonto National Bridge, and I showed footage of it in this video. Let me see where it is. Look at how to block the sun. How to block the sun.

I wanted to look cool, too, for you all for it. Oh, check this out. Check this out. That’s a bull right there. I ran into a bull. And let me show you this. Tonto National Bridge. It’s pretty amazing. Where the heck is it? I don’t know where it is. It’s pretty amazing, though. We’ll see what happens on the 23rd. The 23 enigma. The whole Maui thing is crazy.

I’m still looking into the whole Maui thing. I’ll do an updated video on that shortly. There’s a lot of people looking into it. Doing some good work, Mr. Langley. What up, Robbie’s? Wicked smart. Me see. Let me see what else we got here. These are just some of the news articles of what’s going down right now. Let’s go over a couple of news articles. This is old. This is from 2007.

DARPA plans to turn moths into cyber spies. This is an old program right here where they did mind control with a bull. As you saw. I just saw a bull. They did mind control experiments with the bull. And the guy wrote a book called Physical Control of the Mind. So people who believe that we’re not being brainwashed, they wrote books in the 50s called Physical Control of the Mind and did this with bulls? Yes.

This is all mind control going. On right now. And human scientists are making golems and homunculuses right now without sperm or eggs. I mean, this stuff is going super deep. And what’s treading right now is the Rolling Stones. Rolling Stones are back at it once again. They’re probably on some sort of transfusion to stay alive. But let’s not forget Brian Jones, who was part of the 27 club.

Part of the Rolling Stones. A lot of people don’t know this guy because he joined the 27 Club. Why? I don’t know. We got to look into that 27 club as they did the Altamont. This is what helped end the hippie movement. George Lucas was there filming it. He was dressed up as Satan. He had the Hell’s Angels protecting him. It was all symbolic. They got this album with songs like Sympathy for the Devil and Lucifer rising film with Kenneth Anger, who died this year.

There’s a lot going on, a lot of Satanic connections to the music industry. Metallica with the 72 seasons with Lady Gaga. So, I mean, Lady Gaga opened the inauguration for the best president of the world, Sleepy Joe Biden. So I don’t know what’s going on. Something going on. We look at it to it. You got 50 Cent canceling his concert out here in Arizona. Maybe he was scared I might be there to film it.

I don’t know. Why? Because 50 cent is 50. And I used to love reading his I read all of his books and I listened to all of his album. I’m a fan. I’m a fan. But I think that there’s some rituals about to go down with 50 in the 50 Cent in the King Kill ritual. I think that’s what’s going on. He threw a microphone at a check.

What the heck? But he canceled Arizona. Metallica canceled Arizona. Kind of weird. These celebrities are straight connected to the tech elite. The tech elite. That’s a weird word. Tech elite. Tech elite. New surveys show that AI is monitoring look, AI be monitoring you. We’re just going over the crazy news right now. Peru 33 sheep were mysteriously killed just like the 33 dolphins in Hawaii. I don’t know. There’s just so much going on.

That’s all I got. Please hit that like button. Share this out and go watch robot programming, volume one. Much love and God bless you all. Bye. .

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