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By: Doenut Factory
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➡ The speaker discusses various global events and their potential connections to the activation of CERN, a large particle physics laboratory. They mention strange occurrences like the sky in Dubai turning green and heavy rainfall, suggesting these could be linked to CERN’s activities. The speaker also delves into various symbols and their possible meanings, including the significance of certain dates and numbers in the occult. They also touch on the music industry, highlighting patterns and symbols they’ve noticed in album covers and song lyrics.
➡ The speaker discusses various conspiracy theories, including the Illuminati, symbolism in popular culture, and connections between celebrities. They also mention the influence of Tupac on their interest in reading and philosophy. The speaker further delves into theories about CERN, a European research organization, and its potential connections to dark matter and the human body. They encourage listeners to research and question what they’re told.
➡ The text discusses various conspiracy theories, focusing on the CERN logo, the Mandela effect, and the significance of certain numbers and symbols in popular culture. It suggests that these elements are connected to larger, hidden meanings or events, such as the activation of CERN, changes in logos, and the use of specific numbers in various contexts. The text also mentions the importance of the summer solstice and its symbolic representation in different cultures.
➡ This text is about a person discussing various conspiracy theories related to music videos, celebrities, and events. They mention a technology called optogenetics, which they believe can alter memories. They also talk about their Patreon page and encourage people to support their content. Lastly, they discuss their live streams, interactions with their audience, and their thoughts on current events and theories.
➡ The speaker believes that the activation of CERN, a large particle physics laboratory, is causing strange events, such as Dubai turning green. They also discuss the spread of fake videos, their recent collaboration with Alex Stein, and promote their Patreon content, which includes a series called “Wicked Smart for Dummies”. They encourage their audience to subscribe and share their content.


What up? It’s donut and you tuning into all your illuminati news. Make sure to smash that like button, please, and thank you. We got a big show for you today going over the strange, eerie rituals happening worldwide, especially with CERN. In my last live show, I was talking about Sioux Falls turning green and that’s what I was looking out for when CERN was recently activated on the eclipse.

Now Sioux Falls did not turn green like it did a few years ago when CERN, oh, now they got the audio playing. I don’t know where that’s coming from. Uh, let me see, 1 second, 1 second. Smash that like button. It looks like you can’t hear me because I, I had, I had the video playing so my odd, I started talking. That was crazy. So Sioux Falls turned green the last time CErN was activated.

And now CERN was activated and Dubai just turned green in the sky. So I mean, I don’t know, kind of eerie, eerie moment. Dubai sky turns green after floods. Like science fiction. And I swear this is what I was talking about in the last live stream, that this was going to happen with CERN being activated. Now there’s a lot of weather manipulation happening as they got enough rain for an entire year out in Dubai.

So check this out. This just took place. That’s the thumbnail in Dubai. It turned green and cern was activated. The last day I believe it was activated was on this date on the 16th right there where you can see that little dot and I mean, very connected to probably Alistair Crowley as well, but certain it was going on. So I feel like that this is connected to it.

You know, I’m not a physicist with the hard on Collider, but that’s what I said. We’re gonna happy though. That’s that. This is pattern recognition. This is something I’ve been looking out for. I’ve been looking out for it for, for a while now. I even got slides printed out of these strange events of things turning green with the CERN activation system. Now I want to give a shout out to Alex Stein and all the chat rats over there.

He had me on a show yesterday. I got the links in my community tab. That was a fun show. We went over a lot of wicked smart content and we’re going to go over that even more deeply today. We’re going to get into OJ Simpson and the cancer which goes into the royal ark rituals, the bridge rituals in all this and some certain dates that are going to be arising with 420 and its importance to the occult to Alistair Crowley and the season of sacrifice going into Beltane, which is the day the Illuminati was founded.

But this whole CERN thing is absolutely concerning because you got tv shows like stranger things that have the satanic Hellfire club up in there. But the date, three two two is very important as well, which is skull and bones. But they’re showing us CERN rituals in this going into the underworld. But even shows that are trending today, like three body problem, all about CERN. And then the guy who came up with the idea for the God particle, that’s like the whole reason they’re doing CERN dies on the eclipse.

It is an eclipse ritual. We can see that these rituals do happen, and it is very connected to the summer solstice because the summer solstice is the top of the bridge right here. The Keystone. That’s why you got a Keystone state. This is all symbolism, and the keystone is represented as a six nine for cancer. You got all this symbolism of the queens and the royals and cancer and OJ getting cancer.

OJ, the juice man. Number 32. Yeah. This is all symbolism. That’s Las Vegas on the 32nd floor. We’re gonna get into it. We’re gonna get into it. But we’re crashing through about a thousand people right now. We got almost 800 up here on the YouTube. We’re streaming on rumble, Twitter, Facebook. Smash that, like, button and share this video out. We about get wicked smart. And I’m going to remind everybody to do that every time we crash through another thousand people.

And I’m going to also get into the sound Paku eyeballs, because this symbolism is how I was accurately able to call the UFC fight over on the patreon. I’m not saying that I predicted it or anything. I’m just saying I saw the symbolism. I pointed it out, and it was there. Yesterday was Selena’s birthday. Rest in peace, Selena. I love Selena. And she got the sound paku, the three whites under her eyes on this magazine.

She usually doesn’t, but she’s also wearing the checkerboard floor, that jelly roll right here, who was just in an emergency room landing last week. An emergency landing. Now, Selena, she had an assassination attempt on her life over three times. And the third time was the charm of that crazy psycho lady. But you can even see right here in the middle, the sanpaku eyes of the three whites. And we’re going to get into all of this because jelly roll is someone I’ve been looking out for because I’m a juggler.

Woot woot. And shout out to jelly roll. People don’t understand the music industry too much in the underground world. But I’ve been such a big fan for such a long time. And Jelly Roll got his rise to fame with lil White. You know, this is my smoking song in a very long, but guaranteed to get the job done. Smoke one. What the you wait on, uh, but gangsta boo, right? She’s part of three six mafia, and this is her album.

You can’t really see it well, but it’s six nine. Best of both worlds. Six nine. There’s the royal arch. She died when Hannah Montana from this 36 ley line parallel passed away. This is all symbolic of the year 2023. And in 2023, I was showing the importance of the egg rituals. We had these egg shortages, and I was showing how important Salvador Dolly and his paintings are of the geopoliticalist man.

And now that bridge hit, and Dolly did the painting of the bridge collapsing or whatever. But egg equals 19. It’s six nine. It’s karma. I mean, this is all important to Alastair Crowley. And Alastair Crowley, his rituals are super important to this eclipse that just took place. And the CERN activation dates and even their upcoming events. Their upcoming events at CERN happening tomorrow. 418, which in Gematria is Abraham, which I learned from the one on one podcast last year.

We did a 420 breakdown in the importance of 420 in the occult. So you can go over to the Patreon and support this channel over there and get the PDF of 420 in the occult. Wicked smartphone dummies. And you get that full, like two, three hour presentation. I mean, it’s absolutely important, critical information to check out. If you’re into looking into the symbolism and this symbolism of the three whites under the eyes, you could see Princess Deanna, JFK.

I think that’s the wizard of Oz girl having it. But the 27 club, most people part of the 27 club, and we just had an actor pass away joining the 27 club two weeks ago. You can see that they all got the Sampaku eyes, even the military assets like the doors. And right here on the left, this is the guy who was the first initiate into the 27 club.

He met the devil at the crossroads, and the devil granted him music capabilities that go, that’s the story. And he is the guy who’s the first 27 club member, and he has the Sanpaku eyes. This is a very famous picture of him showing it. And we’ll see that Diddy got him. Notorious b I g and tupac. I mean, it is absolutely some symbolism. So, this was the UFC fight that went down, and I said over on the patreon that I think this guy gonna lose.

I went even deeper, but only because of this. Now, I don’t know if this is why or not. It’s just something I’ve been studying. And he did lose, like, right away. I mean, it was, like, instant. And then if you could see in the background of the fighting, in the background, there’s a monster energy drink, a new one with the color coding of, I would say, transhumanism. So this movie, civil war, that.

So there. There’s different symbols out there. I’m showing you the symbols of the eyes, right? And then they’re symbols of different color coding. And I got to give a shout out to brother Ani Asaru at the spiritual shade room, because he’s the one who taught me this, that there’s color coding as well as symbology. And you could see it in the civil war movie, this new civil war film that is out now.

The guy’s fingernails are the color pink and blue of this monster energy drink. It’s all new symbolism of color coding. And we were showing you the color code, not the color coding, but they leave the world behind, the one to 8420 dates and whatnot. But here is Tupac’s album. They’re making an illuminati eye in it on the left, right. Well, it’s technically his right eye, but. And he had a demise, right? Right.

He was assassinated on the 36th parallel. And then right over here is prince. It’s the Illuminati eye, but it’s his eye. It’s a prince, right? And here’s Machiavelli, tupac the calumnatti. This is how I actually learned about the Illuminati, was from this album, Machiavelli the Dawn. I even got into reading philosophy and Machiavelli and getting into just reading in general because of Tupac. So shout out to Tupac.

I know people are mad at him because he’s a ballerina, but I’ve been known he a ballerina. Everybody know that if you’re into Tupac. But on his album, the band album cover, you got p. Diddy wearing a dress right there, and p. Diddy got them senpaku eyes in that imagery. Notorious b I g also got the sound paku eyes, and P. Diddy got the sanpaku eyes as well.

Now, p. Diddy got that connection to Jennifer Lopez, right? And Jennifer Lopez rose to power through a queen kill ritual. So I learned this from Project Cheney. So shout out to Project Cheney and the secret society of good guys that this ritual that took place with J Lo and Selena and Selena is the moon, right? There’s all these moon rituals and sun rituals and whatnot. Selena is the moon.

Well, when Selena passed away, Jlo rose the power and dated puff Daddy and then alleged CIA asset Ben Affleck. But right here, she’s wearing the checkerboard as well that we see jelly roll and Selena also wearing. I believe that’s Knights Templar symbolism. But we could see this on the back of the US dollar. And maybe this is the stress and the demise of the fiat currency. Uncle Sam as well, has.

Has this unpaku eyes and there’s connections of him being baffle met, faithful met, baffle met. So, I mean, absolutely strange stuff. We’ve been covering all this over onto Patreon over here. I got them links down below, but I also got all my links down below. So if you’re up on the YouTube, I got rumble Twitter, Instagram, I got all those links down below. And I also have a newsletter.

The newsletter is important as well, over on the website. Hmm. Let me go over to the comments real quick. Say hello to everybody. Oh, Marissa up in here. I just did a podcast with Marissa, and that’s over on the Patreon. I’ll edit that and put some of that information out. But it goes into people are now it’s. She’s been like, uncovering how right now Joe Rogan shows, talking about his.

Michelle Obama a man and stuff like that. Right? This is trending stuff in the mainstream news. Well, Marissa has been covering this for a very, very long time. So it’s a wild episode. It’s called dude, over on the Patreon. Absolutely amazing information. Let me see if I got some of that connection here. Yeah, so OJ is in the news. And, you know, his father with was his mom.

OJ Simpson’s father was a San Francisco queen known as Mama. And his connections to the Kardashians, you know, and you got Kim Kardashian is the man of the year according to GQ. Now, this is all symbolic, especially coming from San Francisco and all these bridge rituals happening, right? You had the key bridge, the key bridge fell down, opening up the gates at the San Francisco gates. This is all symbolic.

We’re gonna get into it. But here’s OJ hanging out with the whole Kardashian clan. Now, the Kardashians are probably the second layer, highest level power position of Hollywood next to Marina Abramovic, who would be the top witch? I. You know, according to researchers. Now, you can see that there’s obviously a strange connection to all that, and it goes into this color coding I was showing you at the UFC.

So the UFC is trending right here while Mister Beast is trending. Mister beast is that color trending on this day where they changed, uh, April or easter to, uh, this day, because it goes into robots, it goes into transhumanism. That’s what it’s all about. It’s not about. It is a little bit about other things, but the main goal is the Elon Musk agenda. The Elon Musk agenda is turning yourself into a robot.

Right. That’s the. That’s the main goal. And I believe it’s biblical, right. The mark of the beast. So UFC is very connected to this Sus agenda, which is crazy, because you think that it’s like, tough guy, tough guy. Hey, I’m a tough guy. Hey, tough guy. Uh, but you could see the symbolism, I don’t think be line right there. Uh, that was what was up in the background.

And we see how in the simulacrum, they do use food products, color coding, it’s all symbolic. It’s absolutely wild. But this guy is promoting andro Rogan with Elon Musk and Mister beast, uh, very, very subtly, the implants of the new neural link for the children, maybe not us, but for the children being born, or not even the children, probably, uh, the whatever. I’m a millennial, so, uh, I don’t know what they are.

You know, I’m an eighties baby. It’s probably for them. 2000, baby. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe, baby. 2000, baby, maybe. All right, maybe I should start doing my freestyle wraps. Should I get back into freestyle wraps? But this goes into a lot. I think that was a great start to what I’m about to show you with all this. And you’ll see how it all connects, discern and everything going on.

So, scientists at CERN were observing these exotic particles for the first time July 5, when South Dakota turned green. South Dakota is digging for dark matter. I’d be interested to know if there’s any dark matter, whatever the heck that is. I don’t even know if that’s a real thing or not, but if that is also in Dubai. Now, the beginning of the year started off with cat Williams in his meme medic magic on Joe Rogan, talking about subjects that we talked about here.

First, the homuncologist himself, homunculus. One on one podcast, Alchemy. We were covering this stuff first years and years ago, and now it’s mainstream now, his tour that started off this year was called dark Matter. We also got shows coming out this month on Apple TV called dark Matter. Why is that? Why is the simulacrum pushing all these different symbols? And you can even see the cancer symbol of the six nine right here in the middle.

So you got astrology, you got word magic, and the color coding of this blue purple color coding that we see at CERN. CERN is having this new event on Alistair Crowley day tomorrow. And here are some more of the CERN imagery. Because CERN didn’t only create the World Wide Web, and everything that we’re doing on this Internet right now is getting sent back to CERN, which isn’t one government, it’s not one place that’s in control of it.

It’s a United nation, kind of. Everybody’s agreeing to be a part of this agenda. That’s very, very important. And sure, they made the Internet ensure they’re smashing particles with the hard on Collider. They’d be smashing, but they’re also connecting it to your body. So there’s a connection to your cell on a cellular level, fern. Everything going on micro macrocosm. And that’s what the symbolism is all about. And it’s connected to Facebook.

So you could just see them colors right here and all the cells right here. This is a Facebook connection to CERN, human cell atlas. And, I mean, this is going to be a topic that I got to definitely do a lot of research on. But look at the colors of the drinks that we’re drinking, right? I was just showing you the monster energy drink. Everybody’s drinking that. Well, that is going into your body, right? So who knows what kind of weird chemicals are going into the body of a person on a cellular level? And then right here, it’s that same color coding of the dark matter that you see right here.

This is a picture. If you look up dark matter, it’s this color right here at the end, I believe, right? It’s. It’s that same color coding that’s all over the place. And here’s the CERN website, the newest video showing how the particle collider is connecting to people’s bodies in this imagery. I’ll play this clip real quick. You could see there’s CERN connecting all the way to somebody, right? They’re doing some crazy stuff.

There’s a person right there. They be doing some stuff that we don’t even know about, you know, on the surface level, they tell us what they’re doing, but what are they really doing? You know, like, this is some crazy scientific stuff happened, right? There’s a person right there in the machine. The CERN particle collider is going into the person through a laser beam. CeRN celebrating that 70 years.

And they’re doing this event tomorrow on Aleister Crowley Day. They started to activate CERN when Alistair Crowley was summoning. I was. Now we just crashed through. Another thousand people were past 2000 people. I’m going to remind everybody to smash that, like, button, please and thank you and share this video out, get it out into the AI algorithm, because we are heavily shadowed over here on the channel. Shadowed, demonetized.

All this because of the social credit scoring system, because of the activity I did in 2019, exposing stuff, what was going on. Yeah. So here’s CERN in stranger things. It’s that same color coding and it’s all connected to the three, two, two. And here’s the old CERN logo back in, like, the seventies or something, right? Because people are coming out saying the CERN logo has changed via the Mandela effect.

And I thought this was an interesting paper right here showing the old CERN logo. Now, this is probably some sacred geometry. You got all the 666s in it, but the way that they be laying out stuff on certain ley lines and dragon lines and the Templars called the salt lines, I mean, everything’s important where things are located. So there’s so much more going on that you’re not taught at school or on the news.

So the Home Depot, that was the Mandela effect that changed. It’s not Home Depot, it’s the Home Depot. And now this time, I guess, CeRN’s logo is changing. I feel like it’s the same, but who knows? Now there’s 51 five one, the Illuminati number. That’s the day the Illuminati was founded on. Five one. After shocks reported since April 5 earthquake in New Jersey and all the strange weather and earthquakes in rain, New Jersey even got its own hard on Collider.

So there’s something up with these earthquakes, all this crazy rain. And I believe it’s connected to CERN, the three body problem about CERN that was just released before CERN was activated. Here’s the world coin for crypto. It’s the CERN right here. It’s like the laid out the exact same way. That’s what I’m talking about, about the sacred geometry and stuff going on. Like, I’m not sure what’s going on.

But I look at symbols and it’s like the same thing with a little eyeball and all that. I looked into Sam Altman’s orb and all I got was this lousy crypto tools for her humanity orb. 32. Yes. That 32 is very important right here. That’s OJ’s number. We can keep on going. We’re going to talk about it. I mean, there could be some ritual going down. I believe I was the first channel to talk about the Higgs boson sacrifice ritual with Peter Higgs dying when they activated CERN on April 8.

Right here. Absolutely nuts. And here’s the lay line that it’s on. Got 666 in there. This is maybe, you know, autumn, people that know these numbers. Maybe if Tommy Truffle is in the comments. What, what is this number? If you know what this number is, please put in the comment section right now, because that’s the lay line that CERN is on. Absolutely concerning. Absolutely concerning. So let’s get into OJ Simpson, the juice man, since we just showed you that 32.

He was number 32. Here is the Royal arch for the summer solstice. All the ancient buildings of the past, the. They laid the, the keystone towards the, the east for the end. Summer solstice. The summer solstice is absolutely important. And that’s why there’s the keystone. It’s like holding everything together. And you got OJ Simpson dying from cancer. You got him dying at 76. And coincidentally, 76. He did 76 total touchdowns in his career.

Number 32. But seven six is cancer. That’s George Bush’s birthday. Go shoddy. It’s your birthday. It’s also $0. 50 birthday. Go shoddy. It’s your birthday. And it’s also the day the Georgia guidestones collapsed on seven six. And this is a very important day. Seven six to the founding of the country as well of America. Seven six and all that. So we gonna get into all that as well.

But the Georgia guide stones, that’s when they collapsed. And I was around the same time I. CERn was activated. I think CERN was activated the day before the collapse. And right here, you know, here’s 50 cent. He’s got that birthday. That’s why I’ve been looking into money and Kennedy and whatnot. But here’s that six nine. You got both of the royals, the queens, the old one and the young one dying at six nine and 96.

Tony Bennett just died at 96. And here’s leave the world behind. They’re showing you how important, like, why would she have a 96 on there? Oh, maybe. People say, oh, she born in 96. Maybe that’s why. Okay, if you want to believe that, go ahead. But this goes back to the crown, right? Here’s the crab, cancer crab. I mean, this go back way, way far back. I mean, you could go back to Mitra.

They showing all this stuff. So all these royals begin into cancer because it’s symbolic to the summer solstice. Even the White House is doing the cancer moonshot. And, you know, there’s something up with the moon. And Selena. Here’s the VR goggles, right? This was popping the moon shot. It’s all connected somehow, and we gonna figure it out. We’re investigating this. We’re gonna figure this out. And here’s that six nine right here.

Cat Williams. So here’s the keystone at the top of the Royal arch. The keystone. That’s why you have a Keystone state, right? Francis Scott, key bridge collapse. And now there’s stuff going on at the Golden Gate. So the keystone is at the top of the Royal arch. That’s what I was showing here with gangsta boo passing away with her album. Six nine, right here. Six nine. And Miley Cyrus performing underneath the arch as well.

Very, very symbolic. Biden just did a visit to Pennsylvania, the Keystone state that he’s from where there was a Scranton army ammunition plant that caught on fire yesterday or a day before. It’s kind of weird, right? Fire breaks out at us ammunition factory, and then now Biden’s over there, and he’s from the Keystone state. So think about how important Biden is to the masonic symbolism of the country being from the Keystone state and the 47th problem.

The 47th president. I mean, oh, my goodness, this is huge. This is huge connections here that we are connecting right now. And, I mean, if we go back to ancient days, to the pirates of the Caribbean, you got Mithra. And Mithra even shows this royal arch with all the different astrological signs in it. So this is ancient rituals. And I’ve been connecting all these rituals going on with John Cena to Mithra as well.

So here’s OJ, the juice man. Number 32, Beyonce just won her 32 Grammys. Making history at the awards. She got the most grammys ever. The Bay flamette. And her husband is Jay Z. Right? He’s probably gonna get in trouble with the whole diddy stuff, but he did the story of OJ, you know what I mean? Here’s the Las Vegas event, the 32nd floor. I’m always showing this because I’m from Vegas, from the 702.

So I think there is a connection there with all this stuff, all the bridge stuff going on. Absolutely crazy. Now, when the UFC was happening, Israel got a text, not text alert, but this popped up on israeli tv. This was during the whole Iran stuff that was crack, crack lacking over there. And this message alert is a. Brings trauma to people. Especially if you live in the Middle east.

If you live in the Middle east, you hear this noise or this, it will be a trauma response that you got to go hide in the bunkers because missiles be fallen. Now they are activating this same trauma response to the west as well. It’s in all the films and all the movies. And even Biden sending out his presidential text alert at 218. That noise, that frequency is going to scare everybody.

Right? It’s in all the films. Leave the world behind. They show that emergency alert. They always showing that. Even the movie cell, that that noise is a triggered trauma response for people to freak out. And I think there’s something up with that. And I thought that was an interesting slide because we wouldn’t have seen that in America. But in the films. I’ll get back to these music videos here in a moment.

But in the films, like this new one coming out, goodbye Earth, coming out on the 26th, it starts off with that. It shows you. This is the programming of people getting scared. Right? She checking her phone. Because let’s be honest, we live on our phones. We look at our phones. At least I do. I’m always staring at my damn phone. And I gotta stop staring at the phone, but everyone staring out the phone.

Then the alert comes and it freaks everyone out. And then there said, it’s the end times. It’s the end times. And all I see is dollar signs. It’s doughnut. So I’m gonna check that out. It’s probably gonna be a good film because it’s a south korean film and South Koreans make the best films. You got fallout right now kind of got the same thing. The end times. The chick is a number 33.

She’s involved 33. And she’s the blue and yellow, and that’s the masonic colors. So I mean, that’s crazy. Uh, so the symbolisms everywhere. And it just goes. It goes deep, that symbolism. We even got these music videos that I’ve been looking into, like in jiggy with it. Right? Because this is the Luxor hotel on the 36 ley line that Tupac was. Was staying at before he got assassinated.

This is on the 36 ley line. You know, these tragic events that go down there. And Will Smith recently, he is trending. Tupac’s trending. Diddy’s trending. I mean, that we going back to when I was in elementary school, all the music that was trending back then. But check this out. You got this guy getting taken by the mib, and then he pulls out the optogenetic, the mind control everybody.

It flashes the audience to erase their memory, and then he plants the new memory into their heads, which is dance in your darkest moments. Who knows what this is about? Is it about, yo, there’s gonna be this pitch black, grid down event coming? Because that’s what all these big shows are telling us. That’s what these commercials are showing us. And it’s all. I mean, it’s crazy with the NC double a got the key, and it’s got the whole town going pitch black.

Now, this technology is real. We think that this is just like, oh, funny, funny movie, but no, this is real. It’s called optogenetics. They’re able to flash a light through an led light and alter your memories. Change your memories and erase your memories. What do you think is happening at these Taylor Swift concerts where people are forgetting their memories? It’s a part of Project artichoke. And here is Justin Timberlake’s newest video, just, you know, some satanic stuff.

You know, people dancing drenched in blood with Satan in the background with the wings and everyone making how this is monetizable. I’m not monetizable. I’m actually dangerous. This content and sick imagery and all this. This is absolutely monetizable. I’m not monetizable because this is safe. And what we do here is dangerous. So if you want to support this dangerous content, please go to the Patreon right here. Oop.

That’s not Patreon. This is Patreon. And all you got to do is click this. Join 499. Cheaper than a bag of skittles. Access all these videos. If you like that new video we did with Charles, a lot of people didn’t like it, you know, but shout out to Charles. You could get early access to that. You get early access to donut. Live audience appearance on Sam Tripoli. You get wicked smart.

Get wicked smile with us. Get the dude video. This one was crazy. This one shows you about the men of the year, nephilim clowns. You’re gonna love that one when that one comes out. But we. What I’m doing is I’m highly editing these wicked smart people like Charles and creating dope videos and putting it out there for all y’all so if you do like, these videos and the editing and all that, go over to the Patreon, just click here, join you type in your information.

You fill it out when you click here, and then that will give you access to all these videos. I just did a live stream a couple days ago going over this information you’re hearing now. And we went even more deep and had a podcast on top of that with an astrologer because we’re coming up on some crazy astrological alignments now. Appreciate everybody. Let me look at the comments.

Hello, true world. What up, true world? It’s my birthday. Happy birthday to me. What up, Amsterdam? Han. World up in Amsterdam. I’m subscribed to you, Han. Good to see you. Fermalab is 40 miles west of Chicago. Yeah, Fermalab also was like, ran by Robert Wilson. And I wonder if that’s where Robert Anton Wilson got his name. So these are kind of the old comments from, from the back.

It would take forever to read all them. Let me go to some of the new ones. Yeah. Crowley’s moon child donut. This technology is used in. Yes. In treatment. Yes, it is. That’s. That’s what they be saying. Skizzle. Yep. But I mean, that’s what they’re saying on the surface level. Who knows what they really up to. Cern picking up where Jack Parsons left off. And Jack Parson is the founder of modern day rocketry.

And he was doing the Babylon workings and doing sex magic with L. Ron Hubbard. Yes. Yes. They were doing sex magic and summoning the scarlet woman. Absolutely crazy. Yes. Kim did smash through the smash. Do the smash. We got thousands of people in here. We got over 2000 people up in here. I wonder if we got 3000 people. Let me go check the rumble. How many people are up on the rumble? Maybe we got 3000 up in here.

I don’t know, but yeah. Please give smash. Please. The smash. Give it. Giveth the smash. Yeah, we got 300 people up on the rumble watching and giveth the smash, please. Thank you. So we almost got like 3000 people up on here. I wonder how many people up on Twitter, because it doesn’t tell me. Um. So smash and share. Share it up. Thank you. Thank you. Oh, blue, 666.

Jupiter is blue on the tree of life. Has to be a birthday if Jared Kushner has a birthday like that. Jupiter is opposite. Well, that blue frequency is a 666 frequency. And something I noticed on the man of the year issue of GQ with Kim Kardashian’s connection to OJ and whatnot. Is I found a six six, but it wasn’t a 666. So check this out. This is crazy.

And I bet you there is a 666 in here. I just haven’t found it yet. But if you look right here, the clock, it says six right here on the calendar. The clock is at six, so it’s six six. Where’s the other six six? Like, is it the tie? Is that the six? I don’t know, but that’s something I found. I thought that was good, because then leave the world behind.

They show you the 666 as well. So I thought that was a good. Thank you for sharing that. April is always rainy. Smash the like button and shout out to my homie, Alex Stein, as well. I just was on his show right here. Look, they made that dope thing. That’s me doing my handsome pose. Somebody said, that’s a freemasonic pose. And I was not doing no freemate. I’m not Freemason, so that’s not what I was doing.

I don’t know what to do with my hands. I’m awkward. What am I supposed to do, you know? I mean, but shout out to Alex Stein. He had me on, and if you don’t know me and Alex’s history, I went on his show when he had the conspiracy castle, before he got. Before he blew up and became the pimp on the blimp that he is today, making huge changes in the world.

It’s the absolutely most funniest show in the world right now. It’s like. It’s like Howard Stern. When Howard Stern didn’t go to the evil side, well, I guess he was always on the evil side. But in the element of comedy and free speech, I mean, it’s hilarious. You’ll crack your ass off watching his show. So thank you for having me on and shout out to all the chat rats that have joined this channel.

Really appreciate it, but if you go to my rumble. I did a sit down interview with him before he had that show, and that was very fun. I even Alex. We did a. He did a comedy show. He allowed me to be on the comedy show, and the comedy show yelled at him and said he’s not welcome back there and that we needed to leave. And then he came into town to Arizona.

I’m in Arizona, and he invited me because he did went to turning point, and I went to go film him, and I got kicked out of turning point for being a security threat. It was back when I had a man bun. I don’t know why, but that was kind of a funny behind the scenes story. I was kicked out of turning point for being a security threat because I be do.

I do be bringing that dangerous content. I bring that dangerous content. I’m harmful. Oh, Tommy Truffle. Calling me Tommy Truffle. Call me right now. Yo, I’m live. I’m live streaming right now. I’m live streaming about CeRn. Can I put you. Put you on speaker? Okay. Yo, we got Tommy truthful here with us. What up, Tommy? What’s up, donut? What’s up with all donuts audience out there? Smash that, like, button.

Smash that, like, button. Smash that, like, button. Thank you, Tommy. What are you up to? You know, uh, just looking at the news, man. Seems like everything’s going crazy right now. You seen all this stuff going on, all the weather, bro, and it. It’s right after CERN. Right. You know what I mean? Right. Continue. CERN goes back online, and then the body floods. All these kids die on this bus, which I talked to you a little bit about that.

That name is very similar to that new movie that came out. The omen. Yeah. Yes. And that was on April 15, right before, you know, we’re coming up to the 13 days of preparation. So, dude, I just believe they’re messing with stuff with CERN that is causing all this stuff to happen. What are your thoughts on that? Absolutely, bro. That’s what I was talking about. So I’m happy that you brought that up.

I was showing everybody that Dubai turned green when CERN is activated. Yesterday was the last day that CERN was activated. Dubai turned green just like the last time it turned green in Sioux Falls. So I wonder what’s going on in Dubai. If they got any kind of dark matter there. I don’t know. Do they got me. Do they got any particle accelerators over there? Probably in Dubai, right? I mean, they’re super rich.

Probably. Probably. They be ballin there’s so many fake videos going around. Like, there’s all these videos on TikTok showing tornadoes in Dubai. There was not no tornadoes in Dubai. Just to let all that. And it’s like a giant tornado full of fire, and it sounds like a damn. Um, T Rex is in the background, so, you know, they’re good to come out with all the fake stuff. And you talked about that before, how they flood the truth or community with fake stuff, right? Right.

Yeah. That is absolutely what be crack a lacking. Yep. Did you talk to the audience about your episode last night with the infamous Alex Stein, bro? Yeah, yeah. I just told them all to go subscribe to Alex’s channel. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And, um, I was proud of you, bro. Thank you. You did good on that show. And Alex is funny, too. I subscribe to him, bro. He’s hilarious, bro.

He is. Like, he is. He’s very talented. He’s hardworking, too. He, like, there’s a hard worker. So right now, we’re on the phone live with Tommy Truffle at the truth mafia. Here’s his website. You go over here, he’d be posting the doughnut stuff up here. Posting everybody. He posted the prime time. Well, Stein exposing satanic rituals with illuminati expert donut and. Yeah, yeah. Anything else? I’ll give you a call after the show.

No, that’s it, brother. I’m working on one right now about all this stuff that’s going on in Dubai. And, um. Yeah, just hit me up after the show because I got a members only one I was going to let you use to for fallout if you wanted to give it to your audience on page. Oh, yeah, please do. Please do. I appreciate that. All right, brother. All right, brother.

I’ll talk to you soon. Love you. Have a good one. Peace. That was Tommy Truffle. That’s the website right there, you know. Yeah, I should have asked him about cer nunos because that’s the God of Cern. Cernunnos. Dang it. Good one, Raphael. Just should have done that one, shouldn’t that one? But anyway, I do appreciate all y’all. I really appreciate it if you hit that, like, button and share this video out.

If you want to go above and beyond and support the donut factory, please go over to the Patreon today, this weekend. Access all the content. Get wicked smart with us if you guys. If I get enough people to join. Wicked smart. Wicked smart for dummies right here. Here in the collections, volumes one through three, I’ll release volume one, wicked smart for dummies. If I get enough people to subscribe today, I’ll release the Wicked smart for dummies publicly because I’m working on edition four right now that just started to enter the curriculum.

Wicked smart for dummies, volume four. Probably going to be on history or something like that. Probably the civil war and how. That was a cover up for a land grab. But yeah, this episode, wicked smart for dummies, the secret 322 order of the public schooling system. Lesson one. Lesson two, sex, school, and mind control. Because you know what? That mojo that Austin Powers talks about is one of the most powerful forces of biological life.

So we get into how the schooling system utilizes that to take away from the authority of the parents in the household and hand it actually over to the, to the government for you to become a docile creature. Yep. And the tyrannical curriculum. So get enough people to go subscribe to the Patreon link down below. I will release edition one. And we can also work on edition fo. Foul, foul, foul.

Y’all know saying, yeah, woo, woo. You know it’s donut. I love y’all much. Love and God bless. .

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