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By: Doenut Factory
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5G Danger
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Unraveling the Mysteries of Nautis and Nautilus – A Deep Dive into History and Symbolism by Tommy Truthful.

Welcome to another insightful blog on, where we delve into the fascinating connections and hidden meanings behind historical events and symbols. Today, we’re exploring the intriguing links between Nautis, the organization behind the 2024 Emmys, and the USS Nautilus, the first nuclear-powered submarine.

The Intriguing Anagram: Nautis and Saturn
Firstly, it’s captivating to note that ‘Nautis’ is an anagram for ‘Satun,’ closely resembling ‘Saturn,’ a planet often shrouded in mystery and symbolism. This cosmic connection is not only intriguing but also raises questions about the deeper meanings behind these names.

The Nautilus: A Pioneering Submarine
The USS Nautilus, commissioned by the U.S. Navy, was a groundbreaking project in maritime history. Under the leadership of Captain Hyman G. Rickover, this nuclear-powered submarine was a marvel of its time. Launched in 1954, it represented a significant leap in naval technology, able to stay submerged for extended periods, thanks to its innovative nuclear reactor.

Milestones of the Nautilus
Launch: President Harry S. Truman initiated its construction, and it was launched with a ceremonial champagne bottle broken by First Lady Mamie Eisenhower.
Design: Stretching 319 feet and displacing 3,180 tons, the Nautilus was larger than its predecessors.
Capabilities: Its atomic engine negated the need for air, enabling extended underwater travel at speeds over 20 knots.
– **Historical Journey**: In 1958, the Nautilus achieved the remarkable feat of traveling under the geographic North Pole.

Decommissioning and Symbolism
Interestingly, the Nautilus was decommissioned on March 3, 1980, a date that coincides with intriguing numerology. The number ’44’ in English ordinal gematria is associated with ‘kill’, adding a layer of mystery to the submarine’s history. This year marks the 44th anniversary of its decommissioning, a period highlighted for potential significant events.

The Period of High Alert: March 3 to May 1, 2024
According to numerological analysis, from March 3, 1980, to March 31, 2024, there are 16,100 days. #161 This number aligns with terms like ‘nuclear fallout’ and ‘asphyxiation’ in English ordinal gematria.

Nuclear Fallout Equals 161

Given the historical context and the advanced capabilities of modern weaponry, this period is seen as critical.

The connection to the ‘ICan’tBreathe’ slogan from the George Floyd event further emphasizes the theme of asphyxiation.

Asphyxiation Equals 161

Nuclear Explosion
Created by Tommy Truthful

A thermobaric weapon, also called an aerosol bomb, or a vacuum bomb, is a type of explosivemunitions that work by dispersing an aerosol cloud of gas, liquid or powdered explosive.

The March 2024 Focus

March 2024, falling in the astrological sign of Aries, the god of war, is particularly highlighted in this analysis.


(3/21/24 – 4/19/24)

13 Days Of Preparation

The association of ‘116’ with ‘nuclear war’ in gematria, and its connection to the month of March, adds to the anticipation of significant global events.


As we enter the period of March 21, marking the start of Aries, the Greek god of war, the time extends until April 19. This period is considered the beginning of the 13 days of preparation for the most significant Satanic sacrificial holiday of the year, involving the sacrifice of children to Baal. Historically, a series of false flag events have occurred on or around April 19th. Another notable date is May 1st, Walpurgisnacht, also known as May Day. It is a holiday celebrating the god Baal, often depicted with a bull’s head and associated with burnt offerings, traditionally involving human sacrifices. It is suggested, though not confirmed, that a significant and potentially deadly false flag attack could occur within this timeframe. Here is a short list of events that have transpired during the 13 Days of Preparation:

• Waco Massacre on April 19th, 1993
• Oklahoma City Bombing on April 19th, 1995
• Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill on April 20th, 2010

The Boston bombing occurred on the 16th, but Boston was put under martial law on April 19th during the search for the bomber. It’s important to remember that false flag events are primarily methods of social engineering, aimed at manipulating public perception and emotions.

Researchers like Michael Tsarion suggest that those who engineer false flag events believe in astrotheology. This ancient astrology acknowledges shifts in consciousness as related to the movement of the stars and planets.
Truth Mafia


➡ The speaker named Donut is sharing Illuminati-related news on his show and asking listeners to interact in the comment section.
➡ There is an ongoing discussion about global occult rituals, potential power outages in Texas, and Larry Fink of Blackrock buying up land and the potential digitalization of financial assets.
➡ Larry Fink speaks about marking every stock and bond with a unique code, which could help prevent illegal activities. This step would introduce digital assets into the economy.
➡ The show explores the concept of digitizing not only objects but also individuals – translating people’s consciousness into the digital world; this idea however remains open to debate.
➡ There’s a discussion about the potential advantages and drawbacks of implants – the evolution of handheld technology to a device implanted inside the body. Yet, there’s also a fear and doubt about average people getting access to this sort of top technology.
➡ The show ends with a debate on the reliability of digital currency during critical situations like war or system breakdowns and how this technology won’t necessarily reach the average person.
➡ The speaker believes that celebrities like Taylor Swift are used as symbols. The name ‘Swift’ is associated with a character and ideas.
➡ The conversation refers to the Emmy awards, with a hint of suspicion towards the event’s organizer, ‘Nautis,’ as it’s ‘Satan’ spelled backward.
➡ The person believes that symbols and dates have special meanings. For example, Justin Bieber entering the Metaverse on November 18, believed to be a ‘cursed’ day.
➡ In the text, there’s a theory suggesting that Adam Weisop, founder of the Illuminati, may have been used as a portrait model for George Washington, however, the speaker doubts this.
➡ The speaker mentions a book suggesting that the story of Frankenstein is an allegory for the Illuminati, possibly written by Percy Shelley, and not Mary Shelley.
➡ Robert Anton Wilson is attributed as a figure who kept the concept of the Illuminati alive in public consciousness, despite his work being considered more parodical or philosophical in nature.
➡ Silencers for firearms are very effective. They not only make the shot quiet but also increase accuracy and efficiency, resulting in less bullet wastage.
➡ There’s a comparison drawn between CBS involvement and the infamous Jim Jones case. It’s suggested that both situations were set up for filming and had news media involvement.
➡ Trouble is often encountered when discussing sensitive topics, possibly due to algorithms flagging certain keywords. This requires careful choice of words.
➡ A book by David Icke is highlighted, and another titled “The Secret Societies of all ages and countries” by Heckthorne, are recommended reads. The latter goes into details of secret societies worldwide.
➡ The speakers participate in discussions about secret societies and their influence, using various books as references. Also mentioned are Freemasonry, Anarchists, and Rosicrucianism among others.
➡ Finally, the speakers are working on a project about the Illuminati. Similar to earlier publications, this project will contain extensive and detailed research.
➡ We’re making a pamphlet about the Illuminati, based on many books we have. It’s detailed and full of information.➡ The pamphlet will be exciting and unique because it will be hosted by “Donut.” It’s sure to be a lot of fun.
➡ There are lots of cool items, like comic books and stickers, on Paranoid’s website and YouTube channel.
➡ Please check out the YouTube and Patreon account. There you will find interviews, including one with Richard Spence.
➡ We have had over 4.9 million downloads and hundreds of exciting interviews. We had a special end-of-year episode recently presented by Donut.
➡ Make sure to sign up for my Patreon. I have just made some special videos public, and there are exciting plans for future materials.
➡ The speaker discusses author Robert Anton Wilson’s book, “Prometheus Rising,” as providing insight into Wilson’s mind. It includes exercises for changing your perspective and can serve as a practical guide to his other works.➡ There’s personal criticism of Wilson’s philosophy as nihilistic, meaning it suggests life is meaningless. Despite Wilson’s influence over counterculture movements, his ideas were not fully accepted by the speaker.
➡”Prometheus Rising” sheds light on the psychological changes people underwent during counterculture movements. It offers various conspiracy theories, ranging from believable to outrageous.
➡ The speaker critiques the book for its nihilistic undertones despite its promotion of optimism. The book, having ties to Timothy Larry’s “tune in, drop out” philosophy, is recognized for influencing modern counterculture movements like hip-hop and discussions of the Illuminati.
➡ The speaker discusses secret societies and mystery schools as a means of maintaining and influencing culture. The speaker posits that these groups provide a structure that prevents society from devolving into disorder.
➡ There is speculation about a potential cyber incident in the future. Concerns are raised about secret societies pushing division and a possible population decrease, contributing to societal reset and changes in religion.
➡ The speaker thinks of Jesus as an evolving figure. This image is compared to a game where a small ball gets larger by rolling over things, symbolizing how tales and lessons from different people have added to the story of Jesus over time.
➡ The speaker explains how religions with many gods evolved into monotheistic faiths, where many ancestral gods are represented as one. The speaker posits that this unifying figure could be Jesus in their hypothetical situation.
➡ The conversation centers around Martin Luther King (MLK) Day. Both MLK and JFK, as allies, were killed in a perceived conspiracy theory referred to as “king kill ritual.”
➡ The speaker finds interesting symbolism in the place of MLK’s assassination, the Lorraine Motel. Lorraine is related to Templar symbolism, with the cross of Lorraine appearing in different logos and signs, such as TJ Maxx.
➡ The FBI’s role in assassination is discussed. The speaker refers to a letter the FBI allegedly sent to MLK, one that aimed to destroy his character and pressure him into suicide.
➡ The theme of intelligence agencies and secret societies meddling in political matters is explored. These organizations are accused of undermining groups by providing resources and then capturing them when they use those resources.
➡ The speaker believes media outlets overly report on certain controversial stories and hints at potential bias in media reporting.
➡ The speaker doubts that political polarization is decreasing in the United States, but rather thinks it is becoming stronger with people aligning more to specific parties.
➡ The speaker recognises the reality and history of secret societies and mentions the example of the Hellfire club and its links to historical events, including the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.
➡ The speaker shares their view that there seems to be an underlying pattern, linking certain assassination attempts to astrological alignments, including the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and John F. Kennedy.
➡ The discussion includes the concept of a ‘King Kill 33’ ritual, a theorized practice where leaders, representing the vitality of a society or movement, are killed when at their most potent to shift the energies and direction of the said society or movement.
➡ An example of the “King Kill 33” concept being reflected in popular culture is given with the transition from the rise and fall of The Beatles, and the subsequent rise of MTV, signifying a shift in pop culture dynamics from radio to television.
➡ The text discusses how movements can be created, but then lose control, requiring leaders to be ‘taken out’. Some argue whether this applies to Patcon and Cointelpro.
➡ They use an example of dealing with a hornet nest, suggesting that causing the hornets to attack each other would be more efficient and environmentally friendly than conventional extermination methods.
➡ They discuss that this method of causing chaos within a group, making them ‘attack’ each other, might be applied for more efficient control or elimination of opposition, even by government agencies.
➡ They mention J. Edgar Hoover, likely referring to his founding of Cointelpro, suggesting that creating infighting in opposition groups could be a strategy used by such organizations.
➡ The discussion turns to movies and TV shows, particularly ‘Succession’, ‘Lotus’, and films by Christopher Guest. They discuss the significance of symbols and hidden meanings in these productions.
➡ Finally, they discuss the movie ‘Teddy Bears’ Picnic’, written by Harry Shearer. They suggest this movie is a satirical response to Alex Jones supposedly uncovering clandestine activities at Bohemian Grove, an exclusive club known for reportedly hosting influential figures.
➡ The text talks about a conspiracy theory claiming that the creators of The Simpsons know about major events before they happen. This speculation is linked to Harry Shearer, a voice actor on the show, supposedly learning insider news at events called lakeside talks.

➡ The speculation was discussed on a show called the Donut Factory. The text also mentioned the Bohemian Club, an all-male society known for staging plays with traditional gender roles reversed.
➡ There are comments about a movie which the writer believes was never released in cinemas, but was instead made for a select group of people.
➡ People also talk about the availability of movies on streaming services and DVDs. They mention a film called Ghost Dog and its soundtrack, produced by the RZA from the Wu Tang Clan.
➡ There are recollections of personal encounters with celebrities such as Quentin Tarantino, the Two Live Crew, and Killer Priest, which include anecdotes about concerts and parties.
➡ The discussion ends with an exploration of secret societies like the Golden Dawn, Oto, Thalema, and Rosicrucianism, including a theory that the rap feud between ICP and Eminem reflects a battle between these groups. Manly P. Hall’s negative opinion on the Rosicrucian park in Silicon Valley is mentioned.
➡ Secret societies, such as Freemasons and Americans, often claim they don’t exist anymore, but they continue to survive.
➡ These societies tend to hide their secrets so well that over generations the teachings can get lost.
➡ Kid Cudi, a famous music artist, recently put up big statues of himself in America and Paris, causing lots of discussions.
➡ The musician gained fame with his song “Day and Night” that had possible elements related to knights templar.
➡ High profile people, like musicians and actors, often go through humiliation rituals. One example is dressing up as the opposite sex, which later boosts their popularity.
➡ There’s an observation that putting Black actors in dresses and feminine roles might be a way to make them appear less threatening to society. Over time, society’s perception is meant to evolve and accept changing gender roles and expressions.
➡ This person is discussing a book about the Illuminati, which they find very interesting and believe is the best one on the subject. They have posted a video about this book on Patreon.
➡ They discuss how an individual named Philo played a crucial role in the Illuminati, making the group more powerful with his connections in a group called the strict observance.
➡ The person explores the history of the Illuminati and how it had a couple of different names before it became known as Illuminati. The group had ties to ideas around Knights Templar.
➡ They express an opinion that the Bohemian Club, a private social club in San Francisco may have connections with the Illuminati.
➡ The text also makes references to extreme rituals, including a peculiar story involving a secret garden party, decapitation, and hallucinogenic experiences.
➡ The person discusses a publishing company named Trineday that publishes non-mainstream topics and authors who would not be accepted elsewhere. They had interviewed a person connected to the publishing company and expressed interest in a book titled “The Perfectabolists”.
➡ Someone is looking for Von Niger but hasn’t found him yet. They mention Giuseppe Illuminati cell in Naples, possibly known to Rothschilds. Apparently, there’s a photo of Jacob Rothschild with MLK recently found.
➡ Some theories suggest Adam Weissop and George Washington might be the same person, possibly started by Robert Anton Wilson. However, this could be just historical fiction or intentional misinfo to increase interest.
➡ There’s a photo rumored to be Jacob Rothschild, but some question if it might be a different man with the same name.
➡ John Todd claimed to be from top tiers of the Illuminati and of a powerful bloodline. However, he continues to be viewed as a con man who leveraged both the occult and Christians for personal gain.
➡ Todd allegedly said occult ceremonies were conducted over records distributed by MTV and record labels. His authenticity is disputed, with critics pointing out how he changed the way he pronounced “Illuminati” after being corrected.
➡ A book titled “The Power of The Illuminati,” explaining conspiracies from the mid 70s, discusses different powerful families and institutions. One individual called Tod is reported to have falsely claimed his mother was a famous witch.


Yo, what up? It’s donut and you tuning into all yo Illuminati news. Make sure you smash that like button, please. And thank you. And put a one in the comment to make sure you can hear us. Okay, we got a big show for you today. Occult rituals happening worldwide. I guess it’s freezing over in Texas. I got this from a friend of mine. She sent me this. And they’re talking about rolling blackouts.

I don’t know too much on it. So if you’re in the comment section, you know about this, please let us know because there’s a lot of crazy stuff going on. But this podcast is going to be excellent because my family thinks I’m crazy. Mark steves over here and paranoid. Woop. Got both of them links down below. You got to go subscribe over to them and let’s get right into it in the news right now, Larry Fink, he’s the Blackrock man right here.

Larry Fink, CEO of Blackrock. Buying up all them lands or whatever, says something about the tokenization of everything. Pretty much something that I’ve been talking about for a long time. I’m going to play that clip real quick. We believe the next step going forward will be the tokenization of financial assets. And that means every stock, every bond will have its own, basically, QCIP. It’ll be on one general ledger.

Every investor, you and I will have our own number, our own identification. We could rid ourselves of all issues around illicit activities, around bonds and stocks. They’re introducing the digital asset to the economy. This goes into the digitization of everything. What I called in my donut illuminati book that I put out, I said, they digitize in everything, and they’re going to also digitize everybody’s souls, where it’s like you’re uploading their consciousness into the digital world.

When the world was locked down, for example, Nancy Pelosi’s first HR bill was the digital currency. So when everyone was locked down, the first thing that she pushed was this HR bill for the digital currency. And we had the coin shortage and all that, and all the fear around touching quarters and coins. This is all leading up to the CBDC. And to get the debt clock, we got that huge debt clock.

It was from 27 trillion to now $34 trillion debt clock to reset that. The great reset, to reset that needs war and a CBDC. So that is what’s incoming at this meeting, most likely at Davos right now. Davos is happening right now. I just got to say, I think the digitization could be dope, man. And I don’t even know. I understand the problems with it. Right? But devil’s advocate, I think that there’s a lot of convenience that goes with it.

And I’m not convinced that we could upload our souls into anything. I want to say convinced, but it makes more sense to me that the soul binds to whatever it’s going to be in moment of conception or maybe before that or something. But once it happens, once that quantum entanglement happens, it’s kind of set for life. So I’m not sure me here that’s already been on this planet and lived my experience, can just sit in a chair somewhere.

They can model me, and they can scan my brain, but they can do that anyways. Like, just every text message you send, the way you walk, the things you eat, the things you do. If they can just capture all that, they can make a simulation close enough to you to do everything that they would need to figure out how you would react and put you in another simulation.

But I think that the soul aspect could be that if once they create a vessel that’s attractive enough to a soul. So, like, right now, let’s say you believe in reincarnation, right? And you die and you turn back into a soul, or however it works, you switch it back in and you check another one back out. I think it’s almost like a library, but then you get to bind to that thing.

But what if one of the options now is, like, an Android body? When you go up to wherever you go to recycle your soul, and they’re like, all right, you can go back into one of these flesh suits, or it looks like those dudes on earth have got this new thing where it’s just a robot thing, or it’s like an implant. You can just jump into one of these implants now.

And I think that’s where the soul and the technology might’ll. It won’t be something that you can actively participate in. It’ll be like, an option that happens outside of this world. Right. The psyche, for example, when Carl Jung spoke about that, it was the soul. So that’s what he meant when he said psyche. So it could just be our mind. Maybe not your actual soul being digitized, but everybody getting into the neural links and whatever, the cell phone and the transhumanism right there, digitizing people that way seems to be a way to kind of connect those two dots.

Maybe not your actual soul, but maybe your mind. I’m almost pro implant, too, man. I know that might be a hot take, but I feel like all this is doing, in my opinion, is like your phone, right? Right now, your phone, when I grow up, the phone was connected to the wall. That was where it was at, and you had to go and unhook it from the wall, and you couldn’t walk too far, and then you got the cordless, and now it’s like your phone’s anywhere you want it to be, in the house, and then it turned into your phones in your pocket.

So one of the things I had mentioned before is, tell me at what point this is transhumanism. If the phone’s connected to my shoulder, is it transhumanism yet? Or how about if it’s connected to my forehead? Or what if I just slide it down? So now it’s just in front of my eyes? And at that point, this is like the AR goggles, right? And if you can just say, okay, well, all I’m doing is just putting my phone on my eyes.

Well, then you just say, okay, well, now let’s imagine that it’s like a contact lens instead of glasses. So now it’s inside your eye. So once you’ve got the computer as a contact lens inside your eye, how much different is it to then just start moving it closer and closer to the brain? Well, absolutely paranoid. All these guys right here, they are connected to that technology that you’re speaking of, just like Chat GPT was released right after the lockdowns.

Well, they were utilizing Chat GPT during it as well, but we got it afterwards. All these top wealthy men are already connected, and they are more advanced, in a sense, because of that. Now, the technology they’re going to give us with those neuralinks and implants, is it going to be the same as the technology that they have right now as the wealth of the world’s five richest men more than doubled since 2020? I wrote about this in the donut Illuminati book right here.

We’re going to go over a lot of different illuminati information and Illuminati books, but what’s your thoughts on that? Are we going to get that top technology, or is that going to be for billionaire class, trillionaire class only? Does that make any sense? I’ll leave it open for Mark. I don’t want to hog this. Oh, okay. Yeah, well, yeah, I don’t want to turn this into a debate where I’m the Kaczynski and Thomas is the Bezos over know, but I definitely think that him and I see things a little differently.

I wonder how good digital currency is during EMP or some sort of system breakdown. In that sense, can you really rely on anything digital? No. We still do live in a world where countries are warring against each other. So if we all are on digital currency and another nation, let’s say China or North Korea or whoever, Russia even, they decide to hit an know along the east coast or the west coast, all the stores, all the gas stations, all of the common daily infrastructural places you go to, they’re not going to work.

Your credit card is not going to work. Your phone is not going to work. Your handship reader is not going to work. So that’s paranoid. Of course, I’m not someone who thinks the world’s going to end, but that is an advantage of having a decentralized currency or physical currency rather than decentralized. But cash in that sense is not impenetrable either. But yeah. As far as are the average public going to get this technology? No.

Are you crazy? Donut? No, never. They’ve never given this stuff to the common people. It’s just how it works. And I want to remind everybody we just crashing through over a thousand people up here watching live. So make sure to smash that like button. We’re streaming on multiple platforms, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. So make sure to smash the like button. I’m going to remind everybody. It gets us into the.

Well, you know, it’s, it’s definitely on the agenda for sure. All this stuff. And the swift system plays a big role in it. That’s why I think that they use people like Taylor Swift just to get this idea into the psyche. Right. So the world, the way I see it being ran is through symbols, etymology. So the word swift, Taylor Swift, it’s all the same. So there’s a lot going on right now in the news.

The Emmys are happening right now, put on by Nautis, N-A-T-A-S which is Satan backwards. So we’re going to keep everybody updated with who’s going to be winning these Emmy awards. I don’t even recognize half of those names. Yeah. Well, let’s see what is winning because let me see, let me refresh it to see who winning. The last of us zombies. So this was last year’s, right? Yeah, but it’s happening tonight.

So the bear one, I’ve never watched it, but I could pull up the slide where he has a tattoo that says three, two, two occultly. I’ll bring that up here in a moment. I’ve seen succession and the bear. Those are really good, actually. I think both of them are really good. Oh, the bear is a good show. I liked it. It’s about a guy that runs a restaurant and all the problems that go on with running a restaurant with family and friends.

So I think it’s fairly relatable, although it’s also one of those shows where everything has to be over the top. So of course, he’s like a Michelin star chef that’s also down on his luck, like running from the bottom up. But I like it. I think it’s a good one. Tattoo. It doesn’t say three two two, but it’s a cult in a sense, because it says seven seven, but it looks like three two two still, even though it says seven seven three, but it looks like three two two right there.

That’s the only thing I know about that tv show. But is this succession about the Murdoch family? Pretty much more or less. Oh, that show go hard. That’s a dope show. That should win for sure. I really like that show. Yeah. What do you know about the symbol of the Emmys? Isn’t it an ancient egyptian goddess or God? Lasso. There’s a three two two connection to Ted Lasso as well in the show.

Ted Lasso. The day that they’re cursed is November 18, the three two two day of the year, and the day the Illuminati founder Adam Weishhop passed away. It’s also a day that a lot of celebrities like to go into the Metaverse. That’s when Justin Bieber went into the metaverse as well. What did Justin Bieber do with the Metaverse? I’m out of the loop on this. No, he just went into the Metaverse on November 18, the three two two day of the year, full of symbology.

He was on this black rock as we started off this presentation with Larry Fink, the CEO of Blackrock, and he has the owl tattoo, the Super Bowls approaching, the superb owl, and him doing this hand gesture, the Illuminati eye hand gesture, and then his eyeball got all out of whack as well. So it just seems like a lot of symbolism to dates in my research. And then here we got who’s who, right? Which one’s the president? I.

Right. Can you explain that for everybody? Well, that there’s a theory that Adam Weisop on the left, who’s the founder of the Illuminati, looks similar enough that it might have been used as George Washington’s portrait. I personally, I don’t know about this one. I think George Washington would be throwing some fists right now if someone dropped this on him because he was pretty outspoken about not being a fan of the Illuminati and that he didn’t think that they had a stronghold anywhere in the United States, at least not one big enough for him to care about.

Although he probably didn’t realize the skull and bones and the whole american academia was basically going to be what the Bavarian Illuminati was. Sure. Now I got this picture of Adam Weishhop, and he looks like an Eyeball. Look how big his eyes are in this image. Or even this look. It doesn’t look human. It doesn’t look natural. Have you ever met how. That’s how people from Germany and Prussia look.

That’s how they look. They have big eyes. Are you serious? I’ve never seen anybody. He looks nothing like George Washington. I was thinking that when you had both of them side by side, I’m like, look at Adam Weiss off his huge german eyes. I could just see him saying, weiner schneits. He’s completely. That. Anybody in Europe knows what I’m talking about. There’s definitely big eye germans, specific facial features for specific parts of different countries and ethnicities.

Not something I claim to be an expert in. Right. Yeah, I got to go out there and see, because I’m just in America, so I’ve never seen anybody. A lot of those people in the Swiss Alps region, they have those big eyes like that. Have either of you been to Bavaria before? Like, modern day English? That. No. I wish. I want to go out there. I just watch YouTube videos.

I can’t travel. I’m just so curious if you went out there, if they’re sick of people bringing it up, or if it’s rare for people to bring it up and they’re just there to eat Danishes and crap, or if they’re. Yeah, here’s where he was born and here’s where he went. Or if it’s just like some weird little niche thing. Yeah, I wonder if you go there. That’s the question everyone asks.

Because if I went there, that’s what I would want to know. That’s the reason I’m going there. There’s, like, zero reason for me to go to English that. Right. I want to learn about Frankenstein and its allegory of the Illuminati. So let’s get into some. I got more slides, but on that topic of Bavaria, I got this book about Percy Shelley writing Frankenstein and not Mary Shelley, and that the whole story of Frankenstein is an allegory for the Illuminati, the story of the Adam Weishhop’s creation.

As Percy Shelley wrote anonymous books. He was an anonymous writer. And the Prometheus book, Frankenstein, was an anonymous book. So there’s all this connection to Percy being the author of this book, but it’s about the Illuminati. So I wanted to get into a lot of Illuminati literature that people can read. And I know paranoid american. He’s got a big collection. I got also a collection of some Illuminati stuff.

My books are obviously, these are not records. These are books behind me. They’re just spilling off the wall. I could barely keep them against the wall. I’m going to need to start gluing them to the wall. But anyways, I just went home. Well, where I used to live, and I got a couple more boxes of books and I got all my Robert Anton Wilson books. I have, like six of them, right? Robert Anton Wilson.

Are we going to be talking about illuminatis or Illuminati? I would argue that Robert Anton Wilson is not Illuminati, not part of the Illuminati, but he’s responsible for keeping it in the public psyche for longer than normal. Or at least he elevated it to, like, a new spot with his Illuminati trilogy, I’d argue, right. He was in something, but I don’t know if it was the Illuminati. I know he was a discordian.

Definitely had information about secret societies that most would need to be in a secret society to get. But. Yeah, I don’t know. I feel like Robert Anton Wilson was more of a parody of all these ideas. Sure. He was including these ideas in a serious way. He obviously took this information very seriously. But you can’t read his material and walk away from it with any sort of actual understanding of anything tangible.

It’s more like reading philosophy or like a fiction novel that borders on, like, what’s his name. Anyways, Thomas saved me. I was thinking of another author, but you know Wilson really well, what do you. I. Am I off with my understanding of Wilson? I mean, I still think that he’s responsible because he could have latched on to anything, right. Let’s say that he wrote about the moose Lodge or something, the Elk club.

Then I feel like if he had only written about the Elk club instead of the Illuminati, then there would be far less people talking about hip hop Illuminati and all the other versions of Illuminati today. Yeah. But his theories weren’t theories in the sense of your average conspiracy nonfiction person. His books are fiction. There’s nothing actual about what he’s saying about the Illuminatis other than the fact that he’s being inspired by the real world to create this fictional sort of stuff.

He’s giving actual thoughts and philosophy within his fiction that do have a place in nonfiction, so to speak. But if you look something that’s going to tell you encyclopedically what the Illuminati is, that’s not the place to go, in my opinion. Right. I think that his is more of like a lord of the Rings ish. You might be able to derive some history from Tolkien, but you’d probably be better off with a history book.

Although Lord of the Rings, it stands on its own and it has its own merit, kind of like Illuminatis. If you want to get insight into the psyche of Robert Anton Wilson, I think Prometheus Rising is probably your closest gateway into that one, because that one is this series of kind of, like, mental tricks that you play on yourself to just change your perspective. And that’s why I didn’t read, to be honest, I didn’t read much of his fiction after reading Prometheus rising because it was like a practical guide to what his fiction books were.

So, like, reading his fiction books, you might have undergone that process through reading it, but with Prometheus rising, he basically spells it out for you, like, hey, skip the long work. Here’s the shortcut. And I like that. But I was also kind of like, and this is just speaking from my personal experience, I’m not telling people what to think about Robert Anton Wilson, but I personally felt like his philosophy was very nihilistic without recognizing it.

And maybe it was insidiously nihilistic, but there’s this sense of, like, nothing matters, tune out, drop out kind of attitude that I think is passe now, obviously, but I don’t know. It’s part of what kind of turned me away from Robert Anton Wilson. But I’m a little bit younger than both of you, so maybe it’s just not in my zeitgeist, so to speak. It’s more of, like, the counterculture references that he is enmeshed in.

So a lot of that went over my head. Right. But I think if people want to really understand what happened to people in counterculture, like, read Prometheus Rising, because in many ways, people were undergoing this process of psychological transformation on a mass level and then on a personal level with material like this, the whole self transformation section of the bookstore and so on and so forth. Yeah, I’m a big fan of his work because it’s so ecleptic.

I think the word is so. There’s so many different conspiracies all over the place, and it seems like it’s a joke. But the more you look into each topic that he talks about, the more you’re like, dang, he’s talking about some true stuff. But also what Mark was saying as well with the nihilistic element, even though he really did push optimism, saying that being optimistic, you live longer in his interviews.

But this book, Prometheus Rising, I did a big breakdown on it, put together a video called robot programming. You could check that out over on the rumble. But it is based off of Timothy Larry, who you were talking about, is tune in and drop out. I mean, Robert Anton Wilson, he was homies with Aleister Crowley. So all these speakings and the elusian mystery cults of the goddess worship, he was definitely pushing in the sex magic rituals in the books that he was writing about.

But as my friend Ani said to me, he was, yo, these are like keys to. They’re like, know, you read them, and then there’s a lot of truth in them. And I think what happening in this book, Prometheus rising, it lays out exactly what you just said, mark, of the psychological transmutation of a culture, of the hippies and the moving on to this new culture, bringing us the counterculture of even hip hop and people speaking of the Illuminati today, but that same thing that they’re talking about here, that transmuted that culture, is happening now with the alien agenda.

So the way that they talk about imprinting and brainwashing, the way that you change the imprinting of a society is through the hallucinogenic drugs and the rituals, so you can have a new psychology of something to come, which, in my opinion, is the alien religion that is being created. I’m with you up until the last part, because I do think that that whole process is essential for changing the minds and creating actual cultures.

I think without the elusinian mysteries, we wouldn’t have any part of western culture as we know it, for better or worse. Right, but I think it’s for the better. But I also think that there’s some of those things that can only be taught to certain people, because if you imagine it, it was the one equalizer. And this is why even the skull and bones, they’ve got the painting with the skulls, and it basically says, like, which one’s the king and which one’s the popper? And it basically is saying that everyone’s equal in death and that it matters what you do in your life.

And I think that whole premise was amplified in elusinian mysteries where you’d be shoulder to shoulder and you might be like a peasant and you look to your right and there’s Alexander or something, there’s a major guy that’s all going through the same process. And if everyone’s just done the kaikion for the very first time and you’ve never experienced a different sort of perspective like that, then you’re going to be bonding with people way outside your class system.

And just that experience alone would never happen in any other form of society. Maybe if you go to church or something, but even then they got like the good seats, you know what I mean? And when you go to these elusinian mysteries, that removes everything. Well, so the part that you don’t agree, you agree with everything but the alien religion. I don’t know if it’s alien. Maybe this is just the dirty mason in me, right.

But I really do think that secret mystery schools and masonry and whatever you want to fill in the blank with, they’re responsible for maintaining culture and preventing just like absolute deterioration back into. If I can beat you over the head with a bigger stick, then I get all your stuff. And I really do think that without some of, I guess, the architecture and the foundation that some of these mystery cults sort of implement at all levels of society, without those, we kind of revert back into a really weird animalistic phase.

And I think that the ancients and maybe even the elites know part of this and they can use that either for them or against us or vice versa. But I really think that’s what it like, we’re constantly trying to stay above water and it will be so easy to fall. Like Mark was saying, let’s say an emp goes off and then all of a sudden people just stop learning stuff.

And then let’s say you stop being able to understand languages. Imagine how humanity would be now without the Rosetta stone, right? Like this one thing that was found recently. How do you explain cultures that haven’t had freemasonry? That’s what I’m saying. Fill in the blank, though, because you pick any culture that you want. I have a strong feeling that they all have some sort of like a mystery class or a shaman class.

The shamans, in my opinion, would kind of be like the grassroots version of an illuminati. Right. Like the village let the scope version of the Illuminati. Because those shamans have access to knowledge that other people don’t. And in some cases, it’s almost like fought over. And if you look at alchemists, that they would change the names of the ingredients that they were working with to prevent other alchemists from getting the in.

And in my mind, that’s sort of secret society ish. It’s preventing knowledge from getting out into the profane in any different way, do you want to call it? So it’s secret societies that keep society together? Maybe. I think so. Maybe, yeah. So you think that they’re not trying to build with this whole great reset, right? With all this predictive programming of some sort of cyber incident? That is what Charles Schwab said is the next great event to take place.

Here’s Cyber Polygon. This is stuff that they’re speaking about at Davos with Obama making that new leave the world behind movie as well, and their new video movie. They’re coming out with the Betty and Barney Hill incident. It seems to me that a cyber incident is on the table. It seems like a lot of division is being pushed as today is also mlk day, Martin Luther King Day, which I want to get into a little bit that if society goes into a Charles Manson scenario, and let’s just say everything is screwed up, right, 90% of the population is gone.

You don’t see that happening? Or do you see that happening? And if it doesn’t happen and everything’s just being maintained, do you think they’re going to be bringing in a new religion or they want to keep it like the powers that be keep it pretty much the same with the abrahamic religions. I just want your thoughts on that. I don’t know if that made any sense. Paranoid. We’re actively being depopulated.

Go on. I’m sorry. I’m lagging. Did you guys get that? Am I interrupting something? They were being actively depopulated. That’s a great title right there. That’s a. Okay, good. I’m just going to clap and we’ll all clap while sync up. Is that how it works? Just restate the question so I can answer. We’re actively being depopulated. If we’re not going into an alien cult religion and resetting it, you think it’s just going to be the same abrahamic religions for the next? Like, I mean, yeah, I got a hot take on this one a little bit too.

But I really think that Jesus, is this ever evolving God that just keeps. What’s that video game? This is going to be a weird analogy, but you start out as, like, a little ball, and you keep rolling around a city, and you start. Put it, like, real over cars and trash, and you get bigger. And then you start rolling over buildings, and you keep getting bigger and bigger.

Okay. I can’t remember the name. Yeah, it’s a Snowball effect. It’s an investing. So I guess that’s kind of my vision of what Jesus is, is that every time someone did something really dope and really commendable and divine, then they just kind of tacked that guy onto this snowball. And then you keep that snowball rolling for a couple thousand years or more, and now all of a sudden you’ve got, let’s say the first dude on the very far left, that tiny little dot, right? That was some guy probably called John.

That was just like, hey, we should be cool to each other. Let’s not be dicks anymore. And then there was another guy that was like, hey, I’m going to be selfless, and let’s maybe treat each other with a lot of kindness. Turn the other cheek. And then you’ve got all different stories. And this is where the combination of know, like Hermes and mercury and all these different messenger gods, and they get amalgamated into these one gods, right? Because we went from all these different religions with pantheons into these monotheistic, sort of monotheistic, because you got holy trinities and some.

But I really think that it’s just this big amalgamation. So if we’ve put all this time and energy into making this very convenient one God to worship that represents all the gods of all of our ancestors, then they would use that. You would keep using that one thing to be the control. So I really do think it would be like, if they were going to do a blue beam, it would be Jesus.

That would be the blue beam. It wouldn’t be some new religion. I don’t know. If I get proven wrong, that would. Right, right. Yeah. It’s a very fascinating topic. I feel like it’s important. It’s something I think about. And I really like. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on all that. Today is Martin Luther King Day, right? Mlk day. And he was allies with JFK, and they both were assassinated in some sort of king kill ritual.

As I know you know a lot about this book, I’m going to ask you some questions on it, or if you have something to bring up, but I think it’s kind of weird that he got assassinated at Lorraine Motel, right, Lorraine. The cross of Lorraine. Right. The double cross. It’s got the chevron on top. This is it. That’s a chevron. The top. It’s basically an asymmetrical chevron. Okay.

What is that? Is that, like, the square thing right here? Yeah. It kind of looks like a check mark, right? That’s an asymmetrical, elongated chevron, but a chevron, if you look at it in a certain perspective, it’s basically the corner of a cube in 3d. It’s also, if you look at military insignia, it’s usually what denotes non commissioned officers, how many chevrons they’ve got. So the check mark is a cube.

A corner of a cube. So what would you think this symbolizes for me? I just see Lorraine. Right. The cross of Lorraine, where a lot of the Templar symbolism comes from. TJ Maxx logo has it right here. A lot of people get triggered. I feel like more people are triggered on TJ Max than they are on the religious commentary that you just gave. Because I made a video and I was all like, this is people that are pro TJ Maxx.

And they’re like, no, I’m not supporting the Illuminati. That’s not true, bro. I couldn’t believe how many people got so pissed off that I was deals, man. You can’t lie. They got deals at the Max. You’re right. They do got deals. They do got deals. But it definitely is a secret society symbol, hands down. And that this hotel that he was assassinated at, Lorraine, I just think that’s crazy.

I think it’s crazy that the FBI actually posted on Twitter today, and they were know today was this tragic day, and it’s like, guys, someone posted the letter that they were sending to MLK to get him to do horrible things to himself. And it’s like, you can’t just whitewash this by putting a positive tweet up every mLk day. But they actually can. That’s how it works, though. Are you speaking of the suicide letter, like him with.

Okay, do you know a lot about this? I just know that they were trying everything they could in their abilities to assassinate his character before they just straight up assassinated his person. And this is one of the things, is that they were basically saying, we’ve got all this blackmail on you, and we know know a dirty dog you are, and you might as well know. Take the exit stage left.

Unless we take it for. Hmm. Wow. Yeah. So this is on Matthew Erit substack. He wrote a fantastic article. Highly recommend you both interviewing him. He just did this substack article for Martin Luther King Day. Let us end his second assassination. And very interesting. I got a bunch of slides up from what he was talking about, so you can add in. But what he was going into this article is how the FBI smeared MLK’s name.

That they’re still doing that today with this author right here that put out this information that he was doing these orgies and all this crazy stuff. But it was coming from David Garo, who is the guy who’s pretty much responsible for the whole Trump is part of Russia, that whole narrative being pushed. And there’s a connection to COINTELPRO. This is a very important topic. I feel like I don’t speak enough about.

I used to talk about COINTel Pro a lot, but it’s connected to that, and it’s also connected to just so much stuff. But before I go any further, what’s your thoughts on what I just said with COINTELPRO and also this guy who’s working to assassinate his character still, I think, just like more people should know about COINTELPRO, this is the one that targets leftist organizations. And there’s also Patcon, which I think is like the right wing version of COInTel Pro.

And that one’s even more under the radar. Might want to blur that one. My bad, everybody. Sorry about that. So COintel Pro would go after the workers’rights organism. Basically, the left decide, and Patcon goes after the militias. And I guess kind of like the pro Trump sort of aspect. And these are just two wings of the same exact operation where it is these three letter agencies that are just kind of like trying to set up the pins so they can bowl them back down.

That’s kind of the situation here. Right? So first they’ll infiltrate. In my mind, what happens is they’re like, man, this is a lot of work. These guys are scattered. They’re not well organized, and they might be able to do something bad, but they don’t have the skills or the talent to orchestrate it all. So the FBI, they help orchestrate things that these groups wouldn’t do on their own, like give them access to resources they wouldn’t have.

Give them planning, like strategic, actual planning that only some expert would know. And then once these grassroots groups employ those strategies given to them by three letter agencies and use the resources given to them by three letter agencies, then they swoop in and take everybody out and then use it as an excuse to basically pass more laws. I think it’s exactly the same. Cointel pro pat con, two wings of the same.

It’s this article, though. Very interesting. And shout out again to Matthew Eric for writing this, but I was looking into it and he just goes so deep into some research. And another article he had on his substac was talking about Benjamin Franklin being a spy. So even Franklin, like what I’ve heard on MLK is like he’s part of secret societies. Same thing with Ben Franklin. He was part of Hell’s fire club, which is satanic.

That’s where Alistair Crowley got his motto, do what that will, which comes even before that from the assassins order. Do what is permissible. But the satanic element, the Hellfire Club, Benjamin Franklin was a part of. But I don’t want to quote him, but from what I’ve read, and what I understand is that he was saying that Ben Franklin actually was a spy on the Hellfire club. So there’s so much information, there’s so many Cointel pro operations going on.

I think Ben Franklin was basically like all these guys, if you go before the 19 hundreds, like secret society and being in an intelligence agency was essentially the exact same thing. Like, you know, that Bavarian Illuminati might as well have just been the bavarian CIA by any other name for quite a while. Or at the very least, they set the blueprint. So I think that’s kind of what is still happening here.

So I’ll just say one quote from what he was writing, which it’s thought provoking, because he gets me to think. That’s why I like this dude so much, is because he gets me to think and question my own reality. The fact that so many news outlets jumped on the bagwagon of this story right here on MLK about the orgies he was attending, that so many of these big media are jumping on these stories, right? So think about the stories over the last few years that the media pushes, like hardcore and all these different big medias, Washington Post and all them are all affiliated with the CIA and these agencies, right? The Alphabet boys.

So they were pushing this. But why are they pushing this in this moment of history? Could this strange hysteria over a mediocre slander piece have anything to do with the fact that the polarized cages of left and right are finally breaking down? Could it be that the light shed upon the injustices, corruption at the heart of the US government has awoken something within the collective psyche of Americans which many had thought long dead? I find that interesting.

That article is interesting. I’m not as optimistic as that last rhetorical question is implying, could it be that light has shed upon, could it be that the left and right cages it? No, I don’t think either of those things. Can it be, I think that the left and right, if anything, are segregating themselves even more and polarizing themselves even more. They’re not breaking down. I don’t feel like we’re getting more purple.

I feel like we’re getting more blue and red everywhere. More blue, as in politically, at least in american wise. Right. It feels like people are becoming either, like, one of three things. They’re either becoming more Democrat, more Republican, or more whatever you want to consider your third party, whether it’s, like, abstaining or it’s backing the Green Party or the Libertarian Party or whatever, it’s essentially saying, like, I’m not going to play around.

I don’t want to play with my game. I’ll just throw my vote out. And I feel like there’s not people that are clamoring for some kind of, like, a third party option. Everyone’s kind of just, like, rooting for their team more and more. Yeah, but going back to these secret societies, the secret society element of spy rings and all, this is absolutely not a fictional topic. I come up on here, and I’m like, yo, what up, donut? Dolphin Illuminati? We have fun, but this is actually real history that we’re talking about and actually the way the world is operated.

I’m just kind of a character, so I’m always doing fun stuff and laughing and doing stuff, but this stuff is real. And the Hellfire club had Wilkes Booth part of it. And then his grandson was John Wilkes Booth, who assassinated Abraham Lincoln. What’s up, mark? Mark, what do you think about all this? Well, I think I’m being bugged right now. My girlfriend says hello to everybody. Hello. Her name is Tara, and she wants to be known and heard and acknowledged, and she says hi to both of you.

And I think this is fascinating, and I’m going to turn my mic off and listen. Okay. What up, tyra? Yeah. So, what’s your thoughts on King kill 33? It seems like people get taken out, and I feel like not just me, but a lot of people, especially Ani, has been connecting some dots with certain astrological alignments to assassination attempts. Does this book mean anything on the topics that I was speaking of? Martin Luther King.

You know what I mean? King kill rituals. Yeah, man, 100%. So I’ve got some tangential stuff that I’ve looked really deep into this. So I’ll connect some things that we can go into depth on now or later or whatever. But long story is that Sidney Gottlieb in the CIA, head of the Mkultra program and all the different sub projects, he was one of the big names, and he was like, a toxicology expert.

He was kind of like a chemist nerd. They also was big into living in the outdoors. I think in later in life, he moved away from civilization, and he built, like, a log cabin that had no electricity, no running water. He was a unique person, to say the least. Right. And one of the things that he was interested in was all of these different witchcraft and cultural explanations of zombification.

For example, he got real deep into this. And one of the things that he came across was, in West Africa, there was this concept of a king kill ritual, and it was shown by a lot of different, again, secret societies within these african tribes. And what they would do, to paraphrase some of it, is that they would take a king when he had a young son, right? Let’s say donuts run in the village, right? Donuts, the village chief.

You have a little donut. And as soon as he’s born, they’ll put his feet in clay, and they’ll take basically a picture of his feet, right? And they’ll dry it, and they’ll keep that in the royal sort of palace or wherever. Wherever the group keeps all the important records for the culture. And as soon as the king looks like he’s on the decline, or if the king looks like he’s starting to become corrupted, or if there’s anything at all that’s like, yo, king, it’s not looking good.

We were doing good yesterday. We’re not doing good now. They would bring the clay casting of his son’s feet and show it to him, and it would be on him to go and basically exit stage left on his own, like, leave this world willingly. And if he didn’t, then they would forcefully remove him from the world and the whole world behind. What’s that? Leave the world behind? Yeah.

Well, the point was that the king at that point represented the health and the virility of the village that he represented. Or in our case, if you want to talk about JFK or MLK, JFK’s case, he represented the health of the United States. Right. We were in this huge turning point, a big catalyst. Social changes were happening. He was talking about dismantling the irs and the intelligence agencies.

And then MLK is also at the height of his popularity and making these big social changes. So what the concept of King kill 33 is, if you imagine that these political movements are like big balls of energy, and at this point, it has the most potential energy possible, they basically come and they subvert it. They come and take the head energy. And if the big donut ball of energy that was doing great and everyone’s loving them, is traveling north real fast, and the CIA comes up and you’re like, man, it’s a great ball of energy you got there.

We’re going to go ahead and grab that, but we need to go south, you know what I mean? So they just take that potential energy, stop it from the direction it’s headed in, and now they can control where the energy goes. I don’t know if I’m oversimplifying that too much, but that’s the whole premise of King kill 33, right? And I believe this is what happened with the assassination of John Lennon, with MTV.

So, like, you got, John Lennon was a radio star, right? He gets taken out, and then a year later, MTV was released, and one of the first songs they played was video killed the radio star. So it was this energy of the Beatles, the Beatles mania transformed from listening to it on record to watching music videos, which is now reality television. I’m down with that, bro. I’m on board with that theory 100%, man.

Because if you were to pinpoint who would be the king, who’s the JFK of music? I think that’s a great point, man. The Beatles was, like, a huge. And it’s not even like the Beatles were this grassroots group. I feel like the Beatles was all orchestrated by the elites, and, like, that was their. Like, they all invested their time and energy in these guys. So, of course it was going to be them.

But that doesn’t mean that they were free from turning into a ritual is wild. What’s your thoughts on that, Mark? Well, I think Thomas summed it up pretty well. I think a lot of people look at JFK with, like, rose colored glasses. It’s important to remember that there was a whole secret society behind him and his family as well. So I think what we were seeing there may be one part king kill ritual, another part war between mobs.

These kind of things go on all the time. And they’re factions. They fight each other for control. So I don’t know. I think the JFK assassination is a lot to talk about as far as MLK goes. What was the name of the guy who assassinated him? He was like a pro black muslim type of he had some affiliation with that type of organization. James Earl Ray. Right. Well, allegedly.

Allegedly, yeah. But that kind of bleeds into what you’re saying about Patcon and Cointel pro and how they were trying to know, kneecap or decapitate these movements before they got any traction. I wonder how much of these movements were manufactured. And then they got out of hand, so they had to take out their leaders. I don’t know if you guys have ever had to do. Have you guys ever had to do, like, extermination of any kind? I don’t know, like an ant infestation or bees or mice or anything? No, but I’ve been watching videos how they get, there’s a horn in its nest and they get gasoline, and then they put it.

That’s risky, because if you miss it by a little bit, you drop that guy. I’ve had to do something similar, like huge hornet nests. And there’s one thing. Maybe I was just like. I was maybe out in the sun too long this day when I came with this thought. But it was like, man, if there was a way to get all these hornets to just start attacking each other, and I could just, I don’t know, play a song or spray them down with something.

Because almost all hornet and ant killer and stuff is just petroleum. It just coats them in oil. And since bugs breathe through their skin, since they’ve got this coating around them, they basically suffocate because they can’t breathe. That’s what kills them. Right. But you got to hit basically every single one of them to take them all out that way. So if there was a way to just make them all turn on themselves and just start stinging each other and taking them out, you could just go bip and walk inside and wait an hour and come back out, and the problem solved itself.

Right. And it would even be more ecologically friendly. Right. It would be green to just get them all off themselves, as opposed to me, like, spraying them down with chemicals or having to use gunpowder if you were talking about something bigger than bugs. So I think that this is the most efficient way that we can possibly find, or in the three letter agencies, if you just get people to fight like, you don’t have to do any of this stuff, they’ll start spraying each other with the petroleum.

You know what I mean? And I wish we brought this up, too, with Herbert Hoover. He created Cointel pro when we did our podcast most recently on who was it Herbert, or was it Edgar Hoover? Oh, it’s probably Hoover. You know, I was reading the Matthew arid article. And I said, hoover, and I’ve been on. Yeah, it was J. Edgar Hoover. It was J. Edgar Hoover. That makes more sense.

Yeah, that’s wild. That’s wild stuff. There’s a lot going on. Lot going on. I got a bunch of other slides, too. Let’s recheck the Emmys, see what’s going on with the Emmys real quick. See if anything popping. Is there like a live countdown somewhere? Yeah, this is the live one. Everything succession. Succession was a great show. Lotus was good, too. I don’t know if you watched that one.

I heard it was good. I haven’t seen it, but it had that one lady in it from best in show, that documentary. Have you seen that movie best in show by Christopher guest a while ago? That’s an old one, right? It’s like 20 years old now. Yeah. I really liked Christopher guest’s works. I think he did a Kirsten Dunst. I don’t know if he did drop dead gorgeous, but he did people who don’t know who I’m talking about.

He did spinal tap. That was his first one of his big films right there. Best in show. It’s like a mocky series, and I love those. Like the office and that. Yeah, it looks like Illuminati connection to that, too, man. Because one of the main actors in. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think one of the main actors in spinal tap was Harry Shearer from Simpsons fame. And he’s, like a fairly prominent bohemian club member, or at least a very outspoken one.

Wow, really? Right? I’m not making that up. Amy Shearer. Yep, that’s him. Okay, so Harry Shearer was in that movie I was just talking about. So if you’ve never heard of this one, this one’s a deep cut. But there’s a movie that Harry Shearer wrote and produced, and I think even started, and it was called the Teddy Bear Picnic. And the Teddy Bear picnic was a movie he made about Alex Jones.

But it was like, I guess when you get big enough and rich enough, you can just produce right there. Teddy Bears picnic 2002. So this movie was essentially about a bunch of guys in the club. They go out into the woods, and somebody sneaks in and busts their club up. But this is essentially a direct response to Alex Jones breaking into bohemian club. Whether or not you think that was planned or whatever, this movie is a direct response to it.

Wow. So that’s one of the key information. This is definitely something I’m watching tonight. Absolutely not a good movie at all. Well, I like bad movies. Okay. Wow. Right here. Cremation of care. And they don’t hide it. They have something called assassination of time. Like, come on, dude, that’s. Assassination is cremation of care. So it’s very overt. They don’t hide that. This is literally a reenactment of Bohemian Grove.

Wow. See, this is why you gotta go subscribe right now. I got the links down below the paranoid american mystic, Mark. My family thinks I’m crazy. They got the best. They find the best stuff. So make sure you go subscribe. Got the links? We bring the receipts to both of us? Yeah, you both bring the receipts. Tara just told me she saw this in high school, this movie, freshman.

Oh, really? What did she remember about it? Did she know it was Bohemian Grove? What do you remember about it? Anything. Did you know about Bohemian Grove back then? She doesn’t remember, except for the band. And this was totally. In my opinion, this whole movie was an inside nod to ha. Even if they break in and even if they expose us, nobody cares. And we’re just going to keep doing what we do.

I wonder why you picked that name. Because I’m looking up Teddy bear picnic and all this stuff’s popping up. That’s weird. It’s a famous song, too. Okay, that’s the one right there. 1932, Henry hall and his orchestra. But there’s a song that. It’s basically about having your picnic interrupted, I think. Interesting. Yes. I’m seeing if I could find like a trailer. Where’s Yogi Bear from? Isn’t yogi Bear from that part of California? He’s Yellowstone.

So I found the trailer, I’m downloading it, and I’m going to put it up on here. Smokey the bear. I don’t think Smokey the bear belonged to a certain region. Because he was the one that was like, only you can national force. What about Bosco the bear? You know Bosco? Maybe it’s. Maybe it’s Teddy Roosevelt. As in Teddy bear. Well, that’s where the teddy bear. The teddy bear.

Or he didn’t invent it, but he popular. Does this look familiar? Oh, so he’s in it. This guy’s hilarious. He’s in like an old Christopher Gus movies. Is that the take me back to high school? I don’t think, Farley. I haven’t seen this in a very long time. It looks great. It’s got some great actors. He’s hilarious. Well, I think he’s hilarious. Tell you that all these actors were part of this in joke.

About secret societies in California. Alan. Thick look a. Looks like a redwood. That’s right behind him there. Man, that thing’s huge. All these schools are part like. That’s the crazy thing is you can look up any of these famous people and usually they got some connections to some bohemian club type occult rituals. There you go. Best in show. They’re dropping all the names that we were about. Spinal tab.

Best in show. And now you can add this one to the list is the Alex Jones bohemian club movie. Oh, see, this guy’s hilarious, too. On the right and on the left, he’s in Super Dave. Okay, he’s racist, too. You know about Super Dave? That was that guy. He played a character that was like evil Knievel. And he got big enough to where he had his own cartoon show in the think, like a Saturday morning cartoon shows called Super Dave.

It was dope, man. He’d probably be based now in 2024 times. Okay, I’m going to check it out because all these characters are in. Curb your enthusiasm. This is where I knew. I remember this show. Oh, so that was him. Yeah, man. Crazy dude. Crazy. Wow. The head. That’s nuts. That’s nuts. But yeah. Let me see. What else? Want to just see what other symbols. There’s Harry Shearer, and I believe that’s Mr.

Burns, too, by the way. Really? I’m pretty sure Harry Shearer does the voice for Burns and a whole bunch of other characters on the Simpsons. Well, that’s very telling. Harry Shearer’s Mr. Burns. Yeah. So go figure that it’s Mr. Burns is the one that’s making movies about Alex Jones and bohemian club and all of this Simpsons predictive conspiracies where, like, the Simpsons knew about something ahead of time.

Well, guess what? It’s because Harry Shearer was at the freaking lakeside talk at bohemian club, where they come and they tell all the world leaders, hey, here’s the new things that are going to be rolling out over the next few election cycles, right? Here’s the next ten years in culture and technology. Like, they literally get these talk. They’re called lakeside talks. That’s where they get the inside scoop.

Smash that, like, button. You’re hearing it first on the donut factory. Paranoid American. My family thinks I’m crazy. Oh, my goodness. This is fantastic. Oh, my goodness. That’s nuts. Damn. Dick up, for God’s sakes. Great. The one spot I play, he says a curse word for 51 weeks a year. 51. The day the illuminati was bounded. This isn’t being subtle. Right. They’re telling you this is bohemian club.

Has Alex spoken about this movie? I’m not sure. Is that him? Is that Alex? There he is breaking in. Yeah, I’m going to play it real quick. Oh, right, that’s him. Yeah, the guy with the little. Hey, you little prick, give me that camera. Oh, there it goes. Oh, man, this is nuts, bro. Look, he’s doing the hand gesture too. That wasn’t. I don’t even think super pop, maybe it was.

It was 2002. It probably was popularized already. But that diamond hand gesture, and you got the drag, right? That’s one of the big things that happens at bohemian clubs, since it’s a male only club. But that doesn’t prevent them from putting on plays where everyone’s a woman. So it’s like another weird, very specific inside nod to exactly what really happens at bohemian club. Damn. Yeah. And that goes back to the lucid mysteries.

Right. But I think the elusinian mysteries were coed. I’m pretty sure that they admitted men and women. Oh, okay. Well, then. But yeah, they still had people doing. Because I’m almost jealous of the elusinian mysteries. Because imagine what’s happening is you’re going to the most badass pink Floyd laser light show underground. Like literally underground in a big ancient cave. And then on top of that, you get this big sort of like dramatic play put on for you by the people that invented drama.

It must have been some next level thing that we can’t even have an analogy for anymore behind him. If you gaze at it, it looks like an iron cross or a Templar cross or a Switzerland flag. Great, fine. I can’t believe I never knew about this. Has anybody in the comments heard about this movie? Because I sure have not. Seems like it was straight to dvd. I don’t think it hit the theaters.

If it’s saying, coming soon to vhs and dvd, it was a sleeper, man. I really do believe that this was made for him and his homies. And they never even needed to make a profit on it, because it was just an expensive, personal thing. People don’t remember because of all the streaming sites now, but there used to be movies that went straight to dvd for whatever reason. Maybe they made this movie.

And then the people producers were like, yeah, listen, we can’t put this in theaters. It’s too revealing. And it just went straight to. Yeah, there’s a lot of movies, though, on dvd that you can’t get it on Amazon. A lot of videos you got to purchase on DVD. Even ghost Dog, not even like conspiratorial, but ghost dog, you can’t even get. Yeah. Love that movie. Have you seen Ghost Dog? Paranoid? Oh, of course, man.

That was my jam, dude. I got the album when it came out, too. I love that movie so much. You got the album? Did you get the book? I didn’t get the book. You know what? It was based off of the Haga Curi. I think the book came out a while after the movie, though, didn’t it? Like, the movie had to get pretty big first, and all the extra ancillary stuff started coming out.

Yeah, I’m trying to see if I have it, but it’s the code of the samurai, but, yeah, I think I did. Great book, though. Great movie, man. It’s such a weird combination of, like, there’s the french dude, then you’ve got the samurai, and then you’ve got these really cheesy, over the top, soprano style gangsters. Yeah, I even bought the movie that they say it was based off of called La Samurai.

It’s not as good, though. I remember, too, this guy was way ahead of his time because he had one of those little car scanners that he could just scan the entry code to your car and pop it and drive away. And this is what, like, early two thousand s? And he was listening to kill a priest when he was in it. So you had the album shout out kill a priest.

Yeah, shout out to killer priest. He was listening to it on his way to do his assassinations. And then RZa, that beat. That beat the whole movie, like, they play it through sometimes. I’ll play that and clean. I think this is where RZA got his footing for starting to do soundtracks. Like, he really shined on this one in particular. Yeah. And then Quentin Tarantino came in and was like, yo, you like, shout out qt and you’re in the feet.

Your feet. He loves feet. Yeah, that’s wild. That’s wild. I got drunk with Quentin Tarantino once. No. Yeah. On stage at a Wu Tang. I got a video of it on YouTube somewhere. I’ve smoked a blunt with two live crew and killer priest and who else? I don’t know. I think that’s it. I remember Devin the Dude got a whole crowd sick as hell. Like, him and his whole group were, like, coughing, and they started passing blunts out into the crowd.

And everyone I knew that was at that show was sick for, like a week or two, but it was still one of the best shows ever. Like, I got sick from Devin the dude. This is so dope. I did smoke with Blaze. That homie, too, at the Shangri La. The six Joker card release party in Las Vegas. Is that an ICP thing? Yeah. So when ICP released their six joker card, which was huge hype, they threw parties all over America.

And I went to the one in Vegas. I was, like, probably 14. But interesting enough, there’s a new interview. As I was talking about the moonchild with you in a few of our private presentations, and I got them up here right now. They’re over on the rumble, but you can only access them through the Patreon. I’m sure they’re on your Patreon as well. I need to get them, and I don’t have them yet, so I got to grab these from you.

Okay. I’ll drop them in the private link. Yeah, I’m just starting to roll out my rumble because I got my wrist slapped pretty hard by YouTube recently. So I took all the videos that I’ve been releasing, the YouTube, and put them all on rumble instead. So definitely come and follow me on Rumble, please. Well, in this one that we did, we went over the moon child, Alistair Crowley’s moonchild, and it made me think, yo, you know what? I think that ICP and Eminem is the story of the moonchild because it’s two secret occult groups, the Golden dawn and Alastair Crowley’s OTO.

I believe those two societies battling it out. And I was like, man, that sounds very similar to ICP and Eminem. And this new interview just was released. One of the rappers, Mars, who’s on Dark Lotus, the first album, he said that he was doing Golden dawn magic and applying it to the album. So I was thinking that ICP was the OTO, Alistair Crowley, and Eminem was the golden dawn because of the Samuel Mathers connection.

Samuel Mathers creating the Golden dawn, and then Marshall Mathers, his grandson, possibly, according to his mom, eminem’s mom. But maybe I got that switched up. Maybe Eminem is the Crowley. And so I thought that was weird. Well, I mean, there’s a lot of connection, right, because Crowley was in Oto, but then he had a disagreement over a handful of things in the OTO, and then he splintered off and created Thalema as, like, his own version of it.

I’m pretty sure that’s how that works. And the Oto itself was a splinter off of what? Rosicrucianism, I think. So it went from, like, rosicrucianism to Oto, and then from Oto to Thalema, because Oto still exists. Rosicrucianism still exists, and they had some of the similar philosophies, but they splintered for a know. It’s interesting. You just brought up Rosicrucian. I was looking at the Rosicrucian park that you can see in the bottom right corner in Silicon Valley.

This is where the head of the order is. But manly P. Hall says it’s a scam. What did Manley P. Hall say? So, on the bottom right is the Rosicrucian park, a secret society park in Silicon Valley. And Manley P. Hall says that this is bogus, sort of that it’s not the real order, but that’s where the headquarters of the Rosa Crucian order is located. Yeah, I mean, that’s a popular trend, though, is a lot of the secret societies from one generation to the next, they’ll basically say that it’s not real anymore.

It was, the old generation was the last real group of whatever, fill in the blank. Rosicrucians, Freemasons, Americans, it’s always kind of like that. But I. Societies, it’s absolutely true because one of the dumb analogies that come up with. But when there’s something that you’ve got that’s really important, right, like you got $100 bill or something that you’re trying to stash away for a rainy day, you’re like, I’m going to stick this in a place where I won’t accidentally spend it, but I won’t forget about it.

And you’ll put it in a jacket pocket in the back of the closet and some jacket you never wear, but then when you actually need it, you’re like, damn, where did I put that $100? I know it’s here somewhere, but I hid it from myself too well. And I think that’s what happens in a lot of these secret societies, is that the guys at the top, they hide it too well and then they die, or they just never visit it again.

Or you repeat that over multiple generations, and all of a sudden all the teachings are lost. But no one’s trying to tell that anyone that the teachings are lost, because then you don’t get any more membership fees, right? Yeah, I know you’re right, Malley P. Hall, he was lying. Because these orders don’t disappear. They continue. And it’s absolutely wild. Kid Cudi just put up a statue, a massive statue of himself in Paris and California.

I’ve been looking into Kid Cuddy for a while, but yeah, this is a new statue that he got put up. What does that say on the front racers. Raiders. Raiders with a j two or ragers. That’s like one of his things. He calls himself Mr. Rager. Okay, what is this all mean? People spending their money. Rich people spending their money on rich people stuff. You know what? I’m giving you a statue, dog.

You know how much cool stuff I could make that’s better than this statue? For whatever it costs to make this. Like, kid Cuddy hit me up, bro. Let me put out like 50 comics instead of one of these statues. So Kid Cuddy, he dropped day and night. That’s what got him famous. Remember that song day and night? Wasn’t he black and yellow, too? No, that was Khalifa. That’s right.

Yes. Hip hop historian over here. But I thought there was some knights templar elements in this. Who’s that? It’s a Virgin Mary, isn’t it? Or ISIS. I mean, depending on who you want to talk. Oh, okay. I was going to just say if it was Mary. Mary, is it? I mean, potato, potato. Because she’s not married. Mary, she has a child in her arm now. She’s mother. But that would also be pictures of IsiS.

What about with the Templars? Weren’t they interested in Mary Magdalene or something like that? Yeah, the wife of Christ. That was the same Mary as Mother Mary or Jesus’s mother. I was just saying the Templar connection, because it’s day and night, so it’s like black and white. So I thought it was very nice templarsque vibes to that song. And that song got him famous. That song went hard.

I used to be a stoner and I would listen to it and be self pity. Like, I’m all alone. I’m all alone. Day, night, Myspace, I had this. This was my MySpace song. Yeah, but he dressed up as a woman. And after this humiliation ritual, he was awarded with headlining. Rolling didn’t. Who was the english dude that did this first, though? Yeah, that was a good. Was. I was thinking of.

There’s like a more Harry Styles, I think it is. Yeah. Harry stats. Yeah. And all of a sudden it was like he was on the COVID of all these magazines. So I think that. So did every black actor in the mean. Oh, I got. I got another theory on that, too. Humiliation ritual. 100%. And that’s a real thing. I don’t know if you ever heard of the secret Society of Wall street.

What is it? Beta cap of Phi? I don’t know if I’ve got that exactly right. But their initiation ritual is exactly this. They’ll have some high class Wall street banker and they have to put on lipstick and pumps and, like, a sequin dress. Dress to the nines. And that’s the initiation ritual. There’s a great scene in. Is this the one? Did I get it right? Society on Wall street.

And I don’t know if it mentions it in here, but that is basically their initiation. And there’s a great show called billions. I think it was showtime. And there’s a scene in there. What’s his sidekick’s name? He’s got, like, a dope little nickname, but he gets invited to join that secret society on the dress and everything. And they basically laugh him out of the room. They’re like, no, you’re not actually invited.

And it’s like the ultimate humiliation ritual. Like a literal version of it. Yeah, there you go. And they have to walk around and just act normal, but court people. And this is nuts, though. This dude is probably worth the amount of a small island. You know what I mean? Yeah. That show billions, the main actor of it from sideways, he’s my favorite actor. Yeah, he go, he was his best role.

Here’s a better picture, was John Adams. If you’ve not seen John Adams, the show, he’s the star, and he plays John Adams. Sick. That one should be, like, required viewing. Man, that’s a great series. John Adams or billionaires? John Adams. Well, both of them, but John Adams more. Absolutely. Yeah, that was sick. Billions. It was good, too. I didn’t like the newer seasons, but, like, the first three, I really liked a lot.

But you’re right. Machine Gun Kelly is another example. When I first started this channel, I was like, yo, look out for machine Gun Kelly, because he was wearing a dress. And then he became super famous. So it’s something you could just. You see someone wearing a dress. It’s a cheat code, because now, instead of it having to be a humiliation ritual, now it’s like, here’s the direction we want society in.

And if you get big enough and you do this thing that we want you to do without us asking you, then you get treated. And your treat is you get to go on the Emmys and you get to be on magazine covers. And it’s almost like when you start training your kids, if you clean your room without being asked or if you do the dishes without being asked, maybe you get these extra treats or something, or you get an extra little allowance.

And it’s just a way of this very subtle positive reinforcement. And I feel like that’s part of this because it’s pushing it towards this new evolution in society where everyone’s just whatever they are that day. But also, if you look at the humiliation rituals of black actors, I think this one was like the entertainment executives is like, okay, we need to find a way to soften black people for the masses.

And how can we take these scary black men? They’re going to steal your wives and make them non threatening. We’ll just put them in dresses. We’ll just have them be doing, like, silly feminine stuff. And now they’re a little bit more approachable, a little bit less offensive, and then over time, they can take the dress off a little bit. But now this dress on Kid Cudi is not the know, trying to project yourself as being, like, non confrontational and meek.

This is the new way. This is like that Carl Klaus Schwab eat bugs and wear dresses kind of thing. Yeah. Mystic Mark, what’s your thoughts on all this? Never worn a dress, never will. I don’t care how famous my podcast is going to get, Donut, you’re never going to get me an address. I know how big your podcast is. I know it’s big. I was talking to Juan today.

He was telling me how big your podcast is with the downloads, bro. Wait, do you mean 10 million per episode? What do you mean? Ten mil? Yeah, 10 million downloads. No, total downloads. I’m way beyond 10 million. That’s a lot. 100. You being on 100 million total downloads. We’re pushing 500 million. But that’s total downloads across the whole. That’s half a billion. Kick some of that trickle down over my way, bro.

I just checked them at 362, period. Not 1000, not million, just 362. You guys have me all mixed up. I got to look at my download numbers. I think it’s actually in the hundreds of thousands. You guys have me tripping over here. I would assume you’re way over a million, man. Do I need to look to. I think so. Now, for some reason, I’m second guessing if it’s 5 million or if it’s 500,000.

Yeah, no, we’re almost at 5 million total downloads across the whole podcast. Not one. Are we busting out the books yet, donut? Is that what’s going on? Yes. I felt like I wanted to bust out some books and one of on the Illuminati. I know you got a lot, but this is one of the ones I really enjoy. That’s the best one. My opinion out of all the Illuminati box I’ve ever come across.

This follows. Reply is the one to start with, or at least to end on I put a documentary about this book over on the Patreon. So everybody go subscribe to my Patreon, please. I’ll play the video, though, for everybody here, so if you don’t want to subscribe, it’s fine. Yeah. So this book really opened my eyes to a lot of research. I’ll upload the video real quick on my breakdown of it.

1 second degrees of the Illuminatis. Tylo’s hidden hand. Yo. What up? It’s donut. Okay. So I’ll play a little clip of it. I’ll skip that, but yeah. And then I guess we can kind of review a little bit of it. Also known as Philo the second in command of the Illuminati. You could see him doing the hidden hand right here. Yeah. So I think that’s very important. What do you got? Right.

Oh, my God. That’s John Todd. But him doing the hidden hand, what I understand is that he was part of the observant. Right. I believe I gotta. Gotta look at it real quick. But he was part. He. The. The strict observance. I mean. Yeah, he was Philo. Right? Philo was part of the strict observance. So he wanted to rebuild masonry, wanted to make it great again. He wanted to pull a Donald Trump.

Right. Mafa. Yeah, he really wanted to Maga or whatever. I guess. Yeah. Mafa doesn’t work, but whatever. The Maga version of make Illuminati great again. But that’s a clever. Or a precise breakdown of what he was trying to accomplish. Mega. He was trying to make masons great again. And he had the connections through the strict observance lodge, where he recruited everybody into the Illuminati around the 18 hundreds.

It says that the Illuminati was founded in 1776, but it was merely just an idea at the time. And Adam wisehop sent in secretaries, in a sense, to make him look like he was hot shit and really manipulated Kennegey. Philo the second in command of the Illuminati to actually build the Illuminati with his connections in the strict observance. Is this correct? There’s another really important dynamic here, though.

It’s that it wasn’t like Philo just straight up started recruiting Freemasons into the Illuminati. That did happen. And I was looking to see if I could find an entry on him somewhere in this book that’s really good. The perfectoists. I think this is by. And this was the name of the Illuminati before it was. Yeah. They workshopped the name a little bit, right? Because they also had, like, order of the bees they wanted to do.

They had a few different names that they were going with, and then they went with the Illuminato Nordin. That’s what they ran with. It’s a little bit of a wordful. I don’t know if I like that one as much. The Illuminati Nordin. I wanted to just throw out one really important dynamic that gets overlooked. Is that right of strict observance, the logistic observance. They had this core philosophy that tied Freemasonry to the Knights Templar.

So a lot of people, they love that. They love to be in, like, yo, I’m a Knights Templar. I date back. I can trace my lineage back to the knights of the roundtable and all of this sort of, like, romanticized version of things. And what happened? Is that the right of strict observance or this order, strict observance. They decide that, you know what, guys? Stop talking about the Knights Templar.

We’re not from the Knights Templar. We’ve got no connection to the Knights Templar. Stop doing it. It’s making us look silly. I’m paraphrasing this a little bit. But then at a certain point, there was this big upheaval where they did the council of Wilhelm’s bad, I believe. And when they go here, it was basically all these different freemasonic factions. The Illuminati was there, the Rosicrucians were there, and they all kind of collectively decided, all right, no more of this Knights Templar stuff in freemasonry, like, from here on out.

And since von Niger was so deep into that connection to the Knights Templar, he was kind of bummed out about it, and he knew a bunch of other people that were bummed out about it. So he goes around to them and he’s like, hey, man, isn’t that crazy how we’re not allowed to talk about Knights Templar anymore in lodge? And like, yeah. And he’s like, hey, man, I’ve got this other click.

It’s got me and a whole bunch of the homies, and all we do is talk about Knights Templar. And if you want to join them, come with me. And that was basically how he would recruit the Illuminati. He was looking at disgruntled Freemasons that were bummed because they couldn’t claim right to the Knights Templar anymore. And this was giving them a way, like, hey, we still party with the Knights Templar.

Come over here. Okay, yeah. And this is a long time ago. It wasn’t a long time ago, but from having a cell phone. They didn’t have cell phones back then, so you couldn’t be entertained. And that was probably very entertaining for the people of this right of strict observance. Look at that. It says worms. That always popped out. You know what else too, is right here? Johanne Napomek.

Saint Napomik, I believe, is the patron saint of bohemian club. Wow. There’s another connection between the Illuminati and club. Yeah, I feel like the bohemian club is probably an arm of the Illuminati right there. The greatest people phones. Yeah, it’s not entertaining back then. So the way people entertain themselves, like with Sabi or whatever his name is. Hassan Asab from the assassin order. Like, if you’re bored as shit and you got nothing to do, and then this guy kidnaps you in a sense, and hallucinogenics you and brings you to the orgy garden and then drops you off, well, they decapitated someone’s head after it.

So you don’t have a cell phone. You’re walking around, you’re bored. You get taken into a secret orgy garden. And boredom is as modern as cell phones. Boredom brings creativity. I’m just trying to put my mind into. You’re just bored walking around. You get invited to this crazy sex party, and then after it, you see this guy’s head decapitated, but he’s really buried in sand. And then he’s got body parts all around him and blood.

And then it’s a member of the order, and he’s all like, yo, I saw the future. He says something crazy to the person, and then later on they actually decapitate that guy. So they think that this guy from the dead is talking, and then they drop him off at his home. And then you’re just like, what was that? That would trip someone out. That’s like Project Bluebeam back then.

I don’t know. I think me and everyone in the chat are just really taken back at this really excellent book walkthrough we’re getting. It’s a very beautiful book. It kind of feels like we’re looking through a yearbook for the Illuminati high school. That’s exactly what it is. Oh, there’s Kennegey, right? Relatives like the guy who fucked the pig the hardest or the guy who shoved the most apples up his rear end.

I think it was more like whoever was voted to be the one to be able to fuck the most pigs. Like a typical yearbook fashion. I just love the way that you scan through it. So this is the perfectableist book and it’s going over all the different people that were part of the Illuminati. You can find this book on trineday. com. Trineday. com. I’ve interviewed the guy who runs the publishing company, Chris Milligan, but Terry.

I haven’t interviewed Terry yet. I want to get this book first. Okay. Is this like, this bookshop is like, what is this bookshop? It’s a publishing company. They publish books by authors that wouldn’t be able to publish their books in most other places because most publishing companies, they don’t take these topics seriously or they deride conspiracy theory or they negate it or what’s the word? I’m looking dismiss it by saying all these types of books don’t sell well, which is just altogether not true because how mean Thomas can tell us firsthand he’s a publisher, but trying day.

Yeah, they’re great for publishing people who wouldn’t get published anywhere else. For example, Whitney Webb, very well known journalist and conspiracy theorist. Okay. All right. I would call her a conspiracy. Dope. Dope. I’m going to check this place out. Here’s the entry on Adam Vice op. And they’ve got a whole bunch of really good. So here’s the certificate of membership to the Bavarian Academy of Science, 18 eight.

And then it even breaks down his descendants. So all the ones that came after him. So Carl Vice hop, Alfred Weissop. Here’s his death mask. So if we ever want to clone Adam Vice op, we’ve got the death mask to make at least a close enough replication of him and then. Yeah, just more of the guys that are in here. I was trying to find von Niger. He hasn’t come up yet, but maybe he’ll come up at the very end.

Yeah. Giuseppe Illuminati cell in Naples. He probably knew one of the Rothschilds. Yeah, the Rothschilds are trending right now. I guess Jacob Rothschild has a picture with MLK. Does he really? That’s nuts. I’ll bring it. Know I didn’t look too much into it, but I’ll show you the pictures that I saw on Twitter. Just give me a minute to find it. This is the George Washington quote from John Robinson, 1798.

And he says, it was not my intention to doubt that the doctrines of the illuminati and principles of Jacobism had not spread in the United States. On the contrary, no one is more truly satisfied as fact than I am. Washington and Adam Weissop identified as being the same person in the fictional Illuminati trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson. So some of these theories, right, about Adam Weissop and George Washington being the same, like, it was maybe perpetuated by Robert Anton Wilson to begin with.

So I don’t know if that makes him, like, if that’s disinformation or if it’s just, like, historical fiction to get people more interested in a. It’s a fine line between the two, I think. Interesting. So the thing that I saw, don’t. I haven’t looked into it, so I don’t want to give any false information. But they’re, yo, this dude’s Jacob Rothschild, right? And Jacob Rothschild, as you can see right here.

But the picture that they have is with someone named Jacob Rothschild, but I don’t think it’s the same guy. I could be wrong, but it looks like it’s a rabbi just with the same last name, but something I’ll look more into. What’s the jaw, Tod? Yeah. Okay. Oh, dang. You pull it out of the wrapper. Yeah, we’re pulling out the wrapper here. Smash that, like, button. Hit that, like, button.

Maybe I’ll open up the COVID So this one is the Todd phenomenon. Okay, explain who John Todd is. So, John Todd, if you look really closely at the COVID here, there’s these little, like, cassette tapes on the left and right side of his head. Right? So John Tod got somewhat famous in the underground conspiracy world because he claimed to have been basically in the top levels of the Illuminati, that he was in this grand druid council, that his lineage was this magical bloodline that he could trace back.

Now I’ll just leave this one saying. I think he was a complete con man. I think everything that he said was bs. If anything, he likely ran a number of occult bookstores. So he was well versed on the occult because he was deep into it himself. And then he would basically pose as being this born again christian and try and tell people, hey, I’ve got the inside scoop.

I know all about it, and I’m reformed now. But even while he was doing that, he still owned occult bookstores and was still, like, dabbling in occult. So I think he was an interesting dude that was essentially a con man that also just grifted all sides. He grifted the occultist, he grifted christians. But this is a book that. What I remember from him is that he was the guy that said that they do the satanic ceremony over the records, then the records get put out by MTV and all that.

And the record labels. And I don’t think that’s wrong, but I don’t know. I think that. Right. It’s probably not wrong, but he probably wasn’t there for it. I’ve got a lot of really good notes in this one. For example, here’s a good one, right? It says that in late 1973, Todd continues to mispronounce illuminati as illuminati, although by late 1973 began to correct himself especially. So this book is essentially like a debunking of a little bit I used to call paracelsis peraculus.

Right. But the point being is that he was supposed to be from, like, he was actually in the Illuminati and he came from these bloodlines and his whole family had been trained about it, but he didn’t know how to pronounce it. And then when he got corrected, he actually changed the way he pronounced it. So I don’t know, maybe there’s like a secret way to pronounce it. It’s actually illuminetti, but it feels more like he just didn’t know what the hell he was talking about and was making it up as he goes, which is very Adam Vaisopi.

Right. That’s kind of what Adam Vaisop did, is that he would just make stuff up as he went. And then when people went to check him on it, then he would go and have his homies like, oh, crap, someone’s grilling me on this weird occult stuff, like, write something up for me. And that was kind of what von Naj was all about. Dang. And here’s Tod’s birth certificate.

It says, showing him to be born May 19, 1949, to Joyce Bonita Todd, not Louise Hubner, because he claimed that his mom was this famous witch. Right? But his birth certificate doesn’t note that. And again, maybe it was falsified, right? But this whole book breaks down, like, all these inconsistencies about what Tod said and what was true. Here’s one of the really og ones. So here’s the power of the Illuminati, right? Bank of England, France, Federal Reserve, standard Oil.

And then it breaks, know, here are the principalities. You’ve got lasers, Bacchus Pan, Medici set. So a lot of this stuff that still comes up today, this is old school, man. We’re talking mid 70s with a lot of this stuff. And that’s what, 50 years ago. Now, how much do you think this book is worth right now? It’s just one dollars, 1. 95. I think if you just move this decimal to the left one.

I think that’s probably what it’s to the right two. So I think it’s probably around like 200. I was seeing them go for. I paid, I think, $30 for this maybe 1520 years ago. Wow. But it’s a great book, man. And the only other really good deep dive I’ve ever seen into John Tod. Was from a very biased publication. But I think it was called like, catholic magazine.

And they actually sent like, investigators. And went and found all the old occult bookstores that he had helped run. And did even more digging on them. He had a show in Phoenix where I’m at out in Arizona. So I’m sure I could find some info. You should dig up some of those original recordings, man. That would be next level. Seriously. Let me screenshot this screen so I don’t.

Yeah, look at this. In addition, he impregnated his wife’s teenage. Was it, say, sister or daughter? Crazy. That is nuts. That’s absolutely nuts. Have you ever got into Rabbi Marvin Antelman? I don’t think I have. I don’t know if I’ve heard it before. I haven’t read it yet. But I bought all of his books. He’s a rabbi and he was breaking down the Illuminati. I know there’s some merit to it.

I think he was bringing up Mendelsohn. Which will add into our pamphlet that we’re working on. Paranoid and I are working on. Nobody’s heard about it yet. But we gonna put together something amazing. What is that, Mark? Steve, this is a book I bought at the junk shop. That’s a great find, man. Do you know who Jim Hogan is? Or Hogan. Who’s that? The author of this book.

But he writes about. I’ve only read 50 pages. Didn’t he used to only read the first 50 pages? But he talks about the guy who. H-O-U-G-A-N. Jim. And he writes about the guy who invented the silencer. A guy named Mitchell Werble. I believe he was a World War II veteran. And after Korea, he invented the silencer. After the Korean War, he invented the silencer. And then began marketing it under a company called Psionics.

And the military was so impressed with his work. And they were also. A lot of the OSS guys knew him from those days. I don’t know his exact credentials. He’s kind of like a spooky, shadowy figure. Obviously he’s in a book called Spooks. But he invented the silencer. And then he invented the Mac ten. And the Mac eleven. You guys probably know what those guns are because they’re like super pop culture.

You see it in Greek. It’s the classic gang banger submachine gun, right? So he invented that and began basically marketing these weapons to third world countries. And the military gave him an honorary rank as a general, and he started doing all these basically shadow wars in other countries. And one of them that not a lot of people know about happened in Florida, where CBS actually financed these cuban and bahamanian rebels, exiles, to stage an attack on Cuba.

And because CBS was filming it for a documentary, they literally paid for the exiles weapons. So they funded an attack on Cuba. CBS. And this guy Mitch Werbull was a part of reminds me of Jim Jones deadly assassination tool. He used to go around to bigwig financiers and do demonstrations where in an office building, he would show off his silencer by shooting it into a telephone book stack.

And nobody in the office outside of the room even noticed that a gun was fired because these silencers work so well. So just think about, like, this is in the. They’re developing these weapon technologies that not only silenced the firearm, but made them more accurate and more efficient, too, because you wasted less bullets when you use a silencer. They basically proved that in Vietnam how cost effective these silencers were.

I know this is a topic I kind of want to stay away from just because it’s a sensitive one. But it does remind me a lot like the CBS connection reminds me a lot about Jim Jones, because when Jim Jones. When that went down on three, two, two, day of the year, November 18, they had the whole film crew there. The whole news media was there filming all the politician dude getting whacked.

It was all set up for filming. So it sounds a lot similar to the CBS thing and the Jim Jones. I just know that topic. That topic. There’s a deep connection there. The second topic on the second is always gotten me in trouble. I don’t even know what we’re talking about right now. The thing that you screw on the other thing, is that a hot button topic? No.

Well, the word G-U-N it’s kind of like the algorithms of dog where you can’t say treat. So you got to be like, treat. The algorithm is like G-U-N wants to go for A-W-A-L-K. That’s nuts. That’s nuts. Another book that I liked is, oh, man, we’re just violating left and right here, man. Yeah, this stream, it’s that David Icke book. That David Ike book is crazy. I thought it was going to cut it off from the way the camera.

Dang it. But hey, we’re live streaming pretty late at night, so I think it’s fine. Yeah. You got any other cool books? I got another one here. I’ll flip on my other camera, though. I’ll show it first. If you can get a copy of this on eBay or whatever, they’re still not that expensive. I think you can find them for like $30. And it’s these two volumes, and it’s called the Secret Societies of all ages and countries by Heckthorne.

And it is one of the best freaking books because it covers groups that I haven’t still heard of today outside of this book. Let me see if I got. Bam. Sick. Yeah, I’m definitely going to order that tonight. And I was telling you guys that I’ve got a second copy of this just in case something happens to my first copy, because again, I haven’t found this anywhere else.

I’ve found a couple of pdfs and stuff online, which are probably just as good. But look at just the intro, right? Embracing the mysteries of ancient India, China, Japan, Egypt, Mexico, Peru, Greece, Scandinavia, Kabbalist Christians, heretics, assassins, thugs, Templars, vem. Inquisition mystics. Rosicru. And this is book one. Right? And you got a second book that keeps going into even more of them. But yeah, it talks about Rosa Cruz.

So it’s basically just like an alphabetical, but, well, it’s grouped in different ways. So this is volume two, actually. So volume two has a whole section just on Freemasonry. Okay, all this is all Freemasonry. And then in here, I can zoom in a little bit. And then it gets into anarchists. So all these different socialist groups, political secret societies. This is probably going to talk about the black hand, for example, that you’ve brought up a couple of times.

And there’s the Black Dragon as well, the japanese secret society, the Carbonari. This is another one that gets linked to the Illuminati sometimes, I think incorrectly, but it is what it is. The nihilists here, we’ve got just Miscellaneous. The ABC friends. These are the cool ones, right? I’ve never heard of almost any of these guys. Yeah, no, they’re all over. That was. That’s the second book. And then the first book goes into.

Got a big intro, but, yeah, here’s all the groups that this one goes into. So it basically starts out and just talking about the nature of secret societies, how they started, all the different aspects of them. And then it gets into the most ancient ones first. So the magi, the cult of mithras. Right. Here’s the Brahmins. This is another cool thing about this book is that so many of these books that I come across, they’ll focus on just, I don’t know, like european secret societies, or maybe they just focus on Egyptian.

This one does everything. Like, they talk about chinese, japanese, mexican and peruvian mysteries, clothing and bloody skins. This is one of the cool, the big h s word. I don’t know how easy that is to say, but like all the druids, again, this is one of the coolest freaking books I’ve ever come across and I’ve never heard of some of these things. Lodge of wisdom. I could only imagine coming across this pre Internet days.

This would have been an absolute treasure trove. Whole section on rosicrucianism. How many pages altogether is it? Let’s see. Each one is about 350. So, yeah, about 700 pages total between the two of them. Cool. Yeah, I found volume two, PDF, highly recommended, man. Yeah. That’s sick. What were you saying? Mystic mark, you found it? Yeah, it’s available on PDF. Here’s a PDF that I just finished reading.

Read the whole thing. Absolutely. Had him on the podcast. You had him on the podcast? Richard B. Spence. Yeah, twice. He’s great, man. If you could get me to be able to talk to him, that’d be fabulous. He also wrote the Alastair Crowley, agent six six six book. Yeah, he also wrote books about the russian revolution. He’s great. Yeah, absolutely fantastic. I was very skeptical because it had the History Channel logo on it, but after reading it, it made me understand secret societies on such a deeper level as well and how it does play into the spy rings.

Helen Blavatsky was a spy. Alastair Crowley was a spy. And he was saying that the reason Alistair Crowley really went to America was a lot of like Cointel pro operation type stuff from the british government, so he could just muddy the waters. In a sense. It was very chaotic, but going into the order of the Golden dawn and getting the information and becoming a huge figure in it as well, it makes a lot of sense.

And here’s a couple of quotes that he said in that. Secret societies aren’t freakish sideshows in history. Rather, they are usually at the very heart of it. Secret societies are all around us. They always have been and they always will be. And I just posted a link in the private chat where the Freemasons have actually retroactively adopted the loyal order of the water buffalo and there’s a specific, I think it’s a shriner lodge called the lodge of Aleppo.

And they have a degree you can go through where you actually become a water buffalo just like the Flintstones. And they got the blue hat and they all dress up in the Flintstones gear and got a sense of humor. So you could see right there at the bottom right, the Flintstones, just like the Simpsons, have the stone cutters club, but the Flintstones had their own secret society called the Loyal order of the buffalo, and it’s now a real thing.

That’s hilarious. Wow. They did a good job, at least with the presentation. I don’t know. I think that’s pretty hilarious. That’s hilarious. That’s great find. Well, I appreciate both of you. We just hit in that two hour mark. Make sure to subscribe to Mark. Mystic mark got his links down below. And paranoid American. Me and paranoid American are going to have send me monies. Send us all monies.

Yes, please. I don’t have to wear a dress. I don’t want to have to wear a dress on donuts patreon, please. Oh, okay. That’s a good idea. We could do that, too. Tom’s is tough over here, but paranoid and I are working on a pamphlet, which we’re going to break down the Illuminati like none other. Do you want to reveal any of that information or do you want to keep that? Yeah, man.

I mean, it’ll basically be very similar to the homunculus owner’s manual that I did with Juan from the one on one podcast where we break down all the deep research on alchemical and historical homunculi of all different kinds. And then the first one that I did is on MkUltra. That breaks down the entire MkUltra program and all of the little sub projects, and basically it gets into the dirt, right? Fidel Castro assassination attempts, GfK assassination, RFK assassination.

Here, where I was talking about before, about Sidney Gottley being obsessed with the king kill ritual. Here it is right here. Subproject 121, a Yoruba witch doctor study headed by Dr. Raymond Prince from McGill University, focused on studying african mysticism rituals and poisons. That last line there, that last word, poisons. This is what connected Sidney Gottlieb to this research. And I really do think that this is where they found out about the king kill ritual, is through this Yoruba witch doctor study.

Again, Mkultra sub project 121. That’s one of the most wild ones out there. So we’re going to be working on an Illuminati pamphlet that’s very similar to these guys. And it’s going to break down. I’ve still got stacks of books here. Right here’s a big boy. That’s just as big as any of the other ones we’ve talking about. And this is a full breakdown of the bavarian illuminati.

This is one of the better, sort of like real. There’s not a lot of pictures in this one. I’ll say it’s lots of words, but we’ve taken all this information. There’s a stack of books that will go higher than my camera will go. And we’re going to try and plug all the greatest hits into a little Illuminati pamphlet. And this is going to be a special one because it’s going to be kind of in the voice of donut.

So we’re going to have donut kind of be like hosting the pamphlet in a cool way. Yeah, you’ll have my swag up all over there. It’s going to be fun. I’m really excited to be a part of it. We’ve been working really hard on it and it should be coming out soon. And make sure to go over to Paranoid’s website. He’s got his YouTube, he’s got comic books, stickers, those pamphlets.

So much amazing stuff. If you enjoyed the dolphin Illuminati song last night, that was all made by paranoid american. So make sure to go subscribe and mark what you got for us. You got Patreon and you got Robert Spence up on there. Is that on your YouTube now? Wrong button. Yeah, I’m just going to turn my camera off. My connection has been crappy so I’m just. My camera off might be a little more solid, but yeah.

Patreon, YouTube. I got tons of interviews. I have interviewed Richard Spence and that the first interview is on YouTube. I don’t know about the second one, but it’s available on any podcast app. So go and check it out. We’re almost at 5 million downloads. Not 500 million, but hey, one day we’ll be at 5 million is a lot of download. I get like 200. It’s a lot for the podcast.

It’s a lot. But we’ve had a couple of hundred episodes and tons of awesome people tuning in. Yeah, I’ve been on it too. Donut was on recently. Donut was on recently for our end of the year wrap up. I tried to get Thomas on there but he was out partying somewhere. I forget where he was. But it’s okay. I’m going to have Thomas back on the show soon.

I was down in the more to come, more great episodes. I just put out one today about yes, it was amazing. And also make sure to go subscribe to my patreon. I just released the secret meeting. Just the presentations though. So everyone who was actually at the secret meeting got a little more info. But this is over an hour of amazing presentations. Got the dragon decode, got me out in Mexico talking about rituals, documentaries, all that good stuff.

Make sure to go subscribe to that. Got those links down below and much love everybody and God bless. .

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