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SECRETS LEAKED: 100 Proof of Strange Happenings… w/ Richard Grove

By: Doenut Factory
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➡ The text discusses the idea of a non-elected group controlling things behind the scenes, often referred to as the “deep state” or “new world order”. The speaker, Richard Grove, shares his journey of collecting evidence to support this theory. He also discusses the importance of integrity, trust, and a moral framework in building relationships. Lastly, he talks about his experience as a whistleblower and how it led him to question the system and seek answers, ultimately inspiring him to create a solution set called “autonomy”.
➡ The speaker discusses his journey of uncovering hidden truths about history and government through his podcasts and interviews. He emphasizes the importance of integrity, trust, and moral framework in building relationships. He also talks about his discovery of the oligarchy system and the manipulation of historical facts. He encourages people to question and research the information he presents, rather than blindly accepting it.
➡ The text discusses various historical events and theories, including the Titanic, the Federal Reserve, and the Rothschild family’s influence. It suggests that powerful groups use social movements as a distraction while they manipulate events from behind the scenes. The text also explores the American Civil War, suggesting that the Rothschilds may have had a role in it. It ends with a discussion on current events, such as Black Lives Matter, and the impact of fear and division in society.
➡ The text discusses various conspiracy theories and historical events, focusing on fear campaigns targeted at different demographics and the role of education in overcoming fear. It also explores the controversial actions of figures like George Soros and the potential for a World War III scenario. The speaker emphasizes the importance of understanding history and the manipulation of societal discontent by the technocratic elite.
➡ This text discusses the complex history of international relations, particularly between the U.S., Britain, and Israel, and how these relationships influenced major world events like World War I and II. It also delves into the influence of powerful individuals and organizations, such as the Rothschilds and the Prussian education system, on global politics and education. The text further explores the manipulation of American history and education by these entities, and the role of intelligence agencies in serving the interests of the non-elected elite. Lastly, it touches on the impact of media and pop culture on shaping public perception and behavior.
➡ The text discusses the idea that humanity is seen as a common enemy, leading to conflicts and loss of freedom. It touches on historical events like World War II, the Kennedy assassination, and the Six Day War, suggesting that these were influenced by hidden agendas and power plays. The text also mentions the book “Tragedy and Hope” by Carol Quigley, which explores these themes in depth. Lastly, it introduces Richard Grove’s work, which aims to educate people about these issues through his podcast and courses.
➡ The University of Reason offers a twelve-week course called Autonomy, designed to help adults thrive in the world without creating conflict with others. The course teaches how to effectively present your product or service to the market, delegate tasks, and systematize processes. It includes online lectures, exercises with other students, Q&A sessions, and guest speakers. Once you graduate, you gain lifetime access to a variety of other courses, all for a one-time fee.


Is there some sort of non elected above the president group of people that are in power? Like a deep state, or you hear about a new world order, is there any validity to it? What’s the evidence? And then I went around and started collecting artifacts, these facts that are inconvenient to the official story. Like, we know that George Washington and the cherry tree. We know those things are made up. Titanic, a lot of people who were anti federal reserve happened to take that ship that Lord Rothschild said, I’m not going to insure it because I don’t believe it’s unsinkable.

People like Rudyard Kipling, who wrote children’s books to train future spies. He also wrote Jungle Book. Integrity is doing what you said you’d do by the time you said you’d do it. That’s where trust comes from. Because you’re talking about building relationships, right? We need integrity, trust, and a moral framework, and then we can be good friends. Yo, what up? It’s donut and you tuning into all your Illuminati news. And we are here with Richard Grove. Richard, I am so grateful that you’re here. You’ve inspired me so much on my journey, which I call getting wicked smart.

It sounds funny, but I really wanted to learn a lot of stuff. And you inspired it. The way you present yourself, the way you speak, and the books you covered. You did a video about the Illuminati skull and bones, and you brought up this book. Philo’s reply. Yeah. Second in command of the Illuminati. I read this thing and I dissected it. You also brought up Anthony Sutton’s work, the connection to the schooling district, and your interviews with John Taylor. Gotta. I mean, you’ve inspired me so much. I’m just so grateful that you’re here. I can’t wait for this podcast.

How are you? What up, Doe? I’m glad you’re picking up some of what I’m laying down. It’s a pleasure to be here. I’m looking forward to this conversation because you’re hungry and thirsty for all the evidence and artifacts I’ve spent 20 years collecting, so it’s like a big buffet. You don’t have to take it all at once, but yeah, if you want to. Yesterday was the Illuminati’s birthday. That’s an interesting aspect of history as well. Yes, it was the Illuminati’s birthday. May day five one. I’m happy you said that. And you also have this document in your show where you not only get the research but you put it into a file, and it’s like a web.

That’s incredible. Yeah, yeah. If I can put it up on screen for you, I got something like this right here. I started this model in 2008. I used to work in the it industry. I sold software to big companies that helped them visualize their data. Later, after I was a whistleblower, found it necessary to ask some questions and find some answers. And the answers got to be complex enough that, you know, you would need to keep better track of it. So I built a model. So I. What I was showing you first is the originator of Common Core school standards for the world is a guy who’s a Rhodes scholar.

And then the question follows, like, what’s a Rhodes scholar and what’s a big deal? This is a way that the non elected rulers, if you will, construct over multiple decades and generations a way to take away people’s freedom by altering their education into a systematic form of indoctrination, where when you do get posed questions, you don’t know how to take advantage of the resources to find the answers. So people are left assuming, and as soon as people assume, without having the evidence or a chain of causality that makes sense for the decision, action, choice that’s being made, they’re under a form of slavery.

So you don’t need MK ultra, Jose Delgado hooking up stuff to the bull. Like humans, we can assume. And those assumptions, when not accurate to reality, are. Are forms of control. Yeah, I found myself that there was too much to remember in any given line of study. So building out a model and learning how to navigate it and ask questions goes back like, if I take you here, this is 2000 years ago, the Greeks were working on this sort of stuff. And if we move up to today, the applied learning of how human beings work, the applications are called cybernetics.

This is like command and control of human beings. You have a history that precedes the concept, and this concept comes out in a fire in the minds of mental. On page 243 by Bf Chintowski back in 1843, there’s people who have had a higher knowledge of how human beings work, and those people in the non elected ruling class have not used it for our freedom. They have used it to debilitate people’s learning abilities. If we take away the ability for an average individual to meet challenges and solve problems, you’re going to be left with a lot of mental illness.

And when you block people from a goal because they don’t know how to solve challenges, they get frustrated and they get aggressive. And, you know, we have pills and we have cages for people who get frustrated and aggressive. So all of a sudden, the 15,000 hours of mandated schooling now doesn’t add up to, you know, someone who can survive and thrive and support a family and contribute to their community. It adds up to people who are dependent on government to solve their problems all the time. And that would be a good thing if there weren’t so many instances in history where government power has been abused against the individual rights of freedom and of the people.

This is what really got me interested in learning about the schooling system, is that you showed sudden’s work in this graph, and it was, yeah, incredible. The connections to the Illuminati, to the 201 guys. And, I mean, I just absolutely love your work. You bringing up even physical control of the mind that you just brought up, that it goes into these neuralinks, but also these brave new world. Yo, if you’re aggressive, man, you’re going to be put into the jail system, which the schooling system seems to be an imitation of. In Vegas, they actually modeled the school for surveillance and the whole crushing schooling system, just like how this history goes back to control of the mind through the social studies, through.

Through all this stuff. I’m so happy that you’re here and everybody. I got Richard Grove’s links down below. Go subscribe to his YouTube. You also have something called autonomy, an autonomy course. I would like to know about that. And what is autonomy? And I jump all over the place because you can ask any question anytime during the conversation. I’m cool. Autonomy is a solution set that I built after I found out so much about the problem. Like, I found out you’re not going to go into the system and fix it because the system’s made to be broken.

I took skills that I learned during college because. Because college wasn’t going to form my future. I already knew that. I invested $5,000 in myself. I bought into a franchise that did, like, light home renovation and painting, exterior, interior painting. I ran that business for several summers before I graduated. And then when I went into the marketplace, that gave me, like, super skills because no one else had these types of entrepreneur, free market within an objective, moral boundary type of skills. So I excelled in the market. I earned a million with that skill set before I was 30.

And then I became a whistleblower. Yeah, then I became a whistleblower under the federal Sarbanes Oxley statute, which is the same statute. They just whacked that guy, the Boeing whistleblower, the new one. The second one. Did you hear about that? No, I only knew. I’m talking about the first one. I didn’t know about the second one yet. A second one just passed away. Well, Sarbanes Oxley is a act in 2002 that’s supposed to protect whistleblowers. I proved in my case that the person to whom I blew the whistle to, they ordered my termination that day, which is, in effect, the opposite of what they’re supposed to do.

And the fact that I was able to prove that in court, and that guy didn’t go to jail for prison for 20 years, like he’s supposed to, taught me like, you’re playing any rigged game. And I better go back and do a whole bunch of homework before I make any more moves on the board here, because there’s a whole lot of things on the terrain that were not given to me on the map, given through schooling. So then I started reading, and from those reading, like. So then I went out and started asking questions like, is there some sort of non elected above the president group of people that are in power? Like a deep state, or you hear about a new world order.

Is there any validity to it? What’s the evidence? And then I went around, started collecting artifacts. So you were an entrepreneur? And I mean, very successful. I grew up in the middle class. My whole family, one side, wicked smart, and then my other side, from California, one Massachusetts, one California, California side, all entrepreneurs. Didn’t go to school, didn’t go to college. But I learned from. From my uncles how to build relationships, having morals and that. And that’s why I believe I was able to excel. So I’m happy that you even touched on that as well. Yeah.

The first thing that I found valuable in that entrepreneur education was integrity, is doing what you said you’d do by the time you said you’d do it. And then there’s rules about communicating. Like, if I’m going to be late, I would communicate, right. And renegotiate that contract, for example. So, learning how to have integrity with yourself and in the agreements you make, first step. Doing that over time, consistently, then builds trust. That’s where trust comes from. Because you’re talking about building relationships, right. We need integrity, trust, and a moral framework, and then we can be good friends.

Right? So, in that milieu, I was discovering it’s not the schoolhouse rock version of government that we are living under. We have an oligarchy. The votes are like kids in the backseat staring and hoping that the car is going to make a turn. So as I started to discover these facts that are inconvenient to the official story, like, we know that George Washington and the Cherry tree or Abraham Washington. Abraham Lincoln, and he didn’t tell a lie. Right? We know those things are made up, but we don’t know that most of the history that we’ve learned through the 20th century is also just as made up and is not reflective of the artifacts and evidence that are available to we, the people.

So I started back in 2006 with my productions. These were podcasts. These are long form research and educational pieces of content that are evergreen. So if you wanted to know, for instance, about the war on terror and how it started, you could start with my three year series, 911 Synchronicity. That was an investigation. And then I kept finding stuff out. So then I made a new podcast. It was called the Peace Revolution. And I started that in 2009 and took it to 2018, and that was all about the history of the new world order, the history of they.

Them, those who can easily be named in their own words. Here’s, you know, history of the United nations. Here’s the history of, you know, how they took critical thinking out of school. So peace Revolution, episode 23, how. How to free your mind, would be like a Rosetta stone, through which you could see all this other stuff that you kind of discover along the way and put it in a logical, reasonable order. And then along the way, I taught myself to do films. So, one of my best interviews, aside from the ultimate history lesson with Gatto, is this future of freedom that I did with Bill Binney.

And it’s still on YouTube. It’s got a million views. Damn. But it’s very hard to find. So they shut it off years ago. They shut off, like, in 2016. And I’ve been pretty shadow banned since then because of stuff like that. So that’s the NSA technical director, William Binney, before he was in the Oliver Stone film, before he had a higher platform. I did three. What was it? Probably three and a half hours in total. This is a two hour, 35 minutes cut because we cut the brakes and the tape changes and stuff like that out of it, but.

Right. So you’ve been on a mission. All of my work fits together. It does tell a coherent, non contradictory story, but it’s long form content, because if you don’t have the minutiae and the details and understanding of the evidence, you don’t really have anything other than a story. And I’ve never asked people to believe what I’m saying. I ask you to be incredulous and go, challenge what I’m saying and look it up. That’s how I came onto these books. I was like, no way. No way is there a librarian of Congress who’s a Rhodes Scholar, who wrote a book about how the Illuminati and these other jacobin secret societies influenced government.

But sure enough, in 1980s, Billington wrote that book, and he is a Cecil Rhodes scholar. And when you get behind Rhodes and who was he and why does he have a scholarship? The cut to the chase is the british Rothschilds funded Cecil Rhodes. He made a lot of money. He died, he didn’t have kids because that was not his proclivity. He left everything back to the Rothschilds and then they administered his Rhodes scholarship. So you can really say it’s a Rothschild scholarship that is being handed out and it’s in merger with the British Empire’s plan for world domination.

So. Oh, man. Yeah, I got them slides ready. I’m ready to ask these questions. But before we get into that topic, you were talking about your old podcast called tragedy and hope, and now I know it’s not even opened, but heavy book. You’ve read this. So. Carol Quigley, anglo american establishment. When you’re saying british empire, what is tragedy and hope? I guess I’ll start, what is the tragedy? What is the hope? What’s going on here? The tragedy is that all this stuff that I’m about to tell you goes on. The hope is that by maybe people learning about such things, it doesn’t have to go on so prolifically.

Like, I’m not against people running the world, but if you’re doing it by taking away other people’s freedom and subjugating them through pain and torture and a whole bunch of not honesty, then that doesn’t sound like the best we could do. So America had some substance worthy of the british empire not quitting on the War of 1812, which ended 1814. Great Britain goes off and plays on the other side of the world. They play with India and China, they have the century of humiliation, they have the East India monopoly on trade, of opium, and then they come back in a non military way, they come back in an economic way, and they slowly start to take America off course of freedom for individuals and make us more of a doorman or property manager for the international empire.

It takes a long time to do that, and there’s many, many, many decades of interspersed pieces of progress that they make. Right? And they use the, uh. I remember learning this from you, they use sort of the media back in the day, I believe the chata was the most american magazine of the time. So this 1812 was the actual british colonizing America, getting it back. Is that how? Well, if you trace the idea of America getting back with Britain, it starts in, like, the 1890s, and you have people like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. My reference would be the history of the pilgrim Society by the guy who founded the Pilgrim Society.

So this is like, not controversial stuff. This is history. Pilgrim society had a meeting. Conan Doyle said, we should get America back into the empire. He then made a couple books or stage plays or whatever they were doing with his theatrical, you know, literature, entertaining people with a little bit of propaganda within that. And then Andrew Carnegie in 1893, he writes triumphant democracy, which is almost like a pseudo overturning of monarchy. But basically it was a book that is like a globalist book, right? So now you’ve got the robber barons starting to espouse internationalism. 1890s, Rothschild interests and Rockefeller interests see their common alignments.

Rockefeller started with oil, got into banking. Rothschild started with banking, got into oil. They controlled the Nobel brothers oil monopoly over in Europe. So you have these powers starting to align. By 1902, Cecil Rhodes dies. So he dies fairly young. He controlled the beers. He set up the apartheid state of South Africa. He created Rhodesia, which is today’s Zimbabwe. He was a representative of colonizing, and he represented the British Empire, the Rothschild banking interest in Freemasonry. He was friends with people like Rudyard Kipling, who wrote children’s books like Kim to train future spies. He also wrote jungle book, right? So you have these well known.

So this is like, Ian Fleming was also a children’s book author, and so was Roald Dahl. Those are both british spies in America posing as children’s book authors during World War two. But we’re back in 1902. Rhodes dies. He has a last will and testament. In the will and testament. So he had a partner, William T. Stead. So William T. Stead and Cecil Rhodes, they come up and they. They conspire for a plan to take over the world. And they would do so by bringing America back into the british empire. And he said, to attain this endeavor, we should create a society, parentheses, a secret one, based on the Jesuits.

But replacing Roman Catholicism with british empire, and they will promote these ideas and bring America back in, and then they can take over the world. And they say, with America, we can take over the world. So this is not controversial. I have William T. Stead’s copy of that book from his library, the review of reviews. I don’t have a reprint like, I have the actual artifact of the guy who died in the Titanic after he disagreed with the plan. These are important things. There’s a. There’s a federal Reserve building. Well, the Titanic. A lot of people who were anti federal reserve happened to take that ship that Lord Rothschild said, I’m not going to insure it because I don’t believe it’s unsinkable.

Which is also interesting, right? There’s so much interesting stuff in history, you don’t have to hyperbolize it. Like, if you just know where. Where the. Like the veins of gold are, and you dig, you find more and more each time. You dig. I think that they kind of use movements and groups as camouflage, hiding behind it. The left right paradigm, for example. Also, all these protest groups or whatever, we’re hitting at an imprinted level, which Timothy Leary talks about with the autonomic nervous system. So they get us all divided, fighting each other. So we’re not looking at the tippity top is the middle class pretty much collapses.

The tippity top are laughing at us all fighting each other. I don’t know where I was going with that. This is so. No, they need us to fight. They need us to be at extremes, right? So, like, if I brought out an artifact like this. Check out them artifacts. Well, I got artifacts. I got three libraries of artifacts. This is. This is how I roll. All right, so we do this casual view of America. The home Letters of Solomon de Rothschild, 1859 to 1861, printed by Stanford University, edited by Sigmund diamond, who wrote compromise campus, about how our education system was being corrupted back in the sixties and seventies.

This book are letters from a Rothschild scion, a 27 year old Rothschild, heir to the fortune, who was sent to America to stay with the richest families in the north and the richest families in the south. And he can tell you before the war is underway how it’s going to end up and why people have committed to the war the way they have. He goes into the reasons why the war exists, how the war will end all before, like, you know, the end of the war, which is pretty exciting reading when you get into it. There’s a one quote for your audience to pique their interest.

Page 123. Let’s zoom in. Nice. I love your production value. If 12 million people want to secede, you cannot stop them. So the war that the north is going to wage against the south is an unjust, barbarous, fratricidal war. He’s on the side of slavery, by the way. Right? So they’re on the. They’re on the side of the confederacy, the north and the south will attack each other like two locomotives under a full head of steam, meeting on the same track, nothing will be able to satiate the brutal passion for vengeance but death and destruction. When the two sections have exhausted all their resources, when they have seen the flower of their youth die, when millions have been engulfed into the bottomless pit of civil war, they will find themselves again at the same point which they started.

And now, moreover, with a yawning gap between them, it will be necessary to end the war, to write a treaty, to grant mutual concessions. For no matter who the conqueror will be, there will be no vanquished. Each side will struggle to the bitter end for the rights it claims to have. So then he goes on and keeps telling you basically how this is going to happen and various letters as they write right before things take a turn and the war actually starts. While he’s writing these letters, right? So he’s talking about the question of slavery. And in one of these, he calls Lincoln a thief, right? So if there’s a ruling banking family that thinks that Lincoln is a thief, might they also want to remove him? Each supporting a different candidate? They abdicated power to a third thief, Lincoln.

The choice of the Republicans. The cotton states understood that there could be nothing more for them, no security in a union in which the chief of state and all his ministers were their most implacable enemies. So, right there, you have motives and you’ve got means and opportunity. That happened later. But you’re not supposed to talk about these things. You’re not supposed to notice these things, especially in our society. Which is why, as of last year, at some point, this book was going for three or $4,000, though when I bought it, I paid $10. Oh, nice. Yeah.

I mean, I used to go to these swap meets and buy these old books for a dollar. And, like, they’re now worth $300. And their maps on them are different because they’re old. Oh, yeah. Just the idea of Abraham Lincoln, the social study, mind control of the schooling system, would make me think that he would be a Democrat. Freeing the slaves, you know, so even just, like, little things like that with history. So the civil war, that was a banking. Lincoln had to print his own money during the civil war because the international banking powers wouldn’t hook him up, which is a very unusual point in american history.

And then there is a denial. So, like, if you wanted to get into that line of research, right? So you got to read both sides. So what did the Rothschild say? They say they were not on the side of the Confederacy. They didn’t say they supported the Union, which was good because they didn’t. But they said we weren’t on the side of the Confederacy. The loans for the Confederacy came from the Erlanger house banking house. They’re down the street. They’re christians. That’s the official quote from. From Rothschild. Right now, these are european Rothschilds, not british Rothschilds.

So then, for a long time I thought I believed him. The Rothschild banking dynasty did not mess with the south. And then I was doing research on how the Rothschilds had an interest in creating a home for themselves in Palestine. Now this starts back the first Report, 1829 american newspaper, 1830. 418, 35. By 1840, the british empire says, hey, we should take Palestine and make it the home for the jewish people. By 1862, Moses Hess writes a book called Roman Jerusalem. The last nationalist question, where he says, we want to take Palestine. And to do so we will infiltrate, or already have infiltrated european masonic lodges with our own secret society cult.

These are in his words, then they can move about to take that land. So 20 years later, Teodor Herzl comes along, says, I’ve got this plan for this thing that has existed for a long time now. My point would be, in the 1880s, Rothschild, french Rothschilds start colonizing Palestine. 1882. It’s called the first aliyah. I have a book called Rothschild and early, all early colonization of Palestine from Hebrew University. This is official history from the state of Israel. And there’s a whole lot more where that came from. But in this book, they talk about they used these french bankers to do the buying of the land because they were buying up land back then.

They weren’t stealing it. They were going and buying up land from people. They used the Erlanger brothers as a front for that operation. So as soon as I learned that part, I’m like, the Erlanger brothers were the front for this operation over here. And they’re not a christian banking house. They had converted for convenience to obscure mechanisms of their funding. So even in those aspects, I will believe the statement. But when I find stronger evidence of the contrary, like, I can’t give you the benefit of the doubt, Mister Rothschild, that you guys didn’t have the funding arm for the Confederacy to last that long for four years.

So. Yeah, and you know, this whole Middle east thing going on, it’s so strange. And I. How people convert all the time, Sabbatians to frankest different religions or left right paradigm. It’s emotional at the same time and confusing, but it’s not that confusing once you start finding out certain elements that have been hidden. Like, for example, the economist magazine Rothschild. One Evelyn de Rothschild created it. But they don’t like Donald Trump saying, Donald Trump’s the biggest danger to the world. But even though he’s bringing peace to the Middle east, and then you see the people that created, that helped the Belfour Rothschild, all that, they were also with the Nazis as well.

So it just seems like a big camouflage. And it’s a. It’s crazy because I’m jewish and I’m looking at all this stuff, and everyone always points to, oh, it’s the Jews. And I’m like, my parents, like, locked everything. 2008. Yeah. Where’s your special protection? Oh, yeah, all of Israel is pretty much medicated, so it gets emotional. But I’m sort of happy because I’ve been studying imprinting. So, for example, and I just kind of want to get your thoughts on whatever I’m saying. When Black lives Matter happened, funded by George Soros, my friend who’s black was like, I’m not going outside past 06:00 because the police are going to kill me.

He thought that. So that. And then the Asians were scared to go outside because everyone’s like, oh, it’s their fault for. But then the Mexicans were scared because they were going to go into an ice camp. And then, and I think the Christians will be next. Right now it’s the Jews. And I think it’s like this, like, lucian energy divide conquer AI strategy. What’s your thoughts on all that? Like, the position that I’m in is kind of very weird as a jewish conspiracy guy. First off, all the demographics need to have their fair share of fear, bro.

You can’t just leave a demographic out. Like, if there’s Mexicans involved, you got to make them scared of being cold. Like, there’s a whole thing. Like, you just noticed each of those demographics had a specific fear campaign targeting them, right? And then there’s over overall overarching fear campaigns. So the way we get out of fear is through education, experience, knowledge, wisdom, having familiarity with the situation, repetition, all these sort of things. You said the Sabbatians, right? So somebody doesn’t know what that is, and then it gets lost in the gist, right? So I used to be one of those people, too.

Here’s how I got out of the fear and started getting traction. I would look up things. Who is sabotage V, by the way? You can spell his name ten different ways. Now you got to look it up ten different ways. But what’s the, what does the jewish encyclopedia say? What’s the encyclopedia Britannica 1911 say? Right. What are the reference sources? And then what are the books you could specialize on for that? If we went to a guy like Soros, same question, a little bit more complex. Let’s just go. Anything. That’s right, because that’s where it’s weird.

Like, Soros is funding a lot of protests at the colleges right now, but he’s working with also the Third Reich. So it’s just. So continue. Yeah. So there are connectivities and these seeming contradictions can be resolved. Right? So Soros, first off, he’s more like a chaos magician. So even though he’s jewish, he’s anti Israel. Like, Israel has a whole, there’s a whole history behind the beefs of Soros. So when I, you know, if I criticize Soros and someone were to say that’s anti semitic, it’s like, no, it doesn’t, because, like, he’s actually pro palestinian and they are the Semites, by the way.

Right. So in that case, unfortunately, I have to. But I don’t think Soros supports the palestinian cause for anything other than creating chaos. He doesn’t really support that cause, but he will throw money and tents and all these sort of things because this is what he does. In the studio behind me, my teaching studio, on the wall, I have a NATO pamphlet from a meeting in 1993. The meeting is titled toward a New World Order, NATO and the Future of Europe by George Soros. Like, he went there, did a presentation, future of Europe, 93 to 2003.

You have an orange revolution. Take another ten years, you got the Maidan coup. Take another ten years. You got what’s going on right now. Like, there has been a continual push using Ukraine as a prophylactic for 20 plus years. Like almost. Almost like 30 years at this point. So to neglect being able to talk about Soros in that context or his workings with Jeffrey Piette, Victoria Nuland, the transcripts of their calls that I’ve read, you can see supranational hand reaching down inside and deciding who’s going to be president of their state. That’s not freedom and that’s not what America should be getting used for.

But if you’re an empire that took this place over, everything else in this country starts to make sense. Why are we all starting to fight with each other? Why don’t we have the tools to stand up and calmly and cogently communicate with each other? Why does it all have to go to extremes in that Solomon diracile book recounting how the American Civil War started. It wouldn’t have started. Too many people wanted to be neutral. They don’t want anything to do with the extremes. But the more extreme it got on both sides, like the fire eater, abolitionists doing stuff that’s violent.

And then the. The ones who wanted the slavery supporters being violent, it drew everybody from the normal, the neutral, out to the extremes. And then you can have a civil war situation, because now we’ve othered everybody. They’re the enemy. They’re not human. They’re like animals. Treat them like Amalek. You might have heard these things recently. Right? However, if we’re. If we’re just take a look. We’re human individuals with a lot of common needs. This set got this ideas. This set got these set of ideas. No one’s trying to remove the contradictions or bridge that gap and close that gap, suture that wound and understanding.

Everybody just wants to make war because the whole society is based on that. Peace is not funded out in our. Our society. Everybody I know that’s worked on peace for the past 20 years, they struggle for monthly support and things like that. But the other sides, the Soro side, he’ll cut you a check, bro. You want to support Israel? They’ll give you 50 grand. Go support Israel. You talking to John Taylor Goto? This is where I got open to the idea that the Civil War was a land grab. I’d like to talk about John Taylor Goto.

This was the nineties teacher of the year, and he wrote all these books. I dived deeply into it, and here’s a quote that he said, you either learn your way towards writing your own script in life, or you unwittingly become an actor in someone else’s script. What we were just talking about these very imprinted, I would call it, because it’s different than brainwashing. When you’re part of a culture, you can’t just brainwash yourself out of it. Like, it’s pretty imprinted in there. And you can see this with how triggered people get on certain topics. So this technocratic elite understand this, that they can just pretty much know that society, its discontents and its angst, they can just maneuver it into a direction through the century long goals, because it seems like everything on the table.

One other question on the whole Israel topic and everything going on, where do you see all this heading to? What are you? Do you forecast anything from knowing about all these plans? What’s the forecast like? Well, they’re trying to get to, like, a world war three scenario, because then they can take away everyone’s rights at once, put the entire world under various military lockdowns. The provoking of war with Iran is very dangerous. The sending of our new, uh, Gerald Ford aircraft carrier over there, uh, it’s not to protect the Israel Palestine situation. It’s because there’s a whole lot of other grievances in that area created over the past 80 years, really over the past 54 years, since 67.

But things could pop off in a big way over there. And you have Israel’s past experience. Along with the United States. We were involved with Stuxnet, which was purposefully just trying to, like, blow some iranian reactors up and cause, you know, a Chernobyl type of situation. So there’s been a lot of bad blood ever since the 1953 operation Ajax coup in Iran, where the British and Americans went in there and toppled the democratically elected leader, Doctor Mohamed Mosaddegh. However, prior to that, in 1919, the. The British and Americans redrew the entire Middle east. They redrew it before the war was over.

Sykes and Pico, representing the British and the French, Rothschilds. They redrew everything Sykes and Pico said. Here’s Egypt, Jordan, trans Jordan, Syria, Lebanon. They were, like, all british and French Mandate countries, like what we’re talking about. British mandate in Palestine from 1820 to 18, or, sorry, 1920 to 1948. The British also had a mandate in Egypt. The British had a mandate in a couple other countries, like Iraq, which was an artificially created country that they’re just like, here’s some boundaries. We’re giving this whole place to this ruling family. In the Saudis in the 1920s, there was no Saudi Arabia.

Ibn Saud was not the tribal warlord yet who was dominant until he got backed by mi six, specifically St. John or St. John Philby, the father of Kim Philby, another famous spy. St. John Philby went arab, went, married an arab woman, lived an arab life, completely infiltrated and helped to create a muslim brotherhood in 1928, and the ruling saudi power as proxies to control. And they cut a deal to drill for water for the Saudis. But if we find oil, we’re keeping it. And they had a 99 year concession, which is up around right now, because I don’t remember the exact date, but it was 1920s.

You had 100 years. You have what you have here. So now there’s a struggle for energy and oil. There’s a lot of energy in the Palestine quadrant. They just happen to be sitting on a bunch of stuff. Prior to that it was the Golan Heights, but Israel took that during the Six Day War in 67, even though LBJ said, don’t touch the Golan Heights. But they also, you know, they kind of touched the USS Liberty in a very harsh, war crimey kind of way that’s never been properly adjudicated. So there’s a lot of history of one of our best buddy allies, but if you look at our two closest allies, Israel and Britain, you might find a lot of cooperation in their agendas.

That turned out to be a lot of 20th century history that we didn’t need to be involved in. But through deception, skullduggery, in other ways, they brought us into World War one, they brought us into World War two. I could go into great detail how they did that. It’s fascinating history. And I have the papers of Colonel House, the papers of Colonel Gray or Lord Grey, and that’s Lusitania for World War one. And then I have the director of Mi six for World War two. They helped to design. They had the survey of the whole Pearl harbor operation from the Japanese in their spy network.

But because the Americans are so new at spying, we might not have played so well with them if they had told us that they had spies in the japanese side, they had spies in the Hitler side, they had Rhodes scholars in Hitler’s regime. Right. So, like, there’s a whole lot of other history that plays into it. Like, and you mentioned that the royal family in Britain, they supported the Nazis. Well, as of, like, 1806, that was the saxe Coburg Gotha. Germans that took over the british monarchy back then. So now the british empire that we’re talking about in the 18 hundreds, 19 hundreds.

It’s really a prussian empire, which is the origin of Rothschild wealth, and the prussian education system that is used to curate the whole empire. This totally makes sense how I didn’t learn about any of this in the prussian schooling system in America. Right? Yeah. Through social studies and all that. Well, let’s go into that topic now. Yeah, yeah. No, I mean, this is. And everybody, I got Richard Groves links all down below. Go subscribe to his YouTube, go to his autonomy course. Go subscribe to that. Get wicked smart, like I like to say. And you also got the grand theft world podcast, which I tune into long form content, so it is going to get you wicked smart and all that.

Yeah, yeah. So when I came across, like, the work of John Taylor Gatto, he writes a book in 2001. I find it in, like, 2004, and the whole thing just washes off me because I’m I’m really good at schooling. I didn’t get it. I didn’t get it. And then I went out and I kept researching and I found about, like, they. Them, those who created that whole system. And then I went back and reread his book, the Underground History of american education. And now it all made sense. So I needed to go. Like I. The first time I read it, I didn’t have enough contextual information of how the world really works to understand what he was saying or the importance of it.

By the time I got to the reread, let’s say, 2006, 2007, when I get to chapter nine and it’s talking about the cult of scientific management and how that precipitates down into the indoctrination system that we have, I was like, I get this. And I know the people in involved. I know their philosophies. I know the ideologies that drive them. There’s a lot of eugenics and a lot of racism involved in that line of thought of those people that created the system. Now, I got into Gatto’s work and Charlotte Iserbeat’s work and a whole bunch of other people.

There’s Porter Sargent who wrote on these. These aspects in the 1940s. There’s people in the 1920s noticing that american history is being changed to be friendly toward the british, telling different stories to the next generation. Right? Then you get to like 1956, the Reece committee had an investigation into these nonprofit foundations and their Un American activities. One of them was the Carnegie Endowment, the other one’s Rockefeller and the other one was the Ford. They all were there for internationalization of America, to prepare America with merger with international communism. They told the researchers flat out, so this isn’t even like news or controversial.

There are interviews with the Yale graduate Norman Dodd, who worked at JP Morgan and then was the director of research for Carol Reese and produced the report for the Congress. I mean, it’s all on the record, but they don’t want you to know about it. That book on screen right there, that cost me $80.01 time for that pamphlet because I wanted to know how skull and bones controlled education. So I bought that pamphlet. Rare pamphlet, right? There’s only a few of those made. I then saved you $80 because I’m telling you, it’s like chapter eight in his book that you can get for $20.

But I didn’t know that at the time. And I found this little pamphlet to be highly illustrative because when you get into, like, G. Stanley hall, you’re getting into skull and bones, connections to education. You’re getting into the origins of psychology in american anything, right? You’re getting the PhD degree, which is a new type of doctorate that these folks created. And everybody got them from Wilhelm Wundt, and then Daniel Coit Gilman from Yale. Skull and Bones was next in line. And now there’s Columbia University, King’s College, where they’re having the protests right now. Oh, damn right.

Good catch. King’s College. They’re here to make sure we stay in the empire. They just changed their name so they could survive during the non loyalist era of America. And then you get the Rockefeller foundations, and then under that, you have the intelligence agencies. Okay, and I wouldn’t put the universities above the intelligence agencies. I’m just saying the intel agencies serve the non elected robber baron class, and those other elements also are serving that as well. Yeah. This is when you did that video showing that you got that pamphlet. Yeah, that’s. I mean, you’ve inspired me so much, you have no idea.

And I went on this long journey over the last year. It’s been about a year now where I went on a journey to get wicked smart. So I’m super excited. So once I saw you do that video, you also brought up Philo, and you brought up William Wound’s grandfather, Raphael, illuminati member. And then I read the none dare call it education. I just went so deep onto this because the schooling system and the pop culture, the media, the fear, the inflation, right now, everything has been just manipulating me into different things. And I can see it.

I could see how I was manipulated through even MTV and music to, like, a certain style. Right, sure. Yeah. You’re a kid, and then they give you hot topic. You know, this is because they know the psychology of the. The angst of being watched, the government watching over the kids for. For a long time through the schooling system. Plus, the iqs are dropping. We’re growing more dumber. Yeah. No, you’ve been such a blessing in my life, Richard. Well, if everyone’s getting dumber, we need to get learnified, right? That’s where we start. Learn a fight. I like that.

I like that. Learn to find, like, most people that, like Klaus Schwab, comes on people’s radar during the rightfully so. Right? But that cat has a long history. And when you go back and look at the history and evolution of any of these institutions, you’re bumping up in. To. In reality, it’s giving you an advantage, because now you don’t have to. The unknown’s not going to be scary. Sometimes the known’s a little scary, but at least you could do something about reality. You can’t do something about illusions other than educate yourself out of them. So the World Economic Forum starts in 1971, but a year before that, this group called the Club of Rome had a paper called the predicament of mankind.

What do you think that paper’s about? Mankind being the solution to all problems? No, it’s the, what are we going to do to get rid of people? At the end, they have a section and they say, what are we going to do about it? And they say, we should have a yearly meeting, like a world forum. Right? One year later, Klaus Schwab, he develops the World Economic Forum fully in line with the. Because, like, they published the Manifesto in 1973, two years after they found it, right? If you just read the manifesto for the Club of Rome and you look up what you don’t know, right? So here’s the manifesto.

Aurelio Pace, who’s he? He’s some sort of italian industrialist. Who’s this other guy? Prince Bernard of the Netherlands. Who’s he? Oh, he’s a nazi SS officer. Oh, he’s a partner with King Chucky the third. Right? These, these, like. So these are serious players now. So now you got Klaus Schwab coming in and they, you know, start getting all the corporate aspects because their big belief is public private partnership. What do you think that is, man? It’s world. Fascism is what they want. Like, it’s. It’s either fascism or communism. They’re all collectivism. It’s not individual liberty and rights of self defense and right to free speech and right to defend themselves.

Right. It is. They. You’ll do what they say. So they’re taking everybody to the extremes. So by 92, in this train of thought, the Club of Rome publishes an update. And in that update, they say the common enemy of humanity is humanity. And they say in searching for an enemy that we can really get behind, we’ve tried global warming, we’ve tried pollution, we’ve tried this, we’ve tried that. What we can all get behind is that humanity is the problem. So now you have a bunch of death cult eugenicists precipitating down from above our market layer ideas and ESG and DEi and all these other things to take away freedom, to get people fighting with each other.

And this is their purpose. Because if America was not strong, I’m not saying it was perfect. We had a lot of improvements that we needed to do yet, right? But we got corrupted by world War two. We got our hands dirty with some genocide and ethnic cleansing over in Japan and in Europe, okay? We were not held account, and the real Nazis were never held to account. And the people who funded the Nazis cut deals with Ben Gurion for votes, for statehood. And this is all also legitimate history that is not being talked about on either side.

And this is the thing that brings understanding and removes contradictions as to why we had Americans who funded the Nazis, who never got caught for it, who then precipitated power, because that’s a powerful position to get away with that and not get caught. Your Kennedy assassination highly plays in between the people who funded the Nazis, Mi six and Mossad. You got two nation states that are allies and some corrupt people with some things to cover up inside this country because they were traitors. They all get together in an internationalist, non american agenda. By the time you get to the end of the sixties with USS Liberty during the Six Day war.

That’s a case where Israel, unprovoked, attacked a USA listening post. It was an NSA ship, but it had GCHQ government communications headquarters from Britain on board. The British have a treaty with the Egyptians. The Israelis knew if the listening station off the coast of Africa, this floating boat of antennas, if they got that and GCHQ found out, they would be obligated by contract to tell the Egyptians. And then they couldn’t bomb all the egyptian stuff on the ground, so they had to take out the USS liberty or at least try to scuttle it. Brave soldiers and sailors survived and have asked for justice through my entire lifetime.

Yeah. So that’s cool. Crazy. Yeah. It’s just like the imprinting. Like I said, they. They use key words like black lives matter. Right. That’s such a key word. Or Israel. Right. You’re going into some belief systems. They’re reading the scriptures, so they. They use these words to manipulate for these bloodshed rituals. It’s just absolutely try. It’s tragedy, right? Speaking of tragedy and hope and hopefully uncovering all this. Well, that book, just real quick for your audience, because I never did close that loop. So that big 1300 page book that you showed was published in 1966 by a Georgetown professor of the Edmund Ace Walsh School of Foreign Service.

His name was Carol Quigley Carr. O l l is a dude’s name. He had been mentored by a Cecil Rhodes Rothschild scholar named Crane Brinton. Then Quigley mentored Rhodes scholar Bill Clinton, who became a Rhodes Scholar agenda president for this country, which is pretty far out. I think we might have lost some secrets to Israel during his term. Don’t remember. Right. Well, there’s a whole bunch of stuff going on back then. So now. Yeah. So what did Quigley do? Well, Quigley did not write a book to piss off the establishment that he would lived with and was friends with in Georgetown.

He worked with all these people he discovered because a whistleblower came to Quigley. And the whistleblower is from the Cecil Rhodes Roundtable group that was manipulating 20th century history to be ending in the version of the British Empire’s liking. Right? So, roundtable, group of conspirators. Guy says, I’m going to blow the whistle. Who you gonna blow the whistle to? Who would print it? Nobody. Nobody was like, there was nobody to print it. So he goes to this professor, and he says, hey, I like your work. I think you’re a good thinker. Here’s what I got going on.

So Quigley writes that down. 200 page book, Anglo American Establishment, published posthumously in 1981. He would not let it be printed during his life. So in 1948, he writes, anglo american establishment. He says, here’s a group of people with international agendas, and they have subverted America with their agenda. America is in distress. Okay, that’s the COVID of the book, 1981. So why did he wait 40 years to publish it? Well, he spent the first 20 years after that, 18 years researching the story to see if it was true. Is there anything to this guy’s story? And he went and he researched.

I think he’s the only person allowed to read the full extent of council on Foreign Relations archives on the actual history, not the stuff they tell you in a newspaper, but the actual factual. So from that, now, he’s like, I’m going to write this big book, and within this book, a couple pages, I’m going to give some clarity and transparency to the reader. So the book comes out in 1966. He says, on page 50, the Rothschild International dynasty, working with, like, the british government and Hitler’s banker. There’s a whole bunch of interesting stuff right there. Bank for international settlements.

Nazi. Nazi bank. Right? Yeah. And then by the time you get to the publication of tragedy and hope, it goes out, it sells out immediately. They find out what Quigley did, and they tell him, there’s no demand for your book. We’re not reprinting it. In reality, they said, destroy the plates so this book can never be reprinted again. So in 1968, they have a cover up come out, and it is the second half of the book. So they delete the first half of Quigley’s book. They’ll let that, they’ll let the second half go. The second half is under a title, the World since 1938, a history by Carol Quigley, 1968.

It’s verbatim the end of tragedy and hope. It’s half the book, but you don’t get to know who started the story, right? So now Quigley, he calls, his wife calls, they try to find out, they get lied to. So he’s in a, he’s in an audio tape with a New York Times reporter called Rudy Maxa in 1976, shortly before his death. And he recounts all this stuff so you can listen to the dude talk about it. Real secret society, real whistleblower, real consequences to knowing this stuff. And so he says on like page 960, I’ve known and been close to many of the agents and instruments in this conspiracy and I have no aversion to it.

I think only that it’s purpose and works should be known to history. Well, that’s kind of the big problem, that it’s a secret. And if he says he’s against it, they’ll probably just whack them like he saw JFK within a year after he writes this. RFK, MLK, Martin Luther, like Malcolm X, that’s the people who funded the Nazis. Those are the CIA and Mossad and mi, six parts that were in the processing of nazi war crimes and cleaning up of those war crimes afterwards to make it look like the people that are responsible aren’t going to be held responsible.

And again, Hitler’s bad. I think the people who funded him and covered it up and like, like massage the data, they’re probably worse because they still, they, they assumed power after the Nazis resigned and surrendered to the United nations, not to the US and the allies. Yeah, I mean, it’s absolutely wild. Richard, I got all Richard Grove’s links down below. Go subscribe to his YouTube channel right there. Go do it. He’s got the autonomy course. Go take that course and go to Grand Theft World. I got all these links below where you can actually get more than you do on YouTube.

The long form content. Although your YouTube, you do put out some amazing clips of the long form content over here. Grand theft world and your twitter. Where can people find you? What’s on your agenda for, where would you like people to go? What can we look out for? For content from you? And the rest of the year, the best place for resources is richardgrove. So you have a whole bunch of like free courses and stuff. I give to people who are like trying to improve their mentality and their ability to have free market enterprise and a moral objective framework.

So we’re not taking away other people’s freedom as we do it. My podcast is the grand grand Theft world podcast. We do it Sunday nights live for 7 hours. So we go to like four or 05:00 a.m. And we digest all the news from the week and we compare it to reality, and we bring in evidence and resources and lots of books. Lots of books and deep dives, and it’s, it’s for nerds. And during the week, I teach at the University of reason, and my flagship course is called autonomy. It’s a twelve week training course twice a year for adults.

And we’re in week three right now. We enroll for the season till week eight. So if people are interested, you can still check it out and get your skills on before this summer. Right. And for, for everybody that isn’t part of the autonomy course. Can you give us a little information of, or a little suggestion maybe, of how should, if you’re a business owner like myself, working on products, working, working on books, working on movies, documentaries, can you give us any suggestions that maybe we can learn in the course on how to. Maybe if we haven’t accomplished our goals, we’re halfway through the year pretty much, almost.

So, yeah. Does that make sense? Yeah, for sure. First off, like, the reason I teach it is for adults to have the things that we actually should get from an educational, so we should know how to survive and thrive in a world without having to make predator, you know, prey situations with other people. So being able to make your offer to the market in great enough numbers where you can find the people who support you and leave the rest to do whatever they do. Right. And you focus on the people who support you. So once you have an offer and you know how to put it in the marketplace, then there’s the delegation, the systematization, and those are all like, advanced aspects of, I mean, when we get people into the course, there’s been 700 students that have gone through.

So if you want to know what it’s like, like, listen to the people, tell their stories of their transformation and check out what they got. And for my part, I provide the structure. So it’s like a dojo. Part of it is online lectures. Part of it is exercises with other students. Part of it is question and answer sessions twice a week with the entire student body. Part of it is guest speakers and, and then part of it is when you graduate that we have a whole university of courses that people have lifetime membership to. So it’s a one time, one fee, get in, you have it going on, and you can make friends and continue those relationships for years to come without some other paywall issue where they couldn’t afford to stay member and these sort of things.

Right? So after running communities online for 20 years, I’ve come across things to do and things not to do. Like, you don’t push, persuade, convince, and connive people. You lead them with inspiration and value. And the marketing should be form and function demonstrations of what you do. And these are skills that I appreciate and use every day. And I just wish more people had the choice. Not everyone has to do this. This is an aggressive course of study. It. It has people from 18 to 85 that have gone through it. I’ve got, you know, the son of Einstein’s former mathematics partner.

I’ve got a former presidential candidate. I’ve got a former Navy SEAL. There’s a lot of high quality, high speed people who have gone through, but I’ve also had kids that are like, working at Starbucks, pouring coffee, and now have a thriving sales career not too long later because they learn the skills of solving problems. And you do that through having conversations, right? So, like, the first thing we teach students is like, the interview skill set, how to ask questions, listen, and then if you can come up with a better plan and get an agreement, you can turn that into a sales skill set.

But it’s really just a problem solving skillset that we apply, like in a corporate or marketing sense. In the marketplace, they call it sales or executive skills, but these are all needed by everybody pretty much throughout your whole life. Dope. Awesome. Well, thank you, Richard. I appreciate you for getting us all little more wicked smart. I look forward to watching your next shows and hopefully we get a chat again soon. I really appreciate the invitation, Alex. This has been a scintillating conversation, and I hope that the, the evidence and artifacts that I have marshaled today for your audience stay with them for a long time, because these are the preliminary artifacts of understanding reality.

And if you dig into any of the things you were incredulous of when I said them, if you, you can’t find the answers, come to grand theft world and put them in the chat. We got all the documents. We got the documents. We got it. All right. Much love, everybody, and God bless you. Peace.

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