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SELF-HELP: The Luciferian Agenda of the West w/ David Gosselin

By: Doenut Factory
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➡ The discussion revolves around the influence of self-help culture and its roots in eastern cults, which have been adapted and popularized in the west. The hosts discuss the potential dangers of this self-centered approach, suggesting it can lead to a loss of individuality and a susceptibility to manipulation. They also touch on the role of cults in creating artificial family systems, attracting those who lack a sense of belonging. The conversation ends with a critique of the idea that success is defined by the ability to do anything one wants, linking it to the teachings of Aleister Crowley and the potential negative impacts of this mindset.
➡ The text discusses various conspiracy theories and symbolic interpretations, focusing on figures like Candace Owens and Kanye West. It delves into the concept of Satanism and Luciferianism, suggesting that these ideologies promote self-worship and narcissism, which the author links to societal issues like the rise of selfies and the obsession with self-image. The text also explores the idea of a scientific dictatorship studying us through AI, and references Aldous Huxley’s works as examples of predictive programming. Lastly, it criticizes the media’s focus on trivial matters amidst serious global issues.
➡ The text discusses the paradox of materialistic individuals being drawn to spiritual practices, suggesting that even those with wealth and power seek something deeper to fill a spiritual void. It explores the idea that humans have a unique ability to develop and master knowledge, and that this potential is often suppressed by distractions like sex, drugs, and rituals. The text also suggests that powerful figures throughout history have offered people a form of spirituality to control them. Lastly, it discusses the allure of mystery and how it can be used to manipulate behavior.
➡ The speaker discusses their journey from addiction to sobriety, attributing their recovery to a spiritual experience and living a life with morals. They express concern about the current societal trend of seeking spirituality through substances, and the discomfort this creates. They also critique the push for religion in the red pill movement, arguing it doesn’t align with the teachings of Christ. Lastly, they delve into the idea of changing self-image, suggesting that without changing our fundamental self-perception, we tend to revert back to old habits.
➡ The text discusses the influence of drugs and altered states of consciousness on society, particularly through pop culture and institutions like the Esalen Institute. It highlights how these elements have been used to manipulate group dynamics and individual behavior, often leading to harmful consequences. The text also mentions the use of neuro-linguistic programming and hypnosis in these processes. Lastly, it touches on the appeal of Eastern philosophies like Buddhism in this context, suggesting they are favored for their potential to disrupt traditional Western concepts of reality and consciousness.
➡ The text discusses how some Western interpretations of Buddhism and Christianity are being used to promote self-actualization and enlightenment. It suggests that these interpretations often oversimplify or misrepresent the original teachings, and are used to sell ideas of personal freedom and godlike status. The text also criticizes spiritual leaders who don’t live according to their teachings, and warns against the dangers of being influenced by substances. It ends by discussing the use of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to manipulate people’s thoughts and feelings.
➡ The speaker discusses his long-term friendship with Matt Ehret and their shared interest in classical culture and Renaissance ideas. They believe that Western civilization has made significant progress in science and understanding the mind, despite various challenges. They also discuss the concept of a new Renaissance and the potential for humans to develop superpowers, drawing parallels with comic book culture. The speaker criticizes the modern world’s detachment from sacred wisdom and the push towards a post-industrial, sustainable society, arguing that it could lead to suffering and hardship.
➡ The text discusses the evolution of society, highlighting how human advancements like the industrial revolution and space programs have shaped our world. It criticizes the exploitation of cheap labor and the illusion of abundance created by globalization. The text also emphasizes the importance of understanding our history to address current societal issues and suggests that our focus should be on real economic activity and creativity, rather than just financial gain. It ends by encouraging readers to question the narratives they’re given and to strive for a society that values innovation and environmental sustainability.


Yo, what up? It’s donut and you tuning in to all your Illuminati news. We are here with David. I am so excited. David, do I pronounce it Gosselin? Gosselin. Like, like Ryan Gosselin, my third cousin. That’s what I was thinking. And you got this age of muses sub stack. We’re going to be going over self help human potential in the luciferian perversion of the west. It’s going to get nuts. How are you doing today? I’m good, man. Thanks for having me. Love the show. Like I was just saying, you guys are having a lot of fun there.

It’s nice to see. Yes. So Matt Ehret, I recently did a show with him on the Knights Templars and I discovered him through his mind control Rockefeller in the Klinins in the UFO agenda article, which I thought was fabulous. And you wrote an article on his canadian patriot slaying Mithra. What does this mean when you see it? As we’ve been going over Mithra, we’ve been going over the Esalen Institute, the mind control. What would you say this title means? Because it’s a very captivating title. Right. Well, as Matt has been going over these old school roman empire mithraic cults and everything around that, I mean, they never really went away, you know, especially if we consider like the Templars and the Crusading.

This kind of thing in the theme with this article though is that these are eastern cults, right? So these, Mithra was originally a persian solar deity. And it’s very common though if we look at most of the cults that the Roman Empire, empire is important to the west. They’re eastern cults, right? So they take certain things and synthesize them and they create new cults out of this, right. The priesthoods create these new mystery religions. Mystery being very important. Slaying Mithra, you know, Mithra was the guy who slays the bull. So we gotta slay the guy doing the slaying.

In a sense that’s the first degree. And then just the idea of like self help human potential. We’ve all seen it, this self actualization stuff where like you’re gonna reach your fully actualized self and you just have to dissolve your ego and break away from all the limiting beliefs. Yes, rich dad. And you’re going to become like Oprah or what the next Joe Rogan, take some acid with your buddies and quit your job, leave your relationship, start playing the bongos and you’re going to become. You’re going to explode, and you’re going to attain your full self.

We’ve been really exposing over here is that whole psyop for sure, yeah. So, yeah, that’s the gist of it. And, you know, the luciferian perversion of the west. You know, I was thinking a lot about once I start to look into more of this self help stuff. For example, dianetics, L. Ron Hubbard’s dianetics, which became the template for Scientology. That’s what Scientologists practice. It’s dialogue. Dianetics, essentially, this is one of the first self help books. And actually, I had just walked into my godmother’s house during the holidays, and I saw this on a stack of books.

She doesn’t. Not scientologist or anything, but she has a lot of books. And I was like, what the heck is this? And you start reading it, and it’s America’s number one self help bestseller, the modern science of mental health. You turn it to the back. Tell me if this sounds familiar. How can you maintain a positive attitude? What is the source of stress, problems, and negative emotions in your life? What is stopping you from accomplishing what you want? How can you get in control of your life instead of life controlling you? Goes on. Explosive. Number one best help seller with the power to change your life.

Sold over 100,000 copies, which I don’t believe they probably bought them and resold them kind of thing. And was that book L. Ron Hubbard’s book? Yeah. So, you know, you start to get. There’s a million of these, right? There’s a million. Like, fast forward to Tony Robbins, which was very much inspired by psycho cybernetics. And fast forward to Twitter and, like, the countless life coaches and gurus. And the thing about all this is it’s. It’s self centered, if you will. The whole. It’s all based on the self. And that’s where. Do what that will. Yeah, if people aren’t careful, you’re being fed something.

This is like, Tony Robbins is the exoteric sort of popular consumption form of that. But that’s the whole point with cults, is that, you know, as you go into these different cults and you ascend into different levels, you’re promised knowledge, or gnosis, of, you know, secrets. And this is how you’re going to achieve these higher powers. This is how you’re going to be initiated into the X Men, if you will. Oh, okay. Okay. I can’t wait to get into the X Men stuff with Aldous Huxley. There’s just so much. All the topics that you talk about this is going to be so valuable.

And you just coming straight out the gate with the L. Ron Hubbard. I know that Marks Hubbard also was part of Esalen Institute. Yeah, there’s a lot of gurus, right? So if we just like zoom out and we just appreciate this whole. In the west at least, right? Because the thing is, a lot of this is they’re saying the theosophists and these guys, they went to India, Crowley, they’re all, they’re all kind of dropping. If you hear the names that they’re dropping the spirits. A lot of it has a kind of eastern feel to it. And so they’re all.

The idea being that they’re importing or they were rediscovering the west, western civilization is being reintroduced to these archaic techniques in ecstasy means of achieving mystical states, accessing mystical states. The main idea being that with the advent of Christianity and even classical Greece, you know, Plato, Socrates, there’s an emphasis on developing your powers of reason, right? And that the senses are a shadow world. But there’s something more that we can apprehend once we fully cultivate our reason. They’re saying that’s bad. Like, that’s where it all went wrong. Because now man became stuck in his head and he became sick and neurotic.

And obviously there’s, you know, there’s all sorts of mental health stuff. And there always has been, though. But there’s been a. In the media, right? This is really pumped up. And a lot of simple solutions to living good lives are sort of just skipped over, right? Like simple truths that if we don’t practice them, for sure, life gets a bit confusing. But that’s that selling point for every cult, right? That’s what becomes clear as we study cult creation and which is the kind of thing that Esalen and all these nodes, you know, this does veer into the Mansonian, right? How do you create artificial families? That’s what cults are.

And so who is drawn to these artificial family systems? There are often people that don’t have a sense of family and a sense of belonging. And there’s a million different reasons for why we could feel that. And a lot of them are legitimate, right? People come from all sorts of backgrounds, but then that’s the access point. So then you promise people, there’s a promise of self actualization, of you’re going to become whole. That’s a big one, right? You’re going to sort of bridge the gap between your heart and your mind, which Christianity and greek philosophy had sort of separated.

And so that’s the big thing. And I, funny story, when I shared my article which started to make the rounds on Twitter, the first one, I had a Krolian thelemite that wrote in the comments, I don’t know how he found my article, but he said, I read your article and he said the reason that western civilization is collapsing is because of christian orthodoxy, because human beings were no longer able to access mystical states. That’s what he said. But you’re going to get that over and over again. This thelemite the dilemma. This is Aleister Crowley, one who does as he pleases.

So do what that will. Or going back to even Hasan Asaba assassin order, everything is permissible. And I was just watching the fresh and fit podcast and they had eastern orthodox on there kind of arguing with some of the guests. And the guests were saying, what is success? And it’s being able to do anything you want to do at any time. And I was like, oh, that sounds very like Crowley. Kind of like what has been pushed to us through Tony Robbins and just this whole move. But what I wanted to say is like they got three 2000 followers and I was just looking up the family because Charles Manson, he went to Esalen Institute before he committed his slayings with his family.

And I grew up Juggalo. I don’t know if you know what that is, but they’re called the family. So everybody’s family. Everything’s like family. So I thought was interesting because that’s like a cult on its own. Just the three two two connection is that he was released out of prison on three two two. And this is just something that keeps on repeating over and over like skull and bones. Three two two. So most recently, Candace Owens doing this illuminati eye on the New Yorker. She got baptized at three. Kanye got removed with three two, 2 million followers daily wireless removed.

Candace Owens on three two two. So it’s just something pattern recognition I’ve been looking out for. And this three two two ties back into skull and bones where it’s originating from with the cilician pirates who were a mythra cult. Yeah. And these guys are big on that. You know, like, I don’t personally believe in a lot of the symbolic stuff per se, but the bad guys do, you know, in the sense, like, they do have a lot that is there. So it’s not like, yeah, it can be a red flag, you know, people, some pattern association.

It can go both ways. It’s a double edged sword, right. But yeah, absolutely. And I was just going to say, though, I think part of the problem that people have when we start to wade into these waters is everybody’s got this cartoonish plastic devil horns style idea of satanism. And so when you start talking about certain things, they’re saying, oh, you know, like, you’re talking about conspiracies and da da da and like crazy ideas. It’s like, well, actually, no, you have crazy, cartoonish ideas in your head. And that’s why there are certain things that you just, you don’t see because you’re saying, well, there’s no guy with dude with devil horns sacrificing on the stage, although they’re starting to, like, act that out playfully.

Right. So, like, you’re just crazy. I don’t see any of that. But there’s a distinction to make when we talk about the Luciferian and the Krolian and all these things, is that like, Satanism is technically, it’s the worship of Satan, if you will. But then the Luciferian, it’s the worship of the self, right? And that’s why Crowley, Thelema, it’s the divine will. It’s that. It’s your will. That’s how you tap into the divine is by actualizing your will and breaking away from everything that is societal norms and the culture and all that, your family, that you’ll access this higher divine thing.

And the problem is, obviously, we do all have a unique self. There’s over correction, you could say. Or traditionally there’s been an over correction where the other extreme, like the radical orthodox, is just like, don’t do this, don’t do that, don’t sin, follow these rules. And finally, it’s like conformity is to an extreme degree, that’s not good either. If everybody’s a unique image of God, that means everybody has a unique self, has a unique spiritual journey, and things they have to develop. Right? We all have thumbprints. Unique thumbprint. Yeah. So there’s plenty of signs there. So it can go either way.

The Luciferian is kind of, it’s the other extreme. But obviously it’s going to take abuses, let’s say, from our actual culture. They’re going to emphasize certain things, right? You want to sort of create grievances, so you’re going to focus on certain injustices, not because they really care to fix those injustices. Right. The Luciferians want, they want to reduce the world population to like 2 billion people. So all these idea, all this talk of compassion and, you know, nature and openness and all this stuff, it’s a lie. Right. That’s just how they’re framing it to make us feel.

To make somebody feel good, you know? Because we’ve all been in the world, so we’ve all seen things that are like, hey, this isn’t right. But that’s the in, right? That’s. That’s the end. And that’s what people have to realize. But then it’s like, what is this self? What is this worship of self? I mean, look around. What happened to America? How come selfies? How come they weren’t able to see iPad? Yeah. And it’s created this feedback loop. It’s a murder of self, too, that has happened. So it’s so weird that the self, like, what Satanism is, is pretty much what Alistair Crowley do with that will.

It’s all about worshiping the self. But it’s funny, because we live in this self centered culture of narcissism, and narcissism is on the rise, but that is a murder of the self, according to, like, Alexander Lowens and whatnot, that they’ve cut off emotionally from their actual self. This is like a scientific technocracy, but this scientific dictatorship that’s studying us through the AI and whatnot, can be traced back to these hark sleeves. And you started off this essay with a quote from Aldous Huxley, and I got him doing that illuminati. I. His eyes, like, gouged out, which is kind of weird, but brave new world was really my first red pill, I would say, reading that in elementary school.

And maybe that’s why I never got on any of these, like, prescriptions that society was really trying to put me on. It started off with the. For the radical and permanent transformation of personality, only one affected method has been discovered, that of the mystics. Is that what you’re talking about? These cults? The mystics as these cult of Mithras, Demeter, Sabel and whatnot. Yeah. And, I mean, there’s a million varieties. That’s the thing. That’s why he says the mystics. Right? And you. You pointed out an irony there. An important one, is that, well, hey, aren’t all these technocracy and, you know, these eugenicists and all the.

They’re very. They’re radical materialists, right? So why do they care about the mystical and spiritual if they believe that we’re really just an assortment of atoms and molecules and that the whole universe is ultimately just governed by randomness, and that human beings, or like a butterfly or a snail, they’re all just different variations and combinations of molecules but central to the loose variant idea is that man and nature are not separate, so we’re just another animal in the biosphere. And so it’s a very materialist idea, like Darwinism and all that. Malthusianism, which inspired Darwin. Right. It ultimately comes from, you know, culling, a philosophy of having to cull the herd, and the fact that mankind was able to develop science, technology and ways to just prevent the constant dying off of people from XYZ disease and poverty.

They’re like, that’s the problem. See, they’re saying that took away the natural, the check of natural selection. And so if we’re really going to be in line with nature and the spiritual sort of qualities of nature, we have to put that ginny back in the bottle. At the end of the day, that’s what they’re at. But they’re radical materialists. And yet, if you read something like Aldous Huxley’s island, this is his last book of predictive programming. So you talked about brave new world. Island is 30 years later. So this is his final masterpiece of predictive programming.

And what does it look like? It’s really just a utopian flip side of brave new world. People are on an island. And really it’s a medley of psychedelics, tantric sex and controlled breeding. Breeding people for different traits and breeding out the other traits, or giving them activities, giving the dullards, giving the aggressive people, putting them in different kinds of work, have them climb mountains and stuff. The whole selling point for this one, for the people there, is that they don’t want materialism anymore, they don’t want industrial civilization, because now they have maithuna, they have the yoga of love.

What is it? At the end of the day, it’s psychedelics. People in open relationships and playing the bongos, or something akin to the bongos. Cardi B’s new song is called bongo. And like, that was like the wet, erose genitalia for the world to see trending number one on the algorithms. Interviewing president of America. Like, that’s the importance of society today. And her new song is Bongo. So I just thought that kind of. Kind of funny that that’s funny. And, yeah, I mean, it actually is funny, though, right? Because, like, I would. I don’t watch Tim Dillon, you know, comedian Tim Dillon, podcaster, one of the last shows you’re just doing, it was New York Times.

It’s like a front page story, a feature on a 20 person polycule. And so it’s just 20 people in a polyamorous relationship. And they’re looking at all the dynamics and, like, how do you set boundaries and da da da. And it’s just like Tim Dillon pointed out, though, they’re running news stories like that every week. We’re, like, close to World War three. We have a giant financial bubble. There are solutions to all these things. And yet the paper of record is leading with, here’s what you need to know about a 20 person polycule. And it sounds just like Aldous Huxley’s Island.

I gotta read that book. That’s crazy. But here’s another Aldous Huxley book, the Doors of perception, which inspired the doors with its military connections to that band. And here’s the Beatles yellow submarine. And it’s all the doors. It’s like the doors of perception. And this is all about the acid taking. Even Pierre Bernard, a banker, the great om, who was putting underage girls under mind control and even got arrested for it, is the guy, like, responsible for bringing yoga to the west as well. So more of, like, the east stuff. Not saying that stretching and calisthenics is a bad thing.

It’s just that why is a banker in charge of all this? I mean, is absolutely wild. You even got Bloomberg has his own mithraeum. That’s a fun fact. We’ve been covering Mithra quite a bit. But what I love about you, what I love about Matthew Arrett, is your research, also digging it up, because I do focus mainly on symbology, and I think that it’s absolutely. It’s useful. Awesome info. So everything you’re talking about, we’re into over here, and everybody go subscribe to David’s substack. I got all the links down below. Just remind everybody to do that and, like, the video and share it out.

Why are they obsessed with the mystical if they’re really materialists? Well, you just pointed out another paradox, right? Why is, like, this big banker into yoga and interested in popularizing yoga? In my Mithra article, it talks about how Arnold Toynbee was a very high level anglo American Chatham House. Like, these are the brain trusts of the brain trust. And he said, when people are looking back on the 20th century, they’re going to find that the introduction of Buddhism into the west was one of the most pivotal changes in modern western civilization. That’s a strange statement to make, technically.

Like, why are these british geopolitical, sort of aristocrat psyop, you know, magicians talking about that. And the reality is, as Huxley recognizes, people have a spiritual hunger, right? Like, we’re not just flesh and blood, no matter what. Look at the billionaires, right? They have all the money, they have all these things, and yet. So why are they getting involved in all sorts of cults and secret societies? It’s because you need something that’s going to give you a deeper. It’s going to fill or try, right? It’s the idea is they’re trying to fill a spiritual hole. In some sense.

The real, the smart bad guys know that you have to give an alternative. You have to create an imitation, right? If people aren’t going to genuinely develop that creative spark, that actualize that, develop an identity that’s, you know, made in the image of God and develop their talents and all that, and be able to recognize that in other people and all the good things that come when we sort of allow that to take over, if you will, if you don’t want people to do that because of the implications in terms of economics, society, morals, that’s the big thing at the beginning of my article.

It’s that there issues the Renaissance and the legacy going back to Christianity in ancient Greece, that was rebirthed with the golden Renaissance, where this idea of man being made in the image of God, idea being that the microcosm and the macrocosm, the mind of man, the ordering of the mind and the ordering of the universe are coherent. The universe is not irrational. And we all have this Promethean spark. We have this ability to develop and master knowledge of fire for the greater good. And that’s the genie that was let out of the bottle with the Renaissance.

That’s what the bad guys in the Stanford Research Institute document, the changing images of man. They’re like, that’s the thing we need to change. How do we create a new image of man that doesn’t have this separation between man and the rest of nature in the sense that man is unique? The real mystery is that man is unique. We’re not just an animal with automatic instincts. We have instincts. They’re there to keep us alive, right? We can’t wait for everybody become fully self actualized angels or whatever, to have a society, right, or for people to survive.

So we have all these automatic systems that do the work for us. But the idea with human beings is that we don’t have to stay there, right? We can develop our reason and sort of come to a higher understanding of what these things are all for, right? And how we master our higher capabilities. If you don’t want people to go down that road, you have to give them an alternative. You have to create an imitation, something that’s going to mimic that sense and that mystery that is naturally there. The mysteries. We’re creative. Human beings get ideas.

They’re able to make discoveries and transform their ability to act in the universe. And over nature, we’ll never fully understand all of that, but yet we have an ability to cultivate that quality and that power. And it’s in children. Right from the time people are little children, they’re saying, why? Why? And this is trained out of them. So that spark is there from the beginning. And if you don’t want that, then, yeah, flood people with sex, drugs and whatever, that will give them the sense of these mystical states, right? These rituals, playing bongos and your heart’s going up and everybody’s dancing around the fireplace or whatever.

You know, there’s a million varieties of that. And so they’re saying this is how you’re going to access mystical states. This is what modern civilization robbed you of, right? Don’t you want to go back to that? Aren’t you tired of breathing in like, the soot, right? Aren’t you tired of your cubicle? Obviously there are problems, but that’s there in. I like camping, but after a day or two, I want to go take a shower and get back in my bed. Is it really that much of a selling point when you hear how these, these cults, it’s all going backwards? Instead of like progress of building, it’s going, no, I don’t want to do that anymore.

I want to go be cared for by like the mother, which could be like the mother goddess. And so what I’m hearing is that, and please tell me if I’m wrong, but from what you’re saying is that these oligarchs, these tyrannical people and governments all throughout the ages gave people a sort of missed spirituality. So they’re like, here’s a spirituality because they know we need this. And also, didn’t they also give their cults, like Mithra was a roman soldier, like a warrior cult to give them something, but that wasn’t all, like the order Adelphi, maybe, that it’s like, here you go.

But that’s really not the real stuff that the people are actually worshiping that, but they give people certain things to worship for it. Yeah. And I mean, I feel like these things are worth taking the time to appreciate in the sense that, like, the selling point is mystery, right? If you want to get somebody to break profile or to change their behavior, mystery is really, this is like the behavioral scientists will tell you this if you’re the Harvard business people. What’s his name? David Cialdini. Something Cialdini. They’re behaviorists. So Cialdini wrote the book with Cass Sunstein or, no, sorry, he didn’t write.

He wrote another book on nudging, which is from behavioral science. Cass Sunstein wrote the first one. He was the top Obama guy with Richard Taylor. And so like Cialdini, who’s an expert in behavioral science and nudging. So how do you get people to change their behavior and make decisions unconsciously without having to prompt their conscious decision making processes? Cause as soon as you start, it’s like in business, right? As soon as you start giving people too much information, they’re like, okay, I’ll have to look into it. I’ll have to think about it. And a lot of sales is just how you get to.

Yes. How do you just get the person to be like, you know what? Let’s do it. You turn that into a science and you get our modern magicians. And Cialdini pointed out, like, if you wanna, if you wanna really captivate people, you need mystery. So at the end of the day, like, that’s the thing people have to recognize. There’s, there’s the idea of the magicians, of magic. It’s not new. It’s not really magic. That’s the point. It’s tricking people and it’s mystifying them. Right. Creating illusions that people are like, how is this possible? How are these pyramids built? There must have been other civilizations, galactic civilizations with secret knowledge, man.

We don’t know how they built this. Right there, there’s a gnostic mystery called quality being injected into the conversation. Tucker Carlson, he’s on Joe Rogan. And right out of the gate, aliens. Aliens. My source is aliens? Yeah. And even Joe Rogan is like, how do you, what if this is like a military disinformation? Psyop. Or he’s like, do we really have any evidence? And so he actually, yeah, and Tucker, he went full hog. So that’s a tell the alien stuff. Whether we’re talking about the magic of like, psychedelics and, and like, dissolving your ego and having this mystical experience, or it’s the alien gnosis, right, of lost civilizations.

This idea of mystery is everywhere. And it does work, right? Like, and people have a natural hunger. But what is that hunger, really? That’s what I think to, like, really fight the bad guys. The whole idea is we do need to have, there’s a spiritual war, if you will. Like, is that hunger just for illusions and magic and things that make us go, like, wow. And yes, I’m ready to change my life for like, this exciting ride. And then you get into it and like 510 years down the road, it’s like, yeah, maybe you shouldn’t have, like, left my job, got divorced and done a lot of drugs for the last five years because now the honeymoon period is over.

Same. I fell for it, bro. I fell for the whole social engineering. Like, I became very addicted to the smoking pot and other substances and all that. Yeah. But I got sober and I’m almost at my nine year sober mark. And I mean, what I found out through recovery is the only way to get sober, according to Carl Jung. And I like to get into Carl Jung is to have a psyche experience, which means having a spiritual experience. That means praying to God and having God do the work that, you know, and then living a life with morals as well on top of that.

So it’s all about action. And what we were searching out for was God and spirituality. So. But we used alcohol or drugs because what we were really looking for was God. And we have this malaise in society and this discomfort which continues like, even today. It’s a daily. Because we live in this society that I’m not sure if you got into civilization and it’s discontents at all, but we live in a pretty crazy world and you talk about aliens. I’ve been looking into John C. Lilly who did the dolphin experiments. He also taught at Esalen at the.

Towards the end of his life. What’s your thoughts before we get into Esalen? Of all these different people, first with Oprah, the secret, but now with the most googled man in America, Muslim, Ben Shapiro. Jewish. Candace Owens at three, two, two. Baptizing Russell brand. Doing weird symbolism and then being baptized fresh and fit. Everybody. Pushing religion now in the red pill movement. But they’re also telling us like, stuff that seems to not align with maybe the way Christ lived and whatnot. What’s your thoughts on all that? This is what I mean. A lot of that motivated me to write this article.

Right? And it’s in two parts. So, yeah. Anybody who is. If people read the first part, like, and it kind of ends on like a cliffhanger, there’s a second part. It’s all on age of muses or Matt’s canadian patriot. I got the link down below everybody. So go check it out. But that’s it. This is the issue, right? Like we’re seeing there’s a new re patterning that’s going on, and it’s happening really fast. It’s impressive. You know, I like to give the bad guys credit, you know, where credit is due and. Yeah, like, because people are now industrial civilized, they’ve been trying to create this post industrial utopia for a while.

Like, again, I cover this and I linked to other previous papers where I go more into it. The Stanford Research Institute is saying we need to eliminate this judeo christian ethic that culminated in the golden renaissance. So it’s not just like, it’s a very specific idea where with the Renaissance you had the idea that every, because every individual is in the image of the creator, everybody has access to God and the divine. It’s not something that needs to be mediated by a secret priesthood. You don’t need to join a cult to access mystical states of consciousness and all that.

And so obviously they’re going to create that to sell that to you. But that, because everybody has this kapak stay this godlike spark, God like capacity, reason, right? We like children asking why? And that hunger to sort of understand and understand ourselves, understand God, understand nature. People having that as an identity. Unleash science. This is what they say they write. Interestingly, the Renaissance scholars turned to the Greeks to rediscover the empirical method. The Greeks possessed an objective science of things. Quote out there, which D. Campbell terms the epistemology of the other. This was the basic notion that nature was governed by laws and principles which could be discovered.

And it was this that the Renaissance scholars then developed into science as we have come to know it. That sentence right there is what I’d say most of the spiritual, theological, economic, political debates. They’re not appreciating what here the bad guys cleanly lay out. I think that’s important because it’s like the real ones are smart, right? That the Luciferians, they’re either really dumb or they’re very intelligent. And I think there’s a lot of good people where we’re all just in the middle, and you don’t realize that there are these very. Some people have a very sophisticated understanding of these things, like these sri guys with AI involved in it as well, with our cell phones and the haptic technologies.

Like, it’s on another level. Yeah. And the key here again, it’s called the changing images of men. So they’re saying, how do we change the self image that man has of himself? And like, further in the report, are they. Right, like in psychotherapy. Right. And in any kind of therapy, one of the biggest obstacles that people encounter when they’re trying to change is there is this self image that even, you know, you want. People want to get sober, they want to do this, they want to, like, change their lives, and they’re going through all the right motions and they’re doing all the right things, but there’s something that just keeps pulling them back.

And so what they’re observing here, which just comes from the studies of psychotherapy and clinical work and all that, is that unless people change that fundamental self image, which is like a felt thought, right. It’s not something intellectual. Unless there’s a way to undo that, people will tend to just revert back or they won’t make it all the way. Right. And if you go half the way, sometimes it gets even crazier. So would that be the ego, the self image? I think it’s a part of it in the sense that, like, people are going to give different names to it.

It’s a bit more the ego. Sure. And that this specifically, like here, the self image, for example, is associated with this judeo christian image of man in the image of the creator having access to the powers of reason. Therefore, what they’re saying, though, is this unleashed a culture of individualism where people were not just beholden to superstition or just like a rarefied form of religion without actually getting into developing these higher, God like powers, not just going through the motions. There was a change with the Renaissance, where this idea became very popular. Dante’s comedy, you know, the commedia Dante goes from hell to paradise.

But what is paradise? It’s not just like he’s just jogging on a road and it’s all diamonds and there’s just, like, fruits and sex everywhere and everything you could possibly, you know, that the senses could possibly desire. Beatrice is taking him through a journey of discovery, right? He’s asking questions, why are there those black spots on the moon? Why are things like that? Why are things like this? He gets this childlike awe at the mysteries of the universe and wanting to get acquainted with those mysteries, which is getting acquainted with God. And so he keeps going deeper and deeper, and that’s how he ascends.

That’s a metaphor for kind of what happened with the Renaissance. And so naturally, you’re not dependent on these secret initiations and priesthoods to develop your mind. And it’s a conscious thing at this point. It’s not just some people that have it, and they’re magicians or they’re gnostics, right? They’re. They’re knowers. It’s the idea that it’s universal. It’s universal. And so you got to break that. And if we can pull, put our behavioral science, psycho cybernetics cap on. Okay, so we’re magicians. How are we going to change this self image that man has of himself? And what is the more, what image do we need to create? And so then they go through it.

They’re saying we need to go from an age of abundance to an age of new scarcity is what they call it. So this is the 1970s. They’re saying we need a new scarcity, and we have to proceed with the idea that man has to do more with less, that earth is fragile, and that the previous culture that was unleashed with the Renaissance and the tradition that that’s bound by has led us to an unsustainable way of living on the planet, and man is destroying the planet. And so we need to put the Promethean fire back. And how are we going to do that? Well, we need a new ecological ethic.

And so it’s this Gaia centric thing, which all of a sudden, lo and behold, I mean, it’s not new. They’re just, they’re going back to the old roman and greek, you know, pagan earth cults, nature mysticism, of which myth, raism was, as Carl Jung remarks, and is in my, he’s quoted in my piece, mithraism was considered like the. The holy grail of nature mysticism. So man and nature are no longer separate. We’re like all the other animals. Sure, there’s different mystical qualities and experiences, but we’re all part of this mystical biosphere. And the way that we achieve spiritual fulfillment is by tapping into this mystical sort of energy and through these rites and rituals, which is really just get people into a frenzy.

Get out the bongos, get out the drugs, rev up the polycules. Everybody’s going to get in touch with that, you know, missing part of themselves. Yeah. And you got bankers who were pushing the mushrooms on Life magazine, which was created by a skull and bones member on top of all of that, Terrence McKenna’s and all. It just. It’s all wherever we’re at now, especially, I like to look at the pop culture. What they’re pushing people now is more of a brave new world. Soma, I feel like more so with the population. And I’ve had some very interesting conversations with people who have been on these sort of pills for a long time, and getting off of them and even getting off of the pills that have been pushed, it’s very dangerous.

You can actually die from that, from the withdrawal. So, I mean, talk about total, like, uh, servitude. But a very fascinating conversation, though, that I had a few days ago about, uh, when Obama was running because that was being flooded. OxyContin was like the synthetic heroin was a thing. But that’s what all the rappers push today is the scissor and the lean and the purple drink. And they make it fun, they make it sound cool, they make music for it, they make it sexy. I just like the hippie movement. It’s crazy to see this going all the way back to the elysian mysteries, that this is nothing new under the sun, that what’s happening now being developed at places like the Esalen Institute.

Can you tell us a little bit about. Right, yeah. So Aslan was created in 1963 in Big Shire, California. It was 1961 and 1963 by two of these guys. So basically in my piece, I think I call it the mystery Mecca, modern mystery mecca. A key concept here that Esalen, because we’re talking psychedelics, we’re talking all these drugs. And I know, you know, people there are, people have positive experiences, right. It’s not all bad, but it’s like anything else, right? Like a lot of the self help stuff. It’s, you know, neuro linguistic programming. That’s another thing that I’ve talked a lot about, which the book that developed where neuro linguistic programming was introduced, it’s called the structure of magic.

And such a study. Oh, you have that book? Yeah, but I’ve been. Yeah. Richard Engler. Yeah. There’s part one and two that was part of the. Andrew Tate, uh, like the guy who was in control of the cult, the wizard. There was a video him saying that he had everyone in Andrew Tate’s cult read that book. So I bought it because we were going over me medic magic, me magic and the frogs. And he wrote a frog book before that and all the like, shaman stuff that continue. Yes. Yeah. So that’s all that is. So that that’s key in the sense that.

So Esselin is basically altered states is the key word here that if people get like one concept out of it, is that the idea being the way we’re going to break this idea of one reality, one God, one consciousness, even like the idea there’s reason and all that we got to create multiple gods, multiple consciousness, multiple reality. And so the way we’re going to do it is through altered states going to introduce, there are all these mystical ways that you can access all these hidden parts of yourself. And this is Terence McKenna, he says, like, psychedelics introduces the idea that consciousness is not just one.

Right? Timothy Leary, same thing. Western Christianity, classical Greece imposed this idea that there was one reality and this is haunted, man. He says, since that time. And so the way we’re going to break that is we got to introduce new ways of accessing, quote, mystical and altered states. So Esselin was very much a vanguard of the psychedelic movement. And as you said, like all these different characters, all these gurus that we’ve heard about, they’ve all passed through Esalen. Now if you read their book and you get like the real Estelin intellectuals, they’ll just tell you like, yeah, we don’t.

We didn’t, we didn’t cosign any of that. Like, yeah, they used different insights and things that we were studying seriously. But these gurus just were bad people, hucksters, people playing shell games and selling their spiritual wisdom. And so, yeah, they just abused it. So that’s what they’ll say. But then when you look at what Esalen is really doing, it’s like, no, they’re just a more sophisticated, actually, like a much more intelligent approach to it. Right? It’s not, it’s not Jim Jones or Charles Manson, but they were pioneering methods that you would find in the Jones cult, in the Manson cult.

And a key one is you have psychedelics, you have groups, you have group dynamics. This takes the form of like family therapy or at Esalen, they have encounter groups. Encounter groups is a big one. And all this stuff, which also group dynamics comes from Tavistock. So that was the mother of psychological warfare in the post war period. And so they’re saying, how do you introduce new ideas and how do you change behavior? And one of the big insights was that you can’t really change things at the level of single items or just at the level of individuals.

You have to change groups. If you want a new idea to take, you don’t just go directly, you bring it into the group and then you create situations where people arrive. You know, they’re given certain choices, right? False choices half the time, or they’re given suggestions, right? If things are set in a vague way, like Richard Bandler, he’s one of the co founders of NLP, makes the point like hypnosis. An important part of embedding commands is you’re vague, but you’re systemically so. So you’re saying things in a way that, like, we all support. We all like nature, right? Think of like the green trees, green grass, blue sky.

Isn’t that nicer? Than, like, the soot and people being in cubicles and all that. Everybody can you, like littering or do you want to love a good, like, yeah, yeah. And so everybody can emote with that. But you’re creating gaps. You’re. When you’re creating these hypnotic inductions, you’re going to say things in a vague enough way where there’s a gap creating the person’s mind that they’re ultimately going to fill in. So they’re ultimately going to come to the idea that you wanted them to come to. And the better a magician you are. You know, one of the chapters in this is the sorcerer’s apprentice.

How do you become a sorcerer’s apprentice? The better you are at speaking at rhetoric, the better you are at creating those gaps in people’s minds such that people are like, oh, wow. And I finally, like, realized. And obviously, for AA and all these different things, like these things, you need a support group. You need these family systems. But that’s what they’re modeling, that these groups function as artificial families. So, yeah, we didn’t have good families. We’re trying to change our lives. You need a support group. You need something that’s going to. That’s human. But the nature of evil is that they’re like, okay, this is very powerful.

This works. So how do we model these dynamics and now start applying them to military ops, to creating counterculture movements, to infiltrating anti war movements, sending all sorts of weird people on the campuses, flooding it with drugs, and sort of changing the character of the whole through little tweaks here and there. But that once they take. And because people feel that they’ve come to these things on their own, you’re not gonna. They’re not gonna shake it off easily. Right. Their identities have been re patterned. Have you ever read Alan Watts? I’d like to know a little bit about him, because when I was younger, a huge fan, he has a book called the book when I was 18 years old, reading that from, like, a Las Vegas culture of just worshiping power, drugs, women, like, that’s Las Vegas, learning about Buddhism.

It’s funny how that was all. I really liked it because it was so opposite of how I grew up. It was so different. And then Alan Watts, even in the new movie, her transhumanism movie, it’s not new, but how Alan Watts, like, takes over the AI. Really? It’s a great film. Yeah, I would check it out. Her. Yeah, I’ll check that out. And, yeah, well, yeah, I mean, Alan Watts and I haven’t read too much of his stuff, partly because I’ve read so much of all these things that, like, you get that you start to see the gist and there’s a pattern and all of it.

And he’s heavily featured in the book that I use. Like one of the main books that I used to write, this 12,000 piece deep dive. So this is Esselin. This is the book that I read to write the slang Mithra piece. Oh, shit. And like Alan Watts and the philosophies of all the gurus that sort of were formative to the Esalen program, Alan Watts featured heavily. And basically the reason they like Buddhism. Why do they like it? Because my contention, I think it can be shown. And if you speak to any genuine buddhist, you know, like in Asia, the actual classical Buddhism and the things that are the sort of foundation for the chinese and indian civilizations, they’ll tell you, like, what watson these people was pushing is not the real thing, right? Lo and behold, they’re taking certain elements that are useful and they’re, they’re synthesizing it for a western audience.

And the main idea in the theosophist tradition, for example, they’ll talk about Christ consciousness. So what they’re going to say is that. Yes, like Christ was like a buddha, right? So Christ, which is like the foundational sort of everything is tied into the image of Christ. They’re saying Christ was an enlightened individual, just like the Buddha. Buddha consciousness. Christ consciousness. And we’re supposed to imitate Christmas, right? Like any good christian, you’re supposed to imitate, basically Jesus is the logos incarnate. He’s the flesh. And because we’re in the image of God. Yes. Like every individual should be imitating the logos made flesh.

That is Jesus, right. And so they’ll take that and they’re like, oh, yes, yes. And so you too can attain this godlike status just like you can attain Christ consciousness. Christ consciousness is there for everybody to reach after. And the reason they like Buddhism is because in Buddhism, again, like, it’s its own civilization. So people want to just like mix and match, but you can’t because technically there’s all these other routes. So if you want to take the other stuff, sure. But the people want to mix and match a lot. I support meditation, all that, just to be clear.

So I’m not like, frowning upon it. But what they like about Buddhism is that the idea is you can reach nirvana in this world. You can reach 100% awareness and actualization in this world. Whereas in Christianity there’s the idea that like, nobody’s ever going to be fully redeemed or nobody is. There’s no God. Nobody’s going to become God in this world, right? The God is transcendent and we are an image of that. So we can imitate that and develop those qualities in ourselves. But that doesn’t mean you become God. The theosophists, right? If you like, if like go back to like Mithra and stuff, the I, the promise, the cell is that we can become gods.

You can remove all those limiting ideas, all those. The shame. All the shame and the moralizing and the dogma. You can throw that all away and you can become your full, whole, complete self and then you’ll be free. So that’s their selling point. And so Buddhism, their superficial interpretation is like, yes, so we can all attain Buddha consciousness. We can all attain nirvana and redemption, and then you’ll be whole and you’ll be free. That’s their actual, that’s the cell, right? Then you just got to look at, you know, who’s Alan Watts, right? He’s part of the buddhist theosophical lodge.

He died of alcoholism, you know, just. Right. That was always a weird thing. Crowley. Crowley died a heroin addict. So, you know, if we want to disabuse people from bit of this magic, because some of it is, you know, there’s, it’s enticing or they’re speaking to certain things that we can relate to. Like, yeah, there is, you know, XYz problem, but like these people, they don’t, they’re not walking the walk at all. You know, nobody’s perfect. But if you’re dying of, you know, a heroin addiction in your fifties and sixties or of alcoholism in your fifties and sixties, and you spent your life preaching about how this drugs and sexual liberation, all that is going to froze, and yet these people went full hog in all these things.

They got snuffed out early through their, through their lifestyles. That’s useful, I think, to demystify, at least for people like, hey, you know, that, like these people, like played out. I think that’s what we forget. You know, we, we want to play these things out all the way. Like, okay, you reach your full self actualization. What are you going to do then? You know, and so everybody, yeah, I tell everybody about my sobriety and I, that’s all I do. I don’t push anything I’m all about because a lot of these spiritual teachers, they’ll be drinking while they’re preaching.

And I’m just like, you’re being influenced, though, by a substance. So is that even them speaking? So I. Yeah, yeah. And it’s like, you know, we’re not here. We’re not casting aspersions at all. We’re just trying to demystify. Like, there are good ideas, there’s. Bad guys will take good ideas or healthy notions, and they’ll find ways to imitate them, but to pervert them, to repackage them, to advance their own goals and, yeah, like, I love all the stuff you’re saying is really connecting all the dots for me because I’ve always been confused because I’m like, man, but, like.

But now it’s making sense. How. Wow. This right here will help use this, the psychic, the collective massive psyche, to move them in a certain direction. But it’s not like they believe in Buddhism. They’re like, yeah, we can utilize this to move them. Maybe that’s what’s happening now with all the religious stuff, to move the masses because we’ve been in such debauchery for so long. They’re like, okay, let’s move them this way for. For something a century ahead of us, like, for in the future that we don’t even know. Yeah, this is dope. Even the secret, the move.

Like, my hypothesis is they released the secret on Oprah, who stayed in her home for three, two, two days. Coincidentally, they released that right before the economic collapse. So the reason I lost my house, I lost my business, is because I wasn’t positive, you know, that’s what the secret. And so Andrew Tate coming out saying, you need a hustle. And the harder we hustle, it doesn’t even matter because of inflation, right? So we’re not looking at inflation. We’re like, I’m not hustling hard enough, or it feels the same. It feels the same. I mean, you’re not wrong.

And. Yeah, like another you. So what psycho cybernetics is a lot of. When you say the hustle stuff, a lot of it’s self image, right? It’s the feedback loops. Like, so psycho segment ideas being, imagine your best self. Imagine yourself killing it 24/7 you know, all day and hustling and, like, get it done and da da da. Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with that, technically, to a point, right? But if that becomes your obsession, your religion, right? Which is what the bad guys are in the business of selling these synthetic religions, these cults. So psycho cybernetics is all.

It’s just images. Imagine which is a key word in NLP. Or if you’re going to put somebody in a trance, close your eyes. Imagine that you’re in the desert, and you can feel the hot air, you can see the clear blue sky, and you got to make it visceral. And the person goes into that altered state. They’re more relaxed, and you take them on a journey and you play things out, right? So imagine this now, the year’s 1970. Go back to when you were five years old. Remember when your mom said, and you’re going to keep playing it out.

And people, we all have memories, right? We have muscle memory. So people are going to feel these things come up, and you can guide people, and you can link new thoughts and images, right? And 95% of it could be true. But then if there’s a 5% that’s not true and that’s being placed there for a specific reason, and then, you know, the trance is over, you’re back. The subconscious had just been accessed, right? You went beyond just the conscious. You went into the level of felt thoughts. People could feel things, they could feel their memories, and that’s where you put in the new stuff.

So, obviously, if we know how that works, it’s a lot harder. You know, the magic wears off. So, Tate, if you’re saying, you know, and they talked about NLp, it’s like, yeah, he. He’s organizing all these young kids, right? He’s speaking to very young people, and he’s selling this stuff. And a lot of. Some of it is, you know, it makes sense. And, like, 95% of it is probably good work out, get muscles. Yeah, but then it’s like, yeah, go to the gym like that, but that’s not. Is that really like a, you know, take. I take cold showers, go to the sauna.

You know, the. You’re gonna do all that, you’re gonna feel better. But then it’s like he has also. I mean, all the evidence suggest you’re trafficking. You’re. You’re actually doing all these things. There’s all sorts of videos. Like, this isn’t hidden. So you see, there’s this. They’re just tapping in to certain desires and the spiritual hunger and the sense of despair and disenchantment, right? We’re in a disenchanted world. And so if you can sell re enchantment, if you can sell sort of people getting re enchanted with some idea that will give them meaning, then it’s like you got a movement.

What’s your thoughts on. I won’t keep you too much longer. This has been mindful rush. I can’t wait to edit this. I got some questions on the aliens. How did you meet Matt Ehret? I mean, me and Matt are longtime friends. We’re in the same, like, I’ve known Matt since I’m 17. I’m 33, so Matt’s 38. I think so. Yeah. We know each other for. We were roommates for a few dudes. Got your head on the shoulder. We’re Montreal City boys. I guess we’re tucked away in Canada, you know, so it’s like we’re still exposed to everything going on, but we’re also a bit removed from a lot of the action, you know, in a way that, you know, so we were introduced to.

We came upon different ideas, really, around the idea of classical, renaissance, classical culture and all this stuff that pretty much the sri changing images of man document is like, we have Plato, Socrates, classical Greece, Christianity. We have to get rid of these things. These are the things that we sort of. We got a classical education as, like, a makeshift one, but technically, in many ways, better than what you’d find in the best sort of institutions because it wasn’t. There weren’t gatekeepers. And one of the books that Matt, I’m sure Matt will 100% agree that was pivotal in sort of putting the pieces together was this book, the science of a christian economy by Linda LaRouche.

Just because it lays out this whole Renaissance idea and the revival of the classics, you know, like, if you go to Florence, you’re going to see you have this sort of rediscovering the classical texts, the ancient Greeks, the myths and all that. But it’s also new in that it’s the Renaissance. So there’s a new sort of christian insight into these traditions, and it’s just so rich, like western civilization. If you look at everything that the west has accomplished, you know, we’re not talking about the vampire cult. In spite of these crusading vampire cults and these magician priesthoods, these babylonian and, you know, egyptian cults, roman, persian cults, western civilization unleashed an idea of progress and science and an understanding of the mind and the mind’s ability to unearth the mysteries of the universe to sort of.

To actually, they become clear, right, that man has these powers, these creative powers. And so you have this explosion of art. You know that the COVID is the Duomo, right. It’s one of the architectural wonders of the world, which to this day, architects are still. They don’t fully understand how Brunelleschi was able to build that dome because it’s so big that you can’t have the scaffolding. You can’t have all the traditional means of building the big monuments that have been built across time. And Brunelleschi never shared his secret in terms of how they were able to sort of build the dome progressively without needing any supports.

So there was a geometry. What’s this building called? Well, that’s the Duomo in Florence. Okay. Santa Maria del Fiore. And so, yeah, that was like, that’s the symbol that this city state, which, you know, this is where da Vinci was active. This is where Brunelleschi, Michelangelo and a lot of minds. Jordan Maxwell, he always said, because I’m big fan of his, but he says what needs to happen in America, like, in the world in America, is a new renaissance. He, that’s what he said. And he’s been talking about secret society since the seventies. And he said, he always says that’s the solution is a new renaissance.

And I find it interesting that Beyonce just titled her album Renaissance. And I’m like, I wonder if they’re like, they’re not even wonder, but they’re totally. I asked what this was because I’m gonna edit this video and show the images. So I wanted to make sure I showed the right one. Right. This is just like connecting dots, you and Matt, I’m big fans. Now I’m gonna have to just read all your articles too, and get wicked spot. That’s my journey. This is a wicked smart journey. I’d like to talk a little bit for a little bit more since we got a little bit of time.

I want to go through some of the key points of this article you wrote. And I have the links down below. Everybody make sure to go subscribe to David sub Stack. I got those, but I wanted to talk a little bit about UNESCO. Huxley. Huxley. Julian Huxley, who created new UNESCO, coined the term transhumanist. And these aliens coming out of UNESCO heritage site is like, it’s all connected to this save the planet that we see in a lot of these slides that are all in the presentation of King Charles. Even this slide, behavioral. The whole schooling system was set up by like, the Hopkins three, two, two.

Skull and bones going all the way back to William Wundt and Illuminati. All behavioralism. Pavlov dog got the bell ringing. Yeah. So I just want to get your thoughts on the Huxley’s, the X Men, the X society. Twitter is now x, the aliens. I know I just do a lot of crazy altogether, but that’s, it’s like, welcome to the world, right? That’s. That’s what people are being. I’m surprised that, you know, even people are talking about, like, the Tucker Carlson interview and Joe Rogan. And it’s all like, oh, this great clip. And this great clip is like, guys, like, and what about the first, you know, what was it, 1015 minutes, where he’s just railing about aliens and that there’s these, basically, he’s saying there are these super natural or super normal.

See, the, one of the key words that Esselin uses that, like Huxley and the human potential. Aldous Huxley. So his brother is Julian. Right. So right there. There’s a connection when you start to see what one’s working on and what the other’s working on is the idea that there are these secret, these superpowers. Man has superpowers in the east. They’re called the siddhis. So, like the meditation masters, right? You have different things you can do. Like, if you can control your breathing. You know, I do breathing exercises and stuff. So, like, if you want to control your heart rate, if you’re anxious, well, you can’t tell your heart to slow down or if your mind is busy.

But the way you change your heart rate is you change your breathing. And so there are many different techniques that one can practice in terms of, like, breathing. You know, are you breathing in, you know, a certain amount, and you extend the exhale, and, you know, there’s different mental things that you can do as well. So there’s a whole school, right? Like, when you go into the east and you study, I have, like, these big books, right? There’s. There’s a million different. It’s a whole world, right, of meditation. They’re called the siddhis in the east. So in the west, they’re like, yes, X Men, superpowers.

Matt, let me. This book, actually, our godswear’s fandex, it’s actually really fun. It’s about the relationship between the whole, the comic book culture, X Men, which is like the exoteric version of this esoteric sort of developing superpowers, gnosis. Right? So you will develop this secret knowledge, this theosophia. Right? Theosophy. It’s sacred wisdom. So this sacred wisdom is what’s been hidden from everybody in our sort of modern world. And now we can finally get back in touch with it. And so people, in every way, they’re being bombarded with this stuff, whether it’s aliens or whether it’s, like, dei, right? Like, all this sensitivity training and whatnot.

They’re like, renaming in the schools, what is it all organized around? It’s organized around this idea of a post industrial new scarcity, right? That the biblical floods and fires of global warming unleashed by man’s sins against mother nature, right? The dirtying of the purity of the earth goddess and all that is leading to our destruction. And so salvation is going to come by creating a new sustainable society. And everybody has their part, right? We all have this collective self sacrifice. Yes. We’re going to have to do more with less. Yes. People are going to have to sort of tighten their belt.

But there’s this moral sort of purpose and meaning thing that is hungry over them, right? And shame is very much leveraged that, you know, if you don’t want to live in this post industrial psychedelic utopia, you’re selfish. You’re just a materialist bad person, really. And so it’s that felt thought, right? Like there, this is in the younger people, right? When you’re getting hit with all this stuff, when you’re like 510, look at all the evil that human beings have done compared to like the pure, contrasting with like nice and pure nature. Despite the fact that like if you get rid of cities, if you get rid of industrial civilization, you want to see how quickly people, you want to see suffering.

You want to see people dying of all sorts of horrific diseases, of infant mortality, you know, like everybody just losing children, you know, from day one and being traumatized with all these things. You want to. You’re going to get that real fast. So they’re not going to tell you that, right? They’re just framing. Think of the green trees, think of the grass, think of people dancing, you know, being one with themselves. And you’re not in a cubicle anymore. It’s a trance. Alan Watts was really pushing all, and I really like what he was saying, but he was pushing like, he’s like everything is squares that humans make the cubicles and we try to control that.

Man creates squares and nature is all wiggles. Which is true though, like, and it’s like, oh, that is interesting. And you can learn some essence of that and open your mind to like, wow, that is kind of wild. How. But it’s like we’re building societies and stuff like that. Like, you need that stuff. But continue. Well, here’s, but here’s the thing, right? Like we can do a simple thought experiment here. What if, okay, we’re in our current society, but we’re building new renaissance cities, right? We’re building things like new Renaissance duomos. We have new space programs, right? We’re greening the deserts, we’re developing fusion power.

Right. You’re also gonna have cost of living. Everything’s gonna go down. A lot of that is directly tied to the energy availability. And before even oil, think of before and after fossil fuels. People don’t realize that what was available as power and how that defined the boundary conditions of human activity. I can take a train, I can go across the city, I can get place. From a to b, the space time is different. So before space time was much more. Well, it was much more dispersed. You contract spacetime when you have a high speed rail linking your major civilizational hubs, and when these are linked with other civilizations and you have that interplay, you can have.

If that’s based on real economic activity, based on developing man’s creative powers and that that’s what we’re channeling in our economic activity rather than monetarism, right, which is this, we’re increasing the exchange of numbers, really, of digits and the values on paper, right? So it’s just, it’s an accounting thing more. And obviously, as long as you have a thriving sort of bubble, financial sort of activity around that, yeah, there’s abundance. But then don’t forget it’s globalization. Where we’ve utilized cheap labor, we’ve used free trade to sort of outsource our production so that it’s made by essentially slave labor, so that it’s cheap.

The price, it appears cheap. But if you go back to, like, when made in America, everything used to be made in America. Like America was an industrial powerhouse, even for Europe. In the post war period, Europe was not producing much. So America became this giant, this mecca of industry, of science, of innovation. And that’s what really freaked the bad guys out, because that population growth, greater standard of living, middle class appears. It’s not just like hereditary blue bloods and this small aristocracy and peasants have no say in the direction of their future, of their family, of their country.

Once you had a middle class and people are freed from just everyday struggle, survival, you can think about certain things. You can start to ask certain questions. That’s actually what they don’t like. And so there’s these narratives that were given that actually this. This is why you’re a slave. It’s because of industry. The agricultural revolution, they hate that too, right? They hate that you could create a lot more food than before because before you had famines, you had all sorts of things that the malthusian and natural checks on selection, they’re saying one thing, but there’s another narrative.

And if we love truth, and we actually want to get to the real thing and understand the root of the problems in our society so that we can fix them. We do need to know this longer story. And when we know that, then, yeah, you see a lot of this conditioning around the environmentalism stuff. Like, I like nature. I don’t want deforestation and all that. But there are different, there are ways. You know, we could be greening deserts. We could be doing all sorts of things. China has planted, like, huge forests, like, ironically, the big bad communist tyrant countries, they’re like the most environmentally, like in terms of planting and all that.

They’ve done a lot more than we have. What we have here is behavior change. People have this ritual of recycling, but the recycling is dumped into the ground. Like, people think our recycling is being like, we’re making all sorts of amazing things with it. No, you’re making a couple park benches. A lot of it just goes mixed in with the garbage, the trash. But people have been given a ritual. You’re doing your part. And so our society is governed by behavioral science. I think if we just put on our behavioral science cap, we can demystify a lot of these little things, these little nudges that are kind of everywhere to give people that feeling that you’re doing something and da da da.

But it’s a cult, it’s a ritual, and people don’t realize it’s just like any other thing. And there’s a million of them. So if we get, if we demystify that and the magicians and their tricks, and we start to discover what made western civilization really amazing, why we have Beethovens and Schumanns and Schuberts and Mendeleevs and da Vinci’s, all the abundance that we do, how actually, how we develop the technology to do that from like the space program that gave us telecommunications, creating all sorts of new materials, manufacturing, right? If you’re going to create the kind of steels and the materials to make, whether it’s space rockets or bullet trains or this or that, all the engineering feats that need to be accomplished is because we had these crash programs, we had these transformed the power of human labor using creativity.

They hate that. Like, if people understand the bad guys hate that, all the Kumbaya, Bongo, bongo, mumbo jumbo, it’s really because they just want to trick you into giving up the Promethean fire, thinking you’re going to be better off, you know, in a permanent camping permanently. Basically, you’re going to make that weekend camping trip into a forever thing. Oh, wow. Wow. I mean, solid, solid. There’s this. I love the show called the office. I’m not sure if you’ve seen it, but the office, they got recyclops, how he turned. He started off peaceful green, got the pineal, uh, third eye.

And then eventually he wants to kill everybody at the end. Recycling, right? That’s funny. Yeah, I thought that was pretty telling. But David, thank you so much for spending a little extra time with us today as well. Everybody. Guys, article down below. Go read it. There’s so much more in this that we didn’t even cover. Here’s your sub stack. Go to the sub stack. Age of muses. If people go to ageofmuses, dot, that’s my main thing. You know, I’m on twitter, I’m on these things. But if you go to my substack, you’ll get all the latest deep dives and you’ll be updated on the interviews and all the other stuff that I’m doing.

We’re going to be, we’re working on our first film as well. So sort of intervention into the culture, sort of bringing some of these ideas that have been lost, bring them back to the forefront. So, yeah, people can expect all that. If you sign up to age of muses substack, you’ll get updates and all that. Thank you so much. Thanks for having me, man. Great show. Love you. Love the way you guys are having fun with it. It’s great to see. Thank you. Smash that, like, button. Much love, everybody and God bless you. Peace out. If you like the video, go subscribe to the Patreon.

We release these and do these live streams early. Oh, my goodness. We got some amazing new ones up there. Go hit join now. Cheaper than a bag of skittles. Much love and God bless.

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