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By: Doenut Factory
Spread the Truth

5G Danger


➡ Doug, the host, discusses various topics including the evolution of media from newspapers to TV to VR goggles, the symbolism in media, and the impact of these mediums on society. He also talks about the significance of certain dates and events, such as the nationwide phone outage and its potential implications. Lastly, he emphasizes the importance of doing what you love, and how we are influenced by marketing techniques and technology.
➡ The text discusses various topics, including the difference between land and maritime law, the importance of making connections and learning new things, and the influence of the Illuminati on the education system. It also talks about the symbolism in popular culture, potential cyber attacks, and the significance of certain dates and events. The author encourages viewers to stay informed and question what they’re told.
➡ Dr. Joseph P. Farrow’s book discusses the similarities between cosmic plasma filaments and neurons in our brain, suggesting that our bodies and everything around us radiate plasma. The idea is that plasma could be a life form with its own consciousness, making us a soul within a soul. The text also mentions various cultural and entertainment events, as well as theories about symbolism in popular culture. The author also discusses the concept of grounding and the potential significance of certain elements like gold and titanium.
➡ This text talks about various conspiracy theories, including the idea that money is part of a maritime law ritual, the symbolism in popular culture, and the influence of media on our brains. It also discusses the concept of Project Bluebeam, suggesting that Joe Rogan’s podcast is part of this supposed plan to fake an alien invasion. The text also touches on the power of hypnosis and emotional manipulation, and criticizes the use of dating apps and the rise of narcissism. Lastly, it mentions various celebrities and their potential roles in these theories.
➡ This text talks about how celebrities, like Lil, are used to manipulate and brainwash people, especially through their performances at big events like the Super Bowl. The author believes there’s hidden symbolism in these performances, connected to secret societies like the Illuminati and Masons. The author also mentions their Patreon channel, where they discuss these topics more and bring on guests. They end by asking for support, either through Patreon or simply by liking their videos.


Yo, what up? It’s Doug nut. And you tune in to all your Illuminati news, and there’s just so many things that people have never heard and do not know that are so important to understand. That’s pretty good, but try it like this. Donut. Yo, what up? It’s donut. And you tuning into all your Illuminati news. Good. Grand rising. Grand rising. You know the word morning? That’s what you do at awake, right, for the dead, awake, when you just waking up, it’s early in the morning, early in the morning, rising to the street.

Put on that. Now go subscribe to the Patreon. We drop the Trump’s alchemical electron sneakers there. The full podcast. That video is doing pretty good right now, breaking down some elements of the elections that you might have never heard of, of the volts, the electrons, and oh, my goodness, this goes so much deeper now, thinking about the conductors of electricity. There’s different conductors. There’s gold, there’s graphite, which goes into a whole nother topic at the voting polls.

Now, let’s get right into the Illuminati news. I titled this episode this is strange. This is strange. And this is that. VR Goggles, the VR are the new medium, the new medium of the message. The cell phone is the medium right now for the message. And the newspapers were the medium back in the day, going all the way back to Jack the Ripper. Jack the Ripper was the first amygdala hijack of the mass consciousness hypnosis of the brain, putting everybody into a fear response through the fear campaigns of the media.

Oh, my goodness. I got the allergies. The allergies just kicked in. I might have to turn off the camera. I’m going to do that because my eyeballs, oh, my goodness, are watering up. So the message of the newspaper, starting with Jack the Ripper. Jack the Ripper was a freemasonic ritual slang put in the newspapers right when the newspapers were out. And that was a fear campaign. That was a fear campaign just like the fear campaigns that we see on the television.

And the television became the medium for the messaging. So the messaging wasn’t what we were watching, but it was just the product itself, like a light bulb or a printing press. And this will be the message of the future. It’s the VR goggles. I mean, oh, my goodness, so much symbolism in this vanity Fair up edition. You got the one eye right there. He’s throwing up the six six six hand gesture right there and doing the bafflement hand sign.

Oh, my goodness. The moonshot. We’re coming up on a full moon. These rituals go down on these eclipse as we got the big great american eclipse coming up. And there’s a three day window to the rituals of the energy of the moon. Rituals. The killers of the flower moon. Right? We just saw that producer, his wife fell from a Hollywood building. And there’s always some weird sacrifices that happen on these full moons.

And we’re coming up on a full moon on the 24th. It’s a small moon, but it is a moon. And you got a 28 day cycle on the moon. That’s why the movie is called 28 days later put out by the guy who’s putting out the film Civil War. So I’m going to go to the comments real quick. Hello, nationwide phone are out. Oh, my goodness. I’m going to have to look that up right now.

Hold up 1 second. Let’s look that up because I saw a couple of comments like that. Nationwide outage. Oh, my goodness. Okay, breaking news. I might have to retitle this video at and t. So this is breaking right now. Nationwide phone outage. I thought this was going to happen on 218, but it looks like on two two. Two. Now this is an important day. Two two. I guess before we start going into this national outage, we got to understand the importance of today.

Today is two two two. Now that’s Pluto’s return was on two two two, remember? And that’s when the greatest president of all time, President Biden, came out on two two two. George Washington’s birthday is also two two two came out at two while Kanye released his album. And this was Pluto’s return when the country was founded. And on the back of the dollar bill, the times two two.

So two two two is absolutely important date. It’s an important date today to the occult. So let’s see what is happening with these phone outages at t outage today. Several states across the US reporting wireless outages. All right, let’s go see what’s going on at t. Several wireless network issues. If you’re waking up Thursday morning, Thursday’s Thor’s day. Thor morning. And having trouble with your smartphone, you’re not alone because you ain’t wicked smart.

We can’t wicked smart over here, man. So the sheriff office as well is tweeting about this. I guess they’re exing about it not tweeting, but texts from 9111 from affected at and t users are now being received. So people couldn’t even contact 911. Now that’s weird. Now, we’ve been talking about the outages and how this has been on the agenda. They had that movie leave the world behind and whatnot.

The national text alert out there. Let’s see what else it’s talking about. Oh, my goodness. My allergies are just freaking going nuts right now. Two. Two. Two equals eight. Okay. Glad I dropped at and t. Yeah, I don’t have at and t either. All right. I have the worst allergies. Oh, my mean, absolutely annoying. All right. Oh, you know what? I’m going to take an allergy pill. I got an allergy pill I forgot I bought because I got really sick after I got back from Mexico.

I was sick for an entire month. That’s why I didn’t post a lot of videos for that whole month because I was sick. I was in bed. I couldn’t even get up. So I went to the hospital and everything. Hold up 1 second. Let me take this allergy medicine. Oh, my goodness. Okay. All right. Let’s get this. What up, Chad? Okay. Nationwide at and t cell phone outage prevents emergency calls.

Dang. So that’s crazy. A nationwide cell service outage is preventing some at and t customers from making the 911 calls. The down detector website, Virginia, North Carolina, Texas reported this. Interesting. Good thing to know. Thank you for bringing that up in the comment section. All right, so we’re crashing through a thousand people almost. I’m going to remind everybody to give the video a like and share this video out, especially if you’re on Facebook because Facebook is very highly shadow banned.

It’s just absolutely nuts. So let’s get back into where was. Oh, okay. So this is the new medium. This is where it’s all leading to. Right here are these goggles. And what we’re covering is the system behind the system. The occult. The occult, man. Oh, my gosh. I’m going to go to the comments. This just totally threw me off. When you’re doing these YouTube live streams, once you get like, one thing wrong, it could just ruin the flow and mess everything up.

Oh, my goodness. I’m kicking it with all y’all this morning. So I’m going to just chill out. Chill out. Maybe I got to put these. My future is looking bright. Maybe I got to put these shades on. Maybe that’ll help. All right, so I was looking at time, right? Time is an illusion. Really. What’s happening is pulse. Everything’s pulsating. And I was looking at this four hour work week, right? And I noticed it’s a smiley face right here.

Right got the two eyes and it’s smiling, making you happy. About time. Oh, my goodness. I can only work for 4 hours. Well, it’s like I do my vocation. So I’m working like twelve to 18 hours every day since I could remember, because I do what I love to do. So I’m passionate about it. It’s called vocation, and it’s something I really promote on this channel is being vocational.

It’s kind of what it’s meaning, bringing meaning into your life. But the smiley face is used as a cell technique. So you got the smiley face here on the Rolexes, on the watches. A lot of these watches, they have the smiley face right there, the two eyes smiling. This makes you happy about your purchase. Because we are being hypnotized. We are being hypnotized on such an occult level through the haptech technologies of AI manipulation and gaslighting.

I mean, the mandela effect could be just an AI narcissistic gaslight, for all we know. So the last video that we did, we were talking about the elections and the electrons, and we did just smash through thousand people smash a like button. Every time we pass through a thousand, I remind you, I’ll smash a like button. This video that we just did is doing really well over on instagram.

I thought it was very good going into bringing the souls to the polls. And that’s what the shoe was for. I mean, it was for getting rid of the money. When we talk about certain topics, we’re not saying that these topics are good or bad. We’re not saying that this guy is good or bad. We’re just saying this is how the world actually operates. This is actually how the world works.

But most people don’t have understanding, as Jordan Maxwell would say. Jordan Maxwell would also say that the universe is strange, but it’s stranger than you could even imagine. Something like that. But he would talk about the bar, right? You got to pass the bar. Now, this is the wooden bar. And then when you go through the water gate, you’re in hot water because you’ve entered maritime law. So you’re on the law of the land out here.

And then when you go past the bar, you’re entering the hot water. This is the water gate. And then you go into the maritime law because you got the law of the land and the law of the sea. Now, you’re not taught any of this. So I get comments on my channel saying that maybe I’m doing Apophonea, which is schizophrenic, connecting things a tendency to perceive meaningful connections between unrelated things.

Well, whoever wrote that in my comment, first off, I think that he might have never had a spiritual experience because God be communicating. If you ask God to show himself, he’ll show himself and he’ll communicate. It’s like having a personal relationship with God and things are absolutely happening and there’s meaningful connections between certain things. Now, people be stretching. And sure, I like to stretch. I like to consider myself stretch Armstrong.

But we’re getting wicked smart over here. So if we do stretch, for example, if we do do a stretch here that there’s nothing connected, it’s just a coincidence. Well, at least we’re getting wicked smart, because watching this channel and the research that we do, you’re going to learn more here than you would ever learn watching Fox News, owned by Disney, or watching CNN or watching most mainstream red pill podcasts.

They’re just going to complain and talk about problems from years and years ago. But at least we’re diving deep into topics. So if we are doing a stretch, we’re going to add on that stretch with a ton of information. So at the end of the day, we are all learning things. And that’s my mission statement. My mission statement is that every single video, I walk away learning something new.

And you know what? In return, you will walk away learning something new as well, hopefully. And that’s what my whole goal is. Every time I do a video, I want to walk away learning at least one new thing. So the whole schooling system, for example, we can say they’re designed as prisons, which they are. Is that a stretch? Saying that the schooling system is imprisoning your minds to make you docile servants that don’t question what’s happening? Yes, absolutely it is.

No. Is that a stretch? I don’t think so. But many people might call that a stretch. But on this channel, what we do is we find within that stretch the connections to the Illuminati, because the schooling system was set up by William wound, whose grandfather was Raphael, of the Illuminati, handed down to G. Stanley hall. That’s where you get the event 201. You get the John Hopkins, you get the skull and bones.

Then they took over the scoring system, passed down to John Dewey. So even if we are stretching, which we’re not, we’re still learning and getting wicked smile, getting wicked smiley. Give me a likey poo to get wicked smile. So let’s get back to this wireless outage. If you’re just tuning in, there has been a wireless outage happening, and I am having an allergy attack while the nationwide at t cell phone outage is happening.

Oh my goodness. This is so annoying. I’m acting like such a little bee right now complaining about this, but it is very uncomfortable. So we’re going to talk about the outages because it’s kind of perfect because I wanted to bring up the predictive programming of the pitch black in the new Oreos and the Super bowl. Where’s the Oreo? Right here. Oreo, blackout cake, Mountain Dew, pitch black. We broke this first on the channel that they had the satanic comet.

I guess you could call it the devil’s comet right there. It in plain sight as we are going to have a devil’s comet during this eclipse. And all these stars are going to be all lining up during this eclipse. I also pointed out how that’s a phallic and this is the hypnosis of the aroused wetness to get you to purchase the product. Absolutely weird. But another thing to look out for is this lion, right? I keep looking at the lion and wow, usher right there sitting on the lion.

That lion looks very similar to this lion right here. What is this symbolizing? I went to Singapore and here’s a lion I always thought it reminded me of. I’m going to go to the comments. I’m going to go to the comments real quick. If you are just tuning in. I have the worst allergies. I was totally fine. And then right when I hit live, I am having allergy attack.

Cyber attack. Allergy attack. We broke this here first as well. The code red connection to the, when they released Code Red Mountain Dew, this was priming. That’s what the hypnosis call it, priming in 2001. And then they released the code red system, the FEMA system, right after it. We broke that here first Maui burst. We already remember that. I’m going to go to the comments real quick. Hopefully my allergies chill out just a little bit.

MGM. Yeah, it looks like the MGM grand lion. Good call. And MGM went through its own cyber incident. The interesting thing about the MGM cyber incident that took place is that the Knight Templar, Sharon, Ed Sharon, he was going to perform and then right before his performance, he said, I’m not going to perform. The stage looks a little. I don’t like the stage. So he sent millions of dollars of people right back home.

Millions of dollars of people buying tickets back home. And then the next day, a cyber incident happened at the MGM casino. I think that he was told something was happening in the system because that’s what they’re preparing us for. I mean, it is perfect to talk about this today because there is a nationwide cellular at and t outage. So strange. So strange. It’s like I’m talking about a topic and then it pops up.

All right, so that’s what they’re planning. You can see it through this. Oreos. It’s Templar Oreos. A lot of people drink Mountain Dew. They don’t drink water. They just drink mountain dew. It’s wild. Rhonda says, why are the schools closing? They’re saying on the eclipse it will be cloudy. How do they know this? Why are the schools closing? I didn’t know the schools were closing. I’m going to take a look at that real quick.

Take a look. Schools closing. Oh, weird. I look up schools closing and a lot of stuff pops up. Is catholic schools closing due to rising crime and human trafficking. Schools Thursday closed for power outages today and schools closed after social media threats 1 hour ago. That’s weird. Sounds like something is happening right now. Thank you, Rhonda, for bringing this up. I don’t have kids, so I didn’t even know this stuff was going on.

Please hang with me because these allergies will go away. I took this medicine and it should go away soon. City public Schools closed Thursday after social media threats. Threats made online towards several schools. Okay, nothing there. Solan. Schools closed due to power outages. Schools closed Thursday. Power outage and major school district closes last minute in Ohio, significant outages. I don’t know. It’s weird. I guess we’re just going to have to sit and wait for this.

Oh, look at this. Eclipse countdown. 46 days. Everybody’s waiting for a countdown. You got the 46 days on coin market cap. They’re waiting for the bitcoin having to happen. Countdowns are all over the place. You can see it right up here. Bitcoin having 51 days. Countdowns all over the place. Oh, now the, the comet, the devil’s comet is eclipse. The spring equinox, the summer solstice, the winter solstice are very important to the elite in rituals and leave the world behind.

The Obama film, they were showing the eclipse and the power outages. That’s what the movie was about. The movie was about a power outage and phones not working. And now phones aren’t working today. But if we go back to 1938, the geomagnetic storm, this also brought some weird stuff as well that took place. The Fatima storm. And a day I’m looking out for for next year is January 18.

The 1118 I just see it everywhere. It’s Leviathan. Cross the one one eight. It just pops up all the time when I’m looking at stuff. I see it everywhere. But the miracle of the sun, this happened in 1917, where people saw the sun dancing and doing something weird up in the sky. And it’s called the Fatima storm. And the secrets of Fatima goes into some strange stuff, like predicting or bringing World War II from the strange or borealis that was happening in the sky, which is plasma.

Now, plasma is so interesting. I think I got a cool slide of some plasma. Let me show you going through the schlage. Let’s go through the schlage. Plasma. Schlage. This was an alien presentation. Okay, so this is from Dr. Joseph P. Farrow, Oxford scholar, and in his book, he was showing the cosmic web of plasma filaments in the neurons in our brain. They’re identical. It’s the micro macrocosm, and our body has an aura around it.

And I’ve heard that these auras could get hijacked, which I thought was crazy, but I’m going to look deeper into that. I don’t think it’s crazy. I just think it’s wild. But our bodies, you could take a photo of it, of plants, of anything. It radiates this plasma off of it. Now, the hypothesis is, if certain plasmas are life forms, right, have its own consciousness. That’s what these plasma balls are all about, the ball lightning.

It’s plasma coming in like a drone to look at the field and bring the information back to the rest of the plasma field or whatever. Now, if we have plasma surrounding us and it’s its own soul, we’re a soul within a soul. Now, that’s wild. That’s crazy right there. When I read that, I was like, damn, I am feeling a little better now. Oh, my goodness. My eye is, like, red.

So these storms, these outages, these eclipses, all happening. I watched this movie for the first time, midsummer by a 24. Who’s making that Civil War movie that’d be coming out releasing it the day the Civil War kicked off. This was about the, I think it was the spring Equinox or the summer solstice. And sacrificing. Dang, this movie was crazy. Oh, my goodness. It was absolutely nuts. The beginning of it was kind of hard to get through, but it’s one of those movies that just stick in your brain.

You’re like, what the heck? It’s like you’re sitting through a ritual like Twin Peaks. This movie was like Twin Peaks. It was hard to sit through and watch, but it was just psychologically scary movie. So Civil War. Look at this predictive programming coming out. And we’re coming up on this full moon on the 24th, and we’re coming up on my real birthday, too. So here’s the BAFTA awards that just took place.

And the killers of the flower Moon producer’s wife fell off a building, and they didn’t win. And Oppenheimer won, which I like that movie. That was a good movie. But this is the importance of these shows. The BAFTA awards, the Grammys. You got Prince William right here at the awards because it’s straight connected to controlling the people. These celebrities are just idols. This is all idol worship. And today is February 22, George Washington’s birthday.

February 22. Two two. Pluto’s return on two two. When we went to war on two two. And in the back of the dollar, $100 bill, the times at two two, but I guess they changed it to 410. But this was it when it was at two two, but I guess they changed it to 410. Or it’s the Mandela effect. They’d be messing with me. But we can see that the time is important.

Here’s the super bowl, usher, the eclipse, the time. It’s part of the hypnosis. You are getting very sleepy. You are getting very sleepy. All right, I’m going to go back to the comments, and we’re going to continue. Like, button everything mainstream is a lie. Do pitch black. Maybe a blackout. Feel better? Thank you. I feel great. It’s just I got allergies like crazy right now. I hit live and allergies just kicked in.

Shout out to the man. All right. Hi. Hi. Guar gua gua. Blood. Shout out to odoris. Still waters run deep. Okay, let me see. Mr. Langley. Shout out to Mr. Langley. Wicked smart. Wicked smart. Mr. Langley. He says at T Mobile and Verizon networks are down right now because of two solar flares. Oh, snap. All right, let me check that out. We’re going to look into this right now.

Let’s look at these solar flares. Hold up. Google solar flares. Wow. Good call, bro. Right here, it looks like there was solar flares. These are two days ago. So these are plasma flares, I guess. Plasma flares. Here. Plasma. Sun is plasma, and all the planets are plasma. That’s interesting. I’ll look more into it, if you didn’t mind. Could you explain the pillar and the earth real quick? I got my mom watching this.

Well, shout out to Jane Davis. Mom, what up? You gotta love your mom, gangsters. Love their mama. I wish the earth. Oh, man. I wish I could say there’s so many different symbolisms of the pillar. Most recently, I was looking at the Hercules. Hercules knocked down the two pillars, right? He’s, like, holding up the two pillars. And the dollar was called the pillar dollar. The peso. That’s what ruled America before we issued our own currency.

So we were calling it the plus ultra in this video, because the shoe could be the gold standard. Returning to Oz. Oz is the ounce of gold. Gold and silver are conductors of electricity, and that’s what they make the coins out of. Of copper and whatever like that. So when we were talking about the plus ultra right here, the plus ultra, which is right here with Donald Trump, and he posted this on 118.

This is why I keep seeing this right here. You see, it says January 18. That’d be popping up everywhere. He’s right behind the plus ultra. And that’s where we get the dollar sign with the two pillars. So if you look at the two pillars of the dollar sign, it comes from this, the plus ultra. And that goes into alchemy, as Juan was explaining. It goes into metaphysics and something beyond.

Now, what I’ve been connecting, learning about this plus ultra is we always see this in predictive programming, right? I mean, it’s a great example of it with the 911 and the eleven are the two pillars. It could be Boaz and Jaheen, the two pillars. And what’s next to it is the dollar symbol. And Bart Simpson is holding money and a bus is about to hit him. Right. I think that this is symbolism more than just 911 happening.

I think this is predictive programming for the economic collapse of the dollar, maybe. And even on the dollar, it looks like there’s two pillars on it. So I like to be stretching even further than most. But the gold shoes, gold, gold, oz, gold standard, swift, all this crazy stuff happening. But I know I didn’t answer your question. That’s just where I’m at right now in my head. Oh, man.

The allergies are still here. This is crazy. This is. Oh, my goodness. I look like absolute trash right now. I can’t believe it. I’ll probably sound like trash, too. Oh, my goodness. Donut factory. Have you checked out rabbit hole on paramount? No, but I saw that you posted that in the comments, David, last night. And I will check it out because I read all the comments. Everybody who comments, I go through every single comment.

Shout out to NC lizard hunters. Yeah, my verizon is fine, too, but where are you at Ronnie, I’m in Arizona, and I think that these outages are happening in Tennessee, Texas. It. Do you have a flat earth map with the lay lines? I don’t really. I do have just what NASA gives us. This. All right, so the plasma, if it’s alive, then this is us. So we’re a soul within a soul.

And what we were talking about, or I guess I was talking about, is. You’ve heard of grounding, right? That’s an absolutely true. So the bringing the souls to the polls in these shoes have the soul, and they made these shoes so people will buy it and go vote. That’s what Trump said. And the gold is a electrical conductor. Not just gold, but graphite as well. And we’re going to another topic there.

But just watch the movie cell, and you can see the cell tower and all the people going around it for a subconscious type imagery of how the elections work. I guess I didn’t explain that well, but the t could be titanium. That’s what I’m thinking. Because Kanye got a titanium mouth, and Kanye and Trump are connected. They’re dragon brothers. They got dragon blood and titanium is 47. There’s the 47th president coming up.

Whoever is the next president will be the 47th president. And 47 is very masonic, but it’s more ancient than Masonry. The 47 degree compass, just like Maui’s famous 47 trunks, is scorched by wildfires or the Las Vegas psychopath on his road to 47 boom booms on the 32nd floor. Just like Beyonce won the most grammys ever, she won 32 grammys, which is the 32 pathways of mysticism. That’s why she’s Baithomet.

She’s baithomet. She baffle met. People say numbers don’t lie. I say symbols don’t lie. I mean, look at the symbols. People are like, you’re stretching. It’s like you’re not stretching. This is absolute, 100% proof of symbolism right here. Forks up, forks down, and forks sideways. Then I grab my figo, and then I say, crown pays. She’s doing the bafflement. Even the boobs are there. I mean, it’s absolutely symbolism.

And I think this goes into the Iso swift system, too. The whole money thing is a ritual, and it’s a maritime law ritual. And here’s the silver certificate. Then the 33rd vice president changed it, and then they put the illuminati pyramid on it, and then it became illuminati pyramid on the back of it, and you had to return all your gold on the Illuminati date, may 1 51.

Bitcoin right now is at 51. So these symbols are everywhere. Even beetlejuice is star system. We’re talking about stars, solar flares, eclipses. Beetlejuice is another star. And the symbolism is everywhere. You watch this and you’re just like, oh, it’s just funny. His head’s off and his head’s on his crotch. Well, here’s a secret society of batai. The head’s on the crotch. I mean, everything is much more esoteric and occult and deeper meanings than what we’re told.

So whoever says that we’re stretching, I think we need to stretch even more because it gets even crazier, the symbolism, because it’s all magic. So talking about this vote is a vault. It’s magical spells and magical words. Sigmund Freud said that words were originally magic. And the word retains much of its old magical power even today. So today, tomorrow, tomorrow morning. Tomorrow is morning. So it’s like we’re in the morning mourning.

You mourn out. Awake. We’re awake. Oh, my goodness. If these allergies don’t. Allergies be gone. Do you remember that preacher who was all like, he made that funny song and he was talking about the sickness, and he’s like, sickness, be gone. Well, even it’s always sunny. He said the same thing, sickness, be gone. Oh, man. So this is the next topic I’m covering over on the Patreon. So shout out to all of the Patreon subscribers.

We began wicked smart over there, but my next big presentation is going to be on hypnosis. It’s going to be fabulous. It’s going to be absolutely mind boggling. It’ll definitely break the spell. Casting the video. I’ve been writing the script for it. Right here is the amygdala. So we’re going into the brain and we’re breaking down exactly how we are being brainwashed. And look, we’re not even being brainwashed by CNN.

Most people don’t watch CNN. Most people watch Joe Rogan. JOE ROGAN, CNN because podcasts are the new alien invasion. If we go back to HG Wells. HG Wells, war of the worlds, man. War of the worlds use the medium of the radio. Just like the third realm used the radio to build an entire. Yeah, so h. G. Wells used the radio to fake the first alien, Project Bluebeam.

And Project Bluebeam is already happening right now. It already happened. It’s on Joe Rogan. Joe Rogan is Project Blue Beam. Period. Joe Rogan is Project Blue Beam. Okay, Mike, look, Mike, my name is donut I’m a political refugee from Cuba. Are you a communist, Mike? Are you a communist? I got Chobano on each and every corner, man. Tell me what to do. Tell me what to think. I got fucking octopus coming out of my aie octopus three times a day.

My Joel Rogan is Project Bluebeam, and I’ll explain why. That was so stupid. Sorry, I just went on this whole tangent. So, HG Wells, what they did was an alien disclosure. They said, the aliens are here. The aliens are invading. What does blink 182, Harold putoff, Scientology, Netflix releasing the raylian stuff to be TMZ, owned by Disney, Fox News, Fox News, TNZ, all pushing the alien agenda with Joe Rogan as well.

Joe Rogan having the CIA assets telling you that the aliens are here, that is the alien invasion. We’ve already been told the aliens are here and we’re being invaded by aliens. It’s already happened. We’re living through Project Bluebeam. We think it’s going to be a holographic thing. Yeah, that will come. But right now, we’re in it. We’re in it right now. They just told us that the alien invasion is here through podcasts.

I’m killing it this morning. So this is the amygdala. And all these centers are being activated through emotional manipulation. And you can see that fear, envy, anger, these emotions fire up the amygdala, and it’s an amygdala hijack. This is what the whole fear stuff. Every time they push fear on everybody, the reason they do it is because you become irrational, and then you make irrational decisions, and then you purchase their product.

And that product is either a neuralink or a vote or some sort of agenda. It could be anything. It is influence. It is. Donate to my cash app. You know what I mean? Or buy this, buy that. The Hypnosis amygdala hijack. And so this is the next topic that we’re covering over on the Patreon. So I highly recommend everybody go down this weekend and subscribe to the Patreon, get a bunch of stuff, because I think that this is going to be huge, and then we’ll put it out to the public, but it won’t be out to the public for a while.

And you want the information. You want the information now. So time hypnosis, there’s a connection to it all. Check out 50 cent talking about time. 50 cent. Why is 50 cent connected to time? I forget. Many men, many men wish death on me. This is one of his first videos, and it says, cOINTElPrO. CIA. I mean, that’s crazy. And he just posted this on his instagram. He got the checkerboard floors all over the place.

I’m still looking out for a ritual with 50 because JFK is on the 50 cent, and everything’s about money right now. Money and McDonald’s. Here’s Travis Scott eating McDonald’s. I mean, this is all Bill and Melinda Gage foundation right here, selling you the McDonald’s. Travis Scott, Kanye, Drake, all eating McDonald’s. Now, this video is Drake and sexy red. And before they released this, they released their naughty tapes, because that is a publicity campaign.

Cardi B went into onlyfans on the helical rising. It’s all a cult. Now, my last stream that I did, my last live stream was the day after Valentine’s Day, and I just deleted it. I wasn’t feeling myself that day. And also today, I mean, oh, my goodness. I got allergy attack. I don’t even know if I’m going to keep this video up. I might have to come back and redo it.

But if you’re just tuning in, I’m having an allergy attack. I got to just accept it. I got to just accept that. I can’t even see right now. So Valentine’s Day is about decapitation of St. Valentine, and it goes into Lupercolle, and Lupercalia was where the original dating app happened. The original dating app. You would put your name in a box, and if you get chosen, you get to go into the orgy.

And that’s the original dating app. So that stuff’s been around Forever now. These dating apps are created by asexual nerds. The whole Internet is social media is not social. It’s created by unsocial asexual beings that have created this. And the people that rise to power on the dating apps are narcissists, people who have massacred themselves. That’s why I titled this Valentine’s Day massacre of self, because the narcissist has massacred their self.

It’s the denial of the true self. It is an emotional cut off of who they are. So it’s a survival technique from the unloving parents, mostly the mother. The evil mother is mostly where the psychopath is born from. Now, the narcissist is not filling their emotions. They kill their emotions, and they become a robot. Like, literally everything is for power. What will rise to power, and most of it is aesthetic.

So when you go onto a dating app, the people who will be selected is the top tier narcissist. It’s the 1% of men who are usually absolutely lying to get chosen. And you know what? They do get chosen. And this also probably. I don’t think it goes for girls, though, honestly, on the dating app, because guys be thirsty and they’d be swiping on every single girl, it seems like, from my understanding.

But the guys that get selected via the dating apps are the narcissists who put on this is from american psycho. And then the girls are going to feel very sad. And even the guys will feel sad if they match with a female narcissist, because the love making. Love making is an emotion. So to have good love making, you got to be emotional. Are you going to be good at it? So most people that go on these dating apps are very unsatisfied with their selection because of that.

And that’s what I was going to talk about on the Valentine’s Day show, but I kind of rounded it up with what I was talking about. Here’s Lil John at the Super Bowl. Little John was wearing this. It’s a crossed out cross. It’s like, no, cross. No, that’s what Lil John was wearing. Lil John rocked the vote. Turned down for what? Right. It’s all connected. Lil John is a Huge psyop.

Taylor Swift is all in the news. With the Disney Corporation being a psyop for the. That’s coming out now. Now people are seeing, oh, my goodness. Taylor Swift can swing the vote. That’s finally being. That’s. I’ve been talking about these illuminati celebrities, but now it’s sort of becoming more mainstream. But Lil know, he was at the Super bowl singing shots, shots, shot, shot, shot, shots. And the Super bowl was funded by pharmacia.

But check this out. I’ve already showed this to my audience, but if you’re new here, drunk juice. This was the brainwashing through the drugs and alcohol for my generation in high school. And you can see he’s on the checkerboard floor. He’s a tarot card. Here’s the cup, like on the tarot. And they’re the east side boys, like the eastern star of the masonic compass. If you look at the masonic tracing board, I mean, the east is very important.

East is where the sun rises. You see the sun up here. So he’s the east side boy. So there’s a lot of deep symbolism. And you think it’s not. You think they’re just getting going dumb, getting drunk and getting crunk. And there’s not a lot of thought into it. No, there’s an occult, esoteric thing happening. We are all being brainwashed. We are all being manipulated. All these here’s usher, they all pretend that they’re gods.

It’s idol worship. And that’s why I don’t mind talking crap about these celebrities. I’m going back to the comment I can’t believe like complain this entire episode today and most can’t even access 911. That’s crazy. I’m probably going to redo the stream. I’ll probably keep this one up. I’ll keep it up, but I’ll probably go again when my allergies aren’t this bad because I seriously, I can’t even see right now.

So I’m probably going to have to wrap this up a little early. Now, please, if you like this content and you like to get wicked smart, it’s very important that you go over to the Patreon and go subscribe over there. It’s very important you get access to the Trump’s alchemical electrons. Full podcast every Wednesday. We’re bringing on new guests. We got Christopher Knowles, we got Rick Spence. I mean, oh my goodness, it’s getting nutty over there and it supports the channel.

And I know that we’re going through economic hard times right now, so just giving the video a like really goes a long way. Anyway, it’s do not much love and God bless you all. I’ll be back soon. Bye. .

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