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The Anti-Semitic Imagination Illuminati Satanic Conspiracies w/ Charles Moscowitz

By: Doenut Factory
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The Truth Behind the Jewish Conspiracy: An Eye-Opening Discussion

By Tommy Truthful

Welcome to another influential blog from your brother, Tommy Truthful. Today, we’re diving deep into the waters stirred by none other than my brother, DOENUT Factory, who recently did a mind-blowing video with a Jewish brother, exposing certain Jewish psychological operations!

Now, many fresh to the red pill scene quickly point fingers at the Jewish people for all sorts of global issues. But let’s get real here—it’s pretty ridiculous to blame a whole ethnic group, right? Have you ever noticed how that kind of agenda is being pushed increasingly? There’s a massive power structure in Israel, but let’s not forget—it was the white Anglo-Saxon powers that set it up!

Here’s the kicker: those who wield this so-called Jewish power aren’t practicing Jews. They hide behind various religious labels—Catholicism, Judaism, Christianity—you name it. But who do they truly worship? It’s none other than Lucifer himself! This goes deep, my friends, and it’s something we need to wake up to.

I feel bad for my brother DOENUT—standing up for his ethnic group while being slammed and ridiculed, labeled a traitor or an agent. That shows the ignorance and low IQ of some people. If you were an honest researcher, not just parroting what some YouTubers say, you’d understand the layers to this!

Let’s talk about Frankism—have you ever heard of it? This was a Sabbatean Jewish religious movement from the 18th and 19th centuries led by Jacob Frank, who outright rejected religious norms. Frankism was all about breaking moral boundaries, claiming all teachings would fall and promoting antinomianism—the idea that salvation comes through sin. Like their predecessors, the Sabbateans, they believed in transgression as a sacred act. Crazy, right?

Frank claimed that mixing the holy and unholy was virtuous. It’s like what some twisted version of Nietzsche would preach—the destruction of moral structures to reveal some ‘true God’ hidden by the false God we’re shown. Frank’s movement said goodbye to distinctions between good and evil, pushing for a chaotic freedom that would supposedly free us all.

After Jacob Frank’s death, his daughter and his followers kept this bizarre torch lit, continuing a tradition that blurred lines between evil and good, pushing ever closer to what they believed was true enlightenment.

So, you see, the seed of power that rules doesn’t just sit in Israel; it’s influenced by much bigger players like the Vatican, setting up the stage for all Abrahamic religions, claiming descent from figures like Cain. My brother DOENUT is just trying to speak his truth without stepping on anyone’s toes, advocating for freedom of religion and expression, promoting peace and understanding, not division.

Remember, blaming a whole group for the world’s evils isn’t just wrong; it’s what they want us to do—fight among ourselves while they tighten their grip. Let’s not fall for it.

Stay Safe, stay critical, and most importantly, stay united. Until next time, keep digging for the truth, my fellow truth seekers.

Tommy Truthful, signing out.

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➡ The text discusses the idea of conspiracies in politics and society, suggesting that they are a natural part of human behavior. It also talks about the misuse of antisemitism as a conspiracy theory to distract from real issues. The speaker, Charles Moskowitz, is an author who studies these topics and believes that understanding them is important for understanding the world. He also mentions the goal of the Illuminati to end all religion and government, aiming for a one-world order.
➡ This text talks about the idea of secret societies and conspiracies, suggesting that they’ve existed since ancient times and often involve rejecting God and trying to control society. It also discusses the concept of transhumanism, which is the idea of transforming humans using technology, and suggests that this is a dangerous path that could lead to loss of freedom. The text ends by praising the Canadian truckers for standing up against a system that would have required people to show an electronic passport for everyday activities, suggesting that this kind of resistance can help preserve freedom.
➡ The text discusses the concept of transhumanism, climate change, and the idea of space aliens as tools to create a world order. It also delves into the history of the Illuminati, a secret society founded in 1776, which aimed to overthrow governments and faith to create a new world order. The text suggests that the Illuminati infiltrated Masonic lodges and instigated the French Revolution. It also proposes that the Illuminati continued its influence by creating the League of the Just, which later hired Karl Marx to write the Communist Manifesto and changed its name to the Communist League.
➡ The text discusses the harmful effects of certain ideologies and movements on society and religion, particularly Judaism. It mentions the Marxist idea as being anti-human, anti-God, and anti-society, and also deeply anti-Semitic. The text also talks about the influence of figures like Jacob Frank and the Sabanians, who tried to overthrow moral and ethical principles, causing damage to the Jewish community. Lastly, it criticizes certain modern figures for their arrogance and inappropriate behavior.
➡ The speaker discusses various topics, including the role of media, censorship, and the potential for President Trump’s return to office. They also touch on the importance of symbolism in American politics and speculate about future events. The conversation ends with a discussion about Jewish history and the speaker’s personal connection to it.
➡ The text discusses a book of essays from 1934 and a conversation about the Chabad movement in Judaism. The speaker believes that while the movement may have been influenced by the Sabanians, it remains a positive force in Judaism, credited with revitalizing the faith after the Holocaust. The speaker also mentions plans to write a book about the history of Massachusetts and encourages listeners to subscribe and support their work.


He formed this secret society. This is all standard history in this country. They think you were putting on a tin hat when you talk about this. Criminology is the study of criminal conspiracies. People get together and figure out how to rip someone off. So why would you assume that there aren’t political conspiracies? There are always conspiracies. Is that part of the Illuminati goal, is to end all religion? Yes, end all religion, end all government.

Creating a one world order that basically ends the rule of heaven. It’s a rejection of God. You have institutions of influence weaponized that to the point where they’re saying, well, the Jews are trying to control the world, or they’re trying to control you, or they’re behind these weird social movements or these weird political events that are happening that you can’t explain. There must be the Jews behind it.

So that’s what I mean by the anti semitic imagination, most often backed by governments or backed by powers. I mean, the ultimate example is Nazism. I mean, this is what the Torah warns us about when they talk about idol worship, engraven images. That was a conspiracy on the part of governments to control their people by this hocus pocus to say, oh, look at this graven image. Just throw your baby into its belly and you’re going to be cured.

Yo, what up? It’s donut and you tuning into all your Illuminati news. And we are here with Charles Moskowitz. I’m so grateful to have you here, Charles. Big fan of yours. Learned about you via the unslaved podcast, which I’m a huge fan of, and subscribe to their podcast since the first day that they open. It helped me out so much in my life. And I’ve been learning about you in your.

Your books, the satanic conspiracy. You’re an author. I want to get into this. You go over the Illuminati. This is your most recent book, as I know that I’ve read the anti semitic imagination. And you’re also a sociologist as well, right? Yes. What is a sociologist? Well, you open the lens of history, and you take a look at all of the factors that make the world work, and what makes it goes from the person as a microcosm right out to the greater society.

It looks at the present in the context of history, with a projection to the future, and it looks at the local, which it then projects into the international. That’s what’s called the sociological imagination, as patented by C. Wright Mills, who’s a very famous sociologist in the 1950s and sixties. Yeah. And please don’t mind all the. I’m going to be going through a lot of slides. I know it gets a little wild.

The sociological imagination. Is that sort of where you got the title for the anti semitic imagination? Yes, exactly. And I look at it. Yeah. Thank you. I really appreciate you holding my book up. Oh, I got a bunch of your books. I love your books. I’m going to get into, I want to know about the left wing anti semitism. I want to know about the satanic. I want illuminati.

I want, you know. Yeah, well, look, I mean, I look at the conspiratorial side of society. You know, the other day, a close relative of mine, someone that I would call a, quote, normie, if you will, said to me, you know, why do you always look at the conspiracy in everything? Why can’t you think that somebody maybe just died in office by natural causes? Why does it have to be a conspiracy? And my response is that, of course there are conspiracies.

That’s part of human nature. People get together and they conspire. You know, I’m studying criminology. I mean, criminology is the study of criminal conspiracies. People get together and figure out how to rip someone off or how to commit a crime, how to take advantage, how to create a. The illusion that one thing is happening when in fact, another thing is happening. So why would you assume that there aren’t political conspiracies? There are always conspiracies, especially when there’s power and when there’s money and when there’s influence involved.

People conspire to attain that or to change that or to control that because it has a lot of import, because it has meaning, because it may give them, for a lot of reasons, might give their life meaning. Who knows? But the point is that we should always study possible conspiracy in politics. The question is whether or not it’s a good theory or a bad theory. And that’s where you have freedom of the press.

You have people who can analyze and get into looking at the points that might be valid or may not be valid and make their case. I mean, recently, in recent, the past five years, we’ve seen some really bad conspiracy theories floated that obviously are false, such as this conspiracy theory that Vladimir Putin conspired with Donald Trump to steal the 2016 election. Right? I mean, the government officially spent three years investigating that and leaking into the press and trying to embarrass and hurt Trump and take him out of office.

That was a real, you know, and that same cockamamie conspiracy theory was concocted by people who will criticize anyone else who looks at the possibility of a conspiracy in areas that they don’t like. So I only mentioned that as an example of where conspiracy theories can be promulgated out there to deflect attention, oftentimes from their own malfeasance, who. Or to serve their own agenda. In this case, it was to destroy Donald Trump and the movement that he has represented, which is one of the most powerful social movements in our lifetime.

And my anti semitic imagination gets into this idea of antisemitism being weaponized into a conspiracy theory that is used, and has been used historically to scapegoat the genuine malfeasance of those who actually are conspiring to do whatever it is that they’re accusing the Jews of doing. Like a scapegoat. Exactly. Which is not to say that there aren’t jews that are involved in these things. There are. But, you know, there’s no, like, grand jewish conspiracy.

That’s a great. One of the great deceptions of history, and it’s a weaponizing of what I would call normal antisemitism. Not that I’m here to endorse that, but that’s like envy and, you know, fear of the other. And, you know, this idea. The jew has always has been a deviant in society. We’re different. We’re not of the mainstream. So there’s going to naturally be a certain level of conspiratorial sort of thinking about.

About that, about what the Jews are up to. That’s one thing, but it’s another thing. When you have governments, you have institutions of influence. Weaponize that to the point where they’re saying, well, the Jews are trying to control the world, or they’re trying to control you, or they’re behind these weird social movements or these weird political events that are happening that you can’t explain. There must be the Jews behind it.

So that’s what I mean by the anti semitic imagination. And it’s usually, and most often, backed by governments or backed by powers. I mean, the ultimate example is Nazism. Yeah. Backed by George Soros. You know, that’s where it gets so confusing. And that’s why we got someone wicked smart over here. That’s my. That’s like, my main goal is to get wicked smart. I got my family. Are you from Boston? I was about to say half my family is from Massachusetts as well.

And then the other half’s from California, where I got like a Cali girl slash wicked smart east. I was picking up that Boston vibe. Yeah. Because I’m all Boston. I know. I know. Yeah. I wonder if, you know, some of my family maybe, because I don’t know how a big Boston is or whatever, but I just talked to Jay Dyer, another wicked smart figure. Oh, yeah. Excellent. Great thinker.

And he pointed out Cass Sunstein writing this essay about just flooding conspiracy theories. And then after that, he got onto this left wing Obama camp after that. So there is something going on. And what I think it is is I think that it goes into the satanic element mixed with transhumanist AI, in a sense, and in printing, because I just went to a comedy event, for example, and it was a conspiracy comedy event.

So, I mean, every. Every, like, race and culture, they were clowning on and making jokes. And when they bring up jewish jokes, like. And I’d be like, oh, right. It’s a reaction. Yeah. Then, then. Then they make black jokes, and then people will leave. Right. They make puerto rican jokes. And because there’s this imprinting, and I believe that you can’t get rid of that. And I think this goes into, like, the brave new world Soma.

These, like, mkultra figures want to reset this autonomic nervous system by pushing hallucinogens to bring up alien stuff, you know, connected to Julian Huxley, which I want to get into. Indeed. And I think that the scientific technocracy understands imprinting, and they just want everybody fighting. All tribes just divide and conquer. Because is that part of the Illuminati goal, is to end all religion? Yes, end all religion. End all government.

Creating a one world order that basically ends the rule of heaven. It’s a rejection of God. And, you know, it’s really not possible for an entire ethnic group to be involved in a conspiracy. They’re too big. Someone’s gonna talk about it. People. Would you think that everyone’s gonna be quiet? I mean, conspiracies are the purview of small cliques of people, whether it be criminal conspiracies that are trying to rip off a business or whether it be a secret society that’s trying to influence the social order or the political order in a way that is out of sight from the population.

And the reason that they’re secretive is not only because they’re breaking laws and they’re overthrowing the existing order, but because what they’re advocating for would be rejected if it was out in public. Nobody would want it. It runs against human nature. It runs against the interests of a society. So they have to do it behind closed doors, and they have to conspire to figure out ways to implement it secretly.

Now there’s always been secret societies going all the way back to the days of idol worship. I mean, this is what the Torah warns us about when they talk about idol worship, engraven images. That was a conspiracy on the part of governments to control their people. By this hocus pocus. They’re saying, oh, look at this graven images. Throw your baby into its belly and you’re going to be cured.

Or whatever it is they’re pushing. And it always has an element of immorality. It always has an element of overthrowing the natural social order, and it always involves a rejection of God, a replacement of God with themselves, playing the role of God. You might even say that this goes back to, at least metaphorically, the garden of Eden. Whitaker Chambers, the great american communist, talked about this in his book Witness.

He’s the one that blew the whistle on the communists in the Roosevelt administration and had the famous trial, the hiss trial. And he says that communism, which I think is the name for the conspiracy, you could give it multiple names, is the world’s second oldest religion. The oldest religion, of course, is believing in God as the creator of the universe and as the giver of the law. The second religion is communism, which is that man can overthrow God and create a physical utopia on earth.

That’s what the serpent representing the satanic influence tried to get Adam and Eve to do when they partook of the forbidden fruit. And he went first to the woman, and then she brought on the man, right? And that was, you can be as God. You can overthrow God in heaven. You can know everything. You can know good and evil. You can know the mind of God. And that was the great sin of the garden.

And that’s why man was expelled from the garden. But yet every generation since then has had a sort of an informal conspiracy, not necessarily a bunch of guys sitting around smoking cigars, figuring it’s just a mindset that they can create a new universe, a new world order based upon their alleged enlightened beings. They think that they’re smarter than the rest of us. They’ve got some kind of cosmic consciousness and that it’s permissible to use whatever means necessary to get there.

And that means usually is creating disorder, creating war, creating immoral practices, breaking down the social order. Mm hmm. And I’m happy you brought up the garden of Ede with man versus woman. What’s going on now? And as a sociologist, the skiz. I want to ask your question on the schismogenesis, the creation of division of man and woman. What’s going on with this? I’m a big fan of the whole Dragon Mother series, just this big divide of man versus woman.

As a sociologist, what’s going on with this? I wrote the word down. Schismogenesis, the creation of division of man and woman. What’s your thoughts on that happening right now? Well, I think that men and women are different. I mean, we were created, but yet we should note that in the book of Genesis, it notes that God created men and women in his image. Did he create them? So he created them equally but different.

And there was a vision there. And, in fact, the entire Torah deals with the divisions of the universe. God did create men and women different and yet equal. It says in the book of Genesis, God created men and women in his image, and that. That principle, of course, was carried forth into the American Declaration of Independence by Jefferson, who said that all men are created equal. And by many, he didn’t mean males.

He meant all human beings created equal. Now, that franchise eventually would then extend to ending slavery and to women and to changing the franchise and moving it up. But that was an ongoing process. And this is, like, the goal to get rid of individualism to. Of the illuminati, which I want to get into. What did that, you know, advanced into. I know you connected a lot of dots on.

On that, but it’s to get rid of nationalism. America first, or anything sort of like that. To be like, yo, that’s a. Those are white supremacist nazis. You know, I have a Trump sticker on this wall. I grew up into hip hop, punk, all crazy stuff, right on the west coast. So I got. I got a Trump thing because I worked for a conservative news station for ten years and also got OJ Simpson, I got Charles Manson, I got all these crazy stickers.

And I have friends come over, they see the Donald Trump sticker, and they like, you’re a Nazi. And I’m like, I don’t think you know what that means. Like, I’m jewish. I don’t think that there’s a. But I’m digressing. It doesn’t stop him from calling a Nazi. But I know what you mean. No, I think that there’s some mind. Mind tampering going on with the anti trump thing.

It’s not normal. There’s something about it that’s unnatural. But just to finish my thought on the men and women thing, I just want to make a point, I think that now you have this movement, this transgenderism movement. I just was. Someone told me that a local reformed synagogue here in Boston, I’m not going to name it. They’re spending all of this money they don’t have, transforming their prayer books to remove any mention of male and female because they want to be transgendered.

In other words, they’re obliterating the difference between men and women. They’re obliterating the very existence of men and women. Everything is now just this new trans entity. And I think that it’s really the transgender is only the front porch, as it were. The real story is transhumanism. Yes. By doing this transgender thing, which is very calculated, it’s kind of a way to bludgeon people to accept it, because if you don’t accept it, then you’re told that you hate or you’re not progressive, you hate a group of people.

But the fact is that it’s transhumanism, which is this idea that man is to be transformed. It’s the ultimate dream of the left. And as I said earlier, every generation has seen this idea that it’s taking away from God, the creation of the universe, and moving things in this direction of man, controlling what is true and what is. And there’s no greater example than this. But the problem now that we’re facing as a world and as a civilization is that they now have tools available to them that Hitler or Stalin or any of these other.

These british Tavistock people, you know, Cecil Rhodes or whoever, Weishop, they couldn’t have dreamed of in terms of really achieving world control through conspiracy, not directly, not where people can visualize it, but in fact. And those tools are electronic now with smartphones and with AI and with the Internet of Things and transhumanism, these things can be implemented in a literal sense, that they will be able to control every human being.

They will be able to implant a chip in you. You know, Alex Jones was right about that. They will be able to. Even recently, I mean, it was only thank God for the canadian truckers that they were going to implement an electronic card, a passport that you would have to show in order to go get food or to go to a new city or to go to a college or go to a theater or go wherever you want to go.

And that would be the complete end of freedom. And they were working toward it. They still are. And the only reason it stopped in 2021 is because the canadian truckers stood up and said, we’re not going along with this. And they brought the entire economy of Canada to its knees. You know, the truckers. I mean, it just shows that. It just takes one group that can put a stop, you know, because that was spreading.

That was spreading to the United States, Australia, New Zealand, France, even Israel. People were starting to wake up and say, no, this isn’t going to happen. And they back down because they can’t be exposed like that. So what you’re doing here and what good people are trying to do elsewhere is very important, because it only takes one person to speak up to wake everybody up to these dangers.

And, you know, transhumanism was also coined by Julian Huxley, who created UNESCO. And UNESCO is the where, you know, these aliens are coming out of this. And you brought up this just. I like to jump around a lot. It’s my add millennial mind. You brought up a book, and I forget what it was in one of your most recent podcasts about the climate change and the space aliens.

And I kind of want to get your thoughts on that. Like, you got the HG wells. The open conspiracy was not the book that you were talking, because. No, no, I remember what I was talking about. This report that was issued around, I think it was 1969, by the Hudson Institute, which is an upstate New York think tank headed up by John Kenneth Gallibrath, who was a economist who was influential in the Kennedy administration.

And they basically. This magic Mountain report, whatever the hell they called it, I don’t know where they got together, and they deliberated for about a year. How can we create world socialism? How can we create a world order? And they came up with a conclusion that they could do it through three agendas. The first one was climate change, which would create horror amongst people. Oh, my God, the world is burning, right? The sky is falling.

It’s the chicken little Henny penny. The second was. I don’t know if I remember the second one, but the third one was space aliens. That would do it. And, you know, these things are coming to pass. This is scaring the crap out of everyone. They did it during the. Unfortunately, so many people fell for it, and they just walked like lemmings. And it became crazy to the point where, you know, if you didn’t put the mask on outside, you were doing something political.

You know, it’s like everything became highly political. You lived through it. We all did. Like, I was in Arizona, which was more free, but I was. I’m still upset, but I wasn’t, like, the most freest part of the world, and I was still really off about it. Yeah. Oh, I never bought it. But. But the thing is, it was people were so horrified and so scared because it was such a monopoly on information.

I don’t even know if we should talk about this too much because you’re putting the show on YouTube. That’s why I’m going to. Let’s move on. Yeah, let’s. Yeah, let’s not even do it because. Which of course, speaks volumes in terms of what we’re talking about here because opinions are banned. That and things that were called conspiracy that are now acknowledged. Okay. People lost their channels over it, so let’s be careful.

Yes, yes, yes. That’s why I’m always recording editing. But let’s get into some Illuminati satanist stuff. I want to get into because you’ve unpacked a lot of this information and I like to bring the Illuminati news. So the Illuminati or Alistair Crowley or Saiyanism, it’s always about inverting everything. You got the Zabatai Zevisa, the black mass, doing these things where it’s inverting. Now, what is the communist league and how is that connected as like an expansion of the Illuminati? Well, the Illuminati was founded on May 1, 1776 in Bavaria at the University of Ingolstadt by Adam Weishaupt, who was a.

A jesuit canon law professor. I think that he was kicked out of the catholic church at that point and he formed this secret society. This is all standard history in this country. They think you’re putting on a tin hat when you talk about this, but this is standard written about in Europe. It’s textbook. Even most Americans will admit that this is proven history. The order of the Illuminati was meant to overthrow governments, overthrow clericy, overthrow faith and create this new world order, this one big world international ant colony headed up by these elects who were supposed to be smarter than the rest of us and who would operate secretly.

They were exposed. About ten years later, one of the couriers was caught or was arrested and the information was seized by the bavarian police. And Adam Weishaupt was expelled from Bavaria. He found a sponsor in a smaller dukedom in one of the Holy Roman Empire’s principalities. I think it was Sax Coburg where he spent the rest of his life. He died around 1820, 1825. Continued to write, continued to influence the Illuminati.

It’s a matter of history. Through their tactics, began to infiltrate masonic lodges. Now, we don’t know what goes on in the internal workings of the masonic lodge. I’ve never been part of anything like that. I don’t know about you, but it’s. Most people who are. Are well meaning because they’re not on the inner sanctum of it. They go because it’s for social reasons, for business reasons. They have a community image.

But he made it an agenda to infiltrate the inner circles of those lodges and have illuminated people, populate those and use them as kind of cells for the overthrow of governments. The first color revolutions, the first one, of course, was the French Revolution. This is written about by several legitimate thinkers. Borrowell, who was a former. I think he was a former catholic priest, and he wrote a series of books about how the Illuminati basically instigated the French Revolution.

And that basically, that revolution, which started out really imitating the american revolution, that’s what the french people wanted, was overthrown by a coup that implemented the reign of terror, and that exemplified everything that we’re talking about here. It was destroy. Changing human nature, destroying the church, putting priests where the guillotine, you know, the kings and the basis and the nobility were all killed. There you go. And it.

It was satanic openly. And it was the first time the word communism would be used. Wow. Now, the contention that I made in my book, and it’s not unique to me, and it’s something that I can’t prove, is that the Illuminati continued to the point where it created an organization called the League of the Just in the 1840s. It was a secret society. Very little is known about it.

And the League of the just hired Karl Marx as a young graduate, as a kind of a journalist, to write the communist manifesto in 1848, and then they then changed their name to the Communist League. So if you look at the first editions of the communist manifesto, it says, published by the Communist League, of which very little is known. I think it’s also safe to say that around the same time, the League of the just had a couple of people travel to the United States to set up an organization, and the decision was made for them to infiltrate America’s institutions of higher learning, and that the first cell that they set up is the skull of bones organization at Yale.

Now, these organizations would come to have huge influence in the United States and would gradually form this international network that would be further expanded. Now, I’m not saying that they ruled the world, but they continued to build influence in every generation. But, yeah, that’s amazing. I mean, just great connections there. And Karl Marx. Karl Marx is satanic. And people be like, it’s. He’s jewish, you know, but he’s, like, the farthest thing from it.

He wrote books on the jewish question, I believe. Well, Marx, first of all, I mean, his. His father converted when. When he was a baby, and he was baptized Christian, and he actually started out before he went to college as a devout Christian. His first book was about the Trinity. And, you know, you could say that Marx became a Marxist, like so many people do in college, because he was influenced by radical professors, and they were.

And Hegel was very powerful as an influencer in Germany at the time. And so he came out as a hardcore atheist and as a radical. I mean, of course, he did write a pamphlet called on the jewish question, which is one of the most anti semitic tractates ever written, which was a kind of a canon of the left right up to World War two when it became unfashionable, which basically he weaves a conspiracy theory that fits his social theory of exploitation, that the world is divided between the exploiters and the exploited, and that the whole business of exploitation, of self interest, of money, of trade, free trade, which he called huckstering, that these are all jewish things.

The Jews are behind all of this. And the way to get rid of these things and create the new world order of ant colonies members, people who have been lobotomized and who have had no sense of self interest, is to annihilate Judaism and to make Judaism, as he said, impossible. And the on the jewish question pamphlet would be republished as a world without Jews in 1870. So, you know, this is a classic example of the anti semitic imagination.

And it’s obviously, not only is it false in that things like self interest and free trade and the use of money, which is just an abstract form of property, are normal and natural to humanity. It’s not a jewish thing. It’s something that we need to survive. It’s basic. It’s like food. These are just part of. It’s sort of embedded into our nature, and that in a positive sense, these things are good qualities.

You know what I mean? It’s qualities that can be used for good and for advancing not only our lives as individuals, but civilizations. And so the whole marxist idea would be not only anti human and anti God and anti society, but by shifting the blame to the Jews, it was deeply anti semitic. Mm hmm. Right, right. It’s like a. It’s a total scapegoat with the Jews, for sure.

It’s. It’s crazy. And being a conspiracy theorist, all I get is all my friends and people I podcast with it’s you know, it’s something that I talk about all the time. That’s so. I’m so happy that. That you’re here. Um, get a different perspective because it’s something I’ve been learning about. I was a big fan of Jordan Maxwell, um, when I was younger. And he brought up. It’s not the people, it’s the institutions that are hijacked in.

Um, and then he brought up a lot. A lot of stuff. Uh, with, uh, he brought up this. I’ve never read this guy, Rabbi Marvin Antelman, at all. Sure. Okay. So I think I interviewed him. He’s unfortunately passed away. Brilliant guy. Yeah. Marvin Antleman. Okay. Yeah. So I bought the books because I purchased books, so I have them to get to it. So I never got into it.

But I remember my rabbi said the jewish star wasn’t a jewish star, like. And then Jordan Maxwell said, it’s. It’s a hexagon. So it’s. They’re putting a hex on the Jews. That’s what he’s. It always stuck with me because I’m really into symbolism. Right. What. What did. What did Rabbi Marvin Anselman talk about with the Illuminati? Because I bought it because he’s jewish and he’s writing about the Illuminati.

And you interviewed him. Well, first of all, I mean, that might be. We don’t know the exact origins of the Star of David, and it probably does have occultic origins. I mean, a lot of these symbols do. The cross might have occultic origins. I mean, you know, any of these things. I mean, it’s. That’s. The whole society is drenched. It’s an interesting subject, not one that I’m an expert on.

But the United States is drenched with this masonic imagery. Washington, DC is laid out on masonic lines. I’m not here to say that this is necessarily a bad thing. It depends on what meaning you bring to it. Like the Statue of Liberty, I’ve heard, is supposed to be an idol and it has negative meaning. But even if that were true, and I have no idea, it has taken on a positive meaning.

It has become the symbol of freedom and of american patriotism. So I don’t know if we need to be that. Go too far into the weeds on that one. Sure. Like, even the word capitalism was coined by Marx himself. Oh, wow. This evil system, you know, where people exploit. But it’s become a good meaning because we take a look at how successful capitalist countries are and how the United States is and how much we’ve actually contributed to over overall human progress and happiness.

So I’m willing to say with these symbols, whether it be the. The Star of David or whatnot, it only has the power that you give it. And if you are a good person, it’s fine, because it symbolizes jewish progress, and it certainly comes to symbolize Zionism, which is a very important social movement, always has been within the jewish people. But as far as Anselman goes and the Illuminati, Anselman talks about the chate ZV and Jacob Frank, his successor, came about a century later, and the horrible damage that they did to the jewish people and to the jewish fabric, if you will.

It’s a poison that has worked its way into Judaism in the same way that the Illuminati is a poison that worked its way into Christendom, by the way. It was. He developed a following as a false messiah. His message was what’s called antinoMian. In other words, he wanted to overthrow the TOrah, overthrow all of the moral and ethical precepts that make up the word of God and reverse them, do the exact opposite.

In a way, Satanism is the exact same thing. He declared his messiahship by desecrating the TORah in a most disgusting way. Publicly, at a synagogue in his hometown of Smyrna, he married a prostitute. We went around with these entourage, and apparently he was a great singer. So it sort of reminds me of a Grateful dead, you know, movement. You know, people are smoking a lot and partying. Eventually he makes his.

By most accounts, he is mentally ill, and he makes his way to Palestine, which is interesting because it shows that the Jews were there and that they had a. There was a zionist movement then. This is 16th century, 15th century, where he meets this guy, NAthan of Gaza, who promises to help him. And NAthan of Gaza turned out to be a charlatan who exploited him and said, oh, you’re the messiah.

We’re going to go to Constantinople and you’re going to come to rule the world. And it created this utopian movement that captured a lot of jewish imagination in Europe. And even non Jews were following him. The Messiah is coming. He’s on his way to Constantinople. He shows up in Constantinople. The sultan brings him to his palace, and he says, you have a choice. If you’re the Messiah, I’m going to shoot an arrow through you, and you’ll be fine, or I won’t shoot the arrow through you and you’ll convert to Islam.

And at that point, he converted to Islam, and the whole fraud was exposed. And there was all this. Oh, this gnashing of teeth in Europe. This is terrible. And there was a great deal of consternation, and the whole thing fell apart. This was in 1666. Ironically, he spent the rest of his life basically as a butler for the sultan in Constantinople. But his movement continued with very powerful jewish leaders, we don’t know who, but they continued in a sort of a quasi secret society known as the Sabanians.

And how do you know that? Sabanian. Oh, okay. Like Sabbath, like sabotage. Yeah. Okay. And in the 18th century, one of the followers of that movement, Jacob Frank, did the same thing in Europe, where he took on messianic pretensions. He engaged in all kinds of sexual perversions. Publicly, he tried to overthrow morality by saying that the way to do this is to bring all of mankind to such a low level spiritually that we’ll have to have the messiah, complete opposite to the jewish conception of Messiah, and the complete opposite to the christian conception of Jesus, who came to fulfill the Torah, not overthrow it.

Who came to, he followed the law. Every jot and tittle. Jesus says in the book of acts, he’s quoted as saying, not a single word of the Torah shall change until the end of time. He wasn’t trying to overthrow the Torah, which is why Christianity has turned out to be a great moral force in the world, I would add. But the thing is that this sabanian movement and this frankist movement had a very clandestine influence within Judaism, a poisonous influence that continues to this day.

And that it’s really something that Rabbi Anselman did his best to expose. There’s been an underground war between this movement and religious pious rabbis who have tried to confront it and expose it. And there’s some great. He wrote a great deal about that, and in a sense, it’s the same corruption that we’re dealing with today. So that’s the basic theme of his books, and they’re brilliant. Oh, okay.

I can’t wait to read about both of them. And this frank guy, frankest, he converted to Catholicism and caesarion. Just, I mean, he really connects the dots for me with the camouflage. It’s sort of like you got the left and the right, but it’s a camouflage that you got these neo cons or neo libs, or whatever they’re called, uh, just changing as they need. Um, and the same thing with religion, uh, in these institutions.

And, um. Yeah, that’s. That’s crazy. And this left wing anti Semitism, um, it just makes me think, is this. It makes me think that this, uh, I don’t. I haven’t looked into it at all. Just, I hear your podcast, other people’s podcast, the Shmuley guy seems to be like a lineage of, of this because all the rabbis I know, my friends who are rabbis, it’s, I’ve never met anyone like this guy.

Oh, it’s disgusting. And you know the thing that bothers me about it, if you look at his website, I am the most influential rabbi in the world. I mean, it’s so arrogant and so, like, you know, the America’s most famous rabbi, I mean, who says, who appointed him? You know, it’s sort of, and then he goes off and he’s like doing this disgusting video and he’s selling sex toys with his daughter.

It’s like, we need to have a rabbi. I mean, don’t you think it’s a little improprietous for a rabbi to be involved in this kind of thing? It goes to the worst, the worst stereotypes and it’s disgusting. Terrible. The arrogance is so out of proportion. Yeah, it’s crazy. It’s all, seen the video. It’s, it’s bad. It’s that stuff. Yeah, it makes me think that he’s like Illuminati kind of thing just to divide people.

And like, even the Washington Post, that’s Bezos, Amazon, this, like crony capitalism, I guess, would be a way to call it. Pushing that and putting that in the titles for the masses to see because the masses, unfortunately, aren’t going to watch your podcast. My podcast. The masses are going to watch tick tock, get a simple meme. It’s crazy. It’s crazy. Yeah. But you know something? They’re not winning that battle because people are watching this stuff.

Look at like, Tucker Carlson. His audience is three times bigger than, than Fox. I mean, it’s huge. And he’s just doing it on Twitter. People want, people want the truth. I mean, they, you know, even if you reach a few people, I mean, it gets out there and this whole censorship thing where they really thought they could clamp down, especially after they dropped President Trump from the, from Twitter with his 30 million followers.

They thought they had it in a bag, but they didn’t because people came up, they thought, you know, they got rid of thousands of people accounts. But yet you have competition. I do. My show, for example, on rumble and getter and gab and a bunch of other sites, and I’m building the show back. So I’m not the only one. People are finding ways to get around this massive censorship regime.

I mean, the basic proof of that is how well President Trump is doing. It’s one of the most incredible comebacks in history. And borrowing, God forbid, something bad, like a Kennedy type situation, I think the Trump is going to be elected. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. My prediction, and I want to get into, into this. And everybody, I got all of Charles Moskowitz links down below. Go subscribe, go to the rumble, go to the YouTube, go to the Twitter, subscribe, get his books, like, all, again, all of his books, and, and smash that, like, button to get us in the algorithm.

So with Trump, we can see that symbolism is very important to America. It was built by freemasons. And we can see how important that is to the structure, the White House, the Leinster House, the Templar. We could see how important that symbolism is. And the next president will be the 47th president, which is the masonic compass, which goes back to the pythagorean luxids. My prediction is Kamala will not be elected.

But Joe Biden, he gone, like, slip on. He’s going to look at the clips coming up. He goes, slip or something. They’re going to put in Kamala. She’ll be 47. Then the. Because there’s some saying that the election might not happen by some. Well, there are machinations to make in that way. Like, first of all, we can’t talk about the 2020 election because your show is going on YouTube, and that is verboten, if I may say.

Okay, we also can’t talk about the events of January 6 because that is also verboten and what actually happened there. But either way, I mean, people know that there’s something rotten in Denmark, as Shakespeare would say, and they are moving toward electing Trump. But I think they are trying to take some steps to make sure that Trump is not, doesn’t win. They can’t do it on the issues.

They can’t do it through the electorate. And I don’t think they can really do it so easily in terms of mailing out millions of absentee ballots either, because there’s too many people who know that that’s what’s going on with that gig. Right. But apparently, this business of these rhino Republicans in the House resigning in such a way that there cannot be a special election, which means that the House could be turned over to the Democrats before the election, and then they may not certify the election.

That’s one theory. Right? Sounds sinister. I don’t know if they could get away with it, but they’re trying to do something. Yeah. Something weird, something. We’re going down. That title. Usually all my titles are something weird, something this month. I know we’re coming up almost on the top of the hour, but we got this eclipse happening in the National Guard being sent out, and every. This is on the front page of the Economist magazine.

Who’s calling Trump the biggest enemy of the world. Like, he’s such a danger, and it’s his face on the eclipse. I feel like I’m a conspiracy theorist, you know? Or I guess not theorist. I’m a conspiracy researcher. Everybody’s looking at Texas to the east coast at this eclipse. Look over here. But what’s going to happen over here? Like, what’s going to happen on the east coast? America. That’s where my thought process is going.

Well, what do you think is going on with that? I mean, I don’t. I just think it’s a nothing burger that’s going to come and go. But what do you think? Uh, yeah, I think that there’s a lot of predictive programming. Like, you know, I get into some very, um. That’s why I like to have you on, Jay, on and to ground me, because I be going out into the imagination.

Well, you all have to ground each other, believe me. I mean, it’s. You could go down a rabbit hole very easily. We all can. So, with, like, the symbology, like, here’s tech. Uh, Trump’s tax number, right? Eight oh two. That’s business tax number. That’s the date they choose to rate his Mar a Lago home. On eight. Eight oh, on 8822. Right. You know, so there’s something going on with symbolism there.

And that’s just, like, one example. There’s tons of examples. This gate that just collapsed. Collapsed. That one to eight, that’s, like, something I’ve been covering. That’s when leave the world. You know, you’re right to note that they do like to use certain symbolic dates. I mean, I just mentioned that Shabtay Zvi declared his messiahship on 1666. Right? I mean, it’s. Who knows? I mean, these are. These are things that.

I mean, it’s an interesting subject. I mean, I heard a rabbi actually talk about looking at numerology in the Torah and showing that the Torah literally predicted that Israel would regain its independence in May of 1948. So. Yeah. And that it would recapture Jerusalem in 1966. So, yeah, I mean, these are all interesting developments. And I think that the other side likes to use significant dates. I mean, the date 911, that’s historic.

I mean, that was the day that King Louis IX burned 13 crates of Talmuds on the grounds of the Chateau de ville in Paris. Wow. And, you know, you can still see that in Paris if you go there. I’ve been there. I’ve seen it. And so, you know, there are these kind of creepy dates that have significance for them. Even 911 bringing up skull and bones, that’s when school and Bones member George Bush.

The first one, not the one who was in office during 911, but I believe the first one coined the term new world order on 911 as well. So that’s wild. You know something? It’s an interesting subject. I mean, I’m not an expert on it, but maybe I might do a book on that, I was thinking. But, yeah, I mean, these. These sort of interesting coincidences in terms of both this symbology numerically, but also visual images that seem to crop up here and there.

Please do. And if you need any support, I’m here for you. I guess there’s a couple more questions that I might edit out of this. It’s more personal questions. Just being jewish, and I don’t get the many opportunities to talk with another open minded jew. You know, my grandpa from Romania, I got his holy scriptures, the Torah, right here. And I’m reading the beginning, and it brings up Mendelssohn.

Have you ever gone into Mendelssohn at all? Moses Mendelssohn? Yeah. I don’t know a lot about him. I know that Rabbi Anselman does not have nice things to say in his book that you have there. Oh, yeah. Jacob is and stuff. I don’t think that you can quite link him to frankism or any of those movements. Okay. I mean, I tend to think that he meant well, you know, he translated the Torah into German.

He was a very popular figure in his day, both amongst Jews and non Jews. I mean, I think that he was a religious man. I think it’s interesting that his children all became christians, but, I mean, I don’t know a lot about. About him, actually. Okay. Just, you know, these are just thoughts, being jewish and trying to understand everything. And then my other grandpa from Massachusetts, I got his book.

My mom gave me this one. And it was just interesting that there’s the. I don’t even know who this is. Tinker essays yesterday and today. It’s just an old book, and there’s a chapter, Satanism and the world order. I thought that was just. Oh, that’s cool. And that’s. When was that? Yeah, it’s an old book. Um, let me look. My mom gave it to me, and I was just like, so because it was my grandpa’s who was wicked smart, too, but I never met him.

Um, 1934. And who’s the author? So this is essays yesterday and today by Tinker, but it’s different essays in it. This one’s Gilbert Murray, and he goes into the league of nations and stuff. I haven’t read it yet, but that is. That’s interesting. That’s great. I’ll take some screenshots and send it to you. Thank you. And then my next question is, I grew up at Abad, right? And I’ve heard your.

You talking about the. I think it was a Illuminati connection or something like that. With a movement. Yeah, yeah. I’m kind of ignorant to it. I grew up ahabad. I got bar mitzvah, then I went to Temple Beth, you know, more conservative, but women and men could sit together. So, yeah, I think that my regular guest Dovid made reference to that on my podcast. He said that the original of the original Chabad movement and the hasidic movement of Baal Shem Tov was influenced to an extent by the Sabanians.

And that may be. I don’t think that it’s the sort of thing that I think even if they were, they didn’t go down the wrong path. I think they basically are devout Jews, and they believe in God and the Torah. They might have taken on a little bit of the kind of subversive element of it, you know, I mean, just sort of a little bit too partying, I guess.

I don’t know. But no, I think that their movement has been generally positive. I think that Rabbi Menachemendel Schneerson, he is credited with virtually saving Judaism after the Holocaust. He set up those Chabad houses all over the world, and they brought people back to Judaism. Very tolerant toward all Jews from all walks of life. And it just spiritually was a huge contribution. Now, I know there’s a movement within Chabad that views him as being the Messiah.

I don’t agree with that. I don’t know if he agreed with that in his lifetime, but even in that context, they’re still within the fold. It’s not like a breakaway. They’re still devout Jews. They’re not like, it’s not formed like a separate religion. Yeah, that makes sense, because they’re super into the Torah, you know? Exactly. They live a jewish life. They believe in the creator. You know, they’re trying.

They’re pious. They’re trying to be on the. Be on, do good in the world, you know? You know, Takuno love, they want to heal the world. You know, they’re generally a very good movement, and they. They meet and they put action to that. You know, they’ve done a lot of good things. I know there’s conspiracy theories around them. I mean, it’s. It’s unfounded. Right. Right. Well, I appreciate all your work, all your books, all your research.

Like this means so much to me. Uh, you spending the time with us today. Thank you. I got all of Charles links down below. Everybody go subscribe, hit that, like, button. Get his books. Anything else? When’s the next book coming out? Well, I mean, I’m just in the planning stages on a couple of things right now, but it’s. I’m actually thinking of writing a book about the history of Massachusetts.

A little bit of a diversion from my usual type of work, but, yeah, I’m just enjoying doing the podcast, interviewing interesting people and talking. You know, the anti semitic imagination has opened some interesting conversations, so I’m enjoying that. Got all of his books here. Maybe stay on. I’m going to end the stream. Thank you. Okay. Much love, everybody, and God bless you. Thank you. God bless you. Yo, if you like this content, hit that, like and subscribe button.

Go to the Patreon, get tons of videos like this going over all your Illuminati news. Make sure to get Charles books. Got the links down below, and go subscribe. Much love, everybody, and God bless. .

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