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By: Doenut Factory
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5G Danger


➡ The speaker in this video discusses a theory that the collapse of a bridge at 1:28 is significant due to its connection to numerology and symbolism. They suggest that the number 128 is a recurring theme in various events and media, and that this could be linked to a larger, symbolic message about the collapse of America. The speaker also discusses the potential connection between water, bridges, and financial systems, using the cryptocurrency Ripple as an example. They encourage viewers to follow their Patreon for more theories and discussions.
➡ The text is about a person who shares videos and live streams on Patreon, discussing various topics like Salvador Dolly, the year of the dragon, and pattern recognition. They also mention a ship named Dolly, connected to Salvador Dolly and Singapore, and a recurring number, 128. They talk about symbolism in Salvador Dolly’s paintings and their possible influence on people’s subconscious minds. The text also mentions a Rothschild’s death, the economist magazine, and predictive programming.
➡ The speaker believes that we are in a period of significant change, possibly due to a government experiment or cosmic events like solar flares and eclipses. They suggest that these changes could lead to people developing new abilities and that this is connected to ancient rituals and symbolism found in popular culture. They also discuss conspiracy theories related to the death of Max Spears and the symbolism in various music albums and TV shows. The speaker thinks that all these events and symbols are connected and could be leading to a major event or shift in reality.
➡ This text talks about a group of people who share videos on a website, discussing various symbols from different cultures and their meanings. They believe these symbols are connected to ancient knowledge and events, and they use them to decode current events and predict future ones. They also discuss the concept of synchronicity, which is the occurrence of meaningful coincidences, and believe it’s a way for their higher consciousness to communicate with them.
➡ The text is a conversation between two people discussing various conspiracy theories and patterns they’ve noticed in events, numbers, and symbols. They talk about potential future events based on these patterns, and how influential figures and elites might be manipulating events and energies. They also discuss the significance of certain dates and numbers, and how they believe these are connected to major events. They suggest that some of these events might be influenced by powerful people to control the world.
➡ The speaker discusses various events and their connections to the number 128 and eclipses. They mention the highway system, a movie called Dune, and the baptism of Jeffrey Dahmer during an eclipse. They also talk about the significance of the number 846 in various contexts, including the 9/11 attacks and Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis. The speaker believes these events and numbers are all interconnected in some way.
➡ This text talks about various conspiracy theories and interpretations of events, symbols, and numbers. It mentions Kate Middleton’s birth during an eclipse, the significance of certain numbers in Freemasonry, and the idea that AI might be controlling media. It also discusses the symbolism in Ghostbusters and Stranger Things, suggesting connections to real-world events and secret societies. The text ends with a discussion about the Manhattan Adventure Society, a fictional organization in Ghostbusters, which is believed to be based on a real secret society.
➡ In 1912, a secret society was started by author Sullivan Hoffman in Manhattan, which included 34 members at its first meeting. The society has been discussing various topics, including a ship called White Lion, the 47th birthday of a bridge, and the significance of the number 47 in different contexts. They also plan to research more about Diddy, a famous personality, and share their findings with their audience. The society encourages audience interaction and promotes their websites and YouTube channels for more content.
➡ This text talks about various conspiracy theories and symbolic interpretations of recent events. It suggests that the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge and other similar incidents are symbolic of America’s downfall. It also discusses the potential introduction of a new banking system and digital currency, and connects these events to various celebrities and historical symbols. The text also mentions the significance of certain numbers and dates in these theories.
➡ This video discusses various conspiracy theories, including the idea that celebrities are connected to the Illuminati and the deep state. It also talks about a bridge collapse and suggests that it might be part of a larger, hidden narrative. The video encourages viewers to subscribe to a Patreon for more content and theories. It ends with a discussion about a book called “1 Second After,” which predicts a catastrophic event caused by an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack.
➡ This text talks about various global issues, including potential threats to technology and infrastructure, economic impacts like rising commodity prices due to supply disruptions, and social unrest. It suggests we’re in a kind of ‘world war’ with cyber attacks and infrastructure failures. The text also discusses the shift towards sustainable energy and its potential problems, and touches on some controversial events and figures in the entertainment industry. It ends by suggesting that people need to be prepared for these challenges.
➡ The speakers in this text are discussing their concerns about the current state of the world, including the rise of deepfake technology, the potential for economic collapse, and the introduction of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). They believe that these changes are part of a larger plan to control society and warn that people should prepare by maintaining a positive mindset and investing in tangible assets like real estate, gold, and silver. They also suggest that people should be wary of the mainstream media and stay informed through alternative sources.
➡ The speaker believes that Russia and China are preparing for conflict, with Europe and Taiwan as potential targets. They suggest that this could lead to global supply shocks, causing prices of commodities to rise. They also believe that the U.S. has lost its economic power, with the world moving towards blockchain and digitization. The speaker encourages people to prepare for these changes by investing in bitcoin and other real assets, growing their own food, and becoming self-sufficient.
➡ The speaker warns of a potential financial collapse, where people won’t be able to access or use their money. He suggests that this could be used to control the American people, similar to the 2009 financial crisis. He advises everyone to prepare by managing their finances, assets, and skills, and to seek spiritual guidance. He also hints at potential geopolitical tensions and encourages his listeners to stay informed and prepared.
➡ Two podcast hosts discuss various topics, including the symbolism of bridges collapsing and the significance of the number 128. They also talk about the importance of certain dates and their connections to events, such as the equinox and an eclipse. They mention the use of Gematria (a numerological system) in their interpretations and discuss various TV shows and movies. They also highlight the work of other individuals in their community.
➡ The text discusses theories about the connection between popular media, like movies and TV shows, and the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. The author suggests that these shows and movies hint at CERN’s experiments with interdimensional portals and their potential consequences. They also mention the symbolism of antlers in various media, which they link to Cernunos, a Celtic god of the underworld. The text also discusses various conspiracy theories, including the idea that natural phenomena and events are connected to CERN’s activities.


Yo, what up? It’s doughnut and you tuning in to all your Illuminati news. The bridge collapsed at 128. We’re gonna go over why this is significant in the occult in decoding. We’ve been telling y’all for a minute now that them bridges were gonna collapse connected to this number. The towers, for example, collapsed. New York at 10:28 a. m. You always take out the zero in numerology, so it’d be one, two, eight.

Leave the world behind us connected to this. This is going to be a crazy show, but before we start, make sure you smash that, like, button and put a one in the comment to make sure you could hear me, okay? And, yeah, let’s get right into it. I woke up this morning and everybody was talking about this. It’s something that Tommy and I have been talking about for a while now.

And I’m going to show you the slides, but here’s the video to show you what time it collapsed at. If you look at the top, it says right there, 128. You’ll see why this is important. During the stream, you’ll see why this is important. But also, I’ve been seeing videos saying that this could have been a demolition. You can see little bangs happening, like right there on the left side.

You see that bang right there. Then you see another one. You just see all these. So I don’t know. I’m not an architect, but I am going to deconstruct and demystify all this. What’s going on? But, yeah. Did you see that? Where it fell? You got these, like, little explosions. One right here. Just play it right there, then another one right there, and then another one right there.

So I don’t know. I have no idea. But the ship looked like it went through some cyber incident where the lights turned off and it drove straight into this bridge. And it hit the bridge at 128. We’ll see why that is so important. You can see it all over in the news. 01:28 a. m. We’ll show you why that is important. Everybody up on this channel already knows why, but if you’re new, you’re going to be like, whoa.

You’re going to be like, wow. Because it’s absolutely crazy. This is the number one thing trending today with over a million views, number one trending on the Google algorithm. So they want us to see this. If you think about the event that happened on three, two, two. We decoded this event on three, two, two. In Russia, right? That collapsed. Oh, also, Ghostbusters released a film on three, two, two.

And the COVID of that is a bridge. So I don’t know. I think this goes into symbolism and I’ll show you why. But we didn’t hear much about the Russia event on the Google algorithm in America. It didn’t pop up, I think at number one. But Google wants us to see this bridge collapsing as some sort of symbolism. Why? Well, we’ll get into it. We’ll get into why it’s connected to leave the world behind.

Leave the world behind is trending today with the key bridge. Now this is key information you’re getting here first at the donut factory. As you can see, I posted this leave the world behind stuff in 2023. I’ve been talking about this one two eight since last year. Leave the world behind was released December eigth, which is one two eight. That you can see here about Julia Roberts, who is born on 1028, which is one two eight.

And her boyfriend Matthew Perry died in the bathtub on 1028. In the hot tub, I mean on one two eight. So that’s just something that I keep seeing. Here’s a Patreon video that I posted November 2, 2023. It’s called the one two eight omega event with the bridges in the thumbnail right here. November 2. So me and Tommy have been connecting the bridges to 128. And this bridge collapsed at 128.

The Titanic snapped in half at 01:28 a. m. As well, I believe. So you can just see this all over the place. Even in Gematria, bridge collapse equals 128. And on January 20 eigth, one two eight, another bridge collapse in Pittsburgh. So that’s what we were covering over on the Patreon. This one’s December 1, the omega event showing the Christmas tree collapse. It’s all about the collapse of America.

It’s about the collapse of America. And we just crashed through over 2000 people watching right now. Every time we crash through 1000 people. I’m going to remind you all to smash that like button, share this information out. It’s critical key information as the key bridge collapses. And that is connected to masonic symbolism with the key at the top for cancer. You’re hearing about all this Kate Middleton stuff and the royals.

Well, it goes into astrological alignments that the occult do things on certain days. We just saw the crazy connections in the last live stream about three two two. Now we’re going to show you this one two eight connection. It’s something that I’ve been ringing the bells about. For real. Everybody will tell you that’s all I was talking about for the last four or five months, one, two, eight.

But yeah, let’s get back into it. But yeah, no, this is all about the collapse of America. It was a trade, right? Like the shipping thing was for commerce. And I was talking to Jordan Maxwell back in 2020 and he just passed away on three, two, three. So rest in peace to him. I’m not sure if it was three, two, two, but on Wikipedia says three, two, three, rest in peace.

He was a hero of mine and he broke down how the water system, water bridges, liquid assets is all connected to maritime law and the financial system that we’re in now. I’m going to play that clip from 2020 about the economic collapse. Ask you about that, Jordan. There’s this crypto I wanted to ask you about that I’ve always been interested in, and it’s called ripple because you talked a lot about maritime law, water, the river bank, the currency.

And this crypto is the only crypto kind of named after water. It’s called ripple. Remember, this was in 2020. And I’m not promoting this crypto. I already got in and got out back in 2020. But I was bringing up to Jordan, who brought to the forefront in the masses consciousness, who was looking into these topics about water being connected to all this. I was showing him that this is the bridge currency.

Anyway, I’ll get back into it in the Swift system. And swift, I swear, today they’re just breaking news that they’re going to release a CBDC. So this information was from 2020, talking to Jordan Maxwell, talking about the Swift system. This is so a lot more has happened since then, but we’re going back in time. A lot of people in the government work with this company. The guy who founded it was part of the NSA.

Rosa Rios, who’s on the $100 bill, works with them. What they are is a bridge. Rosa Rios works for ripple. So Rios means river. So everything is connected to water. Anyway. Currency and her autographs on the back of all of our money. It’s all connected to money. Sorry, get back into it. It’s just crazy. The symbolism on the money is nuts because you got the omega symbol right there on the dollar bill.

So that’s why I’ve been connecting it to the omega event. One two eight, omega event. That’s what I was calling it. It’s all connected to this collapse. That’s what they call themselves. And like a bridge goes over water. So I don’t know if you’ve heard of it or what are your thoughts on something like that. Well, I don’t know anything about that. It’s very interesting. Sounds kind of interesting.

Okay, so this is ripple. I mean, ripple is like water, ripple of water. Their logo is the truskelion, and they’re totally in with big tech and big government, and they’re being sued by the SEC right now, which I think is just a big show. But, yeah, what they do is cross border remittance payments. So I don’t know. It’s just interesting. It’s something that knowing about the water and how everything goes back to water just got me thinking.

Yeah, it gets me thinking, too. I know that crypto is going to go through the roof. That was an old interview from 2020, just where all my thoughts are. But shout out to everybody up in the comments section, what is going on? We got thousands of people up in here, and I like to remind everybody, you get this information early. You would have got this 128 bridge collapse early if you went to the Patreon.

All you got to do is click the link below patreon. com. Do nut. What up is doughnut? You go over here to the 499. Cheaper than a bag of skittles, but it’s much healthier than a bag of skittles. So you get that. You’re going to get a bunch of great content. I mean, hundreds of videos. The one two eight stuff we’ve been talking about since November 2023 and the bridge collapsing.

We just did something with Sam Tripoli. Shout out to Sam Tripoli. We’re going to be posting a lot of stuff in the next three days, too. You’re not going to want to miss out on. So go subscribe there. All you got to do is click the link below. Go here to the official Patreon. You hit join, you put in all your information and then you access all the videos.

Yeah, you get live streams. We’re going live tomorrow over there. Gonna talk about Nephilim, clowns. It’s gonna be fun. We get wicked smart. Here’s Rick Spence. You get the full version of a lot of these videos that I highly edit and whatnot. Oh, and check this out right here. The year the dragon decode. You can see right here, you see Salvador Dolly, the egg right there. You might know that the ship is called Dolly, named after Salvador Dolly.

Jacob Israel called me this morning. I swear I woke up this morning with just phone calls and text messages and messages, and Jacob called me and he’d been breaking this down and he told me that the ship is called Dolly and it’s named after Salvador Dolly, someone who I’ve been looking at because of the egg symbolism and the geopoliticus man and the Rothschild mansion ball. We just did an episode with paranoid American talking about the Rothschild surrealist ball with Salvador Dolly a day before Rothschild passed away on February 26.

But the ship is called Dolly. And this is the year of the dragon. Decode. Well, the year of the dragon we’re in. And it ends on one, two, 8, January 20 eigth. As you can see, leave the world behind. December eigth, one, two, eight. I got that information here, but you can see it everywhere, even the climate people say we have 128 days left. The space shuttle thing exploded in one, two, eight.

It’s just all over the place. This is called pattern recognition. Even in the movie leave the world behind, they had a map of the cyber incidences. And one of the hotspots, the high hotspot, was right here in. I mean, that predictive programming is absolutely nuts. They were showing you the hotspots for that event to happen. But it’s just a coincidence. Just a coincidence. Leave the world behind, cyber incident hotspot.

What do you think about that? What do you think about that? And if you remember, that movie talked about how the cabal did a winter solstice ritual, right? Well, we just passed the spring equinox. It was the earliest vernal equinox in one, two, eight years. Kicking off this spring. One, two, eight again right there. And that is connected to the skull and bones. The skull and bone symbolism is those crossbones are connected to the ecliptic core, whatever it’s called up there, up in the sky.

Even Kate getting the big c is connected to the Zodiac cancer, which is on the top of the bridge, top of the ark. We’re going to get into it is absolutely nuts. But shout out. Decoding with Cody up on here, he be breaking down a lot of this. You go check out his channel. Project Cheney up in here. I’m going to be kicking with Project Cheney and Sam Tripoli pretty soon.

I’m pretty sure about that. Shout out to Project Cheney. What else? Who else up in here? Who else up in the comment? We got so many people up in here. We just crashed through 3000 people. 3000 people up in here. I’m going to remind you all to smash that like, button. Share this video out. Let’s get this video viral. Let’s get this video viral. Every time we pass through a thousand, I’m going to remind you all to do that.

And I know people get upset about it, but some people get excited about it. Shout out to true Seeka as well. I got some of his slides up. He posted a video like, I woke up this morning and everybody was decoding it. So I wasn’t planning on going live today, but that’s sort of what happens in the news system. Shout out the coffee girl, Scotland in the get oh.

Shout out to Marissa. We’re going to have Marissa come up on the Patreon and break down the inversion of the males and the females in the public sphere. She’s been uncovering that information for years and years before. It’s kind of trending now. So we’re going to have her up on the Patreon next. That’s going to be fun. All right, we going to get back into it. Let’s get back into it.

So I’ve been showing you all the 128 connection to all this stuff happening. The chinese zodiac, new year, the year of the dragon. We’re in ends January 20 eigth. One, two, eight. Next year. This stuff popping up everywhere. But hold on to your seats because things is about it. We’re going to turn it up a notch. We’re going to bring you that information first over here at the donut factory.

We’re going to bring you that information first. So this Dolly, right? Dolly is the name of the ship, Singapore flagged container vessel Dolly. It collapsed. Let me read that again because it’s connected to Singapore. Aerial photos show the scale of the destruction of Francis Scott key bridge in Baltimore, which collapsed after being hit by the Singapore flagged container vessel Dolly. Why is this important? Well, Singapore is known for the white lion.

You see this white lion right here in Singapore? Well, that’s the ship that crashed the white lion. And leave the world behind. You got a Singapore ship crashing into the bridge, just like in leave the world behind. The ship crashed into the beach named White lion. And Singapore is known for the white lion. I’ve been looking at Singapore and shout out to Singapore. I absolutely love Singapore. I think I just love the peninsulas.

I love Cabo San Lucas. I just love it there. I love going to just something about the peninsula. I love Miami. Like, there’s something about that. I think that’s where I’m supposed to be. But I was watching the Super bowl and I’m like, damn, that lion that ushers in who went to Puff daddy’s parties when he was a little kid and he did some weird sexy stuff with people or watched it or something like that.

That’s what he said up on the Howard Stern show. That’s what he said. But he was performing, and he was sitting on this lion. And I’m like, damn, that lion looked a lot like that Singapore thing. So it’s something I’ve been looking out for. It goes into the worm moon. This even kind of looks like a y’all to bayoff worm, because y’all to bayoff was a worm. We did the Illuminati worms presentation as well, which is public and on the YouTube.

But anyway, it’s the symbol that I’ve been looking out for. And even where it was heading to Sri Lanka is a lion on the flag. That’s what someone wrote, at least in the movie, leave the world behind. The cargo ship crashed. It was called the White lion. The cargo ship that crashed into the key bridge was headed to Sri Lanka, whose national symbol is a lion. So I think that’s interesting.

I didn’t have a chance to confirm it, but I would not doubt that at all, because I’ve been looking at art pieces like the geopoliticalist child watching of the birth of the new man by Salvador Dolly. I’m a big fan of Salvador Dolly as well, but this is an image that I was breaking down in the year of the rabbit, how this man is coming out of America being born.

And then you got this androgynous figure. It is a little kid right here, whose shadow is actually the long one, and this male female person. This is, according to the painting. That’s what they say about the painting. It’s a short shadow. So just a lot of symbolism here. And it’s something I’ve been looking out for, and everybody knows that. I mean, here’s the proof right here. One, two, 8.

January 20 eigth. I was showing that symbolism, and now the dolly is connected because Dolly had a painting called the bridge collapse or something like that. Jacob Israel covered it. Salvador Dolly got the collapsing bridge. So there’s something with the Salvador Dolly painting speaking to the subconscious minds of the people. Now, that’s probably why they do the Illuminati ball with Salvador Dolly. You could watch this one, the surrealist ball.

We break down that really well, and we broke it down one day before the Rothschild passed away. See? February 25, then the next day. So that’s just a coincidence. That’s just weird. But I’ve been connecting all this. But, I mean, everybody that’s already subscribed knows that I’ve been covering this one to eight number for a minute now. And what else was I going to show? Oh, yeah. So on this economist magazine which predicts the future, which is ran by Evelyn de Rothschild, but he passed away right before a full moon.

And we just had this worm moon, but this was released on the three, two, two day. And it showed the importance of Trump and the eclipse. Plus it showed the shipping containers right here. This is the predictive programming you can go through even what’s going on in the Middle east. They predicted program that in one of their issues. I mean, this magazine, it’s not even predicting. They’re just telling you what the plans are.

And right there is the cargo ships that you see right here for this year next to the currency collapse. So, yeah, here’s some footage of another bridge collapse. Crazy. So, like, I was connecting it to the Swift system, Taylor Swift all over the place, right? The new Swift system, the BRIcs, the collapse of America, collapse of american currency, the push of CBdcs. When the world was locked down, the first thing in the HR bill was introduced, the CBDC.

So the Swift system goes into the bridge, right? It’s a bridge currency. The new ISO system of things like XRP and whatnot. Is the bridge currency going over the water. This is all symbolism, in my opinion, for a ritual for the banking industry. For the new banking industry. Swift planning launch of new central bank digital currency platform in twelve to 24 months. And that’s what I was talking about with Jordan Maxwell all up on here in 2020.

But yeah, if you’re just tuning in, the Baltimore key bridge collapse after ship collision, something that we’ve been talking about and we breaking down the symbolism of it, if you look right here, this is the royal arch, right? This is an ancient symbol. And at the top of the Keystone, right? The keystone, this was the key bridge. So the top of the Keystone is cancer. It’s the 69, just like the Keystone state, where Joe Biden, the greatest president that’s ever existed, is from.

He’s from the Keystone state, right? November 20, he was born at the Keystone state. Now, if you do the date calculation, from his birthday this year to this bridge collapsing, it’s 128 days, one two eight, right there. Four months in seven days, four score in seven years ago. This is the 47 masonic compass, right? As we’re coming up onto the 47th president, this is very important for America.

And is the 47th president going to be Kamala Harris, who tweeted this freemasonic picture with the Knights Templar checkerboard and the two pillars on two one eight, which has the one two eight in it February 18, maybe. They did a lot of predictive programming of that in the movie house of Cards where on the ides of March, the 47th president became Claire Underwood. Now, Kate and King Charles both are sick, right? And they both have cancer.

So you got the royals having cancer, which is the 69 or the 96 at the top of the keystone here is cancer, is the 69 on the top of the keystone. And just to add some more to that, the first Elizabeth Queen died at 69 and the second one died at 96. This is all occult symbolism because on March 22. Three, two, two. That’s when they announced it right there.

And it’s crazy, but keys. Open the gate. So I’ve been looking at the San Francisco bridge, and look, we just passed through 4000 people watching live. Oh my goodness. We just broke a record. I knew we were going to break a record with people watching it because of the thumbnail was amazing. The thumbnail of the boat. So smash that like button. I’m going to remind you all again, every time we pass it through, another thousand smash like button.

Share this out. We going over the occult rituals of this bridge. Collapse of the key bridge. And I was looking out for the Golden Gate bridge. That’s what I said was going to collapse, but the keys opened the gates. As you can see, the new Ghostbuster film was just released on three, two, two. When Kate was sick with cancer. And look at the COVID of the new ghostbusters.

It’s a bridge because I believe this is how the similacra works. They show you all the stuff at the same time. For example, when Biden got pooped on by a bird, that’s when Twitter purchased the bird and 60 minutes released. The birds aren’t real on 60 Minutes on May 1, the Illuminati founding day. But yeah, right here on a bridge. But in the first ghostbusters, this symbolism, he is the key.

He’s the key master. And they have to have sex magic to unlock the gates. So what I’m talking about is all over films mean Dan Aykroyd is absolutely nuts. So I was looking at the Golden Gate bridge, that’s where XRP is at. And I thought that thing was going to collapse, but Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed. Now in San Francisco by the Golden Gate Bridge, a statue. Francis Scott Key statue did collapse though.

So I’m sure there’s something there by Richmond district. And here’s. I don’t know if you remember that song by clips. I used to love this song by clips where he’s like, keys open doors, keys open doors. But he was talking about a kilo of Yayo opening the doors to success or whatever. But that was going on my head. So I was like, I’m going to look up that song to see if there’s any symbolism.

And it was released on one two, 8 November 20 eigth, which would be 1128, which has that one two eight in it. The keys open doors because you got like a skeleton key. And I’m going to break down these illuminati celebrities right after we get after this whole key stuff because it gets weirder. So Francis Scott Key, he is the guy who wrote the Star Spangled Banner, the national anthem, right? And on the football fields where you sing the song, well, you got people collapsing on the field and his bridge collapsed.

And it’s that symbolism of America’s collapse. That’s what it seems like. But his birthday is August 1, and if you do the dates in between to the day it collapsed, it was 128 days as well. Right here it says 129 days, but it was March 25 in America on the west coast, because this happened at 01:28 a. m. So it would have been like 1128. Oh, right there.

It was 1120, 811. No, eleven, man. It would have been 1028. Wow. Okay. It would have been March 25, but it would have been 10:28 p. m. Which has the 128 in it as well. So the one two eight on the east coast and west coast. Wow. Okay. And shout out to truth Seeker. He also connected the 47 degrees temperature. When this Francis Scott keybridge collapsed, the weather was 47 degrees, like the 47 degree compass.

So it’s just full of symbolism. Absolutely nuts. As we’re coming up on the 47th election, even the Super bowl, you add these numbers up, it equals 47. And you got San Francisco there. And you also had the ravens part of it. Let me see where that slide is. All right here. The Baltimore Ravens fell to Kansas City chiefs on one two eight as well. Right there. Baltimore. I mean, crazy coincidences happening, right, everybody? So if you think this stuff’s weird, it goes back to Babylon.

It goes back to Plimpton. Three two two. Right? We just had the three two two. Skull and Bones day. But if you go back to this babylonian clay tablet of three two two, the earliest historical find of arithmetical nature is a fragment of a table. That broken clay tablet, three two two, in Mesopotamia, 1800 BC, contains the pythagorean triples, which is that 47 proposition that you see right here, which is that compass.

So this might sound weird, but ancient Babylon, they didn’t think that was weird. And it seems like the Knights Templars and everyone who set up society today are using these codes. It’s absolutely nuts. Now we’re going to get into these illuminati celebrities because it’s all connected. It is absolutely all connected. What’s going on? I’m going back to the comments to say hello before we get into this Illuminati celebrities, check this.

I mean, this bridge thing collapsing is just absolutely nuts. I think those do look like explosions. I’m not a architect, so I don’t understand how it works, but that’s crazy. That’s crazy. Thank you. Happy birthday, dog. Let me see how many people up over on the rumble. Let me check on the rumble real quick. If you’re over on the rumble, make sure you smash that. Like, let me see.

Okay, we got 350 people up on the rumble. That’s good. Okay. We almost have 5000 if we get 5000 viewers live. Damn, that would be crazy. That would be crazy. Yeah. Illuminati celebs are popping off. You got the whole p. Diddy thing going on, right, with P. Diddler. Lucky for all of us. I got to sit down and talk with Nick Bryant. He’s the guy who released the blacklist of Epstein before everyone did.

He was the first one to do it. We got him. We did a podcast with him on Patreon. So I’m going to be releasing that to the people. And here’s Joseph. Joseph, you’ve been breaking it down, too. He tweeted this all over you. And Tommy called it. Yeah, Tommy. And know I messaged Tommy. I called Tommy. I said, come up on the show with me because we got to go tell everybody that we did it.

But we absolutely did call this. Here’s the last Patreon video that me and Tommy did. The bridge collapse. The 128 bridge collapse. Look, there’s a bridge in the 128 right here. This is a private Patreon video. But I was showing all the 128 stuff, and there’s a lot more to it than just what I’m showing now that we were looking into. So make sure to go subscribe to the Patreon.

The Patreon. You get early access to amazing information. You get all these videos, you get pdfs, you get the 420 occult PDF. You can even get my donut illuminati PDF. I mean, there’s just so much stuff there. It’s absolutely worth the 499. It’s better than Netflix. So click that link below and subscribe. Now let’s get into these Illuminati celebrities. You got future metro booming in the weekend, all Illuminati celebrities releasing new stuff and releasing their new Illuminati boom and naughty.

This is connected to the deep state. I’m going to show you why. So they just released their new album and their new record label, Boominati. Well, they are definitely connected to the boominati. Here’s puff daddy, part of the boominati with Metro Boomin in the weekend, who opens up the Super Bowls and does the sex magic rituals over there on the field. But you even got the spider. You can go watch the spider decode.

Weaving spiders don’t come not near. We’ve been showing that symbolism. But they just dropped the new album, future and metro boomin’s boom and naughty. And here’s the weekend, right, with all the. We broke this down. You got to go watch the video that we did this. You’ll see how it’s all connected to the tutor family. It’s all connected to the queen, the 69, the 96, selling your soul.

But even in the movie leave the world behind, the intro song was about the Illuminati. And that music video is absolutely nuts, too. And when Puff Daddy got arrested, shout out to simple truth tv. It was the day that life after death was released. And I just got confirmation that we’re going to be joined by a special guest, Christopher Green over there, bitcoin rich at AMTV. So he’s going to be joining us here shortly.

So we got special guest coming up here pretty soon. But check this out. Future, the rapper, he got that illuminati eye, and he has a song called Mask off, right? He dropped that April 18. Coincidentally enough, few years later, on April 18, the US mask mandate ended on the same day. So they’re using these celebrities. And even the rainbow bridge collapsed on 1122. At 1122, it’s kind of hard to find that timestamp.

But that’s the day that JFK was whacked. Yeah. Oh, my goodness. I just heard rats running up on my roof. But, yeah, this happened on 1028. One two eight. You can just see this stuff everywhere. I’m looking out for Florida because they’re almost at two one 8 million with that one two eight. And maybe after all the people are fleeting, Haiti, come to Florida. Florida is going to be the next with the one two eight.

Maybe. Maybe. I mean, just a bunch of wild mean. What do you think about Diddy? This diddy thing is pretty nuts. That’s a video that we’re going to have to break down here soon, but we’re going to be joined by Christopher Green. He knows a lot about these cyber incidences. He knows about these cyber attacks. I’ve been working with him for over ten years. I produced all of his content for the last ten years before I started the donut factory.

And we covered courses on the LeMay papers, the fifth generation warfare of these cyber incidences years and years and years and years and years ago, because we were reading the newt Greenridge forward in the book called 1 Second after, which was a prequel to leave the world behind. Everyone’s all excited about leave the world behind. Well, the US Congress was introduced to a book called 1 second after or 1 minute after something like that, that Newt Greenridge told all Congress to read and was about a EMP or a cyber incident that took out the power grid.

And then what would happen? And it is absolutely terrifying. I mean, if that happens, it is absolutely terrible. So many people, I think it’s like 93% of the population will vanquish. And we are here with commander in chief General Green. Christopher Green. What is up, my friend? What is up, donut? God bless you. I’ve been tuning in the last minute or so and interested to hear, of course, your enlightening commentary on this very predictably programmed event, which I know I didn’t even have to text you this morning, that you and I were thinking both the same thing.

I broadcast it immediately, did about a 30 minutes presentation on basically the movies that Obama has put out and leave the world behind. How these are the exact events that they told us were going to happen, literally their scenes with cargo ships breaking in, hitting shorelines. This obviously is a very curious event. Thank you for having me on. Oh, I’m so happy that you’re on. I was just telling the audience that me and you have been breaking down the new Greenridge forward of the fifth generation warfare of the Les May papers, way before leave the world behind was released.

Right. I’m not sure if any of this information is fresh on your mind at all, but it’s something that always stuck with me was that research that you discovered and put out to the world years and years ago. You also told the world to buy bitcoin, and you got laughed at by a lot of these big celebrities. Right. And they hide in now because you were right, and they owe you an apology.

Yeah. Well, obviously, what happened today has not just been programmed into the minds of the american and global populations. This is clearly an act of war. I mean, let’s just be honest. This was a direct hit. This did not look like an accident at all to me. And there’s been, number one, a lot of footage released, some amateur footage released of the event. It’s not like it sideswiped the bridge.

I mean, we’re talking direct target impact, one in a million, perfect execution. So that tells you where my head is at on this. I mean, obviously, we are engaged in World War three in the Middle east right now. Tragic events in Israel, Gaza, Ukraine. We just had the three two two attack in Russia at the theater. So we just saw that as well. I know you reported on that.

This isn’t a coincidence is what I’m saying. Donut. This is definitely something to keep our eye on. And I want people to realize if this is just the beginning of the events that we’re starting to see what happens next. We have a solar eclipse coming April eigth. The Obamas have already put in their predictive programming movies which we’ve never had a president do, movies like this. Why is he even making movies? Why are the Obamas producing content telling America that the grid is going to go down, that every plane is going to fall out of the sky, that cargo ships are going to ram literally into bridges and collapse? In Baltimore, where was the location? Do you know this? Maybe the audience does.

But weren’t we around the DC Baltimore area? What beach was it in the leave the world behind scene that they filmed at? I’m assuming it was in the general same location or somewhere in that area of the east coast, right? And I like to remind everybody, we just crashed through a record breaking 5000 live people tuning in. And we are here with Christopher Green. Make sure to smash that like button and go subscribe to Christopher.

I’ll have all of his links down below. But it’s simple. Just AMTV Media or just look up bitcoin and you’ll pop up. But yeah, that would be interesting to know where exactly this was. Now, this wasn’t the first movie, right? You had the 1 minute after, is that what was called. Yeah, 1 second after. So that book, which was forwarded by Newt Gingrich and was required read by all of Congress, men and women, basically depicted in a fiction, but it’s reality.

What would happen in a grid down event where, say, North Korea, China or Russia shot some kind of EMP deliverable into our skies from a cargo ship? Bro, look, it’s an eclipse, too. And the eclipse. So great work there picking up on that. And I’m just thinking of that being on camera right now with you is in the book. 1 second after they blamed it on it. Was one of the three, the usual suspects, China, Iran, or North Korea.

And it was some kind of EMP deliverable from a cargo ship that’s cloaked. And people need to understand that. I see them out in Hawaii all the time. They’ll bring their nuclear powered submarines. I saw this in 2020 during the events we can’t talk about. I’ve seen them about two or three times, once before the fire that we had in Maui, and I’ve seen it a third time as well.

But they’ll cloak cargo ships with the nuclear powered guided missile submarines that are floating in and around, whether or not it’s Alaska or Hawaii or other strategic locations. So basically, it’s very easy to understand. This is exactly their playbook and roadmap. Donut. We know what’s going to happen next. And the american people and global populations, more importantly, have put themselves at risk. I want them to think about they’ve given all of their power to technology, they’ve given all their power to a system that can be hacked, that they’re warning in the papers today of electrical grid failures here in the United States, of infrastructure collapse.

I mean, at first, my gut instinct, I thought the bridge just collapsed. I didn’t know anything hit it. Because we know that the infrastructure is so destitute, needs rebuilding, needs funding, and Americans need to think about this, too. Billions and billions of dollars are pouring in to Ukraine, a non NATO country, which isn’t even a part of NATO, to support a war that a lot of Americans are against, while our bridges collapse.

So this is going to create a supply shock, transportation shock. In the localized area, we’re seeing commodity prices skyrocket. Cocoa beans. I’m sure you like chocolate. So do I. Well, dark chocolate, all chocolate. Expect those prices to skyrocket. We’re up 125% on the futures markets and the commodities markets on Wall street, just with cocoa beans right now due to supply disruptions. I believe it’s in West Africa. So all commodities are going bonkers.

Remember when I was out there with you in Lahaina prior to the tragic event? Prayers out to everybody in Lahaina, where you’re located. You were telling me that we were podcasting and you were saying there’s going to be supply chain issues. Maybe this is it. Maybe this is what you were talking about. Because I’ve noticed from working for you for over a decade that you’re early to things, you’re early to crypto, you’re early to events that happen.

You’re early, way too early sometimes to things that happen. Do you think there’s a connection to this happening with all that kind of, like what you’re just saying? Yeah, absolutely. I mean, we are undoubtedly in world war three right now, and I believe that what happened with that ship. My opinion. I’ll say that it’s my opinion, but I believe it was either intentionally steered into the bridge and, or it was some kind of attack and takeover.

And we saw the lights go on and off and then direct impact. Right. You couldn’t have hit a bullseye more perfectly. Yeah. You see the ship, everybody. The ship blinks now, Christopher, I saw some stuff trending over on Twitter where if you look, there’s, like, explosions on the bridge, too. So if you look in the left hand, I don’t know anything about architecture. I don’t know anything about these controlled, like, how it would work.

But I think it’s interesting. If you look on the left, I’ll pause it right there on the left. You’ll see, like, a little explosion right there on the left. Right. That’s very far away from the ship. And then there’s another one right there. I don’t know if you see it in the middle. Another one happens right there and then another one on the right. But I don’t just.

Well, this is not a new occurrence. We, of course, know that this is pretty consensus now that it was Us intelligence agencies in the west that took out the Nordstream pipeline because we’re at war with Russia, we are at war with the BRICs nations right now. We’re at World War II in Ukraine, and Israel is in World War II. So this isn’t the first or last bridge to collapse.

I mean, donut, if you look at history, I’ve been studying a lot of history lately, and as I read about the world wars, I’ve been studying asian culture and Japan specifically, and just reading about how every couple of years, some kind of major event happens. Pearl Harbor, Franz Ferdinand’s taken out. We’re just living through new history, essentially. So there’s nothing new under the sun, although the sun will be completely black in a couple days, which they’re telling us to store up on food, waters, essentials, battery packs, et cetera, probably because they know something we don’t know.

But this is just history in a new format carrying forward, and people need to be prepared. Bottom line, they need to realize, especially in a technological infrastructure that we’re in. In this new world, you’re more vulnerable today than you’ve ever been. Everything is connected to the Internet. Everything is connected to the grid, they’re removing fossil fuels and coal production and the things that actually work during grid down.

So think about that for a minute. Now that they’re trying to go all clean and sustainable, when this system collapses and nothing else functions, the only things that will work will be dirty coal and will be fossil fuels, which we’re already starting to see some pushback, thankfully, from the american public specifically, and even Europeans that are just refusing to buy electric, self driving cars. And that’s why we’re seeing General Motors and other companies now say they’re going to give consumers choices showing how much power we actually do have to fight back peacefully and make our voices heard and vote with our wallet.

So again, I just urge everyone to think about how bad this can get. Every plane falling out of the sky, an Amtrak train just rode over somebody’s leg tragically. I don’t know if you caught this story in California and some guy picked up the severed leg and started eating it as a cannibal in broad daylight. Yes. Go look this up. Bring the story up. And the only reason I point out that just disgusting, heinous news story is that we’re in a full Mad Max apocalypse now.

We’re in the zombie apocalypse. People have lost their minds. America has moved into full blown cannibalism. Look this up. There was a gentleman eating a raw, severed, dismembered leg within the last 24 hours in broad daylight in the collapsing state of California. Damn, that’s nuts. Yeah, it’s morals, right? People’s morals are gone. People don’t got God anymore. It’s collapse. America’s collapsing. And this bridge is called the Key bridge.

Right? Named after the guy who wrote the Star Spangled Banner. Right. So it is the collapse of America symbolism. You brought up Pearl harbor, and I titled this collapsed at 128 because december eigth, that would be one two eight. That’s when leave the world behind was released on one two eight. This bridge collapsed at one two eight. The towers in New York collapsed at 1028, one two eight.

Right, but you were just talking about Pearl harbor. Well, we declared war on Japan on one two eight right there. And also you’re talking about the Middle east. The state flag of Israel was adopted. That flag on 1028, one two eight, Julia Roberts birthday. I mean, this code is everywhere. And the 1 second after is the eclipse. You got the whole Haiti thing, the cannibalism going on over there with those revolutions.

It’s absolutely nuts. Yeah, a lot of distractions as well, Don, is. I know you’re very much eagerly reporting on, as am I. But look, Puffy P. Diddy, that’s a whole topic of discussion. Well, P. Diddy, Puffy is not the main target. So I believe his house, multiple houses across the country, were raided yesterday, not to collect evidence, but to destroy it. P. Diddy is very much engrossed with very other powerful upper echelon figures, a part of the entertainment and political complex.

This includes people like the Obamas, Jay Z and Beyonce. Jay Z, mark my words, is the next to go down. I’ve known this actually for several weeks now, but Jay Z and Beyonce have been positioning themselves where Beyonce is now moving away from Jay Z, and she’s released a new album, which she’s standing in front of fire. Looks like she’s in the depths of hell, standing n a k e d in front of the public, barely wearing any clothing.

Now, keep in mind that it was the Obamas that promoted Beyonce and Jay Z as the embodiment of women and female power. And also playing the other card, the race card, as well, she knows, so she’s distancing herself from Jay Z. She even launched a country music album as well, because they’re all getting ready for the takedown. So what I think happened yesterday was they went in to destroy the evidence.

P. Diddy is a low level figure, but they want to make sure that there can’t be a takedown of, again, the upper, higher echelon of society. They haven’t rated a single Jeffrey Epstein client donut. Not a single person has been rated. So why would they care about Puffy? I mean, it’s an absolute joke, but it’s also a distraction, in my opinion. It’s kind of a new version of OJ Simpson in the digital age.

If the glove don’t fit, acquit, as we all lived through in our younger years. They’re releasing deep fakes. The Kate Middleton video was a deep fake. That’s my opinion. You heard it from the general. That was a deep fake. I knew it from the second I watched that video. And they’ve got to roll this stuff out. They’re running tests in an operation right now, is what I believe.

Right. So you’ve been covering the deep fakes. Me and you were actually working on a tv show pitch, right? Remember that about you were covering the deep fakes. You were so on point with that, and that’s the thing with you, is that you’re so early to stuff for those that don’t know. So donut and I, who worked together for years, and we still do in a lot of capacities, just like we’re doing right now.

Well, we pitched a tv show to the History Channel because they contacted us at AMTV and we put together an entire season one episodes. And I forget some of the episodes we pitched, but one of them was Deepfix. Remember that? And this was years ago, how they would start to muddy the waters of reality to control public perception, propaganda, mainstream opinion. And I’ll let you weigh in because I know you’ve got some commentary, but I just wanted to point out that show was going live, so we were ready to deploy donut and I with the History Channel.

I very rarely talk about this. I think it’s a good thing it didn’t happen. I think God was trying to protect us. Yeah, because they’re owned by Disney. Yeah. We have larger viewership independently. We don’t need to go on the television. No one watches probably. We definitely have less people tuning into the history channel than we currently have on our own platforms. God’s rejections are God’s protections. Absolutely.

But they only canceled the show right when Trump got in. So somebody made a decision. A higher up realized that, number one, we’re the truth. We’re putting out real information and real alternative media. So they killed it right when Trump was elected. Otherwise, if Hillary had gotten in, I’m sure we would have probably had a show. Oh, yeah. I mean, absolutely nuts. With the deep fake and what you were explaining in that video, we should just release it.

What you were showing in that video was that’s the future. Like, you’re going to have a Vladimir or a Kim Jong un deep fake saying we are just going to set off this destruction and then everyone. Yeah, I mean, way ahead of your time. So what are you looking at right now with everything going on? There’s an article that just came out today. I’m not sure if you read this, but swift planning launch of new CBDC platform in twelve to 24 months with the Swift system.

I thought that was interesting article. I just saw it and I just threw it up there. There’s just so much going on. So it’s live. I mean, we’re going live now. I think that’s the takeaway point for the audience here, is that the gloves are off and they’ve been off since 2020. The wolves have showed their faces. This is a total economic, financial takeover. This is a takeover of humanity.

All of our society. We are fully engaged in warfare everywhere in the world right now. And what you’re witnessing is warfare. So people need to wake up and understand that you’re just getting a glimpse now. Look at that bridge collapse in Baltimore. That’s just a precursor. That’s an appetizer for what is coming. And so they’re moving ahead with the digital reset introduction of cbdcs. I spend most of my time, as you know, on the financial side of things.

I’m looking at economics. I’m expecting major banks to collapse and go to zero in the coming days and weeks. So a big thing I talk about as I report on finances and those topics is people need to get their money out of the banks before capital controls in the United States. I do believe they’re going to freeze people’s financial assets in America. I’m not the only person that’s warned about this.

There’s massive hyperinflation taking place worldwide. Now, whether or not it’s commodities, stock markets breaking new all time highs. Gold and silvers breaking all time highs. Cocoa beans, chocolate breaking all time highs. Bitcoin new records all time high. So people should be picking up a trend here. This is a fiat dollar collapse, all pre planned. This is an extortion destruction of the middle class. We are now engaged in active warfare.

This has been a fourth 5th generation takeover through technology. And as I said before, in 2020, they were running simulations and they still are. The AI isn’t any good. The neuralink sucks, okay? They put one in someone’s head the other day. All he can do is play Checkers donut. That said, he gets to play checkers and play Mario Kart. So either they’re lying to us about the effectiveness and the advancing of the technology, or they’re hiding it from us.

There’s only one side or the other. I also do believe, and I’ll throw this out here, that the Cape Middleton story, the reason why the monarchy is now going down with cancer diagnosis and of course turbo cancers, now up a thousand percent just in recent years. Suddenly no one knows why they can’t figure it out. Well, what changed in the last couple of years? I won’t say it, but I think everybody knows.

But I actually think they’re teeing up Kate Middleton as a proponent and spokesmodel for the new technology. You know what that is? Because they’re rolling out cancer. I can’t say the word, but the things that you put in, they’re rolling that out. And so they’re going to have to sell that. So keep your eye on this. If she makes a miraculous recovery, she’ll be partnering with these same corporations, I believe, and they’ll be pushing that hard to the western world.

And I believe that’s always been the plan. I warned about it and predicted it, actually, in 2020, like you say, oftentimes very too early. And then you go back and you see 2510 years out. It plays out just like we had expected. Not that I get everything right, but one thing I’m very good at is geopolitics and media, for crying out loud, donut, the reason why you have such a large platform, and I do as well, is we were at the forefront.

We created alternative media, we built it. So what we’re saying, people really need to let it sink in. They need to hear, they need to listen, and most importantly, they need to take action to get ready. So what are some actionable steps that we can take? General? First thing is don’t give these people the power of your mind. Don’t let them ruin your positive mindset. Don’t let them put you in fear.

Once you’re in fear, your brain turns off. You can’t problem solve. You can’t do anything complex. You lose your creativity. Yes. So keep a positive hijack. Absolutely, 100%. So keep a positive mindset. Realize that you have power, right? You’ve been pushing forever with me. You would tell me, because me, I get anxiety, I get negative. And Christopher was my boss for ten years, and he would tell me, it’s all about mindset, Alex.

All about mindset. So this is something that you’ve been telling me this for a long time? Absolutely. Well, it’s the truth, and it’s all about your mindset. You have unlimited power through God. So recognize that, own that, and you have a responsibility to use that. And so that’s why they spend all this money and propaganda and time attempting to control people’s minds. They wouldn’t give it attention if it wasn’t important.

So don’t give them your joy. Don’t give them your life. Don’t give them your mindset. That’s number one. Very practically speaking, it’s an emergency financially. We are in an absolute code red, five alarm emergency in the United States, specifically right now. The whole entire banking system is at risk. If you have any money at all, you’re a baby boomer. You’ve got your financial accounts, you got your Roth IRA, your retirement accounts, traditional iras.

You need to exit immediately and put those funds into real assets. The best real assets in the world, as you know, are tangibles. It’s real estate, gold, silver, defenses, your skills, your business, your community, all those things. And you need to move into areas that will hold their value as fiat crashes to zero, because this is what they intend. They’ve created the problem intentionally so they can reset the system and then move everybody to the new one, which is the CBDC.

And I’ve said this for a decade now that they would do this. They can’t pay back the debt, so they’ve got to break the system and create a new model. But when they do that, they’re going to screw the entire middle class. Most people will lose everything. Your bank accounts are going to go to zero. There’s going to be asset freezes, capital controls, bank runs. New York City community bank is well on its way to zero.

It even had billions of dollars worth of new funds injected into it recently by Stephen Minutian, the former treasury secretary. And the thing is still collapsing to zero. So these banks are at grave risk. Citigroup just cut and fired 20% of its staff. So this is going to be worse than 2008, and nine people need to wake up. Worse than 2008 and nine is coming. And that’s in addition to war.

And the fact that I believe Russia is posturing right now, and I hate to say it, I pray that I’m wrong, I really do. But I think the target will be Europe, and I think something tactical is going to drop there. I’ve said it for years, and they’re going to use it as a part of the propaganda, kind of like a Reichstag moment, to seize even more power and control to keep people in fear.

I’ve said this repeatedly for years now. So that’s what I see is coming. And I also am very laser eyed, not just on bitcoin and my crypto investments, things I’m doing with island project, et cetera, but also the fact that I believe China will attack and invade Taiwan imminently. And you and I have reported on this for some time now, right? And we’ve done blog posts on it and huge podcasts.

It’s going to happen. And people need to understand when that hits, supply shocks worldwide. Meat prices will soar. All commodities, not just cocoa beans, will soar. Wheat grain oil. Russia just cut huge supply of its oil production as a part of its new OPEC plus standards as the world pivots really to the bricks. And so that’s the big theme, is Brazil, Russia, India, China, Dubai, the UAE, the saudi king have postured against the United States.

People need to realize this. We’ve lost our sovereign power, the petrodollar, that economic hegemony is over, and it’s all moving to blockchain and digitization. And this is why semiconductors are in focus. It’s why China wants Taiwan, because of the semiconductor production. That is what they need. And so whoever controls that, whoever controls the processing power and compute to fuel AI, blockchain, bitcoin, real world asset tokenization, all the things I’m working on professionally right now will own the world.

And Vladimir Putin’s even said this. You’ve heard him say this before. So have our american leadership. Eric Schmidt, who I met personally several years ago, one of the most powerful people in the world, worked at the Department of Defense innovation board. I’ve shaken his hand. I’ve sat down with him with a beer. I’ve had discussions with him. He told me the whole Internet would be censored before it was censored.

Yeah. I’m not friends with them, but he told me that, and I took it very seriously. Can you tell people what you did at that time, when he did tell you this, that this was before I believe, Trump was even in office. But you were told by this DoD, Eric Schmidt, that fake news is an issue, and you took executive action. And I’ve been applying it, actually, on my channel.

Sure. So I don’t go over those details. You don’t have to. You don’t have to need to. But what I’ll say about that is, because we knew what was coming. We prepared for it. So, look, if you’re in Terminator two, and you’re a freedom fighter, as we are, and we know what’s coming, we got to get ready to fight back peacefully in John Connor fashion, as the resistance.

So my answer to that is, that is why I constructed and built island project and all the endeavors that I work on, because that is the solution. And the resistance, because I’ve already known, and it sounds like I’m being overly confident, and I’m really not. You were in sports. You were in sports, so you got the confidence. I admire that confidence. Yeah, but much appreciated. And you’ve got a lot of confidence, too, Alex Donut.

But the point being is we’ve already known what was coming. So I’ve been getting ready decades in advance of the general public. So I was buying bitcoin ten years ago. I’ve been building island project for five years. Just opened it up 16 months ago. I’ve had all this in motion because I already know what the next play is. This is what people need to understand. It doesn’t mean that I’m necessarily an insider, but because this is where I focus all my attention, expertise and specialty and have done it for multiple decades.

I’m essentially an expert at this point. So you and I both know, I know the propaganda machine better than they do. So do you. We can predict future action. I already know what their next tool is. We already know what they’re going to do, to a large extent, at least, what the end goals are. It might not be an exact event, but I know where it’s going. And so if we know where it’s going, I know how to prepare for it.

And that’s why most people are in the dark right now. They don’t understand what happened to them in recent years. They don’t get that 2020, there was a much higher purpose there. They were repurposing world global assets, redistributing the wealth, monetary policy, fiat supply, the US dollar, for example. This is absolutely insane to think about. Has lost 30% of its value just since 2020. You’ve lost 30% of your net worth if you’ve been in dollars since 2020.

They have printed more money than we’ve ever seen in the history, probably since Rome collapsed. So it’s an unsustainable event, which is what they want. And this is why all the major financial institutions, Blackrock included. They’re just running a takeover right now and they’re going to run over everybody unless you resist, come up with solutions and act. And that’s my motivation to people, is you need to act and get out of the system.

Yeah. And what’s it called when you look for the dollar collapse? Is it called a Dyx or a. Sure. So the Dixie chart. Okay, I was right. The Dxy. Dxy. Okay. Yeah. I also call it, and other people do a de dollarization. So basically it’s just massive hyperinflation. I mean, if you look around you, we all know this, but food, water, real estate, rents, health care, all these things have only skyrocketed.

I mean, every property here where I live has tripled since 2020. I’m surprised people are compliant with that. They just think it’s okay. Well, it’s going to triple again. It’s going to triple again. They’ve already told us, you will own nothing and be happy. So this is the agenda. And the next major point is Ubi. And let me repeat it again, because I’ve said this repeatedly for years, but they always tell you, the roadmap, Jack Dorsey, who sold Twitter now x to Elon Musk on his Twitter account.

His public profile said in 2020, when they were done with that event, they were then going to Ubi. So people want to know, how will the useless eaters afford anything? You won’t. They’re putting you on socialism, guys. This is why Trump, and this is in the political sphere, of course he’s under attack. What we’re seeing happen to Trump, whether you like him or don’t, doesn’t matter, only happens in communist totalitarian empires.

They’re seizing assets from the president of the United States. That only happens in banana republics. You might not like Trump, some people don’t like him, but I’m just pointing out, this is how you know it’s the end. This is the end of the western empire. And this is what they have planned for a very long time. And it’s disgusting and it’s terrible and it’s putting Americans at risk.

They always tell us to be safe. Well, I’ll tell you if you want to be safe, get your money out of the banks now. Grow your own food. Take your kids out of school. Home, school them. Start businesses. Raise your income. Change your mindset. Think and grow bitcoin rich. Buy bitcoin, buy crypto, buy real assets. And here’s another big one. Get out of debt if you can. This is really hard.

I totally understand. People have been forced into debt. They’ve been forced into being enslaved. This is the goal. This is why when you take on a mortgage, you pay triple the value of the house over a 30 year mortgage. Because it’s usury, it’s enslavement. They’re now rolling out 40 to 50 year mortgages. Donut. They’re going to have 100 year mortgages soon. This is a debt system that they created to control populations.

People don’t have pensions anymore. They’ve gotten rid of most of them. The only pensions that exist are in the public sphere, but they’re bankrupt. So all those pensions are going to collapse, go to zero. The teachers unions, there’s not going to be any money left. This is why the smart money is getting into real assets. It’s buying bitcoin, it’s buying real estate, it’s buying real things, commodities, the same things we’re talking about on a daily basis.

Why they keep going higher in price. It’s not really that, like bitcoin, for example, is going up. It’s that the US empire is collapsing and the fiat dollar sinking to zero. So bitcoin is just debasing with its blockchain technology, other currencies that are worthless, and every fiat currency in the history of the world. This is an unadulterated fact has gone and sunk to zero and so will the US dollar.

And it’s happening now. Right. So with crypto in the crypto markets. Right. Been. I do the trading because I’ve been to all these events with you. I mean, we went to Singapore and this dolly ship is coming from just something about the peninsula. I just love, I love Singapore. And we talked to Jim Rogers and Jim Rogers is a billionaire, I believe, and he spoke about it. We talked to the guy who created litecoin out in Vegas.

We talked to all these people. And I look at the symbolism of everything. I got to talk to Gordon Maxwell about the XRP and the bridge currencies and the symbolism of maritime law. Water rituals. You’re talking about mortgage, right. Mort is death. It’s a death pledge. It’s like they want you to be connected to one thing. I guess I don’t really have a question, really. I’ll interject real quick and then let you get to business.

But what I think there’s going to be a huge collapse. Quick. V I o l E n T. Rapid decline across financial system. I’m talking pandemonium. Total panic. Everybody to the exits. People will be showing up to their bank asking for their money and they won’t get it. President is going to come on camera. Asset freezes, capital controls. You won’t be able to send your money, use your money, move your money.

And because everybody’s super hyper leveraged, they’re going to use that against the american people to take control. Just like they did in 2009. They took everybody’s home, they seized it. The big banks, through foreclosure and short, they didn’t help you. They took your property. The same people that created the scam. And then what did they do? They controlled all the supply and inventory for a decade and only released it periodically while they were receiving taxpayer bailouts and screwing everybody so they could make even more money.

So debt. People need to focus on debt. Everyone needs to evaluate their own balance sheets right now and realize that’ll be used against you. Just like the depression. If you had a loan on your farm, it was seized in 2009. If you were in debt or you were on margin in the stock market, seized. So they don’t even need to draw it out. It doesn’t need to be a 1020 year depression.

They’ll just collapse everything instantly. And in the crisis and during the emergency, reset it. CBdcs will come overnight. They don’t even have to indoctrinate people over a long period of time. Just emergency executive action. This is how it is. That’s what they’ll do. And so that’s what I see coming. That’s what people need to get prepared for and in front of, because you don’t want to be the person panicking when everyone else is.

So don’t panic. I’m telling you to be in control of your mind, your finances, your spirit, your life, your income, your cash flows, your businesses, the physical assets that you possess, and also your skills. And then ask God to leave it on a positive note because he’s in charge. Ask God for his help, and he will provide. I guarantee it. Ask him to clear the way for you.

Ask him to help you. If there’s a problem or an obstacle that you’re facing and you don’t think you can fix it, ask him to fix it. If you’ve got any kind of problem, it could be a health problem. Whatever it is, he’s the line in the sand. Not the officials, not the authorities, not the media. They don’t even know what they’re talking about. So that’s my motivation for everybody is just to take action, get ready, and do all those positive things that you need to do.

That is a must before the panic event. And it’s coming, and it could happen at any moment, honestly. Because donut, you know this, and I’m a very instinctual person, but gloves are off. Like I’m telling you right now. World War three, that bridge. Oh, man. Just the beginning. Russia, just the beginning. What we saw at the theater, just the beginning. Taiwan going to happen. Takeover. Europe. Keep your eyes over there.

Something big is going to go down very right. Wow. Wow. We’re here with Christopher Green. I got his links down below. It’s really easy to find him. You just look up AMTV and he will pop up over on the YouTube right here. He’s got all these cool projects going on. He’s got courses, bitcoin courses. You can go to those pages and subscribe. Invest in his island project. If you got questions about it, you contact me about it.

Or you could just go straight to him. But, yeah, donut. Thanks for having me on. And again, guys, if you’re not already, subscribe to donut on Patreon. Oh, yes. Get the truth. Okay. The best content is there. I’m a premium subscriber, not just because donuts, my friend, and I love the guy. He’s the best out there. So if you want the real hard hitting information, go all the way to the highest level, the premium subscription.

What is it, is it 995? Yeah, it’s the premium subscription. You get the PDF, you get online secrets. Learn how. I give away some of the secrets, Christopher on here. It’s so cheap. We got podcasts on here too, me and you for the last. I think this has been up for like three, four years. So we got a bunch of podcasts. You get to learn more with Christopher behind the scenes when I’m out there in Hawaii with you and all that.

100%. Well, I hope to see you soon. God bless, everybody and keep up the wonderful work. Donuts. An honor always to be on your show. I’m following on a regular basis and I’ll see you soon, man. Yeah, love you. And here’s the link, everybody. Thank you, Christopher. I’m going to put your link down in the comment. Everybody go subscribe to Christopher Green, General diamond nuts to the moon.

I got your link there. Thank you so much, Christopher. I’ll call you later. All right, sounds good, brother. Take care. God bless you. You too. Yeah, so that was Christopher. I got his link right there. Go subscribe. Go subscribe to him. We got another guest going to be coming up on the show too, hopefully. I just got confirmation that Tommy Truffle is going to come up on here.

So I’m going to message him right now on the fly because me and Tommy, we’ve been talking about this bridge thing for years now. For years. So let me see. I’m going to text Tommy right now and I’m going to say, we waiting for you, bruh. We live right now and we got so many people up on here. I mean, this is a grand slam home run video.

Breaking news here I come right now, brother. So we about to be joined by Tommy Truffle at the truth mafia. So I mean, it’s just going to keep getting crazier. This is going to keep getting crazier. So smash that like, button and we about bring them on. And I’m also going to probably fill up my coffee cup, make 1984 fiction again, coffee cup when he comes on. So yeah, I guess I’ll make that coffee right now while I’m waiting for him to come on.

And I’m going to play this bridge collapsing once again. All it mean. That’s some crazy bridge stuff. I’m about to be right back. Don’t be leaving. Yeah, I’m just making me a cup of coffee real quick. We got Tommy Trufo joining us. Tommy’s here right now. What up? Tommy Trufo. What’s up, brother Donut, how you doing, buddy? Oh, I’m doing wonderful. We are live right now, bro. We are live.

Over 4000 people tuning in, probably more. Make sure to smash that, like, button. I’ve been breaking down the bridge stuff. What’s your thoughts? What’s going on? I’m going to go grab my cup of coffee while you tell us what the heck is going on, Tommy. Well, first of all, we got that one right, didn’t we? We sure did. We sure. I got. I’ve seen a video of it looks like something was going on with the boat.

Like the electric went out in the boat twice from what I’ve seen. But you know me, guys, I believe that’s all set up. But it looks like the electric went out, it came back on. Maybe that’s what they’re going to say. The narrative was why they had to steer away or they didn’t have time to steer away, right? And there was smoke coming out of the back of the boat and then boom, it hit that support beam.

There’s a video going around which I’m trying to get done right now for you guys, so I can upload it to this stream. And it shows the boat after the bridge collapsed on it. And there’s so much symbolism on it, bro. There’s a giant iron cross on the side of it, which a lot of people probably don’t know where that originates from, but it goes all the way back to the Anunnaki, bro, in Nibaru.

So, yeah, man, it’s a lot of symbolism and it collapsed that bridge right over Interstate 695695, which is a code connected to the Anunnaki. Anunnaki. Anu is five, the graze is six nine five. So what I’m thinking, donut, they’re definitely getting ready to collapse the currency. We know this. And that plays a role with the whole bridge over the current, you know what I’m saying? I remember me and you first podcast.

The first day we ever podcast, we was talking about golden gates, and after that, we had several bridges collapse. Well, Crimea didn’t all the way collapse, but it kind of got blown a chunk out of it. Right? And then we had the rainbow bridge incident, which was crazy. That one didn’t collapse all the way either, but it was still leading up to this. This bridge is gone. This bridge collapsed.

Now, I want to try to find the symbolism because you also got Ishtar, the eight pointed star, the thing that Cap Williams is wearing up on this shipping container as well with the symbols, and it’s the key bridge right. And then you got the Polaris, which is the key as well, with that whole symbolism there. So you’re going to be probably putting together something up on your website, correct? Yeah, well, no, I actually got some slides.

I’m almost done right now, and I can be able to share my screen and show you guys a few things that I’ve pulled together already. Oh, please do. We would love that. Let me see something. Hold on. Stop. So what’s that say? Baltimore Bridge, one two eight up there. It collapsed at 1280. My God. And, bro, bridge collapse is one two, eight. Yes. I filled everybody in, bro.

I filled everybody in. I showed everybody that. This is our video from November 2. Look at the thumbnail that you made right there. 128, the bridge collapsing. The Gematria bridge collapse, one two eight. That you showed me. You showed me a lot of the stuff, and that’s why I was so on the 128 for the last, what, five, six months? That’s all I’ve been talking about. Yeah, but you got me hip to some stuff I didn’t even know.

Like, I wouldn’t have known about the whole leave the world behind connection until you got hip to that. So we both help each other out with stuff like that. So it’s cool to be able to bounce ideas off each other and try to get it all figured out, bro. So you told me to watch Ghostbusters last night. Now I got something for you, dog. You’re going to trip out, bro.

The COVID to Ghostbusters is a bridge. Let me see where it is. I don’t know where it is, but I was showing the audience it before. Here. That’s the COVID Wow. I didn’t even catch that one. Dude. Is there any bridge symbolism in stranger things? I don’t remember, but there’s three two two symbolism in stranger things. And that is what this show is about. This was released on three two two, Ghostbusters, and it’s got the kid from stranger things who’s dressed up as the Ghostbusters.

And the kid’s birthday is on 3220. Yeah, I forgot that part. You told me the kid’s birthday being on three two. I did a video because I told you when we talked, I was going to do a video on Kate Middleton. So I did it, and it actually went. Picked up some crazy numbers. I didn’t expect that. And I mentioned in it, I said, yeah, I showed a slide where the kids were dressed up as ghostbusters.

And I said, you told me that part, but I forgot the whole three two two part. Of it, yeah. I mean, that three two two date was huge. That just took place a couple of days ago on the equinox was on the 19th, which is the earliest equinox in one to eight years. In 128 years. So, I mean, this one to eight stuff all over the place. What made me look to this number was you showing that the towers collapsed at 1028.

And then right there I was. Just like an event that big, you can’t deny the symbolism in it. No, I mean, there’s so many things. The challenger blew up January 20 eigth. Just all the different things that happened, even with the leaving the world behind coming out on that day. Twelve, eight. So they’ve been building up to this event. Did you tell the people that it happened exactly 13 days before the eclipse, bro? No, tell us about it.

So that’s the 13 again. Remember? We’ve seen the 13 with the Super bowl halftime show, the Phoenix ritual, and it was connected to the death card. And Jacob Israel. Shout out to Jacob. He brought that to our attention, remember? Yes. And even on the back of the dollar, there’s 13 all over. 13 original colonies. The 13 letters in it, just like barbecue. His name, the cannibal with the freemasonic chain out in Haiti.

Three letters, 22 letters. I mean, three words, 22 letters. Three two two. As skull and bones. It’s Yale’s three two two anniversary this year, so, I mean, it’s in its three two two year. This is all occults because that’s how society is ran by these secret societies. And shout out to Jacob Israel. Yeah, shout out to Jacob, man. I talked to him this morning. He’s definitely a special know.

He’s always putting in hard work in the truth or community. And I love his videos. Me, I’m not really a religious person, but I believe in the creator. I even believe in Yahshua was sent. Like, I kind of look at him like Neo, you know what I’m saying? And he was like, the messenger. So I still got love for him, respect for, um. But Jacob, just to watch him grow, how he’s now getting into.

I mean, it’s cool to watch anyone when they grow into their decoding. You know who else is growing right now? Bdell. Shout out to Bdell. I seen Bdell using Gamatria today on his instagram. And I’m telling you, Jacob, he’s going to start using gamatria. Donut watch. I can see him because he’s already paying attention to the numbers and all the synchronicity to, you know, that’s how it usually is.

And then next thing you know, they’re decoding pretty slides. If you want me to show them, show us the slides. We’re here with Tommy truthful. He has a great website called Truth Mafia and that’s this website on. He posts a lot of my content up there. I was there from the founding of it and we’re with him right now. If you were tuning in, in the beginning of the stream, I showed you how Tommy and I have been breaking down this one to eight number connected to bridge collapses for years now.

So we got him on. We just had Christopher Green on the general and now we got you on. I mean, this is just an excellent show and we got record breaking numbers of viewership. Absolutely dope. So shout out to all weird. We get weird because the truth is stranger than fiction. Let me know. Share your screen and I’ll share it. I shared it, brother. Okay, you just got to tell me when you add it because I’m already over here.

Okay. It’s added. Okay, guys, so as you can see here. So this happens at 130 a. M. Well, that’s when the call came in. Right. The agencies received the call around 130 responding to the accident, which is 13. And it happens 13 days before the upcoming eclipse, which is an event that me and donut tried to warn about and say things was going to ramp up. A matter of fact, the days that I predicted on a podcast with Donut was 3223 through 326.

And I have video evidence of that, 3226. Now I was looking for like maybe a shooting type event, but we’re on YouTube. Just a heads up. Yeah, you’re good though. You’re good. And also with that three, two, two. Somebody in the comments section posted Jim Jones. Right? Jim Jones. That event went down on three, two, two. This stuff happens on these dates. Continue. Yeah, definitely. It definitely does happen on these certain dates under certain astrological alignments.

Hold on, let me hide this thing so I can get that out of my way. Okay. I’m going to have to shut that like that so I can actually. Okay, here we go. I want to be able to hold on. Yeah, we are here. I mean, this is a great show. Make sure everybody, I’m going to remind you all to smash that like, button, please and thank you.

Do you have the video where it shows the bridge after it collapsed? Donut, do you have that video? Because it’s not letting me play this. I can play this video. This is like the best footage. I see it. Let me show this real quick and then we’ll go to that because. Yeah. I’m sorry, guys. No, you’re good. Right here we have. Okay, Baltimore Keybridge is one eight one.

And what all is in that cipher? Well, large hydron colliders, one eight one. Particle accelerators, one eight one. Rings of Saturn, subliminal messaging, the morning star, state of emergency. Now, this new series is out right now that everyone’s talking about. And I started watching it last night. Donut. It’s pretty good. 1231. That came out on three, two, one. I mean, yes. That movie. It’s called this one right here.

I know which one. Yeah, the three body problem. Yeah. Everyone’s in the comments. Tell me to watch this. Dude, it’s so great. I actually started working on a slide. I’m just showing you guys how we put these slides together. So you’re seeing my whole little. How I do my thing right here. But back here is what I’m working on right now. I’m not done with it. This will be a presentation when I’m done, how I do my videos.

But the three body problem, it is all about CERN, man. All these hydron colliders start tweaking out around the world, and people start killing theirselves. So that show is about CERN. Straight CERN. This is nine minutes into it. Look, right here. Here’s a scene from nine minutes in. And this girl’s walking by a giant hydron collider. Right before she goes and kills herself, she jumps into this giant.

I don’t know what it is. It’s inside a cern, but it’s full of water, and she just jumps into it. And then when you look at three stranger things, is about CERN as well. Yep. And so is ghostbusters. The whole connection is to CERN and portals. That’s what it is. That’s the whole narrative right now. So I wasn’t surprised when this bridge had a connection to it, because did you hear in Michigan, they were supposed to see the aura borealis in the sky, which is connected.

CERN be making that stuff happen. In South Dakota, it turned green when the large hard on Collider, that’s why I like to call it, was activated all on the other side of the planet. South Dakota, which they got dark matter. They’re digging for where Mount Rushmore is turned green. And so Michigan was supposed to turn green. I bet you they’d be setting that stuff off, because there’s one in New Jersey as well.

Yeah, brother. Because what it’s connected to is they’re trying to open these portals, right? These interdimensional portals. And it ties into ayahuasca. Alastair Crowley, this entity that he connected with when he was writing the book of the law, and Jack Parsons opening up that portal in 1946, doing the Babylon workings. Then right after that, what happens? Aliens show up. So everybody thinks it’s going to be Project Bluebeam, and I did for a long time, too.

But then you start finding out that these people really are messing with entities. They’re just not from a faraway star system, brother Donut. They’re interdimensional. And I think that’s why they’ve been giving us the predictive programming. Look at all the movies. Monsters, Inc. Avengers, Smurfs, Justice League, even now, the new Ghostbusters frozen empire, where entities are coming through a portal to destroy humanity. They show us that narrative over and over again.

And all the antler symbolism that we’re seeing is Cernunos, the celtic God of the underworld. Like Cern, Sir Nunos, Cern was named after Sir Nunos, the celtic God of the underworld. And three body problem is 48 matching Sir Nunos. It’s also alien abduction. Area 51, Bavarian Illuminati. The eclipse is on 48. That’s when Alastair Crowley summoned Iowas. You hear a lot about thank you, donut, because that’s on my slide, brother.

Thanks for reminding me that. Yes, that’s where I was going with all this. That is the day Alastair Crowley summons that entity. Like, that’s the one on one. The home oncologist himself. The one on one podcast showed me that. And, like, ayahuas, right? And then you got like, this is a huge psyop, too, where they’re trying to put this narrative of entities and stuff as well connected as well.

So this rabbit hole gets so deep, bro. I mean, it’s absolutely nuts. Every day, something new. I’m just like, what have you ever heard? Okay, so did you ever do much reading on Iowas? What he looked like and stuff? So Iowas, I believe, was that. No, no, that was lamb. That was Ayahuas, bro. If you go back and look into Egypt, they worshiped him. And guess who he was.

Horace, bro. He comes to you with the head of a falcon. It’s Horus. And the Egyptians had a different. Yes, it’s 100% horus. Now, you could see everybody here iwas is who Alistair Crowley summoned on the day the eclipse is happening on April eigth. So that’s the day this big eclipse is happening in America, right? Yes, and just a couple of other ciphers I got up here. Like a third world war is 48 guys.

Human sacrifice, simulated reality. Corpus Christi, Texas. Now, me and Donut warned about the damn eclipse going over Corpus Christi, Texas. That was October 14, and that went over the four corners area, which is known for portals. So this whole thing has been tied to portals. And I think there’s something there with these eclipses and all the planets aligning. Now, if you believe in flat Earth, that’s okay. A planet, you can think of it as a sigil.

They’re putting energy into it so it makes it real. As far as sigil magic goes, they’re charging these sigils up, the planet being the sigil. And all them sigils, or planets, are aligned perfectly. On the day of the eclipse, you can see them from the holy land and remember all the connections with the eclipse. Bro, that was October 14, and that makes an x over Texas, which is getting hit with the hail.

It’s getting hit. There’s tornadoes going all through that area. All my exes are from Texas. All my exes is from Texas. Oh, by the way, P. Diddy, bro. So what’s up with P. Diddy? P. Diddy gets arrested, right? And I’m watching the video, and the first thing I notice is there’s three x’s in his backyard. Did y’all peep that? I saw four. Oh, you seen four? I only seen three, but continue.

Yeah, I didn’t see the four. Send me a clip of that so I can see that. Sure. But I’ve seen three of them, and I only seen the corner of the third one. I seen two plainly and then, like, a corner piece of a third one. So I knew it was there because I did the same thing, bro. I was like, I got to look at the layout.

So I did, like, aerial view of puff Daddy. So there’s four of them X’s there, brother. Yeah. Okay, cool. Well, so, yeah, the x is in the backyard, which is all connected to the twin eclipse. Right. Good. What that was all about. I’ll bring up that slide for everybody, too. Yeah, if you could do that. That’s connected to Osiris. The whole. Oh, wait a second. He got more weird stuff.

This is just from that movie that I’ve been watching. And all these people start dying in it, guys. And they’re all working at large. Hydron colliders, the accelerator projects. And they just start taking their self out. And then these numbers up here, they just start flashing in front of you. And it’s a countdown. When it gets down to zero, that’s when you end up taking your own life.

And like the first time they ever show it on the screen, you see the number 4917 and 40. Well, four nine. The first number, that’s when freaking Crowley was messing with that entity ayahuasca on April eigth, 9th and 10th. It was a three day process. And then that number adds up to 70 guys, which is antler. That whole antler symbolism, we’ve seen it and leave the world behind.

We’ve seen it in how many true detectives? It’s all through. So here is Puffy’s exes. Is that what you were talking about? Yeah. Let me see. Let me come back over there and look. Okay. Let me see what you got going on, brother. Stop. Share here. Okay. Oh, yeah. Damn. There is four of them, bro. Check this one out. What is this right here? Look at that. 112-3456 I never seen one like that.

Yeah, I always see them with the eight, you know what I’m saying? But that six, there’s definitely a connection to Saturn here. We can clearly see that because they’re all in cubes. The six represents Saturn is the 6th planet, from the symbolism. But I wonder what type in a wheel with six spokes on it. Symbolism. I’m sure there’s something out there. Okay, let me see. A wheel with Google.

Wheel with six. Like you could see it will has them six spokes. I don’t know, but I’m sure we will have to look into it. Yeah, we’ll look into it. That’s some crazy stuff. I didn’t mean to continue. I didn’t mean to interject. But I do got a bunch of slides that I’ll pull up, too, on some portal stuff for anyone. Don’t want to see that stuff. But, yeah, hit them.

Likes to. Guys, you can share your screen again. I didn’t mean to. Oh, no, you’re definitely fine. I was going to show some antler symbolism, but since we’re on YouTube, there’s a few shady pictures on there. So, guys, just go on truthmafia. com after this live and type in antler in the search bar and read this blog and look at all these slides that I have gathered up of the antler connections and all the different movies.

It’s going to blow your mind. There are so many of them that’s out right now that has the antler symbolism. And it’s all antlers represent that whole life, death, rebirth cycle, too, which is the Phoenix event. A lot of people talk about, bro, I’m telling you, I think we are really in some type of government drill, bro. And the eclipses, there’s like, okay, so if you’re opening some portal, right, an interdimensional gateway.

And then if you read all the ancient texts, they talk about all the planets aligning when they were opening these stargates. And I think we’re coming to that once in a lifetime thing, donut, with the eclipse and everything. Now you’re not going to see some giant portal open up over the United States. You’re going to see it over the White House, right? No, you’re going to see that.

But things are going to change. It’s going to amplify the evil in people. It’s going to amplify the good in people. People might even start getting certain abilities. Me and Ani have talked about this, how the sun is. We’re in a solar maximum. So the sun’s releasing all these solar flares, which is having the effect on people. People are reporting telekinesis and telepathy and all kinds of crazy.

It’s. It’s definitely interesting to look into. But Max Spears, if you go back and watch Max Spears guys, they killed him, right? He was in the super soldier program, and he was scheduled to do an interview in Poland on black magic cults, and he was really going to expose Michael Aquino, and he got found vomiting up black goo on his couch. Well, Max Spears talked about 911 and how they opened a portal between them two twin towers.

It was an ancient ritual. So you can find that video out there of Max talking about that. And this portal symbolism is very old with the day that music died. If you look at this, the day that music died, this is connected to these illuminati celebrities and musicians that we see, like Puff Daddy and whatnot. Right here is Buddy Holly’s last concert poster. And it is a portal, right? And this is before the day music died.

The winter dance party, probably some stranger. It’s the same symbol and stranger things. And what I connected it to was Elephis Levi, who created the baffomet symbol that everyone knows of the up and down that Beyonce likes to do. In his book, Transcendental Magic, he talks about the four. That’s why when you see the shush, let’s see if I even have that shush. I don’t think I got it on here, but all the celebrities do the shush.

And it spells shh with four letters because it goes into the four corners right here. It goes into the northeast, southwest, the news, the north pillars of the earth. You got all that four symbolism, right? The four pillars of the earth. There’s a lot into the four, over that four corners area. Public enemy dropped this album, guys. What you going to do when the grid goes down and it literally shows that area? Did you show that with your son? No, but.

So that goes more into more musical artists showing you what is going to happen. So this is the COVID of Public Enemy. What are you going to do when a grid goes down and it’s in the four corners where the last eclipse went through? So all these eclipses are connected. And this was the last eclipse. Crypto’s downfall, the Economist magazine, and now this new eclipse is over Texas.

So it’s all connected. If you look at the Economist magazine for 2024, which shows the shipping containers, as we just saw dolly shipping container, commerce crashing. Which one do you want me to show you? I’ll bring it up. The dolly one with the symbolism on it, because I think that was the one I was trying to show in the video that I couldn’t get to play. Yeah, I’ll look it up.

Let me see, because I didn’t pull that up. I was looking at it, though. I bet you I can find it on a YouTube video. Yeah, if you could find it. I’ll pull it up. Yeah, because they got the footage all over. It’s all over the place. So pull it up because I want to show you that iron cross that’s on the side of it. Dude, it’s right at the bottom.

So right here is Polaris, the eight pointed star, which is connected to that portal. But let’s see if we could find some better quality shots. And I’m going to pull up my eight pointed star slide real quick. So after we’re done with this, we could show them a few things, because this is all ties. Don’t spot on with the eight pointed star, guys. It is straight portal symbolism.

It’s a representation of Nibiru. And Nibiru, I don’t think, is a planet on an elliptical orbit with our sun. It’s known to the ancients as dimension x. And, yeah, I think that’s what they are opening. Some people think it might be Saturn. I don’t know. It could be Saturn, too. They could be one in the same thing. But there’s definitely a portal symbolism there. But, yeah, go ahead, Don.

I’m sorry, budy. No, I’m just looking for it for a good, clean shot of. Oh, man, look at all this. Damn. We did a one on the challenger hoax, and there’s a giant one two eight on the COVID of that. I’ll have to go back and look at that. I can’t remember the one two eight because it happened on January. It happened on January 20 eigth. Right there.

You could see Polaris. Let me see. It’s the eight pointed star on Marsk. Oh, wow. Okay, so the new Netflix series, guys, it’s pretty good. It’s called the regime. It’s on their flag on there. So there’s a lady ruler on the regime. And the regime, it’s all about this country that kind of stands up to America. And they have the leopard and the freaking eight pointed star on the flag.

So this is just ancient symbolism that we’ve been seeing over and over. And people thought we were crazy with the whole bridge thing. We called it bro. We definitely did. And the whole beginning of the show, bro, that’s what I did, was I was talking about how. That’s what we were talking about here, let me share my screen and I’ll show them this really quick. Share screen 1 second, guys, because this is what it’s all about right here.

Okay, Donna, I shared my screen. If you could set that full screen for a second so they can see. Okay, so with the eight pointed star that donuts talking about, first of all, CERN has the eight bars going around it, right? And then that thing that we were looking at in puff Daddy’s yard, we were kind of thinking it might have been something like this, but it only has six wheels.

In front of the Vatican, they have the eight wheels. And then Nana’s name, because it’s also the eight point of star, is called the Star of Anana. And her name in cuneiform is the eight. Now, I’m going to show you all these different slides I have accumulated. Wonder Woman, she has it on her head, guys. Wonder Woman has the eight pointed star on her head. Captain Marvel has it on her chest.

If you watch rings of power with the elven race, that’s what they’re all about. They kind of worship that star. So we see it over and over again with entities that have abilities, right? You see it in man of steel. They show it right at 45 minutes into the movie, which fallen ones is 45. And they’re supposed to have these special abilities. The fallen angels or the Anunnaki.

Let me show something real quick. I’ll go right back to your thing. Right here is the Anu, the Anunnaki eight pointed star. And then even weed, cannabis is that or Ishtar, which you see all over the Super bowl. You see it on the booby of Janet Jackson. You see Kendrick Lamar create that because these are fertility rituals at the Super bowl. So it’s just interesting how it is all over the place.

But I’m going to go back to your screen now. Okay, thank you. And that’s really what Kat Williams had on. He even explained how his thing was a representation of the watch that Donunakis wear. When you look at that watch, you got an image of that for us because that was a great find, bro. Yeah. In this video. And that tour is called the Black Matter tour. Right.

And the black matter is connected to the whole cern and everything turning green and all matter. Not black matter, dark matter. Something like that. Yeah, dark matter. And we see it in so many different shows. Raising Canaan. It’s in that one. It’s called the chaos star in monarch, legacy of monsters. We see it on the wall right before they get into a portal to go to inner earth.

Simpsons kitchen. Hold on. I got that, brother. I got that right down here. Yeah, I’d be jumping bad. My bad. You get me excited, Tommy. You get me excited. Everybody make sure to go subscribe to Tommy. His channel just got removed. I’ll put that link. Hold on 1 second. I’m going to put that link up in the comments. Thank you, brother. His channel got removed, so you got to go subscribe to his new one.

They always remove me right before something like this happens to. It’s quite comical. The old one was they took it down. We got it to like. It was actually 11,187 subscribers exactly the second they took it. Here’s his link. I’ll put it in the comment section. In the comments. Go subscribe to Tommy. Because they just removed his channel. It’s very sad. And that’s one of the reasons he built this website that we’re looking at right now.

So when someone’s channel does disappear, he could rebuild it. A little help rebuilding it. Donuts got his own channel over here. Bdell, bro, Sanchez tv, everybody. The whole crew is over here. So it’s like a one stop shop for you guys. And my technology pulls all their videos. If donut drops a video, I got an AI that goes, grabs his video, pulls it, transcribes it, puts the title in it, and puts it up here.

All I got to do is put in the hashtags, the key phrases. So, yeah, it’s pretty cool. But this symbol is ancient. It goes into many different cultures and let me get down here right now. That’s showing you example of all the movies, which. It’s in that new constellation, too. But now let’s get into some of the symbolism. That iron cross goes back to the cross of ball, right? And Ishtar, the eight pointed star, not to be confused with shamash, the sun symbol, which is very similar.

But there could be an argument there that they’re one and the same. The x represents the constellation of Orion. The cross represents the Hades cluster, the Canaanite, the God ball represents the Hades cluster, which is in the constellation of Taurus, which is represented by the. And see that symbol of ball right there? That cross, it’s also known as the sun disc, this ancient sundisc symbol. But that is the oldest symbol for nibiru.

And when we keep seeing the X’s, sometimes it was depicted on its side like an x. So it’s very heavily tied to that. But the x also represents Osiris. The coming of this figure, that series is amazing. It shows, like, quantum entanglement, how you can exist alive. See, right here, she’s alive, but she’s dead. At the same time, she’s in the control center of this NASA mission that some cosmonaut just hit the space station and blew a hole in it.

And the cosmonaut was her. So she’s actually helping them down on Earth. But it was her that hit the space station up in space, which is us existing in two states at once, both dead and alive. So there’s a lot of really deep symbolism in that. But we see this star known as the Star of Babylon with the Mormons. I mean, it’s all throughout their temple. And they think they’re from the bloodline of Jesus Christ.

I can’t neither say they are. They’re not. I really don’t know their lineage. But it’s the star of Anu. That’s what it is. They pointed star. It’s called the Star of Anu. It has ties into Jupiter as well as. What was his name. See, there’s the Iron Cross symbol. Even that iron cross. Count the points, guys. 1234-5678 so it all derives from the same symbolism. And this is the shamash one right there.

You can see up on the wall. Look. This one back here, I believe, is the seven, which represents the seven alleged planets. But it kind of looks like he’s got a freaking portal sitting on his desk there. And you notice these are all normal sized humans. And what’s he, the one being worshipped? A giant. Just like they talk about the entities from inner Earth, which are supposed to be these anunnakis.

They’re not from far away star systems. They’re coming from through portals. And here’s Maraduk. Look, the stars are all over Maraduk. Right. So you can see, this is ancient, guys. This is nothing new. Dracula, the order of the dragon. Vlad the Impaler. His family had this secret society, and they were supposed to be really protecting this ancient knowledge. That’s what this conspiracies are about it, anyways. But they had the same symbol right there.

It’s on his head, the eight pointed star. The star card in the tarot deck, which is. I want to suck your blood. Yeah. The star card is the 17th card in the tarot deck. It has the eight pointed stars on it. 17 is Nibaru, guys. And chaldean. And that card is heavily connected to old 50 cent. Remember we looked that up? Donut looking into his astrology? Yeah. 50 cent.

His birthday is the same day as George Bush’s birthday, which is the same day the Georgia guidestones collapsed. Recently, 50 cent collapsed at the Hollywood star of fame. In front of Dr. Dre. He took a knee, which is a masonic thing as well. But he was bowing down to Dre and 50 cent. I mean, shout out to 50. I like 50 cent. You know what I mean? But I think there’s a ritual happening.

But you see the x right there with that coat of arms? The two keys makes an x. Down in the bottom quarter, you have the eight pointed star and then the pine cone. And the pine cone kind of represents our snap right there. Okay. Our pineal gland. Right, which they’re trying to calcium that whole third eye. But, yeah, I must get past that part real fast. They want to get.

The pineal gland is kind of like the spiritual kind of thing, but they really want to get rid of the prefrontal cortex, which I think is where the pineal gland is for sure. Like in the middle, because they don’t want you to be logical either. They want you to be reactive or whatever. Oh, dang, look at that. Where’s that at? Okay. This. I’m glad you asked. This is the most important slide on here, guys.

Remember where the fallen angels descended to give man this knowledge that was forbidden, that was called Mount Herman, and that’s on the 33rd parallel. This is the exact location where the fallen angels descended from the Bible, and they just happened to have a un outpost on there with a giant eight pointed star on it. So that is the portal the fallen ones came through, which you’ve seen the connection to Superman, the fallen ones, and right there, they’re showing you.

So these people speak through symbols. That’s how they communicate. An uninitiated person would look at this and see nothing. But when someone knows their symbols, you look and you’re like, oh, wait a second. Here. There’s a connection to portals on here. Oh, well, it makes sense. That’s where the fall and the portal symbolism, like I said, is big. Right here. You can see that. I forgot to show the shush.

It’s part of the portal symbolism. The transcendental magic by Elephant Levi, who made the baphomet. That’s what I think the four powers of the sphinx is what he called it, and that’s what I believe that the shush is for. Yeah, because the last power of the sphinx is to keep silent. Right. And the four is the portal that you can see in all the symbolism with stranger things, buddy Holly and whatnot.

And this is how Tommy and I. This is from Christmas, right? This is December last year, 2023. Something creepy going to happen. I’m showing the leave the world behind, pointing straight to Minnesota. Coincidentally not Minnesota. Wherever that. Maryland. Baltimore. It’s pointing right there. That’s just a mean. It is because he’s being honest. He could say, no, I meant to do. But. But something in your subconscious did mean to do that.

Something went to go point to that and to that Illuminati dolphin at the top. But check this out, bro. Right? During this podcast, I was promoting our show, the one two eight omega event of the collapsing tree, which has Polaris eight point star at the top. So me and you’ve been talking about this 128 for a minute now. Could you go back to that dolphin for a second? Yeah.

So look, donut, subconscious is pointing to Baltimore. There’s a dolphin up there. Where’s the dolphin at, guys? In the water. It’s an event that took place in Baltimore in the water. I mean, that’s crazy that your subconscious did that, though. Really? It could be some free association happening in the subconscious for sure. 100%. Dude. Not the first time that’s happened either. This has happened a couple of times.

That’s kind of cool when you see that happen, but it’s because we’re decoding all the time, and I think our higher state of consciousness is trying to leave clues for us. I really do. I believe that with all my heart. When we notice synchronicity, you keep seeing the same number, guys. That’s your higher state of consciousness trying to show you something. So whenever you keep noticing a synchronicity, what I do is I stop and I look around me.

What is going on at that exact time. I have a journal right here, so I write things down, and then I try to figure out what it’s trying to show me. And that’s a good way to help you guys out if you’re decoding and stuff. When you notice, I got some sick stuff to pull up. Actually, me and you, we did a couple of presentations when we first started podcasting, and it’s all connected to everything that’s happening now and what we’re talking about.

So I’m just pulling up these slides because they are absolutely dope slides. So make sure to smash that, like, button. We can wick a smart up in here right now. You got some real fans in the comments calling you daddy donut. Did you? Daddy Donut? No, they’re talking about my dad. No, they’re probably talking about me. I don’t know. But right here is the calendar, Will. Right. The Economist magazine.

This is from our presentation that we’ve done, and that’s Polaris as well. It’s all connected to the time and what else we were going over the ember months, right? And right there, the Dahmer dude has the eight pointed star on his chest who played Dahmer, right. Bunch of weird stuff there. Real quick, before I forget. So he has the ember months up September, October, November, and December. And guys, what keeps popping up in my decodes, if you watch the one I just put out on Kate middleton, we talk about October, and what comes up in the decode over and over again is October 11.

Well, October 11 is exactly 187 days from the eclipse. So I’m wondering, I keep seeing October 11 and 17th. Like, maybe there’s going to be an event between October 11 and 17th area is what I’m thinking. And October 17 would be that 1117 that we keep seeing over and over again, too. So you just got to pay attention to pattern recognition. When you keep seeing something, there’s a reason you’re seeing it.

And of course, there’s an organic source code to all of this. But then the elites, they also know how to shift and hack the frequency because we live in some type of organic simulation. So there is a source code, an organic thing going on, which is probably 90% of what we see, but then 10% of it is being controlled by these people that run the world. They’re doing it on certain energy points around the globe under certain astrological alignments.

Making sure the numbers match up. Part of masonic number magic. It’s all about building on events and manifestation, magic and chaos magic. For example, 911, the Twin Towers falling. Think of all. And this is going to what’s going to happen with the Golden Gate bridge that donut just showed there? That’ll be another version of that 911 event. Well, 911, how many movies did we see the Twin Towers fall, guys, tons of them.

Right? You’re watching that movie. So you’re sitting there putting your energy into that movie, your life force, and they’re showing you, and subconsciously, you’re taking all this in. They’re showing you the towers collapsing. So then when they do that in the physical, they have now charged up that sigil, the sigil being the Twin Towers in this example. And when they destroy that sigil in the physical, it releases all that energy that can then be manipulated.

And Max Spears believes they use that energy to open a portal in between the towers as it was falling. Now, it’s not something that you actually just seen open up, but if you go back and watch the videos, you’ll see demons in that smoke as them towers were coming down. There’s tons of footage out there that you can get that shows some type of demonic entities in that smoke that was coming down on the towers.

And let me just say this for all the people that says, oh, no one died in 911. Well, I was in New York. I was in Brooklyn. I have friends. That’s ridiculous. That goes into the cast. Unstein. What cast? Sunstein. His thing is to get rid of the truth community and stuff like that. Yeah, it’s absolutely nuts. They flood it with a bunch of psyop stuff and a bunch of lies.

The thing is, look at that explosion, bro, on the bridge. Yeah, well, they’re that video where they’re, like, saying that this is demolition like. You look right there. There’s that explosion right in the middle. Well, no, see, I think. Okay, go back again. The boat is having problems. I got the raw footage where the boat. The lights keep going out on it. It goes. Yeah, it’s right here.

It’s right here. It’s on this video. See, the light goes out. Boom, boom. And then it comes back on, goes out. But there’s smoke coming out of that boat, too. So maybe that’s what they seen with the smoke. Well, look at the bridge right there. Yeah, look at the bridge. Right? When it collapses, there’s this explosion right there on the left of the bridge. Hold up. You’ll see it right here.

You see that red? Yeah, it could be. But it is ripping through the hall. Just playing devil’s advocate. No. Yeah. So I don’t know anything about how these things are, but that thing. There’s another one that happens. So it’s interesting. It could definitely be an explosion. I definitely think it’s just too coincidental. The thing got cyber. It got hacked and then it crashed right into it. And then it fell down.

And remember when they hacked Michael Hastings car and ran him into a. It’s because he was releasing the forbidden knowledge. You can get that up on the Patreon. The forbidden knowledge. This happened exactly at one two eight. That’s how we’ve been talking about. Let me show them. Let me show. I already showed everybody but anyone knew. This is up on both our patreons. My Patreon and Tommy’s vip member section.

Hold on. Don’t change screens. I got to screenshot this real quick. I need that one two eight thing. Hold on 1 second. I’m screenshotting it now. Yeah, screenshot it. There we go. Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt you. No, you’re good, bro. Like I was just showing in the beginning of the stream how on the patreon. This is what we’ve been talking about on publicly too. This is November 2, one two eight with the bridges.

So go subscribe to both of ours. And you were going over this as well here. I’m going to pull up that video. Actually, I’m going to pull up that video so we can rehash what was going on. I like doing that. I like to see what the hell is going on. What we were thinking back in them days. I won’t even play the audio. I’ll just play the visuals.

But this was our private video. And this was in November. We were connecting the 128 because. Right. Hold on. Do I got a full screen? Let me make sure I got a full screen. That’s when I was first learning how to do AI art, too. I sucked at that point. But you intentionally wanted to show the bridge and the one two eight. Because that is what we’re talking about right here.

Leave the world behind was released on one two eight. This is also the day John Lennon was assassinated and the lead singer of the door’s birthday. I could go into that symbolism. So this is stuff that we were covering on that there was the three two two stuff. Jack the Ripper, Julia Roberts birthday 1028. Wow. So we were already on the three two two thing. That was happening subconsciously too.

Yeah. Well, this is when the house of Usher came out in the three two two date in the magazine. Oh, yeah. 51. Usher. And then Usher performed at the Super bowl after this. We didn’t know Usher was going to perform. No, we didn’t. Where did we come up with the usher thing? Oh, the house of Usher. Yeah, we’re going over the house of Usher. And then Usher performs with the phoenix brooch on his freaking.

Yeah, it’s all about the phoenix guys and the rise of the phoenix and that whole symbolism. And then we went over to space shuttle explosion on one two, 8, January 20 eigth. And then you went into, oh, and even Elvis Presley made his first appearance on one two eight. And then he made everyone get the medicine around that same time, December twelveth or something. One two eight. The collapse.

Yeah, that was back during the. I ain’t even going to say it, but it starts with a p. Our parents had to get them in the medicine. That was a p back in like the 50 area, right? Yes. That’s when they started hitting us with them things. Elvis was. It’s just like how they do with the stars today, guys. They use them to influence the masses. Remember when all that was going on, the code red? We’re going to call it code red.

I know. You guys know what that means. If you don’t go on paranoid american site occult decode. com. He has a whole banned word list up there and you’ll see code red and then you can see what it actually means. So we were on lockdown for it. But yeah, I think it was all connected to the whole. Well, we were talking about the highway system because Dwight D.

Eisenhower and this might be something to keep looking. Go back to that. October 14. That’s the day the eclipse went over the four corners area on October 14. Oh, wow. So the highway system is built by the military. And I was looking out for the one two eight highway system, North Carolina, which I believe is on the 36th lay line. So that was what I’ve been looking out for.

Yes, I remember that. I remember you brought that up. I bet you something will still. Oh, dude. Okay, this is crazy. So I just had Christopher Green on and we were showing this was leave the world behind before that movie came out, 1 second after. And it shows the eclipse. And look, it takes place in North Carolina, too. So I got to rewatch that video. Oh, bro, pull up the new Dune.

Dune part two. It starts out with an eclipse, guys, and it’s the coming of the mahagi, the coming of this Antichrist figure. So Dune one I mean, Dune one and two is definitely worth watching, but Dune two is the new movie that’s out, the sequel to it. And it starts out with an eclipse, too. So they’re Jeffrey Dahmer. Jeffrey Dahmer got baptized during an eclipse. Remember Donut? Right.

He got baptized, and he got baptized the same day John Wayne Gacy got put to death. Jeffrey Dahmer became a Christian and got baptized. And me and Donut did a video on that that you guys can still watch. Donut. I don’t have the video anymore. I’m looking for the slide. I think I got it. Let me see. Donut has the video over on his rumble channel, don’t you, donut? You got everything on my rumble channel.

So I remove a lot of stuff here, and it goes over onto the rumble. But I’m looking for that slide. This might be it. This might be it. Unfortunately, you got to do that, guys, because it’s know, donut built this channel. He doesn’t want to risk losing it. So there’s some things he just has to put over there. When Jeffrey Dahmer was put to death was on an eclipse, while the other clown who killed the 33 boys or something like that.

Yeah, the eclipse is, I mean, it’s on the COVID of the Economist magazine. Oh, and look at that. The clown that killed the 33 boys. Right. There’s Jesus connection there. And what did Jesus die during donut? What? Oh, he did? Yeah, sort of back when Jesus died. Yeah. Ani calls it bibliomancy. I think that’s a tight word. But right here is the Sydney opera house in Wells. I know there’s something going on with wells, but another bridge collapsed on the one, two, eight day.

You knew about this more than me. What’s up with this? Yeah, well, that bus right there, that red bus, it’s on its way to the Bay Area, to Oakland. So they’re showing you right there. That’s subliminally like, yo, that’s one of our next targets. So all these little bridge rituals is building up to the grand finale. Okay, so 911 represented ISiS and the moon and the destruction of the silver gates.

The silver gates represent the gates that man reincarnates through. And then on the west coast, you got the golden gates, which we also have the galactic center known as the Golden Gates. And this is a portal from heaven to earth. They say that the Messiah comes through, so they’re going to destroy that because of what it symbolizes. And it’s on the opposite coast is 911. And that represents the coming of Osiris.

Osiris reborn. The eight pointed star symbolism. I’ve showed it numerous times. And then from the union of them, two rituals, 911 and the one that’s going to happen over there is going to birth Horace in the middle at that 88 point where the twin eclipses make that x over the new Madrid fault line. And that’s where St. Louis is with the arch. So there will probably be some major event in St.

Louis too. Yeah, I’ve been looking out for St. Louis and there was the 33rd squid games. We were going over that. We’re going into the 33rd Summer Olympics. That’s a huge number. And the main star is number two one eight which is the one two eight in there in the squid games. And that new one is going to come out. So this was just a crazy video on our private channel on the links down below.

Go subscribe to the Patreon please. Yeah, donuts. Got a lot of good stuff over there and guys. Okay, so one two eight. Hold on, let me pull these slides up real quick so I can show you guys this because this is the last thing I want to show you really fast. One two eight. When you spell it out like one two eight, it equals eight four six in sumerian Gamatria.

And eight four six is a huge number. Guys, you got your slides up your screen up that I could share? 1 second. Give me 1 second. I’m looking for the one that I did. Okay, my bad. No, you’re fine, brother. I think it’s right here. Hold on 1 second. I just want to make sure I got the right ones. Yeah, and I’m going to go look over on the rumble.

See how everybody we got over I think 500 people on the rumble. Make sure to smash that. Like over on the rumble. That means that we are over 5000 people tuning in. Definitely broke a record number today on live streaming which I’m very excited about. Very dope. Very dope. Thank you everyone for your support and look out for just so much more content. We got so much more stuff to break down.

And let me see over on the. I don’t know how many people are up on the Twitter. It says a thousand people but I don’t think we got 1000 people up on there. But that’s crazy. Yeah, I don’t think so. I think it’s just a thousand views because my Twitter sucks. Like nobody be going up on there but I don’t promote it really. So whatever you focus on Twitter ain’t.

I put videos up on there, but it’s nothing like the other platforms. Like my Instagram, my Facebook. I’m almost at 300,000 followers on Truth Mafia podcast. My big Facebook. Yeah, your instagram. Huge, though. Yeah. Hunter. Jeez. A little over. They’re keeping me stagnant at that 104. It’s kind of annoying, but somebody just wrote 104 in a comment. Did they? Yeah. That’s crazy. Oh, here it is. I got it now.

I couldn’t find it. Okay, here’s all my slides on that. Okay. And look at this. Andrew Tate, he has 33 cars and his two ferraris. Got the one two eight code in there as well. So, I mean, this just pops up everywhere. Different symbols. But speaking of cyber incidences, during this one, I was talking about Ed Sharon. He canceled his concert the day before a cyber incident happened at the MGM.

And the MGM looks like that lion, that Singapore lion that usher was. Well, what’s this right here? One, two, eight. Houston rockets. Yeah, so we were covering this for a minute. We were on point, bro. And no one gives us credit when we get it right. But it’s not just this. We’ve got so many things right? And I’m not tooting our own horn, but we really have. But I’m ready to share my screen.

Okay, let me share. Just present. Share. And let me go over here real quick. Okay, here we go. Tell me when they can see me. We’re good. So, guys, look. One two eight spelled out right, you get eight four six in sumerian. Now, this is such an important code that many people ain’t hip to. And look at this family. So here, I’ll make it go full screen for you so you guys can see what I’m really showing here.

Present. Present. All right, so, 911, the twin Towers, right? First plane hits at 08:46 a. m. The first lady to participate in you know what code red. Her name is Sandra Lindsay, equals 846. The George incident, that was eight minutes and 46 seconds, and then they changed it to nine two nine, like a year and a half later. But if you go back and look at the original, it was eight four six.

And we just had Kate Middleton with a cancer diagnosis, which is eight four six. And who is her husband? Prince William. Also eight four six. The devil’s comets in that cipher, tribulations in that cipher. October 11, which is 187 days after this upcoming eclipse. Sorry, let me get rid of that. Let me go back to some of these slides. Okay? And then this one, guys, with Kate Middleton.

This I did for just my people, but I’ll break it down for you real quick, Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis was revealed on a date with primary numerology of 69, which is 322 20 of 24. That’s the same day ghostbusters comes out. So you add that up. Three plus 22 plus 20 plus 24 equals 69. Well, eclipse is 69. So is cancer diagnosis. And then Diana Spencer died 69 months after Freddie Mercury.

And Diana also held the title Princess of Wales. And guess what, guys? Kate Middleton was born during an eclipse. She was born during the eclipse from Soros. One two four. That’s the one she was born on. And then we had an eclipse on twelve four of 2021. Two two one. That solar eclipse and Princess of Wales equals two two one in reverse ordinal. And then the astrological sign, cancer is the number 69, right? Right.

The top of the keystone. And the key bridge collapsed. Yes, it’s at the top of the Keystone arch in Freemasonry. 100%, brother. And that video released with her on three, two two. The same day the Ghostbusters released it premiered in New York, Manhattan, on March 14. Pie day, 3. 14. That’s the day I lost my big YouTube channel. And in that video, well, the reason they took that channel down, guys, I’m going to tell you, is because I had did a video warning that there were going to be major.

Well, maybe we shouldn’t talk about it. Yeah, maybe I shouldn’t hear right. Go subscribe to his channel to see what it is. It was just with the weather, bro. It already happened. I’ll put Tommy’s channel, his YouTube channel, up in the comments. Once again, for anyone, go subscribe over to. Tommy did learn about what happened, right? Yeah, I’m sorry, Donna, you’re right. Maybe I shouldn’t talk about that part.

But Kate Middleton, guys, is one three three free. A number that we’ve been seeing over and over again, which is the number of false reality, and then you have died in her sleep. This is the narrative I think they’re going to come up with. They’re going to say she died peacefully in her sleep. And if you run through that whole video and that picture of her. So paranoid American taught me about the image AI generator.

And if you run an image through it, you can see some of them, you might get a little mixed results on, but there’s some pretty good ones out there, too. And it says that’s 96% detected that it was AI. And I just got to give everybody credit. I wouldn’t even have seen that if it wasn’t for truth seeker to tell you the truth. He commented on one of my videos.

Yeah, he did some great work today. He posted a video. I shouted him out earlier. His video today was fantastic. Yeah, he commented on one of my videos, and I went over to see what the little dude had going on, and he had a video of this. So I was like, oh, man, let me get a clip of that. And I shouted him out in it. Just. I always pay homage, bro.

If I find something from someone, I’m always going to pay homage. But the whole ghostbuster symbolism, tying into stranger things. And cern, I didn’t even know they had a bridge on it, which. The bridge represents the connection between the dimensions. They’re cracking the glass, cracking the ice, breaking the veil. And you see here, the 911, the two towers fell. The one World Trade center was erected. And it’s the 13 original colonies there.

We have that 13 number again. And then the big one I was telling you about, that’s going to be over on the west coast. The golden gates represents the coming of Osiris, the sun. And you see, you got the shamash symbol there, which is kind of a representation of the 82. And smack dab in the middle point is the 88. Now, in 2017, guys, we had an eclipse go right over that area that was in the shape of an egg, which represents the og, dode, the eight primordial creator gods, some with heads of serpents, some with the heads of.

And that’s the location that this other one’s going to make that final x point at. So definitely watching out for that area. That’s where the whole new Madrid fault line is. And what else did I have on here? I wanted to show you all that’s from the Ghostbusters at 311. And you see the one eye symbolism for the first time. The whole code red thing was declared a situation on March 11.

And Prince William will be king soon as 311, the angel of the bottomless pit CERN built on Apolloceum, the temple. That’s when Fukushima happened on 311. There’s so many things that happened on this 311 date. Oh, it’s crazy, brother. The spanish flu, too. The first death of it was on 311. That was 100 years before the other situation. But, yeah, there’s so many different connections with goat. Do you guys like these images? I do like those images.

I wanted to say something, but I held back because I didn’t want to interrupt. But those pictures are sick, bro. Thanks, brother. I’m getting good, ain’t I, bro? That’s really good. Yeah, I got all kinds of cool images. On there. But in this movie donut, the first thing they show you, bro, is this. The first couple of seconds in and it says, some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice.

From what I’ve tasted of desire, I hold with those who favor fire. But if I had to perish twice, I think I know enough of hate to say that for destruction, ice is also great and would suffice. And that was Robert Frost. You got the whole frost connected to ice. And his name is one five six, which is casting a spell. Eclipse of the sun. I’m not going to say that one.

He died on almost one two eight. He died on one two nine. Who? Robert Frost? Yeah, I want to see. Maybe it was like I just pulled up the screen. I wonder if he died on one two nine, but it was one two eight. If he was in England. Let me see. He died. He died in Boston, Massachusetts. I wonder if it was one two eight. The time.

It doesn’t tell you what time he died, but I won’t doubt it over in England. Well, I don’t think it’s England. He died in Massachusetts. He was getting wicked smart over there, but, yeah, that’s funny. That one five six cipher is demonic entities. Fires of the gods. And in Ghostbusters, it’s these fire masters that bind the demons that stop them. In Hawaii, wildfires is one five six guys, which from the Hawaii wildfires until the release of Ghostbusters on March 22, the same day Kate Middleton released her video, was exactly 32 weeks and three days.

It was almost three, two two, but 32 weeks and three days. Three two three. Well, that’s Ghostbusters, frozen Empire. Three two three. So you can see here, they release them a certain amount of days from events. A certain amount of days till an event. And this all released in Kate Middleton’s video 17 days before the upcoming eclipse, which is Nibaru. That 17 cipher, did you watch it? Donut? What? Ghostbusters.

Yeah, I watched it last night. So what did you think? I want to hear your opinion. After learning about Dan Aykroyd and his occult connections, I didn’t like was. It was didn’t. I didn’t care for it. Honestly, I like it. See, I’m into that weird stuff, though. Stranger things is like my favorite. I love stranger things. I’m into it. But for me, it was just a bunch of.

There was nothing new, bro. When you saw ghostbusters, it was so fresh. And this ghostbusters, you got slimer again. You got the marshmallow man again. It was all the same stuff. There was no creativity. It was just recycled stuff and characters. But you know why I think that is? Because I’m telling you bro, the governments. This is just my opinion, guys. I think they’re all underground already. I think we are in some Greenland type event and AI is running the media, AI is running the news story.

AI might even be creating these damn movies. You should see paranoid american. He can create a whole movie like an eight minute movie with AI that you would think is something that was created in the movie theater. I have many songs that I’ve created with AI and they sound professional. You wouldn’t even know. So what they can do with it that they just give us publicly is unreal.

And in the first scene of Ghostbusters, they got everybody frozen in this secret society called the Manhattan Adventure Society. And that’s at a minute and 47 seconds in, guys, which, there’s 147 windows in the White House. So that’s a big number. Us military is one four seven. It’s like some Sort of prime number. Yes. Eight eight is one four seven, which converts to Project Blue beam. But I think Project Bluebeam is deeper than we think.

I think it’ll be real entities just coming from portals. I think there’ll be a lot of deceptions going on at that time too, but I think it’s going to be mixed with entities and probably our government and crafts that we think are alien. But the MAnhattan Adventure Society is a fictional organization featured in Ghostbusters. But guess where they got it from? The Adventures Club. So they just took the MAnhattan Adventures CLub and took the word.

So what is the Adventures Club? It was like a little secret society for the upper echelons of Manhattan. There was 34 members at the first meeting. In its second year, Sinclair Lewis, Hoffman’s assistant, was elected secretary and served three years. So it was just like a little secret society. It was started in 1912 by author Sullivan Hoffman, editor of the popular pulp magazine Adventure. So it’s just like this little group that probably we wouldn’t be allowed in.

You know what I mean? Wow. Okay. That’s dope. That’s dope. But yeah, that’s really all I got with that. That’s dope. That’s dope. Yeah, man. That’s crazy. There’s so much just nuts stuff. This show has been crazy. We were going over to Diddy. Christopher was on here talking about them zombies. Bro. That was 1282. That ship. The name of the White lion. Yes. When reverse ordinal, you could know.

I got a photographic memory bro, bro. Yeah, I was showing some crazy stuff. I know you’re streaming this to your audience now, but I was showing some wild stuff in the beginning where the ship is called White lion and Singapore is the ship and Singapore has the white lion there. It’s something I’ve been looking out for the MGM, and this is called the white lion. The MGM is the lion they hit with a cyber incident.

Usher. So you got to rewatch the beginning of this because it is crazy. It’s the 47th birthday of the bridge that goes into the 47 this year. True seeker even pointed out the Baltimore Ravens fell to Kansas City on one two eight. And that’s like the Baltimore Ravens, right? So that’s happened in Baltimore. So just so much wild stuff. Yeah, it’s been absolutely nuts, this whole event. Let me see if there was anything that I missed.

I don’t want to miss nuts, bro. It’s so crazy. I bet you there’s a bunch of one, two, eight connections with Diddy that we haven’t found yet, too. We should do a diddy video. Like, you go do your research on everything you can find on him. I’ll do mine, and then we’ll do a members only for my audience and yours. Yeah. Diddy the diddler. It was 47 degrees outside when that happened.

It’s been nuts, bro. It’s been nuts. Let’s go to the comments and say hello to everybody. If you got any questions, put them in the comments and make sure to smash that, like, button. Yeah. Shout out to everybody in the comments. Damn, these comments are jumping, bro, with all of our people in there. Yeah. Let’s go. We’re going over here. Jump in. Shout out to Abby. Thank you, Abby.

I appreciate you. That must be one of your people. Donut. Shout out to Abby. Shout out to Jennifer. Shout out to sola hefe. What up, Donut? It was 47. You’ll see some good. They’ll tell you some good stuff in the comments. You know what I’m saying? Yeah. So someone says it was 47 degrees when what happened? So when the ship crashed into the bridge and it collapsed, it was 47 degrees out.

And that goes into the 47th. Freemasonic compass. We’re coming up on the 47th president is a huge symbol. Even in Lahaina, the main story was around the tree with 47 trunks on it. Or in Las Vegas, it was the road to 47 gu n s as well. It. It’s a huge symbol. Huge, big one. And I’ve seen someone say we watch propaganda more than sheep. Well, the reason we watch what we watch to address your little comment is because when you expose these rituals for what they truly are, it breaks that spell that they have casted on the sheep.

Because people that don’t have eyes to see, they can’t see what other people can see. So when you show them that and point it out to them, it doesn’t have that same power and same hold over them. And that’s why we do what we do. Just to answer your question, my brother. Yeah. Someone says, how high are you? I’m sober. I got eight years, so I’m high. I’m over here smoking a little.

Tommy will answer that. So I’m not. Tommy is. I’m just smoking cush, though, guys. That’s all. How was your birthday? It was good. Thank you very much. Coach iSL 4000. How do we sleep at night? How does this dude sleep at night? Not well. I’d be like, what’s going on? Yes, I sleep like a baby. Actually, I just woke up, dude, when you hit me up, I just had woke up.

So I literally jumped right up on here with you guys. I was having some crazy dreams too, bro. Weird dreams. Yeah. We up in the comment section now. Going to questions. Let me see what else be popping. So what did they say diddy got charged with? I don’t know. I haven’t really looked into it. We’ll be looking into it. Maybe we bring someone on, but it goes into trafficking.

I don’t even really want to talk about it, too. Yeah, we won’t even mention that. I got a person, though. That’s all they do is look into that stuff like they’ve been talking about P. Diddy and biggie smalls and all that. So maybe they’ll have some info, too. I’ll check with them. But, yeah, it’s interesting, though that they arrest him, but all them people on that little island down there, they didn’t arrest nobody in that.

So that’s weird. Agent rated the first star island drive home. First star island drive home. That’s what it was called. First star Island Drive. Wow. That’s interesting, right? Yeah, super wild. So, everybody, I’m here with Tommy truthful. I’m going to show him your website real quick. Yeah, his website. And go subscribe to his YouTube and smash the like button. His website is dope. You got a vip section as well.

But there’s his website, truth Mafia. We do stuff. Click on the YouTube up there. I don’t know if it’s my new YouTube link to it, though. It might not be. It might be the old one. Oh, there it is. Yeah. That’s the new YouTube guys. Yeah. So go subscribe to his new YouTube. Let’s see this past that 2000 mark. Also, I want people to go over to the Patreon where we do a lot of these live streams and videos.

I’m doing one tomorrow on inversion. It’s going to be nuts. No, not tomorrow. On Thursday on inversion. Tomorrow we’re going to talk about nephilim clowns. And then on the weekend we’re going to go probably do something with Sam Tripoli. Maybe. You never know. Or the home oncologist won. I don’t know. It’s going to be crazy. But we got just a ton of stuff up here. All you got to do is click the link below.

Go to join this one, the 499. If you do this one, you get access to some video stuff, secrets on how to go viral. You get the Illuminati PDFs and all that. But you click this, you hit join, then ding. Will pop up that. You just fill out the info and you fill it out. You put your info in there and then you access hundreds and hundreds of videos and you would have been three, four, five months early on the one two eight code.

Yes. Me and donut do our show. So for all my people watching in the comments, there’s a link down there. You can join the membership on my site or just go join donuts. Doesn’t really matter. He does his own thing too. We do our video together, then he has so much more content. So we both do our own thing as well. It’s a great way to support us, everyone.

And we got them links down below. But make sure to go subscribe to Tommy’s YouTube. For sure. Tommy, I’m going to sign. Yep, yep. And go check out truthfultv. com, where we do our personal decodes. Get a reading, find out your role in this simulation. Are you a first player character or an NPC? And that’s all I got. Smash that, like, button. Much love, everybody and God bless you.

God bless you all. We love you all. Thank you all. Bye. .

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