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The Satanic Grammys lIIuminati Symbols Rituals 2024

By: Doenut Factory
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➡ The Grammys had a lot of symbols and rituals, like magic spells and signs linked to the Illuminati. Some people think these symbols and events, like flash floods and power outages, are connected. There were also lots of references to the color purple and Masonic symbols. Some artists even seemed to go through rituals or ceremonies during the show.


The satanic Grammys was full of rituals and symbolism, starting it off with a hex, a curse, or a magic spell. The black cube of Saturn. Putting a hex or a magic spell on the audience watching. Look at this. She’s just sitting in a cube of Saturn right at the beginning of the show. While the Grammys was in place, flash flooding happened in California. Ff. Flash flooding. 66 ff.

There’s some water for you. Last Grammys took place on Adam Wisehop’s birthday, the founder of the Illuminati. And at sunset was a huge earthquake. Are these manipulated weather events? The Grammys was coded in purple. Taylor Swift is known and identifies by the color purple. Even the Super bowl coming up is the purple and mountain Dew’s predictive programming with their purple drink. Pitch black, priming the audience for blackouts.

And that’s exactly what happened in California. 850,000 people with power outages. And even Oprah breaks her purple streak. Oprah stopped wearing purple, and she was connected to the blue Hawai. The Illuminati hand signs were all over the place. Oprah was doing it. Trevor Noah throwing up the six, six, six. And right behind him, the man was holding the Illuminati pyramid. We even see the Illuminati eye on Doja Cat’s neck as it was brought to you by CBS, which is the all seeing eye.

The black magic ceremony took place at 03:30 p. m. . 33. And we saw a lot of masonic symbolism in these performances. A lot of the artists were wearing the black and white in the checkerboards. Beyonce wearing the checkerboards. Jay Z and his daughter wearing the black and white. And he’s even wearing a chain that a lot of masons wear. Killer Mike was arrested after winning three grammys.

That goes into the three degrees of masonry. These are all initiation ceremonies and humiliation rituals. As Taylor Swift went through her humiliation ritual. And now killer Mike is going through his. We saw a lot of symbols of Lucifer, also known as Venus. The pentagram. Megan was doing the pentagram, and this lady was singing with the pentagrams and a lot of occult symbols all over her as Jay Z and Beyonce drooled at the mouth watching her perform.

But the purple is very important. Here’s Megan as the purple cloud. Is she the cloud bringing all the rain and the flooding, with the flash flooding the ff, the 66, even route 66 connected to Tom Hanks, and Tom Hanks was there. And Lou Combs, who showcased the route 66 scissor, was performing. And it looks like she’s wearing a 38, which means murder. So look out for her. Not sure if this is a three or not the performance when it took place.

This chick brought out the samurai sword. Look how scared she is. If she would have dropped the sword, we would have saw heads flying off. But it reminds me of mkultra. Just like in Zoolander. Taylor Swift announced her new album will be dropping April 19. This is when Oklahoma and Waco happened. And shout out to the discord vip party room and project Cheney over on the Patreon. We decoded this event live.

Make sure to go subscribe to the Patreon. The links are down below. Don’t miss out on the live Super bowl decode coming up next. Taylor Swift announced her new album was releasing on April 19, which is national LSD day. The next day is 420 but we see the Grammys is the Illuminati pyramid. The stage is the omega logo, which is the 24th letter of the greek Alphabet. And this took place on 2424.

I’m looking out for the omega event, the big event. Even the stage was similar to the omega symbol. Very, very important for the year of 2024. Now the commercials was all brainwashing for the ready player one future Travis Scott. You would think he would be booed, but he has been heavily awarded by the illuminati after all of his rituals. Lenny Kravitz was wearing the knight’s Templar double cross and Celine Dion made a surprise.

A lot of people have been pointing out that maybe she was a clone. The 13th win for Miss 13. Six nominations at the 66 Grammys. Six, six, six. The illusion pointed that out. Go click the links below. Go subscribe to Project Cheney and also subscribe to the Patreon. Make sure you get into the vip party for the Super bowl rituals as we decode it live with y’all. Anyway, it’s Doughnut.

Much love and God bless you later. .

  • Doenut Factory

    The underboss of the Truth Mafia, known as the "Donut Factory," possesses unparalleled expertise in decoding symbols and occult language. For years, he has fearlessly unveiled the secrets of secretive societies, captivating audiences with his unique revelations.

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5G Danger

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