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The Secret Occult Memphis Connection in Hip-Hop [ Terrence Mckenna Howard ]

By: Doenut Factory
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➡ This podcast episode features a lively discussion between three friends. They talk about various topics, including conspiracy theories, their personal experiences with the military, and the influence of hip hop and art on society. They also discuss the strategic elements of rap battles and compare them to warfare. The conversation ends with a debate about the deaths of famous rappers Tupac and Biggie.
➡ The text discusses the connections between hip hop, secret societies, and the occult, focusing on the group Three 6 Mafia and the city of Memphis. It suggests that certain elements in hip hop, like drug references, are not just artistic choices but are influenced by larger forces like the government and pharmaceutical industry. The text also explores the idea of symbolism in music and the potential for certain locations to hold special energy or power. Finally, it mentions the deaths of several artists and speculates on whether these could be part of larger rituals or patterns.
➡ This text talks about faith, mysticism, and the forbidden aspects of the occult.
➡ The text discusses various connections between popular culture figures, secret societies, and conspiracy theories. It suggests that artists like Gangsta Boo, Three 6 Mafia, and Eminem are linked to secret societies like the Bavarian Illuminati and Memphis Miserium. The text also explores the idea of symbolism in music and album covers, and suggests a connection between these artists and figures like Donald Trump and Terrence Howard. Finally, it proposes that there may be a hidden, esoteric narrative within the music industry and popular culture.
➡ The text discusses various Hollywood actors and their roles, suggesting they are part of a larger agenda to promote the use of psilocybin mushrooms for spiritual experiences. It also delves into the history of psychedelic drugs, suggesting they were introduced to society as a recreational activity by influential figures with ulterior motives. The text also touches on the music industry, specifically the rap group Three 6 Mafia, suggesting their music and personal experiences are part of this larger narrative. The author believes these efforts are not for the good of society, but rather for something more nefarious.
➡ The speaker discusses their interest in aggressive music and shares their belief in secret society elements in the music industry, particularly in rap. They mention the symbolism in music and the suspicious deaths of certain rappers, suggesting a connection to secret societies. They also discuss their experiences at concerts and their admiration for certain artists. The speaker ends by proposing a theory that the music industry might be set up to control and exploit artists for their energy and status, which can be converted into money.
➡ The text discusses the music industry, focusing on bands like 311 and ICP, and their potential connections to secret symbols and the occult. It also mentions the influence of these bands on the speaker’s life and their desire to interview ICP about possible Illuminati connections. The speaker also talks about the controversy surrounding ICP fans being labeled as gang members by the government. Lastly, the speaker expresses their admiration for the bands and their music, despite not always agreeing with the associated fan culture.
➡ The speaker discusses various topics, including the influence of music and art on their life, the power dynamics at concerts, and the impact of crowd psychology. They also mention their experiences at an ICP concert and how artists like Waka Flocka Flame managed to win over initially hostile audiences. They further delve into the history of cinema and its ties to darker themes, and the influence of the Illuminati in the music industry.
➡ The text discusses a video where a single person starts dancing and gradually more people join in, creating a movement. It explores the idea that people often conform to group behavior, even if it’s unusual, due to a desire to fit in. The text also mentions various concerts and the dangers of crowd behavior, such as mosh pits. Lastly, it delves into the symbolism in various forms of media and its influence on society.
➡ The text discusses various symbols and their meanings in popular culture, such as the eagle representing the phoenix in mystery schools. It also talks about the influence of memes and symbolism in shaping public opinion. The text delves into the symbolism in Disney movies, particularly the recurring theme of princesses being imprisoned by witches, which represents ancient magical archetypes. Lastly, it discusses how Disney has reinterpreted and owned traditional fairy tales, often changing their original meanings.
➡ The text is a conversation from a podcast where the hosts discuss various topics, including their thoughts on a movie, upcoming projects, and shout-outs to their friends and colleagues. They also promote their Patreon, YouTube, and other platforms where they share content on topics like sound science, punk rock, and ancient Sumerian texts. They end by wishing their listeners a Happy Memorial Day and promoting Paranoid American sticker sheets.


Conspiracies esoteric knowledge so enthralling open up your mind let’s dive into the sprawling oh, yeah pray pull the waking question what? You know killing back the ladies let your curiosity grow take the journey let your mind unfold what’s going on, everybody? Welcome to the great build podcast. I guess this would be episode eleven. Episode eleven. Double digits, baby. I’m finally hosting. Yeah, man. Yeah, I’m finally hosting another live with two guys who I hold in high regard. I’m here with my buddy donut, y’all. What up? Thank you for having me on. And, uh, my buddy Thomas, the paranoid motherfucking american.

Well, watching. My mom’s watching, man. Come on. Oh, man, I’m sorry. Tell me to watch my motherfucking mouth. Yeah. Happy? Well, I don’t want to say happy memorial day, because this is a day where we grieve the loss of all those that have died for the means of, uh, elite banking families snug in their beds and their castles and estates. And, uh, so we salute all of you, and we hope, uh, if you are a veteran and you aren’t left stranded, well, even those left stranded by the government out to be homeless. Yeah, I hope y’all all had a nice day of rest, and, uh, you and your families had a.

Just a blessed. Yeah, a blessed day. So I got to say, I’m a veteran, and I feel like the government’s completely abandoned me. I’m not homeless, but it has nothing to do with the government. It’s fact. It’s in spite of the government that I’m not homeless. Well, thank you, Thomas, for your service. I killed, like, 50 people just for you. You personally. I put your name on the bullets. Well, thank you for that as well. Thank you, Thomas, for your service. Thank you, Thomas. Yeah, man. Thank all of you. All who are serving or who. Who have served in the corrupt military industrial complex.

How come you guys didn’t serve? I have flat feet. I was probably busy. That was just like you knew, going in that it would have been a waste of time. Well, no, that’s not why I didn’t serve. I’ve never been into order following, in a sense, so I wouldn’t even be able to. I was so addicted to substance abuse that, you know, I would not be a good candidate. I wouldn’t even be accepted. I ha. You know what I mean? Plus, I’m not. I’m into more studying war. There’s a spiritual aspect to war as well. I like to study the great battles of history as well.

And power dynamics. So if I was going to be in a position of, I want to do well, probably on the ground as a marine or anything like that, but I think I would be good at just, like, the strategic parts of it. And that’s always what kind of fascinated me in history is the strategic elements. Like an officer, you’d be like, the officer coming in, you should be like, give me my full bird. Yeah. Because I like hip hop so much. And this kind of goes into hip hop because hip hop’s all about battling as well, right? So you got two artists, and they go in battle, right? There’s a rap battle and all gloves are off.

Usually they’re friends, though, like this Drake and Kendrick Lamar beef that is happening right now. I mean, first off, Kendrick Lamar and Drake both got famous through the same poetic justice song, in a sense. Right? Not Drake, but Kendrick was right, but they were working together. And 50 Cent has exposed this how? Um, 50 Cent and Kanye, I believe they fabricated a fake beef or others, but then there’s realistic beefs as well. And I do think that the game and the 50 cent rap battle was actually genuine. I do think that that was an actual beef.

And the way $0.50 attacked the game, I thought was very strategic. And I was reading his book with the help of Robert Greene, the 50th law of power. Everybody knows the 48 laws of power, but the 50th law of power was quite interesting. And he didn’t bring up the game one time. And I thought this was interesting because the games, Black Wall street, when he went and attacked G Unit when they first came out, because they did that song, love it or hate it, the underdogs on top. I’m gonna start on to my hotel, you know, MVP.

The game with his black Wall street, dissed 50 and was like, you ain’t a gangster. You ain’t all these things. And I, in my young mind, I was like, oh, man, the game’s gonna win because of this aggressive attack. Wow, he’s very masculine. He has this aggressive attack. And what did 50 cent do? He rose the power through not attacking his enemy, but by just ignoring him one, but also rising the power through the movie industry, through the book industry. He even, he wrote a book on power with the number one power guy. So his success is way, uh, surpasses the game.

So these power dynamics in hip hop are very similar to warfare. Yeah, I was gonna say I I didn’t go because I was too busy, uh, going to jail and, uh, yeah, and, uh, just being a fucking hooligan. You got visible tattoos under the elbows. What do you mean? Well, that’s. That’s another disqualifier. If you got. If you got tattoos on your forearms, essentially on your calm. I have my left leg tattooed, and my. That would. That would be disqualified. Military right there. Well, at the time when I was 18, yeah, I got in trouble a couple times, man.

It was actually pretty bad. I was. I was on probation for about five years, and I had my son during that. And so, yeah, just wasn’t happening, you know, the military, because I kind of kept getting in trouble. I was stuck in that cycle. And you could attribute rap music to that as well, honestly. Especially that. If you had to blame one rapper, whose fault is it? Oh, man. I probably would used to want to blame a bunch of rappers, probably especially a bunch of Memphis rappers. But you can’t really blame them because a lot of them are dead themselves, probably more than even Chicago, man.

I mean, there’s so many Memphis rappers that had, like, one album, and then they were killed in the streets or, you know, they od or they killed themselves. I mean, you hear some crazy shit and some of this old school stuff that’s not put out to the mainstream at all. So no one really hears it unless you, like, dig for it. But. But, yeah, dude, no, I. I just never. I had friends that were in the military, you know, that were stationed in Germany and stationed in a whole bunch of places, but just wasn’t for me, man.

You know? Well, the social engineering department of it is interesting because you can see that social engineering worked on a level of the hippie movement or the blues movement or the hip hop movement. This really moves culture. Not just that, but we can even go back to paintings of the royal families and the royal family paintings that get revealed, like this most recent king Charles III, his painting being revealed. This is MK Ultra, mind control through the arts. You did a video on that painting, right? I did do a video on that painting. I just got to speak with Mister Tunney, and he covers a lot of these topics.

And he was showing the Queen Elizabeth painting was really to mind control people, in a sense, away from who was in power before. So these art pieces are used for mind control. For example, the CIA’s involvement with modern art in Pollock, Jackson Pollock’s terrible art, right? That everyone was being. It was pushed on. Everybody. And everyone’s promoting this garbage art. And if you are inspired by certain types of art, like through a renaissance movement of buildings and structures, to today, this modern era of just terrible benches, terrible everything just looks like Edward scissorhands, right in that community.

This messes with the psyche. It messes with the soul. So I always like to have art all over the place, to be inspired at all times. So everywhere I look in my house, I am inspired no matter which direction I look, because I. My house is full of art. Art is. And I’m not against the, uh, the. The art that is hardcore in a sense, or horror core. I grew up on this. I like the aggressive stuff. I like the math. Like, for example, puff daddy, he is a wholesome. I mean, the branding. A wholesome guy who dresses nice, right, but he’s doing some episode dance, some dance hit, some pop rap hit.

You know what I mean? Like the lightest of gangsta rap that you could possibly go to. The almost gay rat, you know? Well, the image, I never trusted anyone. That was all in on puff daddy. So. Yeah, man. Never really been a fan. And I’ve always thought he killed Biggie. I think Tupac and Biggie were both killed in their. In their cars. I don’t think that there were second cars there. I think they were shot in their vehicles. That’s. That’s just my opinion. It still blows my mind. He had a remix at the end of a KRS one album.

I think it was. I got next. But, like, he actually had, like, an official kara one remix. And I only know that because I remember I lent it to my friend once, and I was like, so what was your favorite song on that KRS one album? And he was like, oh, this puff daddy remix. I was like, what the hell is that thing even doing on there? Yeah, we can see these battles, though, whether that’s warfare or the battles in the art world. So happy Memorial Day, in a sense. I know it’s not happy, but thank you to all right out there and just.

I am very interested in the occult connections to hip hop, especially in Memphis. You brought up Memphis, three, six mafia, all that. I was very inspired by as a teenager because it was aggressive. And they were talking about elements that me and my friends were involved in, in a sense of the drugs and whatnot. So I was like. You know what I mean? So I’m like, oh, wow. They’re talking about, like, little white, for example. I mean, wonderful albums that, in my opinion, because I love lyrics. Yeah, you talking about. His first one finally famous was doubt me now.

Me now. Doubt me now. Yeah. And he was good. This guy was, like, 21. And then he made a. An album with jelly roll right after that. So three, six Mafia. Little white brought jelly roll on the mainstream in a sense. And there’s this connection in this filtering through the three six mafia, which I believe is not them being connected to these, like, certain secret societies, but I believe they’re in it of a powerhouse that goes all the way back to the 27 club of Robert Johnson. Robert Johnson, I believe, has the Memphis connection there. And this was the first person who met the devil did the faustian bargain at the crossroads of the x and then joining the 27 club right there, Robert Johnson.

And he has the son Paku eyes as well. He’s got them in this picture, too, probably. But we actually just talked about. Yeah, the other day for like a couple hours. My dad worked from Mallico records for twelve years as a producer. And. Yeah, that’s just crazy that you brought that up. I believe it, though. He has the son Paku eyes underneath, which is the three whites. And jelly roll also carries the three whites underneath his eyes, and so does puff daddy as well. And this means tragedy is coming their way. Now, in normal life, that’s not what it means, so don’t worry if you have that.

It usually just means mental stress at points, or if it’s at the top, you’re just feeling crazy. Cause I get both of them. If I’m mentally stressed or if I’m feeling crazy, that appears. But I believe this is deep symbolism. And the brainwashing through the drugs is very important. And three six mafia is the sipping on the scissor. Right. They were bringing the hydrocodone to the mainstream and whatnot. On the hands free phone on the hamstring foam. Yeah. Um, with. With pimp C and pimp C. Chad Butler, man. Yeah. R I P. Sorry, donut. No, he died at 33.

Right. This is a. An age that a lot of people pass away at, is at this 33 agent. The last person to see him and shout out to call me Kinfolk, because he pointed this out, was the last person to see Pimp C before he died was DJ Paul, I believe so. Right. There is this three six mafia connection. Yeah. And the gangsta boo. Yeah. And I’ve been connecting this to the 36 ley line. Right. The three six mafia and the ley line, these meridian lines that are on the earth and in our body thinking about music.

And the Rockefellers changing the frequencies to the sound waves that we put in our headphones or the Bose speakers or whatever that is changing our frequencies because we’re in a container like a. I know I’m jumping all over the place, but we’re good. Dude, you’re on gray pill, bro. So do talk about whatever you want to donut. So you put the symbol in a container. In the container, and then you hit the frequency, and it charges that symbol. It. So it gets sort of like woo woo or whatever. But think about all the concerts and the raves you showed.

That thing about the blue singer blues is how they introduced heroin into the communities. And also the same things happening with the purple scissor. That’s just synthetic heroin. Liquid heroin. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So it’s the same thing. And, I mean, we could tie this back further of the opium wars and whatnot, you know, so, I mean, we could even go even deeper on that. But three six mafia is three six in the 36 ley line, this dragon line that the Knights Templars were very fond of, of these certain meridians on earth to charge up these certain frequencies.

For example, the great pyramid. It’s on a certain ley line. Like, these are energetic vortexes and stuff like that or something. I don’t know. Maybe it’s more magnetic. I’m not. I’m not 100% sure, but I do know if you go to certain places with, like, some magnet, it’ll go all. Cooper. A certain amount of frequency playing. Yeah. Or if you go with the machine. Yeah. You can maybe perhaps even open a portal, you know, depending on where you are. I’ve heard a lot of theories about that. I know Thomas knows a lot about that. We should go there with the rife machine, bro.

I bet you could do some with that, man. Matt would definitely want to go, too, dude. He would definitely want to go. I want to say donut, the same way that rap music kind of takes that burden of, like, let’s say, like, freeway Ricky Ross, right? So you’ve got, like, crack inside of rap, but you’ve also got, like, the lean, and unlike you said, the blues. But I think part of that is because there’s an invested interest to throw some of that shade off of the real source, where it’s coming from, which is typically the government and mafia.

But now it’s just the government, because the government kind of swallows the mafia. So, like, if you imagine it’s like, they can, like, who’s making the scissor, right? Who’s making the. The promethazine? It’s. That’s definitely not rappers. They’re not making it. It’s coming from somewhere. It’s coming from the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical industry is essentially the revolving door between government and industry, but that’s also where you find all those, like, real OG gangsters at. But. But the point being that if they see an opportunity, just like, the CIA drops crack into LA and it’s into Alabama, guys made that.

It’s your, like, you started that. It kind of came from the conscious. But the same way that crack was introduced into the ghetto in LA in the eighties is the same way that, like, lean gets blamed on certain types of rap, or that, like, selling drugs gets blamed on certain types of rap. All these drugs would exist with or without rap. The pharmaceuticals would exist. Without it, the illicit use of it would still exist. It would just be prescribed by a doctor instead of someone that’s, you know, like a street doctor. Yeah, man. And I think lean was brought up through Texas through, like, screwed up records.

DJ screw, like you. Like you were talking about. You were talking about Pimp C, you know, him and him and screw were both from Texas, and they both died a lot. See, it’s crazy, man. In these southern towns where all. A ton of these underground, you could say underground, especially, like, in their time when they first came out, they end up dying. And you really have to look at it and be like, are these rituals that are taking place? Is this why some of these cities are named certain things, such as Memphis, and why they have a giant pyramid there? I mean, what’s.

What’s going on under that pyramid? So, yeah, Memphis, Egypt. And then you got Memphis in America. So there’s this connection. And on the us dollar bill, we also have a pyramid on there and whatnot. So there is all these things. And the pyramid, I believe, is the pyromid. I believe it’s the volcano, which. Which goes deeper. That’s what I learned from Jordan Maxwell, but, and I liked how a lot of artists have Jordan Maxwell in their songs, like Wu Tang. So I could get into all the different secret society elements of symbolism through all these different rap groups, especially in the nineties.

But if you share my screen real quick, just like a show, the three six mafia connection. Gangsta Boo passed away in 2023. She was the queen of Memphis. She was part of three six mafia. She passed away on January 1 while Dolly Parton was performing with Miley Cyrus underneath this royal arch, which at the top is six nine for the summer solstice. Now, gangsta Boo, she has her six nine album. But coincidentally, three six mafia rose the power through the Terrence Howard movie called hustle and flow. And he’s all in this. But who three six mafia battled against the win that Grammy or Oscar was Dolly Parton.

So right there. You got a Dolly Parton connection there. Coincidentally, Dolly Parton’s performing when gangsta Boo died. So I believe it is a Memphis secret society connection to all this. And this could get tied into a lot of different cults, but I don’t know which cult it is, but I. Let’s figure it out, man. Well, there’s the Memphis miserable, which had 96 degrees. Some say 99. There’s different writings of how many degrees were in it. So that’s the modern day, like, extension of the bavarian illuminati. I’m pretty. I don’t have any, like, specifics, but I’ve. I’ve read enough things that hinted at that.

Because the whole point of Adam Vysop and. And von Nige, right, is that they kept selling these degrees before they existed. And then, like, once. Once, uh, Vysop would got von Nige to actually write the degrees, he’d go out and sell another ten, and he’d come back and be like, yo, that was great, man. Now we need 80 through 90. And he’s like, yo, hold on. And I think that’s kind of what burnt them out. But that whole concept and everything they put together and all those degrees, I think those got compiled, they got recycled into French Freemasonry.

And then from French Freemasonry turns into the right of Memphis miserium. It’s not a straight line. It’s, like, a very meandering line, but it seems like that’s the most realistic lineage between. It all wasn’t. Why is it going out and selling these degrees to just, like, a door to door salesman? Although it was, like, at a higher echelon, so he’d only be trying to sell it to, like, the top professors in, like, the country or the top freemasons in the. But, yeah, he was just a huckster, bro. He was going out there and saying, like, yo, I got this.

The secret, you know, underground, the original knowledge. No one knows this. Like, we found it. We uncovered it. We just translated the hieroglyphics. And he’d be like, hyping all this up. It’s. Oh, yeah, it’s degrees. Like, seven, eight, and nine and 20 and 30. And then he will come back and tell von Nige about this. And von Nige would kind of, like, split his wig a little bit. He’d be like, are you like. Cause imagine the salesman comes back and he tells you, all right, I sold 200 widgets. And you’re like, we don’t even make widgets.

And he’s like, that’s too bad, because I sold 200 of them, and they’re coming on Monday to pick them up. That was. I mean, I’m like, being a little bit, you know, facetious, but that’s sort of the dynamic Diana stand between Vaisop and Van Naij. So if you. If we tie it back also to the purple lean, right? We’re talking about purple lean. Now, this connects to Detroit as well with Eminem. So I don’t think it’s just Memphis. I think it’s a whole network, which makes sense, because you can see that the Knights Templars are all over the world in places where they shouldn’t even be.

Their castles are out. And the Eminem connection is quite interesting to me because I’m a big juggalo. Plus, I also like Eminem as well. I had this album in the fourth grade, the slim Shady LP, and he had a beef talking about warfare with pretty much every single celebrity out there, from Britney Spears to all that. You know, he was going. He was beefing with everybody, but the main one was the IcP beef. And this goes into Alastair Crowley’s moon child. He is bee rabbit. The rabbit is connected to the moon. And on his first lp, the slim Shady lp, it’s just a big moon.

And I believe this is symbolism. Now, the moon child by Alastair Crowley was about two secret societies battling it out. The dark magic and the white magic, or whatever it was. I never read it. But that’s the story of the moon child and that egg that we just saw. The Memphis Mizrome. Yeah. Let me pull that back up. That’s called a knife. Okay. You probably remember Ken kniff from Connecticut. And I believe that this is all etymology and symbolism tied into an esoteric story. We get the exoteric story of Doctor Dre in the Chronicle. The chronic is Chronos, which goes to Saturn.

But this egg and the Vicodin, for example, right here, Eminem’s album, this is the same lean. It’s the same thing as this or purple hills. Which album was this? This was his first album under Slim Shady, not infinite. This was a slim shady lp right here. And that was on the cd cover. So. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. So I can keep going on, like, nineties. Hip hop is the whole reason that I think I got into conspiracy theories super early. And it was because the Kill army album, silent weapons for quiet wars, and I was trying to find a copy of it somewhere.

Like, look at the lyrics. And I’m searching the Internet in the nineties for silent weapons for quiet wars. And all the top results are the ones from behold a pale horse. So I think I ended up finding behold a pale horse when I was, like, twelve just because I was looking for a kill army like, mp3 album. Well, the. The term Illuminati gets brought up in all, all the different. Well, I had heard it a bunch of times that the ll cool j remix for Prodigy says, illuminati wants my mind soul in my body. There was the Tupac Illumina prodigy choked on.

Right? Yeah. I don’t know how. I don’t know if it was the rapper prodigy or the rock star. No, no, it was the rapper. It was the rapper prodigy. And it was right after he released an album called Hegelian Dialectic, which was part of a trilogy, because he was starting to just go hard in the paint on specifically conspiracy theories. And, like, how many rappers are out there now writing about the hegelian dialectic? It’s. It’s not a very hot topic. So it was remarkable that right after he releases this and announces he’s going to start doing this, primarily, he chokes on an egg.

I remember when that was released in around 2012, I thought that that went hard. But let’s not forget that Tupac also talked about the Illuminati, and he called it the column and seven day theory. And he did call out mob deep, but they probably would have been friends by now after that beef. That was a way better rap beef than the Drake and Kendrick Lamar. I just got to say that for sure. The hit up song is brutal. Brutal. And he’s calling out Puff Daddy in that. I didn’t even follow this movie. Yeah. So he went after Puff Daddy, Jay Z, mob sleep.

I ain’t gonna let my ho if you’re dealing bad boy, then you too. Yeah, that was a. That was a great song. But also ready to die. Biggie’s album was very amazing as well. Give me the loop. Yeah, give me the loop. That’s some good shit. And, yeah, man, I used to ride around and do ungodly things listening to that in my 94 honda. Yeah, that was a great album. It was like a movie being played now. I could tie in everything now into Donald Trump, if you’d like. Fuck yeah, man. I mean, he was the original, like, hip hop, right? Everyone used to love him before he became friends.

Soon to be paid by Donald Trump was like you on black drum. So if you share the screen again, I was showing everybody when he released the Trump shoes chemical process for it, you know, it was to get the black vote, and that was very. It was very, like, iffy or whatever. It probably worked well, now Snoop Dogg has changed his mind and his opinion and is endorsing Donald Trump now. So there’s alchemical stuff happening, and Tim Pool was just interviewing him, I guess, today. I’m not sure. I’d have to rewatch all that, but there’s a lot.

There’s a lot more going on than what is on the surface. For example, the Terrence Howard. It just sounds a lot like Terrence McKenna. And if you know who Terrence McKenna is, he pushed the whole drug culture and even the memetic magic he was talking about with memes way back in the day. Connections to Timothy, Larry, and these are the counterculture social engineers, right? The autonomic nervous system connected to the Illuminati Dolphins and John C. Lilly’s work and whatnot. But you got Terrence Howard straight connected to three six mafia right out on the stage right now.

So I do believe there is a huge connection to this secret cult that they’re all a part of. And even what he’s wearing right here, this is a religious garment that he’s wearing. You got rabbis wear it, popes wear it. Knights templars wear it. The. The robe, the white robe with the hat. So he’s coming off as a spiritual teacher, as. As a mystic of some sort. That black and white was also the color palette for his character in Iron man, which was war machine, right? Yes. He was one machine, right? Now. Wow. But so you got him on stage.

You got Cat Williams on stage. Cat Williams is a pimp in Hollywood, right? That’s his character. Then Terrence Howard is a pimp. And this character whooped that trick, right? So you got these two pimps, actors, part of Hollywood, for example. They are actors. That’s what they do, is they act. They’re playing a role. World stage. Yeah. And then you got Billy Carson, right? Billy Carson is ancient aliens pushing the alien narrative, just like when Joe Rogan and Terrence Howard was on. What’s behind them is a UFO ship. So this is all nudging, connected to the Terrence McKennas and the HG Wells and the open conspiracy and this psychological trick.

Trick of nudging people into doing something. And what that doing something is, is to take psilocybin mushrooms right now. So they are nudging people to be on a micro dose so they can reset the autonomic nervous system, as all these new new age teachers will be teaching you. Oh, don’t. Don’t worry about the walking on water. And they’re bringing up religious stuff because they’re resetting the abrahamic religions into a new religion. Not probably for everyone, but for anyone who’s on their phone and consuming this information. I mean, it goes deep in this truther field. Think about how many times people are pushing drugs on us, right? They’re pushing that on us.

And then you go into the mainstream world, people like what’s his name? Childish Gambino, pushing psilocybin. Psilocybin onto people. And then the next songs, Ariana Grande. I mean, we get this nudge effect happening. So everyone’s. I mean, it’s everywhere. You cannot deny that that’s not being pushed in these big upper echelon parties. They don’t do the yay anymore. They’re all micro dosing. That’s the new thing. And there’s a reason for this. There. I’m not saying that it’s. I know people get really mad if I talk bad about their drugs. You know what I mean? Um, but that’s if there is something that you can.

Yeah, if that can help you out or whatever. I’m not, I’m not. I’m saying that you got a military industrial complex funded by all these big corporations pushing in agenda, and it seems like everyone’s working together for this. And I don’t think that’s for good. I think that is for something nefarious. Well, I got a slight theory on it, because, I mean, I’ve been like deep into the MkUltra program specifically, and all the different people that were actually responsible for bringing the original psychedelic revolution going back to Aldous Huxley. Gordon P wasn’t Robert. Robert Gordon was like this.

That was the guy that actually went and found magic mushrooms, brought them to the US, introduced him to a guy named Henry Luce, who was the head of Time Life magazine. He was also skull and Bones. He was also a century club member, along with a whole bunch of. Yeah, that’s the original life magazine cover where they introduced magic mushrooms and the term for magic mushrooms. But I think that the whole spin is that there’s a reason why it came through a magazine of advertisements. And from like, the marketing angle is because they needed to pitch this as like a recreational party thing that you go out and you do with people and you have a good time, and you put on body paint, which legitimately sounds like a good time, but that’s not how these cultures were using these drugs.

Like the actual, uh, area of like Oaka, Mexico, where Robert Gordon Wassen brought these from along with, like, Salvia. Like, there weren’t, like painting bodies. They actually hid this behind shamans. In fact, this was. A lot of these were so well hidden that even when the conquistadors came and decimated entire villages and all communities and, like, just wiped out culture, somehow some of these ethnogenic drugs still existed. And they continue to exist up until the mid 19 hundreds. And that’s when the CIA got their little hands in this. That was basically Robert Gordon Watson was like, like the exploratory arm of the CIA and a banker.

So he’s a banker for vice president of JP Morgan, close personal friend of JP Morgan junior and JP Morgan junior in his own office, he had like a personal collection of mushrooms, statues and stones. Like, it goes way deeper than just a guy in the fifties found mushrooms and introduced it. Like, it goes so deep. Yeah, I think it was like they knew how important it was and they said, we got to spin this. We got to make it look like something that can’t be used for, like, personal anything. Like, it can’t be used introspectively. It needs to be used, like, extrospectively.

Right. And do they have the best interest? Do they want us to have spiritual experiences? Does the people who sank the Titanic and set up the federal, do they want us to have spiritual experience? If you have spiritual experience, how much are you going out and, like, going on a spending and a shopping spree you don’t like? It’s the, like, the spiritual is the opposite of the material. So if you have a truly spiritual experience or awakening, the last thing on your mind is more material goods. But that kind of breaks down society. So anyways, that’s my conspiracy theory on it.

Oh, man. So when I. When I was talking to you, Donut, you had brought up the sac or, well, the death of the queen of Memphis. Did you know back, like, in the early days, she was known as the devil’s daughter? Yeah. And so when you look at it from all the way back, back when DJ Paul and Lord infamous were doing solo tapes, the first one being, well, they would just get other. I think, like their first nine tapes were just other rappers and they would mix them or slow them or do whatever they did with their turntables.

They would, yeah, make them their own style. They put some scary piano sound behind it and turn it into a horror core beat, like what you were talking about. But their first album is called the Serial Killers, I think. And then they had come with me to hell part one and come with me to hell, part two. And, dude, when I first heard this, I was in, like, the 9th grade. I had downloaded it off of a certain site, and I was listening to this, like, after school, walking my dog, man. I mean, this is real dark shit.

But do you think that maybe they have had these contracts, sold contracts, you could say, since all the way back to, like, 1992 when they, like, originally first started, because they put out a bunch of underground. And when we do our sound science, guys, we’re planning on doing a sound science here in about a, like, hopefully a week or so, two, three weeks maybe, and we’re just gonna have our favorite Memphis albums and we’ll dive into them and we’ll kind of go back over this stuff. But yeah, man, I mean, not only did she die, but Lord infamous and coops and Nica also both were.

They dot. I think they died in the same month, not as gangsta boo, but of them, two died in the same month of each other. That’s three members of three six mafia that died within a year or two of each other. Try to run up on me, maybe test the d o to the e. It’s oval. I love that song. Wow. Oh, yeah, that song’s tight, huh? That’s some of the darkest shit. I’m a, you know, juicy J, for example, the producer. Right, right. Produced Miley Cyrus. So when I’m talking about gangsta Boo, underneath the royal arch with Dolly Parton, who was competing against three six mafia for the oscars with Terrence Howard, and performing with Miley Cyrus, Miley Cyrus was lifted up with juicy J or maybe vice versa, you know, because you even got the migos connection, right? You had that assassination that took place with the Migos and takeoff.

Yeah, with Hannah Montana. That was the song that made them famous. And Hannah Montana is Miley Cyrus, who was going to school on Crowley corners in the show. That’s something crazy. Because at first, when the Migos first came out, there was a lot of people, like, back when I was doing some underground rap, there was a lot of people saying that they stole the flow of Lord infamous and skinny pimp. Because skinny pimp and three six, they had a beef with bone thugs back in, like, 96. They released that live by your rep. And, uh, it says bone dis underneath it.

When I was a kid, I thought it just meant, like, bone diss. I don’t know, like. Like have sex with this fuck, you know, like, whatever. Uh, I didn’t know it was like a bone thugs in harmony. This and so when you go listen to it, I mean, they cook them completely. Um, but, like, I. You know, I I’m a fan of music. I don’t think that certain. I like. I like aggressive music. Oh, yeah, me too. Stuff I like, I don’t think, you know, I I like that stuff. I I’m talking to, like, mostly just to clarify about.

I believe there’s secret society elements partaking in rituals on a massive scale, and that goes for underground rappers all the way up to mainstream rappers. And you can just see this through the. The symbolism and whatnot. But the. The beats, I love the. The Memphis beats, juicy jays beats, and whatever. Juicy J volume nine is one of the sickest ever. But, yeah, man, I I was just, uh, clarifying. If you thought that, you know, those three members dying may have been part of some kind of ritual, because the three members still alive are. There was a date ritual.

So I know that lord, I believe, passed away on November 17, which would have been three to two in another country. Right. Think that those dates are important. That’s the day the Illuminati founder died. But also, you got young dolph, who died on that day as well, who released the Illuminati paper route, and he’s Memphis as well. So there’s this connection to that date, for sure. November 18, but they died on November 17. But like I said. Yeah, yeah, dude. No, but there. There was a hiatus there where they weren’t three six mafia anymore. They were the Mafia six.

Or they came back as the Mafia six. And it’s like, right after they came back, they did a tour. I’m pretty sure they toured with Lord Infamous in their tour. I went to that. I met. I met. Dude, the Mafia six is just missing Juicy J, right? Juicy J’s not in it because he got. He was in Taylor gang with Wiz Khalifa and all then. Yeah, promoted through mighty Cyrus and whatnot. How do you really get promoted, though, donut? I think we know how he really got. There’s no way they went on tour with a cadaver.

So I don’t know if the. But I was at the show, and I heard. Man, that’s all I heard. His coffin was there. I don’t know what was in it. And then they did this long. I could see that. I mean, yeah, bring it on tour with you and say that, like, lord Infamous isn’t. I have an R I P. Lord infamous hoodie. I should have worn it. It’s just super hot out here. And, yeah, I went to show and I was filming for the opening act, and DJ Paul was like, yo, this name with us, he’s filming P.

He’s not waiting. He made a joke. He made fun of me and then you. He walked off me and Leila. But I’m a big fan of his, so I was just so happy that I got the talk. Yeah, man, one thing I wanted to talk about, I don’t know if you wanted to pull it up. When yo Gotti was 13, he rapped with the Fraser click as Lil Lil yo. No, not with Fraser boy. DJ sound and the Fraser click. Here. I will pull up the COVID of his mixtape called Ridgecrest. Let’s see. And there. There was a lot of rappers that were in this group, some that have died.

But when you pull it up, let me see if I can share this. What’s the name of the group? Fraser Click. Fraser Click. Yeah, Fraser Click. DJ sound and the Fraser click. There’s wool here, I’ll show you all a couple of these albums. So, yeah, this is the COVID of his album. When you look it up, this is Ridgecrest. It’s like eight songs. But, I mean, you can tell he’s a kid in it. Like, he’s a kid. And I’m sure if there’s anybody in the chat right now who’s from Memphis, they know about this shit. And it’s.

It’s like, I mean, he was good for his age, but, man, no, I don’t think any 13 year old should be rapping about things he was rapping about. Same with little Jen from. From three six mafia. I got a shout out to Shaheem here. Shaheen did it right when he was like, 13. Yeah, I got shot to Lil Wayne, Lil Weezy. Lil Wayne did it right, too. Little Wayne didn’t cuss until after his father died. That’s not really rap, but, like, yeah, it’s. It’s not many kids that can pull it off and just not be like, an annoying, like, kid bop.

Lil Wayne’s lyrics were more gangster than everybody on cash money, pretty much. But he didn’t curse once and he was like, eleven. But there’s a connection to Lil Wayne with the lean. He promoted the lean just as much. And confused. No, he wasn’t in three six mafia. He was in Fraser click with DJ sound. See? Need to get help. He’s like, no, I don’t need help. I’m promoting this in it. I mean, that’s. That’s. Yo, Gotti. There was somebody in the chat saying that Gotti. What? I think they may have thought I said he was in three six mafia.

No, but that’s him right there. You know, that’s Lil yo that. I guess he got a little older, but, dude, I mean, here, let me pull up the actual. This is the original, like, cassette tape cover. Youngsters on a come up. That was that album. But also. Yeah, man. I mean, there’s. There’s tons of stuff. And when we do our sound science, we’ll actually listen to it, but. Because I don’t want to have to pull up that right now and. And the videos and everything, but I’m sure you’ll. It really is. We have. We had planned on doing the sound science tonight, but Thomas had to remind me, like, yeah, man, we got a.

Because I had started making the art for it and everything, but. Yeah, man, no, there’s. There’s definitely a lot that we could talk about. There. There was that interview with crunchy black on VLAd TV. I’m sure you covered that donut where he talks about meeting the devil. He’s. He’s drunk as during the interview. So, you know, he’s. He’s really seems like he’s spilling the beans maybe a little too much. I got. I got another theory that I think we should just chew on a little bit. And this. Because part of the part that I struggle with this is that.

Does that mean that every single rapper that’s ever died, it’s always been some sort of secret society, ritual sacrifice and that it’s impossible for a rapper to die and it not be that, which obviously can’t be the case. Right? Because things happen. Like, things that are not related to secret societies, I think happen. Like, it’s not just skull and bones out here murking rappers, not just what it gets. But I think the inverse of that could be, well, if you know that a rapper is going to die or if you know that rappers statistically are going to die and you need sacrificial lambs that have some sort of, like, energy or status or some kind of capital behind it.

If you know that, then why not set up an industry and, like, put yourself in the position where you can control some of these rappers, start a label, get them all working under you. And now all of a sudden, you can, in a very practical way, you don’t have to, like, put on a hood and get a ceremonial dagger or anything. You could just sign them to your label and put their energy on a material item or out on Spotify. And then when it pops off and something horrible happens, like those records surge, like that’s literally, you, like, channeling their energy.

It’s a sacrifice that results in higher energy, and that energy gets transferred in the money, and then that’s kind of, like, the whole equation now. This is 2024 version, because we’re not. We’re not in bc times anymore, where we have to do, like, straight up animal ritual and think that the blood magic works. Is there some name for the energy being transferred into money? Or would that just be some form of alchemy? I mean, to shout out silent weapons for quiet wars? Again, man. They. They sort of the same way. Jordan Maxwell said, like, everything is currency.

Like, everything is energy, including money, including the currency. Everything. Every single thing is basically some kind of a current of energy, and it’s really just up to. Do you have the converter? Do you have the transistor, the capacitor? Like, can you actually can control the flow of that energy? And if you were on a record label, then, yeah, you can control the flow of prodigy choking on an egg. Like, there’s someone made a buck off that guaranteed. Yeah, dude, sorry. I was just looking at the chat. So bunch of activity going on in there. Well, you’re transistor.

If you think about 311, the band, if you could do. Yeah, I don’t want to get the copyright, so I just. So, yeah, so I’m just talking about transistor. I think 311, because I remember this was the big thing that it meant KKK. That was, like, in all the elementary schools. That’s what everyone was saying, because it’s the 11th letter and 311 letters. So, like, right there, you get this lore of the music industry having secret symbols and whatnot. And then they, for some reason, their next album, they all decided to shave their heads. So it’s just like, are they trolling or whatever? But then I just saw them on little tiny desk concert, and they look like anything from that, but, yeah, but I think they were set up to be blink 182, but blink ₩182 it.

So there was like, who’s gonna be able to release the. The alien information? Because now we got Scientology, government officials all working for this, resetting the aminobic nervous system, but not with hip hop, but with rock. And 311 is a great liminal type band of hip hop and rock, for sure, dude. And I haven’t listened to 311 since I was younger, honestly. Big fan of sublime, though. Old, old school sublime, like, their early dub stuff. Yeah. What kind of sound science episode would 311 fit into? Hmm. Well, if you look at 311, like, posters, concert posters, and all alien poster like symbolism when they, when they were going on tour.

Of course none of it pops up when I pull it up. But thank you, Tiffany. Oh yeah, of course not. Yeah, I so like that connect Dark Lotus because ICP did the song with three six mafia which went super hard. What was that song called? It was on when the smoke, it was on when the smoke clears, right? Another crazy click. Yeah, yeah, the crazy click doing whatever. Then they do brown and then gangsta booze on it. And she’s like, I took a Xanax, I like this split, you remember that one? Yeah, man, I just love how you reiterated that.

That was awesome. Monoxide twisted, did a good job on that song. And I have violent j, he had the most legendary line where he’s all like f y’all, I stab bees with a chainsaw. Like who talks about stabs and with chainsaw? Like at that time it was super crazy, but it’s very inefficient. Dark Lotus was released not too long after when the smoke clears, you know, around sort of the same era I would, I would say a little later I think. But um, dark Lotus was different than the psychopathic riders which was more of the element of this.

Just another crazy click. But Dark Lotus is quite interesting because you listen to the different interviews of let’s say crunchy black and he’s coming out after he was shot multiple times in an assassination attempt on his life. He must have been shot like six times or something in a wheelchair and whatnot. He came out and talked about him and Lord infamous were just such great homies, but they were doing satanic stuff. And he said it was nothing like the Lil Nas X stuff, this little cute stuff. He says it was, it was wicked, it was like, and then you get the same kind of interviews with Mars who was part of Dark Lotus, who got kicked out of Dark Lotus.

Why did he get kicked out of Dark Lotus? You know, you got to ask. But in his interviews he said that he was bringing Golden dawn magic into the album he was putting all because he was part of the Order of the Golden Dawn, I guess which Samuel Mathers, Eminem’s grandfather could have been one of the creators of the Golden dawn. So this goes into that whole Aleister Crowley of the two different occult societies. And I’m a little kid in the fifth grade, 6th grade listening to this. I have no idea that this stuff’s going on.

But this is the esoteric element and not the exoteric. So I’m a 6th grader, a fifth grader, I won’t know, exoterically that these are old stories being retold through Eminem and ICP, in a sense. And that’s what he said. He said, we put that Golden dawn magic into it. Now, the album, when you read it, it tells you to do a ritual, to look in the mirror and call upon someone. So there’s like a lot of crazy stuff that I’ve been definitely. I’ve been looking into deeply. I probably. I’m probably the most qualified to talk about ICP and juggalo stuff.

I love hearing you just talk about it, man. That’s why I’m going to message them again. I message them every single year and want to go to the gathering to interview them. I message them every year. I’ve done video work for Fago lovers where we actually interviewed violin J. So I got to meet violin J. And what a sweet man that guy is. And a big hero of mine and whatnot. And I said, I would like to know about the Illuminati connections to ICP, if there is any shaggy two dope. For example, the second singer of ICP released an album called Illuminati don’t want me.

And then right after he released that, he was in a car accident, which was almost fatal. So there’s a lot of strange stuff that they should allow me to come up there. Because I’m not coming at a dissing element. I’m coming at a purely fascinated, interested element. So hopefully they let me do that one day. That’d be sick. I mean, can we just make you a fake press pass and just make sure that you just get in there? The thing is, is that I would like the approval. I could do that. I could just go to it and do it on my own.

I mean, better to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission is now it goes well, because, like, I want to, like, I would like to get interviews with people and, you know, just stuff like that. Sorry, I’m trying to put my computer on do not disturb. I’m on my. My newer laptop, and so my wife’s phone. It’s on it. There we go. All right. Yeah, man. Growing up, I was never really a big fan of ICP. I didn’t really know. Get this guy out of here, bro. Look. No, no, no. One person who has been a fan.

So that’s what I heard. Great. Malenko first, and I worked backwards from there, but I liked it. It. I listened to them when I went, when I was a kid, but I kind of wasn’t into that kind of rap. As I got older, I. You know, as I got more and more into Memphis rap, I respected them a whole lot for the music that they make, and I still do, but. And I’ve never met a juggler. Well, I don’t know, man. There. There’s some guys from here in Mississippi that were. I don’t know. They weren’t the.

Oh, no. I would say I don’t want to be. 80% of them are whack, like, you know what I mean? And you give them a good name, dude. Like, I’m sure there’s a lot of them that are a lot like you and a real friendly. Yeah, I had a personal relationship, like, with the music. I wasn’t joining the group. You know, the group doesn’t like me. The group would not like me in a sense, because I am anti debauchery. I understand. Yeah, no, man. But not always. But, but, no, but, no, there’s some whack whack, and I call him jugga hose.

Well, dude, I feel you becoming a part of a group probably when you were real young because you didn’t fit in elsewhere or, you know, that’s what I grew up in as, you know, being in the hardcore scene and whatnot. So I understand that embrace of a friend group and a certain culture, and regardless of what it was, it made us who we are today, you know? So probably wouldn’t be here if we didn’t participate in some of the debauchery as we did when we were. What I mean by the debauchery is that when I go to the.

When I went to the gathering where Waka Flocka was at, and Walka Flocka is a great element of power I could speak on, but I went there, and I was sober, so when people were asking me to do different types of drugs, I said, no. I said, f that. And so I was looked at as, oh, what are you, a cop or something? And it’s over here. And so that’s why another thing in the email I send them every year is that I want to go into the Grateful Dead elements. Is this a testing ground for sort of different thing? Because a lot of things that ICP was doing was very, uh, ahead of its time and fat shaming and whatnot.

Like that. That was what they were all about forever. And now we can see that kind of going into the mainstream world, and so stuff like that. But also, why did President Obama label every person who likes their music a gang member? So you got to ask questions like that, and then after march where they were marching to end the FBI’s investigation of labeling anyone who likes a certain music as a gang member, which means that if I want to join the military, I probably couldn’t if I like their music. So just certain things like that, which is absolutely insane.

But those protests that they went on, their march, it was infiltrated by a bunch of George Soros Antifa. You know what I mean? So I’m looking at this stuff through a geopolitical, social engineering lens that most people aren’t looking into, and I don’t even think they’re looking into it. But you, like, does ICP have any songs about eating bugs? It sounds like they will. They might. They got a song about bugs on their nugs, so there’s smoking bugs. I can’t even say the words because I don’t like the. It’s okay. Yeah, man. What? Yeah. You can’t even sing their song without cursing.

Yeah. Like I said, I. I grew up listening to real raw music, man. So it doesn’t bother me. Well, it didn’t bother me as much as it does now that I have both a son and a daughter, so. Well, my mom took me to my first ICP concert, and she introduced me into art, into the Beatles, into the doors, and into this stuff. And I don’t think it did anything wrong with my creativity being introduced to Picassos and different art, clockwork orange and whatnot at very young age. Oh, yeah. And so, like, I like art, and I like honesty in the art as well.

So, like, I’m not, like, against. Against it at all. We need more honesty in the art, man. Um, definitely. Dude, did you. But no, you’re good. You’re good talk. Oh, no, it just. They had a beef with kid rock, and they were just talking. Just. So there’s a lot. There’s a lot of weird stuff, uh, in different communities of, uh, states. So we’re talking about Memphis, but even in Detroit, to just different locations. The Texas and whatnot. Or California, um, with, uh, the Laurel Canyon. Sorry, guys. I don’t know. I turned my, uh, do not disturb on, and somehow you’re still, you know, stop.

No, man, it’s. My son is somehow hooked up to this somehow. Or not. Not this laptop, but to the. To the wi fi. I don’t know. Sorry about that, guys. This is my first time to use this laptop. I’m usually on mine, but it’s all good. Someone was in the chat saying something, so. Sorry, guys. Um, and then someone mentioned that some about California being, uh, trolled by Satan. It’s like. Well, yeah, that’s why it’s called the city of angels, but fallen angels. You know, Thomas Edison, uh, shot the first movie in Hollywood about Satan. It was actually, uh, Faust and Marguerite, I believe.

But. But that was one of the very first Hollywood productions ever by Thomas Edison, and it was about Satan. So, like, the. The link between bringing and invoking Satan in Hollywood and on cinema goes back to the founding of cinema itself. Oh, yeah, for sure. And I’ll bring up a. I got some slides I could also bring up, maybe, I’m not sure. Right here. Yeah, I’m just gonna go through. I don’t know what’s in the slides, so maybe take it down for a second, just because I got multiple slides and you have pulled up right here.

That’s just the Luxor, something I’m looking at. You got the x right in the middle of the logo. So I think that there could be a ritual. There’s always. I mean, this is where Tupac was staying at and before he passed, was assassinated. But, yeah, the music industry is. Maybe I’ll pull up this one, too. Let me see what’s on here. Yeah, there’s a couple. Which one do you want me to pull up? Yeah, you guys, you can pull up the first one. Slide one right here. Yeah. So tupac, right there. Seven day theory. He was shot, and it was a seven day process of his death.

So sort of like predictive programming. And it’s Machiavelli. Machiavelli is all about power, right? That’s the philosophy of power. Machiavelli. And it’s called the Don Columnati. I mean, illuminati, there’s no more bigger power structure that we know of in hip hop then Illuminati, in a sense, and this goes back to Beethoven, was trained by Illuminati members for it. Just for people who think that this is just not history and whatnot, but waka Flocka flame, he performed at the gathering of the juggalos, and he had a beef with Wu Tang. Wu Tang clan beefed with waka flocka, and it pretty much crushed.

And then he. But then. But then this is the thing that Wu Tang method man and red man. I know Red Man’s not part of Wu Tang, but it’s still under the same umbrella in my right. Yeah, they performed at the gathering of the juggalos, and they were pretty much, like, had a beef with ICP because people were throwing stuff at them, and they were really sad about that. So then walk a flock it goes on stage at the gathering of the juggalos and people are booing him and throwing stuff at him. But Waka Flocka did a great power move that method man and red man did not do.

Waka flaka jumped into the crowd and started mosh pitting with, oh shit, dude. And then you could see it, bro. Here, I’m gonna pull it up, but keep this on. So I’m gonna look for it. Okay. You can see the energetic powers of power dynamics in play here. Waka flaka gathering. 1 second before you pull it up, I want to find it first. All good. Because it’s a. It’s a. It’s, it’s a great. Okay, you can pull it up. Okay, this, this. The screen. So I’ll make it bigger. But, uh, so Waka Faca is performing and people are throwing stuff at him right here.

People are like, oh, f. This guy. People are kind of even booing too because he’s mainstream. This is MTV Gucci, man. Mainstream. And look, he. People are throwing. He’s not getting a good reaction to the crowd. Even the cameraman doesn’t want to film the crowd crowd because they’re kind of like, oh, this is bad. This is not looking good. Right. But the power dynamics change right here when he jumps into the crowd. And this is something that Redman and method man did not do. But you’ll see the power dynamics change. So this is a hostile crowd towards him because he is mainstream.

But then he totally switches those power dynamics when he becomes like one with them in a sense. And I think this is pretty, pretty cool. So they don’t like him right now, but then he goes into the crowd and he switches the whole crowd and made them super duper excited and oh, hell yeah. And then the crowd loved him so much that he came back and performed on the main stage. So this is a little stage, but he came back and performed on the main stage, which is a big honor in the Juggalo community to perform on the main stage.

And he did. And. And I was there for it. And then I got a mosh pit with him during. Are you in this video? No, no, no. This was when that power dynamic shifted. Okay. Yeah. So I don’t know if that’s boring for like the Gustav Levon book the crowd from like the 18 hundreds, but it’s like, this is the. The same exact dynamics playing out at a freaking Juggalo concert, which is wild to see, man. Yeah, it is the crowd. It is. That’s exactly what it is. Because the audience. That entire audience isn’t a single individual mind.

That’s a hive mind. Wait, he’s also appealing to. The best way to appeal to that would just be, like, raw, physical. That energy of the crowd mixed with hit. Yeah, dude, it starts up, and it’s the same thing, like I was saying with hardcore shows or punk shows, you know, same type of energy. Well, then, if, honestly, I mean, some people, I guess backpackers out there won’t want to hear this, if the backpackers even exist. But that’s kind of why conscious rap, I think, at a certain level, would never be able to win out over gangsta rap, never in a million years.

And it didn’t take the bet, you know, black illuminati. In order to do that, I don’t think the hip hop Illuminati would have to do it. It’s just like Gustav Le Bon’s formula for the crowd. If you appeal to, like, the most base instincts, it just appeals to more people, especially once you get, like, three people together, five people, if you get 500 people together or more, like, forget it. It’s all going to be about emotion, and none of it’s going to be about logic or reason, mass consciousness. It’s a noble cause to try and make ration yourself out the same way with, like, a presidential debate, right? That’s why you’re never going to get, even if you got the best moderator in the world, you’re never going to get, like, an actual coherent, deep conversation because it’s being appealed to, like, the masses.

The masses want to just hear, you know, like a rap battle, like a rap beef. I got this other clip I can show to the crowd. Psychology and the movement and the power of not the leader, the guy who starts it. So here’s a guy dancing, and it’s just one guy. So the power isn’t the one guy dancing. It’s when the second person joins him. So once a good person joins him, chain reaction. It’s a chain reaction, and that’s how a movement is started, which you will see happen here in a. In a second, how a movement starts, not from the first person, but it’s when, like, the second person joins, then it starts the.

The pickup steam. And I think this video is pretty, pretty dope. You see all the, like, people just staring at them. Most people in society are spectators, too. I should have fast forwarded a little bit, but it gets better, right? Let it play right here. The next guy comes in, but at the end of this, they started a whole entire movement. There’s number 3450. Shit. It’s just a bunch of dudes right now is that. There’s some girls. All right. Oh, yeah. Now it’s a party. How much of this is just, like, the same kind of base psychology, though? It’s because it reminds me a little bit of those videos where they’ll get into an elevator and, like.

Like, everyone in the elevator except the person getting on are all facing, like, the wrong way or something, which is, like. It’s not, like, so weird that you’re like, well, I’m not getting in there, but it’s. It’s, like, off putting. And then usually people will just conform. They’ll just also face the other way because they don’t want to, like, not be part of whatever’s going on. So once you see this thing hit critical mass, it’s like, some people aren’t even. I feel like they just automatically. Their just body is just making them get up and join this thing, because it’s like an overwhelming need to be part of this group.

And I don’t even think they’re making conscious decisions at a certain point. Point. The whole. The whole no got up to go hang out with them. It’s the crowd. It’s the crowd. It’s the dancing mania, right? Where people would dance until exhaust. People would die. They would just dance and dance until they died. You know, it’s this group, like, all. It’s not the individual. It’s the collective crowd, like, agreeing with the movement. But I thought that. I think this video is pretty dope. I mean, it is awesome, man. I love it. Yeah. But I like someone getting trampled in the middle of all.

It’s like a fish concert, and they’re all, like, loving. Oh, that’s like fishing. Fucking fishing. Widespread panic concerts. Someone died here at a panic concert. They got, like, trampled up against the front barrier and just crushed, dude. Probably some little short sorority chicken. I’ve. I’ve seen some pretty nasty mosh pits in my day, man. Like, it’s wild. Like what? Like, I remember seeing a poor, like, a child get crushed in a mosh pit at a punk concert. And it was. It was weird because there was, like, this calm as everyone was waiting for the actual show to start.

And I, like, vividly remember, right as it was, it wasn’t even like. It was like a no effects concert was kind of like pop punk. But as soon as he went and hit that first guitar chord, everybody in front of the stage immediately turned into, like, a mosh. But you could almost see, like, the Red Sea parting and, like, you know, fat Mike was, like Moses or something, like, spreading this because there was a huge gap, and then all of a sudden, just, like, the waves, they, like, they came crashing back in, and there was, like, a 13 year old kid right in the middle, like, right where it came together.

Well, they do a wall of death. They just, like. I don’t know. Like, I’ve, like, evaporated, bro. They, like, vape. You know what the wall of death is? Is when they all stand on the. Each side, and they just, like, wait till the music starts, and then they just fucking. Whenever the singer says go, they just run and just collide, and it’s. It’s. It. If you’re at a big show, it. It’s kind of terrifying. They used to be real notorious at Lamb of God shows back when I was a teenager, but. Yeah. Was it called a wall of death? Yeah, wall of death.

That was exactly what it was, man. Yeah. I’ve been to the no effects show. Um, I’ve been Livia to that. Uh, it’s been 15 years. What was it? This was heavy petting zoo. This was right when they released that. Cause I remember part of the show was that, uh, they were all banging these little inflatable sheep and throwing them out into the crowd. Oy. Oy. Oh, man. Memories. Good days, donut. What’s. What’s this you got right here, man? This slide? This is just the nine, right? The nine is the completion number. So John Lennon was obsessed with the number nine.

All you need. How’s it go? All we are saying is gift, piece of chance. Nine, like, everything surrounded him was through this number. It’s a completion number. And the Beatles completing the hippie movement with helter skelter, Charles Manson slayings was their 9th album, I believe the White Album. And you can even see this today with takeoff of the Migos track nine, the completion number. Nine. Track nines called 230. And that’s when his life was completed, and he was assassinated at 230. Shit. What, like 230 in the morning? 230 in the morning, yeah. That’s like a completion number.

That’s too early to be dying. Yeah. Wait. Yeah. And he died out of bowling alley. So I believe that the bowling alley is esoteric. You see this in the big Lebowski as well, how esoteric bowling can be. Right back to the tetra kits. So it’s, uh. Okay. Yeah. So these are old slides? No, did. You’re good. You can go through them. Yeah, that’s about it for those. Oh, you had this one right here. This other one you want me to pull up? Sure. Yeah, man. What’s. I don’t really know what’s in them. I just. I have all these different slides down.

Well, right here, dude, we have the holidays. Uh, the pagan holidays. And, I mean, everyone knows May 1, Beltane. That’s when the illuminati was started. Yeah. 1776. I have a chart of these where I have a lot of other deeper meanings to. Of course, it’s not out here right now. Yeah. So I don’t know what I got in these slides. Go back to that slide about the months. Yeah, no, back one more over that one. So what’s all these ember months? Uh, yeah, I. I learned this from Tommy truthful. And he says that. Shout out, Tommy.

He says the ember months are about dismemberment. Dismember. Ember. Okay. I mean, I think pretty much every secret society has somebody in one of the months, so they’re, like, all dismemberment months, for sure. Yeah. That remind me. I don’t know if you guys ever seen the city of Ember. Have you seen this before? Oh, man. So, city of Ember was. It was kind of like a sleeper hit, I think. Not a lot of people checked it out. It was kind of like a young adult novel. But the whole thing is kind of a retelling of Plato’s cave allegory, where these two kids realize that they’ve been forced to live underground in, like, this.

This, like, cavern system. And they were told that this is, like, the whole world. That’s all there is. And they. And they basically discover that there’s actually a world outside this dome. And they’re trying to, like, convince people that there’s a world outside the world. It’s. Oh, it’s. It’s wild. It’s got a lot of really good occult connotations to it. Not a lot of people have seen it. I want to see that. You have to remind me what it’s called. Forget city of Ember. Okay? My wife’s watching Olivia. City of Ember. Type it in. And I got, like, 200 people in the rumble.

Please smash that, like, button. Appreciate it. I’m not in the rumble algorithm, and I’m streaming on Facebook. And I’m not in the Facebook algorithm. They’ve sent me a message. So I have a backup Facebook now that I’m gonna be posting on. So if you’re on Facebook, go subscribe there, please. What’s this? Donut? This is Princess prison programming. So I think the tie in all this into more of a out of the woo woo wii aspect of things, on how things shape the simulacrum, shape our daily lives, is to maybe go back to these certain things that we are watching on our phones.

Right? Like you see Rick Ross on this phone and he lives this enchanted life. But we’re very disenchanted because of the faustian bargain western man has taken. Spangler talked about it and Henry Kissinger wrote a whole master thesis on this. And that’s what I believe we’re going into with all of these red pill people moving into religions and whatnot. And if you’re not into religion, that’s okay, we’re going to. I didn’t even think about that donut. Wow. Yes, the whole red and black. And that’s alchemical. Like super alchemical. Because you see, these are all phoenixes, aren’t they? That are on them.

Oh, okay. Are those phoenix emblems? Because in freemasonry and in all esoteric mystery schools, the eagle is usually a representation of the original phoenix. You know, just like some initiates are called phoenixes, just like some are called serpents. It depends on which. Which school you’re in. Well, you, the lady Gaga is wearing the same thing as the Hunger Games during Biden’s election. So there’s a musical element to power dynamics and whatnot. These are old slides, so I don’t know what’s in here, but we get these posters or memes today, and these memes are these little thoughts.

They’re not even a thought in a sense. They’re so dumbed down to the most simple thing. So we don’t have to think, but it will nudge us and lead us into a boat, build back better. Like we can do it. Like the imagery and the symbols push people because people don’t want to think, they just want to say, they just want to. Yeah, yeah, I see this thing with everybody blaming bop kosher for everything. It just. I saw your shirt. Yeah, I saw your shirt, man. It’s what you have to say about that. Well, just. I was just trying to work around the algorithms, but just people blame certain groups for things and it’s not as simple as that.

People blame the illuminati for things. Like, I all talk about illuminati, but we got understand this is way more ancient than. Alright. Goes back to Babylon. Yeah, bro. Simply just an arm of way, way more ancient stuff. We’re not going to hear the names. We hear about bloodlines and whatever, though those bloodlines sure, they’re powerful or whatever, but that’s not actual. Who’s in control. Like, this is way, way deeper. We’re not going to get to know the names. Even like Rothschild, we get that put into our forefront. But no, it goes even deeper than that. But it’s simple.

It’s easy to, to have a meme and because you don’t have to think. And just the whole world has changed from homo sapiens to homo economicus. Maybe you can see this with all about influencers and all that, like, stuff. The flashy lifestyle. Yeah. The whole Crowley thing. I don’t know what I had on here. These are old slides. But, yeah, I didn’t, I didn’t have. Man, I was. This right here. Disney Princess list. Yeah. I don’t know. I don’t know. No, no, no. I’m interested in whatever you got, though. This was part of my princess programming.

Just how, like, all the different Disney films, the. The princess was in prison by a witch. Yeah. On almost every single one. Well, that, the whole symbolism there is the old crone, like the old hag, because there’s like, it’s. This is some ancient, like, magical archetypes. But one of the archetypes is that the, like, you either, the perpetual maiden, meaning that, like, you’re always going to be a virgin and you can, there’s almost like a strain that you can never even conceive. But then you’ve also got the post menopausal old hag that can’t ever have a kid, basically, can never create life again.

One of them is like an ever giving source of life, the perpetual maiden. The other one is one that’s past the prime. And that is this representative of this alchemical arrangement. That’s usually why you see these, um, these witches and the evil stepmothers and the evil stepsisters, and they can’t find a man. And, like, that’s because they represent, uh, the, the complete absence of a life, generative essence. Not, it’s not just reproduction. That’s like the superficial, exoteric version. The esoteric version is that, like, someone is without a soul or someone that is without something that they see in another person.

You can almost think of as like, an energy vampire. Those are essentially this old hag archetype. And that’s where you get the old witch silhouette with like, the crooked nose and like, the crooked chin and all this stuff, it’s supposed to essentially represent that. And if you look at every single Disney princess and a witch combo that are heading off with each other, it’s that exact dynamic. It’s. It’s so old. It’s so ancient. Yeah, man. And I really didn’t. It’s crazy when you get older, and I guess it makes sense, but you don’t notice all the symbolism in these Disney movies.

I mean, especially when I watch your Disney occult. Um, I mean, y’all. Y’all dive real deep into a lot of things that I would have never even thought about. Disney calm. Shout out occult. Disney calm. Yeah, man. So ever since I’ve been able to recognize the symbolism, it’s been fun to rewatch these movies with my kids, and I try not to ruin it for them. I gotta go. I mean, it’s funny because we notice these patterns organically as we go through and watch the movies. So I’m sure if we went back and started all over again and did, like, a cult Disney round two or something, we’d probably be picking out way more stuff in the earlier films, because some of the patterns, like, they turn into jokes, but some of them are legit.

The whole thing about Disney killing your. Your parents or kidnapping you and separating you from your parents, or, like, that’s not just a funny bit. Like, that’s actually part of the Disney formula, to the point where now we’re just, all we got to do is keep track of the movies that don’t have that pattern, and it’s only, like, four or five, and I can almost list them all off the top of my head. Yeah, dude. Um, yeah, like I was saying, I find the symbolism pretty. Pretty fascinating, and it’s put right out there. Um, let me see.

But, well, like, when me and Juan were talking, we talked about how every Disney story is really just a grimoire, you know, of these ancient folk fairy tales or whatever. I mean, you could call them whatever you want to call them. They’re, you know, the ones that were written by the Brothers Grimm, which attributes to them being called a Grimoire. I should read more into that. What? This stuff, really interesting. He was kind of repurposing this stuff. He was sort of like that alchemist of taking one energy and turning into another one, to the point where when he worked on a movie with animators and writers and everyone, he would explicitly tell them not to read the source material, that they shouldn’t try and figure out what the original story was all about, because he wasn’t as interested in the original story as he was about using that as a template for the story that he wanted to tell, which usually didn’t have anything to do with the story that it came with, which is, like, interesting, because just because you saw a Disney version of a Grimm’s fairy tale, I don’t think it was entirely about hiding the scary parts from kids and making it more like family friendly.

I think that it was something specific Walt Disney himself was trying to convey through a lot of these movies, and he set the momentum to where, if you’re adapting something, just use the character names, just use the aesthetics, and then tell whatever story you want and just kind of, like, use it as your guide, which is a weird way to tell stories, because now the Disney versions of stories that otherwise lasted for centuries, right. Within, like, a few decades, Disney now owns those stories, sometimes in very literal ways. But, like, if someone told you, you know, tell me about beauty and the Beast, a lot of people are probably going to have a Disney version of that and not one of the original versions.

Yeah, that story’s always really bothered me, though, because of the whole bestiality factor. Well, we’ll see. You can take the bestiality factor out, though, because the whole story was even worse than that. It was about marrying your 14 year old off to some 40 year old guy because you wanted to inherit his land. That was literally how things. Yeah, there’s. There’s that aspect. The whole story of beauty and the beast was like, hey, we’re going to send you away to live with this. This big, hairy monster, which was essentially a 40 year old dude, and he’s going to make you clean and cook and just be nice.

Maybe he’ll be nice. Deep down. There might be a prince in there that was kind of. Maybe he’ll shape shift back to his original form. That was the whole point, though. It was like, so your 14 year old daughter doesn’t feel so bad when you marry her off and don’t see her again. Yeah. And in a way, it was like he was stuck in his animalistic nature, you know, his lower nature of himself, because he lived in a big castle by himself. He didn’t need to do it for anybody. Yeah. And he had every. All his servants all around him to use his objects.

So in a way, it was just like they were still his servants, still there serving them. Well, I mean, that’s exactly, because imagine you’re a rich dude that lives by himself in a castle that just, like, waits for someone to wed their daughter to you because you’ve got so much land and power, you just treat everyone like objects. So the people that were serving beast in the movie were literal objects because that’s kind of how the real dynamic worked between them. And probably because he treated that witch who came and knocked on the door like shit.

That’s why she turned him into his lower nature. Like a physical manifestation of his lower nature, probably, you know? Find that pretty cool. Um, donut, you there? I think he’s, uh. Yeah, yeah. Hey, bud, I didn’t know if you were still there or not. I’m here. Chan’s running the show now, though. I figure Chan was somewhere. It’s probably just cuddling with Chan right now. Yes. Shout out chan. But, yeah, guys, this was fun. Enjoy getting together with. Well, it’s been a long time coming for me and you, Donut. You know, you were my second podcast, man, so.

Yeah, I appreciate you letting me. Come on. Yeah, dude, talk about the juggalo stuff. Yeah, man. No, we could always talk about whatever. And, um, you know, I’m excited for this sound science that we have coming. This Memphis sound science. Shout out Olivia. Yeah, that’s my wife right there. Don’t know what she was saying, huh? Yeah. And thank you all for watching, but, yeah, man. So I always like to talk to you all, and I’m looking forward to talking to you all about more things in the future. I wish I was better prepared for this one.

I know we had planned. I’m sure it was just miscommunication, but we had planned on the sound science. I thought we did yesterday, but we realized shortly after I had scheduled it that week, there probably wasn’t enough time to plan for it. So we kind of, kind of did this tonight to promote it. So that should be happening hopefully here in the next few weeks. Whenever you’re free, donut, just. Just let us know. But if you want to put y’all’s plugs in, man, and anything that y’all got working on at the moment, y’all, y’all can go ahead.

Oh, yeah. I just dropped a new video on my Patreon with Mister Tani, and it’s really, really good. So go subscribe to my Patreon. You can find it at my website. That’s right there. Do e dash n e i appreciate it. Thank you so much. And I’ll throw a plug. Go check out the Necro video, Valley intruder, and specifically go on YouTube and look for the official lyric video of Valley Intruder by Necro. That’s pretty dope. Check at the very end. It’ll flash some credits. You got to pause the screen to see it. So pause the screen and take a look and see that and then we got some other cool projects coming up, but I’ve got a big comic, one that I might postpone it for a week or two, but it’s at, and it’s something I’ve been working on for over five years now.

It’s about Stanley Kubrick directing the CIA moon landings for the Apollo missions. It’s like 40 pages. It’s like, a hilarious. It was basically supposed to be, like, my love letter to Nicktoons. So it’s got, like, some kind of, like, ren and stimpy art styles and comedy styles baked into this. But it’s all about astronauts and Stanley Kubrick and Stanley Kubrick movies and all the, like, the hidden symbolism and all those. So if you like that kind of stuff, go and sign hell, yeah, man. Y’all go to paranoid as well, and, um, buy it. Buy all of Thomas’s stuff, man.

He. He’s killing. He’s killing the game right now. And, uh, that was the game. The game just drove by. I was like. And he deserves all the. All the recognition that’s coming his way. You can find me on Instagram at Gray pilled Underscore podcast. I’m on X at Gray pill pod. I’m on Spotify, YouTube, and rumble. Just great. Pill podcast. And I’m on bitch shoot. Gray pilled. Me and Thomas just did a sound science with my dad yesterday. So cool, man. It was awesome. And it was on blues. My dad was a blues producer. Well, you’re burying the lead here because you didn’t even mention it when we went over it.

But that, like, three six mafia was, like, in your pops, like, sides. Oh, yeah, man. Like, it was in the studio down. Down the street that. That his friend owned. Yeah. Your dad literally helped spread three six mafia throughout the nation. In a way. Yeah. Not just in a way, dude. In a very practical, real way. Not like, oh, he. You know, like a butterfly flapped its wings. Chaos theory. Like. Like, he worked at the same record label that, in part, handled some of the distribution early days. Like, way early days for three six mafia. So I don’t know.

That’s a. That’s a huge deal, man. Yeah, dude. Sorry. These comments, but, yeah. So y’all go check out that sound science. And like I said, soon we’ll have this one coming with donut. We have another one on punk rock. That’s going to be Cheney. I think Cheney and Gordy are going to be on it. So that’s going to be fun, I’m doing a live stream with odd fellows every week called odd pilled. We try to do it every week. We just did the first one last week on the Chateau de Emma. Roy, the mothers of Darkness Castle.

That’s in Belgium. It was fun. He had a ski mask on, so it was all good. Y’all. Y’all go to buy some of his merch. Support my boy Cody. Also support my boy Isaac. And that’s the state. Oregon dash y’all go watch reality czars on all platforms. And y’all also go watch schizo news Network that we do live every Saturday on the reality czars and the great pilled x and rumble. One more thing. I have another kind of series that me and my buddy Adrian west are doing called Pantheon Project, aka Elohim. Etymology where what donut was talking about earlier with the ancient aliens and the stuff on Gaia.

We kind of take that, but Adrian wrote a book with this guy named Benson C Saeele from Botswana. So there’s a lot more in that story than you’ll find anywhere on tv or any channel. And we’re really, like, breaking down all these deities that are mentioned in these ancient sumerian texts and kind of linking them to who they were over the ages and how they were worshipped, who they were worshiped as the story that got us to where we are today and who they’re really worshiped as today. I know people think space is fake and gay, or they think that, you know, that story’s bullshit.

Well, go read any other the creation story of any ancient culture. They all line up, all these deities, they line up in one way or another. If they weren’t from space, they were from elsewhere in this realm. So we dive deep into that. We’ve done four episodes, one on Anu, one on Enlil, and two on inky. We’re doing another two on inky because he’s the main figure of that whole story of that pantheon of gods. Gods. And, yeah, y’all go buy Adrian’s book on Amazon. Pantheon one, the Golden Veins. He’s an awesome guy and a great author and a great researcher, so.

Yeah. Anyway, all right, guys, anything else y’all wanted to throw out there? Man? Quick correction. You just said that you can watch realities ours on all platforms, but it’s all platforms but YouTube, because we got ourselves kicked off of YouTube more than may or may not be my fault. All right, guys, well, I’m gonna play one of these paranoid american outros and get us out of here. Oh, yeah. Happy Memorial Day. Remember, just go out and find the first veteran you see in public and kiss them right on the mouth. That’s the true way to show your support of our, of our veterans.

Yeah, guys, happy Memorial Day. Well, I mean, I don’t want to say happy because. Happy, it’s a celebration. Well, yeah, you know. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Some, some people aren’t happy, I guess, you know, I don’t know. I guess it, you can’t really fix that, though. Can’t fix that. Can’t, can’t, can’t change everything. You can try, but. All right, guys, y’all take it easy and have a great week, and we will. See y’all later. Bye. Favorite conspiracy sheets there are no american stickers. They’ll make you smile and snicker. False friends secret society all of these and more.

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4 thoughts on “The Secret Occult Memphis Connection in Hip-Hop [ Terrence Mckenna Howard ]

  1. Great show. A Tornado came through my parts This Memorial Day Weekend. Crazy stuff . My friend was in it and she said the sky turned Green all around our small town. . Thought about Cern after she said that. Its a crazy story. But this town is in a bowl. Hills in all directions. But in the last 25 years they have built this HWY through the center of these hills.the south hwy where they tore through this hill was completed last year. And now a nado in the center of town 🐣 Claremore , OKLAHOMA. Keep Rockin👍🏼

  2. And!! Then you have Prince Alexander Von Furstenberg aka Ron Desantis aka Joe Rogan! European royalty! When you put your knowledge along with a fabricated reality! It’s a foreign corporation under control of foreign agents under pseudonyms, it makes perfect sense!! I have so many ch research on this!!

  3. Dolly Parton is Princess Caroline Lee radzwill! European royalty! Aka Jane Fonda, Nancy pelosi! She was the principal in the sandy hook shooting hoax! It’s crazy!

  4. They put it in our face! Tom Brady! Jane Fonda Dolly Parton! Lilly tomlin is Princess Anne King Charles sister! They’re all in a movie together! We are a foreign corporation under control of foreign agents under pseudonyms! Fabricated reality! It’s a spiritual warfare between the devil the govt the Vatican is Lucifer and us source!! Aka Jesus!

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