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By: Doenut Factory
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➡ This is a conversation between two people discussing various topics, including decoding symbols, the significance of numbers in different contexts, and the impact of these on events like the Olympics and the Super Bowl. They also talk about the importance of cycles, such as the seven-year cycle known as the Shmita, and the 50-year cycle called the Jubilee. They believe these cycles can predict major events and changes in the world.
➡ The text discusses the influence of celebrities like Taylor Swift on society and their potential connections to secret societies like the Illuminati. It suggests that Swift’s recent prominence in the media, including her involvement in the Super Bowl and winning awards at the Grammys, might be part of a larger plan. The text also delves into numerology, suggesting that the number 28 has significant meaning. Lastly, it touches on the idea of predicting the end of the world, suggesting that such predictions are often based on fear and misinformation.
➡ The text discusses a theory that uses numbers 28 and 13, related to moon cycles, to predict future events. The speaker believes that by multiplying these numbers, we get 364, which when added to the year 1776, gives us the year 2140. This year is predicted to be when Earth becomes uninhabitable due to environmental changes. The speaker also discusses the influence of moon cycles on the crypto market and other events, suggesting that significant changes may occur around the time of new moons and eclipses.
➡ The text discusses various financial topics, including the Swift system, credit card debt, and the rise of gambling. It suggests that we’re in a “bubble of stupid money,” where people are making risky financial decisions, like gambling, instead of smart investments. The text also mentions the potential for a significant financial event in March or April that could trigger a market correction. Lastly, it touches on the difference between rich and wealthy people, stating that wealthy people make smart financial decisions while rich people often make mistakes that lead to their downfall.
➡ The text discusses the significance of the date April 15th, suggesting that major events often occur on this date, especially if it falls on a Monday. The author also predicts that significant events may occur in Miami, Florida, and the Balkan nations in the future, based on patterns and symbols they’ve observed. They also discuss the use of celebrities in larger societal rituals, suggesting that these figures are used as instruments in a larger game. Lastly, the author discusses symbolism in popular culture, such as the color red and the number three, and how they may be used to influence society.
➡ The text discusses various topics, including the appreciation for music artists, speculations about man-made weather events, and the use of numbers in predicting events. It also talks about the rise of deepfake technology and its potential misuse. The text further delves into the significance of certain symbols and numbers in astrology and numerology, and their possible connections to events and trends, such as the rise of digital currency. Lastly, it mentions the exploration of the ocean and its mysteries, and promotes a YouTube channel and a decoding course.
➡ This text discusses the connection between astrology and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. It suggests that the choice of Bitcoin’s launch date might have been influenced by astrological beliefs, specifically those related to Jupiter, which is associated with finance and luck. The text also delves into symbolism in the Paris Olympics 2024 logo, suggesting it contains astrological and spiritual symbols. Lastly, it mentions the importance of female figures in recent events and media, and ends with a farewell between the speakers.


Yo, what up? It’s donut and you tuning in to all your illuminati news. Make sure to smash that, like, button as you enter the room and put a one in the comment and let us know that you can hear me. Okay. And we got a great show for you today with waters above crypto. If you don’t know waters above crypto, what are you doing with your life? Waters? How are you? I’m doing amazing.

I’m really happy to reconnect with you. I think it’s almost been a year, right? It’s been way too long. It’s been way too long. But I feel like we’re connected because I’d be keeping up with your decodes. You’re a great decoder. And you just released a new decoding course and a new video on the year of the dragon as well. Yeah, I believe that was probably the most important work of the year because we watched how the year the rabbit went down.

I took a lot of notes during that recap of the year, and I just saw what of that code from the year of the rabbit decoded was useful and what wasn’t. And then this year, I got to really refine my process and dial in, and I knew exactly what I wanted to talk about. And I actually used that year of the dragon decode that I released more as a tutorial style because I wanted to give people who are newer to this decoding thing something to work with, something that was intuitive, something that’s fun and just unlocks the most gnosis for them.

So, yeah, it was great to be able to compile all that together. I think it had, like, three times more slides than my last chinese new year decode. Show your face, waters. You know what? Tell Juan to look in the mirror. I was thinking of going incognito as well, but I got that fancy camera set up right now. So I’m not going to go incognito today, but time is running out.

Got to have that title. I picked this title, waters, because of, you know, she had this clock on her at the Grammys, and it know about to hit midnight. Sure. It’s for an album called Midnight, but you got this doomsday clock and it’s connected to the year of the dragon. And this one two eight code I’ve been decoding. And I’d like to get your opinion on all this, because when they protest, they say there’s going to be 1082 days left until the end of the world, which equals, like, 33 months.

So you got that 33 in there. And you bringing up the year of the rabbit. First off, you accurately predicted who was going to win the Super bowl last year, I believe. And with the year of the rabbit, I was accurately able to predict the aliens just because of Hollywood’s connections to the aliens in the rabbit in Hollywood. As you can see this flyer right here in the movie Gremlins, Bugs Bunny was the first one abducted by Marvin the Martian.

So you got et next to him, and there’s a big thing on the agenda with climate and whatnot. Anyway, I don’t know what I’m trying to get at. Oh, yeah. What I was trying to get at is when we podcast, we did a lot of podcasts together. You brought up the Paris Olympics and how it’s the symbol of Jupiter. I’ll let you get into it. We’re coming up on the 33rd Summer Olympics.

I mean, oh, my goodness. So much symbolism. Freemasonic symbolism. This year with the 47th president, the 47th proposition. I’ve been connecting all this to the dollar collapse with the omega, with an alpha president and the Omega logo. The alpha and the omega on the dollar bill. What’s your thoughts right now with the year of the dragon, with the Paris Olympics coming up? What’s your vibe? What’s your vibe, dog? So I think it’s important to bring up that there was a ritual at the Summer Olympics in 1972.

It was called the Munich massacre. And this is something that I think is kind of projecting out to this particular year. And the Munich massacre was a terrorist attack essentially between a palestinian militant group and Israel, Israel’s Olympic team. Yeah, they guide the movie. Sasha Baron Cohen about this. Yeah. Borat. So I think that is huge. I think that’s definitely revealing something. And when we first got together, we talked a lot about the Shmita year, the shmita being the seven year cycle.

And the Munich massacre literally happened days before Rash Hashanah. And the day of the Munich massacre, September 5, 1971, was a 33 date numerology. Wow. And then here we have. This is going to be the 33rd Summer Olympics, as you just said. So I have a big feeling that this is all coded in. One other thing to mention, and this gets a little bit more into the numerology of it, but the hebrew year that this Munich massacre happened in was the hebrew year 5732.

So again, it was 1971 in the gregorian year, but it was 5732 in Hebrew. And five plus seven plus three plus two equals 17. And there was 17 deaths in this ritual. But what’s so fascinating about this is this number 17 kept reoccurring during my decode of the year of the dragon. And the number 17 is the 7th prime number. So whenever we have these sevens, this is very powerful because this world stage sort of runs on cycles of seven.

And we know that by years with the Shmita cycle, we have all of these big bull runs and market crashes happening on the seven year cycle. And I feel that this connection here that I just revealed about this 1972 Munich massacre, specifically of the Olympics, and the fact that it had to deal with Israel and Palestine, which is the current ongoing talk of the town, I think that’s big.

And the last thing to mention is this recent shmita that we had in 2021 to 2022. It led into what I was calling a jubilee year. And Jubilee is powerful because that’s a 50 year cycle. Now, this is essentially about 50 years ago that we’re talking about with this Munich massacre. It was about 52 years ago. And the last thing to say to kind of summarize this all from a numerological standpoint is we have this effect of year cycles, right? And how they’re pulsating out, like pulsing out and giving us this energy.

So I really do feel that this war being declared in Israel on October 7, right after the end of the Jubilee year, was a sign that they are going to use this year, this hebrew year that we’re in right now, or the year of 2024, as a very war oriented year. So just think about war is the main theme. And in order to push this sort of war, well, then they need to have other things unfolding in the background because the war is always the distraction, right? It’s the look here, don’t look there.

And then we could get into this more later with things like AI and transhumanism and artificial intelligence. Right here, the 50. So a jubilee is every 50th year, and on October 6 was the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur war. Now, the shmita is the 49th year, right? Goes into these seven cycles that you’re talking about. And the 49 ers are now going to be at the Super bowl.

I’m sure there’s a huge connection with that because you can just see in the mainstream media, music industry like Taylor Swift, she’s all about 13. And the 49 ers, four plus 913. She got her 13 Grammys and all that big 13 with her. And we just passed over 1000 people up in here. I’m going to remind everybody every time we pass through 1000 people, smash that like, button.

Share this video out, get it out into the algorithm. We’re here with waters above crypto going over so much. The shmita, the 50th year, the jubilee. We absolutely are in a jubilee, which is all about resetting the debt, the debt clock and whatnot. During the 50th year, everything was 50, right? You got Pink Floyd, the dark side of the moon, 50th anniversary. The 50th anniversary of hip hop, the 50th state, Hawaii goes up in the flames.

It’s absolutely right there for everybody to see. Yeah. And one thing to mention from a numerological perspective, for those that want to know more about how to decode, is the number five is a really powerful and also quite esoteric number when you think of completion of cycles. Because in pythagoreanism, they would consider anything above five as excess. And that’s big to talk about. And what I mean by this is it’s surpassing material requirement or just the basics, the fundamentals.

When you start getting into 6789 and before ten, which restarts the numbers back at one, you’re getting into excess. So anything past five, you’re sort of talking beyond your needs. And this makes a ton of sense now that when we have seven squared being 49 and then 50th being your jubilee, then you reset at 51. And I know you and I talked a lot about this number, 51 and 15 when we first got together, because that’s one of the most powerful financial numbers.

And if it’s powerful with. Yeah, absolutely. And again, I don’t want to jump into too many different lanes here just to stay on track, but this 50 that we’re talking about right now, it’s crucial. And I think that as you finish a jubilee, you’re starting to get into a reset of a reset. And you just brought up Taylor Swift. And I want to remind people, I don’t know anything about the.

Really, I’m so far away from it most of the time. I learn about stuff that’s going on in the world stage is because of my supporters share it with me. But why is everyone talking about Taylor Swift? Why is everyone talking about Taylor Swift so much lately? What’s going on with. I’m going to. I’m going to tell you. I’m going to inform you with all your Illuminati news.

Waters. So first off, it was Johan’s birthday yesterday, and I wish Johan a happy birthday. I didn’t know if anybody would know what I was talking about, and nobody did. But I was talking about Johan Adam Wisehop, the founder of the Illuminati. February 6, this is when they did the Grammys last year around this time, and that terrible tragedy in Turkey happened, which there’s a lot of occult symbolism in that.

And these weather manipulation events that are taking place, especially at this last Grammys. And Taylor Swift is all over the news because she is part of the Super bowl. She’s bringing all the eyes to the Super bowl. She just did her massive alchemical ritual with Doja cat and Beyonce. All three of them are the tria prima. And there’s absolute evidence of this through their stages. So the three leading witches for the female mindset, the psyche of the female, because that’s who listens to them.

The swifties, the Beehive and all that. They are all correlating together, doing some alchemical changes in the thought process of the modern day woman. And they’re doing this all subconsciously, occultly. And she is dating somebody that’s going to the Super bowl. This is all planned by design. It’s all staged to bring more viewership to the Super bowl. It’s going to be the biggest Super bowl ever. More bets of the Super bowl than any other time.

More viewership. All this, which is the drumming of war and fertility rituals. So Taylor Swift all over the news, because she had her big concert where people were going through a project, artichoke, forgetting their memory. Their memory has been lost after they go there. There’s articles on it that people go to the concert, they forget their memory. She had this huge tour. Now she’s dating this football player that’s part of the Chiefs.

So he’s like one of the biggest chief stars. I don’t know his name or anything, because I don’t know anything about sports. And she was just at the Grammys and won a bunch of awards. So she’s very in the mainstream media consciousness of society. And while she’s performing at these Grammys, somebody always is sacrificed. You got Grammys with Kobe Bryant, died on the Grammys, or Whitney Houston just chilling in a bathtub dead while the Grammys were going on.

Well, Toby Keith just passed away, not on the day of the Grammys, but the day after the Grammys. And Toby Keith is who signed Taylor Swift originally. So there’s a weird connection. Yo, the world’s a stage, bro. The world is a. I love. I love that I have my. Like, I love waking up every day, and I’m just like. I have my soul. These fuckers, what are they left with? They get some trophy once in a while.

Yeah. My favorite video of all time is the video of Kanye west pissing on a Grammy. You know what? That’s one of the best videos ever. I made a whole entire video saluting him when he did that. It’s hilarious. But check this out. Surprised he didn’t get taken out. Well, he probably already has been. I mean, looking at all that stuff with the MkUltra over in Canada and his handlers.

So he’s definitely probably cloned. But this is some interesting stuff that I want to bring to the Illuminati news aspect of the Grammys that nobody has covered yet. So I’m going to cover it here first. We covered it over on the Patreon. But Zena Levee, a lot of people say Taylor Swift is her or her clone or her daughter, which is Anton Levee out of San Francisco, where the 49 ers are, where XRP is.

We’re going to get into some crypto, we’re going to get into some moon rituals. We’re going to get into all that. It’s going to be nuts. But Anton Levee was Zena Levee’s husband, and he was known for the satanic church, but also the devil’s reign. And it was raining. And this guy who’s Miley Cyrus’s. Cyrus the great producer, his name is Jack Antonoff. So I’m sure there’s some word play there, because this is Anton Levee and this guy’s Jack Antonoff.

Right. And if you think I’m just being a pervert, I mean, you got blink 182 with take off your pants and jacket. So there’s this word play in with these celebrities, and blink 182 goes into this code of the year of the dragon that I’ve been looking into, this one two eight code. Yeah. I don’t know if these numbers popped up in your decoding at all, but the year of the dragon ends on January 20 eigth.

One two eight. The number 28 is big. So that’s dope that you’re bringing this up. Keep going. Okay. I could keep going on the one two eight, or I can keep going on the celebrity stuff, but what’s your thoughts on this 28 number? Yeah, 28 is big. And I’ve been wanting to share this information about how I feel on all of the so called predictors that are coming out with, like, a doomsday year.

And this is becoming, it’s like the number one business model of all time. There’s so many people out there with huge channels, and their whole essence is trying to tell you when the world will end. And I believe as we’ve gotten more savvy and sophisticated with the strategies of decoding and the decoding systems that we’ve gotten better at almost coming up with a way of explaining why the world will end at some particular time or for whatever particular reason on a particular year.

And I’ve been starting to think a lot about what would be the most clever way to calculate this. And I thought, well, we would calculate it off of the number 28. And my code that I’ve come up with is I think it has to deal with the number 28 and 364. So we’re well aware that the number 28 is the moon cycle number. It’s also the number tied to the woman’s period, which is what brings life into this world like the womb.

So I look at the matrix. This place that we live in is no different. And the time cycle has to be identical as well. So if there’s going to be a great reset or some sort of civilization collapse, it has to be based on the same number. So the number 13 times 28 gives you 364. And I think that this formation of the Bavarian Illuminati independence year for the United States of America is not real.

It’s a flex, but it’s revealing exoteric information that could be utilized for you to be able to predict when the quote unquote world will no longer be inhabitable. Let’s just say. And this isn’t fear porn, because the number I’m about to reveal, you’re all going to be dead. So this is the thing. It’s like, I don’t even really care to talk about this shit too much. But everyone is worried about 2040.

Or they were worried. Remember last year with September? Everyone thought that there was going to be a blackout and everyone was going to die. And then this other movie. Yeah. And it was a psy up. And then we just recently had this movie come out by the Obamas, right? And it’s giving you this other. The microphone’s being weird. Say that again. There was this movie that came out.

Leave the world behind. Right? Oh, you know what it is? It’s my computer. My computer is being weird. Mmm. Got too many tabs. Open it. It. My bad, bro. My whole computer just like froze. Are we good? Yeah, we’re good now. My computer totally froze. I had to exit out of everything to come back in because I was going in. Did everybody hear? You okay? Did everyone hear? I’m not sure.

My bad. Where did you drop off? What do you remember? You said you have the date, but we’re all going to be dead. And everyone’s looking at certain dates, but it’s going to be so far in the future. Maybe I didn’t hear it cut off. Well, I mean, it was a little joke out of it all. Like, none of us die, none of us were ever born. We’re just an infinite consciousness.

This body that we have right now is a rental vehicle. We’re enjoying the ride. I hope you’re all enjoying this ride. And the whole idea here was to not get so caught up in this doomsday idea at all. To just live your life and to live it intensely, as if there is no end of the world, as if there is no death. And then you could be fearless and you could accomplish the shit that you’ve always wanted to.

But getting back to the numbers, because everyone wants to know the numbers, my calculation is just based on this number, 28, and the number 13, because we have 13 moon cycles per year. It’s not a twelve month calendar, it’s a 13 moon calendar. And this number, 13 times 28 gives you 364. And I think that the year that they give us for the formation of the bavarian illuminati and the so called independence year for the United States of America, which also happens to be the year of America’s last, Pluto’s return, is make believe.

But it is an exoteric number that we could utilize to determine when we would have an uninhabitable realm. A realm where on this surface level that we call Earth, we won’t be able to be here for whatever reason. Maybe it’s dust has just completely trapped this place, or too much. Just air quality is impossible. It makes the food, the whole crops die out, everything like that. So that number is 1776 plus 364.

And that gives you the year 21 40, which is over 100 years from today. And I think we’ve seen enough Hollywood movies that kind of show you that this place is going to be very different by 2035. Even by 2045, 2050, we’re going to have all of the things that they’re already showing us in movies. And maybe we’ll get into that more later. But it’s just coming back.

Have you seen the turtle back? It got the 13 shells for the moon and then the 28 shells going around it. It’s in nature as well. Yes. The number 28 is huge. And it’s great that you’re talking about it. It’s great that you brought it up. I’m going to be breaking it down a lot more in my decoding mastermind course. I know a lot more people want to know about what these random numbers mean.

Numbers outside of the standard zero through nine, when we’re talking about numerology or the master numbers, 11, 22, 33. People want to know more about what are the other important numbers that are not the common ones that we typically hear about. So, yeah, that’s going to be big. But what I just shared moments ago, again, it just comes back to nature. What you just shared right here supports it.

It’s in nature, obviously, the Fibonacci sequence is another thing to get into if you want to be a little bit more intermediate level with your decoding. Yeah, there you go. 28 days later. Yeah. And the movie came out in 2002, right? 22. Okay, 22, yeah. And also, it’s the guy who’s making that civil war movie with kirsten dunce. Now, even the scarab, the beetle, goes into its shell, in a sense, and then it turns into a beetle 28 days later.

So the moon cycle has always reflected nature to the ancients. It’s absolutely incredible. But, yeah, the 28 is nuts. It’s absolutely nuts. And also the moon cycle. Since we’re on the topic of the moon, I want to bring up the new moon that’s coming up and your thoughts on that? Because in crypto markets, everything is going to the moon. Right. Everything is mooning, all about the moon. And these rituals go down on moons.

And you’re the first one to point out the connection of the cycles of the moon to crypto, and even Saturn and Satoshi and the 21. What’s your thoughts on this new moon coming up? And I’m going to show some slides that I think you’re going to find very interesting on how bitcoin, the way it was created, they used astrology for the having cycles. And I’ll prove that on some slides here in a minute.

But I’m looking out for this date, February 18, because it’s the 2118, which has that one two eight in it. And last week, I said, look out for January 20 eigth for a big day. And that’s when Tower 22. Right, there’s that 22 was attacked. And then we had this whole war stuff popping off again. And also the first cyborg with Elon. So a lot of stuff was in that news that day.

And the next date is February 18. I’m looking out for. Because the emergency text that Joe Biden sent out, he sent it out at exactly 218, which has that one eight two in it. And this is pattern recognition, because when the Hawaii text was sent out at area code Lahaina, went up in the flames. So February 18 is right before this new moon. And I know there’s energy when it comes to rituals with the moon, there’s a three day window.

Sure, it’s like four days before it. But what’s your thoughts on this new moon coming up? Yeah, so this new moon coming up is Chinese new year. There’s something that I talked about probably six months ago or so, how the year of the dragon, specifically, it has a very positive energy moving in through the first three or so months of the gregorian year. Of course, we have to overlap a couple of things here because Chinese New Year is on February 10 and the gregorian year starts on January 1.

But needless to say, if you’re talking about the markets for a second, we tend to be pretty bullish all the way up until April. And then there’s this theme, this cyclical theme, that there’s an event that happens in April. You get a pullback into May, and then you could be down for the summertime. And then around election time, there’s always a ritual that happens, another type of ritual, and it makes the markets actually quite bullish.

So I think we’re going to have a next couple of months are going to be pretty good, and I think there’s a short term pullback coming soon for the market. That will be an opportunity. But generally, I think the market is just going to keep going up through the March lunar eclipse specifically, and the lunar eclipse and the April eigth solar eclipse are huge with market behavior. But if you want to talk specifically to crypto, it’s very influential on crypto’s energy.

And we could see that by looking at any chart back in October time frame. You see that once we got to that October solar eclipse of 2023, the market just flipped bullish after that, and it’s been bullish since. And these solar eclipses during this time of year are very bullish, just pivotal moments in the market. And, yeah, we’re in a bull run. I mean, the stock market’s at all time highs.

There’s a reason why they’re doing this. And with it being an election year and a tumultuous year, a very divided kind of environment we’re in, I feel like in the short term, it’s just going to be more of the same. But I’m not really looking for anything big to happen around this new moon. It’s moreover, my big event that I see coming soon is going to be either in March or specifically the day of April 15.

I got it already pulled up. Nice. Yeah. So I don’t really have much to say about this upcoming new moon. But you did bring up the date of February 18, which is interesting because that’s the 49th day of the year. And we were just talking before about the. You were talking about the 49 ers and. Yeah, it’d be interesting because I assume now I haven’t decoded the Super Bowl.

I don’t have the time to. I’m in the process of releasing a decoding course so my plate is full along with everything else I’m doing. And plus I don’t even watch sports, so it doesn’t concern me. But needless to say, if the 49 ers were to, and I’m going to share my decoding kind of mindset here, if they were to either win or lose, I think it’s going to determine how this February 18 day could go.

So you brought up the February 18 day. I’m not saying who’s winning or losing. It’s not really in my attention field right now. But I do think however that goes for them could perhaps be influential on what’s to expect that day. And that’s around a full moon. And around full moons is typically the market’s down and. Yeah. Perhaps you have some more to share about this. Number two one eight.

I’d be interested to hear your thoughts. Oh yeah. Well, I want to remind everybody that we just crashed through another thousand live. So make sure to smash that like button and share this video out, get it into the algorithm. I’m going to remind everybody every time we pass through 1000, maybe we’ll hit a record and hit 3000 people. I’ve never had 3000 people, but we got like 2500 people up in here right now.

That’s a great point you made. So whatever happens in the Super bowl with the 49 ers, I’m looking out for San Francisco. They got that bridge and the Omega event and a lot of stuff’s in San Francisco. You got the Swift system with performing. You know, XRP is located out of San Francisco and so is the satanic temple. So it’s just bridge currency. And you know when Swift was launched, right when it was founded? Was it founded on the Illuminati day? It was founded years ago.

Years ago. Damn. There’s your Jubilee. There’s your jubilee number 50th parallel right there. That’s interesting. Yeah. So with Swift, even if you look at the Swift logo right here, it looks like the Vesica Pisces a little bit. And I kind of been looking at the news and, like, the 49 ers, I thought this was a weird picture with the 911 right there. I don’t know if that’s. I don’t know, maybe somebody.

Is this an important picture that they shared? I don’t know anything about sports, so I’m going to need your help. But that could be a signal, just a heads up. But I wrote time’s running out because of the Economist magazine, when you were breaking it down, the importance of the eclipse, but you pointed out the time is running out right there at the top, and I didn’t even notice that.

And I thought that was a great find of the time running out. So the title of this. But I like to get your thoughts on this real quick. You got credit card debt, 50 billion. There’s another 50. 50 billion. New record high credit card debt. You got the Grammys. The whole thing was a promotion for Mastercard with the Vesica Pisces promoting the debt. In a sense, the Super bowl sees record breaking gambling explosion, and the whole crypto market is all gambling.

Obviously, you do investing. You do the Wyckoff method. You teach your investors to stay patient. You teach them not to be emotional. I’m not talking about you financial smart people out there. I’m talking about the majority of degenerates like myself. I don’t know anything about finance. It is like legalized gambling in a sense, and gambling is exploding with the Super bowl. So this is just my thought process.

I like to get your take in it, because I am from Vegas and I understand the power of gambling. Nevada. Even gambling revenue hits the record in 2023. So gambling is up. Credit cards are up, loan delinquencies are up, which is usually followed by the repo market and all that. So just looking at all these, it means that we’re in a bubble of stupid money. Okay? That’s proof right there.

Like, gambling is stupid money. Gambling is not smart money. There’s no smart money in this world that gambles. Smart money puts its money in places where, first of all, it could barely get taxed, so it’s tax sheltered. That’s a big thing to point out the difference between rich people and wealthy people. So let me be very clear here. Rich people gamble, sure. But rich people are rich for a little time, and then they’re broke a lot longer of the time after they make a couple of big mistakes.

And gambling is one of the quickest ways to start the avalanche of the end of your success. So, yeah, wealthy people don’t fuck with this stuff. Wealthy people invented this stuff to give it to rich people and to give it to poor people. So that’s the holy trinity of finance. You have smart money, which is wealthy people. You have rich people which are like just breaking through in terms of having a couple more commas in their bank account.

But it doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s going to sustain. They know how to make money, but they don’t know how to keep money. And then poor people are essentially just working for the money that they give back to rich people and wealthy people. And that’s the cycle that we’re in. So when you’re sharing this data with me, all it tells me is that we’re in the bubble of stupid money.

It’s the bubble of bubbles, and this is a marker of wealth transfer and simultaneously collapse for the dumb money. Wealthy people will always stay wealthy. Rich people are just on a roller coaster. They eventually hit the top and then they roll over. But yeah, this is a pretty fascinating data that you just gave me. And the fact that so many people are banking on this Super bowl in particular shows me that we’re at the peak of just speculation.

We’re in the highest form of speculation ever. My thoughts are what happened? Because I’ve been going to these crypto events for a long time, because I produced bitcoin rich AMTV for ten years. So I’ve been going to all these different. Dash was created out here. So I was hanging out with them and I went to Singapore, hung out with Jim Rogers and got his take on it. I didn’t hang out with him, I interviewed him.

I filmed it. So I wasn’t hanging out with him, but I sort of was hanging out with him. You guys were golfing together and smoking cigars. No, he doesn’t like me, like be, but I was filming all the stuff. Charlie Lee, who created know I’ve been at these events. So Charlie Shrim, I’ve interviewed and talked to them and so I understand it, and I’ve been in the game for a minute.

And what I saw happen during the lockdowns in March, the whole thing collapsed, right? And it was like a reset that everybody got in these rich fools, and then they pumped it up with a bunch of fiat currency. And then it was off to the racist introduced dogecoin, which was a meme using the memetic warfare, memetic magic to bring in the CBDC. As when the world was locked down, the first thing on the HR bill was the digital currency.

It’s absolutely in place. That’s going to happen. Eventually, do you think that there is going to be an event that will drop the market to a certain low, and then it’s going to pump up with the mindset of all these people gambling right now? Because just. What’s your thoughts on that? Yeah. Are you asking specifically to crypto or the markets in general or stocks? What are you asking specifically? And then I could.

I guess I would say both. Yeah. Okay. Yes. So I feel that there’s going to be an event that happens in April that triggers some sort of. Actually, I’ll be open to March and April because March is a really powerful month. It’s technically, the actual new year would be moving into March, not January. And I think we’ve gone over this in the past. But just for anyone who’s kind of getting new to numerology and decoding and the awareness of the calendar systems, your gregorian calendar that you use is a scam.

There’s really nothing about it that makes any sense at all because it isn’t tied to nature. It’s just a make believe calendar system that’s been plotted out by people for the layman, but it’s not what the actual astrologers and the actual elite are using. Okay, so to get back on track here, March is a crucial month, and it seems that between March 10 through March 15, there’s a zone of energy.

Right. We have March 10, obviously, a date that continues to be used time and time again. And I’ll give a couple of examples really quickly. We had, last year, Silicon Valley bank failed. Speaking of Silicon Valley and speaking of California and that kind of theme here, as well as we had 9th day of the year, too. It’s got that 69 decode in there, like bitcoin topping out at pointed out.

Absolutely. And then speaking of something topping out on March 10, you have, in 2000, the. com bubble topped out on March 10. And then one of the biggest, most historic speculative bubbles popping of all time. Then you had c 19 in 2020, with March 11 the following day essentially being declared by the WHO. And then we went into a crazy liquidity crisis, which ended on Friday the 13th into that weekend.

But there’s been so many other iterations. I talk about this a lot on my channel about this March time frame, and then you have this window of energy up to March 15 because of the ides of March. So I don’t look at anything like it’s one specific date. You always look at things in threes, by the way. That’s a good way to develop your decoding skills. So if you think of an event on the 11th, you want to consider the 10th and twelveth, you think of everything in that trinity of days.

It also helps you a lot, because if you’re thinking of things that could happen in the other hemisphere, well, there you go. There are a day ahead. So getting back to this, I think March 10 through March 15 of this year is going to be something that goes down on the world stage, and that could very well be what triggers a market correction. And we know we’re moving into eclipse season, and we have this x forming over the state of Texas with the great american eclipse.

And everything is really about the x this year. And it started as of last year during the jubilee. Well, this April. Yeah, this April eigth that’s coming up. This eclipse is perfectly in the time frame that I think it would make the most sense, because April 15 is a ritual date. It’s been a ritual date time and time again throughout history over the past 100 years. And that date, what I’ve decoded exactly, and what I’ve decoded about April 15 is that you have a higher degree of accuracy of predicting a ritual on that date if it lands on a Monday.

So we have the Titanic sinking happened on a Monday, April 15. We have the Boston Marathon bombing. April 15 on a Monday. We have the Notre Dame fire happened on a Monday. And some people have brought up, well, what about the leap year? Well, Titanic sank on a leap year. And one thing to mention about that ritual specifically is we had the Titanic sinking in 1912, followed by a year later, the implementation of the Federal Reserve system.

And we used that last year during the year of the rabbit to determine that there would be a titanic ritual again. And you probably remember this when the Titan submersible ocean gate thing happened on the world stage. I mean, my phone and my email was blowing up around that time because people were like, how did you know that would happen? And it’s like, well, the code is just revealing to you the cyclicality of it.

You just have to have the eye to see. And I don’t even care to take credit for this stuff. And look, Monday moon day. Damn. Absolutely. So this is why for the past two years, probably for the past two and a half years, actually, I’ve been speaking publicly about this April 15 date in 2024 as much as I could. And then the fact that it’s just the week after this solar eclipse that’s forming an x over the state of Texas, it’s making me feel that there’s probably some direct rituals that I could assume will happen.

And if I had to identify the places, it would be Texas, Miami, Florida, or Paris, France. But Paris is too obvious, and Paris already had an April 15 ritual with the Notre Dame fire. Right. So, yeah, I think Texas is also a little bit too obvious, because we know that that’s the eclipse state. And now it’s making me think, like, how could we use all this information that we have to get more dialed into a location.

Right. And, yeah, I do think that there’s so much stuff that we could consider here. Yeah. Florida is the x, right. Their flag. So that’s why Miami is that city that I’m picking, and I’ll tell you the reason why. Okay, we have Lionel Messi now plays for the Miami team, correct? I’m not a sports guy, so please correct me if. Well, we’ll just say you’re right, right there, because.

I don’t know. I believe Lionel Messi actively plays in the Miami team. So why this is so important is because we had the last World cup. The winner was Argentina. And I decoded this, tying back to the last time Argentina won the World cup was with Diego Maradona, and maradona and Lionel Messi wore the same number. They wore the number ten, which is the reset number. When you go to ten in numerology, you go back to one.

So Leo is so powerful for this year of the dragon, because Leo, the sign, is ruled by the sun, and the sun is the dragon, and the eclipse mythology is that the dragon swallows the sun. So what does that really all add up to? Well, I need to think, like, well, Leo Messi. That’s literally Leo the messiah, the lion of Judah. That is the God in flesh. And I’m not saying that he literally is.

I’m saying that they’re using him as an instrument. Just like earlier, you talked about using these celebrities, such as Beyonce and Taylor Swift, et cetera. They’re using them as instruments of this bigger ritual that’s playing out on the world stage, and it’s happening like a chess game. The elite are 2030 moves ahead while we’re playing checkers. I think Miami is the likely, and it comes down to everything I just explained.

Texas is too obvious and Paris is too obvious. So I think there’s two isolated rituals that’ll be big this year. Miami seems to make a lot of sense out of everything I’ve just explained. You brought up this x on the flag of Florida. And then I think that the other would be something in the balkan nations, and the balkan nations deals with all of what’s been going on in sports and stuff on the world stage with those particular countries, like the best tennis player being from Serbia, I believe.

Then we just had the NBA championship. Denver Nuggets won. Nikola Jokic is considered, like, the best basketball player right now. He’s also from Serbia, I believe. And then you had all this drama going on with Andrew Tate, who’s over there in Romania, and he was detained in Romania, and that became a big talk of the town for a while. So I think they’re putting a lot of exoteric energy into the balkan nations on purpose, because if there is to be some sort of financial or war themed reset trial, it’s likely to be there.

And they’ve done it before, so it would just be nothing new under the sun, as usual. And we’re just getting really dialed in now with the specifics. Wow. And somebody pointed out there’s a Paris, Texas, that’s nuts right there. Something to look out for. And somebody also wrote Tennessee. The x goes over. I’ve been looking out for, like, a lot of stuff has been connected to Tennessee as well.

But that is absolutely mind boggling, bro. That’s wild. And you’re talking about Leo. Makes me think of Leonardo DiCaprio. And Taylor Swift is releasing her new album on April 19, which is also when Waco happened in Oklahoma City, event that took place. And it’s also National Bicycle Day, which is LSD day. And Taylor Swift, she announced when she won her 13th Grammy, she’s all about the 13th. She’s releasing this new album called the Tortured Poets department, which is sort of a play on words of dead poet society.

At least that’s what it seems like, which is about a secret society that goes underground and puts lipstick on and makes me think of the Simpsons episode dead putting society where they dress up like women to this humiliation ritual. And this was the poster for it, which you got Moloch right here opening the mouth with Maggie. I know we talked about this before. No, I’ve never seen. This is.

And the red cap is big. That’s a big sign right there, the red masonic cap. Oh, for real? Because it’s like the fez or something? Well, because the root chakra and the inversion of it and this kind of being what’s been happening now in our world, we’re no longer spiritual beings in this world. We’re very much just operating through the root. Everything has been about sexuality and gender and your pronouns, and it has nothing to do with love anymore.

This world is all about identity. And identity, consciousness. So when you see that red cap, that’s what that’s revealing to me. It’s the same bullshit with Santa Claus and wearing a red cap. People are all like, it’s the amanita mascaria mushroom. Don’t get me wrong, family. There’s nothing wrong about that decode. But sometimes I think we want things to be all hippy dippy and woo woo when we overlook the basics.

And these are just very basic, fundamental things that are going on. What is the elite doing, and how are they restructuring our realm, and what are they making us give our attention to? And that’s very much it. So when I see this red cap and this monkey, I would be really surprised to see what’s going on in the year that this was released. Could have been released during a year of a monkey.

It was a while ago, and I believe even that date, April 19, as she’s picking this date, is the day the Simpsons was actually first released as well on this national lsd day. So there’s this huge connection to mind control, mkultra, even bowling. Simpsons is all about bowling. You even got that with symbolism. And since I brought up the humiliation ritual of Flanders and Homer dressing up like women, you got Drake going through a humiliation ritual.

Honestly, I don’t think it’s a humiliation ritual, really. I think it’s more of a promotion. This is how you get your name out there is you got to leak some tapes of yourself. And that was released. You got most deaf wearing the dress that Kat Williams was just talking about. The whole dress ritual, the humiliation ritual. Kat Williams is wild. So this symbolism, it’s even deeper than just the dress he’s on.

The three steps down here, they’re showing the three steps, which is very masonic. This is why killer Mike, who went through his humiliation ritual after getting the three trophies. The judge hits the gavel three times. It’s for the first three degrees. And he got arrested after winning these three trophies. And he got even. I didn’t even know he won. That album was dope. Oh, dude. Shout out to killer Mike.

Shout out to lp. Run them jewels, bro. I love dude. All their albums are great, for sure, but. Yeah, so this album. Yeah, for sure. But this is what’s interesting, though, because they are all being used and utilized for ritualistic purposes now. Just like the devil’s reign, the raining that took place during the Grammys, there was a catastrophic atmospheric river flood. I don’t know what the heck that means, but it was flooding during this.

And are these manmade weather events. Well, Google will tell you it is manmade weather event right there. They say it’s manmade. They say it’s manmade. They’re literally telling you that it’s a man made weather event. I mean, come. It’s. Yeah, it’s raining. And he won the award for scientists and engineers. And that song starts off talking about standing in the rain washing all my sins. So I believe there was some sort of ritual with the rain and all that.

Even the power outages with the Purple Mountain Dew and all that predictive programming that they got, the 8000, 500,000 customers power outages. Eight plus five is 13. Super Bowl 58. It’s all connected in these numbers with Taylor Swift. What other rituals? What other. What other. Oh, yeah. So, like Taylor Swift, they released these photos of her. The x rated AI pictures flood the Internet because this is. Is.

This is how you get people to look. You got to post this stuff. That’s why Drake released his naughty video. Just like his artist that he’s connected with, sexy red. When she released her album, she released hers and said she was hacked. Yeah. So this is all just like, promotion. What’s going on right now with the world? Are we not ready for all this deep fake shit? Because I thought everyone’s kind of, like, expected it.

I don’t think any of this stuff is. It’s probably all just deep fake. Oh, for sure. Right here, let me pull this up. Where the heck is it? Right here. This technology is old school. Yeah. So this stuff right here, these are going viral right now. Kennedy on the picture in the back, is that Kennedy? I thought it was, but I don’t know. I was trying to google it.

What’s going on? Whose office is this? This is Tim Cook of Apple. Why is a picture of Kennedy in Tim Cook’s office? I know, right? It’s absolutely weird. And he was on the COVID of Vanity Fair wearing these. And it’s the moon shot, right? And he’s throwing up that six six six type hand gesture right here. He got the as above. So below going on, you see his other hand pointed down.

Your opinion on pointer finger pointed down. So that’s Jupiter pointing down. Jupiter’s lightning bolt to the ground from the firmament. Yeah, this is great. He’s wearing his nikes for victory. For Saturn or victory. Yeah, the swoosh. And also the image is so clear that they even show you the numbers. Oh, shit. What’s the watch time? Say? 84. 840. So it says 840, but they also have a five right here.

So it’d be five, eight, four. I don’t know if that means anything, but I couldn’t figure anything out with it. But that’s what I’ve been looking at. But this is that. Ready, player one. This goes into the whole digital currency and the whole. People are going to watch football through these goggles. Yeah, I’ve just seen a couple of videos of people wearing these. Wow. I just saw a video of somebody driving a Tesla.

Like a self driving Tesla, but they were wearing these apple Pro whatever, while they were driving it. And I’m just like, whoa, man, it’s only 2024. This is pretty nuts. Somebody pointed out the five, 8417. So there you go. Yeah, that 17 is big this year because it’s the dragon year. So dragon equals 59. In Gamatria, 59 is the 17th prime, and Draco equals 17 chaldean. So draco is Latin for dragon.

So that 17 is really important. And shout out to Jacob Israel up in here. We also got the one on one, the homunculus. I saw J dreams up in here and shout out to all y’all. I know if Jay dreams is still watching this. There’s this new article, we know what foo fighters are and they’re saying it’s plasma. And I just did this huge deep dive on plasma and plasma balls and all that.

But there’s a lot of strange videos that I’ll play real quick of some weird clouds that a fisherman saw. I thought that was kind of cool. And I always thought this was cool, too. This is circling in the news right now, but it’s an old picture of the doomsday fish. But this happened a while ago. But look how crazy that is. Like, the ocean is crazy. We don’t know what that.

Look at that. That’s crazy looking, right? That’s like a think. I think NASA once came out and told us how much of outer space they’ve allegedly kind of mapped out. They gave us a percentage. And it’s less. Sorry, the ocean is explored less allegedly, than the outer space. I call it the outer space on purpose because it’s a projection screen. But anyways, so, yeah, I mean, that’s pretty fascinating.

Maybe a freudian slip on their part or done on purpose. Yeah, the whole ocean is. They’ve done these studies with the dolphins that communicate with the whales so they can go communicate with the aliens underneath the ocean. That’s the whole research of John C. Lilly. Now, if all you all watching this right now, we almost got 3000 people up in here. Make sure you go subscribe to waters above YouTube channel.

He’s crushing it. Obviously. You could just tell through this podcast, probably one of the most insightful podcasts of the year that you all are hearing. Go subscribe over to waters above. You will not be disappointed. He does a stream every Saturday, right? Saturday, yes, sir. And you got a great Patreon as well, and a new course coming out. You want to tell us a little bit about that? Plug yourself.

Yeah, sure. I mean, I just released that new video there. You guys could check it out. It’s giving a little bit of an explanation of this new project that I’ve been working on for over a year. It’s about a year and a half in the works, and I just released it. So it’s called my decoding mastermind course. And it’s the first just full, dedicated decoding course that I’ve designed.

And I put a lot of time into making it simple and making it intuitive and making it an enjoyable process. Because no matter where you’re at, whether if you’re somebody who’s into tarot or astrology or numerology, there’s a lot of times where there tends to be this blame game or this negative, positive outlook. Like there’s one number that’s evil or something, and I kind of just strip it away from all of that.

And I do the same thing with the religion. I talk about religion in a way where it’s really about the utility of it all. So that way, whether you believe or do not believe, that’s unimportant. There’s wisdom out there in these holy texts, and there’s wisdom out here in this realm. And a lot of the time we overlook it because we’re too busy judging. We’re too busy with duality consciousness, calling something good or calling something bad.

So I feel like, yeah, this was my opportunity to compile something that could be user friendly and for all levels. And even if you’re somebody who’s like, you’ve been a professional decoder for years, or you’ve been studying the occult for years, you’re going to be able to kind of rejuvenate and reinvigorate the process of dope. Dope, yeah. And like right here, you got the year of the dragon with Jupiter and the omega, something that we’ve been talking about.

My audience knows you. We’ve done so many podcasts. But if I got any new subscribers that hasn’t subscribed over to Waters, I got his links down below. Go subscribe. And also after this podcast, go subscribe over to my Patreon because I’m going to be doing a live stream at three that you all don’t want to miss out on. On the occult rock and roll music industry rituals. I had a slide up.

Oh, right here. Look at that. We’re going to get into some crazy stuff going into the hardcore band symbolism and got a guest, a special guest author who wrote a book. And it’s very fascinating. So go subscribe to the Patreon that links down below as well. I’ll be going live at 03:00 p. m. Mountain Time. I wanted to show you this bitcoin connection, how they created it via astrology.

And it’s absolutely there. As you can see, the next bitcoin having happens April 2024, kind of that time frame that you were talking about, April and the date that it is happening on April 22. The having is the same day that Jupiter transit in Aries, which is actually a huge astrological event that takes place on April 22, the same day this having happens. Now, that is not a coincidence.

And it starts April 22 and then it ends October 30. And if you know about bitcoin, the white paper was released October 31. So you absolutely got the zodiac astrology connected in with these crypto markets and all that. That’s really amazing finds, brother. Oh, yeah, for show. I got to learn more about it, but I heard it’s like a positive thing. That’s why they picked it. It’s like a finance Jupiter.

It could make sense because Jupiter ruling the age of Pisces, and Pisces is tied to all this neptunian and Poseidon themes, and that’s the sea. So you have currency, right? And I’m sure you go through a lot of this stuff. So another thing about the exoteric Jupiter astrology teachings is they always bring out the concept of luck. But I always remind people that luck goes both ways because everything is duality, especially in the neophyte stages.

So if you think of luck, you also have to think of being unlucky. But that’s just one note to make. But anything that comes back to Jupiter is going to always come back to Poseidon or Neptune as well, just because of the theme that I just brought up. And. Yeah, so that could definitely be something. Aries being tied to Mars war could be also the fire flame dragon themes.

You’re showing that right now. But just pause there for a second and you can see at the left of that Jupiter logo. So this is the original Paris Olympics logo for 2024. Exoterically, you would assume the 24 is because of the year 2024, but it’s the Jupiter zodiac symbol, or the Jupiter symbol, I should call it that, which is a couple of symbols combined. You have a cross, the hanged man, combined with the sickle.

So it’s a combination of time, age, physical life and the lifetime. Also a combination of death with that regular cross that you have. That cross is a symbol of lifeless matter. The cross that has no loop in it, like an ANC has a loop. So that would be a symbol of life. A cross that DOesn’t have a loop would be a symbol of lifeless matter. So it would be something that DOesn’t have Life force.

Anyways, getting back to this, on the left, you have the red at the top. Remember, we just talked about this earlier about the red cap, and you showed the picture from the Simpsons of that monkey wearing that red cap. So that’s putting the root chakra at the top. That’s inversion, that’s putting War and ritual sacrifice and blood, et cetera. It’s putting it at the top. It’s prioritization of that.

And then you could also see putting this blue to the left at the bottom. THat’s GOinG to be the throat chaKra. That’s going to be silencing, that’s going to be killing off the spread of information disturbances in communication. This is how I decode, this is how I would look at such a symbol. But I think that Jupiter theme is also going to be Big this year. It’s shown right in our faces with this very popular event called the OlympicS.

And it’s why I brought up some of those pieces of imagery in that thumbnail that you just showed a moment ago, showing the X, because it’s the 24th letter in the Alphabet as well as Omega. It’s the last letter in the greek Alphabet, also the 24th letter in THeir Alphabet. And there’s so much you can do with some of this information that I’m sharing. You guys could get into Greek isopsophy, and you could start decoding that.

It’s their version of GAMaTRiA, which would be hebrew alpha numerical ciphering. Get into isopsophy. That’s an amazing field of study that could be very helpful for decoders. Wow. Yeah. I’ve been talking about this omega a lot, and I think that the updated version looks like the omega and it’s the girl. And the girl plays a big role with the TAylOR SWifT and all that. Even the Davo shaman was a lady, and she’s the first lady to be like, the leader of this ancient tribe.

So ABSOLUTElY wild stuff. Who knows what was going to happen is going to be crazy. All this stuff has been crazy, bro. And I appreciate you for hopping on here with us, blessing us with your wisdom waters above. Anything else you like to say before we sign out? No, I appreciate you, brother. It was great to make this happen last minute. I know it’s been like a year or more since we last connected, so I’m just appreciative of you and grateful for you and your supporters and everyone who’s shown up over to my channel to show some love and.

Yeah, man, let’s do it again soon. All right, brother. Much love, everybody, and God bless you all. Bye. .

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