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Eyes to See – Marvel’s Secret Invasion – Decode

By: Eyes to See
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5G Danger

Hello All,

Welcome to my Marvel – Secret Invasion – Decode.  This is one of Marvel’s newest shows, starring Samuel L Jackson as the main character, named Nick Fury.  We will see encoded within Marvel’s show, a biblical narrative being told and an inversion sold to the masses as entertainment.

Let’s start off looking at the number 26, which is tied to the YHWH in Hebrew Gematria.  It is also the sum of “I AM THAT I AM” found in the Bible, at EXODUS 3:14.  Twenty-six is also the sum of the word SHEEP, a concept and symbol central to this decode, and in JOHN 10:27, we are told that Jesus’ sheep, hear his voice.   Let’s start off by looking at the release date of the show, June 21st a date tied to the NINE OF CLUBS.

Secret Invasion Decode Presentation Page 2 -

Secret Invasion Decode Presentation Page 3 -

In the above slide we see that the NINE OF CLUBS is the 22nd card of the deck.  It is the card of UNIVERSAL WISDOM, and the number 22 is tied to the words SECRET, SATANISM, QUEEN, DRAGON and SKRULLS, the shapeshifters within the show itself.  The NINE OF  CLUBS translates to the NINE OF WANDS in the Tarot deck.  This cards is the 30th card of the deck, and is associated with the concept of a HERO, an OLD SOLDIER, BATTLES, ENEMIES and OPPOSITION.

The number 30 in Chaldean is linked to the words DEMIURGE (the Gnostic God of Duality), THE SNAKE, SNAKE GOD, MINOTAUR and SANTA CLAUS, who we will see again a little further on in this decode.

Secret Invasion Decode Presentation Page 4 -

When we run the title of the show SECRET INVASION in the Chaldean cipher we get a sum of 51.  This number is directly tied to the element ANTIMONY in the Periodic Table of Elements, whose name means “not alone”, and the artwork provided by the Royal Society of Chemistry is the EYE OF HORUS.  Which is a representation of the Pineal Gland, the Third Eye, figuratively our connection with God.  Antimony’s atomic weight is 121, a number tied to ADAM in the Bible, the first man, and Christ’s representation in humanity.  Remember, December 1 (121) and January 21 (121) are both heavily tied to the C-OVID narrative and our DNA.

In Chaldean we see that the number 51 is tied to the words; Devil in Disguise, Angel of Death, Five Hundred (the number of the Antichrist in the Bible), I am Superhuman (Angel/Daemon from G4151 in Strong’s Concordance), Heaven Forbid, United Nations, and Cost of Living.

Secret Invasion Decode Presentation Page 5 -

Above, we look at the main character’s name in Chaldean.  NICK FURY sums to 28, matching LUCIFER and ARCHITECT.  The 28th element in the Periodic Table is NICKEL, also known as DEVIL’s COPPER and St. NICHOLAS’s COPPER (Santa Claus).  It’s weight, 58 is tied to the concept PUPPET MASTER in Chaldean.  Even the character’s nicknames found on Wikipedia are tied to Lucifer (Satan), as SCORPIO a reference to the Scorpion King (Satan), GEMINI meaning TWIN represents the Daemon part of ourselves, and THE UNSEEN, suggesting the invisibility of Satan and his ability to deceive the whole world.

Secret Invasion Decode Presentation Page 6 -

Above is a screenshot from the show, at the 1:19 mark of the show.  At this point we see a DOUBLE CROSS on a door at the top of a staircase.  The narrator in the show is posing the question “What if people were not who we thought they were?“.  The number can be seen as mirrored 911, which ties to the Revelation 9:11, the verse where we learn in the Bible that Satan is the king of the locusts in the bottomless pit.

The DOUBLE CROSS is tied to the cross of Leviathan, and we saw that in my CHURCH OF SATAN decode that the Sigil of Baphomet, the Church’s logo, has the word LEVIATHAN is spelled out in Hebrew.

The DOUBLE CROSS symbolism is also seen from the sky at Vatican city.  Saint Peter’s Basilica is constructed in the shape of a cross, and Peter was crucified upside-down.  Making the cross above the Basilica, Christ’s cross, inside a keyhole, which appears to be locked due to its subtlety.  Peter’s death would “Glorify God” and it’s meaning and comprehension is profound, consider that we are all born upside-down into this world.  We have all been DOUBLE-CROSSED.

Secret Invasion Decode Presentation Page 7 -

Within the opening title sequence of the show, I captured the above image of two opposing heads.  Firstly, the whole introduction is set in a GREEN filter, symbolizing this EARTH, or MATRIX.  This theme can be seen often but it’s in integral in the movie the MATRIX, we see it every time Neo is in the Matrix. It’s also seen in the Wizard of Oz, with the Emerald City concept.  It’s also tied to the God Osiris and much more.

The two opposing heads is tied to the Bible in JUDE 1:6.  In this verse we see that the Angels, us, who did not keep our first estate, which is Heaven, are now in opposing, forward and backward shackles, or ligaments of the body.  It’s our flesh bodies, that keep our LIGHT within darkness.

Secret Invasion Decode Presentation Page 8 -

Continuing within the opening introduction title sequence, I captured this scene at 9:44.  It’s an image of Earth, but one half is GREEN and the other is BLACK/WHITE.  I rotated the image and highlighted the lines within.  We can see a REPTILE/SHEEP image within the artwork.  This theme is not new and can be seen in antiquity.  It is also seen in the hidden symbolism at Vatican city as well.  Examining the largest alter in the world, within Saint Peter’s Basilica we see a giant SHEEP’s head.  The word Basilica means ROYAL HALL, and the word BASILISK is defined as a legendary SERPENT or DRAGON.  The words THE BASILISK sum to 30 in Chaldean along with the words SNAKE GOD.  We also see that SAINT PETERS BASILICA sums to 56, along with KILL ALL THE SHEEP, likely the true secret invasion agenda in this world.  Consider that in Latin, the language spoken at Vatican city, the word for SHEEP is OVID.

Secret Invasion Decode Presentation Page 9 -

When we finally see Samuel L Jackson’s character NICK FURY (a representation of Lucifer according to Chaldean numerology), for the first time at the 10:18 mark, he is being beamed down to earth in a stream of light.  It just happens to match the Bible verse LUKE 10:18 describing how Lucifer (Satan) fell from Heaven, as lightning.  This verse has been often used by Satanist as an homage of sorts, as we have seen previously on Lil Nas X and Nike’s Satan shoes, where the verse is printed on the side of the shoe itself.

Secret Invasion Decode Presentation Page 10 -

At the 15:52 mark of the show, NICK FURY is out for an evening stroll, and walks by a food truck.  The truck has a sign on it with the number 752.  The number 752 in the Bible means, “ruler of a synagogue”, “sometimes there was only one”.  This reminds us of REVELATON 3:9, where we learn about the synagogue of Satan, and the number 39 in Hebrew gematria matches the name of Lucifer.

Secret Invasion Decode Presentation Page 11 -

Looking at the full name of NICK FURY in Wikipedia we see that it is COLONEL NICHOLAS JOSEPH “NICK” FURY SR.  This sums to 374 in English numerology, which we can match to the Bible word ANAPEITHO meaning I PERSUADE, INCITE, SEDUCE and TEMPT, all words associated with Satan.  In Chaldean we see that the full name sums to 123, matching TELLURIUM in the Periodic Table of Elements, the element of the EARTH, which also sums to 52 in English, another hidden homage to the ruler of this world.

We can see from this decode that Marvel’s show is another inversion, secretly glorifying Lucifer as the protagonist, the hero of the show.  All the while encoding the Biblical secret of our duality, our occulted Angel/Daemon, or Sheep/Reptile status.  Hopefully we will all have the eyes to see it.

Much love to All!
Thank you,
Eyes to See

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Secret Invasion – Decode [Eyes to See]

  • Eyes To See

    Eyes to See is a prominent member of the Truth Mafia, known for his exceptional decoding skills. He rose through the ranks directly under the legendary Tommy Truthful. With eyes that perceive beyond the ordinary, his abilities are truly extraordinary, making him an invaluable asset to the organization.

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2 thoughts on “Eyes to See – Marvel’s Secret Invasion – Decode

  1. I really like the way you decode it gives more visual and a more deeper understanding of the world we live in keep them coming love your work

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